Gene Symbol: CTNNBL1
Description: catenin, beta like 1
Alias: C20orf33, NAP, P14L, PP8304, dJ633O20.1, nuclear associated protein, testis development protein NYD-SP19
Species: human

Top Publications

  1. pmc A subset of human 35S U5 proteins, including Prp19, function prior to catalytic step 1 of splicing
    Olga V Makarova
    Department of Cellular Biochemistry, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Gottingen, Germany
    EMBO J 23:2381-91. 2004
  2. doi Association of β-catenin, Wnt1, Smad4, Hoxa9, and Bmi-1 with the prognosis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
    Jin Lv
    Affiliated Nanjing First Hospital, Department of Oncology Surgery, Nanjing Medical University, Oncology Center of Nanjing Medical University, No 68 Changle Road, 210006 Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China
    Med Oncol 29:151-60. 2012
  3. doi The structure of full-length human CTNNBL1 reveals a distinct member of the armadillo-repeat protein family
    Xiaolan Huang
    Department of Computer Science, Southern Illinois University, 1000 Faner Drive, Carbondale, IL 62901, USA
    Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr 69:1598-608. 2013
  4. pmc Molecular architecture of the human Prp19/CDC5L complex
    Michael Grote
    Department of Cellular Biochemistry, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Am Fassberg 11, D 37077 Gottingen, Germany
    Mol Cell Biol 30:2105-19. 2010
  5. pmc CTNNBL1 is a novel nuclear localization sequence-binding protein that recognizes RNA-splicing factors CDC5L and Prp31
    Karuna Ganesh
    Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 0QH, United Kingdom
    J Biol Chem 286:17091-102. 2011
  6. ncbi Sequence, gene structure, and expression pattern of CTNNBL1, a minor-class intron-containing gene--evidence for a role in apoptosis
    Leila Jabbour
    Department of Anatomy, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH 44106, USA
    Genomics 81:292-303. 2003
  7. pmc Genome-wide association scans identified CTNNBL1 as a novel gene for obesity
    Yong Jun Liu
    School of Medicine, University of Missouri Kansas City, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA
    Hum Mol Genet 17:1803-13. 2008
  8. doi Interaction between antibody-diversification enzyme AID and spliceosome-associated factor CTNNBL1
    Silvestro G Conticello
    Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Hills Road, Cambridge CB20QH, UK
    Mol Cell 31:474-84. 2008
  9. ncbi Determination of naproxen in liver and kidney tissues by electrokinetic capillary chromatography with laser-induced fluorescence detection
    C Albrecht
    Department of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Berne, Switzerland
    J Chromatogr A 802:115-20. 1998
  10. ncbi Evaluation "in-car" countermeasures to sleepiness: cold air and radio
    L A Reyner
    Sleep Research Laboratory, Loughborough University, UK
    Sleep 21:46-50. 1998

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  1. pmc A subset of human 35S U5 proteins, including Prp19, function prior to catalytic step 1 of splicing
    Olga V Makarova
    Department of Cellular Biochemistry, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Gottingen, Germany
    EMBO J 23:2381-91. 2004
    ..U5 tri-snRNPs. Thus, comparison of the proteomes of spliceosomal complexes at defined stages can provide information as to which proteins function as a group at a particular step of splicing...
  2. doi Association of β-catenin, Wnt1, Smad4, Hoxa9, and Bmi-1 with the prognosis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
    Jin Lv
    Affiliated Nanjing First Hospital, Department of Oncology Surgery, Nanjing Medical University, Oncology Center of Nanjing Medical University, No 68 Changle Road, 210006 Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China
    Med Oncol 29:151-60. 2012
    ..The expression level of Smad4 and Hoxa9 mRNA was also associated with the prognosis of the patients with ESCC, pathological stage, and lymph node metastasis; however, they might not be the independent prognostic factor...
  3. doi The structure of full-length human CTNNBL1 reveals a distinct member of the armadillo-repeat protein family
    Xiaolan Huang
    Department of Computer Science, Southern Illinois University, 1000 Faner Drive, Carbondale, IL 62901, USA
    Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr 69:1598-608. 2013
    Catenin-β-like protein 1 (CTNNBL1) is a highly conserved protein with multiple functions, one of which is to act as an interaction partner of the antibody-diversification enzyme activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID) for its ..
  4. pmc Molecular architecture of the human Prp19/CDC5L complex
    Michael Grote
    Department of Cellular Biochemistry, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Am Fassberg 11, D 37077 Gottingen, Germany
    Mol Cell Biol 30:2105-19. 2010
    ..organization of the human Prp19 (hPrp19)/CDC5L complex, which is comprised of hPrp19, CDC5L, PRL1, AD002, SPF27, CTNNBL1, and HSP73, we purified native hPrp19/CDC5L complexes from HeLa cells stably expressing FLAG-tagged AD002 or ..
  5. pmc CTNNBL1 is a novel nuclear localization sequence-binding protein that recognizes RNA-splicing factors CDC5L and Prp31
    Karuna Ganesh
    Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 0QH, United Kingdom
    J Biol Chem 286:17091-102. 2011
    ..Here, we identify CTNNBL1 (catenin-β-like 1), an armadillo motif-containing nuclear protein that exhibits no detectable primary sequence ..
  6. ncbi Sequence, gene structure, and expression pattern of CTNNBL1, a minor-class intron-containing gene--evidence for a role in apoptosis
    Leila Jabbour
    Department of Anatomy, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH 44106, USA
    Genomics 81:292-303. 2003
    We have identified and characterized a cDNA designated CTNNBL1 (catenin (cadherin-associated protein), beta-like 1) coding for a protein of 563 amino acids having predicted structural homology to beta-catenin and other armadillo (arm) ..
  7. pmc Genome-wide association scans identified CTNNBL1 as a novel gene for obesity
    Yong Jun Liu
    School of Medicine, University of Missouri Kansas City, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA
    Hum Mol Genet 17:1803-13. 2008
    ..We identified a novel gene, CTNNBL1, which has multiple SNPs associated with body mass index (BMI) and fat mass...
  8. doi Interaction between antibody-diversification enzyme AID and spliceosome-associated factor CTNNBL1
    Silvestro G Conticello
    Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Hills Road, Cambridge CB20QH, UK
    Mol Cell 31:474-84. 2008
    ..Here, by use of two-hybrid and coimmunoprecipitation assays, we identify CTNNBL1 (also known as NAP) as an AID-specific interactor...
  9. ncbi Determination of naproxen in liver and kidney tissues by electrokinetic capillary chromatography with laser-induced fluorescence detection
    C Albrecht
    Department of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Berne, Switzerland
    J Chromatogr A 802:115-20. 1998
    ..A micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography (MECC) based assay for analysis of naproxen (NAP) in extracts of hydrolyzed liver and kidney tissue homogenates using salicylate as internal standard and solute ..
  10. ncbi Evaluation "in-car" countermeasures to sleepiness: cold air and radio
    L A Reyner
    Sleep Research Laboratory, Loughborough University, UK
    Sleep 21:46-50. 1998
    ..Compared with other countermeasures such as caffeine and a brief nap, which we have previously shown to be more effective (using the same equipment and protocols), AIR and RADIO are at ..
  11. ncbi Habituation of the infant arousal response
    F McNamara
    Washington University School of Medicine, Edward Mallinckrodt Department of Pediatrics/Newborn Medicine, St Louis, MO 63110, USA
    Sleep 22:320-6. 1999
    ..INTERVENTIONS: The infants underwent polysomnographic monitoring during a daytime nap. Tactile stimuli was applied to the infants foot at 5-second intervals...
