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Summary: Professional medical personnel approved to provide care to patients in a hospital.

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  1. ncbi Early indicators of prolonged intensive care unit stay: impact of illness severity, physician staffing, and pre-intensive care unit length of stay
    Thomas L Higgins
    Department of Medicine, Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, MA, USA
    Crit Care Med 31:45-51. 2003
  2. ncbi Validation of a computer-based colonoscopy simulator
    Robert E Sedlack
    Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA
    Gastrointest Endosc 57:214-8. 2003
  3. ncbi Residents' suggestions for reducing errors in teaching hospitals
    Kevin G M Volpp
    Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion, Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Philadelphia, USA
    N Engl J Med 348:851-5. 2003
  4. pmc Survey assessment of personal digital assistant use among trainees and attending physicians
    Thomas G McLeod
    Division of Community Internal Medicine, Department of Biostatistics, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 55905, USA
    J Am Med Inform Assoc 10:605-7. 2003
  5. pmc Kaiser Permanente's experience of implementing an electronic medical record: a qualitative study
    J Tim Scott
    School of Management, University of St Andrews, St Andrews KY16 9SS
    BMJ 331:1313-6. 2005
  6. ncbi Discrepant attitudes about teamwork among critical care nurses and physicians
    Eric J Thomas
    University of Texas Houston Medical School, Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine, USA
    Crit Care Med 31:956-9. 2003
  7. ncbi User perceptions of multi-source feedback tools for junior doctors
    Bryan Burford
    Northern Deanery, National Health Service NHS North East, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
    Med Educ 44:165-76. 2010
  8. ncbi Pharmacists on rounding teams reduce preventable adverse drug events in hospital general medicine units
    Suzan N Kucukarslan
    Department of Pharmacy Services, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI 48202, USA
    Arch Intern Med 163:2014-8. 2003
  9. ncbi The effect of an extended hospital induction on perceived confidence and assessed clinical skills of newly qualified pre-registration house officers
    Dason E Evans
    Clinical, Communication and Learning Skills Unit, Bart s and The London, Queen Mary s School of Medicine and Dentistry, St Bartholomew s Hospital, London, UK
    Med Educ 38:998-1001. 2004
  10. pmc Relation between a career and family life for English hospital consultants: qualitative, semistructured interview study
    C Dumelow
    Health Care Evaluation Unit, Department of Public Health Sciences, St George s Hospital Medical School, London SW17 0RE
    BMJ 320:1437-40. 2000

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  1. ncbi Early indicators of prolonged intensive care unit stay: impact of illness severity, physician staffing, and pre-intensive care unit length of stay
    Thomas L Higgins
    Department of Medicine, Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, MA, USA
    Crit Care Med 31:45-51. 2003
    ..Such factors might include process of care, including active involvement of full-time ICU physicians and length of hospital stay before ICU admission...
  2. ncbi Validation of a computer-based colonoscopy simulator
    Robert E Sedlack
    Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA
    Gastrointest Endosc 57:214-8. 2003
    ..this study were to answer the following: Does a computer-based colonoscopy simulator provide a "realistic" experience? Do computer-based colonoscopy simulators' performance parameters differentiate varying levels of experience?..
  3. ncbi Residents' suggestions for reducing errors in teaching hospitals
    Kevin G M Volpp
    Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion, Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Philadelphia, USA
    N Engl J Med 348:851-5. 2003
  4. pmc Survey assessment of personal digital assistant use among trainees and attending physicians
    Thomas G McLeod
    Division of Community Internal Medicine, Department of Biostatistics, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 55905, USA
    J Am Med Inform Assoc 10:605-7. 2003
    ..These findings may reflect differences in the information needs and work roles of learners and experienced physicians. Such factors may be important considerations for the development and implementation of institutional PDA resources...
  5. pmc Kaiser Permanente's experience of implementing an electronic medical record: a qualitative study
    J Tim Scott
    School of Management, University of St Andrews, St Andrews KY16 9SS
    BMJ 331:1313-6. 2005
    ..To examine users' attitudes to implementation of an electronic medical record system in Kaiser Permanente Hawaii...
  6. ncbi Discrepant attitudes about teamwork among critical care nurses and physicians
    Eric J Thomas
    University of Texas Houston Medical School, Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine, USA
    Crit Care Med 31:956-9. 2003
    ..To measure and compare critical care physicians' and nurses' attitudes about teamwork...
  7. ncbi User perceptions of multi-source feedback tools for junior doctors
    Bryan Burford
    Northern Deanery, National Health Service NHS North East, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
    Med Educ 44:165-76. 2010
    ..We then compared the perceptions of three groups, including: trainees; raters giving feedback, and supervisors delivering feedback...
  8. ncbi Pharmacists on rounding teams reduce preventable adverse drug events in hospital general medicine units
    Suzan N Kucukarslan
    Department of Pharmacy Services, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI 48202, USA
    Arch Intern Med 163:2014-8. 2003
  9. ncbi The effect of an extended hospital induction on perceived confidence and assessed clinical skills of newly qualified pre-registration house officers
    Dason E Evans
    Clinical, Communication and Learning Skills Unit, Bart s and The London, Queen Mary s School of Medicine and Dentistry, St Bartholomew s Hospital, London, UK
    Med Educ 38:998-1001. 2004
    ..This study aimed to assess self-perception of preparedness, objective assessment of core clinical skills and the effect of an extended clinical induction programme prior to commencing full duties...
