metabolic diseases


Summary: Generic term for diseases caused by an abnormal metabolic process. It can be congenital due to inherited enzyme abnormality (METABOLISM, INBORN ERRORS) or acquired due to disease of an endocrine organ or failure of a metabolically important organ such as the liver. (Stedman, 26th ed)

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  1. pmc Fatty acid-binding proteins: role in metabolic diseases and potential as drug targets
    Masato Furuhashi
    Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health, 665 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, USA
    Nat Rev Drug Discov 7:489-503. 2008
  2. ncbi Fructose and metabolic diseases: new findings, new questions
    Luc Tappy
    Department of Physiology, University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland
    Nutrition 26:1044-9. 2010
  3. ncbi Targeting bile-acid signalling for metabolic diseases
    Charles Thomas
    Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology, 1 rue Laurent Fries, 67404 Illkirch, France
    Nat Rev Drug Discov 7:678-93. 2008
  4. ncbi Restoring endoplasmic reticulum function by chemical chaperones: an emerging therapeutic approach for metabolic diseases
    F Engin
    Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA 02115, USA
    Diabetes Obes Metab 12:108-15. 2010
  5. pmc Osteocalcin differentially regulates beta cell and adipocyte gene expression and affects the development of metabolic diseases in wild-type mice
    Mathieu Ferron
    Departments of Genetics and Development and Pathology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York, NY 10032, USA
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105:5266-70. 2008
  6. pmc Time-restricted feeding without reducing caloric intake prevents metabolic diseases in mice fed a high-fat diet
    Megumi Hatori
    Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA
    Cell Metab 15:848-60. 2012
  7. pmc Nutrient sensing and inflammation in metabolic diseases
    Gokhan S Hotamisligil
    Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, USA
    Nat Rev Immunol 8:923-34. 2008
  8. pmc A role for the NLRP3 inflammasome in metabolic diseases--did Warburg miss inflammation?
    Haitao Wen
    Department of Microbiology and Immunology and Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
    Nat Immunol 13:352-7. 2012
  9. pmc Sequence-specific recruitment of heterochromatin protein 1 via interaction with Krüppel-like factor 11, a human transcription factor involved in tumor suppression and metabolic diseases
    Gwen Lomberk
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Laboratory of Epigenetics and Chromatin Dynamics, GIH Division, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 55905, USA
    J Biol Chem 287:13026-39. 2012
  10. ncbi Consensus on women's health aspects of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): the Amsterdam ESHRE/ASRM-Sponsored 3rd PCOS Consensus Workshop Group
    Bart C J M Fauser
    Department of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology, University Medical Center, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Fertil Steril 97:28-38.e25. 2012

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  1. pmc Fatty acid-binding proteins: role in metabolic diseases and potential as drug targets
    Masato Furuhashi
    Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health, 665 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, USA
    Nat Rev Drug Discov 7:489-503. 2008
  2. ncbi Fructose and metabolic diseases: new findings, new questions
    Luc Tappy
    Department of Physiology, University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland
    Nutrition 26:1044-9. 2010
    There has been much concern regarding the role of dietary fructose in the development of metabolic diseases. This concern arises from the continuous increase in fructose (and total added caloric sweeteners consumption) in recent decades, ..
  3. ncbi Targeting bile-acid signalling for metabolic diseases
    Charles Thomas
    Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology, 1 rue Laurent Fries, 67404 Illkirch, France
    Nat Rev Drug Discov 7:678-93. 2008
  4. ncbi Restoring endoplasmic reticulum function by chemical chaperones: an emerging therapeutic approach for metabolic diseases
    F Engin
    Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA 02115, USA
    Diabetes Obes Metab 12:108-15. 2010
  5. pmc Osteocalcin differentially regulates beta cell and adipocyte gene expression and affects the development of metabolic diseases in wild-type mice
    Mathieu Ferron
    Departments of Genetics and Development and Pathology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York, NY 10032, USA
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105:5266-70. 2008
    ..These results establish in WT mice the importance of this novel molecular player in the regulation of glucose metabolism and fat mass and suggest that osteocalcin may be of value in the treatment of metabolic diseases.
  6. pmc Time-restricted feeding without reducing caloric intake prevents metabolic diseases in mice fed a high-fat diet
    Megumi Hatori
    Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA
    Cell Metab 15:848-60. 2012
    ..To test whether obesity and metabolic diseases result from HFD or disruption of metabolic cycles, we subjected mice to either ad lib or time-restricted ..
  7. pmc Nutrient sensing and inflammation in metabolic diseases
    Gokhan S Hotamisligil
    Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, USA
    Nat Rev Immunol 8:923-34. 2008 is emerging as a crucial homeostatic mechanism, the dysfunction of which underlies many chronic metabolic diseases, including type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis...
  8. pmc A role for the NLRP3 inflammasome in metabolic diseases--did Warburg miss inflammation?
    Haitao Wen
    Department of Microbiology and Immunology and Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
    Nat Immunol 13:352-7. 2012
    ..Here we explore how the Warburg effect might be linked to inflammation and inflammasome activation...
  9. pmc Sequence-specific recruitment of heterochromatin protein 1 via interaction with Krüppel-like factor 11, a human transcription factor involved in tumor suppression and metabolic diseases
    Gwen Lomberk
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Laboratory of Epigenetics and Chromatin Dynamics, GIH Division, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 55905, USA
    J Biol Chem 287:13026-39. 2012
  10. ncbi Consensus on women's health aspects of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): the Amsterdam ESHRE/ASRM-Sponsored 3rd PCOS Consensus Workshop Group
    Bart C J M Fauser
    Department of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology, University Medical Center, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Fertil Steril 97:28-38.e25. 2012
    ..Additional, comprehensive background information is provided separately in an extended online publication...
  11. pmc Ten years of NAD-dependent SIR2 family deacetylases: implications for metabolic diseases
    Shin Ichiro Imai
    Department of Developmental Biology, Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, MO 63110, USA
    Trends Pharmacol Sci 31:212-20. 2010
    ..g., type-2 diabetes) to set a basis for the next ten years of sirtuin research...
  12. ncbi Adipose tissue dysfunction contributes to obesity related metabolic diseases
    Matthias Bluher
    Department of Medicine, University of Leipzig, Liebigstr 20, 04103 Leipzig, Germany
    Best Pract Res Clin Endocrinol Metab 27:163-77. 2013
    ..A better understanding of mechanisms causing or maintaining AT dysfunction may provide new therapeutic strategies in the treatment of obesity-induced metabolic diseases.
  13. ncbi Crosstalk between advanced glycation and endoplasmic reticulum stress: emerging therapeutic targeting for metabolic diseases
    Christina Piperi
    Department of Biological Chemistry, Medical School, University of Athens, 75, M Asias Street, 11527 Athens, Greece
    J Clin Endocrinol Metab 97:2231-42. 2012
    ..under conditions of increased oxidative stress, hyperglycemia, and hypoxia contributing to a variety of metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, inflammation, polycystic ovarian syndrome, ischemic cardiovascular ..