  12. ncbi Lyophilization-induced protein denaturation in phosphate buffer systems: monomeric and tetrameric beta-galactosidase
    K A Pikal-Cleland
    Inhale Therapeutic Systems, 150 Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA 94070, USA
    J Pharm Sci 90:1255-68. 2001
    ..perturbation of monomeric and tetrameric beta-galactosidase (beta-gal) during freeze-thawing in sodium phosphate (NaP) buffer as compared with potassium phosphate (KP) buffer...
  13. ncbi Relationship between neutrophil-binding affinity and suitability for infection imaging: comparison of (99m)Tc-labeled NAP-2 (CXCL-7) and 3 C-terminally truncated isoforms
    Huub J J M Rennen
    Department of Nuclear Medicine, University Medical Center Nijmegen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    J Nucl Med 45:1217-23. 2004
    ..Neutrophil-activating peptide-2 (NAP-2, 70 residues; also called CXCL7) binds with high affinity to the CXCR2 receptor on neutrophils...
  14. ncbi Comparison of simulated driving performance in narcolepsy and sleep apnea patients
    C F George
    Department of Medicine, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
    Sleep 19:711-7. 1996
    ..Following a practice session, all subjects were given the DADT for 20 minute prior to each daytime nap of the MSLT. Narcolepsy patients were younger than OSA or controls and more sleepy than OSA patients...
  15. ncbi Importance of the pulse oximeter averaging time when measuring oxygen desaturation in sleep apnea
    R Farre
    Lab Biofísica i Bioenginyeria, Facultat de Medicina, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
    Sleep 21:386-90. 1998
    ..Twelve patients with severe SAHS were studied during a nap with conventional oximeters: Ohmeda 3740 and Criticare 501...
  16. ncbi A comparison of multiple and single sleep latency and cerebral evoked potential (P300) measures in the assessment of excessive daytime sleepiness in narcolepsy-cataplexy
    R Broughton
    University of Ottawa, Canada
    Sleep 11:537-45. 1988
    ..and F tests, all three measures (P3 and both by MSLT) were found to distinguish the two groups for collapsed five-nap data, and all showed essentially parallel circadian time-of-day effects, with greatest sleepiness in the ..
  17. doi Effects of naphthalene, beta-naphthoflavone and benzo(a)pyrene on the diurnal and nocturnal indoleamine metabolism and melatonin content in the pineal organ of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss
    Manuel Gesto
    Laboratorio de Fisioloxia Animal, Departamento de Bioloxia Funcional e Ciencias da Saude, Facultade de Bioloxia, Universidade de Vigo, 36310 Vigo, Spain
    Aquat Toxicol 92:1-8. 2009
    ..We here evaluate the effects of the PAHs naphthalene (NAP) and benzo(a)pyrene (BaP) and the flavonoid beta-naphthoflavone (BNF) on the pineal organ of rainbow trout by ..
  18. ncbi Neuroprotective effect of the peptides ADNF-9 and NAP on hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in neonatal rats
    Abdullah Kumral
    Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Dokuz Eylul University, Inciralti, 35340 Izmir, Turkey
    Brain Res 1115:169-78. 2006
    ..The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of the peptides ADNF-9 and NAP on neurodegeneration and cerebral nitric oxide (NO) production in a neonatal rat model of hypoxic-ischemic brain ..
  19. ncbi CXC chemokines bind to unique sets of selectivity determinants that can function independently and are broadly distributed on multiple domains of human interleukin-8 receptor B. Determinants of high affinity binding and receptor activation are distinct
    S K Ahuja
    Laboratory of Host Defenses, NIAID, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland 20892, USA
    J Biol Chem 271:225-32. 1996
    ..IL-8RB is selective for IL-8, growth-related oncogene alpha (GRO alpha) and neutrophil-activating peptide-2 (NAP-2), whereas IL-8RA is selective only for IL-8...
  20. ncbi Screening for subclinical sleep-disordered breathing
    S M Scharf
    Pulmonary Division, Brockton/West Roxbury VA Medical Center, Massachusetts
    Sleep 13:344-53. 1990
    ..was evaluated separately, and 10 subjects with an AHI greater than or equal to 10 also underwent late afternoon nap study...
  21. ncbi Production of chemokines CTAPIII and NAP/2 by digestion of recombinant ubiquitin-CTAPIII with yeast ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase and human immunodeficiency virus protease
    A M Mildner
    Protein Science, Cell and Molecular Biology, Pharmacia and Upjohn, 301 Henrietta Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007, USA
    Protein Expr Purif 16:347-54. 1999
    ..In the present example, connective tissue-activating peptide (CTAPIII) and neutrophil-activating peptide 2 (NAP/2) were generated by digestion of a ubiquitin-CTAPIII conjugate with YUH1 and HIV Pr, respectively, as indicated ..
  22. ncbi Non-pharmacological approaches to the treatment of narcolepsy
    L Garma
    , , Paris, France
    Sleep 17:S97-102. 1994
    ..work was compatible with a regimen of naps (follow-up 1 year), and 10 stopped taking drugs when they could adapt nap therapy to a new life-style (follow-up 6.9 +/- 5 years)...
  23. pmc Unexpected relationship between plasma protein binding and the pharmacodynamics of 2-NAP, a CCK1-receptor antagonist
    V P Gerskowitch
    James Black Foundation, 68 Half Moon Lane, London, UK
    Br J Clin Pharmacol 63:618-22. 2007
    ..We wanted to examine our novel CCK1 receptor antagonist in this validated model and also to explore its PK-PD relationship...
  24. ncbi Physical association of Gi2alpha with interleukin-8 receptors
    B B Damaj
    Centre de Recherche en Rhumatologie et Immunologie, Centre de Recherche du CHUL, Universite Laval, Sainte Foy, Quebec G1V 4G2, Canada
    J Biol Chem 271:12783-9. 1996
    ..IL-8), one of the major mediators of the inflammatory response, belongs to a family of chemokines that includes NAP-2 (neutrophil-activating peptide-2) and Gro-alpha and whose biological activities are directed to a great extent ..
  25. ncbi Level of sleepiness and total sleep time following various time in bed conditions
    L Rosenthal
    Sleep Disorders and Research Center, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan
    Sleep 16:226-32. 1993
    ..To assess the effect of TIB on the MSLT, the sleep latencies were submitted to a four (TIB condition) by four (nap test) multivariate analysis of variance...
  26. ncbi The N terminus of interleukin-8 (IL-8) receptor confers high affinity binding to human IL-8
    H Suzuki
    Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Sealy Center for Molecular Science, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston 77555
    J Biol Chem 269:18263-6. 1994
    ..related IL-8 peptides, melanoma growth-stimulating activity peptide (MGSA) and neutrophil-activating peptide-2 (NAP-2). Human IL-8 receptor A binds with low affinity to MGSA or NAP-2...
  27. pmc Peptidergic agonists of activity-dependent neurotrophic factor protect against prenatal alcohol-induced neural tube defects and serotonin neuron loss
    Feng C Zhou
    Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Indiana University School of Medicine, 635 Barnhill Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA
    Alcohol Clin Exp Res 32:1361-71. 2008
    ..neurotrophic factor (ADNF) agonist peptide [SALLRSIPA, (SAL)] or an activity-dependent neurotrophic protein (ADNP) agonist peptide [NAPVSIPQ, (NAP)] would protect against these alcohol-induced deficits in brain development.
  28. ncbi The alerting effects of short and long naps in narcoleptic, sleep deprived, and alert individuals
    T Helmus
    Sleep Disorders and Research Center, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI 48202, USA
    Sleep 20:251-7. 1997
    ..22 age- and gender-matched normal controls participated in a study to determine the alerting effects of differing nap lengths...
