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Summary: Persons who donate their services.

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  1. ncbi Understanding and assessing the motivations of volunteers: a functional approach
    E G Clary
    Department of Psychology, College of St Catherine, St Paul, Minnesota 55105, USA
    J Pers Soc Psychol 74:1516-30. 1998
  2. ncbi Staff attrition among community health workers in home-based care programmes for people living with HIV and AIDS in western Kenya
    Charles Omondi Olang'o
    Institute of Anthropology, Gender and African Studies, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya
    Health Policy 97:232-7. 2010
  3. ncbi A new dawn for citizen science
    Jonathan Silvertown
    Department of Life Sciences, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, UK
    Trends Ecol Evol 24:467-71. 2009
  4. ncbi Influences of general and traditional Chinese beliefs on the decision to donate blood among employer-organized and volunteer donors in Beijing, China
    Geoffrey H Tison
    Department of Pathology and the Department of Internal Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 600 N Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21287, USA
    Transfusion 47:1871-9. 2007
  5. ncbi Volunteering overseas--lessons from surgical brigades
    Adam J Wolfberg
    Children s Hospital, Boston, USA
    N Engl J Med 354:443-5. 2006
  6. ncbi Scaling-up HIV/AIDS and TB home-based care: lessons from Zambia
    E F Nsutebu
    Nuffield Institute for Health, University of Leeds, UK
    Health Policy Plan 16:240-7. 2001
  7. ncbi What motivates people to volunteer? the case of volunteer AIDS caregivers in faith-based organizations in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
    Olagoke Akintola
    School of Psychology, University of KwaZuluNatal, Durban, South Africa
    Health Policy Plan 26:53-62. 2011
  8. ncbi Community home-based care in a rural village: challenges and strategies
    Sheila Shaibu
    University of Botswana
    J Transcult Nurs 17:89-94. 2006
  9. ncbi Defying all odds: coping with the challenges of volunteer caregiving for patients with AIDS in South Africa
    Olagoke Akintola
    School of Psychology, University of KwaZuluNatal, Glenwood, Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
    J Adv Nurs 63:357-65. 2008
  10. ncbi Advantages of volunteer-based biodiversity monitoring in Europe
    Dirk S Schmeller
    Station d Ecologie Expérimentale du CNRS à Moulis, 09200 Saint Girons, France
    Conserv Biol 23:307-16. 2009

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  1. ncbi Understanding and assessing the motivations of volunteers: a functional approach
    E G Clary
    Department of Psychology, College of St Catherine, St Paul, Minnesota 55105, USA
    J Pers Soc Psychol 74:1516-30. 1998
    ..Theoretical and practical implications are discussed...
  2. ncbi Staff attrition among community health workers in home-based care programmes for people living with HIV and AIDS in western Kenya
    Charles Omondi Olang'o
    Institute of Anthropology, Gender and African Studies, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya
    Health Policy 97:232-7. 2010
    ..This paper examines trends and underlying causes of attrition among volunteer community health workers in home-based care for people living with HIV and AIDS in western Kenya...
  3. ncbi A new dawn for citizen science
    Jonathan Silvertown
    Department of Life Sciences, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, UK
    Trends Ecol Evol 24:467-71. 2009
    ..Projects that involve citizen scientists are burgeoning, particularly in ecology and the environmental sciences, although the roots of citizen science go back to the very beginnings of modern science itself...
  4. ncbi Influences of general and traditional Chinese beliefs on the decision to donate blood among employer-organized and volunteer donors in Beijing, China
    Geoffrey H Tison
    Department of Pathology and the Department of Internal Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 600 N Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21287, USA
    Transfusion 47:1871-9. 2007
    ..Evaluating the beliefs and attitudes of employer-organized and volunteer donors is critical to maintain an adequate blood supply after this transition...
  5. ncbi Volunteering overseas--lessons from surgical brigades
    Adam J Wolfberg
    Children s Hospital, Boston, USA
    N Engl J Med 354:443-5. 2006
  6. ncbi Scaling-up HIV/AIDS and TB home-based care: lessons from Zambia
    E F Nsutebu
    Nuffield Institute for Health, University of Leeds, UK
    Health Policy Plan 16:240-7. 2001
    ..In addition, innovative strategies are required to establish effective partnerships between the NGO, missionary and government health facilities...
  7. ncbi What motivates people to volunteer? the case of volunteer AIDS caregivers in faith-based organizations in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
    Olagoke Akintola
    School of Psychology, University of KwaZuluNatal, Durban, South Africa
    Health Policy Plan 26:53-62. 2011
    ..This could reduce resentment and attrition among volunteers and improve programme sustainability...
  8. ncbi Community home-based care in a rural village: challenges and strategies
    Sheila Shaibu
    University of Botswana
    J Transcult Nurs 17:89-94. 2006
    ..Strategies for dealing with these challenges are discussed...
  9. ncbi Defying all odds: coping with the challenges of volunteer caregiving for patients with AIDS in South Africa
    Olagoke Akintola
    School of Psychology, University of KwaZuluNatal, Glenwood, Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
    J Adv Nurs 63:357-65. 2008
    ..This paper is a report of a study to explore the challenges experienced by volunteer caregivers of people living with HIV/AIDS and the strategies employed in coping with these challenges...
  10. ncbi Advantages of volunteer-based biodiversity monitoring in Europe
    Dirk S Schmeller
    Station d Ecologie Expérimentale du CNRS à Moulis, 09200 Saint Girons, France
    Conserv Biol 23:307-16. 2009
    ..Quality of data collected by volunteers is more likely determined by survey design, analytical methodology, and communication skills within the schemes rather than by volunteer involvement per se...
