Summary: A widely used non-cardioselective beta-adrenergic antagonist. Propranolol is used in the treatment or prevention of many disorders including acute myocardial infarction, arrhythmias, angina pectoris, hypertension, hypertensive emergencies, hyperthyroidism, migraine, pheochromocytoma, menopause, and anxiety.

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  1. ncbi Propranolol treatment for hemangioma of infancy: risks and recommendations
    Leslie P Lawley
    Department of Dermatology, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia 30322, USA
    Pediatr Dermatol 26:610-4. 2009
  2. doi Propranolol for severe hemangiomas of infancy
    Christine Leaute-Labreze
    N Engl J Med 358:2649-51. 2008
  3. ncbi Pilot study of secondary prevention of posttraumatic stress disorder with propranolol
    Roger K Pitman
    Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts 02129, USA
    Biol Psychiatry 51:189-92. 2002
  4. ncbi Neural signature of reconsolidation impairments by propranolol in humans
    Lars Schwabe
    Douglas Mental Health Institute and Department of Psychiatry, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada
    Biol Psychiatry 71:380-6. 2012
  5. ncbi Effects of propranolol on the proliferation and apoptosis of hemangioma-derived endothelial cells
    Yi Ji
    Department of Pediatric Surgery, Children s Hospital of Fudan University, Shanghai, 201102, China
    J Pediatr Surg 47:2216-23. 2012
  6. ncbi Immediate treatment with propranolol decreases posttraumatic stress disorder two months after trauma
    Guillaume Vaiva
    Clinical School of Psychiatry, University of Lille II, Lille, France
    Biol Psychiatry 54:947-9. 2003
  7. ncbi A randomized controlled trial of propranolol for infantile hemangiomas
    Marcia Hogeling
    Department Pediatric Dermatology, Sydney Children s Hospital, Randwick, New South Wales 2031, Australia
    Pediatrics 128:e259-66. 2011
  8. ncbi Propranolol for infantile hemangiomas: early experience at a tertiary vascular anomalies center
    Lisa M Buckmiller
    Department of Otolaryngology, Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Arkansas Children s Hospital, Little Rock, Arkansas 72202, USA
    Laryngoscope 120:676-81. 2010
  9. ncbi Effects of propranolol on recovery of heart rate variability following acute myocardial infarction and relation to outcome in the Beta-Blocker Heart Attack Trial
    Rachel Lampert
    Department of Medicine, School of Medicine, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 06520, USA
    Am J Cardiol 91:137-42. 2003
  10. ncbi Propranolol as first-line treatment for rapidly proliferating infantile haemangiomas
    W J M Holmes
    Department of Plastic Surgery, Alder Hey Children s Hospital, Eaton Road, Liverpool L12 2AP, UK
    J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg 64:445-51. 2011

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  1. ncbi Propranolol treatment for hemangioma of infancy: risks and recommendations
    Leslie P Lawley
    Department of Dermatology, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia 30322, USA
    Pediatr Dermatol 26:610-4. 2009
    ..Dramatic improvement of complicated hemangioma of infancy to propranolol was recently reported, but details for initiating therapy, monitoring, and potential risks were not included...
  2. doi Propranolol for severe hemangiomas of infancy
    Christine Leaute-Labreze
    N Engl J Med 358:2649-51. 2008
  3. ncbi Pilot study of secondary prevention of posttraumatic stress disorder with propranolol
    Roger K Pitman
    Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts 02129, USA
    Biol Psychiatry 51:189-92. 2002
    ..This pilot study addressed this hypothesis...
  4. ncbi Neural signature of reconsolidation impairments by propranolol in humans
    Lars Schwabe
    Douglas Mental Health Institute and Department of Psychiatry, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada
    Biol Psychiatry 71:380-6. 2012
    ..Here, we asked whether a β-adrenergic receptor antagonist might interfere with the reconsolidation of emotional episodic memories and what brain mechanisms are involved in these effects...
  5. ncbi Effects of propranolol on the proliferation and apoptosis of hemangioma-derived endothelial cells
    Yi Ji
    Department of Pediatric Surgery, Children s Hospital of Fudan University, Shanghai, 201102, China
    J Pediatr Surg 47:2216-23. 2012
    b>Propranolol, a non-selective beta-blocker, has recently been introduced as a novel treatment modality for proliferating hemangiomas. However, the mechanism of action of this therapy is unknown...
  6. ncbi Immediate treatment with propranolol decreases posttraumatic stress disorder two months after trauma
    Guillaume Vaiva
    Clinical School of Psychiatry, University of Lille II, Lille, France
    Biol Psychiatry 54:947-9. 2003
    This study investigated the efficacy of propranolol prescribed shortly after trauma exposure in the prevention of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and diagnosis.
  7. ncbi A randomized controlled trial of propranolol for infantile hemangiomas
    Marcia Hogeling
    Department Pediatric Dermatology, Sydney Children s Hospital, Randwick, New South Wales 2031, Australia
    Pediatrics 128:e259-66. 2011
    b>Propranolol hydrochloride is a safe and effective medication for treating infantile hemangiomas (IHs), with decreases in IH volume, color, and elevation.
  8. ncbi Propranolol for infantile hemangiomas: early experience at a tertiary vascular anomalies center
    Lisa M Buckmiller
    Department of Otolaryngology, Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Arkansas Children s Hospital, Little Rock, Arkansas 72202, USA
    Laryngoscope 120:676-81. 2010
    b>Propranolol has recently been introduced as a novel pharmacologic treatment for infantile hemangiomas. Systematic examination of this treatment in a tertiary care setting has not been described...
  9. ncbi Effects of propranolol on recovery of heart rate variability following acute myocardial infarction and relation to outcome in the Beta-Blocker Heart Attack Trial
    Rachel Lampert
    Department of Medicine, School of Medicine, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 06520, USA
    Am J Cardiol 91:137-42. 2003
    This study evaluated the effects of propranolol on recovery of heart rate variability (HRV) after acute myocardial infarction and its relation to outcome in the Beta-blocker Heart Attack Trial (BHAT)...
  10. ncbi Propranolol as first-line treatment for rapidly proliferating infantile haemangiomas
    W J M Holmes
    Department of Plastic Surgery, Alder Hey Children s Hospital, Eaton Road, Liverpool L12 2AP, UK
    J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg 64:445-51. 2011
    ..1,2) Recent reports have highlighted the impressive efficacy of propranolol in treating rapidly proliferating haemangioma...
  11. ncbi Effect of post-retrieval propranolol on psychophysiologic responding during subsequent script-driven traumatic imagery in post-traumatic stress disorder
    Alain Brunet
    Department of Psychiatry, McGill University and Douglas Hospital Research Center, Montreal, QC, Canada
    J Psychiatr Res 42:503-6. 2008
    The beta-adrenergic blocker propranolol given within hours of a psychologically traumatic event reduces physiologic responses during subsequent mental imagery of the event...
  12. pmc Limited efficacy of propranolol on the reconsolidation of fear memories
    Elizaveta V Muravieva
    Department of Neuroscience, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, New York 10029, USA
    Learn Mem 17:306-13. 2010
    Previous studies suggested that the beta-adrenergic receptor antagonist propranolol might be a novel, potential treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)...
  13. pmc Propranolol potentiates the anti-angiogenic effects and anti-tumor efficacy of chemotherapy agents: implication in breast cancer treatment
    Eddy Pasquier
    Children s Cancer Institute Australia, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, UNSW, Randwick, NSW, Australia
    Oncotarget 2:797-809. 2011
    Recent clinical evidence revealed that the use of beta-blockers such as propranolol, prior to diagnosis or concurrently with chemotherapy, could increase relapse-free and overall survival in breast cancer patients...