  10. pmc Relation between a career and family life for English hospital consultants: qualitative, semistructured interview study
    C Dumelow
    Health Care Evaluation Unit, Department of Public Health Sciences, St George s Hospital Medical School, London SW17 0RE
    BMJ 320:1437-40. 2000
    ..To explore the relation between work and family life among hospital consultants and their attitude towards the choices and constraints that influence this relation...
  11. pmc Error, stress, and teamwork in medicine and aviation: cross sectional surveys
    J B Sexton
    University of Texas Human Factors Research Project, 1609 Shoal Creek Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78701, USA
    BMJ 320:745-9. 2000
    ..To survey operating theatre and intensive care unit staff about attitudes concerning error, stress, and teamwork and to compare these attitudes with those of airline cockpit crew...
  12. ncbi Investigation of trainee and specialist reactions to the mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise in anaesthesia: implications for implementation
    J M Weller
    Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand
    Br J Anaesth 103:524-30. 2009
    ..However, its value depends on how supervisors use it with their trainees. This study analyses experience with the mini-CEX after its introduction into anaesthesia departments in our institution...
  13. ncbi Do we know the costs of what we prescribe? A study on awareness of the cost of drugs and devices among ICU staff
    G Conti
    Institute of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy
    Intensive Care Med 24:1194-8. 1998
    ..To evaluate the level of cost awareness of drugs and devices among intensive care unit (ICU) doctors with variable levels of experience (senior intensivists, junior intensivists, residents)...
  14. ncbi Measuring physician attitudes toward cost, uncertainty, malpractice, and utilization review
    S D Goold
    Department of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor
    J Gen Intern Med 9:544-9. 1994
  15. ncbi Doctors' perceptions of why 360-degree feedback does (not) work: a qualitative study
    Karlijn Overeem
    IQ Healthcare, University Medical Centre St Radboud, University of Nijmegen, 6500 HB Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    Med Educ 43:874-82. 2009
    ..This study aims to explore which factors represent incentives, or disincentives, for consultants to implement suggestions for improvement from 360-degree feedback...
  16. ncbi Implementing workplace-based assessment across the medical specialties in the United Kingdom
    James R Wilkinson
    Royal College of Physicians, London, UK
    Med Educ 42:364-73. 2008
  17. ncbi Causes of prescribing errors in hospital inpatients: a prospective study
    Bryony Dean
    Centre for Practice and Policy, School of Pharmacy, University of London, London, UK
    Lancet 359:1373-8. 2002
    ..They have not, however, been applied to prescribing errors, which are a great cause of patient harm. Our aim was to use this approach to investigate the causes of such errors...
  18. pmc Communication behaviours in a hospital setting: an observational study
    E Coiera
    Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Bristol
    BMJ 316:673-6. 1998
    ..An exploratory study to identify patterns of communication behaviour among hospital based healthcare workers...
  19. pmc Stress and coping in accident and emergency senior house officers
    S McPherson
    Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, London, UK
    Emerg Med J 20:230-1. 2003
    ..To identify levels of psychological distress in accident and emergency (A&E) senior house officers (SHOs)...
  20. ncbi Quality of clinical supervision as perceived by specialist registrars in a university and district teaching hospital
    M Bruijn
    Emma Children s Hospital AMC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Med Educ 40:1002-8. 2006
    ..Our objective was to investigate and compare the perceived quality of supervision (PQS) in a university teaching hospital (UTH) and a district teaching hospital (DTH) and to identify aspects of supervision that could be improved...
  21. ncbi Interdisciplinary communication in the intensive care unit
    T W Reader
    School of Psychology, University of Aberdeen, Kings College, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
    Br J Anaesth 98:347-52. 2007
    ..This study examines whether ICU doctors and nurses have a shared perception of interdisciplinary communication in the UK ICU...
  22. ncbi Workplace-based assessment
    Tim Swanwick
    London Deanery, London
    Br J Hosp Med (Lond) 70:290-3. 2009
    ..But workplace-based assessment brings a unique set of challenges to medical education and requires fresh thinking about how we consider and construct assessment programmes...
  23. pmc Is there a July phenomenon? The effect of July admission on intensive care mortality and length of stay in teaching hospitals
    William A Barry
    Division of General Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine, Iowa City VA Medical Center, Iowa City, Iowa, USA
    J Gen Intern Med 18:639-45. 2003
  24. ncbi How well prepared are graduates for the role of pre-registration house officer? A comparison of the perceptions of new graduates and educational supervisors
    A Jones
    South Manchester University Hospitals Trust, Manchester, UK
    Med Educ 35:578-84. 2001
    ..We examined and compared the perceptions of graduates and educational supervisors concerning how well prepared graduates were for their first post...
  25. ncbi The dynamic interaction of quality and efficiency in the emergency department: Squaring the circle?
    Peter Nugus
    University of New South Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia
    Soc Sci Med 70:511-7. 2010
    ..It moves the debate about quality versus efficiency to one that emphasizes interdependence...
  26. ncbi Variations in expenditure between adult general intensive care units in the UK
    D L Edbrooke
    Medical Economics and Research Centre, Sheffield (MERCS, Intensive Care Unit, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Central Sheffield University Hospitals NHS Trust, Sheffield S10 2JF, UK
    Anaesthesia 56:208-16. 2001
    ..Hospital type and the number of patient days explained 76% of the variation in expenditure on consultant staff. Sixty-four per cent of the variation in drug and fluid expenditure was explained by the number of patient days...
