Summary: A thin fold of MUCOUS MEMBRANE situated at the orifice of the vagina.

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  1. Anthuber S, Strauss A, Anthuber C, Hepp H. [Abnormalities of external and internal genitalia]. Gynakol Geburtshilfliche Rundsch. 2003;43:136-45 pubmed
    ..The treatment of genital developmental anomalies is generally not difficult but requires the appropriate clinical and surgical expertise. ..
  2. Wang W, Chen M, Yang W, Hwang D. Imperforate hymen presenting with chronic constipation and lumbago: report of one case. Acta Paediatr Taiwan. 2004;45:340-2 pubmed
    ..an adolescent girl of menarchal age or in an obviously postmenarchal girl should make one consider an imperforate hymen with hematocolpos...
  3. Philbois O, Guye E, Richard O, Tardieu D, Seffert P, Chavrier Y, et al. Role of laparoscopy in vaginal malformation. Surg Endosc. 2004;18:87-91 pubmed
    ..When used to search for endometriosis, MRI detects ~50% of lesions, but laparoscopy is certainly still appropriate for that purpose. However, the optimal timing of the procedure still needs to be established. ..
  4. Nazir Z, Rizvi R, Qureshi R, Khan Z, Khan Z. Congenital vaginal obstructions: varied presentation and outcome. Pediatr Surg Int. 2006;22:749-53 pubmed
    ..Management included excision of imperforate hymen (16) and transverse vaginal septum (8) through perineal (20) and abdominoperineal approach (4)...
  5. Basaran M, Usal D, Aydemir C. Hymen sparing surgery for imperforate hymen: case reports and review of literature. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2009;22:e61-4 pubmed publisher
    Imperforate hymen, with an incidence between 0.1% and 0.05%, is the most common obstructive congenital abnormality of the female genital tract...
  6. Stelling J, Gray M, Davis A, Cowan J, Reindollar R. Dominant transmission of imperforate hymen. Fertil Steril. 2000;74:1241-4 pubmed
    Imperforate hymen is an uncommon anomaly of the reproductive tract, occurring in approximately 0.1% of newborn females. The familial occurrence of imperforate hymen in a child, her mother, and her mother's monozygotic twin is reported.
  7. Garden A, Bramwell R. Treatment of imperforate hymen by application of Foley catheter. Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol. 2003;106:3-4 pubmed
  8. Liang C, Chang S, Soong Y. Long-term follow-up of women who underwent surgical correction for imperforate hymen. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2003;269:5-8 pubmed
    ..to demonstrate the clinical results of postoperative evaluation for a consecutive series of cases of imperforate hymen presenting at a tertiary medical center during an over 14-year period...
  9. Johal N, Bogris S, Mushtaq I. Neonatal imperforate hymen causing obstruction of the urinary tract. Urology. 2009;73:750-1 pubmed publisher
    An imperforate hymen associated with urinary retention, bilateral hydronephrosis, and bilateral hydrosalpinx is extremely rare in the neonatal period...

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  1. Mou J, Tang P, Chan K, Tam Y, Lee K. Imperforate hymen: cause of lower abdominal pain in teenage girls. Singapore Med J. 2009;50:e378-9 pubmed
    Imperforate hymen is a relatively rare congenital anomaly. However, it is not an uncommon cause of lower abdominal pain presenting in teenage girls...
  2. Yu T, Lin M. Acute urinary retention in two patients with imperforate hymen. Scand J Urol Nephrol. 1993;27:543-4 pubmed
    Acute urinary retention in two adolescent girls with hematometrocolpos caused by imperforate hymen are reported...
  3. Bakos O, Berglund L. Imperforate hymen and ruptured hematosalpinx: a case report with a review of the literature. J Adolesc Health. 1999;24:226-8 pubmed
    The imperforate hymen is a common genital disorder, but a ruptured hematosalpinx is a fairly rare complication...
  4. Ahmed S, Morris L, Atkinson E. Distal mucocolpos and proximal hematocolpos secondary to concurrent imperforate hymen and transverse vaginal septum. J Pediatr Surg. 1999;34:1555-6 pubmed
    A 12-year-old girl had cruciate incision of imperforate hymen draining a large mucocolpos. Her symptoms did not abate thereafter, and 3 months later a transverse vaginal septum was diagnosed...
