economic competition


Summary: The effort of two or more parties to secure the business of a third party by offering, usually under fair or equitable rules of business practice, the most favorable terms.

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  1. ncbi The alternative birth movement in the United States: history and current status
    J J Mathews
    Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood, IL 60163
    Women Health 17:39-56. 1991
  2. ncbi [Physicians caught between ethics and cost pressure]
    Karsten Vilmar
    Kaiserin Friedrich Stiftung
    Z Evid Fortbild Qual Gesundhwes 103:621-5; discussion 634. 2009
  3. ncbi The tectonic plates are shifting: cultural change vs. mural dyslexia
    Kenneth Cohn
    Cambridge Management Group, USA
    Front Health Serv Manage 24:11-26. 2007
  4. ncbi Competition. Regulators set sights on the expanding retail health clinic market
    Haydn Bush
    Hosp Health Netw 81:26, 28. 2007
  5. ncbi Penalized by quality: medical imaging is not a free market industry
    John M Gundzik
    J Am Coll Radiol 4:573-4; author reply 574. 2007
  6. ncbi The changing effects of competition on non-profit and for-profit hospital pricing behavior
    E B Keeler
    RAND, Santa Monica, CA 90407, USA
    J Health Econ 18:69-86. 1999
  7. ncbi Competition among hospitals
    Martin Gaynor
    Carnegie Mellon University and National Bureau of Economic Research, USA
    Rand J Econ 34:764-85. 2003
  8. ncbi The effect of HMOs on fee-for-service health care expenditures: evidence from Medicare
    L C Baker
    Department of Health Research and Policy, Stanford University School of Medicine, CA 94305 5092, USA
    J Health Econ 16:453-81. 1997
  9. ncbi The emergence of physician-owned specialty hospitals
    John K Iglehart
    N Engl J Med 352:78-84. 2005
  10. ncbi Antitrust, health care quality, and the courts
    Peter J Hammer
    University of Michigan, USA
    Columbia Law Rev 102:545-649. 2002

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  1. ncbi The alternative birth movement in the United States: history and current status
    J J Mathews
    Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood, IL 60163
    Women Health 17:39-56. 1991
    ..Additional issues, however, are that physicians fear economic competition and resist loss of control over obstetric practice...
  2. ncbi [Physicians caught between ethics and cost pressure]
    Karsten Vilmar
    Kaiserin Friedrich Stiftung
    Z Evid Fortbild Qual Gesundhwes 103:621-5; discussion 634. 2009
    ..However, this poses an ethical dilemma for the individual physician, as does the call for more economic competition which frequently results in quantity and speed becoming more important than safety...
  3. ncbi The tectonic plates are shifting: cultural change vs. mural dyslexia
    Kenneth Cohn
    Cambridge Management Group, USA
    Front Health Serv Manage 24:11-26. 2007
    ..heightened consumer expectations, and stagnant or decreasing reimbursement, the response to global economic competition and the need to improve clinical and financial outcomes can bring physicians and hospitals together rather ..
  4. ncbi Competition. Regulators set sights on the expanding retail health clinic market
    Haydn Bush
    Hosp Health Netw 81:26, 28. 2007
  5. ncbi Penalized by quality: medical imaging is not a free market industry
    John M Gundzik
    J Am Coll Radiol 4:573-4; author reply 574. 2007
  6. ncbi The changing effects of competition on non-profit and for-profit hospital pricing behavior
    E B Keeler
    RAND, Santa Monica, CA 90407, USA
    J Health Econ 18:69-86. 1999
    ..Regression results are used to simulate the price impact of hypothetical hospital mergers...
  7. ncbi Competition among hospitals
    Martin Gaynor
    Carnegie Mellon University and National Bureau of Economic Research, USA
    Rand J Econ 34:764-85. 2003
    ..In San Luis Obispo County, where the merger creates a near monopoly, prices rise by up to 53%, and the predicted price increase would not be substantially smaller were the chains not-for-profit...
  8. ncbi The effect of HMOs on fee-for-service health care expenditures: evidence from Medicare
    L C Baker
    Department of Health Research and Policy, Stanford University School of Medicine, CA 94305 5092, USA
    J Health Econ 16:453-81. 1997
  9. ncbi The emergence of physician-owned specialty hospitals
    John K Iglehart
    N Engl J Med 352:78-84. 2005
  10. ncbi Antitrust, health care quality, and the courts
    Peter J Hammer
    University of Michigan, USA
    Columbia Law Rev 102:545-649. 2002
  11. ncbi Charity care: do not-for-profits influence for-profits?
