ejaculatory ducts


Summary: Paired ducts in the human male through which semen is ejaculated into the urethra.

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  1. Johnson C, Bingham J, Goluboff E, Fisch H. Transurethral resection of the ejaculatory ducts for treating ejaculatory symptoms. BJU Int. 2005;95:117-9 pubmed
    To report our experience with transurethral resection of the ejaculatory ducts (TURED) in infertile men with symptomatic ejaculatory duct obstruction (EDO).
  2. Lawler L, Cosin O, Jarow J, Kim H. Transrectal US-guided seminal vesiculography and ejaculatory duct recanalization and balloon dilation for treatment of chronic pelvic pain. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2006;17:169-73 pubmed
    ..This report describes the technique of transrectal US-guided seminal vesiculography, percutaneous recanalization, and ejaculatory duct balloon dilation for EDO as a treatment for male chronic pelvic pain...
  3. Yao Y, Wang T, Cai Y, Huang H, Lin M. [Transurethral electrotomy for cystis vesicular seminalis induced by obstruction of the distal end of the ejaculatory duct]. Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue. 2008;14:521-3 pubmed
    ..Transurethral electrotomy is a simple and effective method for the treatment of cystis vesicular seminalis induced by the obstruction of the ejaculatory duct. ..
  4. Purohit R, Wu D, Shinohara K, Turek P. A prospective comparison of 3 diagnostic methods to evaluate ejaculatory duct obstruction. J Urol. 2004;171:232-5; discussion 235-6 pubmed
    ..We prospectively performed transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) and 3 other tests in men with EDO and determined their relative value in this diagnosis...
  5. Schlegel P. Causes of azoospermia and their management. Reprod Fertil Dev. 2004;16:561-72 pubmed
    ..male reproductive tract may be treated using microsurgical reconstruction or transurethral resection of the ejaculatory ducts, depending on the level of obstruction...
  6. Orhan I, Duksal I, Onur R, Balci T, Poyraz K, Firdolas F, et al. Technetium Tc 99m sulphur colloid seminal vesicle scintigraphy: a novel approach for the diagnosis of the ejaculatory duct obstruction. Urology. 2008;71:672-6 pubmed publisher
    ..To define a novel technique in the diagnosis of partial and complete ejaculatory duct obstruction (EDO)...
  7. Zhao L, Tu X, Xiang Y, Sun X, Deng C. Was fine-needle vasography an obsolete diagnostic method to evaluate ejaculatory duct obstruction? Report of 37 cases. Urol Int. 2010;85:186-93 pubmed publisher
  8. Fisch H, Lambert S, Goluboff E. Management of ejaculatory duct obstruction: etiology, diagnosis, and treatment. World J Urol. 2006;24:604-10 pubmed
    Abnormalities of the distal ejaculatory ducts related to infertility have been well-documented. Although there are no specific findings associated with ejaculatory duct obstruction, several clinical findings are highly suggestive...
  9. Onur M, Orhan I, Orhan Y, Firdolas F, Fýrdolaş F, Onur R, et al. Clinical and radiological evaluation of ejaculatory duct obstruction. Arch Androl. 2007;53:179-86 pubmed
    ..Recently, with the increased awareness of functional obstruction of ED, reports have been focusing on the diagnosis of partial or functional EDO. We present 2 review of the ED pathologies, imaging modalities and treatment options...

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  1. Manohar T, Ganpule A, Desai M. Transrectal ultrasound- and fluoroscopic-assisted transurethral incision of ejaculatory ducts: a problem-solving approach to nonmalignant hematospermia due to ejaculatory duct obstruction. J Endourol. 2008;22:1531-5 pubmed publisher
    Ejaculatory duct obstruction (EJDO) has traditionally been managed with transurethral resection of ejaculatory ducts (TURED). However, wide resection has potential complications and risk of postoperative morbidity...
  2. Wang H, Ye H, Xu C, Liu Z, Gao X, Hou J, et al. Transurethral seminal vesiculoscopy using a 6F vesiculoscope for ejaculatory duct obstruction: initial experience. J Androl. 2012;33:637-43 pubmed publisher
    ..The standard therapy is transurethral resection of ejaculatory ducts (TURED)...
