Summary: Persons whose profession is to give legal advice and assistance to clients and represent them in legal matters. (American Heritage Dictionary, 3d ed)

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  1. pmc From moral to legal judgment: the influence of normative context in lawyers and other academics
    Stephan Schleim
    Department of Psychology, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands
    Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci 6:48-57. 2011
  2. ncbi Temperament profiles in physicians, lawyers, managers, industrialists, architects, journalists, and artists: a study in psychiatric outpatients
    Kareen K Akiskal
    International Mood Center, San Diego USA and French Depressive and Manic Depressive Association, Rennes, France
    J Affect Disord 85:201-6. 2005
  3. pmc Tobacco industry lawyers as "disease vectors"
    Sara D Guardino
    Public Health Advocacy Institute, 102 The Fenway, Cushing Hall Suite 117, Boston, MA 02115, USA
    Tob Control 16:224-8. 2007
  4. ncbi Australian lawyers' views on competency issues in older adults
    E Helmes
    School of Psychology, James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland, Australia
    Behav Sci Law 22:823-31. 2004
  5. ncbi Medical malpractice
    David M Studdert
    Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, USA
    N Engl J Med 350:283-92. 2004
  6. ncbi Contingency fee legal actions in the U.S.A
    Leslie Hershkowitz
    Med Health R I 88:35. 2005
  7. ncbi A plaintiff attorney's candid view of medical malpractice
    David J Pritchard
    Salvi, Schostok and Pritchard P C, 181 West Madison Street, Suite 3800, Chicago, IL 60602, USA
    Clin Perinatol 32:191-202, viii. 2005
  8. ncbi [Medical opinions in court--a challenge for communication between physicians and lawyers]
    Ch Dierks
    Zentrum für Human und Geisteswissenschaften Charité Universitatäsmedizin Berlin
    Versicherungsmedizin 57:20-4. 2005
  9. ncbi Debunking medical malpractice myths: unraveling the false premises behind "tort reform"
    Geoff Boehm
    Center for Justice and Democracy, USA
    Yale J Health Policy Law Ethics 5:357-69. 2005
  10. ncbi "Just say no": experts' late withdrawal from cases to preserve independence and objectivity
    Thomas G Gutheil
    Program in Psychiatry and the Law, Massachusetts Mental Health Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA
    J Am Acad Psychiatry Law 32:390-4. 2004

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  1. pmc From moral to legal judgment: the influence of normative context in lawyers and other academics
    Stephan Schleim
    Department of Psychology, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands
    Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci 6:48-57. 2011
    ..the scrutiny of social cognitive neuroscience into the domain of legal decisions, investigating two groups, lawyers and other academics, during moral and legal decision-making...
  2. ncbi Temperament profiles in physicians, lawyers, managers, industrialists, architects, journalists, and artists: a study in psychiatric outpatients
    Kareen K Akiskal
    International Mood Center, San Diego USA and French Depressive and Manic Depressive Association, Rennes, France
    J Affect Disord 85:201-6. 2005
    ..With the possible exception of cyclothymia in artists, there is a paucity of data in the literature on the temperament in different professions...
  3. pmc Tobacco industry lawyers as "disease vectors"
    Sara D Guardino
    Public Health Advocacy Institute, 102 The Fenway, Cushing Hall Suite 117, Boston, MA 02115, USA
    Tob Control 16:224-8. 2007
    ..The tobacco company lawyers' role in these actions was investigated with a focus on their involvement in company scientific research, claims ..
  4. ncbi Australian lawyers' views on competency issues in older adults
    E Helmes
    School of Psychology, James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland, Australia
    Behav Sci Law 22:823-31. 2004
    b>Lawyers are often called upon by their older clients to draft contracts, make up wills or powers of attorney, or provide other forms of legal advice or service...
  5. ncbi Medical malpractice
    David M Studdert
    Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, USA
    N Engl J Med 350:283-92. 2004
  6. ncbi Contingency fee legal actions in the U.S.A
    Leslie Hershkowitz
    Med Health R I 88:35. 2005
  7. ncbi A plaintiff attorney's candid view of medical malpractice
    David J Pritchard
    Salvi, Schostok and Pritchard P C, 181 West Madison Street, Suite 3800, Chicago, IL 60602, USA
    Clin Perinatol 32:191-202, viii. 2005
    ..Those subjects are: (1) the top five reasons why doctors get sued, (2) avoiding less than optimal legal representation, and (3) the importance of nonmedical issues in litigation...
  8. ncbi [Medical opinions in court--a challenge for communication between physicians and lawyers]
    Ch Dierks
    Zentrum für Human und Geisteswissenschaften Charité Universitatäsmedizin Berlin
    Versicherungsmedizin 57:20-4. 2005
    Medical opinions in court constitute a great challenge in regard to communication between physicians and lawyers. Considerable differences in their professional training and requirements frequently result in misunderstandings...
  9. ncbi Debunking medical malpractice myths: unraveling the false premises behind "tort reform"
    Geoff Boehm
    Center for Justice and Democracy, USA
    Yale J Health Policy Law Ethics 5:357-69. 2005
  10. ncbi "Just say no": experts' late withdrawal from cases to preserve independence and objectivity
    Thomas G Gutheil
    Program in Psychiatry and the Law, Massachusetts Mental Health Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA
    J Am Acad Psychiatry Law 32:390-4. 2004
    ..The authors examine the foundations of such a right, the potential obstacles to exercising it, the factors that might enter into such a decision, and the possible consequences of late withdrawal...