    Jan P Clement
    Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
    Med Care Res Rev 59:59-78. 2002
  12. ncbi Price competition and hospital cost growth in the United States (1989-1994)
    A Bamezai
    RAND, Santa Monica, CA 90407 2138, USA
    Health Econ 8:233-43. 1999
    ..In relative terms, we estimate that HMOs have contained cost growth more effectively than PPOs...
  13. pmc Payment policy and competition in the Medicare+Choice program
    Steven D Pizer
    Boston University, Department of Veterans Affairs, Abt Associates Inc, USA
    Health Care Financ Rev 24:83-94. 2002
  14. ncbi Hospital competition in HMO networks
    R Town
    Graduate School of Management, University of California, Irvine, CA 92697, USA
    J Health Econ 20:733-53. 2001
    ..We simulate the effect of hypothetical hospital mergers on bargaining power and find that some hospital mergers, even in urban areas with many nearby hospitals, can lead to significant price increases...
  15. pmc "The law was actually drafted by us but the Government is to be congratulated on its wise actions": British American Tobacco and public policy in Kenya
    Preeti Patel
    Centre on Global Change and Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Keppel Street, London WC1E 7HT, UK
    Tob Control 16:e1. 2007
    ..Analysis of recent tobacco control debates and a case study of BAT's response to the emergence of competition in Kenya are used to explore the company's ability to shape public policy and its treatment of tobacco farmers...
  16. ncbi Do competition and managed care improve quality?
    Nazmi Sari
    School of Policy and Management, Florida International University, North Miami, Florida 33181, USA
    Health Econ 11:571-84. 2002
    ..Hospital mergers have undesirable quality consequences. Appropriate antitrust policies towards mergers should consider not only price and cost but also quality impacts...
  17. ncbi Cross-border dental care: 'dental tourism' and patient mobility
    L Turner
    Biomedical Ethics Unit, McGill University, 3647 Peel Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3X 1X1
    Br Dent J 204:553-4. 2008
    ..Lack of access to affordable and timely local care plays a significant role in prompting patients to cross borders and receive dental care outside their local communities...
  18. ncbi Issues regarding health plan payments under Medicare and recommendations for reform
    B Dowd
    School of Public Health, Division of Health Services Research and Policy, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis 55455 0392
    Milbank Q 70:423-53. 1992
    ..Lacking payment reforms, the Medicare HMO program should be terminated...
  19. pmc Revisiting the relationship between managed care and hospital consolidation
    Robert J Town
    Division of Health Policy and Management, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Mayo Mail Code 729, 420 Delaware St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA
    Health Serv Res 42:219-38. 2007
    ..This paper analyzes whether the rise in managed care during the 1990s caused the increase in hospital concentration...
  20. ncbi The effects of regulation, competition, and ownership on mortality rates among hospital inpatients
    S M Shortell
    Center for Health Services and Policy Research, Evanston, IL 60208
    N Engl J Med 318:1100-7. 1988
    ..They suggest that it is important to incorporate quality-assurance procedures and systems to monitor patients' outcomes into public and private programs designed to contain costs or promote competition, or both...
  21. pmc Hospital competition, resource allocation and quality of care
    Dana B Mukamel
    University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York 14642, USA
    BMC Health Serv Res 2:10. 2002
  22. ncbi Competition and market power in option demand markets
    Cory Capps
    Northwestern University, USA
    Rand J Econ 34:737-63. 2003
    ..We empirically validate the WTP measure by considering managed care purchases of hospital services in the San Diego market. Finally, we present three applications, including an analysis of hospital mergers in San Diego...
  23. ncbi Market structure and technical efficiency in the hospital services industry: a DEA approach
    Laurie J Bates
    Bryant College
    Med Care Res Rev 63:499-524. 2006
    ..Evidence also implies that the presence of a state Certificate of Need law was not associated with a greater degree of inefficiency in the typical metropolitan hospital services industry...
  24. ncbi Do HMO penetration and hospital competition impact quality of hospital care?
    P A Rivers
    Arizona State University, USA
    Health Serv Manage Res 17:237-48. 2004
    ..These findings suggest that when faced with intense competition, hospitals may respond in ways associated with reducing their mortality rates...
  25. ncbi Pricing behaviour of pharmacies after market deregulation for OTC drugs: the case of Germany
    Tom Stargardt
    Department of Health Care Management, Faculty of Economics and Management, Berlin University of Technology, Strasse des 17 Juni 145 EB2, 10623 Berlin, Germany
    Health Policy 84:30-8. 2007
    ..To examine the price reactions of German pharmacies to changes made to OTC drug regulations in 2004. Prior to these changes, regulations guaranteed identical prices in all German pharmacies...