  3. Yurdakul T, Gokce G, Kilic O, Piskin M. Transurethral resection of ejaculatory ducts in the treatment of complete ejaculatory duct obstruction. Int Urol Nephrol. 2008;40:369-72 pubmed
    ..To evaluate the value of transurethral resection of the ejaculatory duct (TURED) in the treatment of complete ejaculatory duct obstruction (EDO) as a treatable cause of male factor infertility...
  4. Eisenberg M, Walsh T, Garcia M, Shinohara K, Turek P. Ejaculatory duct manometry in normal men and in patients with ejaculatory duct obstruction. J Urol. 2008;180:255-60; discussion 260 pubmed publisher
    ..We describe what is to our knowledge a new hydraulic test and report its ability to identify physical and functional ejaculatory duct obstruction...
  5. Kee K, Lee M, Shen S, Suh J, Lee O, Cho H, et al. Amyloidosis of seminal vesicles and ejaculatory ducts: a histologic analysis of 21 cases among 447 prostatectomy specimens. Ann Diagn Pathol. 2008;12:235-8 pubmed publisher
    To investigate the incidence of amyloidosis of seminal vesicles and ejaculatory system including ejaculatory ducts and vasa deferentia, we reviewed the whole mount sections of 447 radical prostatectomy specimens removed for prostatic ..
  6. Orhan I, Onur R, Ardicoglu A, Semercioz A, Koksal I. Secondary ejaculatory duct obstruction: management by secondary transurethral resection of ejaculatory duct. Arch Androl. 2005;51:221-3 pubmed
    ..Although TURED is the recommended routine procedure for all cases of EDO, it has complications, such as iatrogenic obstruction, in 4% of the cases. Herein, we evaluated a patient who had developed EDO secondary to TURED. ..
  7. Aumüller G, Doll A, Wennemuth G, Dizeyi N, Abrahamsson P, Wilhelm B. Regional distribution of neuroendocrine cells in the urogenital duct system of the male rat. Prostate. 2012;72:326-37 pubmed publisher
    ..This distribution pattern points to a strictly localized function and differentiation potency of NE precursor cells. ..
  8. Oliveira C, Zhou Q, Carnes K, Nie R, Kuehl D, Jackson G, et al. ER function in the adult male rat: short- and long-term effects of the antiestrogen ICI 182,780 on the testis and efferent ductules, without changes in testosterone. Endocrinology. 2002;143:2399-409 pubmed
  9. Tu X, Zhuang J, Zhao L, Zhao L, Zhao J, Lü K, et al. Transurethral bipolar plasma kinetic resection of ejaculatory duct for treatment of ejaculatory duct obstruction. J Xray Sci Technol. 2013;21:293-302 pubmed publisher
  10. Lopez J, Angulo J. The ejaculatory ducts and their implications in prostate adenocarcinoma. Anal Quant Cytopathol Histpathol. 2013;35:205-9 pubmed
    ..Specimens were totally sampled to study the complete route of the ejaculatory ducts within the prostate, focusing specifically on the histological characteristics of the stroma enfolding the ..
  11. Mancinelli R, Usai P, Vargiu R, Lisa A, Scarpa R, Usai E. Human ejaculatory duct: parameters of smooth muscle motor activity and modulatory role of autonomic drugs. Exp Physiol. 2000;85:465-7 pubmed
    The contractile behaviour and effects of several autonomic drugs on the motor activity of human isolated ejaculatory ducts were investigated. Ejaculatory ducts exhibited spontaneous contractions characterised by an amplitude of 2...
  12. Yang S, Rha K, Byon S, Kim J. Transutricular seminal vesiculoscopy. J Endourol. 2002;16:343-5 pubmed
    ..In hemospermic patients, hemorrhage was found in the seminal vesicles or the ejaculatory ducts in 23 (62.2%) and 3 (8.1%), respectively...
  13. Trasler J, Saberi F, Somani I, Adamali H, Huang J, Fortunato S, et al. Characterization of the testis and epididymis in mouse models of human Tay Sachs and Sandhoff diseases and partial determination of accumulated gangliosides. Endocrinology. 1998;139:3280-8 pubmed
  14. Tian X, Cui S, Liu J, Yi S. Expression of estrogen receptors in the efferent ductule of male sheep fetuses during gestation. Histochem Cell Biol. 2004;122:473-5 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that estrogen may play important roles in efferent ductule development in sheep fetuses. ..
