patient centered care


Summary: Design of patient care wherein institutional resources and personnel are organized around patients rather than around specialized departments. (From Hospitals 1993 Feb 5;67(3):14)

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  1. ncbi Nurse shift report: who says you can't talk in front of the patient?
    Cherri D Anderson
    Adult Acute Care Unit, Banner Desert Medical Center, Mesa, AZ 85202, USA
    Nurs Adm Q 30:112-22. 2006
  2. pmc Observational study of effect of patient centredness and positive approach on outcomes of general practice consultations
    P Little
    Primary Medical Care Group, Community Clinical Sciences Division, Faculty of Medicine, Southhampton University, Southampton SO165ST
    BMJ 323:908-11. 2001
  3. ncbi Soliciting the patient's agenda: have we improved?
    M K Marvel
    Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency Program, CO, USA
    JAMA 281:283-7. 1999
  4. ncbi Measuring patient-centered communication in patient-physician consultations: theoretical and practical issues
    Ronald M Epstein
    Department of Family Medicine, University of Rochester, 1381 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620, USA
    Soc Sci Med 61:1516-28. 2005
  5. pmc Preferences of patients for patient centred approach to consultation in primary care: observational study
    P Little
    Primary Medical Care Group, Community Clinical Sciences Division, University of Southampton, Aldermoor Health Centre, Southampton SO16 5ST, UK
    BMJ 322:468-72. 2001
  6. ncbi Patient trust: is it related to patient-centered behavior of primary care physicians?
    Kevin Fiscella
    Department of Family Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, New York, USA
    Med Care 42:1049-55. 2004
  7. doi The need to test the patient-centered medical home
    Michael S Barr
    American College of Physicians, 25 Massachusetts Ave NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20001 7401, USA
    JAMA 300:834-5. 2008
  8. ncbi Patient-centredness: a conceptual framework and review of the empirical literature
    N Mead
    National Primary Care Research and Development Centre, University of Manchester, UK
    Soc Sci Med 51:1087-110. 2000
  9. pmc Initial lessons from the first national demonstration project on practice transformation to a patient-centered medical home
    Paul A Nutting
    University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and Director of Research, Center for Research Strategies, 225 E 16th Ave, Suite 1150, Denver, Colorado, USA
    Ann Fam Med 7:254-60. 2009
  10. ncbi Enhancing clinician communication skills in a large healthcare organization: a longitudinal case study
    Terry Stein
    The Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Permanente, Northern California, 1800 Harrison St, 21st Floor, Oakland, CA 94612, USA
    Patient Educ Couns 58:4-12. 2005

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  1. ncbi Nurse shift report: who says you can't talk in front of the patient?
    Cherri D Anderson
    Adult Acute Care Unit, Banner Desert Medical Center, Mesa, AZ 85202, USA
    Nurs Adm Q 30:112-22. 2006
    ..This article will include information on the benefits of bedside nurse shift-to-shift report, how one unit implemented bedside reporting, and some of the outcomes achieved after implementing this change at a 600-bed urban medical center...
  2. pmc Observational study of effect of patient centredness and positive approach on outcomes of general practice consultations
    P Little
    Primary Medical Care Group, Community Clinical Sciences Division, Faculty of Medicine, Southhampton University, Southampton SO165ST
    BMJ 323:908-11. 2001
    ..To measure patients' perceptions of patient centredness and the relation of these perceptions to outcomes...
  3. ncbi Soliciting the patient's agenda: have we improved?
    M K Marvel
    Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency Program, CO, USA
    JAMA 281:283-7. 1999
    ..Previous research indicates physicians frequently choose a patient problem to explore before determining the patient's full spectrum of concerns...
  4. ncbi Measuring patient-centered communication in patient-physician consultations: theoretical and practical issues
    Ronald M Epstein
    Department of Family Medicine, University of Rochester, 1381 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620, USA
    Soc Sci Med 61:1516-28. 2005
    ..The increasing influence of the PCC literature to guide medical education, licensure of clinicians, and assessments of quality provides a strong rationale for further clarification of these measurement issues...
  5. pmc Preferences of patients for patient centred approach to consultation in primary care: observational study
    P Little
    Primary Medical Care Group, Community Clinical Sciences Division, University of Southampton, Aldermoor Health Centre, Southampton SO16 5ST, UK
    BMJ 322:468-72. 2001
    ..To identify patient's preferences for patient centred consultation in general practice...
  6. ncbi Patient trust: is it related to patient-centered behavior of primary care physicians?
    Kevin Fiscella
    Department of Family Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, New York, USA
    Med Care 42:1049-55. 2004
    ..Despite the potential importance of trust, there are few studies of its correlates using objective measures of physician behavior during encounters with patients...
  7. doi The need to test the patient-centered medical home
    Michael S Barr
    American College of Physicians, 25 Massachusetts Ave NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20001 7401, USA
    JAMA 300:834-5. 2008
  8. ncbi Patient-centredness: a conceptual framework and review of the empirical literature
    N Mead
    National Primary Care Research and Development Centre, University of Manchester, UK
    Soc Sci Med 51:1087-110. 2000
    ..Two main approaches to measurement are evaluated: self-report instruments and external observation methods. A number of recommendations concerning the measurement of patient-centredness are made...
  9. pmc Initial lessons from the first national demonstration project on practice transformation to a patient-centered medical home
    Paul A Nutting
    University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and Director of Research, Center for Research Strategies, 225 E 16th Ave, Suite 1150, Denver, Colorado, USA
    Ann Fam Med 7:254-60. 2009
  10. ncbi Enhancing clinician communication skills in a large healthcare organization: a longitudinal case study
    Terry Stein
    The Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Permanente, Northern California, 1800 Harrison St, 21st Floor, Oakland, CA 94612, USA
    Patient Educ Couns 58:4-12. 2005
    ..This article describes the approach taken over the past 16 years by one large healthcare organization, Kaiser Permanente (KP), to enhance the clinical communication and relationship skills of their clinicians...
  11. ncbi Type 2 diabetic patient-centered care
    Somjit Prueksaritanond
    Department of Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
    J Med Assoc Thai 87:345-52. 2004
    ..Patient-centered care customizes seeking and accepting the patient's ideas, seeking and giving recognition and encouragement, treatment recognition and decision making in response to the individual patient's perspective...
