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Summary: Individuals classified according to their sex, racial origin, religion, common place of living, financial or social status, or some other cultural or behavioral attribute. (UMLS, 2003)

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  1. ncbi Contraceptive practice of the tribal women in tea garden area of North Bengal
    Sudip Kumar Saha
    Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata 700014
    J Indian Med Assoc 105:440, 442, 448. 2007
  2. pmc Genome-wide association analysis of metabolic traits in a birth cohort from a founder population
    Chiara Sabatti
    Department of Human Genetics and Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California 90095, USA
    Nat Genet 41:35-46. 2009
  3. ncbi Indigenous health part 1: determinants and disease patterns
    Michael Gracey
    Unity of First People of Australia, Perth, WA, Australia
    Lancet 374:65-75. 2009
  4. pmc Inference of unexpected genetic relatedness among individuals in HapMap Phase III
    Trevor J Pemberton
    Department of Human Genetics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA
    Am J Hum Genet 87:457-64. 2010
  5. pmc Medicinal plants used by traditional healers in Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu, India
    Chellaiah Muthu
    Entomology Research Institute, Loyola College, Chennai 600 034, India
    J Ethnobiol Ethnomed 2:43. 2006
  6. ncbi Environmental risk conditions and pathways to cardiometabolic diseases in indigenous populations
    Mark Daniel
    Social Epidemiology and Evaluation Research Unit, Sansom Institute for Health Research, University of South Australia, Adelaide, SA, Australia
    Annu Rev Public Health 32:327-47. 2011
  7. ncbi Indigenous peoples' health--why are they behind everyone, everywhere?
    Carolyn Stephens
    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London WC1E 7HT, UK
    Lancet 366:10-3. 2005
  8. ncbi Changing trends in indigenous inequalities in mortality: lessons from New Zealand
    Martin Tobias
    Public Health Physician, Health and Disability Intelligence, Ministry of Health, Wellington, New Zealand
    Int J Epidemiol 38:1711-22. 2009
  9. ncbi Haplotype data for 23 Y-chromosome markers in four U.S. population groups
    Michael D Coble
    National Institute of Standards and Technology, Material Measurement Laboratory, Gaithersburg, MD 20899 8314, USA
    Forensic Sci Int Genet 7:e66-8. 2013
  10. ncbi Ethnic discrimination and psychological distress: a study of Sami and non-Sami populations in Norway
    Ketil Lenert Hansen
    University of Tromsø, Norway
    Transcult Psychiatry 49:26-50. 2012

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  1. ncbi Contraceptive practice of the tribal women in tea garden area of North Bengal
    Sudip Kumar Saha
    Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata 700014
    J Indian Med Assoc 105:440, 442, 448. 2007
    ..Contraceptive practice, as birth spacing method, needs to be given tremendous emphasis in order to improve the reproductive health of the tribal women. Education, information, choices and rights for decision-making only can achieve this...
  2. pmc Genome-wide association analysis of metabolic traits in a birth cohort from a founder population
    Chiara Sabatti
    Department of Human Genetics and Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California 90095, USA
    Nat Genet 41:35-46. 2009
    ..The association observed between low-density lipoprotein and an infrequent variant in AR suggests the potential of such a cohort for identifying associations with both common, low-impact and rarer, high-impact quantitative trait loci...
  3. ncbi Indigenous health part 1: determinants and disease patterns
    Michael Gracey
    Unity of First People of Australia, Perth, WA, Australia
    Lancet 374:65-75. 2009
    ..Indigenous people should be encouraged, trained, and enabled to become increasingly involved in overcoming these challenges...
  4. pmc Inference of unexpected genetic relatedness among individuals in HapMap Phase III
    Trevor J Pemberton
    Department of Human Genetics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA
    Am J Hum Genet 87:457-64. 2010
    ..The inferred relative pairs make it possible to propose standardized subsets of unrelated individuals for use in future studies in which relatedness needs to be clearly defined...
  5. pmc Medicinal plants used by traditional healers in Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu, India
    Chellaiah Muthu
    Entomology Research Institute, Loyola College, Chennai 600 034, India
    J Ethnobiol Ethnomed 2:43. 2006
    ..The traditional healers are dwindling in number and there is a grave danger of traditional knowledge disappearing soon since the younger generation is not interested to carry on this tradition...
  6. ncbi Environmental risk conditions and pathways to cardiometabolic diseases in indigenous populations
    Mark Daniel
    Social Epidemiology and Evaluation Research Unit, Sansom Institute for Health Research, University of South Australia, Adelaide, SA, Australia
    Annu Rev Public Health 32:327-47. 2011
    ..Implications of environmental factors and their pathways as well as important research needs are discussed in relation to ecological prevention to reduce cardiometabolic diseases...
  7. ncbi Indigenous peoples' health--why are they behind everyone, everywhere?
    Carolyn Stephens
    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London WC1E 7HT, UK
    Lancet 366:10-3. 2005
  8. ncbi Changing trends in indigenous inequalities in mortality: lessons from New Zealand
    Martin Tobias
    Public Health Physician, Health and Disability Intelligence, Ministry of Health, Wellington, New Zealand
    Int J Epidemiol 38:1711-22. 2009
    ..This was accompanied by economic recovery and the introduction of health reforms, including a reorientation of the health system towards primary health care...
  9. ncbi Haplotype data for 23 Y-chromosome markers in four U.S. population groups
    Michael D Coble
    National Institute of Standards and Technology, Material Measurement Laboratory, Gaithersburg, MD 20899 8314, USA
    Forensic Sci Int Genet 7:e66-8. 2013
    ..An analysis of the population genetic parameters and the improvement of adding additional Y-STR markers to the dataset are described...
  10. ncbi Ethnic discrimination and psychological distress: a study of Sami and non-Sami populations in Norway
    Ketil Lenert Hansen
    University of Tromsø, Norway
    Transcult Psychiatry 49:26-50. 2012
    ..Results suggest that ethnic discrimination is a major potential risk factor for poor mental health, and may contribute to ethnicity-related differences in mental health between Sami and non-Sami populations...