  29. ncbi Dreams and rapid eye movement sleep in the multiple sleep latency test
    S R Benbadis
    Department of Neurology, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio, USA
    Sleep 18:105-8. 1995
    ..In the daytime naps of the MSLT, the presence of reported dreaming did not appear to be a reliable indicator of the presence of REM sleep in the preceding nap.
  30. ncbi Quantitative immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization analysis of metalloproteinases in prostate cancer
    Maria Rosaria Cardillo
    Department of Experimental Medicine and Pathology Section of Pathologic Anatomy, University La Sapienza of Rome, 00161 Rome, Italy
    Anticancer Res 26:973-82. 2006
    ..were analyzed and CaP was compared with prostate intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) and its normal adjacent prostate (NAP) counterpart...
  31. ncbi The influence of two behavioral regimens on the distribution of sleep and wakefulness in narcoleptic patients
    S Volk
    Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, Munich
    Sleep 13:136-42. 1990
    ..Patients were free to nap whenever they wanted to...
  32. ncbi How should the multiple sleep latency test be analyzed?
    C P Pollak
    Department of Neurology, Ohio State University, Columbus 43210, USA
    Sleep 20:34-9. 1997
    ..Sleep and breathing patterns had been recorded for one night, followed by a five-nap MSLT. It was found that MSLT latencies to sleep stages 1 and 2 were distributed non-normally...
  33. ncbi Siesta and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. Comparability of the afternoon nap and night sleep
    M Bursztyn
    Department of Medicine, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel
    Am J Hypertens 7:217-21. 1994
    ..ambulatory blood pressure monitorings over a 5 month period identified 50 subjects (35%) who took an afternoon nap during the monitoring. The average duration of daytime sleep, as reported by the patients, was 1.8 +/- 0...
  34. ncbi Comparison of the effects of zolpidem-induced prophylactic naps to placebo naps and forced rest periods in prolonged work schedules
    J A Caldwell
    US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory, Fort Rucker, AL 36362-0577, USA
    Sleep 21:79-90. 1998
    ..Three conditions were used: a 2-hour evening nap (at 2100 hours) induced with 10 mg zolpidem tartrate; a 2-hour nap (at 2100 hours) with placebo; and a 2-hour rest ..
  35. ncbi Effects of nighttime nap and age on sleep patterns of shift workers
    K Matsumoto
    Department of Hygiene, Kyorin University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan
    Sleep 10:580-9. 1987
    The effects of nighttime nap and age on sleep patterns of shift workers were examined for two groups of young and older guards working a 24-h shift with a nighttime nap of approximately 3.2 h...
  36. ncbi Self-reported nap behavior and polysomnography at home in midlife women with and without insomnia
    S K Johnston
    Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems, University of Washington, Seattle 98195-7266, USA
    Sleep 24:913-9. 2001
    STUDY OBJECTIVES: To describe self-reported nap behavior and relationships among nap history, nap behavior during the study, indicators of subjective and objective insomnia, and self-reported daytime sleepiness from data previously ..
  37. ncbi A randomized, multicenter study comparing the safety and efficacy of sodium phosphate tablets with 2L polyethylene glycol solution plus bisacodyl tablets for colon cleansing
    John F Johanson
    Rockford Gastroenterology Associates, Rockford, Illinois, USA
    Am J Gastroenterol 102:2238-46. 2007
    The safety and efficacy of NaP tablets have not been compared with 2L PEG lavage solution...
  38. ncbi Sleepiness and nap sleep following a morning dose of clonidine
    M A Carskadon
    Chronobiology/Sleep Research Laboratory, E. P. Bradley Hospital, Providence, RI 02915
    Sleep 12:338-44. 1989
    The effects of a single oral dose of clonidine on morning nap sleep and daytime sleepiness were evaluated in 18 normal young adult male volunteers aged 18-21 years...
  39. ncbi Sleep complaints among elderly persons: an epidemiologic study of three communities
    D J Foley
    Epidemiology, Demography, and Biometry Program, National Institute on Aging, Bethesda, MD 20892, USA
    Sleep 18:425-32. 1995
    The frequencies of five common sleep complaints--trouble falling asleep, waking up, awaking too early, needing to nap and not feeling rested--were assessed in over 9,000 participants aged 65 years and older in the National Institute on ..
  40. ncbi Oral potassium chloride and oral rehydration solution supplement to prevent hypokalemia in sodium phosphate regimen for bowel preparation prior to gynecological laparoscopic surgery
    Wiboon Kamolpornwijit
    Gynecologic Endoscopy Unit, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Rajavithi Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
    J Med Assoc Thai 91:615-8. 2008
    To evaluate the efficacy of oral potassium chloride and oral rehydration solution (ORS) supplement for hypokalemia prevention after sodium phosphate (NaP) bowel preparation.
  41. ncbi Synergistic effects of the peptide fragment D-NAPVSIPQ on ethanol inhibition of synaptic plasticity and NMDA receptors in rat hippocampus
    T A Zhang
    The College of Pharmacy and The Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78712 1074, USA
    Neuroscience 134:583-93. 2005
    ..Ethanol also inhibits L1-mediated cell adhesion in a manner that is prevented by an octapeptide, D-NAPVSIPQ (D-NAP), as well as long chain alcohols such as 1-octanol...
  42. doi Effectiveness of warm water consumption to reduce patient discomfort during colonoscopy: a randomized controlled trial
    Hyuk Lee
    Department of Medicine, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea
    Am J Gastroenterol 104:2935-41. 2009
    ..In addition, we studied the associations between attributes of patients and the degree of pain experienced by them during procedures undertaken after warm water consumption...
  43. ncbi Ionic targets for drug therapy and atrial fibrillation-induced electrical remodeling: insights from a mathematical model
    M Courtemanche
    Research Center, Montreal Heart Institute, QC, Canada
    Cardiovasc Res 42:477-89. 1999
    ..Direct evaluation of the results of ion channel depression is limited by the nonspecificity of the available pharmacological probes...
  44. pmc Identification of genomic differences between Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni and C. jejuni subsp. doylei at the nap locus leads to the development of a C. jejuni subspeciation multiplex PCR method
    William G Miller
    Produce Safety and Microbiology Research Unit, Agricultural Research Service, US Department of Agriculture, Albany, CA 94710, USA
    BMC Microbiol 7:11. 2007
    ..In this study, we describe a novel multiplex PCR method, based on the nitrate reductase (nap) locus, that can be used to unambiguously subspeciate C. jejuni isolates.
  45. ncbi Relations between performance and subjective ratings of sleepiness during a night awake
    M Gillberg
    Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
    Sleep 17:236-41. 1994
    ..Six subjects participated twice. Each time they were kept awake during the night (except for a short nap occurring during one of the nights in a counterbalanced order) and were tested at 2200, 0200, 0400 and 0600 hours...
  46. pmc Comparing urinary biomarkers of airborne and dermal exposure to polycyclic aromatic compounds in asphalt-exposed workers
    Jon R Sobus
    Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
    Ann Occup Hyg 53:561-71. 2009
    ..rings) in air and dermal patch samples from 20 road pavers to the corresponding urinary levels of naphthalene (U-Nap) (two rings), phenanthrene (U-Phe) (three rings), monohydroxylated metabolites of naphthalene (OH-Nap) and ..