  12. ncbi A user's manual for the IOM's 'Quality Chasm' report
    Donald M Berwick
    Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Boston, USA
    Health Aff (Millwood) 21:80-90. 2002
  13. pmc Does patient-centered care improve provision of preventive services?
    Stephen D Flach
    Iowa City Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Public Policy Center, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA
    J Gen Intern Med 19:1019-26. 2004
    ..While patient-centered care (PCC) is desirable for many reasons, its relationship to treatment outcomes is controversial. We evaluated the relationship between PCC and the provision of preventive services...
  14. pmc The Future of Family Medicine: a collaborative project of the family medicine community
    James C Martin
    Family Practice Residency Program, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health Care, San Antonio, Tex, USA
    Ann Fam Med 2:S3-32. 2004
    ..The goal of the project was to develop a strategy to transform and renew the discipline of family medicine to meet the needs of patients in a changing health care environment...
  15. pmc A 2020 vision of patient-centered primary care
    Karen Davis
    The Commonwealth Fund, New York, NY, USA
    J Gen Intern Med 20:953-7. 2005
    ..A major effort to test this concept, develop a business case, provide technical assistance and training, and diffuse best practices is needed to transform American health care...
  16. ncbi Patient empowerment in tuberculosis control: reflecting on past documented experiences
    Jean Macq
    School of Public Health, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium
    Trop Med Int Health 12:873-85. 2007
  17. ncbi Finding common ground: patient-centeredness and evidence-based chronic illness care
    Edward H Wagner
    MacColl Institute for Healthcare Innovation, Center for Health Studies, Group Health Cooperative, Seattle, WA, USA
    J Altern Complement Med 11:S7-15. 2005
    ..We conclude that the Model is both evidence-based and patient-centered and that these can be properties of health systems, and not just of individual practitioners...
  18. pmc Discrete choice experiments in health care
    Mandy Ryan
    BMJ 328:360-1. 2004
  19. ncbi Development and validation of the Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (PACIC)
    Russell E Glasgow
    Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Denver, Colorado, USA
    Med Care 43:436-44. 2005
  20. ncbi Evaluating the tools used to assess the medical home
    Rebecca A Malouin
    Department of Family Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing 48824, USA
    Manag Care 18:44-8. 2009
    ..This analysis identifies tools for determining whether a patient-centered medical home achieves high level primary care...
  21. pmc Building a medical neighborhood for the medical home
    Elliott S Fisher
    Center for Health Policy Research, Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, Lebanon, NH, USA
    N Engl J Med 359:1202-5. 2008
  22. ncbi Sooner and healthier: a randomised controlled trial and interview study of an early discharge rehabilitation service for older people
    Amanda L Cunliffe
    Ageing and Disability Research Unit, B Floor Medical School, University Hospital Nottingham, UK
    Age Ageing 33:246-52. 2004
    ..Hospitals are under pressure from admissions of increasing numbers of older people. Older people may suffer unnecessary activity limitation after acute illnesses through lack of appropriate rehabilitation...
  23. pmc Elements of the patient-centered medical home in family practices in Virginia
    Debora Goetz Goldberg
    Departments of Family Medicine and Health Administration, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, USA
    Ann Fam Med 7:301-8. 2009
    ..This study explores existing elements of the PCMH and characteristics of family practices in Virginia...
  24. ncbi Patient-centered medical home demonstration: a prospective, quasi-experimental, before and after evaluation
    Robert J Reid
    Group Health Research Institute, Group Health Cooperative, 1730 Minor Ave, Ste 1600, Seattle, WA 98101, USA
    Am J Manag Care 15:e71-87. 2009
    ..Five design principles guided development of the PCMH changes to staffing, scheduling, point-of-care, outreach, and management...
  25. ncbi Future vision: is family medicine ready for patient-directed care?
    Joseph E Scherger
    Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, University of California, San Diego, CA 92130 2122, USA
    Fam Med 41:285-8. 2009
    ..Family medicine educators should begin now to educate medical students and residents for this new model of care...
  26. ncbi Quality, core values and the general practice consultation: issues of definition, measurement and delivery
    J G R Howie
    University of Edinburgh, 4 Ravelrig Park, Balerno, Edinburgh EH14 7DL
    Fam Pract 21:458-68. 2004
  27. ncbi Improving functional outcomes in older patients: lessons from an acute care for elders unit
    K E Covinsky
    Department of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA
    Jt Comm J Qual Improv 24:63-76. 1998
    ..At the University Hospitals of Cleveland, an Acute Care for Elders (ACE) unit that reengineered the process of caring for older patients (> or = 70 years of age) to improve functional outcomes was established in September 1990...
  28. ncbi The Medical Home Index: development and validation of a new practice-level measure of implementation of the Medical Home model
    W Carl Cooley
    Center for Medical Home Improvement, Lebanon, NH
    Ambul Pediatr 3:173-80. 2003
    ..The Medical Home is a clinical practice concept that sets new standards for pediatric primary care. This study describes the development and validation of a tool to measure the Medical Home...
  29. ncbi Transforming doctor-patient relationships to promote patient-centered care: lessons from palliative care
    Michael J Yedidia
    Rutgers Center for State Health Policy, Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901, USA
    J Pain Symptom Manage 33:40-57. 2007
  30. pmc Readiness for the Patient-Centered Medical Home: structural capabilities of Massachusetts primary care practices
    Mark W Friedberg
    Division of General Medicine, Brigham and Women s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA
    J Gen Intern Med 24:162-9. 2009
    ..The extent to which different types of primary care practices have adopted these capabilities has not been previously studied...
  31. pmc The expression of emotion through nonverbal behavior in medical visits. Mechanisms and outcomes
    Debra L Roter
    Department of Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD 21205, USA
    J Gen Intern Med 21:S28-34. 2006
  32. ncbi Changing professional practice in tuberculosis care: an educational intervention
    Judy Dick
    Health Systems Research Unit, Medical Research Council of South Africa, Tygerberg, South Africa
    J Adv Nurs 48:434-42. 2004
  33. ncbi Effectiveness of a learner-centred training programme for primary care physicians in using a patient-centred consultation style
    R R Moral
    , Spain
    Fam Pract 18:60-3. 2001
    ..Moreover, the gain was observed immediately after the intervention was completed, and after having run for a variable period of time up to 1 year...