  26. ncbi Provider competition and health care quality: challenges and opportunities for research
    Herbert S Wong
    Center for Delivery, Organization and Markets, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 540 Gaither Road, Rockville, MD 20850, USA
    Int J Health Care Finance Econ 4:99-111. 2004
    ..While it is impossible to completely capture the rich exchange of ideas and perspectives that transpired at the conference, we highlight several key themes that emerged and present a research agenda to guide future investigations...
  27. ncbi Five reasons why health care quality research hasn't affected competition law and policy
    David A Hyman
    University of Maryland School of Law, Baltimore, MD
    Int J Health Care Finance Econ 4:159-66. 2004
    ..If researchers on health care quality want to have an impact on competition law and policy they must confront and overcome these translational barriers...
  28. ncbi Is there evidence that recent consolidation in the health insurance industry has adversely affected premiums?
    William G Kopit
    Epstein, Becker, and Green, Washington, D C, USA
    Health Aff (Millwood) 23:29-31. 2004
    ..Health insurance consolidation in certain local markets could adversely affect premiums, but it seems clear that it is not a major national antitrust issue...
  29. ncbi The evolving science of quality measurement for hospitals: implications for studies of competition and consolidation
    Patrick S Romano
    Division of General Medicine and Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care, University of California, Davis School of Medicine, Sacramento, CA 95817, USA
    Int J Health Care Finance Econ 4:131-57. 2004
  30. ncbi Competitive behavior in the HMO marketplace
    Mark V Pauly
    Health Care Systems Department, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA
    Health Aff (Millwood) 21:194-202. 2002
    ..Neither the proportion of HMO enrollees in for-profit HMOs nor HMO market penetration was significantly related to profit rates...
  31. ncbi Specialty versus community hospitals: referrals, quality, and community benefits
    Leslie Greenwald
    RTI International in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA
    Health Aff (Millwood) 25:106-18. 2006
    ..Specialty hospitals provide generally high-quality care to satisfied patients. Uncompensated care plus specialty hospitals' taxes represent a greater burden, in percentage terms, than community benefits provided by nonprofit providers...
  32. ncbi Assessing competition in hospital care markets: the importance of accounting for quality differentiation
    Abigail Tay
    Columbia University, USA
    Rand J Econ 34:786-814. 2003
    ..The estimates suggest that patients do not substitute toward alternative hospitals in proportion to current market shares, implying that geographic market concentration is an inappropriate measure of hospital competitiveness...
  33. ncbi Do HMOs have monopsony power?
    R Feldman
    Division of Health Services Research and Policy, University of Minnesota, 420 Delaware St, SE, Box 729, Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA
    Int J Health Care Finance Econ 1:7-22. 2001
    ..To determine whether health maintenance organizations (HMOs) have monopsony power in the markets for ambulatory care and inpatient hospital services...
  34. ncbi Has competition lowered hospital prices?
    Jack Zwanziger
    Health Policy and Administration, School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago, 60612 4394, USA
    Inquiry 42:73-85. 2005
  35. pmc Competition in hospital and health insurance markets: a review and research agenda
    M A Morrisey
    Lister Hill Center for Health Policy, University of Alabama at Birmingham 35294-0022, USA
    Health Serv Res 36:191-221. 2001
    ..CONCLUSIONS: Much more research is needed to examine all aspects of managed care markets. In hospital markets, particular attention should be focused on the effects on quality and technology diffusion...
  36. ncbi Trends in hospital consolidation: the formation of local systems
    Alison Evans Cuellar
    Department of Health Policy and Management, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York City, USA
    Health Aff (Millwood) 22:77-87. 2003
    ..This has left a large gap in policymakers' understanding of how locally concentrated systems may affect patient care and competition...
  37. pmc Different approaches to contracting in health systems
    Jean Perrot
    Department of Health Systems Financing, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
    Bull World Health Organ 84:859-66. 2006
    ..Here they are classified into three categories according to the object of the contract: delegation of responsibility, act of purchase of services, or cooperation...
  38. ncbi The effect of physician-owned surgicenters on hospital outpatient surgery
    William J Lynk
    Lexecon Inc, Chicago, USA
    Health Aff (Millwood) 21:215-21. 2002
    ..We find some basis for that concern. Further, this particular form of rivalry raises competitive complications that differentiate it from the standard antitrust analysis of new competitive entry...
