oncolytic virotherapy


Summary: Use of attenuated VIRUSES as ANTINEOPLASTIC AGENTS to selectively kill CANCER cells.

Top Publications

  1. Hallden G, Portella G. Oncolytic virotherapy with modified adenoviruses and novel therapeutic targets. Expert Opin Ther Targets. 2012;16:945-58 pubmed publisher
    ..While all modes of administration were determined to be safe in patients with solid cancers refractory to current standard of care, this therapeutic approach requires further improvements to achieve definite efficacy...
  2. Diaconu I, Cerullo V, Hirvinen M, Escutenaire S, Ugolini M, Pesonen S, et al. Immune response is an important aspect of the antitumor effect produced by a CD40L-encoding oncolytic adenovirus. Cancer Res. 2012;72:2327-38 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our findings show that adenoviruses coding for CD40L mediate multiple antitumor effects including oncolysis, apoptosis, induction of T-cell responses, and upregulation of T(H)1 cytokines. ..
  3. Advani S, Buckel L, Chen N, Scanderbeg D, Geissinger U, Zhang Q, et al. Preferential replication of systemically delivered oncolytic vaccinia virus in focally irradiated glioma xenografts. Clin Cancer Res. 2012;18:2579-90 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings show a potential clinical role of focal IR in sensitizing irradiated tumor sites for preferential vaccinia virus-mediated oncolysis. ..
  4. Essand M. Virotherapy of neuroendocrine tumors. Neuroendocrinology. 2013;97:26-34 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, it points out the advantages and shortcomings of using replicating viruses in the treatment of cancer and addresses research fields that can increase the efficacy of virus-based therapy. ..
  5. Karapanagiotou E, Roulstone V, Twigger K, Ball M, Tanay M, Nutting C, et al. Phase I/II trial of carboplatin and paclitaxel chemotherapy in combination with intravenous oncolytic reovirus in patients with advanced malignancies. Clin Cancer Res. 2012;18:2080-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The combination of RT3D plus carboplatin/paclitaxel is well tolerated with evidence of activity in cancer of the head and neck. A randomized phase III study is currently open for recruitment. ..
  6. Reisoli E, Gambini E, Appolloni I, Gatta V, Barilari M, Menotti L, et al. Efficacy of HER2 retargeted herpes simplex virus as therapy for high-grade glioma in immunocompetent mice. Cancer Gene Ther. 2012;19:788-95 pubmed publisher
    ..This study suggests that the host immune defenses do not curtail the oncolytic antitumor activity of replication-competent HSV R-LM113, which results effective in counteracting tumor growth. ..
  7. Moerdyk Schauwecker M, Shah N, Murphy A, Hastie E, Mukherjee P, Grdzelishvili V. Resistance of pancreatic cancer cells to oncolytic vesicular stomatitis virus: role of type I interferon signaling. Virology. 2013;436:221-34 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study demonstrates heterogeneity in the type I IFN signaling status of PDA cells and suggests MxA and OAS as potential biomarkers for PDA resistance to VSV and other OVs sensitive to type I IFN responses. ..
  8. Weibel S, Basse Luesebrink T, Hess M, Hofmann E, Seubert C, Langbein Laugwitz J, et al. Imaging of intratumoral inflammation during oncolytic virotherapy of tumors by 19F-magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e56317 pubmed publisher
    b>Oncolytic virotherapy of tumors is an up-coming, promising therapeutic modality of cancer therapy. Unfortunately, non-invasive techniques to evaluate the inflammatory host response to treatment are rare...
  9. Touchefeu Y, Franken P, Harrington K. Radiovirotherapy: principles and prospects in oncology. Curr Pharm Des. 2012;18:3313-20 pubmed

More Information


  1. Tamura K, Wakimoto H, Agarwal A, Rabkin S, Bhere D, Martuza R, et al. Multimechanistic tumor targeted oncolytic virus overcomes resistance in brain tumors. Mol Ther. 2013;21:68-77 pubmed publisher
    ..This study sheds new light on the mechanism by which oHSV and TRAIL function in concert to overcome therapeutic-resistance, and provides an oncolytic virus based platform to target a broad spectrum of different cancer types. ..