  34. ncbi Relationships between physician practice style, patient satisfaction, and attributes of primary care
    Susan A Flocke
    Department of Family Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
    J Fam Pract 51:835-40. 2002
    ..This study was conducted to empirically derive physician interaction styles and to explore the association of style with patient reports of specific attributes of primary care, satisfaction with care received, and duration of the visit...
  35. ncbi Characterizing the patient-centeredness of hidden curricula in medical schools: development and validation of a new measure
    Paul Haidet
    Michael E DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 2002 Holcombe Boulevard 152, Houston, TX 77030, USA
    Acad Med 80:44-50. 2005
    ..The purpose of this project was to develop and test a tool (the C(3) Instrument) to help educators characterize and understand the hidden curriculum at their own institutions...
  36. pmc Continuity of primary care: to whom does it matter and when?
    Paul A Nutting
    Center for Research Strategies and the Department of Family Medicine, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colo 80203, USA
    Ann Fam Med 1:149-55. 2003
    ..We hypothesized that continuity would be more important to patients who are older, sicker, and female, who have established a relationship with their physician, and whose visit addresses more complex problems...
  37. ncbi Effectiveness of cognitive-behavioural, person-centred and psychodynamic therapies as practised in UK National Health Service settings
    William B Stiles
    Department of Psychology, Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056, USA
    Psychol Med 36:555-66. 2006
    ..Psychotherapy's equivalence paradox is that treatments have equivalently positive outcomes despite non-equivalent theories and techniques. We compared the outcomes of contrasting approaches practised in routine care...
  38. ncbi When physicians and patients think alike: patient-centered beliefs and their impact on satisfaction and trust
    E Krupat
    Health Psychology Program, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, 179 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA 02115, USA
    J Fam Pract 50:1057-62. 2001
  39. pmc Solution-focused therapy. Counseling model for busy family physicians
    G Greenberg
    Department of Family Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
    Can Fam Physician 47:2289-95. 2001
    ..To provide family doctors in busy office practices with a model for counseling compatible with patient-centred medicine, including the techniques, strategies, and questions necessary for implementation...
  40. ncbi Enhancing the medical homes model for children with asthma
    Marisa E Domino
    Department of Health Policy and Management, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC 27599 7411, USA
    Med Care 47:1113-20. 2009
    ..Medical Home is an evolving concept of patient-centered care yet little information is available on its effect on health care expenditures for children...
  41. ncbi Shared decision making and decision aids - a literature review
    Jill Thistlethwaite
    Department of General Practice and Rural Medicine, James Cook University, Queensland
    Aust Fam Physician 35:537-40. 2006
    ..We discuss the evolution and rationale behind SDM and the evidence relating to outcomes, the types of decision aids available, and research relating to their use...
  42. pmc Not the same everywhere. Patient-centered learning environments at nine medical schools
    Paul Haidet
    the Michael E DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA
    J Gen Intern Med 21:405-9. 2006
    ..However, many of these studies occurred at single medical schools and used time-intensive ethnographic methods. This field of inquiry lacks survey methods and information about how learning environments differ across medical schools...
  43. pmc Measuring consultation skills in primary care in England: evaluation and development of content of the MAAS scale
    J Robinson
    Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Liverpool
    Br J Gen Pract 52:889-93. 2002
    ..Consultation skills are essential for general practice. Tools for measuring consultation skills in everyday practice are not well developed..
  44. ncbi Surviving intensive care: a report from the 2002 Brussels Roundtable
    Derek C Angus
    CRISMA, Laboratory, Department of Critical Care Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, 3550 Terrace Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15261, USA
    Intensive Care Med 29:368-77. 2003
    ..Specific interventions that show promise for improving care include ICU discharge screening tools and ICU follow-up clinics...
  45. pmc The medical home: locus of physician formation
    Timothy P Daaleman
    Department of Family Medicine, Cecil G Sheps Center for Health Services Research, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Manning Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27599, USA
    J Am Board Fam Med 21:451-7. 2008
  46. pmc A person-centred approach to communicating risk
    Andy Alaszewski
    Canterbury s Centre for Health Services Studies, University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom
    PLoS Med 2:e41. 2005
  47. pmc Quality monitoring of physicians: linking patients' experiences of care to clinical quality and outcomes
    Thomas D Sequist
    Division of General Medicine and Primary Care, Brigham and Women s Hospital, Boston, MA 02120, USA
    J Gen Intern Med 23:1784-90. 2008
    ..Physicians are increasingly asked to improve the delivery of clinical services and patient experiences of care...
  48. ncbi Community Care of North Carolina and the medical home approach to chronic kidney disease
    C Annette DuBard
    Community Care of North Carolina, USA
    N C Med J 69:229-32. 2008
  49. ncbi Evaluating integrative medicine: science and art. Commentary on "A descriptive analysis of an integrative medicine clinic"
    Marja J Verhoef
    J Altern Complement Med 10:595-6. 2004
  50. ncbi A questionnaire study of GPs' and patients' beliefs about the different components of patient centredness
    Jane Ogden
    Department of General Practice, Guys Kings and St Thomas School of Medicine, Kings College London, 5 Lambeth Walk, UK
    Patient Educ Couns 47:223-7. 2002
  51. pmc Assessment of chronic illness care (ACIC): a practical tool to measure quality improvement
    Amy E Bonomi
    MacColl Institute for Healthcare Innovation, Center for Health Studies, Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound, Seattle, WA 98101 1448, USA
    Health Serv Res 37:791-820. 2002
  52. ncbi Prior experiences associated with residents' scores on a communication and interpersonal skill OSCE
    Rachel Yudkowsky
    Department of Medical Education, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, USA
    Patient Educ Couns 62:368-73. 2006
    ..This exploratory study investigated whether prior task experience and comfort correlate with scores on an assessment of patient-centered communication...
  53. ncbi Development of an assessment tool to measure the influence of clinical software on the delivery of high quality consultations. A study comparing two computerized medical record systems in a nurse run heart clinic in a general practice setting
    S de Lusignan
    Primary Care Informatics, Department of General Practice and Primary Care, St George s Hospital Medical School, London, UK
    Med Inform Internet Med 27:267-80. 2002
    ..With further refinement, this rating scale may become a useful tool that will inform software developers of the effectiveness of their programmes in the consultation, and suggest where they need development...
  54. pmc A change will do you good
    David Loxterkamp
    Seaport Family Practice, 41 Wight St, Belfast, ME 04915, USA
    Ann Fam Med 7:261-3. 2009
    ..It is through working with patients, however, that we learn of their extraordinary capacity for change-and by extension, ours...