  47. pmc Heterochromatin protein 2 interacts with Nap-1 and NURF: a link between heterochromatin-induced gene silencing and the chromatin remodeling machinery in Drosophila
    Gena E Stephens
    Department of Biology, Washington University, CB 1229, St Louis, Missouri 63130, USA
    Biochemistry 45:14990-9. 2006
    ..On separation of nuclear proteins, nucleosome assembly protein 1 (Nap-1) has an overlapping elution profile with HP2 (assayed by Western blot) and has been identified by mass ..
  48. ncbi The neutrophil-activating proteins interleukin 8 and beta-thromboglobulin: in vitro and in vivo comparison of NH2-terminally processed forms
    J Van Damme
    Rega Institute for Medical Research, University of Leuven, Belgium
    Eur J Immunol 20:2113-8. 1990
    Isolation of the human neutrophil activating protein (NAP) interleukin 8 (IL8) from leukocytes has revealed that it is structurally related to beta-thromboglobulin (beta TG) from platelets...
  49. ncbi S-naproxen-beta-1-O-acyl glucuronide degradation kinetic studies by stopped-flow high-performance liquid chromatography-1H NMR and high-performance liquid chromatography-UV
    R W Mortensen
    Department of Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Royal Danish School of Pharmacy, Universitetsparken, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Drug Metab Dispos 29:375-80. 2001
    ..The acyl migration and hydrolysis of S-naproxen-beta-1-O-acyl glucuronide (S-nap-g) was followed by dynamic stopped-flow HPLC-1H NMR and HPLC methods...
  50. ncbi A dendritic cable model for the amplification of synaptic potentials by an ensemble average of persistent sodium channels
    R R Poznanski
    Advanced Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd, Hatoyama, 350 0395, Saitama, Japan
    Math Biosci 166:101-21. 2000
    The persistent sodium current density (I(NaP)) at the soma measured with the 'whole-cell' patch-clamp recording method is linearized about the resting state and used as a current source along the dendritic cable (depicting the spatial ..
  51. doi A comparative study of solid and liquid non-aqueous phases for the biodegradation of hexane in two-phase partitioning bioreactors
    Maria Hernandez
    Department of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology, Valladolid University, Paseo del Prado de la Magdalena, S N, 47011 Valladolid, Spain
    Biotechnol Bioeng 106:731-40. 2010
    ..A preliminary NAP screening was thus carried out among the most common solid and liquid NAPs used in pollutant biodegradation...
  52. ncbi Fragmenting sleep diminishes its recuperative value
    B Levine
    Henry Ford Hospital, Sleep Disorders and Research Center, Detroit, MI 48202
    Sleep 10:590-9. 1987
    ..was given 100 min of natural sleep, sleep with arousals 1/5 min, 1/3 min, 1/1 min, or no sleep. After the recovery nap at 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m., sleep latencies were again evaluated...
  53. ncbi Neurophysiologic changes after preganglionic and postganglionic nerve-root constriction: an experimental study in the rat
    Hideo Matsuda
    Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Koshikawa Hospital, Osaka, Japan
    Spine (Phila Pa 1976) 32:950-8. 2007
    We investigated changes in spinal somatosensory-evoked potential (SSEP) and nerve action potential (NAP), correlated behavior, and associated pathologic observation in experimental radiculopathy.
  54. pmc Thiocyanate binding to the molybdenum centre of the periplasmic nitrate reductase from Paracoccus pantotrophus
    C S Butler
    School of Biochemistry and Genetics, Medical School, University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4HH, U K
    Biochem J 352:859-64. 2000
    The periplasmic nitrate reductase (NAP) from Paracoccus pantotrophus is a soluble two-subunit enzyme (NapAB) that binds two haem groups, a [4Fe-4S] cluster and a bis(molybdopterin guanine dinucleotide) (MGD) cofactor that catalyses the ..
  55. ncbi Crystal structure of the first dissimilatory nitrate reductase at 1.9 A solved by MAD methods
    J M Dias
    Departamento de Quimica, CQFB, FCT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Caparica, Portugal
    Structure 7:65-79. 1999
    The periplasmic nitrate reductase (NAP) from the sulphate reducing bacterium Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ATCC 27774 is induced by growth on nitrate and catalyses the reduction of nitrate to nitrite for respiration...
  56. doi Removal of Ca2+ and Zn2+ from aqueous solutions by zeolites NaP and KP
    Alias Mohd Yusof
    Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 UTM Skudai, Johor, Malaysia
    Environ Technol 31:41-6. 2010
    Zeolites P in sodium (NaP) and potassium (KP) forms were used as adsorbents for the removal of calcium (Ca2+) and zinc (Zn2+) cations from aqueous solutions...
  57. pmc Immunogenicity of attenuated measles virus engineered to express Helicobacter pylori neutrophil-activating protein
    Ianko D Iankov
    Department of Molecular Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 55905, USA
    Vaccine 29:1710-20. 2011
    ..H. pylori neutrophil-activating protein (NAP) is a major virulence factor playing a central role in pathogenesis of mucosal inflammation by immune cell ..
  58. doi The neuropeptide NAP provides neuroprotection against retinal ganglion cell damage after retinal ischemia and optic nerve crush
    T Jehle
    University Eye Hospital Freiburg, Killianstrasse 5, 79106, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
    Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol 246:1255-63. 2008
    b>NAP, an 8-amino acid peptide (NAPVSIPQ=Asn-Ala-Pro-Val-Ser-Ile-Pro-Gln) derived from activity-dependent neuroprotective protein (ADNP), plays an important role in neuronal differentiation and the survival of neurons in different ..
  59. pmc Structure and function of a periplasmic nitrate reductase in Alcaligenes eutrophus H16
    R A Siddiqui
    Institut fur Pflanzenphysiologie und Mikrobiologie, Freien Universitat Berlin, Germany
    J Bacteriol 175:5867-76. 1993
    ..Warnecke-Eberz and B. Friedrich, Arch. Microbiol. 159:405-409, 1993). The periplasmic enzyme, designated NAP (nitrate reductase, periplasmic), has been isolated...
  60. ncbi Daytime sleep inertia in narcolepsy-cataplexy
    J Mullington
    University of Ottawa, Canada
    Sleep 17:69-76. 1994
    ..Sleep inertia was examined following five "short" naps of 5% and a single "long" nap of 25% of total 24-hour sleep time as determined by prior sleep log data...
  61. ncbi Physiological sleep tendency and ability to maintain alertness at night
    J L Sugerman
    Deaconess Hospital Sleep Disorders Center, St. Louis, Missouri
    Sleep 12:106-12. 1989
    ..A counterbalanced, crossover design compared an evening nap condition to a no-nap condition...
  62. pmc Stimulation of transcription factor binding and histone displacement by nucleosome assembly protein 1 and nucleoplasmin requires disruption of the histone octamer
    P P Walter
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pennsylvania State University, University Park 16802, USA
    Mol Cell Biol 15:6178-87. 1995
    ..e., nucleosome assembly factors). We found that yeast nucleosome assembly protein 1 (NAP-1) stimulated transcription factor binding and nucleosome displacement in a manner similar to that of nucleoplasmin...
  63. pmc Aging and nocturnal driving: better with coffee or a nap? A randomized study
    Patricia Sagaspe
    Clinique du Sommeil, CHU Pellegrin, Bordeaux, France
    Sleep 30:1808-13. 2007
    ..To test the effects of coffee and napping on nocturnal driving in young and middle-aged participants...
  64. ncbi Centrosome-targeting region of CG-NAP causes centrosome amplification by recruiting cyclin E-cdk2 complex
    Tamako Nishimura
    Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kobe University, Kobe 657 8501, Japan
    Genes Cells 10:75-86. 2005
    ..Here, we found that the expression of the centrosome-targeting region of CG-NAP (centrosome and Golgi-localized PKN-associated protein), which we designate as CG-NAP/D, increased the number of ..