  27. ncbi Intra-observer variability in APACHE II scoring
    K H Polderman
    Department of Intensive Care, Vrije Universiteit Medical Centre, PO Box 7057, 1007 MB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Intensive Care Med 27:1550-2. 2001
    ..These findings are in agreement with previous observations regarding inter-observer variability in APACHE II scoring, and strongly suggest that there is an inherent score variability of about 15%...
  28. ncbi Communication loads on clinical staff in the emergency department
    Enrico W Coiera
    Centre for Health Informatics, University of New South Wales, NSW
    Med J Aust 176:415-8. 2002
    ..To measure communication loads on clinical staff in an acute clinical setting, and to describe the pattern of informal and formal communication events, Australia...
  29. ncbi Hospital pandemic preparedness: health care workers' opinions on working during a pandemic
    Rhonda L Stuart
    Med J Aust 187:676. 2007
  30. ncbi [Hospital staff's different attitudes and experiences with regard to immigrant patients]
    Anette Sonne Nielsen
    Københavns Universitet, Institut for Folkesundhedsvidenskab, Afdeling for Sundhedstjenesteforskning, København K
    Ugeskr Laeger 170:541-4. 2008
    ..The study investigates hospital staff's different attitudes and experiences with regard to immigrant patients as a basis for educational initiatives...
  31. pmc Effects of scanning and eliminating paper-based medical records on hospital physicians' clinical work practice
    Hallvard Laerum
    INM, Faculty of Medicine, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
    J Am Med Inform Assoc 10:588-95. 2003
    ..The authors have evaluated the physicians' clinical work practices and attitudes toward a system in a hospital that has eliminated the paper-based counterpart using scanning technology...
  32. ncbi Emergency department communication links and patterns
    Rollin J Fairbanks
    Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine, Rochester, NY 14642, USA
    Ann Emerg Med 50:396-406. 2007
    ..We characterize and describe the communication links and patterns between and within emergency department (ED) practitioner types...
  33. pmc Preregistration house officers' views on whether their experience at medical school prepared them well for their jobs: national questionnaire survey
    Michael J Goldacre
    Unit of Health Care Epidemiology, Department of Public Health, University of Oxford, Institute of Health Sciences, Oxford OX3 7LF
    BMJ 326:1011-2. 2003
  34. pmc The culture of safety: results of an organization-wide survey in 15 California hospitals
    S J Singer
    Center for Health Policy Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305 6019, USA
    Qual Saf Health Care 12:112-8. 2003
    ..To understand fundamental attitudes towards patient safety culture and ways in which attitudes vary by hospital, job class, and clinical status...
  35. ncbi Understanding and responding to adverse events
    Charles Vincent
    Department of Surgical Oncology and Technology, Imperial College School of Science, Technology, and Medicine, St Mary s Hospital, London
    N Engl J Med 348:1051-6. 2003
  36. pmc The Foundation Programme assessment tools: an opportunity to enhance feedback to trainees?
    S Carr
    University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Leicester General Hospital, Gwendolen Road, Leicester LE5 4PW, UK
    Postgrad Med J 82:576-9. 2006
    ..The Foundation Programme assessments will occupy a significant amount of trainees' and trainers' time and it is important that opportunity for feedback and learning is maximised...
  37. pmc Education of senior house officers: current challenges
    S Carr
    Department of Nephrology, Leicester General Hospital, Gwendolen Road, Leicester, LE5 4PW, UK
    Postgrad Med J 79:622-6. 2003
    ..This article attempts to review the effects of these changes on education of junior doctors and to suggest some possible ways to address these challenges...
  38. ncbi The costs of caring for patients in a tertiary referral Australian Intensive Care Unit
    I J Rechner
    Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Royal Brisbane and Women s Hospital, Herston, Brisbane, QLD
    Anaesth Intensive Care 33:477-82. 2005
    ..Consumable expenditure is likely to increase the most with new innovation and therapies. Using protocol driven practices may tighten and control costs incurred in ICU...
  39. ncbi A qualitative study of the intra-hospital variations in incident reporting
    Justin J Waring
    University of Manchester, Applied Social Science, Manchester, UK
    Int J Qual Health Care 16:347-52. 2004
    ..To determine the relationship between variations in hospital incident reporting and the corresponding attitudes and participation of medical professionals...
  40. ncbi Mortality rate and length of stay of patients admitted to the intensive care unit in July
    Javier D Finkielman
    Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Mayo Medical School, Mayo Clinic and Foundation, 200 First St SW, Rochester, MN 55905, USA
    Crit Care Med 32:1161-5. 2004
    ..This inexperience can lead to poor patient outcome, especially in patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU). The objective of this study was to determine the impact of July ICU admission on patient outcome...
  41. pmc Severe acute respiratory syndrome and its impact on professionalism: qualitative study of physicians' behaviour during an emerging healthcare crisis
    Sharon E Straus
    Division of General Internal Medicine, University Health Network, 200 Elizabeth Street, Toronto, ON, Canada M5G 2C4
    BMJ 329:83. 2004
    ..To explore issues of medical professionalism in the context of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), a new emerging health threat...
  42. pmc Promotion to hospital consultant: regression analysis using NHS administrative data
    Kostas Mavromaras
    Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC 3010, Australia
    BMJ 332:148-51. 2006
    ..To examine factors influencing promotion to hospital consultant...