  14. pmc Mitochondrial stress: a bridge between mitochondrial dysfunction and metabolic diseases?
    Fang Hu
    Metabolic Syndrome Research Center, The Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, Changsha, China
    Cell Signal 23:1528-33. 2011
    ..Improving the capacity of mitochondria to reduce stress may be an effective approach to improve mitochondria function and to suppress obesity-induced metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes...
  15. ncbi Adipose tissue angiogenesis as a therapeutic target for obesity and metabolic diseases
    Yihai Cao
    Yihai Cao is at the Department of Microbiology, Tumour and Cell Biology, Karolinska Institute, 171 77 Stockholm
    Nat Rev Drug Discov 9:107-15. 2010
    ..This Perspective discusses recent progress in understanding the molecular mechanisms that control adipose tissue angiogenesis and in defining potential new vascular targets and approaches for the treatment of this group of diseases...
  16. pmc Targeting Forkhead box O1 from the concept to metabolic diseases: lessons from mouse models
    Zhiyong Cheng
    Division of Endocrinology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Harvard Medical School, Children s Hospital Boston, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, USA
    Antioxid Redox Signal 14:649-61. 2011
    ..In this article, we review the role of FOXO1 in the regulation of metabolism and energy expenditure based on recent findings from mouse models, and discuss the therapeutic value of targeting FOXO1 in metabolic diseases.
  17. ncbi Potential mechanisms by which polyphenol-rich grapes prevent obesity-mediated inflammation and metabolic diseases
    Chia Chi Chuang
    Department of Nutrition, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC 27402, USA
    Annu Rev Nutr 31:155-76. 2011
    ..Thus, polyphenol-rich grape products may reduce obesity-mediated chronic inflammation by multiple mechanisms, thereby preventing metabolic diseases.
  18. pmc Targeting orphan nuclear receptors for treatment of metabolic diseases and autoimmunity
    Thomas P Burris
    Department of Molecular Therapeutics, The Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, FL 33458, USA
    Chem Biol 19:51-9. 2012
  19. ncbi Endothelial dysfunction in cardiovascular and endocrine-metabolic diseases: an update
    A P Davel
    Departamento de Anatomia, Biologia Celular e Fisiologia e Biofísica, Instituto de Biologia, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil
    Braz J Med Biol Res 44:920-32. 2011
    ..impaired control of vascular tone and contributes to the pathogenesis of some cardiovascular and endocrine/metabolic diseases. Reduced endothelium-derived nitric oxide (NO) bioavailability and increased production of thromboxane A2, ..
  20. pmc Severe malnutrition and metabolic complications of HIV-infected children in the antiretroviral era: clinical care and management in resource-limited settings
    Philippa M Musoke
    Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
    Am J Clin Nutr 94:1716S-1720S. 2011
  21. ncbi New mechanisms and the anti-inflammatory role of curcumin in obesity and obesity-related metabolic diseases
    Adeeb Shehzad
    School of Life Sciences, College of Natural Sciences, Kyungpook National University, 1370 Sangeok dong, Buk Ku, Daegu, 702 701, Korea
    Eur J Nutr 50:151-61. 2011
    ..However, little is known about its exact underlying molecular mechanisms in the treatment of obesity and metabolic diseases. Furthermore, cell cultures, animal models of obesity, and few human clinical and epidemiological studies ..
  22. ncbi Molecular biology and functional genomics of liver X receptors (LXR) in relationship to metabolic diseases
    Malin Hedengran Faulds
    Department of Biosciences and Nutrition, Novum, Karolinska Institutet, S 141 83 Huddinge, Sweden
    Curr Opin Pharmacol 10:692-7. 2010
    ..Other strategies to explore the beneficial aspects of LXR activation include targeting co-factors or pathways that are modifying LXR activity...
  23. ncbi Mitochondrial ion transport pathways: role in metabolic diseases
    Ariel R Cardoso
    Departamento de Bioquimica, Instituto de Quimica, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil
    Biochim Biophys Acta 1797:832-8. 2010
    ..This review briefly summarizes some aspects of mitochondrial H+ transport (promoted by uncoupling proteins, UCPs), Ca2+ and K+ uniporters which may be determinant in metabolic disorders...
  24. pmc Fructose toxicity: is the science ready for public health actions?
    Luc Tappy
    Department of Physiology, University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland
    Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care 15:357-61. 2012
    ..This review evaluates the scientific basis for such action...
  25. pmc Sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, and fructose, their metabolism and potential health effects: what do we really know?
    James M Rippe
    University of Central Florida Medical School, Orlando, FL and Rippe Lifestyle Institute, Shrewsbury, MA, USA
    Adv Nutr 4:236-45. 2013
    ..The purpose of this review is to summarize current knowledge about the metabolism, endocrine responses, and potential health effects of sucrose, HFCS, and fructose...
  26. ncbi Specific SIRT1 activation mimics low energy levels and protects against diet-induced metabolic disorders by enhancing fat oxidation
    Jerome N Feige
    Institut de Genetique et de Biologie Moleculaire et Cellulaire, CNRS INSERM Universite Louis Pasteur, 67404, Illkirch, France
    Cell Metab 8:347-58. 2008
    ..Combined with our previous work on resveratrol, the current study further validates SIRT1 as a target for the treatment of metabolic disorders and characterizes the mechanisms underlying the therapeutic potential of SIRT1 activation...
  27. ncbi Natural compounds regulate energy metabolism by the modulating the activity of lipid-sensing nuclear receptors
    Tsuyoshi Goto
    Laboratory of Molecular Function of Food, Division of Food Science and Biotechnology, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, Uji 611 0011, Japan
    Mol Nutr Food Res 57:20-33. 2013
  28. ncbi TRP channels and their implications in metabolic diseases
    Zhiming Zhu
    Department of Hypertension and Endocrinology, Centre for Hypertension and Metabolic Diseases and Chongqing Institute of Hypertension, Daping Hospital, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, 400042, China
    Pflugers Arch 461:211-23. 2011
    ..have been reported in cardiovascular disease and renal disorders, the pathogenic roles of TRP channels in metabolic diseases have not been systemically reviewed...
  29. ncbi Several homozygous mutations in the gene for 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 in patients with apparent mineralocorticoid excess
    R C Wilson
    Department of Pediatrics, New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center, New York 10021, USA
    J Clin Endocrinol Metab 80:3145-50. 1995
    ..This results from consanguinity in two families and possibly from endogamy or a founder effect in four of the other five families. The absence of compound heterozygotes remains to be investigated...