  11. ncbi Volunteer work and well-being
    P A Thoits
    Department of Sociology, Box 1811 B, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37235, USA
    J Health Soc Behav 42:115-31. 2001
  12. ncbi Pilot test of an assessment instrument for Latina community health advisors conducting an ETS intervention
    Vanessa M Rodriguez
    San Diego State University, San Diego, California, USA
    J Immigr Health 5:129-37. 2003
    ..Future research will investigate the relationship between the psychosocial characteristics measured in the assessment instrument and subsequent success implementing the ETS reduction intervention...
  13. ncbi The first year: influences on the satisfaction, involvement, and persistence of new community volunteers
    Mark H Davis
    Department of Psychology, Eckerd College, St Petersburg, FL 33733, USA
    Pers Soc Psychol Bull 29:248-60. 2003
    ..Also consistent with the elaborated model, volunteer involvement (hours per week volunteered) was predicted by satisfaction, although volunteer persistence over time was not. Implications of these findings are discussed...
  14. ncbi Volunteer faculty: what rewards or incentives do they prefer?
    Ashir Kumar
    Department of Pediatrics and Human Development, Michigan State University, C203 East Fee Hall, East Lansing, MI 48824 1316, USA
    Teach Learn Med 14:119-23. 2002
    ..There is a paucity of data regarding the rewards and incentives offered to, or desired by, the nonsalaried community-based practicing physicians who volunteer their time to teach...
  15. ncbi The relationships between feelings of satisfaction and burden with respect to activity and social support among health promotion volunteers in Japan
    Hiroshi Murayama
    Institute of Gerontology, The University of Tokyo, Japan
    Health Educ Behav 37:275-87. 2010
    ..To encourage HPV activities, it is important to consider what kinds of social support would be most useful to increase the satisfaction and reduce the burden felt by HPVs...
  16. ncbi [Development of Satisfaction and Burden scales for community activities of health promotion volunteers]
    Hiroshi Murayama
    Department of Community Health Nursing, Division of Health Sciences and Nursing, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, Japan
    Nihon Koshu Eisei Zasshi 53:875-83. 2006
    ..The purpose of this study was to develop Satisfaction and Burden Scales for HPVs in their community activities...
  17. ncbi Personality and motivational antecedents of activism and civic engagement
    Allen M Omoto
    School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences, 123 E Eighth Street, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA 91711, USA
    J Pers 78:1703-34. 2010
  18. ncbi Community volunteerism and blood donation: altruism as a lifestyle choice
    Megan Alessandrini
    School of Government, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
    Transfus Med Rev 21:307-16. 2007
    ..Furthermore, more blood donors than former blood donors and non-donors have parents who are or were volunteers. Blood donors are represented in greater numbers as having volunteered during their school years too...
  19. ncbi Exploring strategies to encourage community health outreach by health promotion volunteers in Japan
    Hiroshi Murayama
    Research Team for Social Participation and Community Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology, Itabashi ku, Tokyo, Japan
    J Ambul Care Manage 34:274-85. 2011
    ..These findings reveal challenges that HPVs encounter, and also provide recommendations for training HPVs to encourage effective community health outreach...
  20. ncbi Volunteering in nature as a way of enabling people to reintegrate into society
    Liz O'Brien
    Alice Holt Lodge, Farnham, Surrey GU10 4LH, UK
    Perspect Public Health 131:71-81. 2011
  21. pmc A cluster randomised controlled trial of the community effectiveness of two interventions in rural Malawi to improve health care and to reduce maternal, newborn and infant mortality
    Sonia Lewycka
    Centre for International Health and Development, UCL Institute of Child Health, London, UK
    Trials 11:88. 2010
    ..The MaiMwana Project aims to test community-based interventions that tackle maternal and child health problems through increasing awareness and local action...
  22. ncbi Consumption of chloroquine phosphate provided for treatment of malaria by volunteer village health workers in Saradidi, Kenya
    H C Spencer
    Kenya Medical Research Institute, Clinical Research Centre, Nairobi
    Ann Trop Med Parasitol 81:116-23. 1987
    ..Nonetheless, the results demonstrate that volunteer community health workers can effectively provide treatment for malaria...
  23. ncbi Stressors and rewards for workers in AIDS service organizations
    Craig Demmer
    Department of Health Services, Lehman College, City University of New York, New York, New York 10468, USA
    AIDS Patient Care STDS 16:179-87. 2002
    ..Overall, the rewards of AIDS caregiving outweighed the stressors, for respondents. Implications of these findings for administrators of AIDS service organizations are discussed...
  24. pmc Student leadership in public health advocacy: lessons learned from the hepatitis B initiative
    Leslie D Hsu
    Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, US Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC, USA
    Am J Public Health 93:1250-2. 2003
    ..By October 2002, 997 HBI patients from Boston's Chinatown had received free hepatitis B screenings. Of these, 384 patients (39%) were deemed susceptible to the hepatitis B virus and provided with free vaccination...
  25. ncbi Experiences and benefits of volunteering in a community AIDS organization
    Joan Crook
    Community Linked Evaluation AIDS Resource Unit, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    J Assoc Nurses AIDS Care 17:39-45. 2006
    ..Some of the preventive strategies include goal-setting and feedback, individual-sensitive role redesign, opportunity to participate in decisions, and increased communication...
  26. ncbi Charting a course into the unknown: Banda Aceh, Indonesia, tsunami, 2004
    Karen M Anderson
    Children s Hospital of Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA, USA
    Perspect Psychiatr Care 43:47-51. 2007
    ..My journey as an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse, aboard the USNS Mercy, providing humanitarian aid to victims of the December 2004 tsunami is the focus of this paper...