  65. pmc Urinary naphthalene and phenanthrene as biomarkers of occupational exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
    J R Sobus
    School of Public Health, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
    Occup Environ Med 66:99-104. 2009
    The study investigated the utility of unmetabolised naphthalene (Nap) and phenanthrene (Phe) in urine as surrogates for exposures to mixtures of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
  66. doi Morphological analysis on the distribution of membrane lipids and a membrane protein, NAP-22, during neuronal development in vitro
    Ryoko Tsuda
    Division of Bioinformation, Department of Biology, Graduate School of Science, Kobe University, Nada Ku, Kobe, 657 8501, Japan
    J Mol Histol 39:371-9. 2008
    ..In previous studies, we showed that NAP-22 is a major protein of neuronal DRM and binds liposomes in a cholesterol-dependent manner...
  67. ncbi Comparative effects of sodium pyrithione evoked intracellular calcium elevation in rodent and primate ventral horn motor neurons
    Ronald J Knox
    Department of Pharmacology, Yale University School of Medicine, 333 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT 06520 8066, USA
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun 366:48-53. 2008
    Oral administration of sodium pyrithione (NaP) causes hindlimb weakness in rodents, but not in primates. Previous work using Aplysia neurons has demonstrated that NaP produces a persistent influx of Ca(2+) ions across the plasma membrane...
  68. ncbi Chemical synthesis, purification, and characterization of two inflammatory proteins, neutrophil activating peptide 1 (interleukin-8) and neutrophil activating peptide
    I Clark-Lewis
    Biomedical Research Centre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
    Biochemistry 30:3128-35. 1991
    Two recently identified pro-inflammatory proteins, namely, neutrophil activating peptide 1 (NAP-1) [also termed interleukin-8 (IL-8)] and NAP-2, were chemically synthesized, purified, and characterized...
  69. doi Periplasmic nitrate reduction in Wolinella succinogenes: cytoplasmic NapF facilitates NapA maturation and requires the menaquinol dehydrogenase NapH for membrane attachment
    Melanie Kern
    Department of Microbiology and Genetics, Technische Universitat Darmstadt, 64287 Darmstadt, Germany
    Microbiology 155:2784-94. 2009
    Various nitrate-reducing bacteria produce proteins of the periplasmic nitrate reductase (Nap) system to catalyse electron transport from the membraneous quinol pool to the periplasmic nitrate reductase NapA...
  70. doi Electrophysiological correlates of cognition improve with nap during sleep deprivation
    Usha Panjwani
    Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences DIPAS, Delhi, India
    Eur J Appl Physiol 108:549-56. 2010
    The efficacy of a 30-min nap as a countermeasure in the reduction of cognitive decline following 24 h of sleep deprivation (SD) on subjective sleepiness scales, event-related potential (ERP) P300, and contingent negative variation (CNV) ..
  71. ncbi On the persistent sodium current in squid giant axons
    John R Clay
    Ion Channel Biophysics Unit, Basic Neurosciences Program, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland 20892, USA
    J Neurophysiol 89:640-4. 2003
    R. F. Rakowski, D. C. Gadsby, and P. DeWeer have reported a persistent, tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium ion current (I(NaP)) in squid giant axons having a low threshold (-90 mV) and a maximal inward amplitude of -4 microA/cm(2) at -50 mV...
  72. ncbi A randomized, blinded, prospective trial to compare the safety and efficacy of three bowel-cleansing solutions for colonoscopy (HSG-01*)
    C Ell
    Dept of Internal Medicine II, Dr Horst Schmidt Hospital Teaching Hospital of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Wiesbaden, Germany
    Endoscopy 35:300-4. 2003
    ..glycol-electrolyte solution based on the GoLytely formulation (PEG-EL1; Klean-Prep); a sulphate-free PEG-EL solution based on the NuLytely formulation (PEG-EL2, Endofalk); and a sodium phosphate preparation (NaP, Fleet Phospho-Soda).
  73. ncbi Molecular characterization of a novel rabbit interleukin-8 receptor isotype
    G N Prado
    Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Sealy Center for Molecular Science, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston 77555
    J Biol Chem 269:12391-4. 1994
    ..and structurally related peptide melanoma growth-stimulating activity (MGSA) and neutrophil-activating peptide-2 (NAP-2) according to the following affinity binding profile: IL-8 >>> MGSA > NAP-2, whereas the human IL-8 ..
  74. ncbi NAP, a femtomolar-acting peptide, protects the brain against ischemic injury by reducing apoptotic death
    Ronen R Leker
    Department of Neurology, Agnes Ginges Center for Human Neurogenetics, Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School, University Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel
    Stroke 33:1085-92. 2002
    We sought to determine the cerebroprotective potential of NAP, a synthetic octapeptide related to vasoactive intestinal peptide...
  75. doi N-acetylpenicillamine inhibits the replication of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in vitro
    Yunbo Jiang
    State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, 430070, China
    Vet Res Commun 34:607-17. 2010
    ..Our results indicated that exogenous NO did not inhibit PRRSV infection. Unexpectedly, N-acetylpenicillamine (NAP), a commonly used compound as negative control for NO-producing reagents, inhibited PRRSV replication...
  76. doi Prenatal NAP+SAL prevents developmental delay in a mouse model of Down syndrome through effects on N-methyl-D-aspartic acid and gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors
    Joy Vink
    Unit on Perinatal and Developmental Neurobiology, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA
    Am J Obstet Gynecol 200:524.e1-4. 2009
    Down syndrome (DS) affects 1/800 infants. Prenatal NAPVSIPQ (NAP) and SALLRSIPA (SAL) (NAP+SAL) prevent developmental delay in Ts65Dn mice, a mouse model of DS...
  77. ncbi Hypervalent adducts of chalcogen-containing peri-substituted naphthalenes; reactions of sulfur, selenium, and tellurium with dihalogens
    Fergus R Knight
    School of Chemistry, University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Fife, United Kingdom, KY16 9ST
    Inorg Chem 49:7577-96. 2010
    A range of structurally diverse compounds 1-15 {Nap[SPh](2).Br(4) (Nap = naphthalene-1,8-diyl); Nap[SePh][EPh].Br(4) (E = Se, S); Nap[SePh](2).I(2); Nap[SePh][EPh].3/2I(2) (E = Se, S); Nap[TePh][G]...
  78. doi Immunosuppression of TH2 responses in Trichinella spiralis infection by Helicobacter pylori neutrophil-activating protein
    Gianfranco Del Prete
    Department of Internal Medicine, University of Florence, Florence, Italy
    J Allergy Clin Immunol 122:908-913.e5. 2008
    The Helicobacter pylori neutrophil-activating protein (HP-NAP) is able to induce IL-12 expression by cells of innate immunity and to shift to T(H)1 human allergen-specific T(H)2 cells in vitro.
  79. doi Characterization of the NapGH quinol dehydrogenase complex involved in Wolinella succinogenes nitrate respiration
    Melanie Kern
    Institute of Molecular Biosciences, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Max von Laue Strasse 9, 60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    Mol Microbiol 69:1137-52. 2008
    ..succinogenes relies on the NapAGHBFLD system that comprises periplasmic nitrate reductase (NapA) and various other Nap proteins required for electron transport from menaquinol to NapA or maturation of Nap components. The W...
  80. ncbi Neutrophil alkaline phosphatase (NAP) score in the diagnosis of hypophosphatasia
    S J Iqbal
    Department of Chemical Pathology, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester LE1 5WW, UK
    Clin Chim Acta 302:49-57. 2000
    ..Neutrophil alkaline phosphatase (NAP) scores (reference range 20-150) have been reported to be low in isolated cases, but no comparison has been made of ..