  15. Yanai T, Okazaki T, Yamataka A, Urao M, Kobayashi H, Kato Y, et al. Cysts of the ejaculatory system: a report of two cases. Pediatr Surg Int. 2005;21:939-42 pubmed
    ..No fistula was seen between the cyst and rectum on colonoscopy. At laparotomy, both ejaculatory ducts and seminal vesicles were found to be fused into a mass with cystic dilatation of the ejaculatory duct...
  16. Tzvetkova P. Congenital anomalies of the mesonephric duct and fertility. Acta Chir Iugosl. 2007;54:63-7 pubmed
    ..27%. There are normal spermatogenesis but definite sterility. These results necessitate an application of plastic reconstructive operation for recovery of fertilizing ability of the patients, or their involvement in ICSI programme. ..
  17. Lin J, Wu H, Wang J, LE M, Yu H, Zhou H. Ectopic opening of cystic dilatation of the ejaculatory duct into enlarged prostatic utricle. J Androl. 2012;33:574-7 pubmed publisher
    ..To the best of our knowledge, this is the first case of ectopic cystic dilatation of the ejaculatory duct opening into an enlarged prostatic utricle. ..
  18. Hansen L, Dacheux F, Man S, Clulow J, Jones R. Fluid reabsorption by the ductuli efferentes testis of the rat is dependent on both sodium and chlorine. Biol Reprod. 2004;71:410-6 pubmed
    ..The epithelium is permeable to K(+) and has a higher permeability to a range of organic solutes (mannitol, choline, and isethionate) than epithelium in the proximal kidney tubules. ..
  19. Langer J, Cornud F. Inflammatory disorders of the prostate and the distal genital tract. Radiol Clin North Am. 2006;44:665-77, vii pubmed
    ..New imaging techniques such as high-resolution transrectal ultrasonography (TRUS) and MR imaging provide exquisite anatomic detail and often play a crucial role in the evaluation of these patients. ..
  20. Modgil V, Rai S, Ralph D, Muneer A. An update on the diagnosis and management of ejaculatory duct obstruction. Nat Rev Urol. 2016;13:13-20 pubmed publisher
    ..include endoscopic laser-assisted resection of the ducts, antegrade seminal-vesicle lavage to relieve EDO secondary to inspissated material or calculi, or dilatation of the ejaculatory ducts using 9F seminal vesicoscopy or balloon.
  21. Phillips E, Carpenter C, Oates R. Ejaculatory dysfunction. Urol Clin North Am. 2014;41:115-28 pubmed publisher
  22. Jarow J. Diagnosis and management of ejaculatory duct obstruction. Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue. 2002;8:10-7 pubmed
    ..New minimally invasive techniques that can be utilized in both the diagnosis and treatment of ejaculatory duct obstruction are described. ..
  23. Fuse H, Mizuno I, Iwasaki M, Akashi T. Transurethral treatment of ejaculatory duct obstruction in infertile men. Arch Androl. 2003;49:429-31 pubmed
    ..Pregnancy was achieved by 3 couples (30%). Incision of the ejaculatory duct via an endoscopic technique could improve seminal findings and subsequent fertility. ..
  24. Radhakrishnan P, Marchini D, Taylor P. Ultrastructure of male reproductive accessory glands and ejaculatory duct in the Queensland fruit fly, Bactrocera tryoni (Diptera: Tephritidae). Arthropod Struct Dev. 2009;38:216-26 pubmed publisher
    ..While there are some notable differences, reproductive accessory glands of male Q-flies generally resemble those of the olive fruitfly, Bactrocera oleae, and to a lesser extent the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata. ..
  25. Sávio L, Palmer J, Prakash N, Clavijo R, Adamu D, Ramasamy R. Transurethral resection of ejaculatory ducts: a step-by-step guide. Fertil Steril. 2017;107:e20 pubmed publisher
    To demonstrate the key components for completing a successful transurethral resection of ejaculatory ducts (TURED) for completely obstructed ejaculatory ducts (EDs). Video presentation. University Hospital...
  26. Lopez P, Santaren J, Ruiz M, Esponda P, Sanchez L. The Drosophila melanogaster X-linked mfs(1)6E locus is required for production of normal seminal fluid by the male accessory glands. Exp Cell Res. 2001;267:1-12 pubmed
    ..Mutant male accessory glands show notable abnormalities, connected with glandular secretion as well as qualitative and quantitative differences in their protein content. ..