  11. ncbi Indigenous health part 2: the underlying causes of the health gap
    Malcolm King
    Department of Medicine, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Lancet 374:76-85. 2009
    ..The topics covered include Indigenous notions of health and identity; mental health and addictions; urbanisation and environmental stresses; whole health and healing; and reconciliation...
  12. pmc Clines, clusters, and the effect of study design on the inference of human population structure
    Noah A Rosenberg
    Department of Human Genetics, Bioinformatics Program, and the Life Sciences Institute, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
    PLoS Genet 1:e70. 2005
  13. ncbi Natural selection has driven population differentiation in modern humans
    Luis B Barreiro
    Human Evolutionary Genetics Unit, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Unité de Recherche Associée CNRS URA3012, Institut Pasteur, 25 rue Dr Roux, Paris 75015, France
    Nat Genet 40:340-5. 2008
    ..Our analyses identify a fraction of loci that have contributed, and probably still contribute, to the morphological and disease-related phenotypic diversity of current human populations...
  14. ncbi Trends in the study of Aboriginal health risks in Canada
    Chris M Furgal
    Department of Indigenous Studies, Trent University, Peterborough, ON K9J 7B8, Canada
    Int J Circumpolar Health 69:322-32. 2010
    ..To identify trends in the study of health risk in peer-reviewed and grey literature in Canadian Aboriginal populations from 1960 to 2007...
  15. pmc Influences of history, geography, and religion on genetic structure: the Maronites in Lebanon
    Marc Haber
    The Lebanese American University, Chouran, Beirut, Lebanon
    Eur J Hum Genet 19:334-40. 2011
    ..Post-establishment differentiations are most plausibly explained by migrations of peoples seeking refuge to avoid the turmoil of major historical events...
  16. pmc Fibrinogen and associated risk factors in a high-risk population: urban Indigenous Australians, the DRUID Study
    Louise J Maple-Brown
    Menzies School of Health Research, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia
    Cardiovasc Diabetol 9:69. 2010
    ..We studied levels of fibrinogen and its cross-sectional relationship with traditional and non-traditional cardiovascular risk factors in an urban Indigenous Australian cohort...
  17. ncbi Burden of anemia among indigenous populations
    Amina Z Khambalia
    Department of Clinical and Population Perinatal Research, Kolling Institute of Medical Research, University of Sydney at Royal North Shore Hospital, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
    Nutr Rev 69:693-719. 2011
    ..e., malaria and intestinal parasites). A concerted global effort is needed to reduce the worldwide burden of anemia in these marginalized populations...
  18. ncbi Spectrum of MTHFR gene SNPs C677T and A1298C: a study among 23 population groups of India
    Kallur Nava Saraswathy
    Biochemical and Molecular Lab, Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi, Delhi, 110007, India
    Mol Biol Rep 39:5025-31. 2012
    ..MTHFR C677T and A1298C single nucleotide polymorphisms in a total of 23 Indian caste, tribal and religious population groups from five geographical regions of India and belonging to four major linguistic groups...
  19. pmc International Circumpolar Surveillance System for invasive pneumococcal disease, 1999-2005
    Michael G Bruce
    Arctic Investigations Program, National Center for Preparedness, Detection, and Control of Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4055 Tudor Circle Drive, Anchorage, AK 99508, USA
    Emerg Infect Dis 14:25-33. 2008
    ..IPD rates are high among indigenous persons and children in Arctic countries. After vaccine introduction, IPD caused by non-PCV7 serotypes increased in Alaska...
  20. ncbi Importance of traditional foods for the food security of two First Nations communities in the Yukon, Canada
    Roseanne C Schuster
    Health Sciences Program, University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, Canada
    Int J Circumpolar Health 70:286-300. 2011
    ..This study sought to evaluate food consumption patterns in the context of food security in two Yukon First Nations communities...
  21. ncbi A systematic review of family-based interventions targeting alcohol misuse and their potential to reduce alcohol-related harm in indigenous communities
    Bianca Calabria
    National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
    J Stud Alcohol Drugs 73:477-88. 2012
  22. pmc The First National Survey of Indigenous People's Health and Nutrition in Brazil: rationale, methodology, and overview of results
    Carlos E A Coimbra
    Escola Nacional de Saude Publica, Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz, Rua Leopoldo Bulhoes 1480, Rio de Janeiro, RJ 21041 210, Brazil
    BMC Public Health 13:52. 2013
    ..This paper presents the study's rationale, design and methods, and selected results...
  23. ncbi Feeding the family during times of stress: experience and determinants of food insecurity in an Inuit community
    James D Ford
    McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
    Geogr J 177:44-61. 2011
  24. ncbi High-density SNP genotyping detects homogeneity of Spanish and French Basques, and confirms their genomic distinctiveness from other European populations
    Naiara Rodriguez-Ezpeleta
    Genome Analysis Platform, Functional Genomics Unit, CIC bioGUNE, Bizkaia Technology Park, Building 502, 48160, Derio, Spain
    Hum Genet 128:113-7. 2010
    ..Here, we present the first high-throughput analysis including Basques from Spanish and French provinces, and show that all Basques constitute a homogeneous group that can be clearly differentiated from other European populations...
  25. ncbi Health disparities in Canada today: some evidence and a theoretical framework
    Katherine L Frohlich
    Universite de Montreal, Group de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en Santé GRIS, C P 6128, Succursale Centre Ville, Montreal, Que, Canada H3C 3J7
    Health Policy 79:132-43. 2006
    ..Since the social determinants described here have been found to influence an array of disease outcomes, tackling them, rather than their outcomes, may have a greater overall influence on the health of the population...