  11. ncbi How I pick the doctors I'll sue. A conversation with plaintiffs' attorney Bruce Fagel, MD, JD. Interview by Berkeley Rice
    Bruce Fagel
    Med Econ 81:54-9. 2004
  12. ncbi The future for peer review. Florida's constitutional amendment chills quality community
    Maureen Glabman
    Trustee 58:6-10, 12, 1. 2005
    ..A new amendment to its state constitution has opened up Florida's peer review meeting notes to the public, with chilling effects on the entire peer review process...
  13. ncbi Juries: 'democracy in action'
    John Edwards
    Newsweek 142:53. 2003
  14. ncbi The structure of medical malpractice decision-making in Japan
    Akihito Hagihara
    Department of Health Services Management and Policy, Kyushu University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan
    J Law Med 11:162-84. 2003
  15. ncbi Thomas B. Ferguson Lecture. The hidden cost of medical liability litigation
    Donald J Palmisano
    Ann Thorac Surg 78:9-13. 2004
  16. ncbi Health care on trial: America's medical malpractice crisis
    Dean J Kereiakes
    The Lindner Center for Research and Education Ohio Heart Health Center, 2123 Auburn Ave, Suite 424, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219, USA
    Circulation 109:2939-41. 2004
  17. ncbi When attorneys come back for seconds. Increased attorney fees for extraordinary work in medical malpractice cases
    Richie Kemp
    Southern Illinois University School of Law, Law Journal Office, Carbondale, Illinois 62901, USA
    J Leg Med 25:79-93. 2004
  18. ncbi Medical malpractice
    Robert A Herbert
    N Engl J Med 350:1798. 2004
  19. ncbi "I didn't know I was suing you!"
    Dorothy L Pennachio
    Med Econ 80:77-80, 85. 2003
  20. ncbi The cost of white lies
    Martin J MacNeill
    Utah State Developmental Center, USA
    Fam Pract Manag 11:62-4. 2004
  21. ncbi Let's be realistic about countersuits
    Mark Gorney
    Med Econ 81:118. 2004
  22. ncbi American Health Lawyers Association: the year in review 2002-2003
    Peter Leibold
    American Health Lawyers Association
    J Health Law 36:377-402. 2003
    Every year, the Practice Groups of the American Health Lawyers Association assemble a Year in Review summary of the leading developments in case law, legislation, and administrative actions affecting healthcare...
  23. ncbi Doctors who became lawyers: What they want you to know
    Mark Crane
    Med Econ 85:42-4, 46, 49-50. 2008
  24. ncbi Are frivolous suits really a problem?
    Gail Garfinkel Weiss
    Med Econ 83:31-5. 2006
  25. ncbi Malpractice reform. Florida: round two
    Wayne J Guglielmo
    Med Econ 84:50, 53-4, 56. 2007
  26. ncbi Anatomy of malpractice defense, part 1: suit through discovery
    Rebecca W West
    Piedmont Liability Trust, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA
    J Am Coll Radiol 1:383-5. 2004
  27. ncbi How to prepare for the medical malpractice trial
    Gregory J Minana
    Husch and Eppenberger, LLC, St Louis, USA
    Mo Med 103:476-7, 479-82. 2006
  28. ncbi Loser pays laws are necessary to deter frivolous lawsuits
    Arthur H Gale
    Mo Med 103:98-100. 2006
  29. ncbi In his December 25 column of Connecticut Post, William A. Collins once again provided his imaginative overview of the medical liability insurance crisis
    Kenneth A Thomas
    Conn Med 70:281-3. 2006
  30. ncbi Reform has improved care
    Frederic H Pollock
    W V Med J 102:5. 2006
  31. ncbi The art of attorney interaction and courtroom testimony
    Gregory G Davis
    Department of Pathology, Forensic Division, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama, USA
    Arch Pathol Lab Med 130:1305-8. 2006
    ..In our society it is well for a physician to know something of the workings of court and how to interact with attorneys. One need not go to law school to successfully navigate a legal proceeding as a physician witness...
  32. ncbi Malpractice: are you making your case worse?
    Berkeley Rice
    Med Econ 84:74-8. 2007
  33. ncbi Will my malpractice case be settled? The physician-defendant's voice in the decision
    William H Archambault
    Piedmont Liability Trust, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA
    Semin Diagn Pathol 24:119-30. 2007
    ..Familiarity with types of coverage, controls placed on defense costs and policy terms that determine decision-making authority on settlement issues are essential to making an informed purchase of insurance coverage...
  34. ncbi Looking beyond the new tort reform legislation
    Hugh A Gamble
    J Miss State Med Assoc 45:212. 2004
  35. ncbi If an attorney wants a "friendly chat"
    John M Fitzpatrick
    LeClair Ryan, Richmond, VA, USA
    Med Econ 82:68. 2005
  36. ncbi The future of health care arbitration in America
    Kenneth R Zuetel
    AHIP Cover 46:14, 94, 97-9. 2005
  37. ncbi Clinical trials litigation: practical realities as seen from the trenches
    E Haavi Morreim
    College of Medicine, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, 956 Court, Suite B328, Memphis, TN 38163, USA
    Account Res 12:47-67. 2005
  38. ncbi Malpractice. How to survive a deposition
    Berkeley Rice
    Med Econ 82:45-8. 2005
  39. ncbi How a successful litigator decides whether or not to sue you
    James W Saxton
    Stevens and Lee Health Law Department, Stevens and Lee, 25 North Queen Street, Suite 602, Lancaster, PA 17608 1594, USA
    J Med Pract Manage 23:90-3. 2007
    This article aims to help physicians and other healthcare providers understand what prompts plaintiff lawyers to take on medical malpractice cases and to name the healthcare provider as a defendant in the suit...
