government publications


Summary: Works consisting of documents issued by local, regional, or national governments or by their agencies or subdivisions.

Top Publications

  1. Galganski C. Mapping the literature of nursing administration. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E87-91 pubmed
  2. Taylor M. Mapping the literature of pediatric nursing. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E128-36 pubmed
    ..Librarians should consider adding indexes to their collection in addition to PubMed/MEDLINE to access the broad range of journals useful to this specialty. ..
  3. Rudd R, Comings J, Hyde J. Leave no one behind: improving health and risk communication through attention to literacy. J Health Commun. 2003;8 Suppl 1:104-15 pubmed
  4. Tieman J. We're only partway there. HHS' first annual quality report shows some big strides have been made but points out acute need for more preventive care. Mod Healthc. 2004;34:4-5, 1 pubmed
    ..The report will help hospitals in their goal of giving patients the right care, says Richard Davidson, left, president of the American Hospital Association. ..
  5. Epstein R. Disparities and discrimination in health care coverage: a critique of the Institute of Medicine study. Perspect Biol Med. 2005;48:S26-41 pubmed
  6. Curtis C. Meeting health care needs of women experiencing complications of miscarriage and unsafe abortion: USAID's postabortion care program. J Midwifery Womens Health. 2007;52:368-75 pubmed
    ..This package has been used for developing Cambodia's national PAC policy and for developing patient education materials and provider job aids in Cambodia and Tanzania. These promising methodologies will be replicated in other countries. ..
  7. Alpi K. Mapping the literature of emergency nursing. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E107-13 pubmed
    ..b>Government publications constituted 7.5% of the literature cited...
  8. Pennington J, Hubbard V. Nutrition education materials from the National Institutes of Health: development, review, and availability. J Nutr Educ Behav. 2002;34:53-8 pubmed
  9. Bloche M. American medicine and the politics of race. Perspect Biol Med. 2005;48:S54-67 pubmed
    ..Such disagreements, however, distract us from efforts to reach common ground solutions to agreed-upon inequities in health care. ..