  26. pmc Life histories, blood revenge, and reproductive success among the Waorani of Ecuador
    Stephen Beckerman
    Department of Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, USA
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106:8134-9. 2009
    ..We suggest that the spacing of revenge raids may be involved in the explanation of why the consequences of aggressiveness differ between these 2 warlike lowland South American peoples...
  27. pmc Robust relationship inference in genome-wide association studies
    Ani Manichaikul
    Center for Public Health Genomics, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA
    Bioinformatics 26:2867-73. 2010
    ..Existing algorithms for relationship inference have a major weakness of estimating allele frequencies at each SNP from the entire sample, under a strong assumption of homogeneous population structure. This assumption is often untenable...
  28. pmc Implication of genetic variants near SLC30A8, HHEX, CDKAL1, CDKN2A/B, IGF2BP2, FTO, TCF2, KCNQ1, and WFS1 in type 2 diabetes in a Chinese population
    Xueyao Han
    Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Peking University People s Hospital, Peking University Diabetes Center, no 11, XiZhiMen South Street, Beijing, China
    BMC Med Genet 11:81. 2010
    ..We aimed to determine the effects of these genetic loci associated with T2D in the Chinese Han population of China...
  29. ncbi Stage at diagnosis and cancer survival for Indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory
    John R Condon
    Menzies School of Health Research, Box 41096, Casuarina, NT 0811, Australia
    Med J Aust 182:277-80. 2005
    ..To investigate whether Indigenous Australians with cancer have more advanced disease at diagnosis than other Australians, and whether late diagnosis explains lower Indigenous cancer survival rates...
  30. ncbi Estimation of traditional food intake in indigenous communities in Denendeh and the Yukon
    Malek Batal
    Department of Nutrition and Food Science, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
    Int J Circumpolar Health 64:46-54. 2005
    ..This study aimed at assessing traditional food intake of Indigenous people in 18 communities...
  31. ncbi Human-nonhuman primate interactions amongst Tikuna people: perceptions and local initiatives for resource management in Amacayacu in the Colombian Amazon
    Hannah E Parathian
    Department of Anthropology and Geography, Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom
    Am J Primatol 72:855-65. 2010
    ..We suggest that Mocagua provides an example of how community-based conservation strategies can be achieved, where opportunities for employment in tourism and alternative food sources are available...
  32. ncbi Integrated detection and population-genetic analysis of SNPs and copy number variation
    Steven A McCarroll
    Program in Medical and Population Genetics and Genetic Analysis Platform, The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142, USA
    Nat Genet 40:1166-74. 2008
    ..Most common, diallelic CNPs were in strong linkage disequilibrium with SNPs, and most low-frequency CNVs segregated on specific SNP haplotypes...
  33. pmc Japanese population structure, based on SNP genotypes from 7003 individuals compared to other ethnic groups: effects on population-based association studies
    Yumi Yamaguchi-Kabata
    Laboratory for Statistical Analysis, Center for Genomic Medicine, The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research RIKEN, 4 6 1 Shirokane dai, Minato ku, Tokyo 108 8639, Japan
    Am J Hum Genet 83:445-56. 2008
    ..Simulation studies showed that the inclusion of different proportions of individuals from different regions of Japan in case and control groups can lead to an inflated rate of false-positive results when the sample sizes are large...
  34. pmc Increased power of mixed models facilitates association mapping of 10 loci for metabolic traits in an isolated population
    Eimear E Kenny
    Department of Computer Science, Columbia University, 505 Computer Science Building, 1214 Amsterdam Ave Mailcode 0401, New York, NY 10027 7003, USA
    Hum Mol Genet 20:827-39. 2011
    ..Finally, we report a novel associations for height (rs17629022, P< 2.1 × 10⁻⁸)...
  35. pmc Estimating the contribution of genetic variants to difference in incidence of disease between population groups
    Ramal Moonesinghe
    Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA 30341, USA
    Eur J Hum Genet 20:831-6. 2012
    ..assess the contribution of genetic variants to the difference in the incidence of disease between different population groups for different scenarios...
  36. ncbi Measurements of benzene and formaldehyde in a medium sized urban environment. Indoor/outdoor health risk implications on special population groups
    Georgios A Pilidis
    Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry, Department of Biological Applications and Technologies, University of Ioannina, 45110, Ioannina, Greece
    Environ Monit Assess 150:285-94. 2009
  37. ncbi [Association of interleukin-18 gene polymorphism with genetic susceptibility to systematic lupus erythematosus in Guangxi Zhuang population]
    Yan Lan
    Department of Dermatology, The Affiliated Hospital, Youjiang Medical College for Nationalities, Baise, Guangxi, 533000 People s Republic of China
    Zhonghua Yi Xue Yi Chuan Xue Za Zhi 25:434-7. 2008
    ..To investigate the association of the single nucleotide polymorphisms of interleukin-18 (IL-18) gene with the susceptibility to systematic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in a Chinese Zhuang population...
  38. ncbi Unnatural deaths in reindeer-herding Sami families in Sweden, 1961-2001
    Kristin Ahlm
    Section of Forensic Medicine, Umea University, SE 907 12 Umeå, Sweden
    Int J Circumpolar Health 69:129-37. 2010
    ..To find prevention strategies, we explored the circumstances of the unnatural deaths of members of reindeer-herding Sami families...
  39. ncbi Anxiety about food supply in cree women with infants in Quebec
    Noreen D Willows
    Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science, University of Alberta
    Int J Circumpolar Health 64:55-64. 2005
    ..The objectives were to document the prevalence of maternal anxiety about food supply in Cree women who had 9-month-old infants, and to understand maternal and infant characteristics associated with anxiety...
  40. ncbi Diabetes care and complications in a remote primary health care setting
    L J Maple-Brown
    Menzies School of Health Research, P O Box 41096, Casuarina, NT 0811, Australia
    Diabetes Res Clin Pract 64:77-83. 2004
  41. ncbi Review of health research on indigenous populations in Latin America, 1995-2004
    Miguel San Sebastian
    Umeå International School of Public Health, Umea University, Sweden
    Salud Publica Mex 49:316-20. 2007
    ..Material and methods. The search strategy was purposely broad to ensure the identification of all relevant studies indexed in the PubMed and Lilacs databases...