  27. ncbi Supporting the psychosocial needs of patients in general practice: the role of a voluntary referral service
    Mark Faulkner
    Department of Community, The University of Sheffield, Humphry Davy House, Golden Smithies Lane, Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham S63 7ER, UK
    Patient Educ Couns 52:41-6. 2004
    ..It is concluded that voluntary patient referral services, such as the PSS, broaden the referral options available for managing patients with psychosocial problems in primary care...
  28. ncbi Operation Unified Assistance population-based programs of the U.S. Public Health Service and international team
    Jon T Perez
    Division of Behavioral Health, Indian Health Service, Rockville, MD 20852, USA
    Mil Med 171:53-8. 2006
    ..It also details the potential benefits of using small teams on the ground, backed by much larger virtual teams to develop programming in real time across nations and continents, and do so in very short time frames...
  29. ncbi Who supports the support workers? Cross-sectional survey of support workers' experience and views
    Sharon McDonnell
    Institute of Human Genetics, International Centre for Life Central Parkway, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3BZ, UK
    Eur J Hum Genet 12:251-4. 2004
    ..Our study suggests that support workers are highly committed to their role; these workers need support to ensure that they give appropriate advice under difficult circumstances...
  30. ncbi Lessons learned from Indonesia: an outline
    William J McDaniel
    Mil Med 171:59-62. 2006
    ..N. agencies instead of performing independent actions. The success of this total approach was unquestioned, and the lessons learned should be utilized fully in planning future disaster responses, both foreign and domestic...
  31. ncbi Civilian-military coordination in the emergency response in Indonesia
    Neil Joyce
    Mil Med 171:66-70. 2006
    ..Specific events and activities illustrate the comparative roles of these types of agencies and how collaboration should recognize the abilities and limitations of each...
  32. ncbi Volunteering as a community mother--a pathway to lifelong learning
    Mary Molloy
    Holy Faith Secondary School, Dublin
    Community Pract 80:28-32. 2007
    ..Findings also show that the majority of respondents had progressed to further education. In this instance, therefore, volunteering did appear to act as a pathway to lifelong learning...
  33. ncbi Interests and skills of volunteers in an ombudsman program: opportunities for participation
    Pat M Keith
    Iowa State University, Department of Sociology, Ames 50011, USA
    Int J Aging Hum Dev 57:1-20. 2003
    ..Data from application forms may be used to suggest needed areas of instruction...
  34. ncbi Disaster response and group self-care
    Margaret Johnstone
    Kaiser Permanente in Pleasanton, CA, USA
    Perspect Psychiatr Care 43:38-40. 2007
    ..This article reports on group support using Psychological First Aid during Katrina relief work. It explores this issue from personal experience and a theoretical perspective...
  35. ncbi Motivations, concerns, and expectations of Scandinavian health professionals volunteering for humanitarian assignments
    Magdalena Bjerneld
    Centre for Public Health in Humanitarian Assistance PHHA, International Maternal and Child Health IMCH, Department of Women s and Children s Health, Uppsala, Sweden
    Disaster Manag Response 4:49-58. 2006
    ..Program officers should have satisfiers and dissatisfiers, as identified by Herzberg, in mind when planning programs. The probability that personnel will leave humanitarian work is lower if they perceive working conditions as good...
  36. ncbi Adventure and altruism
    Julie Stones
    Institute for International Health and Development, Edinburgh
    Nurs Stand 20:62-3. 2006
  37. ncbi Grassroots efforts of Japanese women to promote services for abused women
    Hiroyo Hatashita
    Shiga University of Medical Science, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan
    Nurs Health Sci 8:169-74. 2006
    ..The interpretive phenomenological approach guided the study. The findings illustrate that a group of community volunteers can identify and effectively address a significant social issue on their own initiative...
  38. ncbi Volunteerism: 'community mothers' in action
    Jill Downie
    School of Nursing and Midwifery, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia
    Contemp Nurse 18:188-98. 2004
    ..Hence, measuring the overall outcomes that result from such program remains a major challenge...
  39. ncbi A correlational study on health training program participation and influences upon communities volunteers in Taipei City
    Ching Ju Tung
    College of Nursing, Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan
    J Nurs Res 13:245-52. 2005
    ..Standard health training programs should incorporate three programs, including volunteerism perception, health promotion, and middle aged and elderly care to thus further improve volunteers' participation in community health activities...
  40. ncbi Integrating volunteers in palliative care: the Philippine experience
    Emmanuel C Gorospe
    PALCARE Program, Manila, Philippines
    J Palliat Care 22:297-9. 2006
  41. ncbi Perceptions of work in humanitarian assistance: interviews with returning Swedish health professionals
    Magdalena Bjerneld
    Centre for Public Health in Humanitarian Assistance, Uppsala University, Sweden
    Disaster Manag Response 2:101-8. 2004
    ..Further analysis of humanitarian assistance as a complex and dynamic system involving multiple 'actors' could lead to improved understanding and better performance...
  42. ncbi San Antonio Mental Health Disaster Consortium: Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, a personal perspective
    Margaret Cole Marshall
    University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Nursing, USA
    Perspect Psychiatr Care 43:15-21. 2007
    ..This is the personal perspective of the author's experience during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. As a member of a professional mental health volunteer organization, this chronicles 3 months' experience in the local shelters...