  55. pmc Relationship-centered care. A constructive reframing
    Mary Catherine Beach
    Division of General Internal Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD 21287, USA
    J Gen Intern Med 21:S3-8. 2006
    ..In RCC, relationships between patients and clinicians remain central, although the relationships of clinicians with themselves, with each other and with community are also emphasized...
  56. pmc What patients want from primary care consultations: a discrete choice experiment to identify patients' priorities
    Sudeh Cheraghi-Sohi
    National Primary Care Research and Development Centre NPCRDC, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom
    Ann Fam Med 6:107-15. 2008
    ..Patients' priorities for these different issues need to be understood, but the optimal methods for assessing priorities are unclear. This study used a discrete choice experiment to assess patients' priorities...
  57. pmc Changing horses midstream: the promise and prudence of practice redesign
    David Loxterkamp
    Seaport Family Practice, 41 Wight St, Belfast, ME 04915, USA
    Ann Fam Med 6:167-70. 2008
    ..Our report is a personal reflection that looks beyond the question of whether busy practices and practitioners can change horses midstream. We ask, "Is this primary care, and is this what it needs?"..
  58. ncbi The past as prologue: future directions in clinical performance measurement in ambulatory care
    L Gregory Pawlson
    National Committee for Quality Assurance NCQA, Washington, DC, USA
    Am J Manag Care 13:594-6. 2007
  59. ncbi Integrating care for persons, not only diseases
    C J Peek
    Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, MN 55455 0392, USA
    J Clin Psychol Med Settings 16:13-20. 2009
  60. ncbi Approaches towards a regional, shared electronic patient record for health care facilities of different health care organizations--IT-strategy and first results
    Thomas Schabetsberger
    University for Health Informatics and Technology, Tyrol Institute for Health Information Systems, Innsruck, Austria
    Stud Health Technol Inform 107:979-82. 2004
    ..In addition, two related approaches towards supporting shared care have been compared with our approach. The aim of this paper is to report on our approach and first experiences...
  61. pmc Can patient-centered attitudes reduce racial and ethnic disparities in care?
    Mary Catherine Beach
    Division of General Internal Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland 21287, USA
    Acad Med 82:193-8. 2007
    ..The authors' purpose was to determine whether students with patient-centered attitudes have better performance and are less likely to demonstrate disparities with African American compared with white standardized patients (SPs)...
  62. ncbi A guide to the medical home as a practice-level intervention
    Mark W Friedberg
    RAND, 1776 Main St, PO Box 2138, Santa Monica, CA 90407 2138, USA
    Am J Manag Care 15:S291-9. 2009
    ..Carefully specifying the exact components of "medical home" interventions--and interpreting their results in the context of these specifications--will help build a coherent body of evidence to guide the revitalization of primary care...
  63. ncbi Communicating with alexithymic and non-alexithymic patients: an experimental study of the effect of psychosocial communication and empathy on patient satisfaction
    Peter Kjaer Graugaard
    Department of Behavioural Sciences in Medicine, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
    Psychother Psychosom 73:92-100. 2004
    ..The aim of this study was to investigate experimentally how psychosocial communication and empathic response from the physician affects satisfaction in alexithymic and non-alexithymic patients...
  64. ncbi The impact of patient-centered care on outcomes
    M Stewart
    Centre for Studies in Family Medicine, The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
    J Fam Pract 49:796-804. 2000
    ..We designed this observational cohort study to assess the association between patient-centered communication in primary care visits and subsequent health and medical care utilization...
  65. ncbi Patient-centred consultations and outcomes in primary care: a review of the literature
    Nicola Mead
    National Primary Care Research and Development Centre, University of Manchester, 5th Floor, Williamson Building, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, UK
    Patient Educ Couns 48:51-61. 2002
    ..Although the current evidence base may be suggestive of a relationship between patient-centred consulting behaviour and patient outcomes, the case has not been made definitively...
  66. ncbi Incorporation of the Tidal Model into the interdisciplinary plan of care--a program quality improvement project
    J L Berger
    St Joseph s Healthcare, Hamilton, Centre for Mountain Health Services, Hamilton, ON, Canada
    J Psychiatr Ment Health Nurs 13:464-7. 2006
    ..Our experience with the Tidal Model and the IPC has given voice to the patient's story and helped facilitate their journey towards recovery...
  67. ncbi Patient care transformation: the plan and the reality
    Diane Drexler
    Banner Estrella Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ 85037, USA
    Nurs Adm Q 30:221-7. 2006
    ..Positive results include patient satisfaction at the 99th percentile, successful integration of 63 software applications, and energized nursing staff...
  68. ncbi The development of caring in the perioperative culture: nurse leaders' perspective on the struggle to retain sight of the patient
    Gudrun Rudolfsson
    Faculty of Health and Caring Science, Institute of Nursing, The Sahlgrenska Academy, Goteborg University, Goteborg, Sweden
    Nurs Adm Q 31:312-24. 2007
  69. ncbi Caring in a technological environment: how is this possible?
    Selma Alliex
    School of Nursing, College of Health, Notre Dame University, Fremantle, Australia
    Contemp Nurse 17:32-43. 2004
    ..Maximizing was characterized by the nurses' added effort in trying to meet the humanistic needs of the patient in the presence of technology. The focus of the interaction was person-centred...
  70. ncbi Emotional and informational support for families during their child's illness
    A Sarajärvi
    Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia, Health and Social Care Services, Helsinki, Finland
    Int Nurs Rev 53:205-10. 2006
    ..To describe and compare the support provided by nursing staff to families during their child's illness from the viewpoint of families and nurses...
  71. ncbi Patient and family involvement in hospice interdisciplinary teams
    Debra Parker Oliver
    School of Social Work, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA
    J Palliat Care 21:270-6. 2005
    ..Better communication was recognized as a potential benefit. The patient's frailty and the burdens of caregiving for the family were noted challenges to participation. Video-mediated communication is offered as a potential solution...
  72. ncbi Suffer no more in silence: challenging the myths of women's mental health in childbearing
    Mathhew V Morrissey
    Canterbury Christchurch University College, North Holmes Road, Kent, CT1 1QU
    Int J Psychiatr Nurs Res 12:1429-38. 2007
    ..Care practices need to be informed by relevant interpersonal skills, research, education, prevention work, and a system of early detection and treatment of mental health problems (Cuijpers et al. 2005)...