  42. ncbi Adherence to a traditional lifestyle affects food and nutrient intake among modern Swedish Sami
    Alastair B Ross
    Department of Genetics and Pathology, Rudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
    Int J Circumpolar Health 68:372-85. 2009
  43. ncbi Substance use in young indigenous Sami: an ethnocultural and longitudinal perspective
    A R Spein
    Center for Sami Health Research, Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway
    Subst Use Misuse 42:1379-400. 2007
    ..Generally, less Sami oriented individuals were more likely to use substances. The implications and limitations of the findings along with recommendations for future research were discussed...
  44. ncbi The journey between Western and indigenous research paradigms
    Grace A Getty
    University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB E3B 5A3, New Brunswick, Canada
    J Transcult Nurs 21:5-14. 2010
    ..Finally, lessons about an Indigenous research paradigm including the benefits of using a theoretical approach based on an Indigenous knowledge system are identified...
  45. pmc Self-reported ethnicity, genetic structure and the impact of population stratification in a multiethnic study
    Hansong Wang
    Epidemiology Program, Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, University of Hawaii, 1236 Lauhala St, Honolulu, HI 96813, USA
    Hum Genet 128:165-77. 2010
    ..The bias may be large in case-only analysis of gene by gene interactions but it can be corrected by top PCs derived from all SNPs...
  46. ncbi Bronchiectasis is associated with human T-lymphotropic virus 1 infection in an Indigenous Australian population
    Lloyd Einsiedel
    Department of Medicine, Alice Springs Hospital, Alice Springs, Australia
    Clin Infect Dis 54:43-50. 2012
    ..The present study compared the clinical characteristics and outcomes of bronchiectasis in this population, according to HTLV-1 serologic status...
  47. ncbi Trends and disparities in socioeconomic and behavioural characteristics, life expectancy, and cause-specific mortality of native-born and foreign-born populations in the United States, 1979-2003
    Gopal K Singh
    Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration, US Department of Health and Human Services, 5600 Fishers Lane, Room 18 41, Rockville, MD 20857, USA
    Int J Epidemiol 35:903-19. 2006
    ..In this study, we analysed trends in social and behavioural characteristics, life expectancy, and mortality patterns of immigrants and the US-born from 1979 to 2003...
  48. pmc Disparities in indigenous health: a cross-country comparison between New Zealand and the United States
    Dale Bramley
    Department of Health Policy, Mount Sinai Medical School, NY, USA
    Am J Public Health 95:844-50. 2005
    ..We compared the health statuses of the indigenous populations of New Zealand and the United States with those of the numerically dominant populations of these countries...
  49. ncbi Depression and anxiety in the reindeer-herding Sami population of Sweden
    Niclas Kaiser
    Department of Clinical Sciences, Division of Psychiatry, Umea University, SE 90187 Umea, Sweden
    Int J Circumpolar Health 69:383-93. 2010
    ..The objective of this study was to investigate symptoms and predicting factors of depression and anxiety among reindeer-herding Sami in Sweden...
  50. ncbi Alcohol use and its consequences in South India: views from a marginalised tribal population
    K S Mohindra
    Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa, 1 Stewart Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 6N5
    Drug Alcohol Depend 117:70-3. 2011
    ..We lack an understanding of STs own views with regard to alcohol, which is important for implementing appropriate interventions...
  51. ncbi Mental health of Sami youth
    Siv Kvernmo
    Center of Sami Health Research, Institute of Community Medicine, University of Tromsø, Norway
    Int J Circumpolar Health 63:221-34. 2004
    ..Ethnocultural factors have only a slight impact on behavior problems among young Sami and particularly among boys in the marginal Sami areas...
  52. pmc Lifestyle, genetics, and disease in Sami
    Alastair B Ross
    Department of Genetics and Pathology, Rudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala University, S 571 85, Uppsala, Sweden
    Croat Med J 47:553-65. 2006
    ..To present a summary of the lifestyle, genetic origin, diet, and disease in the population of Sami, indigenous people of northern Fennoscandia...
  53. ncbi Ethnicity, self-reported health, discrimination and socio-economic status: a study of Sami and non-Sami Norwegian populations
    Ketil Lenert Hansen
    Centre of Sami Health Research, Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tromsø, N 9037 Tromsø, Norway
    Int J Circumpolar Health 69:111-28. 2010
    ..Investigate the association between ethnicity, social factors and self-reported health conditions of Sami and non-Sami Norwegian populations...
  54. ncbi Allelic diversity and haplotype structure of HLA loci in the Chinese Han population living in the Guanzhong region of the Shaanxi province
    Chun Mei Shen
    Key Laboratory of Environment and Gene Related to Diseases, Xi an Jiaotong University, Ministry of Education, Xi an, Shaanxi, People s Republic of China
    Hum Immunol 71:627-33. 2010
  55. pmc PCA-based population structure inference with generic clustering algorithms
    Chih Lee
    Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT 06269, USA
    BMC Bioinformatics 10:S73. 2009
  56. ncbi Physical abuse during pregnancy and risk of low-birthweight infants among aborigines in Taiwan
    M S Yang
    College of Nursing, Kaohsiung Medical University, 100 Shih Chuan 1st Road, Kaohsiung 807, Taiwan, ROC
    Public Health 120:557-62. 2006
    ..The aim of this study was to assess whether physical abuse during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of giving birth to a low-birthweight (LBW) infant...
  57. ncbi Risk of mental disorders in refugees and native Danes: a register-based retrospective cohort study
    Marie Norredam
    Department of Health Services Research, Institute of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, Østre Farimagsgade 5, Building 5, 1014, Copenhagen K, Denmark
    Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol 44:1023-9. 2009
    ..Refugees are vulnerable to mental health disorders because of migration trauma. However, register-based prevalence studies are missing...