  43. ncbi Vulnerable populations in an American Red Cross shelter after Hurricane Katrina
    Judith M Saunders
    Perspect Psychiatr Care 43:30-7. 2007
    ..During Katrina, people suddenly encountered multiple losses, including homes, finances, medications, and death of loved ones. The Model of Vulnerable Populations illustrates how reduced resources placed individuals at greater risk for harm...
  44. ncbi Diversity in care
    Kathleen Deleskey
    Lawrence Memorial Regis College Collaborative Nursing Program, Medford, MA, USA
    J Perianesth Nurs 21:3-5. 2006
  45. ncbi The impact of volunteering in hospice palliative care
    Stephen Claxton-Oldfield
    Psychology Department, Mount Allison University, 49A York Street, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada
    Am J Hosp Palliat Care 24:259-63. 2007
    ..Finally, many of the volunteers offered suggestions for doing things differently in their programs...
  46. ncbi What motivates lay volunteers in high burden but resource-limited tuberculosis control programmes? Perceptions from the Northern Cape province, South Africa
    S Kironde
    Department of Public Health and Primary Care, Institute of Health Sciences, Oxford University, United Kingdom
    Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 6:104-10. 2002
    ..The Northern Cape province, Republic of South Africa...
  47. ncbi Faith community's role in responding to disasters
    Kevin Massey
    ELCA Domestic Disaster Response, Lutheran Disaster Response, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 8765 W Higgins Road, Chicago, IL 60631 4101, USA
    South Med J 100:944-5. 2007
  48. ncbi [Bioforce Development Institute approach: professional training center for humanitarian workers]
    B Miribel
    BIOFORCE, 44 boulevard Lénine, 69694 Vénissieux, France
    Med Trop (Mars) 62:355-8. 2002
    ..To meet these growing needs, Bioforce offers training to logistics and administrative managers working in international humanitarian organizations...
  49. ncbi Time to truly acknowledge what nursing preceptors do for students
    Olive Younge
    Faculty of Nursing, 3rd Floor Clinical Science Bldg, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta T6G2G3, Canada
    J Nurses Staff Dev 24:113-6; quiz 117-8. 2008
    ..It was concluded that preceptors require higher quality preparation, systematic support, and acknowledgment of their work...
  50. ncbi [Management of a cholera epidemic by a humanitarian organization]
    R Piarroux
    L Organisation Médecins du Monde, Paris, France
    Med Trop (Mars) 62:361-7. 2002
  51. ncbi [Volunteers' opinions of their first humanitarian aide mission]
    P Blasco
    Sante Publique 14:289-99. 2002
  52. ncbi Reducing the unmet needs of patients with colorectal cancer: a feasibility study of The Pathfinder Volunteer Program
    Michelle L Macvean
    The Cancer Council Victoria, 1 Rathdowne Street, Carlton, Victoria, 3053, Australia
    Support Care Cancer 15:293-9. 2007
    ..This paper describes a volunteer-delivered intervention to reduce the psychosocial needs of cancer patients and presents findings from a feasibility study of this intervention...
  53. ncbi A look at a community coming together to meet the needs of older adults: an evaluation of the neighbors Helping Neighbors program
    Rebecca Trickey
    W D Goodwill Initiatives on Aging, College of Social Work, University of Utah, USA
    J Gerontol Soc Work 50:81-98. 2008
    ..This exploratory, descriptive study is only a beginning effort, but it holds great promise for suggesting ways to address the needs of the burgeoning aging population in our society...
  54. ncbi [15th year of the Reach to Recovery Program in Russia: analysis of activity and evaluation of effectiveness (exemplified by the St. Petersburg experience)]
    E V Demin
    Vopr Onkol 51:612-5. 2005
  55. ncbi Aunties & Uncles Co-operative Family Project Ltd: volunteers making a difference in the lives of children and parents
    Lesley Wilkes
    University of Western Sydney Sydney West Area Health Service, Sydney NSW, Australia
    Contemp Nurse 23:291-302. 2006
    ..The findings indicate the reciprocal benefits to all participants. These significant benefits reflect the philosophy of the Aunties & Uncles Co-operative Family Project Ltd...
  56. ncbi Families' experiences of support provided by resource-oriented family professionals in Finland
    Arja Häggman-Laitila
    University of Kuopio, Finland
    J Fam Nurs 11:195-224. 2005
    ..The findings extend the understanding of resource-oriented family work from the perspective of families and offer important implications for the caring of families with young children...
  57. ncbi Health professionals travel to far away places to make a difference
    Jesus Garcia
    Okla Nurse 49:23-4. 2004
  58. ncbi Volunteerism is the lifeblood of SOHN
    Linda T Schuring
    ORL Head Neck Nurs 26:6-7. 2008
  59. ncbi Why do physicians volunteer to be OSCE examiners?
    Susan Humphrey-Murto
    University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Med Teach 27:172-4. 2005
    ..The MCC examiners appear to value the experience more. The ability to provide feedback and the provision of CME credits were not significant factors for increasing examiner satisfaction...
  60. ncbi Stress and satisfaction among employees in AIDS service organizations in New York
    Craig Demmer
    Lehman College, City University of New York, USA
    Eval Health Prof 25:225-38. 2002
    ..They reported that the rewards of this type of work outweighed the stressors, and the level of job satisfaction was very high...
  61. ncbi Factors important to success in the volunteer long-term care ombudsman role
    H Wayne Nelson
    Department of Health Science, Towson University, MD 21252 0001, USA
    Gerontologist 44:116-20. 2004
    ..Younger volunteers served for shorter periods and were more highly motivated by the "self-improvement" need. Altruism and organizational loyalty emerged as particularly important motivations...