  43. pmc Creating accountable care organizations: the extended hospital medical staff
    Elliott S Fisher
    Dartmouth Medical School and the Center for the Evaluative Clinical Sciences, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA
    Health Aff (Millwood) 26:w44-57. 2007
    ..Efforts to create accountable care organizations at this level--the extended hospital medical staff--deserve consideration as a potential means of improving the quality and lowering the cost of care.
  44. pmc Obstacles and solutions for spontaneous reporting of adverse drug reactions in the hospital
    A Vallano
    Fundacio Institut Catala de Farmacologia, WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Pharmacoepidemiology, Barcelona, Spain
    Br J Clin Pharmacol 60:653-8. 2005
    ..To describe the opinions of hospital physicians concerning problems regarding the spontaneous reporting of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and ways to solve them...
  45. ncbi Validation of a flexible endoscopy simulator
    Joshua J Felsher
    Minimally Invasive Surgery Center, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH, USA
    Am J Surg 189:497-500. 2005
    ..The objective of this study was to determine whether the GI Mentor (Simbionix, Lod, Israel) flexible endoscopy simulator construct could distinguish experienced endoscopists from beginners...
  46. pmc Influenza pandemic and professional duty: family or patients first? A survey of hospital employees
    Boris P Ehrenstein
    Dept of Internal Medicine I, University Medical Center Regensburg, Germany
    BMC Public Health 6:311. 2006
    ..Conflicts between professional duties and fear of influenza transmission to family members may arise among health care professionals (HCP)...
  47. pmc No paper, but the same routines: a qualitative exploration of experiences in two Norwegian hospitals deprived of the paper based medical record
    Jan Tore Lium
    Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, and Norwegian Research Centre for Electronic Patient Records, Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU, Norway
    BMC Med Inform Decis Mak 8:2. 2008
    ..The aim of this study was to further explore changes of clinicians' work after the EMR system implementation process and how they experienced working in a paper-deprived information environment...
  48. ncbi Building confidence for work as house officers: student experience in the final year of a new problem-based curriculum
    Carl R Whitehouse
    University of Manchester Medical School, UK
    Med Educ 36:718-27. 2002
    ..Newly qualified doctors require an appropriate level of confidence for their new roles. Development of this confidence was a key objective in the final year of a new integrated course with an emphasis on student self-direction...
  49. ncbi All in a day's work: an observational study to quantify how and with whom doctors on hospital wards spend their time
    Johanna I Westbrook
    Health Informatics Research and Evaluation Unit, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Med J Aust 188:506-9. 2008
    ..To quantify time doctors in hospital wards spend on specific work tasks, and with health professionals and patients...
  50. ncbi Emergency nurse practitioners: should the role be developed?
    C Dealey
    University Hospital, Birmingham NHS Trust
    Br J Nurs 10:1458-68. 2001
    ..At best, it would be reasonable to state that there is no evidence to demonstrate that ENPs are better or worse than SHOs in seeing, treating and discharging patients with minor injuries in A&E...
  51. ncbi Nurse-doctor interactions during critical care ward rounds
    E Manias
    School of Postgraduate Nursing, The University of Melbourne, Carlton, Victoria, Australia
    J Clin Nurs 10:442-50. 2001
    ..By challenging the different points of view that doctors and nurses might hold about the ward round process, the opportunity exists for enhanced participation by nurses...
  52. pmc Surgical experience and supervision may influence the quality of lower limb amputation
    C M Cosgrove
    Vascular Surgical Unit, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, UK
    Ann R Coll Surg Engl 84:344-7. 2002
    ..This study aimed to determine whether a surgeon's experience influenced the quality of the residual limb and thus the likelihood of the stump being suitable for a prosthesis...
  53. ncbi Women in hospital medicine: career choices and opportunities
    R C Fitzgerald
    Cancer Cell Unit, MRC Hutchison Research Centre, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge CB2 2XZ
    Hosp Med 62:778-9. 2001
    ..This article outlines the findings of the report and the implications for hospital medicine...
  54. pmc Doctors' use of electronic medical records systems in hospitals: cross sectional survey
    H Laerum
    Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Norway
    BMJ 323:1344-8. 2001
    ..To compare the use of three electronic medical records systems by doctors in Norwegian hospitals for general clinical tasks...
  55. pmc Knowledge of aspects of acute care in trainee doctors
    Gary B Smith
    Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust and School of Postgraduate Medicine, University of Portsmouth, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth P06 3LY, UK
    Postgrad Med J 78:335-8. 2002
    ..Knowledge of aspects of consent was unsatisfactory. It is recommended that all medical schools urgently incorporate training about common aspects of "generic" acute care in their curricula...
  56. pmc Women doctors and their careers: what now?
    Isobel Allen
    Policy Studies Institute, University of Westminster, London NW1 3SR
    BMJ 331:569-72. 2005
  57. pmc Career progression and destinations, comparing men and women in the NHS: postal questionnaire surveys
    Kathryn S Taylor
    UK Medical Careers Research Group, Unit of Health Care Epidemiology, Department of Public Health, Oxford University, Oxford, OX3 7LF
    BMJ 338:b1735. 2009
    ..To study the career progression of NHS doctors, comparing men and women...
  58. ncbi Obstacles to residents' conducting research and predictors of publication
    S Gill
    Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Acad Med 76:477. 2001
    ..Insufficient time was the key obstacle to completing research. Residents with previous research experience, senior residents, and men were more likely to publish...
  59. ncbi Evaluating Emergency Nurse Practitioner services: a randomized controlled trial
    Mark A Cooper
    Accident Department, North Glasgow University Hospitals NHS Trust, Glasgow, UK
    J Adv Nurs 40:721-30. 2002
    ..This study aimed to develop methods and tools that could be used to measure the quality of ENP-led care. These tools were then tested in a randomized controlled trial...