  81. ncbi Sleep restoration as a function of periodic awakening, movement, or electroencephalographic change
    M H Bonnet
    Jerry L. Pettis Memorial VA Hospital, Loma Linda, California 92357
    Sleep 10:364-73. 1987
    ..Morning vigilance performance and nap latency were decreased and fatigue was increased as compared with baseline following all three disturbance ..
  82. doi A riluzole- and valproate-sensitive persistent sodium current contributes to the resting membrane potential and increases the excitability of sympathetic neurones
    J Antonio Lamas
    Department of Functional Biology, Faculty of Biology, Section of Physiology, University of Vigo, Lagoas Marcosende, Vigo, Spain
    Pflugers Arch 458:589-99. 2009
    ..potential oscillations were occasionally recorded, suggesting the presence of a persistent sodium current (I(NaP)). The perforated-patch technique was used to establish its properties and physiological role...
  83. ncbi Centrosomal anchoring of the protein kinase CK1delta mediated by attachment to the large, coiled-coil scaffolding protein CG-NAP/AKAP450
    James E Sillibourne
    Biomedical Research Centre, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, University of Dundee, Scotland DD1 9SY, UK
    J Mol Biol 322:785-97. 2002
    ..two-hybrid system, a 182 amino acid residue fragment of the centrosomal and golgi N-kinase anchoring protein (CG-NAP, also known as AKAP450), which specifically interacts with CK1delta and CK1epsilon, but not with other CK1 isoforms...
  84. ncbi Differences in sleep-wake habits and EEG sleep variables between active morning and evening subjects
    K Ishihara
    Department of Child Welfare, Notre Dame Seishin University, Okayama, Japan
    Sleep 10:330-42. 1987
    ..were significantly different from each other in terms of retiring and arising time, sleep latency, mood on arising, nap, adequate amount of sleep, number of times of staying awake all night, and variability in bedtime, arising time, ..
  85. ncbi Should we be taking more sleep?
    Y Harrison
    Department of Human Sciences, Loughborough University, Leicestershire, U K
    Sleep 18:901-7. 1995
    ..and could be achieved equally successfully and with less disruption to habitual daily patterns by taking a short nap; 2) normal subjects extend sleep at night not necessarily because they are chronically sleepy, because there may be ..
  86. ncbi Napping at home and alertness on the job in rotating shift workers
    R R Rosa
    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Division of Biomedical and Behavioral Science, Cincinnati, Ohio 45226
    Sleep 16:727-35. 1993
    ..b>Nap frequency, sleep quantity, quality and timing were determined from daily questionnaires, and performance/alertness ..
  87. ncbi When the human circadian system is caught napping: evidence for endogenous rhythms close to 24 hours
    S S Campbell
    Department of Psychiatry, Cornell University Medical College, White Plains, New York 10605
    Sleep 16:638-40. 1993
    ..circadian periods of rest/activity and body core temperature in a group of young subjects who were permitted to nap during their time in isolation...
  88. ncbi The effect of gamma-hydroxybutyrate on nocturnal and diurnal sleep of normal subjects: further considerations on REM sleep-triggering mechanisms
    O Lapierre
    Centre d'Etude du Sommeil, , , , Canada
    Sleep 13:24-30. 1990
    ..GHB and a placebo were given at bedtime and before a morning nap in a double-blind fashion...
  89. ncbi Naps in children: 6 months-7 years
    M Weissbluth
    Northwestern University School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois, USA
    Sleep 18:82-7. 1995
    A cohort of 172 children was followed from 6 months to 7 years of age to determine how nap patterns change with age and whether there was individual stability of nap patterns...
  90. ncbi The effects of a short daytime nap after restricted night sleep
    M Gillberg
    Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
    Sleep 19:570-5. 1996
    Eight subjects participated on three occasions in a study investigating the effect of a 30 minute daytime nap opportunity on alertness/sleepiness. The baseline condition was a normal home sleep (7.5 hours, with bedtime at 2300 hours)...
  91. ncbi Homeostatic changes in slow wave sleep during recovery sleep following restricted nocturnal sleep and partial slow wave sleep recovery during an afternoon nap
    A Tilley
    Department of Psychology, University of Queensland, St Lucia, Australia
    Sleep 10:600-5. 1987
    ..An afternoon nap then followed during which 100%, 50%, or 25% of the SWS debt was reclaimed...
  92. ncbi Immunohistochemical demonstration of a neuronal calmodulin-binding protein, NAP-22, in the rat spinal cord
    S Iino
    Department of Anatomy, Nagoya University School of Medicine, Showa Ku, Nagoya 466 8550, Japan
    Brain Res 834:66-73. 1999
    Neuron-enriched acidic protein having a molecular mass of 22 kDa, NAP-22, is a newly isolated calmodulin-binding protein and is phosphorylated with protein kinase C (PKC)...
  93. doi Activation of beta-catenin is a late event in the pathogenesis of nephroblastomas and rarely correlated with genetic changes of the APC gene
    Christine Grill
    Department of Pathology General Hospital and Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg, Salzburg
    Pathology 43:702-6. 2011
    ..We clarified the role of APC by assessing loss of heterozygosity (LOH) and possible mutations within the genomic region...
  94. ncbi Heart rate variability and cardiac reflexes in small for gestational age infants
    Barbara C Galland
    Dept of Women s and Children s Health, Dunedin School of Medicine, Univ of Otago, PO Box 913, Dunedin, New Zealand
    J Appl Physiol (1985) 100:933-9. 2006
    ..we studied 27 healthy small for gestational age (SGA) and 23 appropriate for gestational age (AGA) infants during a nap study...
  95. pmc Helicobacter pylori neutrophil-activating protein: from molecular pathogenesis to clinical applications
    Hua Wen Fu
    Hua Wen Fu, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Department of Life Science, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu 30013, Taiwan
    World J Gastroenterol 20:5294-301. 2014
    Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) neutrophil-activating protein (HP-NAP) was originally identified as a virulence factor of H...
  96. doi A theoretical and spectroscopic study of co-amorphous naproxen and indomethacin
    Korbinian Löbmann
    School of Pharmacy, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
    Int J Pharm 453:80-7. 2013
    ..In this study, the co-amorphous drug mixture containing naproxen (NAP) and indomethacin (IND) was investigated using infrared spectroscopy (IR) and quantum mechanical calculations...
  97. doi A novel fourth-order calibration method based on alternating quinquelinear decomposition algorithm for processing high performance liquid chromatography-diode array detection- kinetic-pH data of naptalam hydrolysis
    Xiang Dong Qing
    State Key Laboratory of Chemo Biosensing and Chemometrics, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha 410082, China
    Anal Chim Acta 861:12-24. 2015
    ..Then, they have been successfully applied to investigate quantitatively the kinetics of naptalam (NAP) hydrolysis in two practical systems...
  98. ncbi Enhanced communication by developing a non-anxious presence: a key attribute for the successful veterinarian
    Elizabeth B Strand
    Veterinary Social Work, University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine College of Social Work, Knoxville, 37996 4543
    J Vet Med Educ 33:65-70. 2006
    ..This article will review the history of the term ''non-anxious presence'' (NAP), discuss a proposed model of NAP for the veterinary medical environment, and review some methods useful in ..
  99. ncbi Naps promote abstraction in language-learning infants
    Rebecca L Gomez
    Department of Psychology, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721, USA
    Psychol Sci 17:670-4. 2006
    ..One group napped during the interval between familiarization and test. Another group did not nap. Infants who napped appeared to remember a more abstract relation, one they could apply to stimuli that were ..