  14. ncbi Propranolol in the therapeutic strategy of infantile laryngotracheal hemangioma: A preliminary retrospective study of French experience
    Nicolas Leboulanger
    Hopital Armand Trousseau, 75012 Paris, France
    Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 74:1254-7. 2010
    Preliminary assessment of the efficacy of propranolol on subglottic hemangioma in children on a nation-wide scale.
  15. pmc Propranolol decreases tachycardia and improves symptoms in the postural tachycardia syndrome: less is more
    Satish R Raj
    Departments of Medicine, Division of Clinical Pharmacology, Autonomic Dysfunction Center, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn 37232 2195, USA
    Circulation 120:725-34. 2009
    ..We tested the hypothesis that propranolol will attenuate the tachycardia and improve symptom burden in patients with POTS...
  16. ncbi Elastic liposomes mediated transdermal delivery of an anti-hypertensive agent: propranolol hydrochloride
    Dinesh Mishra
    Pharmaceutics Research Laboratory, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar MP, 470003 India
    J Pharm Sci 96:145-55. 2007
    ..present investigation ultradeformable lipid vesicles, that is, elastic liposomes were prepared incorporating propranolol hydrochloride for enhanced transdermal delivery...
  17. ncbi Effectiveness and limitations of beta-blocker therapy in congenital long-QT syndrome
    A J Moss
    Department of Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, NY 14642, USA
    Circulation 101:616-23. 2000
    ..beta-blockers are routinely prescribed in congenital long-QT syndrome (LQTS), but the effectiveness and limitations of beta-blockers in this disorder have not been evaluated...
  18. ncbi Modulation of remifentanil-induced postinfusion hyperalgesia by the β-blocker propranolol in humans
    Larry F Chu
    Department of Anesthesia, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, USA
    Pain 153:974-81. 2012
    ..The purpose of our translational study was to test the hypothesis that the β-adrenergic receptor antagonist propranolol modulates the expression of RPH in humans...
  19. ncbi Physiological effects of diclofenac, ibuprofen and propranolol on Baltic Sea blue mussels
    Hanna Ericson
    Department of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University, Svante Arrhenius Väg 21A, S 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden
    Aquat Toxicol 99:223-31. 2010
    ..In this study, Baltic Sea blue mussels, Mytilus edulis trossulus, were exposed to diclofenac, ibuprofen and propranolol, three pharmaceuticals that are produced and sold in large quantities and have a widespread occurrence in ..
  20. ncbi Tracheal responsiveness to both isoprenaline and beta2-adrenoreceptor blockade by propranolol in cigarette smoke exposed and sensitized guinea pigs
    Mohammad Hossein Boskabady
    Department of Physiology, Ghaem Medical Centre, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad 91735, Iran
    Respirology 11:572-8. 2006
    ..In this study, tracheal responsiveness to isoprenaline and beta-adrenergic receptor blockade was investigated in animals exposed to cigarette smoke (AECS) with or without sensitization by ovalbumin (OA)...
  21. ncbi Effect of chronic treatment with propranolol on the cardiovascular responses to chronic cold exposure
    Z Sun
    Department of Physiology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville 32610, USA
    Physiol Behav 62:379-84. 1997
    ..received regular food while the other received food to which a nonspecific beta-adrenoceptor antagonist, d,l-propranolol, was added...
  22. ncbi The combination of propranolol and magnesium does not prevent postoperative atrial fibrillation
    A J Solomon
    Department of Medicine, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC 20007, USA
    Ann Thorac Surg 69:126-9. 2000
    ..However, the use of magnesium is more controversial. It was our hypothesis that adjunctive magnesium sulfate would improve the efficacy of beta-blockers alone in the prevention of postoperative atrial fibrillation...
  23. pmc beta-Adrenoceptor blockers protect against staurosporine-induced apoptosis in SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells
    Maya Mikami
    Department of Anesthesiology, Columbia University P and S, New York, NY 10032, USA
    Eur J Pharmacol 589:14-21. 2008
    ..We studied the effects of three beta-adrenoceptor blockers propranolol (1-(isoproplyamino)-3-(naphthalene-1-yloxy)propan-2-ol), atenolol (2-[4-[2-hydroxy-3-(1-methylethylamino)..
  24. ncbi Effect of acute posttrauma propranolol on PTSD outcome and physiological responses during script-driven imagery
    Elizabeth A Hoge
    Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA
    CNS Neurosci Ther 18:21-7. 2012
    ..Previous studies have attempted to use pharmaceutical agents, especially the β-adrenergic blocker propranolol, to reduce this overconsolidation.
  25. ncbi Expression of components of the renin-angiotensin system in proliferating infantile haemangioma may account for the propranolol-induced accelerated involution
    Tinte Itinteang
    School of Biological Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington, and Department of Pathology, Hutt Hospital, Wellington, New Zealand
    J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg 64:759-65. 2011
    ..In 2008, propranolol, a non-selective β-blocker, was serendipitously discovered to induce accelerated involution of a proliferating ..
  26. pmc Prevention of pancreatic cancer by the beta-blocker propranolol
    Hussein A Al-Wadei
    Experimental Oncology Laboratory, Department of Pathobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996, USA
    Anticancer Drugs 20:477-82. 2009
    ..In this study, we have tested the hypothesis that the beta-AR antagonist propranolol prevents the development of PDAC induced in hamsters with ethanol-induced pancreatitis by NNK...
  27. ncbi Design and evaluation of sustained release bilayer tablets of propranolol hydrochloride
    Chinam Niranjan Patra
    P G Department of Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Berhampur 760002 Orissa, India
    Acta Pharm 57:479-89. 2007
    The objective of the present research was to develop a bilayer tablet of propranolol hydrochloride using superdisintegrant sodium starch glycolate for the fast release layer and water immiscible polymers such as ethylcellulose, Eudragit ..
  28. ncbi Propranolol impairs liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in C57Bl/6-mice by transient attenuation of hepatic lipid accumulation and increased apoptosis
    Jens Walldorf
    First Department of Medicine, Martin Luther University of Halle Wittenberg, Halle Saale, Germany
    Scand J Gastroenterol 45:468-76. 2010
    ..Since fatty acids in the liver are provided by catecholamine-induced lipolysis in the adipose tissue, we investigated whether beta-adrenergic blockade of lipolysis might affect liver regeneration...
  29. ncbi Bucindolol exerts agonistic activity on the propranolol-insensitive state of beta1-adrenoceptors in human myocardium
    Andreas Bundkirchen
    Labor für Herzmuskelphysiologie und Molekulare Kardiologie, Klinik III für Innere Medizin der Universität zu Köln, Koln, Germany
    J Pharmacol Exp Ther 300:794-801. 2002
    ..Recently, this putative beta4-adrenoceptor has been identified to be a propranolol-insensitive state of the beta1-adrenoceptor...
  30. ncbi Disrupting reconsolidation: pharmacological and behavioral manipulations
    Marieke Soeter
    Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Amsterdam, 1018 WB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Learn Mem 18:357-66. 2011
    ..Our findings demonstrate that disrupting reconsolidation by pharmacological manipulations, although selective, undermines the generalization of fear, a key feature of anxiety disorders...
  31. ncbi Impact of plasticity and flexibility on docking results for cytochrome P450 2D6: a combined approach of molecular dynamics and ligand docking
    Jozef Hritz
    Leiden Amsterdam Center for Drug Research, Section of Molecular Toxicology, Department of Chemistry and Pharmacochemistry, Vrije Universiteit, De Boelelaan 1083, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    J Med Chem 51:7469-77. 2008
    ..We have developed a binary decision tree to decide which protein structure to dock the ligand into, such that each ligand needs to be docked only once, leading to successful SOM prediction in 80% of the substrates...