  60. ncbi Evaluation of 60 continuous quality improvement projects in French hospitals
    G Maguerez
    , Paris, France
    Int J Qual Health Care 13:89-97. 2001
    ..Identification of the factors for success and of potential hurdles helped pave the way for the national hospital accreditation procedure currently underway...
  61. ncbi Rethinking clinical organisational structures: an attitude survey of doctors, nurses and allied health staff in clinical directorates
    Jeffrey Braithwaite
    Centre for Clinical Governance Research in Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia
    J Health Serv Res Policy 10:10-7. 2005
    ..We investigated the attitudes of health professionals working in CDs to gather and consider evidence for these claims...
  62. pmc Twenty-four hour presence of physicians in the ICU
    H Burchardi
    Department of Anaesthesiology, Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine, University Hospital Gottingen, Germany
    Crit Care 5:131-7. 2001
    ..Because of the shortage of intensivists, such standards will be difficult to maintain everywhere, but they should, at least, be mandatory for larger hospitals serving as regional centres...
  63. ncbi The Dutch experience of implementing the European Working Time Directive
    Fleur Sprangers
    Dutch Junior Doctors Committee LVAG, LVAG secretariat, Postbus 20058, 3502 LB Utrecht, Netherlands
    BMJ 325:S71. 2002
  64. ncbi How well prepared are medical students for their first year as doctors? The views of consultants and specialist registrars in two teaching hospitals
    C Matheson
    University of Nottingham, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK
    Postgrad Med J 85:582-9. 2009
  65. ncbi Pulling together and pushing apart: tides of tension in the ICU team
    Laura A Hawryluck
    Department of Critical Care Medicine, 300 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 1V7
    Acad Med 77:S73-6. 2002
  66. ncbi Hazardous alcohol use among hospital doctors in Germany
    Judith Rosta
    German Research Foundation, Germany
    Alcohol Alcohol 43:198-203. 2008
    ..To describe alcohol use, and the prevalence and predictors of hazardous drinking, among hospital doctors...
  67. pmc Consultant medical trainers, modernising medical careers (MMC) and the European time directive (EWTD): tensions and challenges in a changing medical education context
    Maria Tsouroufli
    School of Medicine, Health Policy and Practice, University of East Anglia, Norwich, NR4 7TJ, UK
    BMC Med Educ 8:31. 2008
  68. ncbi [The introduction of ICD, ICN in Japan, and future expectations]
    Akiyoshi Tsuji
    Department of Infection Control and Prevention, School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Toho University
    Nihon Rinsho 60:2091-6. 2002
    ..This paper describes the introduction of ICD and ICN in Japan, future expectations, and associated problems...
  69. pmc Trainee satisfaction before and after the Calman reforms of specialist training: questionnaire survey
    E Paice
    North Thames Department of Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education, London WC1N 3EJ
    BMJ 320:832-6. 2000
    ..To evaluate the impact of the Calman reforms of higher specialist training on trainee satisfaction...
  70. ncbi International Programme for Resource Use in Critical Care (IPOC)--a methodology and initial results of cost and provision in four European countries
    D Negrini
    Medical Economics Research Centre Sheffield MERCS, Sheffield, UK
    Acta Anaesthesiol Scand 50:72-9. 2006
    ..An internally validated method developed in the UK was modified for use in critical care in different countries. Costs could then be compared using the World Health Organization's Purchasing Power Parities (WHO PPPs)...
  71. ncbi Junior versus senior physicians for informing families of intensive care unit patients
    Delphine Moreau
    Service de Reanimation Medicale, Hopital Saint Louis, Paris, France
    Am J Respir Crit Care Med 169:512-7. 2004
    ..9 vs. 34.4%, p = 0.004). Specialty residents, if given opportunities for acquiring experience, can become proficient in communicating with families and share this task with senior physicians...
  72. ncbi Evaluating an end-of-life curriculum in a medical residency program
    Andrew C Yacht
    Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA
    Am J Hosp Palliat Care 23:439-46. 2006
    ..The end-of-life curriculum led to significant improvements in participant knowledge and attitudes about the conceptual and practical aspects of end-of-life care. The structure of the rotation should be reproducible in many locales...
  73. ncbi The culture of a trauma team in relation to human factors
    Elaine Cole
    A and E Trauma, City University School of Nursing Barts and The London NHS Trust, London, UK
    J Clin Nurs 15:1257-66. 2006
    ..The aim of this ethnographic study was to explore the culture of a trauma team in relation to human factors...
  74. pmc Modernising Medical Careers foundation programme curriculum competencies: will all rotations allow the necessary skills to be acquired? The consultants' predictions
    R Higgins
    LNR Healthcare Workforce Deanery, Lakeside House, 4 Smith Way, Grove Park, Leicester LE19 1SS, UK
    Postgrad Med J 82:684-7. 2006
    ..This has implications for the composition of foundation programme rotations, for educational and clinical supervision, and for the content and mode of curriculum delivery...
  75. pmc Knowledge, attitudes and practices on cervical cancer screening among the medical workers of Mulago Hospital, Uganda
    Twaha Mutyaba
    Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Mulago Hospital, Makerere Medical School, P O Box 7051, Kampala, Uganda
    BMC Med Educ 6:13. 2006
    ..Objectives of this study were to describe knowledge on cervical cancer, attitudes and practices towards cervical cancer screening among the medical workers of Mulago hospital...