  27. Popken G, Wetterauer U. Reconstruction of seminal ducts in obstructive azoospermia. Andrologia. 2001;33:187-92 pubmed
    ..either a microsurgical reconstruction (tubulovasostomy, vasovasostomy) or a transurethral resection of the ejaculatory ducts is carried out...
  28. Holmes H, Gist D. Excurrent duct system of the male turtle Chrysemys picta. J Morphol. 2004;261:312-22 pubmed
    ..This cell is frequently found in association with another narrow cell having a rounded nucleus and abundant mitochondria in its cytoplasm. ..
  29. Heshmat S, Lo K. Evaluation and treatment of ejaculatory duct obstruction in infertile men. Can J Urol. 2006;13 Suppl 1:18-21 pubmed
    ..Transurethral resection of the ejaculatory ducts represents the best treatment modality, resulting in marked improvement in the semen parameters and ..
  30. Wang Y, Liu X, Lin Q. [Transrectal ultrasound-guided ethanol sclerotherapy for Müllerian duct cyst accompanied with ejaculatory duct obstruction]. Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue. 2006;12:712-3, 716 pubmed
    ..No severe complications occurred. Transrectal ultrasound-guided ethanol sclerotherapy is an effective and safe method for the treatment of Müllerian duct cyst accompanied with ejaculatory duct obstruction. ..
  31. Kochakarn W, Leenanupunth C, Muangman V, Ratana Olarn K, Viseshsindh V. Ejaculatory duct obstruction in the infertile male: experience of 7 cases at Ramathibodi Hospital. J Med Assoc Thai. 2001;84:1148-52 pubmed
    ..Transurethral resection of the ejaculatory duct (TURED) has resulted in marked improvement in semen parameters, and pregnancies have been achieved. ..
  32. John H, Ludwig M. [Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for hemospermia]. Urologe A. 2003;42:W99-102 pubmed
    ..Persistent and recurrent cases of hemospermia are best clarified by transrectal ultrasound examination, cystoscopy, and magnetic resonance imaging. Treatment is based on the examination results. ..
  33. Zhao L, Tu X, Deng C. The clinical curative effect of transurethral resection of the ejaculatory duct for iatrogenic ejaculatory duct obstruction after prostatic hyperthermia. Asian J Androl. 2006;8:755-6 pubmed
  34. Hermo L, Smith C. Thirsty business: cell, region, and membrane specificity of aquaporins in the testis, efferent ducts, and epididymis and factors regulating their expression. J Androl. 2011;32:565-75 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings indicate unique associations of AQPs with specific membrane domains in a cell type- and region-specific manner within the EDs and epididymis, as well as complex regulation patterns of expression. ..
  35. McQuaid J, Tanrikut C. Ejaculatory duct obstruction: current diagnosis and treatment. Curr Urol Rep. 2013;14:291-7 pubmed publisher
    ..It includes a description of diagnostic imaging and interventional studies available to the practicing urologist and concludes with a discussion of current endoscopic management. ..
  36. Xue L, Noll M. Dual role of the Pax gene paired in accessory gland development of Drosophila. Development. 2002;129:339-46 pubmed
    ..Both Paired functions are absolutely required for male fertility, and both depend on an enhancer located within 0.8 kb of the downstream region of paired. ..
  37. Rexhepaj A, Liu H, Peng J, Choffat Y, Kubli E. The sex-peptide DUP99B is expressed in the male ejaculatory duct and in the cardia of both sexes. Eur J Biochem. 2003;270:4306-14 pubmed
    ..However, sex-peptide seems to play the major role in eliciting the postmating responses, while DUP99B may have specialized for other, as yet unknown, functions. ..
  38. Suh J, Gardner J, Kee K, Shen S, Ayala A, Ro J. Calcifications in prostate and ejaculatory system: a study on 298 consecutive whole mount sections of prostate from radical prostatectomy or cystoprostatectomy specimens. Ann Diagn Pathol. 2008;12:165-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Calcifications were evaluated in the prostate (central, peripheral and transition zones, and verumontanum), ejaculatory ducts, and seminal vesicles. We graded the degree of calcifications as mild, moderate, or severe...