  2. Tysome J, Li X, Wang S, Wang P, Gao D, Du P, et al. A novel therapeutic regimen to eradicate established solid tumors with an effective induction of tumor-specific immunity. Clin Cancer Res. 2012;18:6679-89 pubmed publisher
  3. Alvarez Breckenridge C, Yu J, Price R, Wojton J, Pradarelli J, Mao H, et al. NK cells impede glioblastoma virotherapy through NKp30 and NKp46 natural cytotoxicity receptors. Nat Med. 2012;18:1827-34 pubmed publisher
    ..These results demonstrate that glioblastoma virotherapy is limited partially by an antiviral NK cell response involving specific NCRs, uncovering new potential targets to enhance cancer virotherapy. ..
  4. Wei D, Sun N, Nan G, Wang Y, Liu H, Peeters B, et al. Construction of recombinant Newcastle disease virus Italien strain for oncolytic virotherapy of tumors. Hum Gene Ther. 2012;23:700-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our study provides a novel platform to develop recombinant oncolytic viruses based on the NDV Italien strain and shows the efficiency of recombinant NDV Italien for oncolytic virotherapy of tumors.
  5. Dempe S, Lavie M, Struyf S, Bhat R, Verbeke H, Paschek S, et al. Antitumoral activity of parvovirus-mediated IL-2 and MCP-3/CCL7 delivery into human pancreatic cancer: implication of leucocyte recruitment. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2012;61:2113-23 pubmed publisher
    ..We show here that activated NK and monocytic cells were found to be recruited by PDAC tumours upon infection with parvoviruses armed with IL-2 or the chemokine MCP-3/CCL7, resulting in a strong anti-tumour response. ..
  6. Grekova S, Raykov Z, Zawatzky R, Rommelaere J, Koch U. Activation of a glioma-specific immune response by oncolytic parvovirus Minute Virus of Mice infection. Cancer Gene Ther. 2012;19:468-75 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings indicate that the anticancer effect of PVs can be traced back not only for their direct oncolytic effect, but also to their ability to break tumor tolerance. ..
  7. Pesonen S, Diaconu I, Kangasniemi L, Ranki T, Kanerva A, Pesonen S, et al. Oncolytic immunotherapy of advanced solid tumors with a CD40L-expressing replicating adenovirus: assessment of safety and immunologic responses in patients. Cancer Res. 2012;72:1621-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Injected and noninjected lesions responded identically. Together, these findings support further clinical evaluation of CGTG-401. ..
  8. Peng K, Myers R, Greenslade A, Mader E, Greiner S, Federspiel M, et al. Using clinically approved cyclophosphamide regimens to control the humoral immune response to oncolytic viruses. Gene Ther. 2013;20:255-61 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that the CPA regimen of four daily doses at 370?mg?m(-2) should be evaluated clinically with i.v. virotherapy to control the antiviral antibody response and facilitate effective repeat dosing. ..
  9. Lin W, Yeh S, Yang W, Yeh K, Fujiwara T, Nii A, et al. Telomerase-specific oncolytic adenoviral therapy for orthotopic hepatocellular carcinoma in HBx transgenic mice. Int J Cancer. 2013;132:1451-62 pubmed publisher
    ..This preclinical study shows that Telomelysin can be used for treatment of human HCC at an appropriate dosage and that its tumor-killing activity persists after multiple injections...
  10. Morris D, Feng X, DiFrancesco L, Fonseca K, Forsyth P, Paterson A, et al. REO-001: A phase I trial of percutaneous intralesional administration of reovirus type 3 dearing (Reolysin®) in patients with advanced solid tumors. Invest New Drugs. 2013;31:696-706 pubmed publisher
  11. Bazan Peregrino M, Rifai B, Carlisle R, Choi J, Arvanitis C, Seymour L, et al. Cavitation-enhanced delivery of a replicating oncolytic adenovirus to tumors using focused ultrasound. J Control Release. 2013;169:40-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Passive detection of acoustic emissions during treatment confirmed inertial cavitation as the mechanism responsible for enhanced delivery and enabled real-time monitoring of successful viral delivery...