  30. ncbi Metabolic diseases and cancer risk
    Malin H Faulds
    Department of Biosciences and Nutrition, Novum, Karolinska Institutet, Huddinge, Sweden
    Curr Opin Oncol 24:58-61. 2012
    ..This review focuses on the potential increased relative risk for the development of cancer in a population with a rapidly increasing incidence of metabolic disturbances...
  31. pmc PPARs: diverse regulators in energy metabolism and metabolic diseases
    Yong Xu Wang
    Program in Gene Function and Expression and Program in Molecular Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School, 364 Plantation Street, Worcester, MA 01605, USA
    Cell Res 20:124-37. 2010
    ..Functional impairment or dysregulation of these receptors leads to a variety of metabolic diseases, while their ligands offer many metabolic benefits...
  32. pmc Balancing Akt with S6K: implications for both metabolic diseases and tumorigenesis
    Brendan D Manning
    Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA 02115, USA
    J Cell Biol 167:399-403. 2004
    ..These findings form a novel basis for improved understanding of the pathophysiology of metabolic diseases (e.g., diabetes and obesity), tumor syndromes (e.g...
  33. ncbi Complement C3 and cleavage products in cardiometabolic risk
    Altan Onat
    Cardiology Department, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey
    Clin Chim Acta 412:1171-9. 2011
    ..These observations have clinical and public health implications...
  34. pmc Drinking caloric beverages increases the risk of adverse cardiometabolic outcomes in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) Study
    Kiyah J Duffey
    Department of Nutrition, Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 3997, USA
    Am J Clin Nutr 92:954-9. 2010
    ..Intake of caloric beverages is hypothesized to contribute to adverse health outcomes, but the beverages and populations studied vary considerably...
  35. ncbi Prenatal nicotine exposure and the programming of metabolic and cardiovascular disorders
    Emmanuel Somm
    Department of Pediatrics, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland
    Mol Cell Endocrinol 304:69-77. 2009
  36. ncbi Minireview: lipid metabolism, metabolic diseases, and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors
    Chih Hao Lee
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Gene Expression Laboratory, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, California 92037, USA
    Endocrinology 144:2201-7. 2003
    ..are nuclear fatty acid receptors that have been implicated to play an important role in obesity-related metabolic diseases such as hyperlipidemia, insulin resistance, and coronary artery disease...
  37. pmc Dysregulation of lipid and amino acid metabolism precedes islet autoimmunity in children who later progress to type 1 diabetes
    Matej Oresic
    VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Espoo, Finland
    J Exp Med 205:2975-84. 2008
    ..Recognition of these preautoimmune alterations may aid in studies of disease pathogenesis and may open a time window for novel type 1 diabetes prevention strategies...
  38. ncbi Glucocorticoids, metabolism and metabolic diseases
    Alexandros Vegiopoulos
    Molecular Metabolic Control, German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg, Germany
    Mol Cell Endocrinol 275:43-61. 2007
    ..of GCs are required for proper metabolic control, excessive GC action has been tied to a variety of pandemic metabolic diseases, such as type II diabetes and obesity...
  39. ncbi Cytochrome P450 omega hydroxylase (CYP4) function in fatty acid metabolism and metabolic diseases
    James P Hardwick
    Biochemistry and Molecular Pathology, Department of Integrative Medical Sciences, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine and Pharmacy NEOUCOM NEOUCOP, 4209 State Route 44, Rootstown, OH 44272, USA
    Biochem Pharmacol 75:2263-75. 2008
    ..Understanding how the CYP4 genes are regulated during the fasting and feeding cycles and by endogenous lipids will provide therapeutic avenues in the treatment of metabolic disorders of lipid metabolism and inflammation...
  40. ncbi PPAR modulators and PPAR pan agonists for metabolic diseases: the next generation of drugs targeting peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors?
    P L Feldman
    Division of Medicinal Chemistry, Metabolic Diseases Centre of Excellence in Drug Discovery, GlaxoSmithKline, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA
    Curr Top Med Chem 8:728-49. 2008
    ..receptor gene family that have emerged as therapeutic targets for the development of drugs to treat human metabolic diseases. The discovery of high affinity, subtype-selective agonists for each of the three PPAR subtypes has allowed ..
  41. ncbi Nuclear receptors as drug targets in metabolic diseases: new approaches to therapy
    James F Tobin
    Department of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases, Wyeth Research, 200 Cambridge Park Drive, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA
    Trends Endocrinol Metab 17:284-90. 2006
  42. ncbi Disorders of phospholipids, sphingolipids and fatty acids biosynthesis: toward a new category of inherited metabolic diseases
    F Lamari
    Neurometabolic Unit, Pitie Salpetriere Hospital, AP HP and University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France
    J Inherit Metab Dis 36:411-25. 2013
    ..These synthesis defects of complex lipid molecules stand at the frontier between classical inborn errors of metabolism and other genetic diseases involving the metabolism of structural proteins...
  43. ncbi Ex vivo liver-directed gene therapy for the treatment of metabolic diseases: advances in hepatocyte transplantation and retroviral vectors
    Tuan Huy Nguyen
    Inserm U948, Biothérapies Hépatiques, CHU Hotel Dieu, 44093 Nantes Cedex, France
    Curr Gene Ther 9:136-49. 2009
    ..We review the present progresses and limits of the ex vivo liver gene therapy approach in different animal models, emphasizing clinically relevant procedures...
  44. pmc Evaluation of the association between maternal smoking, childhood obesity, and metabolic disorders: a national toxicology program workshop review
    Mamta Behl
    Kelly Government Solutions, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA
    Environ Health Perspect 121:170-80. 2013
    ..An emerging literature suggests that environmental chemicals may play a role in the development of childhood obesity and metabolic disorders, especially when exposure occurs early in life...
  45. pmc Mitochondrial morphology in metabolic diseases
    Chad A Galloway
    Department of Anesthesiology, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, NY, USA
    Antioxid Redox Signal 19:415-30. 2013
    ..This review describes an overview of mitochondrial fission and fusion machineries, and discusses implications of mitochondrial morphology and function in these metabolic maladies...
  46. ncbi Clinical outcome of hepatocyte transplantation in four pediatric patients with inherited metabolic diseases
    Carmen Ribes-Koninckx
    Paediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology Unit, University La Fe Hospital, Valencia, Spain
    Cell Transplant 21:2267-82. 2012
    ..Four pediatric patients with liver metabolic diseases [ornithine transcarbamylase (OTC) deficiency, Crigler-Najjar (CNI) syndrome, glycogen storage disease Ia (..
  47. pmc Macrophage cholesterol homeostasis and metabolic diseases: critical role of cholesteryl ester mobilization
    Shobha Ghosh
    Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care, VCU Medical Center, Richmond, VA 23298 0050, USA
    Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther 9:329-40. 2011
    ..Targeting reduction in macrophage CE levels and focusing on enhancing cholesterol flux from peripheral tissues to liver for final elimination is proposed...