  40. ncbi Views of physicians, disciplinary board members and practicing lawyers on the new statutory disciplinary system for health care in The Netherlands
    Jacqueline M Cuperus-Bosma
    Department of Public and Occupational Health, Institute for Research in Extramural Medicine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Health Policy 77:202-11. 2006
    ..69%, 65%, 60% and 60%, respectively), all 388 disciplinary board members (response 89%) and 43 practicing lawyers (response 65%)...
  41. ncbi Legal. Legal experiments
    Richard Haugh
    Hosp Health Netw 79:20, 22-3. 2005
    ..As congress debates med-mal fixes, states are once again proving to be laboratories for reform. Legislators and providers are looking for innovative ways to curb the rising costs of liability insurance...
  42. ncbi Who are those guys? An empirical examination of medical malpractice plaintiffs' attorneys
    Catherine T Harris
    Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, North Carolina 27109, USA
    SMU Law Rev 58:225-50. 2005
  43. ncbi Called to testify? It's 90 percent preparation, 10 percent deposition
    Martha Vockley
    Vockley, Lang, LLC, Reston, VA, USA
    Biomed Instrum Technol 40:429-34. 2006
  44. ncbi Malpractice. Do other countries hold the key?
    Robert Lowes
    Med Econ 80:58-60, 63-4. 2003
  45. ncbi You've been sued. There's help
    Gail Garfinkel Weiss
    Med Econ 80:56, 59-60. 2003
  46. ncbi A presidential boost for tort reform
    Wayne J Guglielmo
    Med Econ 79:65-6. 2002
  47. ncbi The defendant physician's deposition: fighting back--at last!
    Alan D Clark
    Mo Med 99:524-5. 2002
  48. ncbi Medical aspects of malpractice crisis in Greece: medical responsibility: a doctor's view
    Emmanuel Michalodimitrakis
    Department of Forensic Sciences, University of Crete Medical School, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
    Am J Forensic Med Pathol 24:76-9. 2003
    ..Along these lines, the medical examiner stands between colleagues and lawyers, who have divergent intentions in the investigation of such cases...
  49. ncbi How doctors sabotage their own defense
    Berkeley Rice
    Med Econ 79:36-8, 41. 2002
  50. ncbi Does someone have to die?
    Raymond E Cantor
    N J Med 99:41-2. 2002
  51. ncbi The rise of nursing home litigation: findings from a national survey of attorneys
    David G Stevenson
    Harvard University, USA
    Health Aff (Millwood) 22:219-29. 2003
    ..These findings elevate concerns about quality of nursing home care and indicate that litigation diverts resources from resident care, which may fuel quality problems...
  52. ncbi Fight No. 2: docs vs. lawyers
    Jeffrey H Birnbaun
    Fortune 147:110. 2003
  53. ncbi ['No cure, no pay' in Dutch health care: fear of a culture of unwarranted claims]
    J Legemaate
    Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd 147:740-2. 2003
    ..Nevertheless, a no fault health insurance system is preferable to the contingency fee system...
  54. ncbi New perspectives on litigation and the public's health
    Diana Bontá
    California Department of Health Services, Sacramento, California, USA
    J Law Med Ethics 30:33-40. 2002
    ..She also points out that sometimes one can use the legislative process as an alternative to litigation to get a message out and force a correct decision...
  55. ncbi When the law is good medicine
    Christine O Gregoire
    J Law Med Ethics 30:41-4. 2002
  56. ncbi The new medical malpractice crisis
    Michelle M Mello
    Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, USA
    N Engl J Med 348:2281-4. 2003
  57. ncbi An overview of United States law
    Bryan A Liang
    Health Law and Policy Institute, University of Houston Law Center, 100 Law Center, Houston, TX 77204 6060, USA
    Hematol Oncol Clin North Am 16:1315-30. 2002
    ..Further, this understanding may assist them in more effective patient advocacy in their practices...
  58. ncbi The influence of opening statement/closing argument organizational strategy on juror verdict and damage awards
    Shelley C Spiecker
    Department of Communication and Journalism, Auburn University, 217 Tichenor Hall, Auburn, Alabama 36849, USA
    Law Hum Behav 27:437-56. 2003
  59. ncbi US doctors press for malpractice reform . But lawyers and consumer groups say proposals unfair to patients
    Michael McCarthy
    Lancet 362:377. 2003
  60. ncbi Practical strategies for defense in malpractice lawsuit: a case illustration
    Kwang Ming Chen
    Guam Memorial Hospital, University of Guam Aging Studies Institute, Guam
    Acta Neurol Taiwan 18:213-26. 2009
    ..Plaintiff's attorneys jumped to a lawsuit for $80+ millions, accusing defendant for failure to stop her seizures. They took the plaintiff to Honolulu and San Diego to confirm brain injury...