  39. Pomerol J. Tubulovasostomy. Urol Int. 2003;70:108-12 pubmed
  40. Kato H, Igawa Y, Furuya S, Nishizawa O. Müllerian duct remnant involving Wolffian system: a case report and literature review. Hinyokika Kiyo. 2005;51:339-42 pubmed
    ..Ligature of the left vas deferens was performed to prevent left epididymitis. An enlarged prostatic utricle involving the vasa is a rare presentation...
  41. Cuda S, Brand T, Thibault G, Stack R. Case report: Endoscopic laser lithotripsy of seminal-vesicle stones. J Endourol. 2006;20:916-8 pubmed
    ..seminal vesiculograms, which showed numerous mobile filling defects and a Steinstrasse appearance at the ejaculatory ducts. A 7F semirigid ureteroscope entered the lumen without difficulty over a guidewire, and the stones were ..
  42. Tu X, Zhao L, Zhao L, Wang W, Deng L, Chen Y, et al. [Efficacy of transurethral resection of ejaculatory duct for treatment of ejaculatory duct obstruction: report of 60 cases]. Beijing Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban. 2011;43:559-61 pubmed
    ..86 ± 2.19 ?mol/one ejaculation). TRUS showed pure dilation of both ejaculatory ducts in 15 cases, prostatic cyst in 6, pure dilated seminal vesicles on both sides in 10, unilateral dilated ..
  43. Lee J, Diaz R, Choi Y, Cho K. Hybrid method of transurethral resection of ejaculatory ducts using holmium:yttriumaluminium garnet laser on complete ejaculatory duct obstruction. Yonsei Med J. 2013;54:1062-5 pubmed publisher
    ..To our knowledge, this is the first report on the successful outcome of a hybrid technique applied for transurethral resection of the ejaculatory duct. ..
  44. Kawahara T, Nishiyama H, Okubo K, Ito N, Kinoshita H, Yamamoto S, et al. [Right ectopic ureter with ipsilateral renal agenesis presenting with infertility: a case report]. Hinyokika Kiyo. 2004;50:435-8 pubmed
    ..The patient was treated by transurethral unroofing of the cyst. Three months after the surgery, the cystic mass disappeared and the seminal findings showed marked improvement. ..
  45. Neth P, Profanter B, Geissler C, Nägler D, Nerlich A, Sommerhoff C, et al. T-SP1: a novel serine protease-like protein predominantly expressed in testis. Biol Chem. 2008;389:1495-504 pubmed publisher
    ..Notably, T-SP1 protein was also detectable in prostate cancer and in some ovarian cancer tissues, indicating tumor-related synthesis of T-SP1 beyond testis tissue. ..
  46. Name K, Pujol Luz J, Bao S. Structure and ultrastructure of spermatozoa of Chrysomya megacephala (Diptera: Calliphoridae). Micron. 2010;41:853-60 pubmed publisher
    ..The male internal reproductive tract consists of testis, vas deferens, seminal vesicle, accessory glands and ejaculatory duct...
  47. Nishikawa Z, Okamoto K, Kataoka A, Soga H, Wakabayashi Y, Kushima R, et al. Transitional cell carcinoma in a single ectopic ureter opening into the ejaculatory duct. Urology. 2002;60:912 pubmed
    ..To our knowledge, we report the first case of primary transitional cell carcinoma in a single ectopic ureter with a dysplastic kidney that terminated in the ejaculatory duct. ..
  48. Guo Y, Liu G, Yang D, Sun X, Wang H, Deng C, et al. Role of MRI in assessment of ejaculatory duct obstruction. J Xray Sci Technol. 2013;21:141-6 pubmed publisher
    ..MRI is more accurate at displaying the ejaculatory duct. We recommend that ejaculatory duct diameter of > 2 mm can be used as a diagnostic criterion with MRI image analyses for ejaculatory duct dilation. ..
  49. Bertram M, Akerkar G, Ard R, Gonzalez C, Wolfner M. Cell type-specific gene expression in the Drosophila melanogaster male accessory gland. Mech Dev. 1992;38:33-40 pubmed
    ..Our results demonstrate that the two cell types are not only morphologically distinct but also biochemically distinct. We also show that the two cell types differ in their regulation of gene expression in response to mating activity. ..
  50. Yiou R, Lebret T, Lugagne P, Molinie V, Herve J, Botto H. Transverse testicular ectopia with supernumerary vas deferens and cyst of the ejaculatory duct. Urology. 2001;58:462 pubmed
    ..A case of transverse testicular ectopia with supernumerary vas deferens and cyst of the ejaculatory duct is reported. The reports relevant to these malformations were reviewed and their embryologic etiology discussed. ..