  48. pmc The health implications of sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, and fructose: what do we really know?
    James M Rippe
    Rippe Lifestyle Institute, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 01545, USA
    J Diabetes Sci Technol 4:1008-11. 2010
    The epidemic of obesity and related metabolic diseases continues to extract an enormous health toll...
  49. ncbi Visceral fat thickness measured by ultrasonography can estimate not only visceral obesity but also risks of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases
    Soo Kyung Kim
    Department of Internal Medicine, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea
    Am J Clin Nutr 79:593-9. 2004
    ..Visceral obesity is closely associated with cardiovascular disease and the metabolic syndrome. Estimating the amount of visceral fat is important and requires a straightforward, reliable, and practical method...
  50. ncbi Cofactors and metabolites as protein folding helpers in metabolic diseases
    João V Rodrigues
    Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica e Biologica, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Oeiras, Portugal
    Curr Top Med Chem 12:2546-59. 2012
    ..crosstalk between clinicians and researchers has led to the identification of an increasing number of inborn metabolic diseases. In these disorders, missense mutations are the most frequent type of genetic defects, frequently resulting ..
  51. pmc Emerging role of mast cells and macrophages in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases
    Jia ming Xu
    Department of Medicine, Nanfang Hospital and Southern Medical University, Guangzhou 510515, China
    Endocr Rev 33:71-108. 2012
  52. pmc Integrative miRNA-mRNA profiling of adipose tissue unravels transcriptional circuits induced by sleep fragmentation
    Sina A Gharib
    Center for Lung Biology, Department of Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, United States of America
    PLoS ONE 7:e37669. 2012
  53. pmc Change in metabolic syndrome parameters with antipsychotic treatment in the CATIE Schizophrenia Trial: prospective data from phase 1
    Jonathan M Meyer
    Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Diego, USA
    Schizophr Res 101:273-86. 2008
    ..Given concerns over antipsychotic metabolic effects, this analysis explored MS status and outcomes in phase 1 of the CATIE Schizophrenia Trial...
  54. ncbi NPY L7P polymorphism and metabolic diseases
    Ullamari Pesonen
    University of Turku, Department of Pharmacology, Drug Development and Therapeutics, FI 20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
    Regul Pept 149:51-5. 2008
    ..SNP association studies using p.L7P polymorphism suggest that this functional substitution may be a strong independent risk factor for various metabolic and cardiovascular diseases...
  55. ncbi Metabolic disorders in vertically HIV-infected children: future adults at risk for cardiovascular disease
    Marta Dapena
    Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunodeficiencies Unit, Hospital Universitari Vall d Hebron Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
    J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab 25:529-35. 2012
    ..Numerous studies are coming from other settings and results are heterogeneous when assessing several analytical and clinical parameters...
  56. ncbi A dietary fat excess alters metabolic and neuroendocrine responses before the onset of metabolic diseases
    Sophie M Banas
    CNRS UMR 7059, University Paris 7, 2 place Jussieu, case 7126, 75251 Paris, France
    Cell Mol Neurobiol 29:157-68. 2009
    ..The changes in the gene expression of insulin and signaling elements represent possible adaptations aimed at counterbalancing the reduced responsiveness of the serotonergic system to nutritional signals and maintaining homeostasis...
  57. ncbi International perspectives on the cost-effectiveness of tandem mass spectrometry for rare metabolic conditions
    Richard Norman
    Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
    Health Policy 89:252-60. 2009
  58. ncbi Expanded newborn screening for biochemical disorders: the effect of a false-positive result
    Elizabeth A Gurian
    Department of Medicine, Children s Hospital Boston, Boston, MA 02115, USA
    Pediatrics 117:1915-21. 2006
    ..False-positive identifications may increase as disorders are added to screening panels. Concerns arise regarding the potential impact on parental stress, family relationships, and perceptions of the child's health...
  59. ncbi Metabolic complications associated with antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected and HIV-exposed uninfected paediatric patients
    Alessandra Vigano
    Universita di Milano, Luigi Sacco Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, Milan, Italy
    Expert Opin Drug Saf 9:431-45. 2010
    ..Therefore, researches aiming to evaluate the safety of ARV therapies in HIV-infected children as well as in HIV-uninfected infants born to HIV-infected mothers are emerging as a new challenge and urgent priority...
  60. ncbi [The transgenerational mechanisms in developmental programming of metabolic diseases]
    Elena Zambrano
    Departamento de Biologia de la Reproduccion, Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Medicas y Nutricion Salvador Zubiran
    Rev Invest Clin 61:41-52. 2009
    ..Preventing or treating these conditions will help to minimize the risk of transmission of metabolic diseases to future generations.
  61. ncbi Selective modulators of PPAR activity as new therapeutic tools in metabolic diseases
    B L Balint
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Research Center for Molecular Medicine, University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center, Nagyerdei krt 98, Debrecen, H 4012, Hungary
    Endocr Metab Immune Disord Drug Targets 6:33-43. 2006
    ..In this review, we will introduce this concept, review the literature that supports it and present an overview of the receptor selective ligands including data about their mechanism of action and biological effects...
  62. pmc Dose-dependent effects, safety and tolerability of fenugreek in diet-induced metabolic disorders in rats
    Etsuko Muraki
    Department of Clinical Dietetics and Human Nutrition, Josai University, Saitama, Japan
    Lipids Health Dis 10:240. 2011
    ..We previously reported that fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) improved diet-induced metabolic disorders in rats. The purpose of the present study was to examine the dose-dependent effects, safety and tolerability of fenugreek...
  63. ncbi On-farm evaluation of the effect of metabolic diseases on the shape of the lactation curve in dairy cows through the MilkBot lactation model
    M Hostens
    Department of Reproduction, Obstetrics and Herd Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ghent University, Salisburylaan 133, 9820 Merelbeke, Belgium
    J Dairy Sci 95:2988-3007. 2012
    The effects of metabolic diseases (MD) occurring during the transition period on milk production of dairy cows have been evaluated in many different ways, often with conflicting conclusions...
  64. ncbi Metabolic consequences of sleep-disordered breathing
    Jonathan Jun
    Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD 21224, USA
    ILAR J 50:289-306. 2009
    ..Identification of OSA as a potential causative factor in MetS would have immense clinical impact and could improve the management and understanding of both disorders...
  65. ncbi Heterogeneity of body mass index, waist circumference, and waist-to-hip ratio in predicting obesity-related metabolic disorders for Taiwanese aged 35-64 y
    Chu Chih Chen
    Division of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Institute of Population Health Sciences, National Health Research Institutes, 35 Keyan Road, Zhunan, Miaoli County 350, Taiwan
    Clin Nutr 28:543-8. 2009
    ..The aim was to compare body mass index, waist circumference, and waist-to-hip ratio as predictors of these metabolic disorders...