  39. pmc HMO penetration, competition, and risk-adjusted hospital mortality
    D B Mukamel
    Department of Community and Preventive Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, NY 14642, USA
    Health Serv Res 36:1019-35. 2001
    ..These findings may be explained by a positive effect on local practice styles or a preferential selection by HMOs for areas with better hospital care...
  40. ncbi The financial health of California hospitals: a looming crisis
    Mark G Harrison
    Shattuck Hammond Partners, San Francisco, USA
    Health Aff (Millwood) 21:118-26. 2002
    ..The study concluded that California hospitals face a potential crisis--defined as the potential nonviability of a large portion of its hospital infrastructure--and explored the policy questions and implications of this situation...
  41. ncbi Change, consolidation, and competition in health care markets
    M Gaynor
    Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
    J Econ Perspect 13:141-64. 1999
    ..As will become apparent, this area offers a number of intriguing questions for inquisitive researchers...
  42. ncbi Strategy as ecology
    Marco Iansiti
    Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 82:68-78, 126. 2004
    ..It may also change as your ecosystem changes. Knowing what to do requires understanding the ecosystem and your organization's role in it...
  43. ncbi The new landscape: a fresh look at long-term incentives for corporate America
    David C Cates
    Benefits Q 20:7-16. 2004
    ..The authors conclude with predictions about the future of long-term and equity-related incentives...
  44. ncbi Management. Plan. Replan. Plan again
    Richard Haugh
    Hosp Health Netw 78:24, 26, 28. 2004
  45. ncbi The innovation value chain
    Morten T Hansen
    Family Enterprise at Insead, Fontainebleau, France
    Harv Bus Rev 85:121-30, 142. 2007
    ..Indeed, in their search for new hires, companies should seek out those candidates who can help address particular weaknesses in the innovation value chain...
  46. ncbi Assessing local market and organizational readiness for the integration of complementary and alternative medicine into ambulatory care centers
    Suzana K E Makowski
    Integrative Medicine Program, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich, USA
    J Ambul Care Manage 27:4-11. 2004
    ..This article will review some of the national trends and present a framework for assessing local market demand for CAM in order to help prioritize an organization's CAM integration strategy...
  47. ncbi Medical education and indigent patient care
    Deborah S Lyon
    University of Florida Health Science Center Jacksonville, 653 1 W Eighth Street, Jacksonville, FL 32209, USA
    Curr Womens Health Rep 3:501-4. 2003
    ..Bringing marketing concerns into the indigent care environment is not a straightforward undertaking, but the rewards might far exceed the simple goal of "getting our numbers back up."..
  48. ncbi Hospital consolidation and costs: another look at the evidence
    David Dranove
    Center for Health Industry Market Economics, Department of Management and Strategy, Kellogg School of Management, 2001 Sheridan Road, 616 Leverone Hall, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 60208, USA
    J Health Econ 22:983-97. 2003
    ..The system consolidation and merger results are very robust to changes in the specification and the sample...
  49. pmc The end of an era: what became of the "managed care revolution" in 2001?
    Cara S Lesser
    Center for Studying Health System Change, Washington, DC 20024, USA
    Health Serv Res 38:337-55. 2003
  50. ncbi The lean service machine
    Cynthia Karen Swank
    Jefferson Pilot Financial, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 81:123-9, 138. 2003
    ..This game drives home lean production's basic principles, establishing a foundation for deep and far-reaching changes in the production system...
  51. ncbi A real-world way to manage real options
    Tom Copeland
    Monitor Group, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 82:90-9, 128. 2004
    ..The trigger points should not only tell managers when they need to decide on exercise but also specify rules governing the exercise decisions...
  52. ncbi Competing on analytics
    Thomas H Davenport
    Babson College, Babson Park, Massachusetts, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 84:98-107, 134. 2006
    ..But, at least as important, it also requires executives' vocal, unswerving commitment and willingness to change the way employees think, work, and are treated...
  53. ncbi The future of telemedicine & its Faustian reliance on regulatory trade barriers for protection
    Thomas R McLean
    Third Millennium Consultants, LLC, Shawnee, Kansas, USA
    Health Matrix Clevel 16:443-509. 2006
  54. ncbi Four strategies for the age of smart services
    Glen Allmendinger
    Harbor Research, Boston, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 83:131-4, 136, 138 passim. 2005
    ..A synergist's product is the spoke, contributing valuable data or functionality. Woe to the company that takes none of these paths; it'll soon find its former customers locked in--and happily--to other smart service providers...