  62. ncbi Hospice care in prison: general principles and outcomes
    Svetlana Yampolskaya
    Department of Child and Family Studies, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, USA
    Am J Hosp Palliat Care 20:290-6. 2003
    ..Major outcomes of prison hospice programs include cost-effectiveness, enhanced correction, and comfort care...
  63. ncbi The importance of perspective: evaluation of hospice care from multiple stakeholders
    Kelly Hiatt
    Department of Human Services, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio 43403, USA
    Am J Hosp Palliat Care 24:376-82. 2007
    ..Findings from this study are compared with previous research on hospice care and the implications of the results to the provision and continued development of hospice care are discussed...
  64. ncbi Intimate examination teaching with volunteers: implementation and assessment at the University of Antwerp
    Kristin Hendrickx
    Skillslaboratory, University Hospital of Antwerp and University of Antwerp, Universiteitsplein 1, 2610 Antwerp, Belgium
    Patient Educ Couns 63:47-54. 2006
    ..They learn gynaecological and urological skills in healthy volunteers. Technical, communicative and attitude aspects are taken into account...
  65. ncbi Organization-based incident management: developing a disaster volunteer role on a university campus
    Terry Fulmer
    New York University College of Nursing at the College of Dentistry, New York, New York, USA
    Disaster Manag Response 5:74-81. 2007
    ..Universities are a particularly important setting for voluntary action, given that they are based in communities and have access to resources and capabilities to bring to bear on an emergency situation...
  66. ncbi Professionalism involves volunteerism
    Nancy Leone
    Gastroenterol Nurs 29:88. 2006
  67. ncbi Mental health needs of disaster volunteers: a plea for awareness
    Lavonne M Adams
    Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Texas Christian University, USA
    Perspect Psychiatr Care 43:52-4. 2007
    ..Meeting the mental health needs of disaster response volunteers. Voluntary disaster response organizations deployed volunteers across the country following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita...
  68. ncbi Medical-surgical nurses volunteer to aid tsunami victims
    Michael Yates
    Geneva Foundation, United States Army Institute of Surgical Research, Burn Center, Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX, USA
    Medsurg Nurs 14:331-4. 2005
  69. ncbi The impact of the senior companion program on quality of life outcomes for frail older adults and their families
    Donna J Rabiner
    RTI, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, USA
    Home Health Care Serv Q 22:1-26. 2003
    ..Now, it has been shown to have some favorable effects on client well-being. These findings may take on greater significance given the desire to expand the SCP through the USA Freedom Corps Initiative...
  70. ncbi Motivation of community care givers in a peri-urban area of Blantyre, Malawi
    Wanangwa C Mkandawire
    Department of Community Health University of Malawi College of Medicine Private Bag 360, Chichiri, Blantyre 3, Malawi
    Afr J Health Sci 12:21-5. 2005
    ..Intrinsic factors are an important motivator for community health volunteers CCGs in the peri-urban area of Blantyre. There is need for community groups to explore the feasibility of tapping from local material and financial resources...
  71. ncbi Peer led HIV/AIDS prevention for women in South African informal settlements
    Peggy O'Hara Murdock
    Middle Tennessee State University, Murfeesboro, Tennessee 37132, USA
    Health Care Women Int 24:502-12. 2003
  72. ncbi Medical Reserve Corps: strengthening public health and improving preparedness
    Marna L Hoard
    United States Public Health Service, Office of the US Surgeon General, Medical Reserve Corps Program, Rockville, MD 20857, USA
    Disaster Manag Response 3:48-52. 2005
    ..These Medical Reserve Corps units supplement the existing public health and emergency response entities in the community...
  73. ncbi Charitable giving. Challenging, frustrating and invigorating, volunteering is time well spent
    Jolynn Tumolo
    Adv Nurse Pract 11:73-7. 2003
  74. ncbi The Medical Reserve Corps. an opportunity for dentists to serve
    David L Glotzer
    Department of Cariology and Operative Dentistry, New York University College of Dentistry, New York, USA
    N Y State Dent J 72:60-1. 2006
    ..The Medical Reserve Corps is a community-based volunteer network of health professionals that trains to respond to large-scale emergencies...
  75. ncbi Volunteerism and humanitarian efforts in surgery
    A Thomas Pezzella
    University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA
    Curr Probl Surg 43:848-929. 2006
  76. ncbi Reclaiming our values: lessons from tragedy
    Robert L Veninga
    School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, USA
    Health Prog 83:10-1, 47. 2002
  77. ncbi Responder safety and health: preparing for future disasters
    Dori B Reissman
    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Washington, DC, USA
    Mt Sinai J Med 75:135-41. 2008
    ..Worker safety and health preparedness and leadership are essential for protecting workers and promoting resiliency among personnel involved in disaster response, recovery, and cleanup...
  78. ncbi Improving hospital surge capacity: a new concept for emergency credentialing of volunteers
    Carl H Schultz
    Department of Emergency Medicine, University of California Irvine School of Medicine, Irvine, CA, USA
    Ann Emerg Med 49:602-9. 2007
    ..This process is accurate, inexpensive, efficient, sustainable, and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations compliant and permits the immediate credentialing of large numbers of medical volunteers...
  79. ncbi Hope floats with ENA's mercy in tsunami aftermath
    Elizabeth Darraugh
    Temple University, USA
    Pa Nurse 60:15. 2005
  80. ncbi Disaster medical response: maximizing your effectiveness
    Doug Campos-Outcalt
    Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine, 4001 North Third Street 415, Phoenix, AZ 85012, USA
    J Fam Pract 55:113-5. 2006
    ..Until a proper infrastructure is re-established, general medical services cannot be provided. Physician services are most effectively provided in collaboration with, or as part of, an organized local response agency...