  66. ncbi Chromium in metabolic and cardiovascular disease
    M Hummel
    Diabetes Research Institute and Academical Hospital Munich Schwabing, Munich, Germany
    Horm Metab Res 39:743-51. 2007
    ..The existing data suggest to concentrate future studies on certain forms as chromium picolinate and doses as at least 200 mcg per day...
  67. pmc Longitudinal assessment of metabolic abnormalities in adolescents and young adults with HIV-infection acquired perinatally or in early childhood
    David Dimock
    Laboratory of Immunoregulation, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Bethesda, MD, USA
    Metabolism 60:874-80. 2011
    ..002). Impaired glucose tolerance, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and microalbuminuria are common among young adults with HIV. Long-term exposure to therapy may translate into substantial persistent metabolic risk...
  68. ncbi Downregulation of Ca(2+) and Mg(2+) transport proteins in the kidney explains tacrolimus (FK506)-induced hypercalciuria and hypomagnesemia
    Tom Nijenhuis
    Department of Physiology, Nijmegen Center for Molecular Life Sciences, University Medical Center Nijmegen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    J Am Soc Nephrol 15:549-57. 2004
    ..Downregulation of specific Ca(2+) and Mg(2+) transport proteins provides a molecular mechanism for FK506-induced hypercalciuria and hypomagnesemia, whereas dexamethasone positively regulates these proteins...
  69. ncbi Autism and metabolic diseases
    Barbara Manzi
    Department of Neurosciences, Pediatric Neurology Unit, Tor Vergata University of Rome, Via di Tor Vergata 135, Rome, Italy
    J Child Neurol 23:307-14. 2008
    ..In some patients, early diagnosis of the metabolic disorders and proper therapeutic interventions may significantly improve the long-term cognitive and behavioral outcome...
  70. pmc Systems biology from micro-organisms to human metabolic diseases: the role of detailed kinetic models
    Barbara M Bakker
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    Human metabolic diseases are typically network diseases...
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    Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Molecular and Medical Biotechnology, Nanjing Normal University, China
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    ..Here, we review recent advances in the identification of physiological and pathophysiological contexts involving PGC-1 coactivators, and also discuss their implications for therapeutic development...
  74. ncbi MTHFR and risk of metabolic syndrome in patients with schizophrenia
    Ruud van Winkel
    Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology, EURON, South Limburg Mental Health Research and Teaching Network, Maastricht University Medical Centre, PO Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht, The Netherlands
    Schizophr Res 121:193-8. 2010
    ..Meta-analyses have implicated polymorphisms in MTHFR, encoding a critical enzyme in folate and homocysteine metabolism, in both schizophrenia and CVD...
  75. ncbi Intestinal microflora and metabolic diseases
    M Serino
    Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale, Toulouse, France
    Diabetes Metab 35:262-72. 2009
    ..What now remains is to demonstrate the molecular connection between the intestinal microflora and metabolic diseases. We propose here that the proinflammatory lipopolysaccharides play a causal role in the onset of metabolic ..
  76. ncbi Metabolic diseases and associated complications: sex and gender matter!
    A Kautzky-Willer
    Department of Internal Medicine III, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Medical University of Vienna, Waehringer Guertel 18 20, Vienna, Austria
    Eur J Clin Invest 39:631-48. 2009
    ..This review addresses gender-specific aspects in metabolic disorders and related complications, which represent an increasing burden of this century and a great challenge to public health...
  77. ncbi A review of the psychosocial effects of false-positive results on parents and current communication practices in newborn screening
    J Hewlett
    Division of Genetics, Children s Hospital Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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    ..Communication strategies with sample materials are proposed...
  78. ncbi Non-alcoholic fatty liver syndrome: a hepatic consequence of common metabolic diseases
    Francesco Angelico
    Department of Clinics and Applied Medical Therapy, University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy
    J Gastroenterol Hepatol 18:588-94. 2003
    ..The association of liver steatosis with a number of common metabolic conditions has been suggested. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the clinical features of subjects with different severities of steatosis...
  79. pmc Sphingolipids, insulin resistance, and metabolic disease: new insights from in vivo manipulation of sphingolipid metabolism
    William L Holland
    Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Diabetes, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 84132, USA
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    ..synthesis, and lipidomic profiling reveals relationships between tissue sphingolipid levels and certain metabolic diseases. Moreover, studies in cultured cells and isolated tissues implicate sphingolipids in certain cellular events ..
  80. ncbi Genetic disorders associated with macrocephaly
    Charles A Williams
    Raymond C Philips Research and Education Unit, Division of Genetics, Department of Pediatrics, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32610, USA
    Am J Med Genet A 146:2023-37. 2008
    ..The genetic macrocephaly conditions cover a broad spectrum of gene disorders and their related proteins have diverse biological functions. As of yet it is not clear what precise biological pathways lead to generalized brain overgrowth...
  81. ncbi Innate immune system regulation of nuclear hormone receptors in metabolic diseases
    Edward Kai Hua Chow
    Molecular Biology Institute, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California 90095, USA
    J Leukoc Biol 82:187-95. 2007
    ..This crosstalk mechanism is now implicated in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and Reye's syndrome and could provide an explanation for other pathogen-associated metabolic and developmental disorders...
  82. ncbi Design and validation of a metabolic disorder resequencing microarray (BRUM1)
    Christopher K Bruce
    School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, The University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Hum Mutat 31:858-65. 2010
    ..Although the methodology has strengths and weaknesses, application of this technique could expedite diagnosis in most patients with multilocus IMDs...
  83. pmc Mutations in PIK3R1 cause SHORT syndrome
    David A Dyment
    Department of Genetics, Children s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, ON K1H 8L1, Canada
    Am J Hum Genet 93:158-66. 2013
    ..Our findings show that PIK3R1 mutations are the major cause of SHORT syndrome and suggest that the molecular mechanism of disease might involve downregulation of the PI3K-AKT-mTOR pathway...
  84. pmc Role of CCK/gastrin receptors in gastrointestinal/metabolic diseases and results of human studies using gastrin/CCK receptor agonists/antagonists in these diseases
    Marc J Berna
    Digestive Diseases Branch, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland 20892 1804, USA
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    In this paper, the established and possible roles of CCK1 and CCK2 receptors in gastrointestinal (GI) and metabolic diseases are reviewed and available results from human agonist/antagonist studies are discussed...
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    Antonio Garcia-Rios
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    ..This review discusses some of the evidence in which candidate SNPs can affect the key players of lipid metabolism and how their phenotypic manifestations can be modified by dietary intake...
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    Gavin P Reynolds
    Department of Psychiatry, Queen s University Belfast, Belfast BT9 7BL, UK
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    ..Understanding the pharmacology of metabolic consequences of current antipsychotic drug treatment is clearly the key to developing improved pharmacotherapies that avoid these problematic and limiting adverse effects...