  5. Shen M, Yang L. Imperforate hymen complicated with pyocolpos and lobar nephronia. J Chin Med Assoc. 2006;69:224-7 pubmed
    An imperforate hymen is not a rare condition in female newborns, but is often ignored in a genital examination by physicians...
  6. Dhabalia J, Nelivigi G, Satia M, Kakkattil S, Kumar V. Congenital urethrovaginal fistula with imperforate hymen: a first case report. J Obstet Gynaecol Can. 2009;31:652-653 pubmed publisher
    ..We describe a case of congenital urethrovaginal fistula with an imperforate hymen and no other urogenital abnormalities.
  7. Abu Ghanem S, Novoa R, Kaneti J, Rosenberg E. Recurrent urinary retention due to imperforate hymen after hymenotomy failure: a rare case report and review of the literature. Urology. 2011;78:180-2 pubmed publisher
    ..for the first time a case of recurrent urinary retention due to massive hematocolpos resulting from an imperforate hymen in a 14-year-old girl...
  8. Kimberley N, Hutson J, Southwell B, Grover S. Vaginal agenesis, the hymen, and associated anomalies. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2012;25:54-8 pubmed publisher
    Review anomalies in patients with vaginal agenesis. In particular, to clarify the impact of an absent hymen on the presence of other anomalies; on the success of creating a vagina with dilators; and on sexual function outcomes.
  9. López López J, Murillo Pérez C, Rosa Arias J, Abril Baquero G. [Urinary retention caused by hematocolpos secondary to imperforate hymen]. Arch Esp Urol. 1993;46:732-3 pubmed
    We report on two adolescent girls with imperforate hymen that had presented clinically as urinary retention...
  10. Tsumagari S, Takagi K, Takeishi M, Memon M. A case of a bitch with imperforate hymen and hydrocolpos. J Vet Med Sci. 2001;63:475-7 pubmed
    ..It was difficult to visualize the vagina by vaginoscopy due to a cystic polyp on the hymen. The polyp was 2 x 3 cm in diameter, round, and pink in color...
  11. Posner J, Spandorfer P. Early detection of imperforate hymen prevents morbidity from delays in diagnosis. Pediatrics. 2005;115:1008-12 pubmed
    Although it is detectable at all ages through inspection of the external genitalia, imperforate hymen (IH) is a diagnosis that is missed commonly...
  12. El Messidi A, Fleming N. Congenital imperforate hymen and its life-threatening consequences in the neonatal period. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2006;19:99-103 pubmed
    Imperforate hymen is most commonly an isolated finding and usually remains asymptomatic until puberty...
  13. Dane C, Dane B, Erginbas M, Cetin A. Imperforate hymen-a rare cause of abdominal pain: two cases and review of the literature. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2007;20:245-7 pubmed
    ..To document an unusual cause of abdominal pain in premenarcheal adolescent girls...
  14. Gyimadu A, Sayal B, Guven S, Gunalp G. Hematocolpos causing severe urinary retention in an adolescent girl with imperforate hymen: an uncommon presentation. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2009;280:461-3 pubmed publisher
    ..Hematocolpos is rarely presented as a pelvic mass which mechanically compresses the bladder and the urethra thereby causing urinary retention...
  15. Sharifiaghdas F, Abdi H, Pakmanesh H, Eslami N. Imperforate hymen and urinary retention in a newborn girl. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2009;22:49-51 pubmed
    Urinary retention is relatively rare in infants,especially in girls. Imperforate hymen is the most frequent congenital malformation of the female genital tract and is usually asymptomatic until puberty...
  16. Levsky J, Mondshine R. On the AJR viewbox. Hematometrocolpos due to imperforate hymen in a patient with bicornuate uterus. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2006;186:1469-70 pubmed
  17. Tschudin S, Schuster S, Dumont Dos Santos D, Huang D, Bitzer J, Leeners B. Restoration of virginity: women's demand and health care providers' response in Switzerland. J Sex Med. 2013;10:2334-42 pubmed publisher
    ..The practice of hymen reconstruction constitutes a challenge for health care providers in medical, ethical, judicial, social, and ..