  81. pmc A decade of experience with renal transplantation in African-Americans
    Clarence E Foster
    Division of Transplantation, Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland 210201, USA
    Ann Surg 236:794-804; discussion 804-805. 2002
    ..These policies can markedly improve end-stage renal disease care for African-Americans by halving the overall waiting time while still achieving comparable graft and patient survival rates...
  82. ncbi Morality and moral conflicts in hospice care: results of a qualitative interview study
    Sabine Salloch
    Institut fuer Medizinische Ethik und Geschichte der Medizin, Ruhr Universitaet Bochum, Markstrasse 258a, D 44799 Bochum, Germany
    J Med Ethics 36:588-92. 2010
    ..is a qualitative investigation into general and hospice-related conceptions of morality among full-time and voluntary workers in German inpatient hospices. It examines moral conflicts and efforts leading to their solution...
  83. ncbi Heredity, reproduction, and perfectibility in revolutionary and Napoleonic France, 1789-1815
    Sean Quinlan
    Department of History, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 83844 3175, United States
    Endeavour 34:142-50. 2010
  84. ncbi Ethics and leadership in children's oral health
    Wendy E Mouradian
    Dental Public Health Sciences and Health Services, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA
    Pediatr Dent 29:64-72. 2007
    ..One example of a systemic solution is the Access to Baby and Child Dentistry (ABCD) program in Washington State...
  85. pmc Business and public health collaboration for emergency preparedness in Georgia: a case study
    James W Buehler
    Center for Public Health Preparedness and Research and Department of Epidemiology, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    BMC Public Health 6:285. 2006
    ..Lessons learned from this collaboration should be useful to other public health and business leaders interested in developing similar partnerships...
  86. ncbi How did we get here? Where are we going? Hopes and gaps in access to oral health care
    Donald E Patthoff
    J Dent Educ 70:1125-32. 2006
    ..Separating acceptance from diagnosis, treatment, and payment improves discourse on the various philosophical notions and practical applications that dominate each area...
  87. pmc Are gay communities dying or just in transition? Results from an international consultation examining possible structural change in gay communities
    B R Simon Rosser
    Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
    AIDS Care 20:588-95. 2008
    ..HIV prevention planning, interventions, treatment services, and policies need to be re-conceptualized for MSM in the future. Four recommendations for future HIV prevention and research are detailed...
  88. pmc Risk modifying effect of social capital on measures of heavy alcohol consumption, alcohol abuse, harms, and secondhand effects: national survey findings
    Elissa R Weitzman
    Department of Society, Human Development and Health, Harvard School of Public Health, 401 Park Drive, PO Box 15678, Boston, MA 02215, USA
    J Epidemiol Community Health 59:303-9. 2005
    ..To examine associations between social capital and individual risk for alcohol abuse and harms and identify protective effect mechanisms...
  89. pmc Distributing insecticide-treated bednets during measles vaccination: a low-cost means of achieving high and equitable coverage
    Mark Grabowsky
    American Red Cross, Washington, DC 20006 5304, USA
    Bull World Health Organ 83:195-201. 2005
    ..To achieve high and equitable coverage of insecticide-treated bednets by integrating their distribution into a measles vaccination campaign...
  90. ncbi Stability of salivary concentrations of the newer antiepileptic drugs in the postal system
    Mikael D Jones
    University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center, Lexington, Kentucky 40536, USA
    Ther Drug Monit 27:576-9. 2005
    ..90, and ZNS rs = 1). Saliva samples mailed by patients maintain stability and can be returned in a reasonable length of time. Further studies are needed to assess patient/caretaker capability of obtaining an adequate sample...
  91. ncbi Leadership development for dental students: what do students think?
    Kristin Z Victoroff
    School of Dental Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, 10900 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106 4905, USA
    J Dent Educ 72:982-8. 2008
    ..The results of this study suggest that many dental students are interested in developing leadership skills. Insights from this study can inform the design of leadership development programs...
  92. ncbi Teaching hematology to second year medical students: results of a national survey of hematology course directors
    Virginia C Broudy
    University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
    Ann Hematol 86:283-7. 2007
    ..Little financial support is provided for the hematology course, and these findings compel the identification of resources to pay faculty for teaching medical student required courses...
  93. ncbi Changes in social participation and volunteer activity among recently widowed older adults
    Elizabeth A Donnelly
    MSW, College of Social Work, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306 2570, USA
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  94. pmc Volunteerism among homeless persons with developmental disabilities
    Larry G Morton
    School of Social Work, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197, USA
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    ..Volunteerism might be a way "to give back" to agencies assisting them. Similarly, visiting family or friends suggests maintenance of social and community ties, suggesting healthy community integration...
  95. pmc Strategies for achieving healthy energy balance among African Americans in the Mississippi Delta
    Groesbeck P Parham
    Department of Medicine Room 126, Bevill Research Bldg, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL 35294, USA
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    Bobby K Joseph
    Faculty of Dentistry, Kuwait University, PO Box 24923, Safat 13110, Kuwait
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    ..In the future, the identification of oncogene and tumour suppressor gene mutations in biopsy specimens may give a clearer indication of the likely behaviour of suspicious oral lesions...
  97. ncbi [Imported malaria in Tunisia: consequences on the risk of resurgence of the disease]
    K Aoun
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    ..It is not easy to retain voluntary workers as part of health programs even though they have been trained...
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    ..To report a case of severe chloroquine toxicity in the presence of high-grade chloroquine-resistant Plasmodium vivax...