  87. pmc Resolvins, specialized proresolving lipid mediators, and their potential roles in metabolic diseases
    Matthew Spite
    Diabetes and Obesity Center, Institute of Molecular Cardiology and Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40202, USA
    Cell Metab 19:21-36. 2014
    ..response is host-protective and normally self-limited, chronic low-grade inflammation associated with metabolic diseases is sustained and detrimental...
  88. ncbi Perinatal programming of metabolic diseases: role of insulin in the development of hypothalamic neurocircuits
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    ..This review summarizes the main findings regarding the key regulatory roles of perinatal insulin and glucose levels on hypothalamic development and on long-term programming of metabolic diseases reported in different rodent models.
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    Chao Yang Yang
    Department of Industrial Design, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
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    ..To this end, three-dimensional technology is suggested as a reliable tool for various anthropometric data collection and analysis in preventive medicine...
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    E Muraki
    Department of Clinical Dietetics and Human Nutrition, Josai University, Saitama, Japan
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    ..The purpose of this study was to examine the preventive efficiency of dietary fenugreek on diet-induced metabolic diseases in rats...
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    Ramachandran Padmavati
    Schizophrenia Research Foundation India, Chennai 600 102, India
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    T K Sasikumar
    Schering Plough Research Institute, 2015 Galloping Hill Road, Kenilworth, NJ 07033, USA
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    ..Most of the compounds showed excellent h-MCH-R1 binding affinity as well as mouse ex vivo binding. Compounds 9 and 18 were active in mouse DIO studies at 30mpk...
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    Nor Hayati Othman
    Department of Pathology, School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 16150 Kubang Kerian, Kelantan, Malaysia
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    ..This study is to determine the association of metabolic diseases, particularly diabetes type 2 [DM2] and hypertension, with colorectal cancer patients in our population.
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    ..To analyze the association between false-positive newborn screening results and health care utilization...
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    Saudi J Kidney Dis Transpl 20:766-9. 2009
    ..In conclusion according to the results of this study there is a significant correlation between cyclosporine and hypomagnesemia. Therefore, routine measurement of serum Mg and its treatment seems necessary to prevent its complications...
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    ..Poultry metabolic diseases occur primarily in two body systems: (1) cardiovascular ailments, which in broiler chickens and turkeys are ..
  101. pmc From glycosylation disorders to dolichol biosynthesis defects: a new class of metabolic diseases
    Vincent Cantagrel
    Department of Neurosciences, Institute for Genomic Medicine, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA, USA
    J Inherit Metab Dis 34:859-67. 2011
    ..Exploration of the developmental, cellular and biochemical defects associated with these disorders will provide a better understanding of the functions of this lipid class in human...

Research Grants72

    Maureen J Charron; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..guidelines for pregnant and lactating women that may protect offspring from enhanced susceptibility to these metabolic diseases. Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and the Metabolic Syndrome are modern day plagues of societies in ..
  2. Genetic and physiological causes of inherited Vascular and Metabolic Diseases
    Arya Mani; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The current study goals are investigating the effect of the mutation on metabolism of glucose and insulin secretion and function in patients with this mutation. ..
  3. Conference on Autonomic Regulation of Cardiovascular Function in Health and Disea
    Martin Frank; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..the treatment and management of primary autonomic disorders and to those evolving from cardiovascular and/or metabolic diseases. The melding of human, animal, cellular and molecular physiology will foster discussion of additional ..
  4. Regulation of Bile Acid Synthesis by Nuclear Receptors
    John Y L Chiang; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The long-term objectives of this research are to elucidate the molecular mechanism of regulation of CYP7A1 and bile acid metabolism, and pathogenesis and treatment of metabolic diseases such as fatty liver disease, diabetes and obesity.
  5. Lipid Droplet Metabolism
    Fredric B Kraemer; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..lipids in droplets is a hallmark of obesity, type 2 diabetes, hepatic steatosis, atherosclerosis, and other metabolic diseases that are prevalent worldwide and particularly prevalent among the population of veterans...
  6. Regulation of Hepatic SphK2 by Bile Acids: Effects on Lipid Metabolism
    HUIPING ROSE ZHOU; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..biology, but will also provide new mechanistic insights into the pathophysiology of dyslipidemia and other metabolic diseases including non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)...
  7. Transgenerational effects of endocrine disruptors: epigenetics and physiology
    Rebecca A Simmons; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..developmental exposures to environmental chemicals may play a role in the development of obesity and related metabolic diseases later in life...
  8. Role of stearoyl CoA desaturase-1 in TLR5 KO mice colitis and metabolic syndrome
    Matam Vijay Kumar; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Overall, our research proposal may help in designing oleate-rich dietary formulations and also clarify whether SCD-1 can be targeted to prevent colitis and metabolic diseases !
    JAMES LEWIS MCMANAMAN; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..elevated CLD accumulation in non-adipose tissue is a prominent pathological feature of many human metabolic diseases, such as obesity, type-II diabetes and non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis, which are increasing health concerns ..
    Domenico Accili; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Indeed, while Foxo1 is an attractive biological target to reverse diabetes and metabolic diseases, it is largely intractable as a drug target...
  11. 5500 QTRAP
    John W Turk; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..provide a platform for separation and analysis of complex lipid molecules relevant to the pathogenesis of metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and its complications, to HIV/AIDS, to neurophysiologic research, and to ..
  12. NPC1L1 and Metabolic Diseases
    Liqing Yu; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Taken together, these studies will provide important new insight into the role of NPC1L1 in metabolic diseases, and have the potential to reveal new approaches for the prevention and treatment of obesity and associated ..
  13. Insulin Signaling and Metabolic Effects through CLK2 Kinase
    Pere Puigserver; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..PUBLIC HEALTH RELEVANCE: Insulin resistance and increased hepatic glucose production are hallmarks of metabolic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes, thus studies in this grant proposal focusing on key regulators of these ..
  14. Endoplasmic Reticulum Chaperone as a Regulator of Obesity and Diabetes
    Amy S Lee; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..for diet- induced obesity and insulin resistance which may represent new therapeutic targets for human metabolic diseases. PUBLIC HEALTH RELEVANCE: The dramatic increase in the incidence of obesity, insulin resistance and type 2 ..
  15. Maternal Obesity and Gestational Diabetes: Impact on Metabolome
    William L Lowe; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..the above metabolic profiles will be evident during pregnancy in mothers of newborns at increased risk for metabolic diseases by determining metabolic profiles for mothers that independently associate with GDM and obesity during ..
  16. Effect of Perinatal Diet on Developmental Programming of the Skeleton
    Mary L Bouxsein; Fiscal Year: 2010 during gestation and lactation, can trigger developmental programming that increases the risk of many metabolic diseases, including obesity and type II diabetes, but potential skeletal effects are unknown...