  12. Green N, Hale A, Cawood R, Illingworth S, Herbert C, Hermiston T, et al. Tropism ablation and stealthing of oncolytic adenovirus enhances systemic delivery to tumors and improves virotherapy of cancer. Nanomedicine (Lond). 2012;7:1683-95 pubmed publisher
  13. Kumar R, Tiwari A, Chaturvedi U, Kumar G, Sahoo A, Rajmani R, et al. Velogenic newcastle disease virus as an oncolytic virotherapeutics: in vitro characterization. Appl Biochem Biotechnol. 2012;167:2005-22 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Oncolytic virotherapy seems to be a promising nonconventional way to treat cancers...
  14. Wodarz D, Hofacre A, Lau J, Sun Z, Fan H, Komarova N. Complex spatial dynamics of oncolytic viruses in vitro: mathematical and experimental approaches. PLoS Comput Biol. 2012;8:e1002547 pubmed publisher
    ..This analysis provides a first step towards understanding spatial oncolytic virus dynamics, upon which more detailed investigations and further complexity can be built. ..
  15. Gentschev I, Adelfinger M, Josupeit R, Rudolph S, Ehrig K, Donat U, et al. Preclinical evaluation of oncolytic vaccinia virus for therapy of canine soft tissue sarcoma. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e37239 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, the data showed that both tested vaccinia virus strains and especially LIVP1.1.1 have great potential for effective treatment of CSTS...
  16. Ahmed A, Thaci B, Tobias A, Auffinger B, Zhang L, Cheng Y, et al. A preclinical evaluation of neural stem cell-based cell carrier for targeted antiglioma oncolytic virotherapy. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2013;105:968-77 pubmed publisher
    ..HB1.F3.CD NSCs loaded with CRAd-Survivin-pk7 overcome major limitations of OV in vivo and warrant translation in a phase I human clinical trial for patients with GBM. ..
  17. Heo J, Reid T, Ruo L, Breitbach C, Rose S, Bloomston M, et al. Randomized dose-finding clinical trial of oncolytic immunotherapeutic vaccinia JX-594 in liver cancer. Nat Med. 2013;19:329-36 pubmed publisher
    ..1 months compared to 6.7 months on the high and low dose, respectively; hazard ratio 0.39; P=0.020). JX-594 demonstrated oncolytic and immunotherapy MOA, tumor responses and dose-related survival in individuals with HCC. ..
  18. Naik S, Nace R, Federspiel M, Barber G, Peng K, Russell S. Curative one-shot systemic virotherapy in murine myeloma. Leukemia. 2012;26:1870-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Clinical translation is underway. ..
  19. Studebaker A, Hutzen B, Pierson C, Russell S, Galanis E, Raffel C. Oncolytic measles virus prolongs survival in a murine model of cerebral spinal fluid-disseminated medulloblastoma. Neuro Oncol. 2012;14:459-70 pubmed publisher
  20. Wang H, Chen N, Minev B, Szalay A. Oncolytic vaccinia virus GLV-1h68 strain shows enhanced replication in human breast cancer stem-like cells in comparison to breast cancer cells. J Transl Med. 2012;10:167 pubmed publisher
  21. Adair R, Scott K, Fraser S, Errington Mais F, Pandha H, Coffey M, et al. Cytotoxic and immune-mediated killing of human colorectal cancer by reovirus-loaded blood and liver mononuclear cells. Int J Cancer. 2013;132:2327-38 pubmed publisher
  22. Naik S, Nace R, Barber G, Russell S. Potent systemic therapy of multiple myeloma utilizing oncolytic vesicular stomatitis virus coding for interferon-?. Cancer Gene Ther. 2012;19:443-50 pubmed publisher
    ..Successful utilization of oncolytic virotherapy for myeloma treatment requires a systemically administered virus that selectively destroys disseminated ..