  61. ncbi Vocational rehabilitation with the industrially injured worker
    S M Blumenthal
    Ellis and Associates, Inc, Chicago, IL 60610
    J Hand Surg Am 12:926-30. 1987
  62. ncbi Ethical and legal issues in the use of related donors for therapeutic insemination
    Lorna A Marshall
    Center for Fertility and Reproductive Endocrinology, Virginia Mason Medical Center, 1100 Ninth Ave, X11 FC, Seattle, Washington 98111, USA
    Urol Clin North Am 29:855-61. 2002
    ..Multiple visits to physicians, nurses, counselors, and lawyers may be necessary for a thorough assessment...
  63. ncbi Medical error reduction and tort reform through private, contractually-based quality medicine societies
    Duncan MacCourt
    Department of Psychiatry, Division of Psychiatry and Law, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA
    Am J Law Med 35:505-61. 2009
    ..while limitations on collateral source recovery and damages might effectively reduce costs, patients and trial lawyers likely would not accept them without recompense...
  64. ncbi Pathology expert witness testimony and pathology practice: a tale of 2 standards
    Elliott Foucar
    Arch Pathol Lab Med 129:1268-76. 2005
    ..finds one of his or her diagnostic decisions being evaluated by a legal system developed and controlled by lawyers and judges rather than by scientists or pathologists...
  65. pmc Medical malpractice: a case study in medical and legal decision making
    M Piccirillo
    Government and Community Affairs, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut 06510
    Yale J Biol Med 62:23-42. 1989
    ..Panel members explored several important policy issues. Among these were the effect of malpractice cases on doctor-patient communications and ethical issues concerning expert witnesses.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)..
  66. ncbi Health research ethics review and needs of institutional ethics committees in Tanzania
    J K B Ikingura
    National Institute for Medical Research, P O Box 9653, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    Tanzan Health Res Bull 9:154-8. 2007
    ..6%), laboratory technologists (10.6%), religious leaders (4.5%), statisticians (3.0%), teachers (1.5%) and lawyers (1.5)...
  67. ncbi Obstetric and gynecologic malpractice in Turkey: incidence, impact, causes and prevention
    Erhan Buken
    Başkent Universitesi Tip Fakültesi Adli Tip A D Eskişehir Yolu 20 Km, Baglica Kampusu, Ankara, Turkey
    J Clin Forensic Med 11:233-47. 2004
    ..Care standards and breach of standards were examined...
  68. ncbi Does the neurologist contribute to the care of patients with chronic back pain?
    Selim R Benbadis
    Department of Neurology, University of South Florida College of Medicine, Tampa, Fla 33606, USA
    Eur Neurol 48:61-4. 2002
    ..To review the disposition and outcome of patients with back pain seen in a neurology clinic, and determine the value of the neurologist's input...
  69. ncbi United Nations and human cloning: a slender and fortunate defence for biomedical research
    R G Edwards
    Reproductive BioMedicine Online, Duck End Farm, Dry Drayton, Cambridge CB3 8DB, UK
    Reprod Biomed Online 7:700-2. 2003
    ..After detailed consultations with scientists, clinicians, ethicists and lawyers, many governments passed legislation permitting research under their own particular socially-defined conditions...
  70. pmc Community volunteerism of US physicians
    David Grande
    Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA
    J Gen Intern Med 23:1987-91. 2008
    ..Volunteerism has also received increasing attention in the national agenda for social change. Yet little is known about physicians' community volunteer activities...
  71. pmc Ethical and policy issues in cluster randomized trials: rationale and design of a mixed methods research study
    Monica Taljaard
    Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital, 1053 Carling Avenue, Civic Campus, C409, Ottawa, ON K1Y4E9, Canada
    Trials 10:61. 2009
  72. ncbi Tobacco possession, use, and purchase laws and penalties in Minnesota: enforcement, tobacco diversion programs, and youth awareness
    DeAnn Lazovich
    Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55454, USA
    Nicotine Tob Res 9:S57-64. 2007
  73. ncbi Commentary: Granting medical licensure, honoring the Americans with disabilities act, and protecting the public: can we do all three?
    Steven I Altchuler
    Division of Psychiatry and Psychology Specialty Programs, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 55905, USA
    Acad Med 84:689-91. 2009
    ..individual autonomy (respecting the rights of each individual physician), amplified by the different approaches lawyers and physicians use to address conflicts...
  74. ncbi [Fourth evaluation of the law on the review of termination of life on request and assisted suicide (Euthanasia Act)]
    A van der Heide
    Erasmus MC, afd Maatschappelijke Gezondheidszorg, Rotterdam
    Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd 149:2187-9. 2005
    ..a survey among physicians and a panel study among physicians, nurses, members of euthanasia review committees, lawyers and ethicists...
  75. ncbi Hospital ethics approval for a population-based case-control study of very preterm birth
    Lyndsey F Watson
    Mother and Child Health Research, La Trobe University, 324 328 Little Lonsdale Street, Victoria, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia
    Aust Health Rev 31:514-22. 2007
    ..To describe the process involved in obtaining ethics approval for a study aiming to recruit women from all maternity hospitals in Victoria, Australia...
  76. ncbi Cancer of the mouth and pharynx, occupation and exposure to chemical agents in Finland [in 1971-95]
    Laura Tarvainen
    Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Institute of Dentistry, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
    Int J Cancer 123:653-9. 2008
    ..Elevated SIRs were observed among lawyers, authors, journalists, performing artists, musicians, electronics and telefitters, painters (building), building ..