  73. ncbi Valuing people as individuals: development of an instrument through a survey of person-centredness in secondary care
    J Coyle
    Department of Sociology, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh, UK
    J Adv Nurs 36:450-9. 2001
    ..Thus the concept of 'personal identity threat' showed the extent to which people felt valued (or not) as individuals...
  74. ncbi Putting practice into teaching: an exploratory study of nursing undergraduates' interpersonal skills and the effects of using empirical data as a teaching and learning resource
    Jones Aled
    School of Health Science, Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea, Wales, UK
    J Clin Nurs 16:2297-307. 2007
    ..To understand student nurse-patient interaction better and to assess the effectiveness of a teaching and learning resource consisting of tapes and transcriptions of actual nurse-patient interaction...
  75. ncbi Living with disability: Part 3. Communication and care
    C Thurgate
    Canterbury Christ Church University
    Paediatr Nurs 18:40-4. 2006
    ..Part three addresses the range of care that a child with disabilities requires and how the child's needs can be met in the ward setting. The importance of multi-disciplinary working in providing holistic care is also considered...
  76. ncbi Parents' and nurses' attitudes to family-centred care: an Irish perspective
    Mary Hughes
    University College Cork, Cork, Ireland
    J Clin Nurs 16:2341-8. 2007
    ..To examine the attitudes of parents and nurses to the model of care delivery on an in-patient children's unit in a regional general hospital...
  77. pmc Can teaching agenda-setting skills to physicians improve clinical interaction quality? A controlled intervention
    Hector P Rodriguez
    Department of Health Services, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
    BMC Med Educ 8:3. 2008
  78. ncbi Launching the Tidal Model in an adult mental health programme
    E Fletcher
    Psychiatry Research Unit, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle City Health NHS Trust
    Nurs Stand 15:33-6. 2001
    ..CONCLUSION: The introduction of this model appears to have had a positive impact on the care being given to patients and the nurses using the model appear to be satisfied with the use of patient-centred care...
  79. ncbi [Psychological support of cancer patients in the oncological consultation]
    Friedrich Stiefel
    Service de Psychiatrie de Liaison, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois CHUV, 1011 Lausanne, Suisse
    Bull Cancer 94:841-5. 2007
    ..It provides a review on research in progress in this field and finally indicates other elements of support, which contribute to the << narrative reconstruction >> of the patient facing the rupture induced by cancer...
  80. ncbi Swedish Registered Nurses' incentives to use nursing diagnoses in clinical practice
    Lena Axelsson
    Sophiahemmet University College, Stockholm, Sweden
    J Clin Nurs 15:936-45. 2006
    ..The purpose of this study was to describe Registered Nurses' incentives to use nursing diagnoses in clinical practice...
  81. ncbi Disentangling physician sex and physician communication style: their effects on patient satisfaction in a virtual medical visit
    Marianne Schmid Mast
    University of Neuchatel, Department of Work and Organizational Psychology, Rue de la Maladiere 23, CH 2000 Neuchatel, Switzerland
    Patient Educ Couns 68:16-22. 2007
    ..By using the virtual medical visit paradigm, we were able to disentangle the two variables and study their separate and/or joint effects on patient satisfaction...
  82. ncbi Using patient-centered interviewing skills to manage complex patient encounters in primary care
    Catherine Lein
    Michigan State University, College of Nursing, East Lansing, Michigan 48825, USA
    J Am Acad Nurse Pract 19:215-20. 2007
    ..To describe effective and efficient patient-centered interviewing strategies to enhance the management of complex primary care patient encounters...
  83. ncbi 'With woman' philosophy: examining the evidence, answering the questions
    Mary Carolan
    Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
    Nurs Inq 14:140-52. 2007
    ..To date, there has been no thorough evaluation of this emerging midwifery philosophy in Australia. In order to open the debate, this paper aims to initiate a discussion of 'with woman' midwifery care as it applies to Australian practice...
  84. ncbi Nurse practitioner-client interaction as resource exchange: the nurse's view (NP-client interaction)
    Rebecca Koeniger-Donohue
    Graduate Program in Primary Health Care Nursing, School for Health Studies, Simmons College, Boston, MA 02115, USA
    J Clin Nurs 16:1050-60. 2007
    ..The aim of this study was to explore nurse practitioner (NP) client encounters from the nurse's perspective using a resource exchange paradigm...
  85. ncbi Person-centered nursing practice with older people in Ireland
    Margaret G Landers
    College Lecturer, Catherine McAuley School of Nursing and Midwifery, Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, National University of Ireland, Cork, Ireland
    Nurs Sci Q 20:78-84. 2007
    ..The following criteria are then applied: logical congruence, the generation of the theory, the credibility of the model, and the contribution of the model to the discipline of nursing...
  86. ncbi What does partnership in care mean for children's nurses?
    Polly Lee
    St Bartholomew School of Nursing and Midwifery, City University, London, UK
    J Clin Nurs 16:518-26. 2007
  87. ncbi Older people's preferences for involvement in their own care: a qualitative study in primary health care in 11 European countries
    Hilde Bastiaens
    Department of General Practice S5, University of Antwerp, Universiteitsplein 1, 2600 Wilrijk, Belgium
    Patient Educ Couns 68:33-42. 2007
    ..The aim of the study was to explore the views of people aged over 70 years on involvement in their primary health care in 11 different European countries...
  88. ncbi Passive patient or engaged expert? Using a Ptolemaic approach to enhance mental health nurse education and practice
    Tony Warne
    Salford Centre for Nursing, Midwifery and Collaborative Research, The University of Salford, Salford, Greater Manchester, UK
    Int J Ment Health Nurs 16:224-9. 2007
    ..The difficulties of adopting this approach point to a need for mental health nurses and nurse educationalists to take a more reflexive approach to their patient encounters and within their encounters with each other...
  89. ncbi Determinants and patient-reported long-term outcomes of physician empathy in oncology: a structural equation modelling approach
    Melanie Neumann
    Centre for Health Services Research Cologne, Medical Department of the University of Cologne, Germany
    Patient Educ Couns 69:63-75. 2007
    ..The aim of the present cross-sectional study was to explore patient- and physician-specific determinants of physician empathy (PE) and to analyse the influence of PE on patient-reported long-term outcomes in German cancer patients...