  58. pmc Possible ancestral structure in human populations
    Vincent Plagnol
    Department of Molecular and Computational Biology, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA
    PLoS Genet 2:e105. 2006
    ..While Neanderthals form an obvious archaic source population candidate in Europe, there is not yet a clear source population candidate in West Africa...
  59. pmc Indigenous ways of knowing: implications for participatory research and community
    Patricia A L Cochran
    Alaska Native Science Commission, Anchorage, AL, USA
    Am J Public Health 98:22-7. 2008
    ..Challenges to research partnerships include how to distribute the benefits of the research findings when academic or external needs contrast with the need to protect indigenous knowledge...
  60. ncbi African female heritage in Iberia: a reassessment of mtDNA lineage distribution in present times
    Luisa Pereira
    IPATIMUP Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular da Universidade do Porto, R Dr Roberto Frias s n, 4200 465 Porto, Portugal
    Hum Biol 77:213-29. 2005
    ..To clarify this conundrum, we need not only a substantial increase in the amount of mtDNA data (particularly for North Africa) but also new historical data and interpretations...
  61. ncbi Population study and evaluation of 20 Y-chromosome STR loci in Germans
    Heike Rodig
    Biotype AG, Moritzburger Weg 67, 01109, Dresden, Germany
    Int J Legal Med 121:24-7. 2007
    ..Y-STRs) DYS446, DYS447, DYS448, DYS449, DYS463, and the multicopy loci DYS464 were evaluated in the German population groups Dresden, Hamburg, Rostock, Munich, and the Sorbs who are a Slavic-speaking minority in Lusatia...
  62. ncbi Improving medication uptake in aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples
    Patricia M Davidson
    Curtin University of Technology, Centre for Cardiovascular and Chronic Care, Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute, 39 Regent Street, Chippendale, New South Wales 2008, Australia
    Heart Lung Circ 19:372-7. 2010
    ..In spite of the impressive evidence base for cardiovascular pharmacotherapy, strategies for promoting adherence and evidence based practice are less well refined and the challenges for Indigenous populations are more pronounced...
  63. pmc A reduced number of mtSNPs saturates mitochondrial DNA haplotype diversity of worldwide population groups
    Antonio Salas
    Unidade de Xenetica, Departamento de Anatomía Patolóxica e Ciencias Forenses, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain
    PLoS ONE 5:e10218. 2010
    ..Applications of the selected mtSNP panel range from anthropologic and medical studies to forensic genetic casework...
  64. pmc Demographic changes and marker properties affect detection of human population differentiation
    Jennifer B Listman
    Dept Anthropology, New York Univ, NY, USA
    BMC Genet 8:21. 2007
  65. ncbi Effects of self-reported racial discrimination and deprivation on Māori health and inequalities in New Zealand: cross-sectional study
    Ricci Harris
    Public Health Intelligence, Ministry of Health, PO Box 5013, Wellington, New Zealand
    Lancet 367:2005-9. 2006
    ..Our aim was to assess the effect of self-reported racial discrimination and deprivation on health inequalities in these two ethnic groups...
  66. ncbi Invasive pneumococcal disease in Australia, 2004
    Paul W Roche
    Office of Health Protection, Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
    Commun Dis Intell Q Rep 30:80-92. 2006
    ..Of 216 isolates with reduced penicillin susceptibility, 83 per cent belonged to pneumococcal serotypes in the 7vPCV and 95 per cent in the 23vPPV...
  67. pmc Plant use of the Maasai of Sekenani Valley, Maasai Mara, Kenya
    Rainer W Bussmann
    University of Hawaii, Lyon Arboretum, 3860 Manoa Rd, Honolulu, HI 96822, USA
    J Ethnobiol Ethnomed 2:22. 2006
    ..In most cases the treatment of illness involves herbal purgatives to cleanse the patient. There are also frequent indications of plant use for common problems like wounds, parasites, body aches and burns...
  68. ncbi SNP-based analysis of genetic substructure in the German population
    Michael Steffens
    Institute of Medical Biometry, Informatics and Epidemiology, Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms University, Bonn, Germany
    Hum Hered 62:20-9. 2006
    ..Two of the three samples, POPGEN (n = 720) and SHIP (n = 709), are from north and north-east Germany, respectively, and one sample, KORA (n = 730), is from southern Germany...
  69. ncbi Disappearing, displaced, and undervalued: a call to action for Indigenous health worldwide
    Carolyn Stephens
    Department of Public Health and Policy, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK
    Lancet 367:2019-28. 2006
    ..Every view of the world that becomes extinct, every culture that disappears, diminishes a possibility of life!"..
  70. pmc Oncogenic human papillomavirus (HPV) type distribution and HPV type 16 E6 variants in two Spanish population groups with different levels of HPV infection risk
    M Ortiz
    Servicio de Diagnóstico y Referencia de Retrovirus y Papilomavirus, Centro Nacional de Microbiologia, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Ctra Majadahonda Pozuelo km 2, 28220, Majadahonda Madrid, Spain
    J Clin Microbiol 44:1428-34. 2006
    ..oncogenic human papillomavirus (HPV) types and HPV type 16 (HPV16) variant distribution in two Spanish population groups, commercial sex workers and imprisoned women (CSW/IPW) and the general population...
  71. pmc Ethnobotanical investigations among tribes in Madurai District of Tamil Nadu (India)
    S Ignacimuthu
    Entomology Research Institute, Loyola College, Chennai, India
    J Ethnobiol Ethnomed 2:25. 2006
    ..The informants interviewed were 12 among whom 4 were tribal practitioners...
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    ..Here we illustrate the phylogeographic approach with two case studies: the initial dispersal out of Africa, and the colonization of Europe...