  17. Developmental Programs of Neural Circuits in the Mouse Medial Hypothalamus
    Holly A Ingraham; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..research area that asks whether early developmental events before or after birth influence the risk of metabolic diseases later in life...
  18. Acquisition of a MALDI-TOF/TOF MS for Glycomic and Lipidomic Research
    Larry S Schlesinger; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..proposal is interested in the examination of lipids, glycans, and carbohydrates related to infectious and metabolic diseases. The requested instrumentation addresses the needs of major, minor and other users whose research activities ..
  19. Lipocalin 2 in Inflammation and Metabolic Control
    Xiaoli Chen; Fiscal Year: 2012
    Obesity is a major risk for developing insulin resistance and metabolic diseases. Adipose tissue plays a critical role as an endocrine organ and a major source of chronic low-grade inflammation in the regulation of insulin action and ..
  20. CEACAM1: A link between metabolic and cardiovascular diseases
    Sonia M Najjar; Fiscal Year: 2013
    Individuals with metabolic diseases are at a higher risk of developing atherosclerosis, a leading cause of death in the United States and worldwide...
  21. Regulation of Host Nitrogen Balance by the Gut Microbiome
    Gary D Wu; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..Our proposed project will utilize the expertise of senior investigators with experience in metabolic diseases, deep genomic sequencing, and computational biology assembled for a recently funded NIH pathway initiative ..
  22. Triple Quadrupole/Linear Ion Trap LC-MS/MS for LPI
    Jan Frederik Stevens; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..factors can be used in the prevention and treatment of human diseases, including cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases...
  23. Roles of Gs Alpha and interaction with Wnt signaling in regulation of adipocyte d
    Partha S Sinha; Fiscal Year: 2011 bone marrow stromal cells differentiate into adipocytes and osteoblasts may carry implications for metabolic diseases such as obesity and of bone diseases such as osteoporosis...
  24. Structure and Function of Enzymes in Fatty Acid Oxidation
    JUNG JA P KIM; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Disorders of the mitochondrial OXPHOS system are the most common of inborn metabolic diseases, resulting in a wide variety of clinical phenotypes ranging from exercise intolerance to failure to thrive...
  25. Neurochemistry/physiology of proopiomelanocortin neurons
    MALCOLM JAMES LOW; Fiscal Year: 2013
    Obesity and its associated metabolic diseases are major health problems world-wide...
  26. Seahorse XF96 Extracellular Flux Analyzer
    Enrique Saez; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..been implicated in the initiation, development and/or pathogenesis of a wide variety of diseases, including metabolic diseases (e.g...
  27. Prenatal stress and accelerated atherosclerosis in ApoE knockout mice
    Subeena Sood; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..atherosclerosis (and possibly metabolic syndrome), similarly to reported higher risk for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in children born to of war- or famine-stricken populations...
  28. Metabolic flux in a model of reduced oxidative capacity
    CHARLES ROBERT EVANS; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Dr. Burant has extensive experience in basic and translational research in nutrition and metabolic diseases with a career-long interest in the relationship between nutrients and the development of insulin resistance...
  29. Obesity and diabetes genetics in Caenorhabditis elegans.
    Alexander A Soukas; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Discovery of obesity and diabetes candidate genes will help both to inform future study of metabolic diseases and to design intelligent therapies to combat these devastating diseases.
  30. Role of FoxO1 in Lipid Metabolism
    REBECCA ANNE HAEUSLER; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..My long- term career goals as an academic investigator are to advance knowledge in the field of metabolic diseases, develop new medical treatment and diagnostic options for patients, train high quality investigators, and to ..
  31. Monogonont Rotifers as a Model to Investigate the Biology of Aging
    Terry W Snell; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Molecular understanding of how dietary restriction extends lifespan will have direct implications for new approaches to treat metabolic diseases like diabetes and obesity.
  32. Weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and factors that affect neuroendocrine function
    ..of both the HPA axis and the sympathetic adrenal medullary axis, increasing the risk of developing metabolic diseases such as obesity and T2D. Relative to U.S...
  33. SH2-B regulation of body weight and energy homeostasis
    Liangyou Rui; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..goal of this research program is to elucidate molecular mechanisms of obesity and obesity- associated metabolic diseases. Obesity is a major risk factor for hypertension, atherosclerosis, stroke, heart attack, type 2 diabetes and ..
  34. Viral mechanisms of adipocyte dysfuntion: Role of Vpr.
    Ashok Balasubramanyam; Fiscal Year: 2012
    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Adipocyte dysfunction is the fundamental basis of widespread metabolic diseases that present clinically as obesity or lipodystrophy...
  35. Connection of Mineral and Energy Metabolism by the Nuclear Receptor PPAR-gamma
    Yihong Wan; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..It will open exciting new paths to the understanding of skeletal physiology and its connection with metabolic diseases. Importantly, the outcome of these studies will provide fundamental insights for the treatment of diabetes, ..
  36. Regulation of Apical-Basal Cell polarity during Intestinal Epithelial Morphogenes
    Nan Gao; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..from the Department of Genetics, the Gastroenterology Division and the Institute for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Diseases. Dr. Klaus Kaestner will be my primary mentor, and Dr...
  37. Nuclear Receptor Networks in Human Disease
    Frances M Sladek; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..This is particularly true for metabolic diseases and diseases affecting mental health...
  38. Regulation of cholesterol catabolism by bile acids
    Jongsook Kim Kemper; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..These studies will elucidate how SHP epigenetically controls BA-regulated hepatic functions, and identify novel potential diagnostic and/or therapeutic targets for metabolic diseases.
  39. Glucocorticoid Receptor and Lipid Homeostasis
    Jen Chywan Wang; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..underlying glucocorticoid- regulate lipid homeostasis, but also will provide important knowledge that can be applied to develop therapeutic interventions against metabolic diseases, such as obesity and diabetes.
  40. Regulation and Function of Adiponectin Oligomerization
    Feng Liu; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..secretion, but will also provide valuable information on the design of new pharmacological interventions for metabolic diseases such as insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes...
    George M Carman; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..with mice and humans have shown that genetic defects in lipin 1 and lipin 2 are manifested in several metabolic diseases that include lipodystrophy, obesity, peripheral neuropathy, myoglobinuria, and inflammation...
  42. PPAR delta functions in liver
    Chih Hao Lee; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..first studies, which use unbiased approaches to examine metabolomes using multiple mouse genetic models of metabolic diseases. The study is expected to lead to new areas of research and to have important clinical implication, as this ..
  43. Novel mechanisms to increase beta cell regeneration by p27
    SENTA K GEORGIA; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..Therapy Research Program programmatic thrust of the NIDDK's division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases. The research proposed in this grant will foster the transition of Dr. Senta K...
  44. Melanocortin Signaling in Depression
    Michael Lutter; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..b>Metabolic diseases including obesity, type II diabetes mellitus and heart disease are all much more common in patients with ..