  90. ncbi A patient survey of nursing practice philosophy in 2001 and 2005
    Helen Noble
    St Bartholomew School of Nursing, London
    Br J Nurs 16:892-5. 2007
    ..Results have been delivered back to the Trust's Nursing Policy Board and action plans have been agreed based on the results of the survey in 2005 within the Trust's shared governance framework...
  91. ncbi Family centred care: a review of qualitative studies
    Linda Shields
    Nursing, University of Hull, Hull, UK
    J Clin Nurs 15:1317-23. 2006
    ..To review systematically qualitative studies, which were found during a literature search for a Cochrane systematic review of the use of family centred care in children's hospitals...
  92. ncbi Negotiation of parental roles within family-centred care: a review of the research
    Jo Corlett
    School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Dundee, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, UK
    J Clin Nurs 15:1308-16. 2006
    ..To review research published in the past 15 years about how children's nurses' negotiate with parents in relation to family-centred care...
  93. ncbi Exploring person-centred care
    Bob Price
    Royal College of Nursing Institute, London
    Nurs Stand 20:49-56; quiz 58. 2006
    ..Person-centred care developed in response to the need for a more patient-sensitive healthcare service and is based on a rich understanding of the patient, his or her circumstances and needs...
  94. ncbi Conditions for patient participation and non-participation in health care
    Ann Catrine Eldh
    Orebro University, Sweden
    Nurs Ethics 13:503-14. 2006
  95. ncbi To describe or prescribe: assumptions underlying a prescriptive nursing process approach to spiritual care
    Barbara Pesut
    Trinity Western University, Langley, BC, Canada
    Nurs Inq 13:127-34. 2006
    ..We conclude that this approach extends the nursing role beyond appropriate professional boundaries, making it ethically problematic...
  96. ncbi 'She gave it her best shot right away': patient experiences of biomedical and patient-centered communication
    Sara L Swenson
    Program in Medical Ethics at the University of California, Box 0320, 400 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94143 0320, USA
    Patient Educ Couns 61:200-11. 2006
    ..We investigated patient responses to videotaped doctor-patient vignettes to ascertain what they liked about patient-centered and biomedical communication...
  97. ncbi Helping networks in community home care for the elderly: types of team
    Cheryl A Cott
    Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Can J Nurs Res 40:19-37. 2008
    ..Three types of team emerged: client-centred, case manager-centred, and discipline-specific. No evidence of formal collaborative interdisciplinary teams was found, with HCSPs most valuing the discipline-specific model...
  98. ncbi 'Being appropriately unusual': a challenge for nurses in health-promoting conversations with families
    Eva Gunilla Benzein
    School of Human Sciences, Kalmar University, Kalmar, Sweden
    Nurs Inq 15:106-15. 2008
    ..In this way, family health can be enhanced...
  99. ncbi Psychosocial vital signs: using simulation to introduce a new concept
    Charlotte M Spade
    Loretto Heights School of Nursing, Regis University, Denver, Colorado, USA
    Nurse Educ 33:181-6. 2008
    ..When learning PVS as a fundamental nursing skill, students' thinking is informed and guided toward a holistic view of their patients. The author discusses components of PVS and the curriculum used for teaching students how to use PVS...
  100. ncbi Patient-centred communication: videotaped consultations
    Bjöörn Fossum
    Department of Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institutet, Division of Social Medicine, Karolinska Hospital, Norrbacka Floor 2, SE 171 76 Stockholm, Sweden
    Patient Educ Couns 54:163-9. 2004
    ..In this study, the CM has been helpful in clarifying the difference between encounters experienced as satisfactory or dissatisfactory...
  101. ncbi How patient-centred am I? A new method to measure physicians' patient-centredness
    Dorte Kjeldmand
    Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Section for Health Services Research, University of Uppsala, Sweden
    Patient Educ Couns 62:31-7. 2006
    ..To describe a new method to determine physicians' self-perceived degree of patient-centredness. A pilot study combining qualitative and quantitative methods...

Research Grants78

  1. Treatment decision making in older adults newly diagnosed with multiple myeloma
    Joseph D Tariman; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Due to the limited studies in older adults with cancer, these specific aspects of decision-making have not been previously explored. ..
  2. Online patient self-assessment for chronic pancreatic and other pain
    Andrew H Soll; Fiscal Year: 2011
    ..Although we focus on chronic pancreatic pain, we are using a general approach that will be applicable to any chronic pain or non-pain symptom. ..
  3. Clinical Decision Support for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
    EDWARD ROBERT MELNICK; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The tool will include special provisions for shared decision- making with the elderly, another AHRQ priority population. ..
  4. Transforming PCI Informed Consent into an Evidence-based Decision-making Tool
    John A Spertus; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..We will then estimate the cost-savings associated with more rational BAT use to test the hypothesis that PRISM will improve the cost-effectiveness of PCI. ..
  5. Research Training in Mental Health Services and Systems
    Joseph P Morrissey; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Given the sustained excellence of this training program, funds are requested to continue NRSA-support for four postdoctoral fellows each year during the next five-years. ..
  6. Re-engineering Methadone Treatment: A Randomized Clinical Trial
    Robert P Schwartz; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The public health impact of the proposed study will be high because the study may reveal that this new approach to treatment can prevent illicit drug use, HIV risk behavior, crime and overdose as compared to treatment as usual. ..
  7. Preparing for New Antivirals: Preferences for Treatment of Hepatitis C
    Liana Fraenkel; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..These goals adhere to the VA principles of promoting patient centered care, informed consent and patient autonomy, and meet guidelines calling for individualized decision making for ..
  8. Access to Pediatric Voice Therapy: A Telehealth Solution
    LISA NELSON KELCHNER; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..This application responds to the documented criteria listed for PAR-08-269. It aims to support patient centered care and the delivery of care across settings (e.g., hospital based service to home)...
  9. A randomized trial of an educational intervention in type 2 diabetes patients
    Howard S Gordon; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Improved communication is a central feature of patient centered care. Communication in medical interactions is critical and plays an important, but often overlooked role in ..
  10. A Patient-Centered Strategy to Reduce Diabetes Disparities in Chinese Americans
    Susan Ivey; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..The clinic's patients, their families, and doctors will work with local researchers to find ways to improve diabetes care in the clinic and to help educate patients and their families. ..