  18. Kassis N, Hamner J, Takase Sanchez M, Khoder W, Hale D, Heit M. If you could see what we see, would it bother you?. Int Urogynecol J. 2017;28:59-64 pubmed publisher
    ..the presence of a vaginal bulge increased substantially at the level of early stage 2 prolapse (1 cm above the hymen), with 67 % answering yes to the question regarding bulge...
  19. Shen C, Hsu T, Huang F, Chang H, Chang S. Ectrodactyly ectodermal dysplasia-clefting syndrome with hematocolpometra presenting as acute urinary retention. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 2002;81:894-5 pubmed
  20. Bajaj M, Becker M, Jakka S, Rajalingam U. Imperforate hymen: a not so benign condition. J Paediatr Child Health. 2006;42:745-6 pubmed
  21. Frega A, Verrone A, Manzara F, Ralli E, Catalano A, Schimberni M, et al. Feasibility of office CO2 laser surgery in patients affected by benign pathologies and congenital malformations of female lower genital tract. Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2015;19:2528-36 pubmed
    ..49 women who underwent CO2 laser surgery for the following indications: Bartholin's gland cyst, imperforate hymen, vaginal septum, Nabothian cyst, and vaginal polyps...
  22. Qazi S, Khan N. Congenital hematometrocolpos in a circumcised girl. An anomaly superimposed by cultural mutilating practices. J Pak Med Assoc. 1997;47:288-9 pubmed
    ..Mutilation caused by bad cultural practice of female circumcision which is although not a problem in Pakistan, is brought into notice for those who may be unaware of perineal appearance of a circumcised female and stitched over vagina. ..
  23. Blogowska A, Rzepka Górska I, Krzyzanowska Swiniarska B. Growth hormone, IGF-1, insulin, SHBG, and estradiol levels in girls before menarche. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2003;268:293-6 pubmed
    ..three months, we recorded weight, height, BMI, maturation of tertiary sex features, estrogen-related changes in hymen, sonographic dimensions of ovaries and uterus and serum levels of growth hormone, IGF-1, SHBG, insulin, and ..
  24. Adaletli I, Ozer H, Kurugoglu S, Emir H, Madazli R. Congenital imperforate hymen with hydrocolpos diagnosed using prenatal MRI. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2007;189:W23-5 pubmed
  25. Pillai M. Forensic examination of suspected child victims of sexual abuse in the UK: a personal view. J Clin Forensic Med. 2005;12:57-63 pubmed
    ..The practical difficulties of examining a reluctant child and achieving adequate visualisation of the hymen in relaxed state, are frequently underestimated...
  26. Unger C, Barber M, Walters M, Paraiso M, Ridgeway B, Jelovsek J. Long-Term Effectiveness of Uterosacral Colpopexy and Minimally Invasive Sacral Colpopexy for Treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse. Female Pelvic Med Reconstr Surg. 2017;23:188-194 pubmed publisher
    ..POP was defined as subjective failure (vaginal bulge symptoms), objective failure (prolapse to or beyond the hymen), or any retreatment for POP (reoperation or use of a pessary)...
  27. O Connell H, Eizenberg N, Rahman M, Cleeve J. The anatomy of the distal vagina: towards unity. J Sex Med. 2008;5:1883-91 pubmed publisher
    ..To date, unambiguous, accurate and objective images with appropriate labeling to enhance specificity in communication have been lacking...
  28. Howell J, Flowers D. Prepubertal Vaginal Bleeding: Etiology, Diagnostic Approach, and Management. Obstet Gynecol Surv. 2016;71:231-42 pubmed publisher
    ..skills, including awareness of normal anatomy across the age spectrum and the ability to identify an estrogenized hymen, are keys to the appropriate assessment of this clinical problem...
  29. Boyle C, McCann J, Miyamoto S, Rogers K. Comparison of examination methods used in the evaluation of prepubertal and pubertal female genitalia: a descriptive study. Child Abuse Negl. 2008;32:229-43 pubmed publisher
    ..According to the results of this study, without the combined use of these three methods a significant number of injuries, particularly hymenal lacerations, could be missed in both the child and the adolescent. ..
  30. Ingram D, Everett V, Ingram D. The relationship between the transverse hymenal orifice diameter by the separation technique and other possible markers of sexual abuse. Child Abuse Negl. 2001;25:1109-20 pubmed
    ..Thus, we found the THODST as we measured it to have no value for answering the question, "Was this child sexually abused?" ..