  76. ncbi 'SHOwing' the way
    Cath Fazey
    Vascular Emergencies, Countess of Chester Hopsital, Chester
    J Perioper Pract 16:284-6, 288-9. 2006
  77. ncbi Awareness of making the best use of a Department of Clinical Radiology amongst physicians in Leeds Teaching Hospitals, UK
    S Kumar
    Br J Radiol 80:140. 2007
  78. ncbi Comparing Norwegian nurses' and physicians' perceptions of the needs of significant others in intensive care units
    Christina Takman
    Institute of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Oslo, Blindern, Oslo, Norway
    J Clin Nurs 14:621-31. 2005
    ..To illuminate and compare the perceptions of registered nurses (n = 243) and physicians (n = 29) in medical and surgical ICUs for adults on the needs of significant others...
  79. ncbi Survey comparing clinicians' wound healing knowledge and practice
    Janine Ashton
    Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury
    Br J Nurs 15:S18-26. 2006
    ..The clinicians identified clinical effectiveness and availability as influencing their dressing choices...
  80. ncbi Fully automatic external defibrillators in acute care: Clinicians' experiences and perceptions
    Helen C Hancock
    Northumbria University, School of Health Community and Education Studies, Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7XA, UK
    Eur J Cardiovasc Nurs 5:214-21. 2006
    ..There is, however, no guidance or standard about their use in the UK. This paper presents the results of a study, which explored clinicians' experiences and perceptions of using FAEDs in acute care in the UK...
  81. ncbi Staff experiences of an early warning indicator for unstable patients in Australia
    Anna Green
    ICU Liaison Nurse Practitioner, Western Health, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Nurs Crit Care 11:118-27. 2006
    ..Further research investigating the less-favourable responses of the ward medical staff and ICU medical staff is warranted...
  82. ncbi Early mobilization of acute stroke patients
    Monica Arias
    Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
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    ..To examine the early mobilization of acute stroke patients...
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    ..Most nurses and physicians recognize that University curricula must include information about smoking cessation...
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    ..The purpose of this study was to determine the level of nurse-physician collaboration during simulation training...
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  87. ncbi Discussing preferences for cardiopulmonary resuscitation: what do resident physicians and their hospitalized patients think was decided?
    Kristy S Deep
    University of Kentucky College of Medicine, K504 KY Clinic, Lexington, KY 40536, United States
    Patient Educ Couns 72:20-5. 2008
    ..To explore the ways in which seriously ill hospitalized patients, their family members and physicians interpret the discussion of the patient's preferences for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)...
  88. ncbi Advanced nursing practice in paediatric critical care
    Leanne E Llewellyn
    PICU King s College Hospital London
    Paediatr Nurs 20:30-3. 2008
    ..However, there was support for this role and respondents confirmed the view that advanced nursing practiced would be beneficial in patient care delivery...
  89. ncbi Assessment of attitudes of intensive care unit staff toward clinical practice guidelines
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    Project Coordinator, Columbia University School of Nursing, New York, NY 10032, USA
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    ..Age, profession, type of intensive care unit, and race were identified as significant predictors of attitude scores in this study. Understanding the differences in perceived barriers is important for the adherence to practice guidelines...
  90. pmc The training needs of Turkish emergency department personnel regarding intimate partner violence
    H Asli Davas Aksan
    Department of Public Health, Ege University Medical Faculty, Izmir, Turkey
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    ..The objective of this study was to evaluate the knowledge, attitudes, and experiences of the emergency department (ED) staff regarding intimate partner violence (IPV) at a large university hospital in Turkey...
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    Ying Xue
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    ..A need exists for educational programs in pain management for healthcare providers, especially for those who do not routinely care for patients with cancer...
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    ..It is argued that complex attitudes need to be taken into account in training for healthcare professionals and in the development of contemporary suicide prevention policy...
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    ..Handover has major implications for subsequent patient care but there has been little investigation of the handover process between ambulance and emergency department staff...
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    ..A better understanding of professionals' views and behaviour is necessary for improving clinical practice and optimizing patient involvement...
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    ..A literature review designed to identify unique recommendations regarding pediatric MCEs highlights both a lack of existing training programs and uncertainty on the part of health care staff when dealing with these events...
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    ..The results demonstrate that comprehensive training and technical support both before and after new device implementation were essential to ensure a smooth transition...
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    ..The authors therefore suggest some ways in helping to bridge this gap...
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    ..This study reveals an important knowledge deficit among surgical resident and attending physicians. Focused education on glycemic control in the perioperative patient should be a mandatory component of surgical training...
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    C B Kaplan
    Department of General Medicine and Primary Care, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond
    J Gen Intern Med 5:410-4. 1990
    ..Information from nurses differs from that provided by attending physicians. Nurse ratings are affected by gender and by the type of unit from which they are obtained...

Research Grants63

    Mary Sormanti; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..abstract_text> ..
  2. Outcomes for Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation
    Barrett Kitch; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..Focus group and physician survey work will be employed to determine at a more detailed level factors associated with utilization of long-term care hospitals, including physician attitudes and perceptions of quality of care. ..
  3. Adolescent Use of Substance Use Treatment Services
    Ping Wu; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..The findings of the study will provide useful information for clinicians and policy makers, who can use it to improve service delivery for adolescents with substance use problems. ..