  11. Northwestern University-University of Chicago HSR Postdoctoral Training Program
    JANE LOUISE HOLL; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..analysis, geriatric diabetes quality improvement, communication about prescription costs, ethics, and patient centered care. While the NU and UC Programs will remain distinct, the collaboration will (1) bring together a more ..
  12. Training Healthcare Professionals to Implement Biopsychosocial Screening
    MATTHEW JOSEPH LOSCALZO; Fiscal Year: 2013
  13. Improving Care for Older Adults with Serious Illness
    AMY STEVES KELLEY; Fiscal Year: 2013
  14. Emerging Safety and Quality Issues in the Care of Hospitalized Children
    NORA ESTEBAN-CRUVIANI; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Ultimately, these efforts can improve safety and quality care for hospitalized children at the regional level, and potentially at the national level. ..
  15. A Structured Communication Tool to Improve OEF/OIF Veteran Care
    RICHARD WARREN GOLDBERG; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..abstract_text> ..
  16. Time for ACTion: Comprehensive Recommendations for Antenatal Corticosteroid Treat
    Milton Kotelchuck; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..abstract_text> ..
  17. Comparing Strategies for Translating Self-management Support into Primary Care
    WALTER PERRY DICKINSON; Fiscal Year: 2013
  18. Patient Safety and Acute Kidney Injury
    Jeremiah R Brown; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..We will work with clinicians from different disciplines to improve patient safety, protect against kidney injury, and identifying early risk factors that may be modified to reduce the risk of organ injury. ..
  19. Identifying Effective Strategies to Disclose Prognosis in Patients with ARDS
    Douglas B White; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..These insights will allow us to develop an intervention to improve communication about prognosis for patients with acute respiratory failure. ..
  20. Improving Recognition and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease in Primary Care
    Cara B Litvin; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Consistent with AHRQ's goals, the research project is designed to improve the quality of healthcare for all Americans and to promote evidence-based decision making. ..
  21. A Trial to Improve Surrogate Decision-Making for Critically Ill Older Adults
    Douglas B White; Fiscal Year: 2013
  22. Behavioral and Social Sciences in Clinical Setting: Team-Based Patient Care
    Rita Charon; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..abstract_text> ..
  23. Implementing a low-literacy, multimedia IT system to enhance patient-centered can
    Elizabeth Hahn; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..It can also be adapted for other health conditions. This novel multimedia IT system may be especially helpful in addressing disparities in cancer care for vulnerable populations. ..
  24. Colon Cancer Screening Decisions in Late Life
    Carmen Lewis; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..With this award Dr Lewis will be prepared to make significant contributions to cancer prevention and control in the aging U.S. population. ..
  25. The Impact of Shared Decision-Making among African-Americans with Diabetes
    Monica E Peek; Fiscal Year: 2010
  26. Using Health Information Technology to Improve Delivery of HPV Vaccine
    Cynthia M Rand; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Using electronic means to reach adolescents can improve their receipt of preventive services, and overall health outcomes. ..
  27. Integrated Online Assessment and Intervention Targeting Health Disparities
    Andrew H Soll; Fiscal Year: 2012
  28. Training Doctors to Disclose Unanticipated Outcomes to Patients: Randomized Trial
    THOMAS HENRY GALLAGHER; Fiscal Year: 2011
    ..The findings will be widely applicable to training physicians to meet the increasing demands for effective disclosure. ..
  29. A Telehealth Learning Collaborative for Pediatric Obesity in Rural Primary Care
    Ulfat Shaikh; Fiscal Year: 2011
  30. The Impact of Health Homes in New York State on People with Substance Use Disorde
    Jon Morgenstern; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..HHs aim to increase patient centered care among the most vulnerable populations covered under Medicaid...
  31. Improving Older Adults'Decision Making For Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment
    Constance Fung; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Fung to become an independent researcher and leader in strategies for helping older adults incorporate their preferences and needs into medical decisions. ..
  32. Penn Center for Innovation in Personalized Breast Screening
    Mitchell D Schnall; Fiscal Year: 2013 screening that leverage advances in breast imaging modalities, breast cancer risk assessment and patient centered care to achieve better outcomes at lower cost...
  33. Photovoice as an Educational Intervention to Improve Care of OEF/OIF Veterans
    JENNIFER GALA TRUE; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The impact of attending a Photovoice exhibit or presentation on VA providers and staff will be assessed through written comments and small-group discussions. ..
  34. Urinary Diversion Among Bladder Cancer Survivors: Cost, Complications, and QOL
    CARMIT KURN MCMULLEN; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..neobladders (N=1,500). AIM 3: Determine the impacts of UD type on economic and patient- and family-centered outcomes, as collected in surveys of 375 patients and 178 family caregivers 5 and 17 months after UD surgery. ..
  35. e-MBC for Major Depressive Disorder
    JOHN BROOKS MORROW; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..If results are promising, the next critical steps for us would be to conduct a multicenter three-arm randomized controlled trial to compare the effectiveness of e-MBC, office-based MBC, and telephone nurse follow-up. ..
  36. Test of Accurate Perception of Patients'Affect: Development and Validation
    Judith A Hall; Fiscal Year: 2011
    ..The research is cost-effective in that it builds on existing data sources in several institutions. ..
  37. Provider and Peer Support Intervention to Improve ART Adherence among Kenyan Men
    SUSAN MARIE GRAHAM; Fiscal Year: 2013
  38. A low literacy multimedia approach to disseminate bilingual diabetes CERSGs
    Elizabeth A Hahn; Fiscal Year: 2010
  39. Computer-Supported Management of Medical-Legal Issues Impacting Child Health
    STEPHEN MILLER DOWNS; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..It is also consistent with AHRQ's Comparative Effectiveness Portfolio research objectives. ..
    Edward H Yelin; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..I.). The D&F Study is: The Development of a Tailored Symptom Assessment Tool to Enhance Patient-Centered Care in RA (Jennifer Barton, P.I.). ..
  41. Predicting mortality in older adults with kidney disease: a pragmatic risk score
    JESSICA WEINSTEIN WEISS; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..We anticipate that development of this risk score will be a positive step towards helping care providers to predict mortality in older CKD patients, allowing more individualized and patient-centered care for this unique population. ..