  32. ncbi MicroRNA-1 downregulation by propranolol in a rat model of myocardial infarction: a new mechanism for ischaemic cardioprotection
    Yanjie Lu
    Department of Pharmacology, Harbin Medical University, Harbin, Heilongjiang 150081, People s Republic of China
    Cardiovasc Res 84:434-41. 2009
    The present study was designed to investigate whether the beneficial effects of beta-blocker propranolol are related to regulation of microRNA miR-1.
  33. ncbi Hypoglycemia in children taking propranolol for the treatment of infantile hemangioma
    Kristen E Holland
    Department of Dermatology, Medical College of Wisconsin, 9200 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53226, USA
    Arch Dermatol 146:775-8. 2010
    b>Propranolol hydrochloride has been prescribed for decades in the pediatric population for a variety of disorders, but its effectiveness in the treatment of infantile hemangiomas (IHs) was only recently discovered...
  34. pmc Surgical stress promotes tumor growth in ovarian carcinoma
    Jeong Won Lee
    Department of Gynecologic Oncology, The University of Texas M D Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX 77030, USA
    Clin Cancer Res 15:2695-702. 2009
    ..The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of surgical stress on ovarian cancer growth and to determine underlying mechanisms responsible for increased growth...
  35. pmc Effect of catechol-O-methyltransferase polymorphism on response to propranolol therapy in chronic musculoskeletal pain: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover pilot study
    Inna E Tchivileva
    Center for Neurosensory Disorders, School of Dentistry, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599 7450, USA
    Pharmacogenet Genomics 20:239-48. 2010
    ..We hypothesized that the nonselective beta-adrenergic antagonist propranolol will reduce clinical and experimental pain in TMD patients in a manner dependent on the individuals' COMT ..
  36. pmc An emotion-induced retrograde amnesia in humans is amygdala- and beta-adrenergic-dependent
    B A Strange
    Wellcome Department of Imaging Neuroscience, Institute of Neurology, 12 Queen Square, London WC1N 3BG, United Kingdom
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 100:13626-31. 2003
    ..appear to depend on a common neurobiological substrate, in that enhancements and decrements are reversed by propranolol, a beta-adrenergic antagonist, and abolished by selective bilateral amygdala damage...
  37. ncbi Propranolol suppresses angiogenesis in vitro: inhibition of proliferation, migration, and differentiation of endothelial cells
    Sylvie Lamy
    Laboratoire de Medecine Moleculaire, Universite du Quebec a Montreal, C P 8888, Succ Centre Ville, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Vascul Pharmacol 53:200-8. 2010
    b>Propranolol, a non-selective β-adrenergic blocking drug, was recently reported to control the growth of hemangiomas, the most common vascular tumor of infancy. However, the mechanisms involved in this effect remain unknown...
  38. ncbi Beta-adrenergic modulation of NNK-induced lung carcinogenesis in hamsters
    H M Schuller
    Experimental Oncology Laboratory, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 37906, USA
    J Cancer Res Clin Oncol 126:624-30. 2000
    ..We have recently shown that the growth of cell lines derived from human PACs is controlled by beta-adrenergic receptors, and that NNK is a high affinity agonist for this receptor family...
  39. ncbi Erythrocyte G protein-coupled receptor signaling in malarial infection
    Travis Harrison
    Department of Pathology, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, 303 Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611, USA
    Science 301:1734-6. 2003
    ..berghei infections in an in vivo mouse model. Thus, signaling via the erythrocyte beta2-adrenergic receptor and Galphas may regulate malarial infection across parasite species...
  40. ncbi Sympathectomy or doxazosin, but not propranolol, blunt myocardial interstitial fibrosis in pressure-overload hypertrophy
    Stefano Perlini
    Clinica Medica II, IRCCS San Matteo, Universita di Pavia, Italy
    Hypertension 46:1213-8. 2005
    ..were subjected to abdominal aortic banding (B) or sham operation (S) and treated with beta-blockade (Bb, oral propranolol, 40 mg/kg per day), chemical sympathectomy (Sx, 6-hydroxydopamine, 150 mg/kg intraperitoneal twice per week) or ..
  41. pmc Stimulation of the noradrenergic system during memory formation impairs extinction learning but not the disruption of reconsolidation
    Marieke Soeter
    Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Neuropsychopharmacology 37:1204-15. 2012
    ..of one of the fear associations was manipulated by administering a β-adrenergic receptor antagonist (ie, propranolol HCl) 90 min before its selective reactivation (time for peak value propranolol HCl <2 h)...
  42. ncbi Combined effects of exercise and propranolol on bone tissue in ovariectomized rats
    Nicolas Bonnet
    INSERM U658, CHR Orleans, Orleans, France
    J Bone Miner Res 22:578-88. 2007
    ..SNS blockade by propranolol did not affect this response on cortical bone but surprisingly inhibited the trabecular response...
  43. ncbi Quantitative mass spectrometry imaging of propranolol and olanzapine using tissue extinction calculation as normalization factor
    Gregory Hamm
    ImaBiotech, Maldi Imaging Service Department, Parc Eurasante, Loos, France
    J Proteomics 75:4952-61. 2012
    ..Through this protocol, the amount of drug per gram of tissue was determined, which in turn, was compared with other analytical techniques such as Liquid Chromatography-Mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)...
  44. pmc Propranolol accelerates adipogenesis in hemangioma stem cells and causes apoptosis of hemangioma endothelial cells
    Alvin Wong
    Department of Surgery, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA
    Plast Reconstr Surg 130:1012-21. 2012
    ..Recently, propranolol has demonstrated effectiveness in treating complicated infantile hemangiomas...
  45. pmc Burns: where are we standing with propranolol, oxandrolone, recombinant human growth hormone, and the new incretin analogs?
    Gerd G Gauglitz
    Department of Dermatology and Allergy, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany
    Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care 14:176-81. 2011
    ..This review focuses on the more recent advances in therapeutic strategies to attenuate the hypermetabolic response and its associated insulin resistance postburn...
  46. pmc Influence of beta-adrenoceptor antagonists on the pharmacokinetics of rizatriptan, a 5-HT1B/1D agonist: differential effects of propranolol, nadolol and metoprolol
    M R Goldberg
    Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Metabolism and Clinical Biostatistics, Merck Research Laboratories, Blue Bell, PA 19422, USA
    Br J Clin Pharmacol 52:69-76. 2001
    ..Patients with frequent attacks may also receive propranolol or other beta-adrenoceptor antagonists for migraine prophylaxis...
  47. pmc Propranolol's effects on the consolidation and reconsolidation of long-term emotional memory in healthy participants: a meta-analysis
    Michelle H Lonergan
    Department of Psychiatry, McGill University, and Douglas Mental Health University Institute, Montreal, Que, Canada
    J Psychiatry Neurosci 38:222-31. 2013
    ..We conducted a meta-analysis on the experimental evidence regarding the capacity of the ß-blocker propranolol to block the consolidation/reconsolidation of emotional memories in healthy adults.
  48. ncbi Randomized comparison of long-term losartan versus propranolol in lowering portal pressure in cirrhosis
    J González-Abraldes
    Hepatic Hemodynamics Laboratory, Liver Unit, Institut de Malalties Digestives, Hospital Clinic, Institut de Investigacions Biomediques August Pi i Sunyer, Universitat de Barcelona, Villaroel 170, 08036 Barcelona, Spain
    Gastroenterology 121:382-8. 2001
    ..A-II) type 1 receptor blocker, may have a pronounced portal pressure reducing effect, far greater than that of propranolol. This randomized controlled trial compared the hemodynamic and renal effects of continued 6-week administration ..