  73. ncbi Different population histories of the Mundari- and Mon-Khmer-speaking Austro-Asiatic tribes inferred from the mtDNA 9-bp deletion/insertion polymorphism in Indian populations
    Kumarasamy Thangaraj
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    ..More than 18 independent origins of the deletion or insertion mutation could be inferred in the phylogenetic analysis of the D-loop sequences...
  74. pmc Consensus of the 'Malasars' traditional aboriginal knowledge of medicinal plants in the Velliangiri holy hills, India
    Subramanyam Ragupathy
    Floristic Diversity Research Group, OAC Herbarium, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1, Canada
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  75. pmc Population history and natural selection shape patterns of genetic variation in 132 genes
    Joshua M Akey
    Division of Human Biology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington, USA
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    ..More generally, our results have important implications for mapping genes underlying complex human diseases...
  76. ncbi Distinct interethnic differences in immunoglobulin G class/subclass and immunoglobulin M antibody responses to malaria antigens but not in immunoglobulin G responses to nonmalarial antigens in sympatric tribes living in West Africa
    A Bolad
    Department of Immunology, Wenner Gren Institute, Stockholm University, S 10691 Stockholm, Sweden
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    ..In conclusion, our results show that the Fulani in two different countries show higher levels of anti-malarial antibodies than sympatric tribes, and this appears not to be a reflection of a general hyper-reactivity in the Fulani...
  77. pmc The genetic legacy of religious diversity and intolerance: paternal lineages of Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula
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  79. pmc Recent origin and cultural reversion of a hunter-gatherer group
    Hiroki Oota
    Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany
    PLoS Biol 3:e71. 2005
    ..This example of cultural reversion from agriculture to a hunting-gathering lifestyle indicates that contemporary hunter-gatherer groups do not necessarily reflect a pre-agricultural lifestyle...
  80. ncbi Chronic respiratory symptoms and diseases among indigenous children
    Gregory J Redding
    Department of Pediatrics, University of Washington School of Medicine, WA, USA
    Pediatr Clin North Am 56:1323-42. 2009
    ..Therapies for these symptoms, although not specific to children of Indigenous origins, are described as is the evidence for their use...
  81. ncbi Reduced genetic structure of the Iberian peninsula revealed by Y-chromosome analysis: implications for population demography
    Carlos Flores
    Departamento de Genetica, Universidad de La Laguna, Tenerife E 38271, Spain
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    ..In this work, we analysed 26 Y-chromosome biallelic markers in 568 chromosomes from 11 different Iberian population groups and compared them to published data on the Basques and Catalans to gain insight into the paternal gene pool ..
  82. ncbi Increasing influenza vaccination coverage in recommended population groups in Europe
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    ..The study analyzed the potential for natural selection and the demographic transition in an isolated Amerindian population in the process of secular change in body size...
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    ..Northeastern populations showed genetic affinity with Mongoloids from southeast Asia. When genetic distances were calculated, we found the north Indians and northeastern populations to be markedly unrelated...
  89. ncbi Association of the HLA-DRB1*15 allele group and the DRB1*1501 and DRB1*1503 alleles with multiple sclerosis in White and Mulatto samples from Brazil
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    ..e. confer resistance or susceptibility, in response to the environmental and/or genetic (ethnic) backgrounds that characterize a sampled population...
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    ..To assess the relative contribution of demographic socioeconomic, physical/lifestyles, dietary, food security and dental factors to self-reported restoration or extraction receipt among New Zealand children...
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    ..Further investigation of relations between genotype and hormone levels, exogenous hormone use, and markers of hormonal status may advance understanding of hormonally mediated diseases...

Research Grants77

  1. Colorectal Cancer Screening Barriers in American Indians/Alaska Natives
    CHRISTINE DALEY; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  2. Natural History and Prevention of Viral Hepatitis Among Alaska Natives
    BRIAN JAMES MCMAHON; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..abstract_text> ..
  3. For Hearing Component in the Hispanic Community Health Study (HCHS)
    Lisa Lavange; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..The subjects will come from population groups originating from multiple geographic areas and founder populations, and with residence in the US for varying ..
  4. Cerebrovascular Disease and its Consequences in the Strong Study Cohort
    Dedra S Buchwald; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The American Indian population is experiencing an epidemic of cerebrovascular disease, which given the cost and disability caused by strokes, promises to be a staggering public health issues in the years to come. ..
    Nancy Krieger; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..analyzing the temporal patterning of socioeconomic inequities in cause-specific mortality for the specified population groups, TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE DCPQ MEASURE AND COUNTY MIGRATION DATA, in relation to the following parameters: (i)..
  6. FAMU RCMI Pharmaceutical Research Center
    Karam F A Soliman; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..with a focus on maladaptive phenotypic changes evoked by environmental factors inherent to disadvantaged population groups. The RRC includes a: (1) Biotechnology Research Investigational Core providing services in proteomics;(..
  7. Advanced Center for Latino and MH Systems Research
    Margarita Alegria; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..to improve the efficiency and fairness of diagnostic decisions for Latino and non-Latino white population groups. Project 2: Identifying Sources Linked to Differential Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Outcomes for ..
  8. Weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and factors that affect neuroendocrine function
    ..The proposed study will provide novel data on factors that may be contributing to the epidemic of obesity and T2D in AA women and in other population groups as well.
    BRIAN JAMES MCMAHON; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..abstract_text> ..
  10. Enhancing cancer outreach for low-income adults with innovative smoking cessation
    Damon J Vidrine; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Moreover, smoking prevalence is significantly higher among certain population groups, such as those with low levels of education and those living at, or below the poverty level...
    Thomas L Vaughan; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Barrett's and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma (BEACON) consortium to validate our findings across population groups and identify key modifying factors that may enhance the accuracy and applicability of our predictive models.
  12. In-reach for Successful Aging through Education(i-SAGE)
    Vyjeyanthi S Periyakoil; Fiscal Year: 2013
  13. Native Healthy Lifestyle: A Return to Balance
    ELISA TAN LEE; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..We believe it has a high probability of success and is highly sustainable in the community after the termination of this research study. ..