  31. Heppenstall Heger A, McConnell G, Ticson L, Guerra L, Lister J, Zaragoza T. Healing patterns in anogenital injuries: a longitudinal study of injuries associated with sexual abuse, accidental injuries, or genital surgery in the preadolescent child. Pediatrics. 2003;112:829-37 pubmed
  32. Aslam M, Osmundsen B, Edwards S, Matthews C, GREGORY W. Preoperative Prolapse Stage as Predictor of Failure of Sacrocolpopexy. Female Pelvic Med Reconstr Surg. 2016;22:156-60 pubmed publisher
    ..We defined recurrence as any prolapse beyond the hymen. We had 125 women from 3 centers who met our criteria, with 23.2% of them having recurrence at 1 year...
  33. Myhre A, Berntzen K, Bratlid D. Genital anatomy in non-abused preschool girls. Acta Paediatr. 2003;92:1453-62 pubmed
    ..hymenal rim in many girls, a feature that could be difficult to distinguish from attenuation of the posterior hymen. A gaping hymenal orifice, previously suggested to be a supportive sign of sexual abuse, was fairly frequently ..
  34. Onan M, Turp A, Taskiran C, Ozogul C, Himmetoglu O. Spontaneous closure of the hymen during pregnancy. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2005;193:889-91 pubmed
    Imperforate hymen is a rare disorder that is usually discovered at the onset of menstruation...
  35. Shiga Y, Araki A, Yamamoto T, Kawazoe N, Sato K, Shibata E. [Atresia hymenalis with acute urinary retention under the anti-histamine drug: a case report]. Nihon Hinyokika Gakkai Zasshi. 2003;94:448-51 pubmed
    ..However, we believe it should be considered as one causative disease in pubescent girls who complaining of difficulty in urination. Subsequently an examination of the external genitalia should be performed. ..
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    ABSTRACT Objective To study the backgrounds of women requesting hymen 'repair', to assess the effects of extensive counselling, and the effects of hymen reconstruction...
  38. Yildirim G, Gungorduk K, Aslan H, Sudolmus S, Ark C, Saygin S. Prenatal diagnosis of imperforate hymen with hydrometrocolpos. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2008;278:483-5 pubmed publisher
    Imperforate hymen is one of the most simple and most common anomalies in the female genital organs, occurring in 0.1% of girls born at term...
  39. Kumar K, Waseem M. An uncommon cause of abdominal pain in an adolescent. South Med J. 2008;101:1065-6 pubmed publisher
    Imperforate hymen is a rare congenital anomaly which emergency physicians often forget to include in the differential diagnosis of lower abdominal pain in a pubescent girl...
  40. Hingorani R, Swain A. An unusual cause of lower abdominal pain in pubertal girls. Emerg Med J. 2009;26:909-10 pubmed publisher
    ..The clinical features, diagnosis, management and possible complications of this condition are discussed. The case illustrates the importance of keeping this diagnosis in mind when seeing teenage girls with lower abdominal pain...
  41. Zhang M, Zhang M, Li G, Xu C. Congenital vaginal atresia: A report of 39 cases in a regional Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. J Huazhong Univ Sci Technolog Med Sci. 2017;37:928-932 pubmed publisher
    ..congenital vaginal atresia with a normal cervix, whereas the others had either cervical atresia or imperforate hymen. The primary presenting signs and symptoms included primary amenorrhea (71.8%), periodic abdominalgia (41...
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    Perforation and dilation of the persistent hymen in an alpaca and a llama, detected by vaginal examination and endoscopy, was achieved by use of a sigmoidoscope and incremental dilation using cylindrical instruments to a maximum diameter ..
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    One in every 2,000 girls has hymen imperforatus. A few are recognized at birth because of mucocolpos. The rest are not detected before puberty...
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    ..Surgical failure was defined as a composite score that included the presence of anatomic bulge beyond the hymen with sensation of vaginal bulge or repeat treatment for prolapse via pessary or surgery by 1-year follow-up ..