  101. ncbi [Models of workers' health and safety insurance in the selected European Union member states: certain economic problems]
    Izabela Rydlewska-Liszkowska
    Zakład Polityki Zdrowotnej, Instytut Medycyny Pracy im prof J Nofera, Łódź
    Med Pr 58:511-9. 2007

Research Grants66

  1. The role of diet-induced obesity in cognitive impairment
    CATRINA SIMS ROBINSON; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The expertise that Dr. Robinson will gain from the group of mentors and consultants will prove to be vital to her development into a young independent neuroscientist. ..
  2. Automatic Multi-Analyte in-Situ Bioassay for Monitoring Exposure to Toxic Materia
    Jianwei Mo; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Furthermore, examining the global effects of toxic metals on gene expression will help researchers determine patterns of biological response, and discover the underlying mechanisms of toxicity. ..
  3. A System for Remote Monitoring of Chronic Lung Disease of Infancy (CLDI)
    PAUL L GIBSON; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..BPD is the most common pulmonary morbidity in preterm infants and affects approximately 5,000 to 10,000 infants in the United States each year ..
  4. Meals on Wheels Volunteers as Health Literacy Coaches for Older Adults
    Vicki S Freimuth; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Findings will advance understanding of interactional health literacy. ..
  5. GPing: Informatics for Personal Control of Genomic Data
    Isaac S Kohane; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..3: Design and evaluate a user interface to communicate disclosure. In concert with appropriate non-discrimination legislation, G-PING lays the groundwork for large-scale genomic cohort studies. ..
  6. Ethics of Surrogate Consent for Dementia Research
    Scott Y Kim; Fiscal Year: 2010
  7. Prosocial Behavior and Volunteerism to Promote Physical Activity in Older Adults
    Capri G Foy; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..We will also assess whether these outcomes are mediated by changes in constructs from Social Cognitive Theory, and whether changes in Social Cognitive Theory constructs are associated with changes in prosocial behavior. ..
  8. Gender and Public Health Reform in Los Angeles
    Jennifer Koslow; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..This research demonstrates that Los Angeles is an excellent model for studying the pivotal role women played in determining and managing public health policy, and the ramifications of their influence. ..
    Thomas Rogers; Fiscal Year: 2000
    ..Development of a rapid, automated system that can be integrated into biocide control processes would be of enormous value in dealing with these multibillion dollar problems. ..
    ROBERT TRIPP; Fiscal Year: 2000
    ..The device may be used wherever neuropsychiatric patients are placed on neuroleptics to provide objective long-term patient monitoring, without requiring highly trained personnel. ..
    RICHARD GILLESPIE; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..Successful conclusion of these milestones will lead to commercialization and manufacture of the device and FDA approval. ..
    Galen Switzer; Fiscal Year: 2001
  13. AIDS Volunteerism and Client Health:Exploring Community
    Mark Snyder; Fiscal Year: 2005
  14. Exploring Community:AIDS Volunteerism and Client Health
    ALLEN OMOTO; Fiscal Year: 2005
    WILLIFRIED SCHRAMM; Fiscal Year: 1990
    Janet Lachman; Fiscal Year: 1980
    ..The studies are designed to suggest stable periods, peaks and points of decline over the life-span in each of the three cognitive functions or systems. ..
    Grant Grissom; Fiscal Year: 1991
    ..Achievement of these aims would provide an innovative product and service of interest to more than 1,000 sites world-wide which currently use the ASI, and encourage its further dissemination...
    Peter Duquette; Fiscal Year: 1991
    ..This screening device will give coaches, educators, and health care professionals a valuable tool in combating steroid abuse, and will serve as a deterrent to future abuse...
  19. Individual and Community Factors in Independent Living
    Jeffrey Burr; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..In our model building, we pay particular attention to sample size issues and the potential for problems associated with endogeneity. ..
  20. Lanaguge, Community, and Older Immigrant Households
    Jeffrey Burr; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..Third, using the double cohort method, age and immigration cohort effects on patterns of household complexity are examined to test life cycle and assimilation hypotheses. ..
    Neal Krause; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..Included among these procedures are individual growth curve models and latent variable structural equation models. [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  22. Religion, Aging, and Mexican American Health
    Neal Krause; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..To compare and contrast race differences in religiousness as well as race differences in the relationship between religion and health among older Whites, older Blacks, and older Mexican Americans. ..
  23. Feasibility of Alcohol and Tobacco Use Surveillance via Personal Health Records
    ELISSA WEITZMAN; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..Learning more about these issues is essential to understanding the utility of these systems for research. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
    Nancy Morrow Howell; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..This project has the potential to influence program and policy developments in CLTC. Findings will inform the next step testing interventions that integrate CLTC and mental health services. ..
  25. Environment Alcohol Abuse Prevention--Drug Abuse Effect
    ELISSA WEITZMAN; Fiscal Year: 2004
  26. Impact of sleepiness on heart failure self-care
    Barbara Riegel; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..This study is expected to expand existing knowledge and clarify our understanding of the mechanisms linking EDS, failed self-care, poor HRQL, and unplanned hospitalizations in persons with heart failure. ..
    Linda Fried; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..The resulting insights should provide new opportunities for screening and prevention of physcial disability in older women- the population subgroup at highest risk for disability at older ages. ..
    Jiska Cohen Mansfield; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..In that way, it presents an exciting prospect for improving the quality of life in demented persons, thereby reducing their caregivers' burden. ..
    MARLYN HUDSON; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..Ms. Hudson plans to select a specific dissertation topic and develop her research proposal during the second year in the doctoral program. ..