  14. Medications Prescribed in Emergency Departments for Non-Traumatic Dental Conditio
    Christopher Okunseri; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..However, not enough is known about the population groups and treatments received by these patients at the ED for NTDC visits...
  15. Culturally Adapted Strategies to Enhance Kidney Donation in Native Communities
    Dedra S Buchwald; Fiscal Year: 2013
  16. Domoic Acid Neurotoxicity in Native Americans
    Lynn M Grattan; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The diagnosis and prognosis for ASP will be defined and established safety levels for exposure will be re-evaluated to insure they are protective of persons with long term, repeated exposure to DA. ..
  17. Culturally-Tailored Smoking Cessation for American Indians
    Won S Choi; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The public health impact of this intervention is highly significant because the prevalence of smoking is the highest in American Indians. ..
  18. Center for Native Oral Health Research (CNOHR)
    Judith E N Albino; Fiscal Year: 2013
  19. Race, Ethnicity, Nativity and Housing Outcomes in Los Angeles
    EILEEN DIAZ MCCONNELL; Fiscal Year: 2010
  20. Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) - New Mexico
    Charles L Wiggins; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..5. To serve as a research resource to the National Cancer Institute, and conduct studies dealing with current cancer control issues as well as problems related to the operation of the SEER Program. ..
  21. Comprehensive SNP Discovery in SLC2A9. A Candidate Gene for Uric Acid Nephropathy
    Venkata Saroja Voruganti; Fiscal Year: 2013
  22. Alcohol treatment & health disparity in American Indians
    R Walker; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..abstract_text> ..
  23. Developing a Diabetes Numeracy Intervention for American Indians/Alaska Natives
    ANGELA GWEN BREGA; Fiscal Year: 2013
  24. The Logics for HIV Risk among Street-Based Heroin Injectors
    Philippe Bourgois; Fiscal Year: 2013
  25. ASK, ADVISE, REFER: Promoting Pharmacy-based Referrals to Tobacco Quitlines
    Karen S Hudmon; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..public, have the potential to substantially reduce the prevalence of tobacco use-particularly among key population groups for which tobacco use is a major risk factor for development or exacerbation of diseases requiring ..
  26. A Primary Prevention Trial to Strengthen Child Attachment in a Native Community
    Dedra S Buchwald; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..By promoting sensitive caregiving and child attachment security, we can minimize the impact of contextual stressors on children living on the Fort Peck reservation and, foster resilience, and improve their risk outlook. ..
  27. Tribal Health and Resilience in Vulnerable Environment (Thrive) Study
    VALARIE J JERNIGAN; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The resulting multimedia manual will guide food environment changes among tribes nationally to address the critically high rates of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension within this population. ..
  28. Team Activation To Increase HPV Vaccination Rates
    Mira L Katz; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..in the United States partially due to increased human papillomavirus (HPV) prevalence rates among certain population groups. The goal of this proposed project is to develop a multi-level HPV vacccine educational program and test the ..
  29. A Multi-State Study of Cancer Treatment and Outcomes Among American Indians
    Scott D Ramsey; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..and the Indian Health Council Inc. ..
  30. Breast and Prostate Cancer Data Quality and Patterns of Care Study
    Xiaocheng Wu; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..abstract_text> ..
    John M Roll; Fiscal Year: 2013
  32. Partner Violence and Reproductive Coercion Among Native American Women
    Elizabeth Miller; Fiscal Year: 2013
  33. Advancing Native Health and Wellness Conference
    MARJORIE K LEIMOMI MALA MAU; Fiscal Year: 2012
  34. Using CBPR to Implement Smoking Cessation in an Urban American Indian Community
    Christine Makosky Daley; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..By reducing smoking rates in this community, we can ultimately reduce their leading cause of cancer death (lung cancer) and their leading cause of overall death, cardiovascular disease. ..
  35. Interactive Effect of Environmental Exposures and Alcohol in the Navajo Birth Coh
    Johnnye L Lewis; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..If the hypothesis is supported by the study outcomes, the findings would have impact beyond the current population. ..
  36. Understanding the Rise of Obesity among Immigrants: A Pilot Study
    Gilbert Gee; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..The identification of factors that contribute to weight gain among immigrants may provide key information for the development of primary prevention programs. ..
  37. Measuring and Explaining Unintended Pregnancy in the United States, 1987-2009
    Lawrence B Finer; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..contraceptive use and effectiveness) - in accounting for time trends 1987-2009 and for differences across population groups. In the process of doing so, we will use multiple approaches to measurement (measures based on one point in ..
  38. A Cross-National Perspective in Migrant Health
    Fernando Riosmena; Fiscal Year: 2011
    ..S. relative to health conditions in their sending countries and to contribute to our understanding of the public health implications of immigrant incorporation processes. ..
  39. Leukotoxin production by A. actinomycetemcomitans
    SCOTT KACHLANY; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..The incidence of LAP varies among population groups, but afflicts minorities and the underprivileged at a higher frequency...
  40. Reducing HIV Disparities: Sexual Concurrency Communication for HIV Prevention amo
    Michele Peake Andrasik; Fiscal Year: 2010
  41. Evaluating Innovative Weight Reduction Strategies for College Students
    Melissa Nelson Laska; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..RELEVANCE (See instructions): Young adults have been identified as one ofthe population groups at greatest risk for unhealthy weight gain...
  42. Integrating Social and Systems Science Approaches to Promote Oral Health Equity
    MARY EVELYN NORTHRIDGE; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..care for patients with complicated medical and social needs, while improving access to care for underserved population groups. In the coming years, the practice of dentistry is expected to include screening for, and monitoring of, ..
  43. Subclinical CVD in African American Type 2 Diabetics
    BARRY IRA FREEDMAN; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Genetic polymorphisms exhibiting different frequencies between population groups likely contribute to the racial difference in CAC, as well as presence of novel CVD-associated factors ..