  100. ncbi A peptide derived from activity-dependent neuroprotective protein (ADNP) ameliorates injury response in closed head injury in mice
    L Beni-Adani
    Department of Neurosurgery, The Hebrew University Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel
    J Pharmacol Exp Ther 296:57-63. 2001
    ..NAPSVIPQ (NAP), a femtomolar-acting peptide, is shown to be neuroprotective in a mouse model of closed head injury...
  101. doi Strategic formulation of apigenin-loaded PLGA nanoparticles for intracellular trafficking, DNA targeting and improved therapeutic effects in skin melanoma in vitro
    Sreemanti Das
    Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology Laboratory, Department of Zoology, University of Kalyani, Kalyani 741235, West Bengal, India Boiron Laboratories, Lyon, France
    Toxicol Lett 223:124-38. 2013
    ..potentials of apigenin (Ap), (a dietary flavonoid) loaded in poly (lactic-co-glycolide) nanoparticles (NAp) in A375 cells in vitro...

Research Grants62

  1. The Role of Consolidation and Sleep in Children's Word Learning
    KARLA contact MCGREGOR; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Subsequently, each participant will nap or remain awake while engaged in either nonverbal or verbal activity for a two-hour period...
  2. Role of Sleep in Cognitive Declines in Normal Aging and Mild Cognitive Impairment
    MICHAEL SCULLIN; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..will be important in the future or irrelevant in the future, and then they will take a polysomnography-recorded nap. Following the nap, they will be tested on their ability to remember "important" memories and forget "irrelevant" ..
  3. The Memory Benefits of Sleep in Healthy Young, Elderly, and Mild AD Subjects
    Matthew A Tucker; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The second study will examine the effects of a daytime nap on memory in healthy young and elderly subjects...
  4. Nighttime Acoustic Pharyngometer (NAP) for Airway Obstruction Identification
    HANI KAYYALI; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..The proposed, Nighttime Acoustic Pharyngometer (NAP) device, is based on the principle of acoustic reflectance whereby the distance to an obstruction can be determined ..
  5. The Benefit of Naps on Cognitive, Emotional and Motor Learning in Preschoolers
    Rebecca M C Spencer; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Sleep also enhances encoding of subsequent memories. In young adults, a mid-day nap is sufficient for gaining these performance benefits. Unlike adults, mid-day naps are routine for young children...
  6. Role of the Y-Located TSPY Gene in Human Oncogenesis
    Yun Fai Chris Lau; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Our research shows that TSPY harbors a conserved protein interacting domain, termed SET/NAP. TSPX is a single-copy TSPY homologue on the X chromosome...
  7. Evaluation of a new class of antimicrobial agents against Clostridium difficile
    SAUL R contact TZIPORI; Fiscal Year: 2011
    ..strategies have kept up with the increasing numbers of incidence of CDI, due in part to the epidemic strain, NAP-1/027, that produces larger quantities of toxins A and B and carries the binary toxin CDT, whose function is ..
  8. Neural Basis of Sleep-Dependent Learning & Deterioration
    Sara Mednick; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..This decrease has also been shown to be retinotopically specific and ameliorated with a daytime nap. Plastic changes in early visual cortex due to learning has been examined using functional magnetic resonance ..
  9. Structure and Function of the B. anthracis Exosporium
    Charles L Turnbough; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..The exosporium is comprised of a paracrystalline basal layer and an external hair-like nap. The basal layer contains roughly 20 structural proteins and enzymes, and the nap is formed by the collagen-like ..
  10. Silencing and Counter-Silencing of Salmonella Virulence Genes
    Ferric C Fang; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Our studies of a Nucleoid-Associated Protein (NAP) called H-NS have recently shown that many horizontally acquired virulence genes are controlled by an alternative ..
  11. Novel Approaches for the synthesis of glycoprotein standards
    Geert Jan Boons; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..functionalized at key branching positions with the orthogonal protecting groups, Fmoc, Lev, Troc and Nap. Selective removal of these protecting groups and parallel combinatorial glycosylations with a set of carefully ..
  12. Exposporium determinants of Bacillus anthracis
    George C Stewart; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The exosporium is covered with a hair-like nap layer made up principally by the collagen-like glycoprotein BclA...
  13. Molecular mechanism of ADNF and ADNP peptides in prevention of mitochondrial dysf
    Youssef Sari; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..from activity- dependent neurotrophic factor (ADNF);the other is an eight amino acid peptide (NAPVSIPQ), known as NAP, derived from activity-dependent neuroprotective protein (ADNP)...
  14. Integration of Genomics with Genetics - Molecular Phenotypes for CF Lung Disease
    Hara Levy; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..In 2001, Jansen and Nap proposed combining genome-wide expression data with population genetics to identify sequence variants that regulate ..
  15. Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS)
    Paul S Aisen; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..binds to and inhibits the receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) which blocks deposition of A?, (2) NAP, a novel eight amino acid peptide derived from the sequence of activity dependent neuroprotective protein(ADNP), ..
  16. MA Childhood Obesity Research
    THOMAS GROVER LAND; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..evidence-based interventions in primary health care (High Five for Kids), child care (I Am Moving, I am Learning;NAP SACC) and schools/after-school programs (Food &Fun, Eat Well and Keep Moving, and Planet Health), as well as ..
  17. Cellular Mechanisms of Renal Interstitial Fibrosis
    Jeffrey L Barnes; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Experiments are designed to critically examine a role for NAP(P)H oxidase and associated phox subunits in ROS generation, PDGFR-2 and TGF-2 receptor activation and signaling ..
  18. Nanoscale Receptor Blockers for Inhibition of Atherosclerosis
    Prabhas V Moghe; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Efforts in Aim 1 will involve investigation of innovative designs of nano-assembled amphiphilic polymers (NAP) composition and architecture to promote NAP binding to both SRA-1 and CD36 scavenger receptors on human THP-1 ..
  19. Studies of Antibody Diversity and Genome Stability: Regulation of Activation-Indu
    Yee Ling Wu; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Recently, the catenin 2 like 1 protein (CTNNBL1) has been found to physically interact with AID. Little is known for the physiologic function of CTNNBL1...
  20. A fully integrated assay and platform for detecting Clostridium difficile.
    Angelika Niemz; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Two additional goals are to detect the hypervirulent strain of C. difficile B1/NAP/027 and to detect C. difficile spores from swabs of medical devices. C...
    Christin Carter Su; Fiscal Year: 1993
    ..peptide, CTAP-III (connective tissue activating peptide-III), is a member of a family of homologous proteins (PF-4, NAP-1, MGSA, GRO, gamma IP-10, 9E3) thought to be important in inflammation, wound healing and neoplasia...
  22. Long-term In Vivo Monitoring of Neuromuscular Performance in Mice
    Kevin L Seburn; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..In the clinic, electromyography (EMG) and nerve action potentials (NAP) data are routinely collected from patients for diagnosis and research...
  23. Primate Veterinarian Training at the WaNPRC
    Charlotte Hotchkiss; Fiscal Year: 2009
    THOMAS DIACOVO; Fiscal Year: 2000
    ..If "sticking" does occur, mAbs and receptor antagonists to platelet-derived chemoattractants such as PAF, PDGF, and NAP-2 will be used to determine the activating agent...
  25. Role of H11 kinase in cardiac cell growth
    Christophe Depre; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..stimulator of cell growth, the protein HSP27, a stimulator of cell survival, and the nucleosome assembly protein-1 (NAP-l), a stimulator of cell proliferation...