  4. Improving Resuscitation Team Response to Inpatient Critical Events by Simulation
    Jose Pliego; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..Because many of these hospitals do not have 24 hour, 7 day a week in-hospital medical staff coverage to respond to immediate crisis management events, training multidisciplinary RRT teams in team ..
  5. Endothelial progenitor cells and surgical outcomes
    Andrew Auerbach; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  6. Improving use of peri-operative beta-blockers with a multidimentional QI program
    Andrew Auerbach; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..The impact of this set of tools will be substantial as groups such as the NSQIP, SCIP, National Quality Forum, and Leapfrog Group continue to endorse PBB as a key strategy to reduce surgical morbidity and mortality. ..
  7. Improving Transfusion Practices Using Decision Support
    Jeffrey Rothschild; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..We will also examine whether improvements in appropriate transfusion ordering behavior among clinicians using decision support tools will be greater than improvements achieved by educational programs alone. ..
  8. Promoting Self-Care with Telehomecare: Impact on Outcome
    Kathryn Bowles; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..Findings will help guide optimal use of telehomecare in promoting self-care in the growing population of chronically ill elders whose conditions are characterized by high morbidity, complex therapies and poor quality and cost outcomes. ..
  9. 3rd Annual Pediatric Telehealth Colloquium
    James Marcin; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..Incorporating telemedicine into pediatric care can help increase access, decrease disparities and increase quality of care provided to children living in rural and underserved communities. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  10. Managing Chronic Illness: Telemonitoring vs Telephone
    Kathryn Bowles; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..Findings regarding health outcomes and advantages and disadvantages of the two interventions will guide the design of a larger clinical trial to compare telemonitoring to telephone disease management. ..
  11. Impact of Culture on Cancer Screening in Chinese Women
    Wenchi Liang; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..I. to develop critical research skills to become an independent cancer control researcher. ..
  12. The Effect of Patient Volume on Outcome in the ICU
    Jeremy Kahn; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  13. Health Literacy and Child Prevention Injury
    Andrea Gielen; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  14. The Mental Health Assessment and Dynamic Referral for Oncology (MHADRO)
    Edwin Boudreaux; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  15. A randomized trial of influenza vaccination of Hutterite children
    Mark Loeb; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..We believe that the trial we propose will lead to important data that can inform policy on influenza immunization strategy. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  16. Creighton Health Services Research Development Project
    Kimberly Galt; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..Funding of this BRIC will facilitate the capacity needed to advance the Creighton University's health services research mission in a more rapid and sustainable fashion. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  17. Prevention of Catheter-Associated Blood Stream Infections
    David Warren; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..I will build on the experience outlined in this proposal to establish myself an independent investigator in healthcare epidemiology, studying nosocomial infections and developing interventions to prevent them. [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  18. A Framework Based Clinical Documentation Evaluation Method
    SAMUEL T ROSENBLOOM; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..The proposed project will transition the PI from his current National Library of Medicine supported period of career development to an independent informatics investigator. ..
  19. The Eighteenth Annual Health Economics Conference
    JONATHAN KETCHAM; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..This year's conference will be held March 16-17 on the campus of Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  20. Improving Systems for Colorectal Cancer Screening
    John Ayanian; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..abstract_text> ..
  21. Hospital-Physician Gainsharing
    JONATHAN DAVID KETCHAM; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..The results can provide timely insights to regulators, policymakers, and managers as they consider various incentive programs to promote value through coordination. ..
  22. Using Social Risk to Guide Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Preventive Treatment
    Kevin Fiscella; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..Implementation of such a global risk tool could ultimately help justify implementation of more intensive behavioral interventions focusing on diet, exercise, smoking cessation and medication adherence for those at highest social risk. ..
  23. Oregon's Parity Law: Comprehensive Parity in Today's Healthcare Environment
    KENNETH MCCONNELL; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..Our proposed research will provide insight about the tradeoffs between expanding coverage for mental health and substance abuse disorders and the total cost of care. ..
  24. Expired CO2/O2 Analysis to Diagnose Pulmonary Embolism
    JEFFREY KLINE; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..This project will fund a clinical study designed to test the diagnostic accuracy of a hand- held breath device that detects the altered gas exchange physiology caused by PE in post-surgical and other patients at high risk for PE. ..
  25. The Johns Hopkins Injury Control Research Center
    Andrea Gielen; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..Application Not Provided ..
  26. RCT to evaluate guidelines for acute rhinosinusitis
    Jane Garbutt; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..In addition, knowledge gained from this research could be used to decrease the inappropriate use of antibiotics. [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  27. Randomized Controlled Testing of Osteoporosis Education
    Daniel Solomon; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..A multi-disciplinary Training Advisory Board will review the applicants progress regularly to ensure that the proposed training goals are met. ..
    Samuel Dorevitch; Fiscal Year: 2006
  29. Insulin Resistance and Adenomas of the Colorectum
    Theodore Levin; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..abstract_text> ..
  30. Why is Cardiac Risk Increased in Rheumatiod Arthritis
    Daniel Solomon; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..ability to control for known cardiovascular risk factors, the extensive medication information allowing for us to explore key hypotheses regarding corticosteroid exposure, and the attempt to simultaneously control for disease severity ..
  31. Pain Medication Use & Risk Factors for Opioid Dependence
    Daniel Solomon; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..Our goal is to use the results of the proposed research to inform a future intervention to improve opioid prescribing within this large pharmacy benefits program. ..