  51. Carbone A, Palleschi G, Tomiselli G, Inghilleri M, Rago R, Lenzi A, et al. Renal aplastic dysplasia and ipsilateral ectopic ureter obstructing the seminal via: a possible cause of male infertility. Eur Urol. 2007;52:268-72 pubmed
    ..Two cases of unilateral renal aplastic dysplasia and ipsilateral ectopic ureter opening in the ejaculatory ducts associated with infertility secondary to bilateral obstruction of the seminal via are reported...
  52. Tanrikut C, Goldstein M. Obstructive azoospermia: a microsurgical success story. Semin Reprod Med. 2009;27:159-64 pubmed publisher
    ..The various procedures discussed allow reproductive urologists to maximize male fertility potential in the era of assisted reproductive technologies. ..
  53. French D, Sabanegh E. Advances in microsurgery and assisted reproduction for management of male infertility. Front Biosci (Elite Ed). 2009;1:381-9 pubmed
    ..In this article we will review the indications, outcomes, and technological advances in the various microsurgical procedures to treat male infertility are. ..
  54. Odgers W, Aquadro C, Coppin C, Healy M, Oakeshott J. Nucleotide polymorphism in the Est6 promoter, which is widespread in derived populations of Drosophila melanogaster, changes the level of Esterase 6 expressed in the male ejaculatory duct. Genetics. 2002;162:785-97 pubmed
    ..Thus the P1/P7 difference could be a major source of adaptively significant EST6 activity variation through much of the now cosmopolitan range of D. melanogaster. ..
  55. Fisch H, Kang Y, Johnson C, Goluboff E. Ejaculatory duct obstruction. Curr Opin Urol. 2002;12:509-15 pubmed
    ..appears that central cystic lesions and partial obstructions respond best to transurethral resection of the ejaculatory ducts (TURED). Ejaculatory duct obstruction is a rare but surgically correctable cause of male infertility...
  56. Simeó C, Ribes E, Rotllant G. Internal anatomy and ultrastructure of the male reproductive system of the spider crab Maja brachydactyla (Decapoda: Brachyura). Tissue Cell. 2009;41:345-61 pubmed publisher
    ..The ejaculatory duct (ED) shows a multilayered musculature and a nonsecretory pseudostratified epithelium, and extrudes the reproductive products towards the gonopores. A tissue attached to the ED is identified as the androgenic gland. ..
  57. Wosnitzer M, Goldstein M. Obstructive azoospermia. Urol Clin North Am. 2014;41:83-95 pubmed publisher
    ..from obstruction of the excurrent ducts (due to many causes) at any location between the rete testis and the ejaculatory ducts. The diagnosis of obstructive azoospermia (OA) requires a stepwise approach to differentiate it from ..
  58. Gordon Z, Monga M. Endoscopic extraction of an ejaculatory duct calculus to treat obstructive azoospermia. J Endourol. 2001;15:949-50 pubmed
    ..On cystoscopy for planned transurethral resection of the ejaculatory ducts, a calculus obstructing the right ejaculatory duct at the verumontanum was discovered and removed...
  59. Trottmann M, Sroka R, Braun C, Liedl B, Schaaf H, Graw M, et al. Micro-endoscopy of the human vas deferens: a feasibility study of a novel device in several ex vivo models. Andrology. 2017;5:75-81 pubmed publisher
    ..Using the flexible ME, the orifices of the ejaculatory ducts were identified. In vivo cadaveric retrograde cannulation of the orifices was successful...
  60. Saudan P, Hauck K, Soller M, Choffat Y, Ottiger M, Spörri M, et al. Ductus ejaculatorius peptide 99B (DUP99B), a novel Drosophila melanogaster sex-peptide pheromone. Eur J Biochem. 2002;269:989-97 pubmed
    ..Homologies in the coding regions of the two exons of DUP99B and sex-peptide, respectively, suggest that the two genes have evolved by gene duplication. Thus, we consider these two genes to be members of the new sex-peptide gene family...
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    ..A comparison with the results presented here and those of other authors for species of Girardia is provided and the importance of the study of the penial glands for taxonomic characterisation of freshwater triclads is emphasised...