  42. Improving Adolescent Primary Care Through An Interactive Behavioral Health Module
    Elizabeth M Ozer; Fiscal Year: 2012
  43. Identification and Dissemination of Best Practices for Patient Centered Care
    Hanan J Aboumatar; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..In addition to informing hospital leaders and improvement teams in hospitals on how to improve hospital practice of patient-centered care, the proposed conference can inform the research agenda for future work in this important field. ..
  44. eCoach: Development and pilot testing of a decision aid for prostate cancer
    Theresa Wicklin Gillespie; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Ultimately we envision a tool that could be generalized to a number of other conditions and could transform the process of shared decision making for millions of patients. ..
  45. Facilitators and Barriers to Adoption of a Successful Urban Telemedicine Model
    Kenneth M McConnochie; Fiscal Year: 2012
  46. Privacy in Practice: The Role of EHRs in Pediatrician Interactions with Patients
    TIMOTHY STABLEIN; Fiscal Year: 2013
  47. A Smartphone Application for Asthma Patient Self Management and Telemonitoring
    Renee N Saris-Baglama; Fiscal Year: 2012
  48. Using a Telemedicine System to Promote Patient Care Among Underserved Individuals
    Alfred Bove; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..abstract_text> ..
  49. Oregon multidisciplinary training program in health services research
    Cynthia D Morris; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..Trainees will participate in both skill-building and research application-building conferences and seminars to maximize input and increase their success. ..
  50. Quality of Life After Treatment with Magnesium for Acute Sickle Cell Pain Episode
    Julie A Panepinto; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..This is a critical step to support patient-centered care, a key ingredient in provision of quality health care. (End of Abstract) ..
  51. Context-Aware Knowledge Delivery into Electronic Health Records
    Guilherme Del Fiol; Fiscal Year: 2012
  52. Building Patient Centered Outcomes Research Capacity: Care Transitions
    David R Mehr; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The MU Center will be supported by strong internal and external advisors, and the application proposes a robust evaluation process. ..
  53. Symptom Monitoring and Reporting System for Pediatric Chronic Illness
    Jin Shei Lai; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..We also propose to explore the efficacy of the SyMon-Peds system in managing fatigue. ..
  54. Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center Support Grant
    Patrick J Loehrer; Fiscal Year: 2013 to advance the understanding, prevention and treatment of cancer throughout Indiana and the world with patient centered care, acceleration of promising science and collaborative educational programs...
  55. Improving healthcare quality with user-centric patient portals
    Jessica S Ancker; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Jessica Ancker as an independent researcher at the intersection of informatics and health services research. ..
  56. Integrating patient-reported outcomes and electronic health record data to improv
    Heather Anderson; Fiscal Year: 2013
  57. Detecting, Addressing and Learning From Patient-Perceived Breakdowns in Care
    KATHLEEN MICHELE MAZOR; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Our mix of qualitative and quantitative methods will provide insights into how to generalize the program and optimize reach and effectiveness for all patients. ..
  58. A Community HIE-based Hospital Readmission Risk Prediction &Notification System
    Hadi Kharrazi; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..discharge teams are especially trained and virtually all PCPs in the state are now part of an advanced patient centered care medical home (PCMH) model...
  59. HF Patient Decision Making Prior to Rehospitalization
    Jiayun Xu; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The proposed study is directly aligned with the National Institute of Nursing Research's (NINR) strategic plan to develop strategies that assist patients in better managing their chronic illness. ..
  60. eHealth BP Control Program
    Charles B Eaton; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..The goal of this project is to obtain the necessary pilot data to design a robust randomized practical clinical trial of the e-health blood pressure control program for future implementation. ..
  61. Patient-Centered Care for Underserved Minorities in Primary Care
    Sapana R Patel; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..A better understanding of patient decision making, preferences and barriers to care has implications for quality improvement interventions that could impact the treatment of underserved depressed minority patients in primary care. ..
  62. Use Mobile Devices and Cloud Computing Platforms for Real-time Data Solutions in
    Xiaowei Yang; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..It will offer cost-effective data services, fully complying with FDA guidelines, to help academic and pharmaceutical industry clients develop medicines to meet the goal of personalized treatment and patient-centered care. ..
  63. Assessing and Optimizing Medical Assistant Roles
    Shannon Bolon; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..The results of this study are necessary for future investigations to test purposefully directed medical assistant development in transforming family medicine offices to improve the quality of patient centered care.
  64. RFID Application in the Blood Product Supply Chain
    Rodeina Davis; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  65. Enabling Sleep Apnea Patient-Centered Care Via an Internet Intervention
    Carl Stepnowsky; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..contours of the study: Does the i-PAP intervention have an effect on the patient?s experience of care, CPAP adherence, and OSA outcomes relative to usual care, and if so, what are the possible mechanisms that account for the effect?..
    Ronald Epstein; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..abstract_text> ..
  67. Health Care Decision Making in Older Adults
    KATHRYN FLYNN; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..The proposed research will provide valuable information for promoting optimal patient-centered care to clinicians, policymakers, and researchers. ..
  68. The Business Case for Disability Care Coordination
    Susan Palsbo; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable] [unreadable]..
  69. Patient safety self-advocacy in patient-centered care
    Nancy Elder; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..The study will contribute to development of advocacy guidelines that can be investigated in future intervention studies. ..
  70. CAM Education Program for Nursing
    Janice Zeller; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..The proposed program is anticipated to be at the forefront of a movement in nursing to incorporate CAM information into education, practice, and research activities. ..
  71. Partnering with Patients to Find Adverse Events
    SAUL WEINGART; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..This analysis broadens the approach to patient participation in safety by assessing whether organizations that provide patient-centered care also produce fewer complications than expected...
  72. Computer Adaptive Test for Patients with Heart Failure
    Matthias Rose; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..The final goal will be to have a comprehensive practical tool available to improve patient centered care and life expectancy of patients with heart failure...
  73. Patient-Centered Approach to Advance Care Planning
    KARIN KIRCHHOFF; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..abstract_text> ..
  74. Impacts of the Physical Environment on Health Care
    Craig Zimring; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..In either case, the physical form of hospitals will shape U.S. healthcare for years to come. Conference results will be disseminated via journal articles, web sites and press releases. ..
    Paul Lee; Fiscal Year: 1999
    Allen Fremont; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..abstract_text> ..
  77. A Randomized Trial of Home Self-Efficacy Enhancement
    Anthony Jerant; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..The findings will help policymakers, payers, and providers identify which interventions to implement. ..
    Mary White; Fiscal Year: 1999
    ..s. ..