  55. ncbi Strategy as active waiting
    Donald N Sull
    London Business School
    Harv Bus Rev 83:120-9, 160. 2005
    ..When a golden opportunity or"sudden death"threat emerges, managers must have the courage to declare the main effort and concentrate resources to seize the moment...
  56. ncbi Think before reacting to the lures of consumerism
    Allan Fine
    CHPS Consulting, Chicago, IL, USA
    Manag Care Q 10:51-5. 2002
  57. ncbi Back where we belong
    Michael J Critelli
    Pitney Bowes, Stamford, Connecticut, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 83:47-54, 152. 2005
    ..quot;Instead, I help people to see the business we are in differently and to reach a shared vision as to where we want to end up. And, little by little, things move in the right direction"...
  58. ncbi The half-truth of first-mover advantage
    Fernando Suarez
    Boston University, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 83:121-7, 134. 2005
    ..Once you've gone into the water, you have no choice but to swim...
  59. ncbi Strategic sourcing: from periphery to the core
    Mark Gottfredson
    Harv Bus Rev 83:132-9, 150. 2005
    ..But only by first taking a broad, strategic view of capabilities sourcing can your company gain the greatest benefit from all of its sourcing choices...
  60. ncbi Beyond offshoring: assess your company's global potential
    Diana Farrell
    McKinsey Global Institute, McKinsey and Company, San Francisco, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 82:82-90, 148. 2004
  61. ncbi The quest for customer focus
    Ranjay Gulati
    Northwestern University s Kellogg School of Management, Evanston, Illinois, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 83:92-101, 133. 2005
    ..Those that recognize this will invest their customer relationship dollars much more wisely-and will see their customer-focusing efforts pay offon the bottom line...
  62. ncbi Companies and the customers who hate them
    Gail McGovern
    Harvard Business School, Boston, MA, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 85:78-84, 141. 2007
    ..In industries where squeezing value from customers is commonplace, companies that dismantle these harmful practices and design a transparent, value-creating offer can head off customer retaliation and spur rapid growth...
  63. ncbi Capitalizing on capabilities
    Dave Ulrich
    University of Michigan, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 82:119-27, 138. 2004
    ..In short, it helps turn intangible assets into concrete strengths...
  64. ncbi A buyer's guide to the innovation bazaar
    Satish Nambisan
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Lally School of Management and Technology, Troy, New York, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 85:109-16, 118, 142. 2007
    ..If you've been oriented toward one end of the continuum or the other, you can increase your options and your flexibility by expanding into the middle...
  65. ncbi The ambidextrous organization
    Charles A O'Reilly
    Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, California, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 82:74-81, 140. 2004
    ..Given the executive will to make it happen, any company can become ambidextrous...
  66. ncbi How you slice it: smarter segmentation for your sales force
    Ernest Waaser
    Hill Rom, Health Care Unit of Hillenbrand Industries, Batesville, Indiana, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 82:105-11, 128. 2004
    ..Best practice, indeed...
  67. ncbi The impact of competition on the importance of conforming to social norms: strategies for managed care organizations
    Eric G Kirby
    Department of Management, McCoy College of Business Administration, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, USA
    J Health Organ Manag 20:115-29. 2006
    ..This study focuses around the central question of whether or not the relative importance of conformity to institutional norms varies as markets become more competitive...
  68. ncbi Unleash innovation in foreign subsidiaries
    J Birkinshaw
    London Business School
    Harv Bus Rev 79:131-7, 166. 2001
    ..As part of the last approach, multinationals also need to create roles for idea brokers who can link entrepreneurs in foreign subsidiaries with other parts of the company...
  69. pmc Medicaid confronts a changing managed care marketplace
    Robert E Hurley
    Department of Health Administration, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1008 East Clay Street, Richmond, VA 23298, USA
    Health Care Financ Rev 24:11-25. 2002
    ..State Medicaid agencies will have to adapt managed care strategies to respond to the evolving products and practices of managed care plans and their interest in public sector product lines...
  70. ncbi Developing a telehealth business plan. Anticipating challenges and devising ways to meet them leads to successful services
    Jolene Davidson
    Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Lincoln, NE, USA
    Telemed Today 9:10-2. 2002
  71. ncbi The competitive advantage of corporate philanthropy
    Michael E Porter
    Harvard University, Boston, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 80:56-68, 133. 2002
    ..But it can make a company's philanthropic activities far more effective...