  49. ncbi Carvedilol for primary prophylaxis of variceal bleeding in cirrhotic patients with haemodynamic non-response to propranolol
    Thomas Reiberger
    Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Department of Internal Medicine III, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
    Gut 62:1634-41. 2013
    ..Additional α-adrenergic blockade (as by carvedilol) may increase the number of patients with haemodynamic response (reduction in hepatic venous pressure gradient (HVPG) of ≥ 20% or to values <12 mm Hg)...
  50. ncbi Propranolol for the prevention of first esophageal variceal hemorrhage: a lifetime commitment?
    D R Abraczinskas
    Gastrointestinal Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA
    Hepatology 34:1096-102. 2001
    ..Patients completing a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of propranolol for the primary prevention of variceal hemorrhage were tapered off of propranolol and placebo and followed ..
  51. ncbi Propranolol for infantile haemangiomas: insights into the molecular mechanisms of action
    C H Storch
    Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacoepidemiology, University Hospital of Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 410, D 69120 Heidelberg, Germany
    Br J Dermatol 163:269-74. 2010
    ..Oral propranolol is a very recent therapeutic option for complicated IH with impressive efficacy and generally good tolerance...
  52. pmc Involvement of α2- and β2-adrenoceptors on breast cancer cell proliferation and tumour growth regulation
    C Pérez Piñero
    Instituto de Biologia y Medicina Experimental CONICET, Vuelta de Obligado 2490, C1428ADN Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Br J Pharmacol 166:721-36. 2012
    ..However, the effect of the agonists and antagonists reported on cell proliferation and tumour growth was paradoxical, precluding their utilization as possible adjuvant therapy, mainly in the cases of refractory tumours...
  53. ncbi The effect of propranolol dose and novelty of the reactivation procedure on the reconsolidation of a morphine place preference
    M J F Robinson
    Department of Psychology, McGill University, 1205 Dr Penfield Ave, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 1B1
    Behav Brain Res 216:281-4. 2011
    ..Rats were injected with the amnestic drug propranolol (10 or 40 mg/kg, sc) following reactivation either on the first or on the second day...
  54. pmc MicroRNA expression analysis: clinical advantage of propranolol reveals key microRNAs in myocardial infarction
    Wenliang Zhu
    Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Harbin, China
    PLoS ONE 6:e14736. 2011
    ..that modulation of only some key members in the miRNA superfamily could benefit ischemic heart, we proposed a microarray based network biology approach to identify them with the recognized clinical effect of propranolol as a prompt.
  55. ncbi Propranolol as first-line treatment of head and neck hemangiomas
    Carine Fuchsmann
    Service d Otorhinolaryngologie Pédiatrique, L Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant, Hospices Civils de Lyon, 69600 Bron, France
    Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 137:471-8. 2011
    To report the efficacy of propranolol as first-line treatment of head and neck hemangiomas in children and to present an optimized protocol for treating hemangiomas.
  56. ncbi Treatment of chronic fatigue and orthostatic intolerance with propranolol
    Vegard Bruun Wyller
    Department of Pediatrics, Rikshospitalet Radiumhospitalet Medical Centre, Oslo, Norway
    J Pediatr 150:654-5. 2007
    We describe the effect of propranolol in an adolescent with chronic fatigue syndrome and orthostatic intolerance...
  57. ncbi Enantiospecific toxicity of the beta-blocker propranolol to Daphnia magna and Pimephales promelas
    Jacob K Stanley
    Department of Biology, Baylor University, Waco, Texas 76798, USA
    Environ Toxicol Chem 25:1780-6. 2006
    b>Propranolol is a widely prescribed, nonselective beta-adrenergic receptor-blocking agent. Propranolol has been detected in municipal effluents from the ng/L to the low-microg/L range...
  58. pmc Exercise training versus propranolol in the treatment of the postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome
    Qi Fu
    Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, 7232 Greenville Ave, Suite 435, Dallas, TX 75231, USA
    Hypertension 58:167-75. 2011
    ..Nineteen patients (18 women and 1 man) completed a double-blind drug trial (propranolol or placebo) for 4 weeks, followed by 3 months of exercise training...
  59. ncbi Beta-adrenergic modulation of cognitive flexibility during stress
    Jessica K Alexander
    The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210, USA
    J Cogn Neurosci 19:468-78. 2007
    ..assessed during four test sessions: stress and no-stress, with each condition tested after administration of propranolol and placebo...
  60. ncbi Propranolol induces regression of hemangioma cells through HIF-1α-mediated inhibition of VEGF-A
    Harvey Chim
    Department of Plastic Surgery, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH 44106, USA
    Ann Surg 256:146-56. 2012
    To investigate the mechanism of propranolol on regression of infantile hemangiomas.
  61. pmc Free energies of binding of R- and S-propranolol to wild-type and F483A mutant cytochrome P450 2D6 from molecular dynamics simulations
    Chris de Graaf
    Division of Molecular Toxicology, Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Leiden Amsterdam Center for Drug Research LACDR, Vrije Universiteit, De Boelelaan 1083, 1081 HV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Eur Biophys J 36:589-99. 2007 reproduce and rationalize the experimental finding that the F483A mutant of CYP2D6 has lower affinity for R-propranolol than for S-propranolol. Wild-type (WT) CYP2D6 does not show this stereospecificity...
  62. ncbi Propranolol therapy for infantile haemangiomas: review of the literature
    A P Zimmermann
    Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Philipps University, Marburg, Germany
    Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 74:338-42. 2010
    ..Sometimes intervention is required due to proliferative growth which is complicated by ulceration, bleeding, persistent aesthetic deformity or infection...
  63. ncbi An unusual cause of thyrotoxic periodic paralysis: triiodothyronine-containing weight reducing agents
    Heng Kuang Chou
    Department of Medicine, Armed Force Song Shang General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
    Am J Med Sci 337:71-3. 2009
    ..Pertinent history revealed that he took drugs containing triiodothyronine (64 mug) and propranolol (40 mg) twice daily for weight reduction in the past month and discontinued these drugs 3 days before admission...
  64. ncbi Olfactory fear conditioning paradigm in rats: effects of midazolam, propranolol or scopolamine
    Juliana A V Kroon
    Departamento de Farmacologia, CCB, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, SC 88040 900, Brazil
    Neurobiol Learn Mem 91:32-40. 2009
    ..fear-induced behavior and whether compounds used in humans for emotional-related disorders such as midazolam, propranolol, or scopolamine, applied during the different stages of fear conditioning (acquisition, consolidation and ..
  65. ncbi Successful treatment of isolated subglottic haemangioma with propranolol alone
    Chris G Jephson
    Department of Otolaryngology, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3JH, UK
    Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 73:1821-3. 2009
    ..Recently, successful treatment with propranolol has been reported in 11 cases of cutaneous haemangiomas and then in two cases of subglottic haemangiomas with ..
  66. ncbi Human amygdala reactivity is diminished by the β-noradrenergic antagonist propranolol
    R Hurlemann
    Department of Psychiatry, University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany
    Psychol Med 40:1839-48. 2010
    ..Despite clinical evidence for the efficacy of a β-noradrenergic receptor blockade with propranolol in the alleviation of anxiety symptoms and the secondary prevention of post traumatic stress disorder, ..
  67. ncbi Propranolol reduces emotional distraction in working memory: a partial mediating role of propranolol-induced cortisol increases?