  23. Mahoney D, Stojdl D. Molecular pathways: multimodal cancer-killing mechanisms employed by oncolytic vesiculoviruses. Clin Cancer Res. 2013;19:758-63 pubmed publisher
    ..With a first-in-man phase I trial recently initiated in the United States, the clinical significance of oncolytic vesiculorivus therapy, after nearly 15 years of development, may soon come into focus. ..
  24. Gujar S, Dielschneider R, Clements D, Helson E, Shmulevitz M, Marcato P, et al. Multifaceted therapeutic targeting of ovarian peritoneal carcinomatosis through virus-induced immunomodulation. Mol Ther. 2013;21:338-47 pubmed publisher
    ..This report elucidates timely information on a therapeutic approach that can target OC through clinically desired multifaceted mechanisms to better the outcomes. ..
  25. Kanerva A, Nokisalmi P, Diaconu I, Koski A, Cerullo V, Liikanen I, et al. Antiviral and antitumor T-cell immunity in patients treated with GM-CSF-coding oncolytic adenovirus. Clin Cancer Res. 2013;19:2734-44 pubmed publisher
    ..In the second part, we focused on 115 patients treated with a granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF)-coding capsid chimeric adenovirus, CGTG-102...
  26. Kaufmann J, Nettelbeck D. Virus chimeras for gene therapy, vaccination, and oncolysis: adenoviruses and beyond. Trends Mol Med. 2012;18:365-76 pubmed publisher
  27. Friedman G, Cassady K, Beierle E, Markert J, Gillespie G. Targeting pediatric cancer stem cells with oncolytic virotherapy. Pediatr Res. 2012;71:500-10 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Oncolytic virotherapy offers a novel, targeted approach for eradicating pediatric CSCs using mechanisms of cell killing that ..
  28. Gambini E, Reisoli E, Appolloni I, Gatta V, Campadelli Fiume G, Menotti L, et al. Replication-competent herpes simplex virus retargeted to HER2 as therapy for high-grade glioma. Mol Ther. 2012;20:994-1001 pubmed publisher
    ..A doubling in survival time from the beginning of treatment was obtained also when R-LM113 was administered into already established tumors. These data demonstrate the efficacy of R-LM113 in thwarting tumor growth. ..
  29. He S, Li P, Chen C, Bakst R, Chernichenko N, Yu Y, et al. Effective oncolytic vaccinia therapy for human sarcomas. J Surg Res. 2012;175:e53-60 pubmed publisher
    ..We sought to determine whether GLV-1h68 could selectively target and lyse a panel of human bone and soft-tissue sarcoma cell lines in vitro and in vivo...
  30. Iankov I, Allen C, Federspiel M, Myers R, Peng K, Ingle J, et al. Expression of immunomodulatory neutrophil-activating protein of Helicobacter pylori enhances the antitumor activity of oncolytic measles virus. Mol Ther. 2012;20:1139-47 pubmed publisher
    ..These data suggest that potent immunomodulators of bacterial origin, such as H. pylori NAP, can enhance the antitumor effect of oncolytic viruses and support the feasibility and potential of a combined viroimmunotherapy approach. ..
  31. Alvarez Breckenridge C, Yu J, Price R, Wei M, Wang Y, Nowicki M, et al. The histone deacetylase inhibitor valproic acid lessens NK cell action against oncolytic virus-infected glioblastoma cells by inhibition of STAT5/T-BET signaling and generation of gamma interferon. J Virol. 2012;86:4566-77 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings indicate that one of the avenues by which VPA enhances oHSV efficacy is through initial suppression of immune cell recruitment and inhibition of inflammatory cell pathways within NK cells. ..
  32. John L, Howland L, Flynn J, West A, Devaud C, Duong C, et al. Oncolytic virus and anti-4-1BB combination therapy elicits strong antitumor immunity against established cancer. Cancer Res. 2012;72:1651-60 pubmed publisher
    b>Oncolytic virotherapy using vaccinia virus (Vv) has shown some encouraging antitumor responses in mouse models and patients, but the breadth of efficacy in clinical trials has been somewhat limited...