  72. ncbi Sustaining the edge: factors influencing strategy selection in academic health centers
    Anne M Walsh
    Health Administration Program, La Salle University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
    J Healthc Manag 47:360-74; discussion 375. 2002
  73. ncbi A post-1990s assessment of strategic hospital alliances and their marketplace orientations: time to refocus
    Peter C Olden
    Graduate Health Administration Program, University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
    Health Care Manage Rev 27:33-49. 2002
    ..However, health care markets have evolved differently than anticipated. SHAs and their hospitals should now adopt the marketing orientation and focus more on patients and enrollees...
  74. ncbi How to identify your enemies before they destroy you
    Farshad Rafii
    Center for Technology and Enterprise, Babson College, Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 80:115-23, 134. 2002
    ..And the tool's rigorous approach can spell the difference between flailing around and acting effectively in the face of a serious competitive threat...
  75. ncbi Towards 2020 strategic triad partnerships in ICT and healthcare: bridging the chasms in Canada and the European Union
    Denis H J Caro
    Faculty of Management, University of Ottawa
    Healthc Manage Forum 15:25-31. 2002
    ..Underscoring the implications for current and future healthcare executives in Canada, the article also takes a glimpse of the world of strategic partnerships management between these two sectors in the year 2020...
  76. ncbi Market and efficiency-based strategic responses to environmental changes in the health care industry
    Kamalesh Kumar
    School of Management, The University of Michigan Dearborn, USA
    Health Care Manage Rev 27:21-31. 2002
  77. ncbi The superefficient company
    M Hammer
    Hammer and Company, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 79:82-91, 160. 2001
    ..What if you and I sell different products to the same customer? We're not competitors, but what are we? In the past, we didn't care. Now, we should, the author says...
  78. ncbi Writing your business plan
    Lorin Cohen
    Business Plans International, New York, USA
    Nat Biotechnol 20:BE33-5. 2002
  79. ncbi Disruptive change. When trying harder is part of the problem
    Clark Gilbert
    Harvard Business School, Boston, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 80:94-101, 134. 2002
    ..This article will help executives frame innovations in more balanced ways--allowing them to recognize threats but also to seize opportunities...
  80. ncbi Divestiture: strategy's missing link
    Lee Dranikoff
    Harv Bus Rev 80:74-83, 133. 2002
    ..But more likely than not, it will mean investing in attractive growth opportunities. In companies as in the marketplace, creation and destruction go hand in hand; neither flourishes without the other...
  81. ncbi Disruptive innovation: a new diagnosis for health care's "financial flu"
    John W Kenagy
    University of Washington, USA
    Healthc Financ Manage 56:62-6. 2002
  82. ncbi Business ethics and health care: a stakeholder perspective
    Mattia J Gilmartin
    Healthcare Management Initiative, INSEAD, USA
    Health Care Manage Rev 27:52-65. 2002
    ..The authors suggest that stakeholder capitalism offers a more useful framework for the dialogue about health care reform...
  83. ncbi They're not employees, they're people
    Peter F Drucker
    Harv Bus Rev 80:70-7, 128. 2002
    ..After all, developing talent is business's most important task--the sine qua non of competition in a knowledge economy...
  84. ncbi See your brands through your customers' eyes
    C Lederer
    Helios Consulting Group, New York, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 79:125-33, 148. 2001
    ..The usefulness of the tool lies in its ability to show the many forces that influence a customer's buying decision--and to provide a powerful new way to think about brand strategy...
  85. ncbi Strategic planning: going beyond the basics
    S Friedman
    Tiber Group, Chicago, USA
    Trustee 54:17-20, 1. 2001
    ..Now they need to take a new strategic approach--combining the basics with a view toward a dynamic health care environment...
  86. ncbi The competitive advantage: strategic thinking for physician leaders
    Christopher Spevak
    Georgetown University School of Medicine, USA
    Physician Exec 29:30-4. 2003
    ..Physician executives should manage their career strategies like a well-run company. Learn how to start thinking aout your career strategy...
  87. ncbi The quest for resilience
    Gary Hamel
    London Business School
    Harv Bus Rev 81:52-63, 131. 2003
  88. ncbi Innovating for cash
    James P Andrew
    Boston Consulting Group, Chicago, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 81:76-83, 132. 2003
    ..Choosing the wrong approach, like Polaroid did, for example, can lead to the failure of both the product and the company. Optimizing their approaches, as Whirlpool has done, helps ensure that companies' innovations make money...
  89. ncbi The real new economy
    Diana Farrell
    McKinsey Global Institute, San Francisco, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 81:104-12, 138. 2003
  90. ncbi The value of information technology in healthcare
    Richard I Skinner
    Providence Health System, Tigard, Oregon, USA
    Front Health Serv Manage 19:3-15. 2003
    ..The article ends with management principles for IT investment...