    Nicole Y L Oei
    Leiden University Institute of Psychology, Leiden, The Netherlands
    Neurobiol Learn Mem 93:388-95. 2010
    ..The beta-blocker propranolol has been shown to reduce memory for emotional stimuli...
  68. ncbi Immediate and prolonged effects of cortisol, but not propranolol, on memory retrieval in healthy young men
    Marieke S Tollenaar
    Clinical, Health and Neuropsychology Unit, Institute for Psychological Research, Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands
    Neurobiol Learn Mem 91:23-31. 2009
    ..b>Propranolol, on the other hand, may impair the reconsolidation of emotional memories during reactivation, although human ..
  69. ncbi Use of the chiral pharmaceutical propranolol to identify sewage discharges into surface waters
    Lorien J Fono
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley 94720, USA
    Environ Sci Technol 39:9244-52. 2005
    ..To identify raw sewage discharges, we analyzed the two enantiomers of the popular chiral pharmaceutical, propranolol, after derivitization to convert the enantiomers to diastereomers...
  70. ncbi Propranolol for the treatment of a life-threatening subglottic and mediastinal infantile hemangioma
    Mai Thy Truong
    Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology, Lucile Packard Children s Hospital at Stanford, Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine, 801 Welch Rd, Stanford, CA 94305, USA
    J Pediatr 156:335-8. 2010
    ..Treatment with oral propranolol resulted in resolution of symptoms within 2 days and a 50% reduction in lesion size within 1 week.
  71. ncbi A meta-analysis on the effectiveness of propranolol for the treatment of infantile airway haemangiomas
    Stamatios Peridis
    Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Guy s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, London, United Kingdom
    Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 75:455-60. 2011
    To study the effectiveness of propranolol in infantile airway haemangiomas and compare the effectiveness of propranolol vs. different therapies.
  72. pmc Stimulation of host bone marrow stromal cells by sympathetic nerves promotes breast cancer bone metastasis in mice
    J Preston Campbell
    Department of Pharmacology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America
    PLoS Biol 10:e1001363. 2012
    ..sympathetic activation on breast cancer bone metastasis in vivo can be blocked with the β-blocker propranolol, and by knockdown of RANK expression in MDA-231 cells...
  73. ncbi Effect of anionic polymers on the release of propranolol hydrochloride from matrix tablets
    S Takka
    Industrial Pharmacy Program, College of Pharmacy, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, USA
    Eur J Pharm Biopharm 52:75-82. 2001
    ..The dissolution profiles were compared according to release rates. The interaction between propranolol hydrochloride and anionic polymers was confirmed using the UV difference spectra method...
  74. ncbi Propranolol for infantile hemangiomas
    Lorea Bagazgoitia
    Department of Dermatology, Hospital del Nino Jesus, Madrid, Spain
    Pediatr Dermatol 28:108-14. 2011
    b>Propranolol has been used successfully in a limited number of children with infantile hemangiomas. This multicenter retrospective study describes the efficacy and adverse effects of propranolol in infantile hemangioma...
  75. ncbi Skin permeation of propranolol from polymeric film containing terpene enhancers for transdermal use
    Chomchan Amnuaikit
    Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama University, Okayama 700 8530, Japan
    Int J Pharm 289:167-78. 2005
    To develop the suitable film formulations of propranolol hydrochloride (PPL) containing enhancers for transdermal use, polymeric film formulations were prepared by employing ethyl cellulose (EC) and polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) as a film ..
  76. ncbi Propranolol in the management of airway infantile hemangiomas
    Kristina W Rosbe
    Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology, Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, University of California, San Francisco, 2330 Post St, Ste 310, San Francisco, CA 94143 0342, USA
    Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 136:658-65. 2010
    To report our experience with propranolol in managing airway infantile hemangiomas.
  77. ncbi Human type 2 phosphatidic acid phosphohydrolases. Substrate specificity of the type 2a, 2b, and 2c enzymes and cell surface activity of the 2a isoform
    R Roberts
    Department of Pharmacological Sciences and the Institute for Cell and Developmental Biology, Stony Brook Health Sciences Center, Stony Brook, New York 11794 8651, USA
    J Biol Chem 273:22059-67. 1998
  78. ncbi Pharmacotherapy to prevent PTSD: Results from a randomized controlled proof-of-concept trial in physically injured patients
    Murray B Stein
    Department of Psychiatry, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA
    J Trauma Stress 20:923-32. 2007
    ..This proof-of-concept study was a double-blind, randomized controlled trial of 14 days of the beta-blocker propranolol (n = 17), the anxiolytic anticonvulsant gabapentin (n = 14), or placebo (n = 17), administered within 48 hours ..
  79. ncbi Effect of altered AGP plasma binding on heart rate changes by S(-)-propranolol in rats using mechanism-based estimations of in vivo receptor affinity (K(B,vivo))
    T J van Steeg
    Division of Pharmacology, Leiden Amsterdam Center for Drug Research, Leiden University, Leiden, PO Box 9502, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands
    J Pharm Sci 99:2511-20. 2010
    ..The pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic relationship of the model drug S(-)-propranolol was evaluated using mechanism-based estimations of in vivo receptor affinity (K(B,vivo)), under conditions of ..
  80. ncbi beta-Blockers protect against spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in cirrhotic patients: a meta-analysis
    Marco Senzolo
    The Royal Free Sheila Sherlock Liver Centre, Department of Surgery, London, UK
    Liver Int 29:1189-93. 2009
    ..The aim of our study was to evaluate the possible role of beta-blockers in preventing spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) in patients with liver cirrhosis and ascites...
  81. ncbi Blockade of beta1- and beta2-adrenoceptors delays wound contraction and re-epithelialization in rats
    Bruna R Souza
    Departamento de Histologia e Embriologia, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol 33:421-30. 2006
    ..2. Male rats were treated orally with propranolol dissolved in drinking water (50 mg/kg per day), whereas the control group received drinking water without ..
  82. ncbi Kaposiform hemangioendothelioma with Kasabach-Merritt syndrome: a new indication for propranolol treatment
    Denise Josephina Johanna Hermans
    Department of Dermatology, Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    J Pediatr Hematol Oncol 33:e171-3. 2011
    ..We present a 6-week-old boy with Kaposiform hemangioendothelioma and Kasabach-Merritt Phenomenon. Ongoing propranolol treatment with only 4 initial courses of vincristine resulted in a remission that lasted at least 1 year.
  83. ncbi Propranolol therapy in 55 infants with infantile hemangioma: dosage, duration, adverse effects, and outcome
    Christine J Schupp
    Division Pediatric Surgery, University Hospital of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
    Pediatr Dermatol 28:640-4. 2011
    b>Propranolol has recently been reported to be a highly effective treatment for infantile hemangioma (IH) and is emerging as a first-line therapy. This study reports the observations after completed propranolol therapy in 55 patients...
  84. ncbi Inhibition of pancreatic cancer cell proliferation by propranolol occurs through apoptosis induction: the study of beta-adrenoceptor antagonist's anticancer effect in pancreatic cancer cell
    Dong Zhang
    Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreas Surgery, First Affiliated Hospital, Xi an Jiaotong University, Xi an, China
    Pancreas 38:94-100. 2009
    b>Propranolol inhibited pancreatic cancer cell proliferation by blocking signaling through the beta-adrenoceptor. We hypothesized that propranolol may suppress pancreatic cancer cell growth through induction of apoptosis.