  32. Reducing Harm to Patients from Diagnostic Errors
    ETA BERNER; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..To leverage AHRQ funding, additional support will be provided by registration fees, vendors, non-profit organizations and in-kind logistic support from the Society for Medical Decision Making. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  33. Brief Child Safety Interventions in Emergency Department
    Andrea Gielen; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..With the ever growing access to computers in medical care settings, the Safety in Seconds program should be readily adaptable to other pediatric emergency department settings that serve vulnerable populations. ..
  34. An Intervention to Improve End-of-life Sympton Distress
    Ellen Redinbaugh; Fiscal Year: 2004
  35. Undiagnosed Diabetes: Predictors and Comorbidities
    RICHELLE KOOPMAN; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..We will investigate these factors over the next 2 years using the nationally representative sample present in the National Health and Nutrition Examination and Survey 1999-2000 (NHANES). ..
  36. Phenotype-Genotype Interactions and Type 2 Diabetes
    James Meigs; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..Results will provide a foundation for future laboratory efforts and will increase understanding of phenotype-genotype interactions in diabetes pathogenesis. ..
  37. Improving Surveillance for Colorectal Polyps
    John Ayanian; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..This study will provide a model for evaluating how data from electronic medical records can be used to improve screening of patients with prior colorectal polyps who are at increased risk of developing recurrent polyps or cancer. ..
  38. The Feasibility of Assessing the Prevalence of Rickets
    James Taylor; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..In addition to assessing possible methodologies for the larger project, the preliminary study is designed to yield standalone results with important implications. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
    Philip Zazove; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..First, dissemination of the program across the country will be done by the use of CDs. Second, further study will be done to determine if changes in knowledge translates into improvement in adhering to the recommendations. ..
  40. The Impact of HMO's on Disparties
    Kevin Fiscella; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..If the study hypotheses are confirmed, the findings will underscore the need for HMOs to track and address disparities among their members if the Healthy People 2010 for the elimination of disparities is to be achieved. ..
  41. Evaluating Child Safety Product Dissemination and Educa*
    Andrea Gielen; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..abstract not provided ..
  42. Randomized Control Trial of Mifepristone for Fibroids
    Kevin Fiscella; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..The study may also offer valuable insight into a mechanism by which mifepristone reduces fibroid size. ..
    Arthur Feldman; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..Low expression of ACE gene or high levels of adenosine) will be most likely to achieve long-term benefit from either CABG or CABG with SVR. ..
  44. Targeting AKT as a novel therapy in pancreatic cancer
    Richard Bold; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..These results will provide mechanistic as well as pre-clinical data in support of our hypothesis and will allow for the development of novel therapy of human pancreatic cancer. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  45. Life Support Decisions for Extremely Premature Infants
    Karen Kavanaugh; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..Analysis of data will focus on summarizing each case and identifying themes within and across cases. Data from this study will be used in a subsequent intervention study. ..
  46. Tobacco Treatment Initiated in the Emergency Department
    Edwin Boudreaux; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..The research plan includes preparing and submitting an R01 in Year 2. ..
  47. Do Reporting Biases Mitigate Disparity Estimates?
    Kevin Fiscella; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..abstract_text> ..
    James Taylor; Fiscal Year: 2001
    ..abstract_text> ..
  49. Infection Risk of Urinary Collection Strategies
    Sanjay Saint; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..Since approximately 40% of elderly Americans will enter a nursing home at some point, identification of those at risk of infection could have considerable health, quality of life, and economic consequences. ..
  50. Osteoporosis in Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Daniel Solomon; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..This epidemiologic data will inform future trials of osteoporosis treatments among patients with RA. As well, the study cohort will comprise one of the largest RA registries with an explicit plan to examine osteoporosis. ..
  51. The Computer Assisted Brief Intervention for Tobacco (CABIT)
    Edwin Boudreaux; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..g., JCAHO) and to facilitate financial reimbursement of tobacco counseling covered by Medicare and other third party providers. [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  52. Pretest Probability Assessment for Pulmonary Embolism
    JEFFREY KLINE; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..In phase III, we will test the validity of the PE PREtest Consult TM and determine if the use of the PE PREtest ConsultTM will decrease unnecessary testing for PE. ..
  53. The Dynamic Assessment and Referral System for Substance Abuse (DARSSA)
    Edwin Boudreaux; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..g., Medicare). [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  54. Surrogate markers for Severe Pulmonary Embolism
    JEFFREY KLINE; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..This study will determine if criteria that are widely and immediately available in most hospitals can be used to risk-stratify severity of PE and to clarify the role of nonmalignant thrombophilias on the prognosis of PE. ..
  55. Ecstasy "Epidemic" and Youth: Trends, Comorbidity, Risk and Protective Factors
    Ping Wu; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..abstract_text> ..
  56. Drug Abuse, Criminal Justice System Involvement & Health Disparities in Youth
    Ping Wu; Fiscal Year: 2010
    Ping Wu; Fiscal Year: 2004
  58. PTSD and Substance Use/Abuse in Youth
    Ping Wu; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..It is hoped that the findings from this project will provide useful information for clinicians and policy makers, so as to improve service delivery for youth with PTSD and substance use/abuse after traumatic events. ..
  59. Bcl-2 and Ca2+ Homeostasis in Cardiac Dysfunction
    Ulrich Schmidt; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..The ability to modify apoptosis and contractile properties in heart failure would represent an important step towards developing new therapeutic approaches for heart failure. ..
  60. A Technology-Enhanced Nursing Intervention for Hospice Caregivers
    George Demiris; Fiscal Year: 2009