    ARTHUR SOLOMON; Fiscal Year: 1980
    ..system in the presence of Cl and other halides and study the effect of agents which modify anion transport such as NAP-taurine, Ca and phloretin...
    Edward Sauter; Fiscal Year: 2001
    ..Breast nipple aspiration, which provides nipple aspirate fluid (NAP), causes minimal or no discomfort, is noninvasive, quick, and provides both cells and extracellular fluid from the ..
    Sharon Murphy; Fiscal Year: 2000
    ..The protocol will be reviewed by the New Agents and Pharmacology (NAP) Core Committee and the Operations Office. After appropriate revision, the protocol is submitted to CTEP...
    James Walsh; Fiscal Year: 2001
    ..Specifically, two nap schedules, caffeine, and a combination of napping and caffeine will be studied...
    Jerome Yesavage; Fiscal Year: 1992
    ..In the MSRT condition subjects will be encouraged to take a single nap, carefully scheduled to occur in a fixed time relationship to their bedtimes...
    JAMES GOLDINGER; Fiscal Year: 1991
    ..We have demontrated that the photoaffinity probe, N-(4-azido-2-nitrophenyl)-2-aminoethyl-sulfonate (NAP-taurine), a compound secreted by the kidney in the same manner as PAH, inhibits PAH transport by purified ..
  32. Healthy Weight: Linking Child Care Centers with the Home
    Dianne Ward; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..This proposal is for a child care-home intervention that uses a previously developed intervention (NAP SACC) designed to change the nutrition and physical activity environments at the child care center with a ..
  33. Synaptic and intrinsic exitability in motoneurons in a mouse model of ALS.
    KATHARINA ANN QUINLAN; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Intrinsic excitability is mediated by both persistent Na+ channels (NaP) and Cav1.3 Ca2+ channels which produce the persistent inward current (PIC)...
  34. Human Subjects Research Protections Outreach Project
    Barrett Rollins; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..and educational initiatives to its affiliated community-based hospitals through the Network Affiliate Program (NAP)...
    Charles Goodlett; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..In keeping with the emphasis of the Core, L-NAP, a 9-amino acid derivative of activity-dependent neuroprotective protein, will be the first candidate agent tested, ..
    Sandra Motzer; Fiscal Year: 2000
    ..fragmentation, slow wave sleep, sleep efficiency) and self-reported (sleep effectiveness, sleep disturbance, and nap supplementation) sleep of HF subjects who do or do not walk regularly for 16 weeks...
  37. SBIR/STTR Technical Assistance Program - Professional Consulting Services
    PHYL SPESER; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..unreadable] Niche Assessment Program (NAP): Assesses if there are other applications or niches for the SBIR/STTR-developed technology and evaluates the ..
  38. Ambulatory Sleepiness & Apnea Propensity Evaluation Syst
    MOHAMMAD MODARRES ZADEH; Fiscal Year: 2005
    ..both neurological and respiratory signals) during a short duration (approximately 30 minutes) subsequent nap. Thus, the "Alertness Index" provided by MAT is combined with the "Sleepiness Index" obtained from the subsequent ..
  39. Neuroprotection by Novel Regulators of mGluR Signaling
    Julie Saugstad; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..ADNP contains an eight amino acid peptide sequence (NAPVSIPQ;NAP) that was shown to be the smallest active element of ADNP that can induce neuroprotection...
    David Gow; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..g., kidnap/kid nap)...
  41. Brain Response to HAART Measured with MR Spectroscopy
    Michael Taylor; Fiscal Year: 2006
    ..It is also hypothesized that changes in NAP,, myo-lnositol, and Choline from baseline in response to HAART treatment will be related to changes in ..
  42. Sleep-Wake Regulation and Emotion in Early Childhood
    MONIQUE LEBOURGEOIS; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..goals are to examine age-related differences in homeostatic and circadian processes and the effects of sleep (nap) restriction on emotion regulation in young children...
    Irwin Feinberg; Fiscal Year: 1999
    ..We have shown in young adults that the timing of naps differentially affects the architecture of post-nap night sleep: naps taken at 3 PM or earlier reduce computer-measured delta only in the first NREM period whereas ..
    Kenneth Kendler; Fiscal Year: 1991
    ..Twin and Psychiatric Registries in Sweden, contains 969 twin-probands with a diagnosis of non-affective psychosis (NAP), of whom 403 have been diagnosed as schizophrenic by narrow Swedish criteria...
  45. Obesity prevention in early childhood
    Sara Benjamin; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..For this Ruth Kirschstein post doctoral NRSA application, I propose a novel environmental intervention, the Baby NAP (Nutrition and Activity Promotion) program, to help prevent obesity in very young children...
    Douglas Tkachuk; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..includes functional assays to show that HRX and SET, akin to their related nucleosome binding factors, HMG-I(Y) and NAP-1 respectively, are active as chromatin remodeling factors in a series of nucleosome assembly/disassembly ..
  47. Increased persistent sodium current in SOD1 motoneurons
    CHARLES HECKMAN; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..This current is NaP, the persistent component of the total Na+ current generating the action potential...
    Edward Ratovitski; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..macrophages; (4) Does Chlamydia infection affect NOS2 and NAP110 localization? and (5) To examine the regulation NAP 110 gene at the transcription level...
    DANIEL LEVENDOWSKI; Fiscal Year: 2000
    ..The user can also select the option for the DMD to recommend the optimal time to take a short nap, monitor the length of the nap and awaken the user at the appropriate time. Currently, more that 10% of the U.S...
    Joseph Solomkin; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..We believe that neutrophils encounter a sequence of chemokines, including platelet-released NAP-2, and endothelial and epithelial derived IL-8, GROor, and ENA-78...
  51. Habitual napping in kindergarten: Implications for sleep, AM cortisol and diet
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    ..to accommodate for earlier start times (in comparison to preschool) and elimination or curtailment of their nap time...
    Pamela Fain; Fiscal Year: 1992
    ..The primary objectives of the third workshop will be (1) to compile and update the status of the nap and mapping resources; (2) to discuss and implement an information system for storing and accessing chromosome 17 ..
    Scott Campbell; Fiscal Year: 2001
    Scott Campbell; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..24-hr sleep amounts could be significantly supplemented by taking advantage of the biological tendency to nap during the day...
    Scott Campbell; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..All three studies address issues crucial to the successful development and implementation of bright light treatment. ..
  56. Contributions of sleep/rhythms/fatigue to "chemobrain"
    Sonia Ancoli Israel; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..The reported phenomena of chemobrain will be examined to see if it is related to the complaint of fatigue or sleep disruptions, both of which are known to contribute to decreases in cognitive functioning. ..
    Scott Campbell; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..The Independent Scientist Award will enable the candidate to further develop and enhance the proposed research program by ensuring a basis of stable, long-term support. ..
    Sonia Ancoli Israel; Fiscal Year: 2004
    ..Results will provide a scientific basis for future intervention studies, particularly studies with light therapy which can re-synchronize rhythms. ..
  59. Molecular mechanism of ADNF and ADNP peptides in neuroprotection to alcohol
    Youssef Sari; Fiscal Year: 2008
    ..Another peptide, NAP, contains eight amino acids (NAPVSIPQ) and is considered an ADNF-9-like fragment of activity-dependent ..
  60. Neuroanatomical adaptation at synaptic level to chronic
    Feng Zhou; Fiscal Year: 2003
    ..The setting of this threshold might be derailed when alcohol is cyclically deprived. Current and future study along this line will provide information enabling us to better understanding excess drinking behavior. ..
  61. Hypnotics and the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders
    WILLIAM MCCALL; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..abstract_text> ..