  46. Ayuandini S. Finger Pricks and Blood Vials: How doctors medicalize 'cultural' solutions to demedicalize the 'broken' hymen in the Netherlands. Soc Sci Med. 2017;177:61-68 pubmed publisher
    ..demedicalization, this paper presents novel insights into Dutch physicians' attempt to demedicalize the "broken" hymen. In their consultations, Dutch doctors persuade hymenoplasty patients to abandon the assumed medical definition of ..
  47. Kushnir O, Garde K, Blankstein J. Rectal sonography for diagnosing hematocolpometra. A case report. J Reprod Med. 1997;42:519-20 pubmed
    Imperforate hymen is an uncommon defect. Ultrasound may be useful in diagnosing hematocolpos, which is a common complication of imperforate hymen...
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    ..The appropriate prenatal detection with the help of prenatal ultrasonography differential diagnosis and early treatment and prevention of complications. ..
  49. Eich T. A tiny membrane defending 'us' against 'them': Arabic Internet debate about hymenorraphy in Sunni Islamic law. Cult Health Sex. 2010;12:755-69 pubmed publisher
    In the Sunni Arab world, hymen repair has become a subject of considerable controversy due to a public statement of Egypt's Mufti Guma a in 2007...
  50. Dowlut McElroy T, Higgins J, Williams K, Strickland J. Patterns of Treatment of Accidental Genital Trauma in Girls. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2018;31:19-22 pubmed publisher
    ..in the OS included older age, transfer from another institution, penetrating injuries, injuries involving the hymen/vagina/urethra/anus, and injuries larger than 3 cm in size...
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    ..Neonatal endoscopic decompression and hymenotomy was performed with residual decreased ipsilateral renal function and dilation. Prenatal bladder obstruction may cause permanent renal damage. ..
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    Imperforate hymen is an uncommon obstructive anomaly of the female reproductive tract, which usually presents with intermittent and cyclical abdominal pain...
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    This article reviews the recent literature on physical findings related to the hymen in pubertal and prepubertal girls with and without a history of sexual abuse...
  56. Seleem M, Ismail G, du Preez H. An unusual case of acute urinary retention in young females. Saudi Med J. 2000;21:775-6 pubmed
    ..However it is important to remember that there are also organic causes for retention. We present 2 cases of an uncommon cause of urinary retention in the young female, namely hematocolpos...
  57. Abriat F, Benali L, Gromb S. [Hymenal examination of under age children with a context of sexual assault]. Gynecol Obstet Fertil. 2012;40:129-33 pubmed publisher
    ..However, the amount medical literature related to this topic is poor. The hymen examination must be conducted under strict conditions, by qualified personnel and as soon as possible after the ..
  58. Mwenda A. Imperforate Hymen - a rare cause of acute abdominal pain and tenesmus: case report and review of the literature. Pan Afr Med J. 2013;15:28 pubmed publisher
    Imperforate hymen is a rare condition that presents with amenorrhea, cyclical abdominal pains and urine retention among pubertal girls...
  59. Hagen S, Glazener C, McClurg D, MacArthur C, Elders A, Herbison P, et al. Pelvic floor muscle training for secondary prevention of pelvic organ prolapse (PREVPROL): a multicentre randomised controlled trial. Lancet. 2017;389:393-402 pubmed publisher
    ..was minimised by centre, parity (three or less vs more than three deliveries), prolapse stage (above the hymen vs at or beyond the hymen), and delivery method (any vaginal vs all caesarean sections)...
  60. Fedele L, Frontino G, Motta F, Restelli E. A uterovaginal septum and imperforate hymen with a double pyocolpos. Hum Reprod. 2012;27:1637-9 pubmed publisher
    The presence of both a uterovaginal septum and imperforate hymen is described in a young patient presenting with ongoing chronic pelvic pain and a double pyocolpos. Ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging scans were performed...
  61. Hariton T. Sexual assault in prepubertal girls: 'It is normal to be normal' - or is it? Evidence of vaginal penetration in prepubertal girls. Med Sci Law. 2012;52:193-7 pubmed publisher
    ..of the unestrogenized genitalia of the prepubertal girl makes it clear that if there has been forceful penile penetration of the hymen there will be both a history of pain and bleeding and healed evidence of this forceful penetration.