  77. ncbi [Suicide: clinical and systematic aspects of the self-responsibility dimension]
    Gadi Lubin
    Health Corpus, Israel Defense Forces
    Harefuah 146:364-7, 405. 2007
    ..Doctors, psychologists, social workers, lawyers and Renaissance men are trying to research factors leading to suicide...
  78. pmc Evaluating common de-identification heuristics for personal health information
    Khaled El Emam
    CHEO Research Institute, 401 Smyth Road, Ottawa, ON K1H 8L1, Canada
    J Med Internet Res 8:e28. 2006
    ..De-identification heuristics are provided in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy Rule, funding agency and professional association privacy guidelines, and common practice...
  79. ncbi [Intellectual property in natural sciences]
    Tomasz Twardowski
    Instytut Chemii Bioorganicznej PAN, ul Noskowskiego 12, 61 704 Poznań i Politechnika Lódzka
    Postepy Biochem 54:20-3. 2008
    ..Between not cited here is law and consequently the needs of cooperation between researchers and lawyers. There are several barriers in this co-operation, for example: nomenclature as well as the way of thinking...
  80. ncbi Eighth international mesothelioma interest group
    M Carbone
    Thoracic Oncology, Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, USA
    Oncogene 26:6959-67. 2007
    ..individuals, scientists, physicians, public health officials, politicians, unions of asbestos workers, lawyers and the public at large...
  81. ncbi Interest-based mediation of medical malpractice lawsuits: a route to improved patient safety?
    Chris Stern Hyman
    Medical Mediation Group
    J Health Polit Policy Law 35:797-828. 2010
    ..Defense lawyers were less likely than plaintiff attorneys to mediate...
  82. ncbi The High Court's lost chance in medical negligence: Tabet v Gett (2010) 240 CLR 537
    Thomas Faunce
    ANU College of Law and Medical School
    J Law Med 18:275-83. 2010
    ..compensation to cover the long-term care required for such a condition, the girl (through her parents and lawyers) sued her treating physician...
  83. ncbi The successful evolution of a voluntary vessel safety program in the USA
    Leslie Hughes
    North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners Association Vessel Safety Program, 1900 West Emerson Place, Suite 101, Seattle, WA 98119, USA
    Int Marit Health 57:85-93. 2006
    ..The NPFVOA also publishes a quarterly newsletter covering its safety program, other relevant safety information and reports of lessons learned from serious fishing vessel accidents...
  84. ncbi [Legislative initiatives concerning euthanasia]
    Hans Ludwig Schreiber
    Institut für Kriminalwissenschaften, Abt für Arzt und Arzneimittelrecht des Juristischen Seminars, Universitat Gottingen
    Z Evid Fortbild Qual Gesundhwes 102:208-14. 2008
    ..the German Bundestag as well as an alternative draft issued by criminal law teachers and a decision of the German Lawyers and Law Teachers Association (Deutscher Juristentag) all seek to achieve a legal regulation of euthanasia...
  85. ncbi Medicolegal analysis of 100 malpractice claims against bariatric surgeons
    Daniel Cottam
    Surgical Weight Control Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    Surg Obes Relat Dis 3:60-6; discussion 66-7. 2007
    ..Very few studies have addressed malpractice litigation specific to bariatric surgery. This study was designed to analyze litigation trends in bariatric surgery to prevent further lawsuits and improve patient care...
  86. ncbi Litigation in obstetrics: a lesson learnt and a lesson to share
    Min Min Chou
    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Chung Shan Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan
    Taiwan J Obstet Gynecol 45:1-9. 2006
    ..In-depth review of pregnancy-related deaths and major morbidities can help determine strategies needed to continue making pregnancy safer...
  87. ncbi [Euthanasia: the law, a few notions and the question of assisted suicide]
    J Herremans
    Commission fédérale de Contrôle et d Evaluation de l Euthanasie
    Rev Med Brux 29:423-8. 2008
    ..The doctor must declare the act of euthanasia to a Federal Commission composed of 8 doctors, 4 lawyers and 4 persons familiar with the problems of patients suffering from an incurable disease...
  88. ncbi The Canadian Criminal Code provisions for mentally disordered offenders: a survey of experiences, attitudes, and knowledge
    A S Crisanti
    Department of Psychology, University of Hawaii, Kealakekua, Hawaii, USA
    Can J Psychiatry 45:816-21. 2000
    To systematically survey Alberta psychiatrists and lawyers regarding their knowledge of, attitudes toward, and experiences with the Criminal Code provisions regarding mentally disordered offenders to better understand the lack of impact ..
  89. pmc Epidemiology of the third wave of tobacco litigation in the United States, 1994-2005
    Clifford E Douglas
    Tobacco Control Law and Policy Consulting, 3189 Rumsey Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 3437, USA
    Tob Control 15:iv9-16. 2006
  90. ncbi Children's living arrangements following separation and divorce: insights from empirical and clinical research
    Joan B Kelly
    Fam Process 46:35-52. 2007
    ..most often by one or both parents or, failing private agreement, as a result of recommendations and decisions by lawyers, therapists, custody evaluators, or family courts...