  85. ncbi Propranolol selectively blocks the enhanced parietal old/new effect during long-term recollection of unpleasant pictures: a high density ERP study
    Mathias Weymar
    Department of Biological and Clinical Psychology, University of Greifswald, Franz Mehring Strasse 47, 17487 Greifswald, Germany
    Neuroimage 49:2800-6. 2010
    ..transmission is specifically involved in the neural signature of memory performance, the pre-encoding effect of propranolol (80 mg) on event-related potentials (ERPs) was measured in a placebo-controlled, double-blind, parallel-group ..
  86. ncbi Systemic mifepristone blocks reconsolidation of cue-conditioned fear; propranolol prevents this effect
    Roger K Pitman
    Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital, MGH East, 120 Second Avenue, Charlestown, MA 02129, USA
    Behav Neurosci 125:632-8. 2011
    ..ability of postreactivation mifepristone (RU38486, a glucocorticoid antagonist), alone and in combination with propranolol (a beta-adrenergic blocker), both given systemically, to reduce cue-conditioned fear in rats...
  87. ncbi Intrinsic sympathomimetic activity of (-)-pindolol mediated through a (-)-propranolol-resistant site of the beta1-adrenoceptor in human atrium and recombinant receptors
    Shirin S Joseph
    Department of Physiology, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, CB2 3EG, Cambridge, UK
    Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol 368:496-503. 2003
    ..Recent work indicates the existence of a (-)-propranolol-resistant site of the cardiac beta(1)-adrenoceptor and we propose that it mediates the cardiostimulation evoked ..
  88. ncbi Update on vascular tumors of infancy
    Robert Sidbury
    Department of Pediatrics, Seattle Children s Hospital, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington 98105, USA
    Curr Opin Pediatr 22:432-7. 2010
    ..b>Propranolol therapy for infantile hemangiomas (IH) is now being used widely, and case reports, series, and adverse effects ..
  89. ncbi Propranolol adrenergic blockade inhibits human brain endothelial cells tubulogenesis and matrix metalloproteinase-9 secretion
    Borhane Annabi
    Departement de Chimie, Centre de recherche BioMed, Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Canada
    Pharmacol Res 60:438-45. 2009
    ..tumors, such as hemangiomas of infancy, was repressed by the non-selective beta-adrenergic antagonist propranolol possibly through targeting of the vascular endothelial compartment...
  90. ncbi Use of propranolol in infantile haemangioma among Chinese children
    K K Chik
    Department of Paediatrics, United Christian Hospital, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
    Hong Kong Med J 16:341-6. 2010
    To describe the use of propranolol as first-line treatment or as single therapy to control the proliferating phase of infantile haemangioma in Chinese children.
  91. ncbi Propranolol improves cutaneous wound healing in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
    Bruna Romana-Souza
    Tissue Repair Laboratory, Department of Histology and Embryology, State University of Rio de Janeiro UERJ, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
    Eur J Pharmacol 611:77-84. 2009
    ..Nevertheless, no studies have shown whether beta-adrenoceptor blockade through beta-blocker (e.g., propranolol) administration may alter healing of diabetic cutaneous lesions...
  92. ncbi Adverse effects of propranolol when used in the treatment of hemangiomas: a case series of 28 infants
    Marlies de Graaf
    Department of Pediatric Dermatology and Allergology, Wilhelmina Children s Hospital, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    J Am Acad Dermatol 65:320-7. 2011
    Infantile hemangioma (IH) is a frequently encountered tumor with a potentially complicated course. Recently, propranolol was discovered to be an effective treatment option.
  93. ncbi Isoproterenol-induced myocardial infarction in rabbits. Protection by propranolol or labetalol: a proposed non-invasive procedure
    Arnaldo Pinelli
    Department of Pharmacology, University of Milan, Via Vanvitelli 32, 20129 Milan, Italy
    Eur J Pharm Sci 23:277-85. 2004
    ..As this model of myocardial damage is based on the use of beta-stimulatory isoproterenol, the beta-blockers propranolol and labetalol were administered to isoproterenol-treated animals...
  94. ncbi The reboxetine-induced increase of accumbal dopamine efflux is inhibited by l-propranolol: a microdialysis study with freely moving rats
    Naoko Mizoguchi
    Department of Dysphagia Rehabilitation, Nihon University School of Dentistry, 1 8 13, Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda ku, Tokyo 101 8310, Japan
    Eur J Pharmacol 601:94-8. 2008
    ..The effects of intra-accumbal infusion of the beta-adrenoceptor antagonist l-propranolol on the reboxetine-elicited noradrenaline and dopamine efflux in the nucleus accumbens were also analysed...
  95. ncbi Preservation of the baroreceptor heart rate reflex by chemical sympathectomy in experimental heart failure
    Luca Mircoli
    Divisione di Cardiologia, Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico IRCCS, Milano, Italy
    Circulation 106:866-72. 2002
    ..The purpose of the present study was to test the hypothesis that this alteration depends on the marked degree of sympathetic overactivity known to characterize the CHF syndrome...
  96. ncbi Levosimendan as a rescue drug in experimental propranolol-induced myocardial depression: a randomized study
    Heli Leppikangas
    Department of Anaesthesia, Tampere University Hospital, Tampere, Finland
    Ann Emerg Med 54:811-817.e1-3. 2009
    ..We hypothesize that levosimendan could reverse propranolol-induced severe negative inotropy in a porcine model of beta-blocker intoxication.
  97. ncbi Reconsolidation of a morphine place preference: impact of the strength and age of memory on disruption by propranolol and midazolam
    M J F Robinson
    Department of Psychology, McGill University, 1205 Dr Penfield Ave, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Behav Brain Res 213:201-7. 2010
    ..The memory was then reactivated drug-free, and immediately afterwards animals received an injection of propranolol (10mg/kg, SC), midazolam (1mg/kg, IP), both amnestic agents combined, or saline...
  98. ncbi Endoscopic variceal ligation plus propranolol versus endoscopic variceal ligation alone in primary prophylaxis of variceal bleeding
    Shiv K Sarin
    Department of Gastroenterology, G B Pant Hospital, New Delhi, India
    Am J Gastroenterol 100:797-804. 2005
    The role of propranolol in addition to EVL in the prevention of first variceal bleed has not been evaluated...
  99. ncbi The effect of propranolol on posttraumatic stress disorder in burned service members
    Laura L McGhee
    Battlefield Pain Control Project Area, United States Army Institute of Surgical Research, USA
    J Burn Care Res 30:92-7. 2009
    ..beta-Adrenergic receptor blocking agents, like propranolol, decrease catecholamine levels. Propranolol may reduce consolidation of memory and a prophylaxis for PTSD...
  100. ncbi Beyond extinction: erasing human fear responses and preventing the return of fear
    Merel Kindt
    Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Amsterdam, Roetersstraat 15, 1018 WB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Nat Neurosci 12:256-8. 2009
    ..We found that oral administration of the beta-adrenergic receptor antagonist propranolol before memory reactivation in humans erased the behavioral expression of the fear memory 24 h later and ..
  101. ncbi Beta blockers and breast cancer mortality: a population- based study
    Thomas I Barron
    Trinity College, University of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
    J Clin Oncol 29:2635-44. 2011
    ..A series of population-based observational studies were conducted to examine associations between beta blocker use and breast tumor characteristics at diagnosis or breast cancer-specific mortality...

Research Grants64

  1. Misty: a model for central regulation of bone remodeling
    CLIFFORD JAMES ROSEN; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..In support of that tenet, short-term treatment of Misty with propranolol for four weeks partially rescued the aBMD deficit and increased bone mass by 7%...
  2. Biliary Atresia, Cholestatic Liver Diseases, and Cystic Fibrosis: Indiana Univers
    Jean Pappas Molleston; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..controlled trial of secondary prophylaxis of variceal bleeding comparing endoscopic band ligation (EBL) vs propranolol. The hypothesis is that EBL is superior to propranolol for secondary prophylaxis of variceal bleeding in ..