  91. ncbi Microcapitalism and the mega-corporation
    Debra Dunn
    Harv Bus Rev 81:46-54, 139. 2003
    ..By engaging the community and its leaders and working with them to design valuable new tools and capabilities, HP is gaining the knowledge it needs to be a stronger competitor in other developing regions...
  92. ncbi The hidden dragons
    Ming Zeng
    Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Beijing
    Harv Bus Rev 81:92-9, 137. 2003
    ..Zeng and Williamson identify these budding multinationals, analyze their strategies, and evaluate their weaknesses...
  93. ncbi Mastering the management system
    Robert S Kaplan
    Harvard Business School, Boston, USA
    Harv Bus Rev 86:62-77, 136. 2008
    ..The kit incorporates leading management experts' frameworks, outlining where they fit into the management cycle...
  94. ncbi What makes global firms resilient?
    Daniel Yergin
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    ..The author describes the program's workings, its successes, and the obstacles the bank faced. The effort reveals what a true R&D operation might look like inside a service business, he concludes...
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    ..The Dutch government is reorganizing its health care system and seeking to combine economic competition with a right to health in order to improve the health of its population...
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    The new hospital funding system based on a diagnosis-related group (DRG) system and the economic competition involved require large-scale changes in hospital structures and processes...

Research Grants45

    Nicholas Castle; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..This information will further our development of a standardized incident reporting mechanism recommended by the Institute of Medicine and others. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
    Nicholas Castle; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..abstract_text> ..
  3. Staffing Characteristics of Nursing Homes and Quality
    Nicholas Castle; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  4. The Influence of Staff Turnover on Quality
    Nicholas Castle; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  5. Impact of Poor Health & AIDS on Small Businesses in SA
    Mark Pauly; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..They will be useful for predicting the effect of changes in health on economic activity in this sector, and for allocating resources for disease prevention and treatment. ..
  6. Selection and the Quality Impact of Nursing Home Ownership
    David C Grabowski; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..By examining this relationship using a novel empirical strategy, this study provides an opportunity to improve the quality of care for the millions of Americans receiving care in the nursing home setting. ..
  7. Leveraging Medicare Payment & Reporting Policies to Improve Nursing Home Quality
    David C Grabowski; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Thus, the information derived from this study has the potential to make important research and policy-relevant contributions aimed at improving the quality of care for all nursing home residents. ..
  8. New Evidence on the Persistence of High Health Spending
    Richard Hirth; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..We will provide an example of how such estimates can inform the evaluation of risk-adjustment and reinsurance as mechanisms to improve the functioning of small group health insurance markets. ..
  9. Effects of Mental Parity on High-Cost and Severely-Ill Individuals
    Haiden A Huskamp; Fiscal Year: 2011
    ..We will estimate a combination of two-part random-effects models for longitudinal data, latent class random-effects models, logistic regression models, Poisson regression models, and hazard models to address these aims. ..
  10. Economics of Formulary Design and Mental Health Policy
    Haiden Huskamp; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..Huskamp the training, mentoring, time and resources to develop the skills that will put her in a position to lead independent research on the economics of pharmaceutical treatment for mental illnesses. ..
    Jack Zwanziger; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..abstract_text> ..
  12. The Precursors and Impacts of Psychiatric Facility Closure
    ANOUK GRUBAUGH; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..In contrast, private facility closure occurs when the facility is no longer financially viable and thus may or may not be a function of the quality and quantity of alternatives in the community. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  13. Efficacy of Methylphenidate for treating tobacco dependence
    Richard Hurt; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..If the results from this preliminary study support the performance of a larger clinical trial, then a future grant application will be submitted through the R01 research project grant mechanism. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  14. Alcohol Outlets and Violence
    Paul Gruenewald; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..g., outlet densities) to individual norms for aggression. The long-term goal of this study is to provide empirical data to guide environmentallybased alcohol-related crime prevention programs. ..
  15. Improving Quality and Reducing Disparities: Complementary or Competing Goals
    David Blumenthal; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..The Harvard interfaculty Program for Health Systems Improvement will be responsible for the planning and execution of the meeting. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  16. Billing Based Measures of Nursing Home Medical Staff Organization
    Orna Intrator; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..The project will test the developed measures comparing to survey responses of medical directors, and to hospitalization and ER use experiences of residents in NHs. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  17. Nursing Homes Response to Quality Indictors Publication
    Dana Mukamel; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..Statistical regression techniques will be used to analyze the data and test specific hypotheses. ..