  91. ncbi The teaching of legal medicine in Australasia
    Roy G Beran
    University of New South Wales, Strategic Health Evaluators, Faculty of Medicine, Suite 5, Level 6, 12 Thomas Street, Sydney, NSW 2067, Australia
    J Forensic Leg Med 14:284-8. 2007
    The interface of medicine and law highlights the difference between doctors and lawyers. It is the doctor's role to determine his or her adversary (diagnosing an illness) and to decide the optimal means for overcoming same, such that the ..
  92. ncbi The Research on Adverse Drug Events and Reports (RADAR) project
    Charles L Bennett
    Jesse Brown VA Medical Center Mid West Center for Health Services and Policy Research, Chicago, Ill 60611, USA
    JAMA 293:2131-40. 2005
  93. ncbi HIPAA privacy regulations clarified: let calm prevail
    Todd A Rodriguez
    Alice G Gosfield and Associates, P C, 2309 Delancey Place, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA
    J Med Pract Manage 19:61-6. 2003
    ..This article identifies some common conundrums and issues physician practices are likely to encounter in implementing the regulations and offers practical guidance for addressing them...
  94. ncbi The medical malpractice crisis: what is the cause? Is there a cure?
    Debra Cascardo
    The Cascardo Consulting Group, One Fox Run, Armonk, NY 10504, USA
    J Med Pract Manage 22:283-6. 2007
    ..In addition to practicing sound medicine, physicians and their staffs must follow sound business policies and customer service procedures in their practices...
  95. ncbi Potential erosion of psychotherapist-patient privilege beyond California: dangers of "criminalizing" Tarasoff
    R Weinstock
    UCLA School of Medicine, Greater Los Angeles Veterans Healthcare System, 1626 Westwood Boulevard No 105, Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA
    Behav Sci Law 19:437-49. 2001
    ..Rather than being unique to California, similar reasoning could lead to the "criminalization" of Tarasoff in other jurisdictions and thereby compel therapists outside California to testify against their patients in criminal proceedings...
  96. ncbi Malpractice in pathology: what to do when you are sued
    Gregory G Davis
    Department of Pathology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
    Arch Pathol Lab Med 130:975-8. 2006
    ..It is possible to overcome a charge of malpractice, but not if the physician creates an indefensible situation by committing fraud. Examples of fraud are changing the medical record or destroying the pertinent microscope slide...
  97. ncbi The role of the radiation safety specialist as witness: risk communication with attorneys, judges, and jurors
    R H Johnson
    Communication Science Institute, Inc, and CSI Radiation Safety Academy, Gaithersburg, MD 20877, USA
    Health Phys 81:661-9. 2001
  98. ncbi Poor agreement among expert witnesses in bile duct injury malpractice litigation: an expert panel survey
    Philip R de Reuver
    Department of Surgery, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Ann Surg 248:815-20. 2008
    ..To determine the inter-rater agreement of expert witness testimonies in bile duct injury malpractice litigation...
  99. ncbi The war against junk science: the use of expert panels in complex medical-legal scientific litigation
    J M Price
    Faegre and Benson LLP, Minneapolis, MN 55402 3901, USA
    Biomaterials 19:1425-32. 1998
    ..and physicians, an emotional issue for women who have breast implants, and a lucrative business for the lawyers and expert witnesses who are the proponents of junk science...
  100. ncbi The Sorry Works! Coalition: making the case for full disclosure
    Doug Wojcieszak
    The Sorry Works Coalition, Glen Carbon, Illinois, USA
    Jt Comm J Qual Patient Saf 32:344-50. 2006
    The Sorry Works! Coalition, an organization of doctors, lawyers, insurers, and patient advocates, is dedicated to promoting full disclosure and apologies for medical errors as a "middle-ground solution" in the medical liability crisis...
  101. ncbi Inflicted head injury: future directions and prevention
    Mark S Dias
    Section of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Division of Neurosurgery, Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center, 500 University Dr, Hershey, PA 17033, USA
    Neurosurg Clin N Am 13:247-57. 2002
    ..There is much to be done in this important field; neurosurgeons must concentrate on finding adequate answers for those questions that remain...

Research Grants62

  1. Ethical and Legal Challenges in Communicating Individual Biomonitoring and Person
    Rachel Morello-Frosch; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..focus groups to further examine multiple perspectives and stimulate dialogue among researchers, IRB officials, lawyers, clinicians, and community health advocates, and (4) based on results of the other specific aims, develop, peer ..
  2. Feasibility, benefits, and acceptability of lowering the BAC standard in the US
    David W Eby; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Highway Safety Association;Association of Prosecuting Attorneys;National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers;American Judges Association;national Alcoholic Beverage Control Association;National Restaurant Association;US ..
  3. Chicago Westside Partnership for Children's Asthma Initiative (CWPC-AI)
    Steven Whitman; Fiscal Year: 2010
  4. Protecting Privacy in Health Research
    FRED CATE; Fiscal Year: 2010
  5. A Study of Cancer Diagnosis as a Risk Factor for Personal Bankruptcy
    Scott D Ramsey; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..We will also examine the impact of regional factors such as the Washington State bankruptcy exemption level, lawyers per capita, and state income growth...
  6. Multidisciplinary Study of Race Appearance Ancestry Discrimination &Prejudice
    JENNIFER KRISTIN WAGNER; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Together, the research aims of this project will have broad implications for biomedical research, medical practice, and legal practice and will help us come closer to eliminating racial disparities in health and justice. ..