  30. The Caring~web: Web-based Support for Stroke Caregivers
    Linda Pierce; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..Study outcomes have the potential to direct healthcare professionals in designing programs of care for persons with stroke and their caregivers. ..
  31. Clinical Supervision and Turnover in Substance Abuse Tx
    Lillian T Eby; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..This project responds to program announcement PA-03-011 "Services Research in the National Drug Abuse CTN". Substance abuse treatment centers that are affiliated with the Clinical Trails Network will provide data for the project. ..
    David Savitz; Fiscal Year: 2001
    ..Although all are strongly suspected of influencing risk of preterm delivery, this study should provide evidence relevant to screening practice for infection and vitamin use during pregnancy. ..
  33. Oral Health in People with Systemic Sclerosis
    Hon Yuen; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  34. The Feasibility of Earlier Detection of Ovarian Cancer Using Symptom Reports
    Marin Andersen; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..Outcomes of such an approach for women with and without the identified pattern of symptoms will be examined. ..
  35. Preventing Adverse Reactions in Novice Blood Donors
    Christopher R France; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Because we are working directly with the American Red Cross, our findings can be quickly translated into practice. ..
    Harry Quigley; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..Candidate molecules for genetic susceptibility to glaucoma are likely to be identified. ..
  37. New Methods to assess social, cognitive, and physical function in older persons
    Thomas Glass; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..The proposed research is responsive to NIH PA-05-090 and to objectives laid out in the NIH roadmap. ..
  38. Clinicians' Concepts of Racial/Ethnic Differences in the Management of Chronic Il
    Linda M Hunt; Fiscal Year: 2010
  39. Social Development and Psychopathology into Adulthood
    RICHARD KOSTERMAN; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..The proposed study will use newly available data to understand adolescent predictors of adult patterns of depression and anxiety into the 30s, and their relationship to healthy adult functioning. ..
  40. Increasing Access to HIV Trials for Rural Minorities
    Giselle Corbie Smith; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..In Phase 3 we will conduct a single site, 12 month assessment of the individual enrollment session and mobile unit alone and in combination using a 3 arm experimental design. ..
  41. Psychological Stress and Immune Response to Vaccination
    ANNA MARSLAND; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..Antibody responses will be measured at the time of the second and third does of vaccine and, during the follow-up period, 6 and 12 months following completion of the vaccination series. ..
    NANCY WAYNE; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..The outcome of this work should enable us to develop a detailed model of cellular mechanisms that link membrane excitation to neurohormone secretion and neurohormone synthesis. ..
    Giselle Corbie Smith; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..Dr. Claire Sterk will guide the candidate in advanced quantitative methods. Dr. Sherman James will co-chair the advisory council and provide overall guidance on progress of the research and career development plan. (End of Abstract) ..
    Ian Stiell; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..The PIs propose to conduct a large feasibility review in five urban areas and to conduct four study planning workshops. ..
    KAREN ROOK; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..This multi-wave study design will allow us to investigate the dynamics of older adults' positive and negative social network transactions before and after the occurrence of stressful life events. ..
    Jesus Ramirez Valles; Fiscal Year: 2005
  47. Differences in CAM Use Among Minority Older Adults
    Thomas Arcury; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..abstract_text> ..
  48. Conference Series: Bedside to Bench
    Linda Fried; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..The meetings themselves will be organized by the staff of the American Geriatrics Society. ..
  49. How Social Relations and Attitudes Vary by Neighborhood
    Jibum Kim; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..For the analyses, we will pool 3 years of the General Social Survey and link individual records by address to tracts in the Census 2000. The GSS has yet to linked to 2000 Census tract data. ..
    Linda Hunt; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..3) Explore how research findings and clinical experiences regarding the relevance of race and ethnicity are interpreted and applied by genetic scientists and clinicians. ..
  51. Evaluating Trichophyton tonsurans Carriage and Infection
    Susan Abdel Rahman; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..abstract_text> ..
    Jesus Ramirez Valles; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..abstract_text> ..
  53. Home Automatic external Defibrillator Training
    Thomas Rea; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..Alternatively, if nominal video-based approaches achieve comparable outcomes, training efforts can be streamlined at considerable cost savings with fewer impediments for distribution and dissemination. [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  54. A Patient-Controlled Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for Cancer Symptoms
    Kristine L Kwekkeboom; Fiscal Year: 2010
    Harold Koenig; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..It will also provide important information to both guide future clinical trials and identify barriers to effective treatment of depression in these patients. ..
  56. An outcome study involving drug abusing mothers in child protective services
    BRADLEY C DONOHUE; Fiscal Year: 2010
  57. Community-Based Participatory Approach to Farmworker Housing, Exposures & Health
    Thomas A Arcury; Fiscal Year: 2010
  58. Ethnic Variation in CAM Use and Health Self Management among Rural Older Adults
    Thomas Arcury; Fiscal Year: 2009
    David Savitz; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..abstract_text> ..
  60. Casa A Campo: Pesticide Safety for Farmworkers' Families
    Thomas Arcury; Fiscal Year: 2004
  61. African American Men Prostate & Colorectal Cancer Belief
    Thomas Arcury; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..A preliminary framework of the intervention strategy for this R01 application will be developed and evaluated as part of this project. [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  62. Farmwoker Environmental Health Research Comparable Data
    Thomas Arcury; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..The purpose of limiting the size of the conference is to facilitate active interaction, discussion and debate among leaders in the field. ..
  63. Volunteer Activities on Long-Term Care Residents
    Hon Yuen; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..It is expected that findings will support the activity theory of aging and validate the beneficial effects of residents in LTC facilities participating in structured volunteer activities. ..