  33. Wollmann G, Ozduman K, van den Pol A. Oncolytic virus therapy for glioblastoma multiforme: concepts and candidates. Cancer J. 2012;18:69-81 pubmed publisher
  34. Kim C, Ahmed A, Auffinger B, Ulasov I, Tobias A, Moon K, et al. N-acetylcysteine amide augments the therapeutic effect of neural stem cell-based antiglioma oncolytic virotherapy. Mol Ther. 2013;21:2063-73 pubmed publisher
    ..in malignant tissues, which improves the therapeutic efficacy of NSC-based targeted antiglioma oncolytic virotherapy. These data demonstrate that the combination of NACA and NSCs loaded with CRAd-S-pk7 may be a desirable ..
  35. Gil M, Seshadri M, Komorowski M, Abrams S, Kozbor D. Targeting CXCL12/CXCR4 signaling with oncolytic virotherapy disrupts tumor vasculature and inhibits breast cancer metastases. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110:E1291-300 pubmed publisher
    ..stimuli involved in signaling interactions between tumor cells and their stromal microenvironment, we used oncolytic virotherapy with a CXCR4 antagonist to target the CXCL12/CXCR4 signaling axis in a triple-negative 4T1 breast ..
  36. Sze D, Reid T, Rose S. Oncolytic virotherapy. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2013;24:1115-22 pubmed publisher
    b>Oncolytic virotherapy is an emerging technology that uses engineered viruses to treat malignancies. Viruses can be designed with biological specificity to infect cancerous cells preferentially, and to replicate in these cells exclusively...
  37. Liikanen I, Ahtiainen L, Hirvinen M, Bramante S, Cerullo V, Nokisalmi P, et al. Oncolytic adenovirus with temozolomide induces autophagy and antitumor immune responses in cancer patients. Mol Ther. 2013;21:1212-23 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, the combination of oncolytic adenovirus with low-dose TMZ and metronomic CP increased tumor cell autophagy, elicited antitumor immune responses, and showed promising safety and efficacy...
  38. Weibel S, Hofmann E, Basse Luesebrink T, Donat U, Seubert C, Adelfinger M, et al. Treatment of malignant effusion by oncolytic virotherapy in an experimental subcutaneous xenograft model of lung cancer. J Transl Med. 2013;11:106 pubmed publisher
    ..Further, we tested oncolytic virotherapy using Vaccinia virus as a novel treatment modality against ME in this subcutaneous PC14PE6 xenograft model ..
  39. Jha B, Dong B, Nguyen C, Polyakova I, Silverman R. Suppression of antiviral innate immunity by sunitinib enhances oncolytic virotherapy. Mol Ther. 2013;21:1749-57 pubmed publisher
    ..However, the efficacy of oncolytic virotherapy is often limited by two innate immunity pathways, the protein kinase PKR and the 2'-5'-oligoadenylate (OAS)..
  40. Hastie E, Grdzelishvili V. Vesicular stomatitis virus as a flexible platform for oncolytic virotherapy against cancer. J Gen Virol. 2012;93:2529-45 pubmed publisher
    ..Preclinical studies with various cancers have demonstrated that VSV is a promising OV; as a result, a human clinical trial using VSV is currently in progress. ..
  41. Maitra R, Ghalib M, Goel S. Reovirus: a targeted therapeutic--progress and potential. Mol Cancer Res. 2012;10:1514-25 pubmed publisher
    ..Reovirus, in fact has the potential not only as a therapy but also as a tool to unravel the aberrant cellular pathway leading to carcinogenicity. ..
  42. Roulstone V, Twigger K, Zaidi S, Pencavel T, Kyula J, White C, et al. Synergistic cytotoxicity of oncolytic reovirus in combination with cisplatin-paclitaxel doublet chemotherapy. Gene Ther. 2013;20:521-8 pubmed publisher
    ..These data suggest that the combination of reovirus plus platin-taxane doublet chemotherapy has significant activity in head and neck cancer and underpin the current phase III study in this indication. ..