  7. Downsizing Possessions for Residential Moves in Later Life
    David J Ekerdt; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Findings of this study will be of widespread interest and assistance to the general public of aged and aging adults and to geriatric care managers, health personnel, social service providers, housing specialists, and attorneys. ..
  8. Dev. of a Suicide Prevention Training Curr f/Justice Sys Gatekeepers
    Henry J Steadman; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..The potential for this project to have a significant impact on public health is paramount, as is its potential to act as a vehicle for creating, facilitating and integrating successful community partnerships . ..
  9. "Smart" Grounding Pad for safer use in the RFA of Cancer
    TERENCE HENDRICKS; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..This implies that the smar pad could increase patient safety while simultaneously lowering healthcare costs in the RFA of cancer. ..
  10. Deterring Drunk Driving: Beliefs, Preferences, Outcomes, and Welfare Implications
    Frank Sloan; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..abstract_text> ..
    Kerim M Munir; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..frequently arise in designing or conducting research;2-Other allied health professionals, educators, ethicists, lawyers, with an interest in guidelines, ethical review, regulatory compliance and research administration will ..
  12. Transitional Care Medication Safety and Medical Liability: Closing the Chasm
    CINDY LOU CORBETT; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Subsequently, developed risk management strategies can be tested, replicated and disseminated to improve medication safety for patients;patient outcomes will be improved and lower overall health care costs will be realized. ..
  13. Returning Research Results of Pediatric Genomic Research to Participants
    Ellen W Clayton; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..This project brings together three internationally known lawyers, each of whom has written extensively about legal and policy issues in genomics research and in pediatrics, as ..
  14. Evaluation of the Oregon Protective Leave Law for Victims of Violence
    NANCY E GLASS; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..PUBLIC HEALTH RELEVANCE: Narrative: This study will build the evidence necessary to advance workplace violence prevention programs and policies to support victims of domestic violence and their families. ..
  15. Open Disclosure and Medical Claims Study
    John Buckley; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Implementing and evaluating a process that increases open disclosure will ultimately improve patient safety and create a culture that rewards trust and communication among providers and patients. ..
  16. Computational Models of Infectious Disease Threats
    Donald S Burke; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..interdisciplinary character;there is vigorous participation of behavioral scientists, psychologists, lawyers, and public health practitioners, and there are strong collaborations with public health agencies at the county (..
    Richard Cash; Fiscal Year: 2000
    ..Members of the interdisciplinary faculty included physicians, ethicists, public health specialists, lawyers, and anthropologists, many with extensive experience working in developing countries...
    Dorothy Wertz; Fiscal Year: 1999
    ..Trainees will include physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, lawyers, community representatives, clergy, pharmacists and others who may serve on IRBs...
  19. Interactive ELSI Curriculum for Primary Care Residents
    Michael Wilkes; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..OUR TEAM: We have a unique set of experienced medical educators, multi-media experts, geneticists, lawyers, ethicists, medical anthropologists, communication researchers, and primary care doctors as the core of our ..
    Sherman Elias; Fiscal Year: 1990
    ..Conclusions and Future Directions and Strategies. In each block selected individuals (scientists, ethicists, lawyers, and so forth) who have prepared and distributed background papers will lead a discussion among the participants ..
  21. Interdisciplinary Curriculum in Global Health Training (INCIGHT)
    Phalguni Gupta; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..objective of the INCIGHT program is to prepare the next generation of scientists, physicians, policy makers and lawyers to tackle the global health crisis in an interdisciplinary manner...
  22. Multidisciplinary approaches to emerging global health issues
    HALA AZZAM; Fiscal Year: 2007
    unreadable] DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): There is a critical shortage of healthcare, lawyers, pharmacists, etc., trained in public health research with expertise in international health...
  23. DNA Fingerprinting and Civil Liberties
    Benjamin Moulton; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..To these ends, a series of small workshops involving ethicists, lawyers, political and social scientists, forensic experts, defense lawyers and prosecutors, and representatives of ..
    JAN PARADISE; Fiscal Year: 1993
    Robert Van Buskirk; Fiscal Year: 1999
    ..HTS supplemented with apoptosis inhibitors blocks this process and improves HTS's performance. CMS patent lawyers have advised BioLife Technologies that the inclusion of apoptosis inhibitors in a future generation series of ..
    R Haynes; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..and rapidly increasing direct use of these databases by clinicians, researchers, educators, administrators, lawyers, journalists, patients, and the general public, whose interests are primarily directed towards a small subset of ..
    R Brown; Fiscal Year: 1991
    ..The meetings will be followed by Proceedings, which will be distributed widely in state governments and to other interested parties...
  28. Rapid Assessment of Drug Law & Policy in the FSU & CEE
    Zita Lazzarini; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..the RPAR to document laws and law enforcement practices in the three countries; 2) to build the capacity of local lawyers, social science researchers and public health personnel to collect and use data on laws, policies, and practices ..
  29. Communities Organized Against Asthma and Lead (COAL)
    Jonathan Ward; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..The primary purpose of Project COAL is to give De Madres a Madres the means to provide services to reduce the exposure of children in their community to agents that can result in lead exposure and asthma exacerbation. ..