  62. Man S, Clulow J, Jones R. Signal transduction in the ductuli efferentes testis of the rat: inhibition of fluid reabsorption by cyclic adenosine 3', 5'-monophosphate. Biol Reprod. 2003;69:1714-8 pubmed
    ..Pentoxifylline also increased the production of cAMP (4-fold) by ducts incubated in vitro. It is concluded that cAMP, but probably not cGMP, is an intracellular messenger regulating fluid reabsorption in the efferent ducts...
  63. Kadioglu A, Cayan S, Tefekli A, Orhan I, Engin G, Turek P. Does response to treatment of ejaculatory duct obstruction in infertile men vary with pathology?. Fertil Steril. 2001;76:138-42 pubmed
    To describe the pathology-specific response to transurethral resection of ejaculatory ducts (TURED) in patients with complete or partial ejaculatory duct obstruction and to evaluate the role of TURED in light of powerful assisted ..
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    ..The presence of sperm cells, apparently in cytoplasm vesicles of seminal vesicle and post-vesicular vas deferens, suggests spermiophagy by their epithelium...
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    ..If male urogenital infection causes obstruction it is most likely located at the level of the ejaculatory ducts. Chronic prostatitis has been proved to cause scarring of the prostatic and ejaculatory ducts, resulting in ..
  67. Yagci C, Kupeli S, Tok C, Fitoz S, Baltaci S, Gogus O. Efficacy of transrectal ultrasonography in the evaluation of hematospermia. Clin Imaging. 2004;28:286-90 pubmed
    ..To assess the efficacy of transrectal ultrasonography (TRUS) in the evaluation of hematospermia...
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    ..Surgical outcomes in our series are also described. The urologist must take care that the obstructive-azoospermic patients do not undergo unnecessary assisted reproduction procedures...
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    ..The present article reviews some key prostatic and periprostatic radiologic landmarks that can be helpful for the radiotherapist using T2-weighted MRI as an adjunct to CT in treatment planning for prostate cancer...
  70. Chen X, Zhao J, Salim S, Garcia F. Intraprostatic spermatozoa: zonal distribution and association with atrophy. Hum Pathol. 2006;37:345-51 pubmed
    ..Prostates with IS have larger atrophic areas and increased frequency of postatrophic hyperplasia. The role of IS in the pathogenesis of prostate inflammation and atrophy should be investigated...
  71. Smith J, Walsh T, Turek P. Ejaculatory duct obstruction. Urol Clin North Am. 2008;35:221-7, viii pubmed publisher
    ..Using an evidence-based approach, this article reviews how best to approach the diagnosis and treatment of ejaculatory duct obstruction...
  72. Prando A. Endorectal magnetic resonance imaging in persistent hemospermia. Int Braz J Urol. 2008;34:171-7; discussion 177-9 pubmed
    ..To present the spectrum of abnormalities found at endorectal magnetic resonance imaging (E-MRI), in patients with persistent hemospermia...
  73. Snyder E, Small C, Bomgardner D, Xu B, Evanoff R, Griswold M, et al. Gene expression in the efferent ducts, epididymis, and vas deferens during embryonic development of the mouse. Dev Dyn. 2010;239:2479-91 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest cell adhesion may be modulated in a tissue-specific manner, playing an important role in establishing each tissue's final morphology...
  74. Gor R, Woodhouse C, Schober J. Obstructive ejaculatory duct calculi in a patient with bladder augmentation and myelomeningocele. J Pediatr Urol. 2011;7:233-5 pubmed publisher
    ..It is the first recorded case to demonstrate the augmented bladder as an initiator of ejaculatory duct calculi in patients with an open bladder neck and spastic external sphincter...
  75. Favilla V, Cimino S, Madonia M, Castelli T, Sortino G, Russo M, et al. Perineal-guided endoscopic extraction of ejaculatory duct stones to treat obstructive azoospermia. Fertil Steril. 2011;95:2430.e11-4 pubmed publisher
    ..To report a case of transurethral endoscopic treatment of ejaculatory duct stones with transrectal ultrasound (TRUS)-guided perineal needle implant and ureteroscopic extraction of deferent duct stones in an infertile man...
  76. Xu W, Qiao K, Huang S, Peng H, Huang W, Chen F, et al. The expression pattern of scygonadin during the ontogenesis of Scylla paramamosain predicting its potential role in reproductive immunity. Dev Comp Immunol. 2011;35:1078-90 pubmed publisher
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