  43. Russell S, Peng K, Bell J. Oncolytic virotherapy. Nat Biotechnol. 2012;30:658-70 pubmed publisher
    b>Oncolytic virotherapy is an emerging treatment modality that uses replication-competent viruses to destroy cancers...
  44. Todo T. Active immunotherapy: oncolytic virus therapy using HSV-1. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2012;746:178-86 pubmed publisher
    ..Oncolytic virus therapy using HSV-1 may be a useful treatment for glioma that can also function as an efficient in situ tumor vaccination. ..
  45. Thaci B, Ahmed A, Ulasov I, Tobias A, Han Y, Aboody K, et al. Pharmacokinetic study of neural stem cell-based cell carrier for oncolytic virotherapy: targeted delivery of the therapeutic payload in an orthotopic brain tumor model. Cancer Gene Ther. 2012;19:431-42 pubmed publisher
    b>Oncolytic virotherapy is a promising novel therapy for glioblastoma that needs to be optimized before introduced to clinic...
  46. Ding M, Cao X, Xu H, Fan J, Huang H, Yang D, et al. Prostate cancer-specific and potent antitumor effect of a DD3-controlled oncolytic virus harboring the PTEN gene. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e35153 pubmed publisher
    ..The apoptosis was mediated by mitochondria-dependent and -independent pathways, as determined by caspase assays and mitochondrial membrane potential. ..
  47. Miyamoto S, Inoue H, Nakamura T, Yamada M, Sakamoto C, Urata Y, et al. Coxsackievirus B3 is an oncolytic virus with immunostimulatory properties that is active against lung adenocarcinoma. Cancer Res. 2012;72:2609-21 pubmed publisher
    Although oncolytic virotherapy is a promising anticancer therapy, antitumor efficacy is hampered by low tumor selectivity...
  48. Wunder T, Schmid K, Wicklein D, Groitl P, Dobner T, Lange T, et al. Expression of the coxsackie adenovirus receptor in neuroendocrine lung cancers and its implications for oncolytic adenoviral infection. Cancer Gene Ther. 2013;20:25-32 pubmed publisher
    ..With our clinically relevant tumor model, we show that xenograft experiments are warrant to test the efficiency of oncolytic adenoviral therapy. ..
  49. Eftimie R, Dushoff J, Bridle B, Bramson J, Earn D. Multi-stability and multi-instability phenomena in a mathematical model of tumor-immune-virus interactions. Bull Math Biol. 2011;73:2932-61 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, we show that the multi-stability is driven by the immune response, while the multi-instability is driven by the presence of the virus. ..
  50. Cerullo V, Pesonen S, Diaconu I, Escutenaire S, Arstila P, Ugolini M, et al. Oncolytic adenovirus coding for granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor induces antitumoral immunity in cancer patients. Cancer Res. 2010;70:4297-309 pubmed publisher
    ..This is the first time that oncolytic virus-mediated antitumor immunity has been shown in humans. Ad5-D24-GMCSF is promising for further clinical testing. ..
  51. Liu C, Russell S, Peng K. Systemic therapy of disseminated myeloma in passively immunized mice using measles virus-infected cell carriers. Mol Ther. 2010;18:1155-64 pubmed publisher
    ..Hence, we demonstrate for the first time that systemically administered cells can serve as MV carriers and prolonged survival of mice with pre-existing antimeasles antibodies. ..
  52. Ravindra P, Tiwari A, Sharma B, Chauhan R. Newcastle disease virus as an oncolytic agent. Indian J Med Res. 2009;130:507-13 pubmed
    ..A therapeutic approach, which uses viruses for the treatment of cancer termed, oncolytic virotherapy has recently emerged. Newcastle disease virus (NDV) is one such virus with an inherent oncolytic property...
  53. Fisher K, Seymour L. HPMA copolymers for masking and retargeting of therapeutic viruses. Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 2010;62:240-5 pubmed publisher