  45. Regulation of Hepatic Carbohydrate Metabolism by STBD1
    Alan Cheng; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..glucagon regulate the cellular function of these proteins, and how these novel pathways are dysregulated in metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity...
  46. Investigating the Mechanisms Regulating RORgamma Activity
    LAURA ANN SOLT; Fiscal Year: 2013
    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Metabolic diseases, associated with abnormal processing of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids, are the cause of significant morbidity and mortality...
  47. Modulation of PPAR-gamma phosphorylation at S273 regulates insulin sensitivity
    ALEXANDER BANKS; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..investigator and faculty mentor with a research laboratory contributing towards understanding and reversing metabolic diseases. This research will be conducted in the laboratory of Bruce Spiegelman, PhD at Harvard Medical School, who ..
  48. Nicotinamide N-methyltransferase (NNMT) in obesity and insulin resistance
    Qin Yang; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Dr. Gerszten has been a pioneer in metabolomic analysis of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. In addition, an advisory committee of highly-recognized experts will provide scientific and career advice...
  49. Transcriptional and epigenomic control of adipose tissue development and function
    David J Steger; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..understanding of the development and function of adipose tissue, which normally benefits health, yet in excess as in obesity, is a strong risk for metabolic diseases including diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and heart disease.
  50. Redox Triggering of Glomerular NALP3 Inflammasomes in Hyperhomocysteinemia
    Justine M Abais; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Aside from immune diseases, activation of the inflammasome has recently been linked to non-immune, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, gout, silicosis, and acetaminophen-induced liver toxicity...
  51. Thrombospondins and other matricellular proteins in tissue organization and homeo
    Joanne E Murphy Ullrich; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..appreciated to have roles in multiple physiological and pathophysiological processes including diabetes and metabolic diseases, renal, heart, and lung disease, cancer, musculoskeletal disorders, development, human genetic disease, and ..
  52. Adiponetin and AMPK Biosensor
    John Y J Shyy; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..PUBLIC HEALTH RELEVANCE: Cardiovascular impairment associated with metabolic diseases has reached epidemic proportions in recent years...
  53. Oxidant Stress in the Brain and Hypertension
    Robin L Davisson; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..reticulum (ER) stress has emerged as a major redox- associated mechanism in a number of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases;its role in HTN, however, is not known...
  54. Mitofusins in endothelial mitochondrial signaling and endothelial cell function
    GLADYS AFOR NGOH; Fiscal Year: 2013 mitochondria regulated endothelial function is critical to our understanding of how vascular and metabolic diseases induce endothelial dysfunction...
  55. Degradation of Endoplasmic Reticulum Chaperones by Chaperone-mediated Autophagy
    Roberta Kiffin; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..the pathogenetic basis of a growing list of devastating human disorders such as neurodegenerative disorders, metabolic diseases such as diabetes and severe liver diseases, among others...
  56. Characterization of the role of gap junction proteins in ER stress and obesity
    Amir Tirosh; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress has been shown to play an important role in metabolic diseases and is linked to both metabolic and immune regulation...
  57. PGC-1alpha Proteins and the Control of Energy Metabolism
    Bruce M Spiegelman; Fiscal Year: 2013
    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): We are in the midst of an epidemic of metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, so a better understanding of the basic pathways of energy homeostasis is critical to the development of new ..
  58. Age-Dependent Role of Bisphenol A in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
    Andrew S Greenberg; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..One of the major public health challenges facing society in the 21st century is the increasing prevalence of metabolic diseases. Importantly, the incidence of obesity is rising dramatically leading to an epidemic of diabetes and an ..
  59. Visceral Adipose Tissue as Mediator amid Lifestyle Factors &Cardiometabolic Risk
    KRISTEN GILL HAIRSTON; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..supported, our project would provide important information to guide clinical trials of lifestyle interventions specifically targting weight loss in the visceral depots, explicitly to reduce risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
  60. Structural Genomics of Orphan Nuclear Receptors
    H Eric Xu; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..these orphan nuclear receptors are ligand-regulated receptors, but will also serve as a rational template for drug design targeting of these receptors for cancers, metabolic diseases, and stem cell therapy for neurodegenerative diseases.
  61. Epigenetics of Obesity and Insulin Resistance
    Jane Kim; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..These metabolic diseases are associated with profound alterations in gene expression caused by both genetic and environmental factors...
  62. Analysis of Fatty Liver in the Framingham Heart Study Cohort
    Elizabeth K Speliotes; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..She will test whether metabolic diseases correlate with fatty liver independent of other measures of adiposity. B...
  63. Genotype Analysis for Diagnosis of Urea Cycle Disorders
    Steven Dobrowolski; Fiscal Year: 2005
    Urea Cycle Disorders (UCDs) are metabolic diseases disrupting ureagenesis...
  64. Pilot study of Newborn screening for hemoglobinopathies in South Gujarat India
    Lakshmanan Krishnamurti; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..However, NBS for hemoglobinopathies or other genetic and metabolic diseases has primarily been implemented in highly structured health systems in developed countries...
    David T Chuang; Fiscal Year: 2010
    The long-term goal of this project is to understand the molecular basis of inherited metabolic diseases caused by inborn errors of macromolecular catalytic machines...
  66. The Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Pathway in Human Obesity and Insulin Resistance
    Karen Teff; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..inflammatory cytokines are thought to contribute to insulin resistance and the development of chronic metabolic diseases such as type II diabetes, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease in obese individuals (1-3)...
  67. Gene Networks in Peri-pubertal Sertoli Cell Injury
    Mary L Hixon; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Children born small for gestational age (SGA) have a significantly elevated risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in adulthood;however, data is limited on how SGA may impact gonadal development and reproductive health...
  68. Mechanism of Hsc70-mediated clathrin uncoating
    Yi Xing; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..CCV pathways are involved in metabolic diseases, neurological disorders and viral infections...
  69. Genetic Manipulation of T Cells--PreClinical Models
    John Dipersio; Fiscal Year: 2005 a curative therapy for hematologic malignancies, marrow failure states, and selected inherited metabolic diseases. Unfortunately, BMT is associated with significant morbidity and mortality related to graft vs...
  70. Mouse Modeling of Leigh Disease and Complex I Assembly
    Carl Pinkert; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..Defects within the OXPHOS genes are intimately associated with various metabolic diseases including severe childhood disorders including Leigh disease...
    Mark Sands; Fiscal Year: 1999
    ..Currently, little or no data have been generated in neonatal animals. For many genetic metabolic diseases, the highest degree of efficacy may be achieved early in development when irreversible damage could be ..
  72. Deconvolution of adaptive metabolic responses of the endoplasmic reticulum
    Gokhan S Hotamisligil; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..area addressed in this proposal involves systems approaches to explore the mechanisms giving rise to chronic metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease with implications to cancer and other degenerative ..