  3. Treatment Implications of Trauma Memory Modulation for PTSD & Alcohol Dependence
    Michael E Saladin; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..the present study will contribute further to it by examining the impact of the [unreadable]-adrenergic blocker propranolol on emotional distress, craving and other responses to trauma- and alcohol-related cues and on alcohol use and ..
  4. Recognition of host catecholamines in Borrelia burgdorferi gene regulation
    Linden T Hu; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Up-regulation of OspA in the presence of NE can be blocked by the use of competitive inhibitors such as propranolol. We have also been able to show that propranolol inhibits OspA expression in an in vivo model. B...
  5. The GABA-B receptor is a novel drug target for pancreatic cancer
    Hildegard M Schuller; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..Specific aim 4: To assess the effects of the beta-blocker propranolol or the COX-2 inhibitor celecoxib in vitro and in PDAC xenografts with and without stimulation by stress ..
  6. Rodent Model of PTSD-like conditions-Role of Noradrenergic System
    ..activity in the prefrontal cortex, amygdala and hippocampus;2) to evaluate whether treatments with prazosin or propranolol will differentially ameliorate the behavioral and neuroanatomical outcomes measured in Aim 1 in the vulnerable ..
    William Bernard Weglicki; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..We showed that the beta-blocker analog, d-propranolol (d-Pro), accumulates in endothelial lysosomes and reduces both cellular and cardiac injury caused by iron ..
  8. Effect of Insulin and Propranolol on Post Burn Hypermetabolism and Inflammation
    David N Herndon; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..Insulin and propranolol have demonstrated an activity in selected patients which ameliorates the responses to burn with minimal ..
  9. Functional Imaging of Tremor Circuits and Mechanisms of Treatment Response.
    Fatta B Nahab; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..we plan to study the effects of ethanol (the most efficacious tremor-suppressant currently available) and propranolol (a non-specific b- adrenergic blocker with proven efficacy and unknown mechanism of action) on the tremor ..
  10. Mitigation of the Catecholamine Surge in Severely Burned Patients
    David N Herndon; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..surge by the non-selective Beta-1 ([unreadable]-1) and Beta-2 ([unreadable]-2) adrenergic antagonist, propranolol in severely burned children and adults...
  11. Effect of COMT genetic polymorphism on response to propranolol therapy in TMD
    ..II clinical trial that will evaluate the efficacy of the non-selective [unreadable]-adrenergic antagonist, propranolol, compared to placebo for treatment of pain in patients with temporomandibular disorder (TMD)...
  12. Quantitative Hemodynamics of the Liver with 4D Flow MRI
    Oliver Wieben; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..pressure gradient (HVPG) will be correlated with decreases in portal blood flow achieved using test dose of propranolol, a non-selective beta-blocker...
  13. Noradrenergic Agents As Potential New Pharmacotherapies for Alcohol Drinking
    Dennis D Rasmussen; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..alters alcohol clearance or the positively or negatively reinforcing properties of alcohol, and whether propranolol, which also decreases brain noradrenergic signaling - but by a different mechanism - also decreases alcohol ..
  14. A role for orexins in fear learning
    ROBERT MILTON SEARS; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..unreadable]disconnect[unreadable] the circuit using contralateral infusions of SB 334867 in the LC and propranolol in LA...
    Laura Decastro; Fiscal Year: 2011
    ..We have recently further shown that propranolol inhibits epinephrine- induced SS RBC adhesion both in vitro and in vivo in an animal model...
  16. From Fear Reactions to Instrumental Action: Brain Regions and Beta Blockers
    ..We will test this by injecting propranolol or isoproterenol into CE and assessing conditioned fear and AA in rats...
    Gordon Amidon; Fiscal Year: 1993
    ..hepatic physiological flow model for the systemic bioavailability variability of the beta-blocker propranolol and the NSAID ibuprofen from dogs to humans; and (5) develop a physiological micro- mixing model of the ..
    Sheila Wang; Fiscal Year: 1999
    ..VAMC, hormonal measures will be obtained prior to, after five weeks of, and after ten weeks of treatment with propranolol in 30 PTSD veteran subjects, and in 30 PTSD placebo-treated controls...
  19. Enhancing Disrupted Reconsolidation: Impact on Cocaine Craving, Reactivity &Use
    Michael E Saladin; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..body of basic neuroscience research suggests that administration of the [unreadable]-adrenergic antagonist propranolol contiguous with cue-elicited retrieval of memory for drug reinforced learning can lead to disruption of ..
    John Martin; Fiscal Year: 1991 alterations in sympathetic and/or parasympathetic nerve activity, the effect of pretreatment of animals with propranolol, prazosin, and/or methylatropine on the NPY- and CCH-induced changes in the cardiovascular system will be ..
  21. Circumventing physiological consequences of drug abuse
    Anthony A Grace; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..2) Test whether amygdala inactivation or administration of propranolol or ketamine after amphetamine will prevent the decrease in ventral tegmental area dopamine neuron population ..
  22. Anti-hypertensive drugs that prevent Alzheimer's disease beta-amyloid pathology a
    Giulio Maria Pasinetti; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..A[unreadable]) in vitro and, as recently found, also in vivo in response to treatment with propranolol-HCI, nicardipine-HCI, losartan in Tg2576 mice, even when these drugs were delivered in a short term dosing ..
  23. Near-Infrared VCD of Chiral Pharmaceuticals
    Laurence Nafie; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..Pharmaceutical molecules of particular interest are propranolol, ephedra drugs, including ephedrine, norephedrine, pseudoephedrine, norpseudoephedrine, N-methyl ephedrine and ..
    Henry Kaplan; Fiscal Year: 1980
    ..N-acetyl cystein and drugs which have been reported to block ADR uptake into cardiac tissue, digoxin and propranolol. The cytotoxicity of BCNU for this cell line will also be tested...
    UDAY DEVASKAR; Fiscal Year: 1999
    ..HYT/HYT mouse with & without prior treatment with 6- hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA, chemical sympathectomy) or Propranolol (beta- adrenergic blockade) respectively: Absence of TRH effects on the lung in 6-OHDA or Propranolol treated ..
  26. Effects of Acupuncture on Gastric Motility in Rats
    Toku Takahashi; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..Gastric relaxations induced by acupuncture to the abdomen were abolished by guanethidine, propranolol, hexamethonium, splanchnic ganglenectomy, but not by vagotomy...
    James Morgan; Fiscal Year: 1991
    ..Studies will be performed before and after the addition of propranolol and phentolamine to block post - synaptic adrenoceptors, nortriptyline to block adrenergic neuronal UPTAKE I ..
    Roberto Groszmann; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..renown for their studies in this area and have collaborated productively in the past, including the only published double-blind trial of propranolol in the prevention of first variceal hemorrhage in patients with cirrhosis and varices.
    ALAN NIES; Fiscal Year: 1990
    ..The vascular studies include 1) clinical studies to test the hypothesis that the antihypertensive drugs propranolol, hydralazine and thiazides enhance vascular prostacyclin synthesis, which accounts for the ability of ..
    STEPHEN BAI; Fiscal Year: 1992
    ..The interacting drugs that will be used will be the beta receptor blocker propranolol, and the H2 - receptor blocker cimetidine...
  31. Melatonin Receptors as Therapeutic Targets in Primates
    Margarita Dubocovich; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..melatonin receptor antagonist luzindole to block melatonin receptors, and the beta- adrenoceptor antagonist propranolol to inhibit pineal melatonin production, we will assess whether endogenous nocturnal melatonin promotes sleep by ..