    David Page; Fiscal Year: 2000
    ..Society: Impact of New Technologies on Law, Medicine, and Policy, will bring together more than 800 physicians, lawyers, ethicists, scientists, clergy, students, consumers, and consumer advocates to explore the opportunities and ..
    Barbara Koenig; Fiscal Year: 2000
    ..In this way the case material developed will be accessible to anyone interested in the ethical and social consequences of commercializing human genome research. ..
    JEANNE KNUTSON; Fiscal Year: 1980
    ALBERT TEICH; Fiscal Year: 1991
    ..Science (AAAS), through its Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility (CSFR) and National Conference of Lawyers and Scientists (NCLS, jointly appointed with the American Bar Association), proposes to examine the ethical, ..
    PENELOPE LANTZ; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..professionals, including employee benefits coordinators, public health, medical and nursing personnel, elder care lawyers and others who provide legal assistance, insurance companies, social workers and other senior service providers, ..
    Ann Carroll; Fiscal Year: 1999
    ..carried out by the Task Force's standing membership, which includes prominent physicians, nurses, bioethicists, lawyers, community advocates, and religious leaders, in conjunction with the Task Force's three-person professional staff ..
    Deborah Eunpu; Fiscal Year: 1991
    ..include: consumers (individuals who have a genetic condition or risk), genetics and other health professionals, lawyers, industrial representatives, and ethicists...
    Lisa Callahan; Fiscal Year: 1992
    ..The implications of this research may be used to determine what type of conditional release program most appropriately balances public protection with individual rights...
    Michael Marmor; Fiscal Year: 1990
    MICHELE GEHSHAN; Fiscal Year: 1991
    MORTON BARD; Fiscal Year: 1980
    Daniel Callahan; Fiscal Year: 1980
    ..subjects --primarily members of institutional review boards (IRBs), but also researchers, grants administrators, lawyers, government officials, and others...
    CHRISTOPHER FLINN; Fiscal Year: 1992
    ..four sets of agents are involved: the children themselves, the two parents, and institutional actors such as lawyers, judges, and social workers...
  43. Guardianship for Persons with Mental Illnesses
    Annette Christy; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..Medicaid and Medicare data from calendar years 1999 and 2000 will be analyzed to investigate the mental health service utilization of guardianship wards. ..
  44. Patient Advocacy Summit: Patients at the Center of Care
    Jo Anne Earp; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..together leaders from a wide spectrum of professions (physicians and other health care providers, social workers, lawyers, public health professionals, heads of nonprofit and grassroots organizations, parent-advocates, citizen ..
    BARBARA SPELLMAN; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..Understanding how humans make causal judgments has been of theoretical interest to philosophers, lawyers, and cognitive, social, developmental, and clinical psychologists...
  46. ISEB-2004-Chicago International Conference
    Ananda Chakrabarty; Fiscal Year: 2004 address such scientific, technological, legal and ethical issues by gathering together scientists, engineers, lawyers, judges, members of the legislative bodies and interested communities for discussing and finding acceptable ..
    Susanna Cunningham; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..A formative and summative evaluation will be conducted to assess AH Brain's success in reaching its objectives. ..
  48. Natural Causal Discovery: Simple and Complex Causes
    PATRICIA CHENG; Fiscal Year: 2004 remarkably rational, in fact, more so than the current explicit statistical methods that scientists and lawyers use to help them infer causality...
    Mark Rothstein; Fiscal Year: 1991
    ..of scientific efficiency and involve the interest of patients, research subjects, physicians, academicians, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and politicians. . ...
    Kathryn Moss; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..This will involve conducting telephone interviews with Title I plaintiffs identified during the review of judicial files. ..
  51. Conference: The Science of Addiction: Policy Implication
    LAURENCE TANCREDI; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..The audience for this conference will consist of neuroscientists, lawyers, social scientists and policy makers from various European and other international jurisdictions...
  52. Improving Environmental Health Research Through Dialogue
    Carolyn Crump; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..Outcome documentation will describe changes in the commitments and actions of project participants to modify and develop policies and procedures to guide environmental health research. ..
  53. Criminal Justice, Race, and HIV Risk in CT Drug Users
    Kim Blankenship; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..g. probation and parole officers, attorneys, and judges) and how they exercise this authority. ..
    DORIS ZALLEN; Fiscal Year: 1992
    ..audiences - composed of the general public along with scientists, clinicians and other health-care professionals, lawyers, ministers, educators, business people, and the press - and reaching national audiences by satellite transmission ..
    Nicholas Thomas; Fiscal Year: 2000
    ..It could also be used for those who are not hearing-impaired in such venues as entertainment complexes, theme and amusement parks, schools, churches, and convention centers to keep attendees informed of events. ..
  56. Movie Influence on Adolescent Smoking: A Follow-up Study
    Madeline Dalton; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..Results from the proposed study will extend our earlier findings by clarifying the influence of movie smoking exposure on risk of later age smoking initiation and, importantly, on progression to established smoking. ..
    Marc Rosen; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..The primary outcome measure will be MEMS-measured adherence to correct dose-time. Secondary outcome measures will include cost-effectiveness and viral load. ..
  58. SV40 sequences in human tumors: analysis & biologic*
    Michele Carbone; Fiscal Year: 2006
  59. Impact/HIV Intervention/Adolescent Males Leaving Jail
    Nicholas Freudenberg; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..This sub-study will also be used to tailor the intervention tested in this proposal for adolescent females. ..