  44. Northstar (Phases I and II)
    SAVINA HAYWOOD; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..The North Star program will be evaluated by an independent evaluation firm with student matriculation rates tracked and career paths followed. ..
  45. Intergenerational Determinants of Youth Smoking Trajectories
    Margaret M Weden; Fiscal Year: 2010
  46. Research Education Program for Minority Medical Students
    Donald R Menick; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..of incidence, morbidity, and mortality among African American residents of South Carolina than among other population groups, or even African Americans in other parts of the country...
  47. Community Voices on Health Disparities and Translational Genomics Research
    Patricia A Marshall; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Summary and Specific Aims The relevance of genomics research for addressing health disparities between population groups is currently being debated...
  48. Addressing Diabetes/CVD Health Disparities among American Indians: A Transdiscipl
    KELLY ROBERTA MOORE; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..To seize the opportunity do so in a way that allows the expansion of our theoretical understandings of behavior change is extraordinary. ..
  49. Healthy Children, Strong Families and Supportive Communities Intervention
    Alexandra K Adams; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Ultimately, this multilevel project should reduce morbidity and mortality from obesity and its sequelae in a population of high-risk American Indian children. It will also lay the foundation for future collaborative research efforts. ..
  50. Natural Phenotypic Diversity of HCV NS3/4A Protease
    DAVID RICHARD GRETCH; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..This proposal is significant because it describes and tests the potential pathogenic significance of naturally occurring mutations in HCV genomes during mild and severe disease progression. ..
  51. Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program - PHI
    Rosemary Cress; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..5. To serve as a research resource to the National Cancer Institute, and conduct studies dealing with current cancer control issues as well as problems related to the operation of the SEER Program. ..
  52. American Indian mHealth Smoking Dependence study (PQ4)
    Daniel G Petereit; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Study results will impact tobacco use among Northern Plains American Indians by providing insight into designing effective cessation interventions for this population. ..
  53. Demographic Analysis of SES Stability & Well-Being Among Children of Immigrants
    Kelly Stamper Balistreri; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..In addition to having relevance to the health and well-being of children of immigrants, research on immigrant health focuses attention on the effects of the U.S. environment on the health of all children, immigrant or native. ..
    RUTH EVELYN MCBURNEY; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..1 ..
  55. Partnership for Public Health Research in the Oglala Sioux Tribe
    NANCY RUMBAUGH contact WHITESELL; Fiscal Year: 2010
  56. Context & Correlates of Health Behaviors in South India
    MARIA L EKSTRAND; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Thus, although the link between alcohol and HIV risk taking has been demonstrated in some Indian population groups and settings, very little is known about the nature of this relationship...
  57. CBPR with Tribal Colleges-Universities: Alcohol Problems-Solutions
    Bonnie M Duran; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..Effective ways to conduct outreach and screening for ADM services;and 4. Disseminate study findings broadly. RELEVANCE (See instructions):..
  58. Web-based Smoking Cessation Program for Tribal College Students
    Won S Choi; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Such a high-reach, low-cost strategy for promoting smoking cessation in this at-risk and underserved population could have great potential for adoption on a larger scale and thus help reduce existing health disparities. ..
  59. Genetic Epidemiology of Cognitive Decline in an Aging Population Sample
    Denis A Evans; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..of enormous magnitude that are projected to become much larger with the continued growth of the oldest population groups. We propose to build on our previous work to further the understanding of the genetic architecture of these ..
  60. Identification and Replication of Type 2 Diabetes Genes in Mexican Americans
    Craig L Hanis; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Replication of specific variants in other population groups, however, has not been as consistent though the genes themselves often show associations...
  61. Oklahoma Shared Clinical and Translational Resources
    Judith A James; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The Management Core will provide Navigator Services to allow investigators from diverse locations to access CTR infrastructure. ..
    ROBERT DRUILHET; Fiscal Year: 2000
    ..Feral pigtails and progeny, which do not qualify for retention, and all excess male progeny which may be SPF defined, are to be made available to the biomedical research community. ..
    Felicia Hodge; Fiscal Year: 2001
    ..During this final year, control sites will be provided all educational materials and one training session per site. ..
  64. Improving Data & Enhancing Access - (IDEA)
    VICTORIA ANN WARREN MEARS; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Both outcomes will inform ongoing efforts to eliminate health disparities experienced by AI/AN in the Northwest and serve as a model to further address health disparities of AI/AN at the national level. ..
    J OLSON GAREWAL; Fiscal Year: 2000
    ..abstract_text> ..
  66. Pilot study of Newborn screening for hemoglobinopathies in South Gujarat India
    Lakshmanan Krishnamurti; Fiscal Year: 2009
    Douglas Berg; Fiscal Year: 2003
  68. NC-AINSCO (American Indian Network Study of Clinical Ou*
    Bonnie Yankaskas; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
    Michelle Kegler; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..Process evaluation methods include documentation of lay health advisory contacts and interviews with youth and adult volunteers. ..
    William Newman; Fiscal Year: 1993
    Robert Johnson; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..Growth patterns of the acini, airways, vasculature, thoracic structures and their functional correlates will be compared at the 3 levels of hypoxia to determine the altitude-dependence of adaptation in O2 transport. ..
  72. Stability of Mexican-Origin Extended Family Households
    Jennifer Van Hook; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..abstract_text> ..
    ZVI ECKSTEIN; Fiscal Year: 1999
    ..The sheer size of the current immigration wave and the high concentration in high skilled occupation enable macroeconomic effects to be identified. ..
  74. Tobacco Cessation Treatment for Pregnant Alaska Natives
    Christi Patten; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..The overall health related objective of this line of research is to develop effective treatment programs with and for Alaska Native pregnant women that will ultimately reduce the risk of tobacco-related disease. [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  75. Engaging Tribal Participation in Research through Priority Setting and Regulation
    RON WHITENER; Fiscal Year: 2010