  18. Tobacco Industry Documents on ETS-The Next Front
    Richard Hurt; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..unreadable] [unreadable]..
  19. The Impact of Public Reporting on the Quality of Post-Acute Care
    RACHEL WERNER; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..This will be the first rigorous analysis to inform the policy debate on the benefits and risks of public reporting in the post-acute care sector. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  20. The Role of Customization in Psychotropic Prescribing
    Dominic Hodgkin; Fiscal Year: 2009
  21. Nursing Homes Quality and Variations in State Regulations
    Dana B Mukamel; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..S. population. ..
  22. Spatial Impact Factors and Mammography Screening
    Lee Mobley; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..This work will demonstrate the feasibility of conducting a broader study encompassing more than twice as many counties of the United States (with additions covered by the expanded SEER database). ..
    Keith Mueller; Fiscal Year: 2001
    ..Results of this study will be shared annually with the policy community and others through the publication series of the Rural Policy Research Institute. ..
    RANDALL ELLIS; Fiscal Year: 2001
    ..Results will also be useful to policy makers in understanding how recent Medicare reforms have altered HMO premiums, competition, benefit features and the resulting Medicare enrollments. ..
    Ted Miller; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..We expect the model to suggest the estimated annual US suicide death toll is 5%-7% above reported levels. (5) To modify an existing injury cost model to more accurately cost suicide acts and apply the model to national data. ..
    Richard Hurt; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..Primary assessments will be point prevalence smoking abstinence rates at end of treatment (week 12) and at 52 weeks. ..
    Paul Gruenewald; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..Overall, the investigation represents an intervention evaluation that examines the efficacy of community-level interventions within a minority community. ..
  28. Mental Health Services and Global Trade
    Howard Waitzkin; Fiscal Year: 2004
  29. Mechanisms By Which Endothelium Cells Sense Changes in Hemodynamics
    Bauer Sumpio; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..4. Assess egr-1 and sp1 binding in MT1-MMP and PDGF-B promoters under mechanical stress 5.Assess the functional relevance of egr-1 in a low flow carotid model using an egr-1 knock-out mouse. ..
  30. Validation of an Innovative Approach To Error Reduction
    David Blumenthal; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..The team has experience in survey research, chart review, safety-related research, ED research and quality improvement. ..
  31. Molecular epidemiology of Barretts esophagus and cancer
    David Whiteman; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  32. Racial Disparity in Access High Quality Cardiac Surgeons
    Dana Mukamel; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..The knowledge gained in this project is essential for development of targeted programs that could successfully address the disparity in access to high quality cardiac care among elderly racial minorities. ..
    Dana Mukamel; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..The knowledge gained from this study would have direct bearing on efforts to improve care in PACE programs, as well as implications for other programs serving frail, non-institutionalized elderly. ..
  34. Treatment Patterns, Expenditures and Outcomes in MBHOs
    Susan Ettner; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..e., how psychotherapy visits are associated with outcomes and expenditures. Selection models will be used to estimate this relationship for patients with and without drug use. ..
  35. Physician Quality Reporting and Patient Outcomes in Medicare
    Bryan E Dowd; Fiscal Year: 2010
    Ted Miller; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..We also will pilot test use of an input-output model to assess the impact of occupational injury/illness on the economy. ..
    David Whiteman; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..Ultimately, the results of this research may contribute to better preventive strategies to reduce the number of people who die from melanoma (currently 8000 people each year in the United States). [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  38. Specialty Mental Health Care--Expanding Access in an HMO
    Dominic Hodgkin; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..The results will inform health plan decision-makers and others as they make utilization management choices that may have a major impact on patients and enrollee populations overall. ..
  39. Socio-Ecological Variables/Cancer Screening Behaviors?
    Ninez Ponce; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..abstract_text> ..
  40. Impact of 3 Tier Drug Copays on Use and Spending
    Dominic Hodgkin; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..abstract_text> ..
  41. Alcohol Outlets and Violence
    Paul Gruenewald; Fiscal Year: 2001
    ..g., outlet densities) to individual norms for aggression. The long-term goal of this study is to provide empirical data to guide environmentally based alcohol-related crime prevention programs. ..
  42. Impact of the Medicare Part D Benzodiazepine Exclusion on Managed Care Patients
    Susan Ettner; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..Our findings will inform the ongoing debate over amending Part D legislation to include BZD coverage by providing objective data to guide policymakers on the likely costs and benefits. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  43. Costs of Preventing Alcohol Problems in Older Adults
    Susan Ettner; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..abstract_text> ..