    Gregory Broderick; Fiscal Year: 1993
    ..strips to a variety of autonomic agonists and antagonists including phentolamine, isoproterenol, methoxamine, propranolol, bethanechol, atropine and ATP...
    Ajay Banga; Fiscal Year: 2000
    ..Specifically, this project investigates the in vitro delivery of five beta-blockers, propranolol, oxprenolol, timolol, metoprolol, and sotalol across freshly excised hairless rat skin and uses the data to ..
    Joanne Szabo; Fiscal Year: 1993
    ..blockade of asphyxia-induced catecholamine and/or B- endorphin effects of SIMEA using a) phentolamine and propranolol to block alpha- and beta-adrenergic activities, b) using naloxone to block beta-endorphin effects, and c) using ..
    John Henderson; Fiscal Year: 1991
    ..This will test the hypothesis that reduction of the systemic hyperdynamic response with propranolol will lower intrahepatic resistance sufficient to allow maintenance of portal flow and hepatic function, with ..
    Michael Moskowitz; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..contrast, prophylactic drugs belonging to distinct therapeutic classes (valproate, topiramate, amitriptyline, propranolol and methysergide) have been discovered empirically, and each of them only suppresses attacks by approximately ..
    BARRY WOLFE; Fiscal Year: 1980
    ..To decrease muscarinic stimulation atropine, chlorisondamine and vagotomy will be used. Propranolol, 6-hydroxydopamine, guanethidine and chlorisondamine will be used to decrease sympathetic tone...
    ROLAND DICKERSON; Fiscal Year: 1992
    ..Four anti-catabolic agents (propranolol, phentolamine, octreotide, and pentoxifylline) with different pharmacologic actions will be studied...
    Sarah Gray; Fiscal Year: 1999
    ..recovery process, by studying muscle injury in SHR with pharmacologically normalized blood pressure (prazocin, propranolol and captopril), WKY with Golblatt hypertension, and cross-grafted EDL muscles between WKY and SHR; III) the ..
    Paula Trzepacz; Fiscal Year: 1991
    ..for symptomatic relief of thyrotoxicosis before hormone levels are normalized, we were the first to show that propranolol treatment alone was associated with significant improvement of psychiatric symptoms concurrent with improvement ..
  41. Semantic Network Flexibility Modulation/Autism Spectrum
    David Beversdorf; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..modulation of cognitive flexibility with varying doses of noradrenergic agents, and will test whether long-term propranolol can have the same effect as single-dose propranolol...
    WENDEL NELSON; Fiscal Year: 1990
    Chemical aspects of the major oxidative metabolic pathways of the beta-adrenergic blockers propranolol, metoprolol and bufuralol will be investigated...
    FLOYD ATKINS; Fiscal Year: 1980
    ..The beta-adrenergic blocking drug propranolol is particularly effective in the treatment of angina pectoris and has been shown to decrease the number of ..
    FRED KRUGER; Fiscal Year: 1980
    ..epinephrine: mixed; phenylephrine: predominantly alpha) in the presence and absence of specific antagonists (propranolol: beta and phentolamine, phenoxybenzamine or dehydroergotamine: alpha)...
    Donald Harrison; Fiscal Year: 1980
    ..Three comprehensive studies are proposed. First, a study comparing the efficacy and toxicity of tocainide, propranolol, and quinidine...
    John Gerich; Fiscal Year: 1993
    ..consequences of pharmacologic blockade of hormone secretion (somatostatin, metyrapone) or action (phentolamine/propranolol) and by assessing changes in glucose production and utilization under conditions in which specific hormone ..
    Julie Johnson; Fiscal Year: 1993
    ..It has recently been shown that blacks have significantly lower plasma concentrations of propranolol than whites, a finding consistent with these response differences...
    William Weglicki; Fiscal Year: 1980
    ..we reported the presence of endogenous phospholipase A which is stimulated by isoproterenol and inhibited by propranolol. In addition, exogenous phospholipase A2 attacks sarcolemmal ethanolamine phospholipid preferentially...
    Robert Foreman; Fiscal Year: 1992
    ..Autonomic blockade, by atropine and/or propranolol, or stimulation by the muscarinic against oxotremorine, will be used to partition the autonomic components ..
    Takuji Kasamatsu; Fiscal Year: 1993
    ..By locally infusing muscimol into a cortical area affected by a preceding (no temporal overlap) infusion with propranolol, we will study whether the expression of the "muscimol effects" is dependent on the function of the NA-B ..
    ALLYN MARK; Fiscal Year: 1990
    ..Second, we have recently demonstrated that acute administration of propranolol potentiates increases in MSNA during sustained handgrip...
    Thomas Walle; Fiscal Year: 1991
    ..Our preliminary studies in man have shown that the clearance of propranolol, one of the most widely used cardiovascular drugs, is sensitive to both sex and age differences...
    Bertil Glader; Fiscal Year: 1980
    ..patients with hemolytic anemias (hereditary stomatocytosis, sickle cell anemia), Heinz body-containing RBCs, propranolol-treated cells, and RBCs with specific alteration in membrane proteins...
  54. Reconsolidation of Emotional Memory in Humans
    Elizabeth Phelps; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..of human amygdala and hippocampal dependent memories by examining the effects of the beta-adrenergic blocker propranolol on fear conditioning and its contextual modulation...
    Danny Shen; Fiscal Year: 1991
    b>Propranolol and the more recently introduced beta-adrenergic blocking agents are considered the drugs of choice in these treatment of hypertension associated with various forms of renal diseases...
    Peter Wedlund; Fiscal Year: 1990
    This proposal will investigate the effect of age on propranolol steroselective disposition and response in man. Beta-receptors in the elderly appear to have a diminished in-vivo affinity for propranolol...
    ROBERT BYCK; Fiscal Year: 1980
    ..of drug induced euphoria using lithium and naloxone and are considering using other blockers, such as AMPT and propranolol, to test their blocking effect. We are investigating a new form of cocaine abuse, cocaine paste smoking...
    William Weglicki; Fiscal Year: 1999
    ..applicant's abstract): This proposal is based upon three hypotheses: 1) The effective antioxidant activity of propranolol in vivo is primarily attributable to its biotransformation into more potent metabolites rather than to ..
  59. Cognitive flexibility, withdrawal, and norepinephrine
    David Beversdorf; Fiscal Year: 2003 in nonaddicted normal subjects in order to determine the optimal dose of the noradrenergic antagonist propranolol needed to modulate cognitive flexibility...
  60. Beta-Blockade Reduces Catabolism in Severely Injured Trauma Patients
    Jeffrey Johnson; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..We propose a randomized controlled trial of propranolol treatment in severely injured trauma patients...
  61. Memory Reconsolidation Blockade as a Novel Intervention for Nicotine Dependence
    A Evins; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..Our hypothesis is that post-reactivation administration of the B-adrenergic blocker, propranolol, following retrieval of drug-associated memories will reduce the strength or salience of the memory by ..
    DAVID PAPERMASTER; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..initiating new studies of moesin in photoreceptors because perturbation of its localization has been shown in propranolol treated retinas similar to the effects of rab8T22N...
  63. Treatment Implications of Beta-blockade Effects on Memory for Cocaine Craving
    Michael Saladin; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..The present proposal will assess the ability of the b-blocker propranolol to disrupt cocaine cue-induced craving and reactivity...
    Roger Pitman; Fiscal Year: 1999
    ..The objective of the proposed work is to study the effectiveness of propranolol in preventing the development of PTSD in persons presenting to an emergency room (ER) following a traumatic ..