  62. Hu M, Methratta S. An unusual case of neonatal peritoneal calcifications associated with hydrometrocolpos. Pediatr Radiol. 2001;31:742-4 pubmed
    ..case, a premature baby girl, peritoneal calcifications were caused by hydrometrocolpos secondary to imperforate hymen, a rare association...
  63. Anderst J, Kellogg N, Jung I. Reports of repetitive penile-genital penetration often have no definitive evidence of penetration. Pediatrics. 2009;124:e403-9 pubmed publisher
    ..that involved some degree of perceived penetration had no definitive evidence of penetration on examination of the hymen. Similar results were seen for victims of repetitive assaults involving perceived penetration over long periods of ..
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    A hymen may be ruptured by sexual intercourse and several other means. In cultures prizing unmarried women's virginity, premarital rupture may shame a woman, and her family...
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    ..Success is dependent on a good estimation of the mental capacity of the child to undergo a local surgical procedure and correct use of the anaesthetic...
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    ..She was discovered to have an imperforate hymen with associated haematocolpos and haematometrium...
  67. Adams J. Normal studies are essential for objective medical evaluations of children who may have been sexually abused. Acta Paediatr. 2003;92:1378-80 pubmed
    ..These studies have shown that a "wide" hymenal opening and a "narrow" rim of hymen should not be used as markers of abuse...
  68. Di Donato V, Manci N, Palaia I, Bellati F, Perniola G, Panici P. Urethral coitus in a patient with a microperforate hymen. J Minim Invasive Gynecol. 2008;15:642-3 pubmed publisher
    Microperforate hymen is a rare condition consisting of a tiny hymeneal orifice with normal female genitals. A woman had microperforate hymen in which diagnosis and treatment was performed after decades of urethral coitus.
  69. Taskin S, Sonmezer M, Kahraman K, Atabekoglu C. Hysteroscopic resection of uterine submucous leiomyoma protruding through hymen in a 16-year-old adolescent. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2011;24:e77-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Final pathology report revealed a submucous uterine leiomyoma. Submucous uterine leiomyomas may present as a vaginal mass in adolescents and can be safely treated using hysteroscopy. ..
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    ..Imperforate hymen results from failure of perforation of the membrane between the urogenital sinus and vaginal cavity...
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    To compare the morphology of the hymen in adolescent girls who have and have not had sexual intercourse involving penile-vaginal penetration. Female patients aged 13 to 19 years, recruited from an urban adolescent medicine practice...
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    ..CONTROL can be used to personify the issue related with a probable coitus by avoiding any lesion to the virginal membrane. The question can be answered with scientific reasoning only after the genitals of the suspected are examined. ..
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    ..Knowledge of anogenital findings in sexually abused children has increased since the introduction of the colposcope and has revealed that physical findings are seldom found, even in legally documented cases of sexual abuse. ..
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    Imperforate hymen is a rare congenital anomaly, with an incidence of about 1 in 2000 female births. It is generally diagnosed during puberty. Treatment generally consists of a hymenotomy or a hymenectomy...
  75. Ramareddy R, Kumar A, Alladi A. Imperforate Hymen: Varied Presentation, New Associations, and Management. J Indian Assoc Pediatr Surg. 2017;22:207-210 pubmed publisher
    Imperforate hymen is an isolated and sporadic event. The aim of this study was to report varied clinical and management problems of consecutive imperforate hymen in children and to compare the genetic review with literature.
  76. Berenson A, Chacko M, Wiemann C, Mishaw C, Friedrich W, Grady J. Use of hymenal measurements in the diagnosis of previous penetration. Pediatrics. 2002;109:228-35 pubmed
    ..in the size of the vertical diameter, the amount of tissue present inferiorly or laterally, or the symmetry of the hymen in either position...
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    ..Seventy-eight cases of atresia hymenalis reported in the Japanese literature since 1987 are reviewed. It is necessary to include atresia hymenalis in diagnosis of voiding difficulty in pubescent girls. ..
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    Microperforate hymen is a rare congenital anomaly characterized by a small pinpoint opening in the hymen; girls with this anomaly are prone to develop ascending pelvic infections and recurrent urinary tract infections...
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    The imperforation of the hymen is a relatively rare congenital malformation. It usually manifests itself in adolescence by a hematocolpos. Hematocolpos is the vaginal retention of menstrual blood at puberty...
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