More Information


  1. Satel S, Klick J. The Institute of Medicine report: too quick to diagnose bias. Perspect Biol Med. 2005;48:S15-25 pubmed
    ..Even if there are race-based disparities in health inputs, evaluations of welfare and policy prescriptions should be based on health outcomes, since the relationship between care and health is, at least in some cases, weak. ..
  2. Maurizio S, Lukes S, DeMattei R. An assessment of printed oral cancer materials from local health departments in Illinois. J Dent Hyg. 2005;79:10 pubmed
    ..In collaboration, the two can ensure that all LHDs have current and comprehensive printed materials about oral cancer to distribute to the public and other health professionals. ..
  3. Guenther J. Mapping the literature of nursing informatics. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E92-8 pubmed
    ..The 1998 journal references were compared in CINAHL, PubMed/MEDLINE, Science Citation Index, and OCLC Article First. PubMed/MEDLINE had the highest indexing score. ..
  4. Allison M. Mapping the literature of nephrology nursing. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E74-9 pubmed
    ..This study offers understanding of and insights into the types of information that nephrology nurses use for research. It is a valuable tool for anyone involved with providing nephrology nursing literature. ..
  5. Mathew A, Cowley S, Bliss J, Thistlewood G. The development of palliative care in national government policy in England, 1986-2000. Palliat Med. 2003;17:270-82 pubmed
    ..In tandem, is an increasing recognition of the need for partnership between sectors, reflected in more recent health and social services legislation. ..
  6. Pelzer N, Wiese W. Bibliometric study of grey literature in core veterinary medical journals. J Med Libr Assoc. 2003;91:434-41 pubmed
    ..Nearly 90% of the grey literature appeared as conferences, government publications, and corporate organization literature...
  7. Dewar S, Boddington P. Returning to the Alder Hey report and its reporting: addressing confusions and improving inquiries. J Med Ethics. 2004;30:463-9 pubmed
  8. Rudd R, Kaphingst K, Colton T, Gregoire J, Hyde J. Rewriting public health information in plain language. J Health Commun. 2004;9:195-206 pubmed
    ..We describe, in this case study, a process we used to assess and then rewrite a federally mandated report to consumers about the quality of their water. ..
  9. MacQueen G, Nagy T, Santa Barbara J, Raichle C. 'Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities': a challenge to public health ethics. Med Confl Surviv. 2004;20:109-19 pubmed
    ..We propose here two statements, one dealing with the broad issue of public health ethics and international relations, and one dealing specifically with public health ethics and water purification. ..
  10. Myers B. Getting people to want sliced bread--an update on dissemination of the Guide to Community Preventive Services. J Public Health Manag Pract. 2003;9:545-51 pubmed
    ..Despite the innovative nature, barriers to dissemination and utilization of Community Guide findings exist. Terms and concepts used to guide dissemination efforts designed to address these barriers are identified and discussed. ..
  11. Bolton T, Randall K, Yentis S. Effect of the Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths on the use of Syntocinon at Caesarean section in the UK. Anaesthesia. 2003;58:277-9 pubmed
    ..These results highlight the importance of the Confidential Enquiries as a means of improving practice. ..
  12. Murphy M, Edbury C, Wickenden C. Survey of the implementation of the recommendations in the Health Services Circular 1998/224 'Better Blood Transfusion'. Transfus Med. 2003;13:121-5 pubmed
    ..New initiatives including the issue of a further HSC on 'Better Blood Transfusion' are aimed at enabling hospitals to improve their transfusion practice in a more systematic way than that was found in the results of this survey. ..
  13. Taylor M. Mapping the literature of medical-surgical nursing. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E65-73 pubmed
    ..Indexes in addition to PubMed/MEDLINE are necessary to provide access to the journal literature serving this specialty. ..
  14. Jacobs S. Mapping the literature of maternal-child/gynecologic nursing. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E56-64 pubmed
    ..The study results will assist librarians in collection development, provide end users with guidelines for selecting databases, and influence database producers to consider extending coverage to identified titles. ..
  15. Allen M, Levy J. Mapping the general literature of American nursing. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E43-8 pubmed
    ..While not a good source for original research, they fulfill a key role of disseminating nursing knowledge with their relevantly current citations to a broad variety of sources. ..
  16. Murphy S. Mapping the literature of transcultural nursing. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E143-51 pubmed
    ..Based on this study, PubMed/MEDLINE, Social Sciences Citation Index, and CINAHL provide the best coverage. Collections supporting transcultural nursing require robust access to literature beyond nursing publications. ..
  17. Allen M, Allison M, Stevens S. Mapping the literature of nursing education. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E122-7 pubmed
    ..Likewise, library collections need to include education and social sciences resources to complement works developed for nurse educators. ..
  18. Shams M. Mapping the literature of nurse practitioners. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E114-21 pubmed
    ..The implications of the citation analysis findings are significant for collection development librarians and indexing services. ..
  19. Edmondson W. The Oklahoma Attorney General's Task Force report on the State of End-of-Life Health Care, 2005. J Okla State Med Assoc. 2005;98:204-7 pubmed
    ..Copies of the report are available upon request to the Office of Attorney General. ..
  20. Baicker K, Chandra A, Skinner J. Geographic variation in health care and the problem of measuring racial disparities. Perspect Biol Med. 2005;48:S42-53 pubmed
  21. Orel N, Wright J, Wagner J. Scarcity of HIV/AIDS risk-reduction materials targeting the needs of older adults among state departments of public health. Gerontologist. 2004;44:693-6 pubmed
    ..These findings suggest that there is a general lack of HIV/AIDS prevention literature specifically tailored for older adults available through state departments of public health. ..
  22. Betancourt J, Maina A. The Institute of Medicine report "Unequal Treatment": implications for academic health centers. Mt Sinai J Med. 2004;71:314-21 pubmed
    ..The report=s recommendations are broad in scope, yet have direct implications for academic health centers. ..
  23. Sinaceur M, Heath C, Cole S. Emotional and deliberative reactions to a public crisis: Mad Cow disease in France. Psychol Sci. 2005;16:247-54 pubmed
    ..Although the Mad Cow label produces less rational behavior than scientific labels, it is two to four times more common in the environment. ..
  24. Spasser M, Weismantel A. Mapping the literature of rehabilitation nursing. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E137-42 pubmed
  25. Allen M, Jacobs S, Levy J. Mapping the literature of nursing: 1996-2000. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:206-20 pubmed
    ..Database vendors should improve their coverage of nursing, biomedical, and psychosocial titles identified in these studies. Additional research is needed to update these studies and analyze nursing specialties not covered. ..
  26. Tyreman S. The expert patient: outline of UK government paper. Med Health Care Philos. 2005;8:149-51 pubmed
    ..London: Department of Health.]. The findings of the Task Force are summarised as accurately as possible and without comment. Analysis and comment can be found in the accompanying papers. ..
  27. Friedman Y. Mapping the literature of home health nursing. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E49-55 pubmed
    ..PubMed/MEDLINE and CINAHL gave better results in combination, because CINAHL tended to cover more nursing journals, while PubMed/MEDLINE did better with medical titles. ..
  28. Seaton H. Mapping the literature of nurse-midwifery. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E80-6 pubmed
    ..CINAHL had the most complete coverage for the nurse-midwifery journals as well as nursing journals in general. ..
  29. White P, Hall M. Mapping the literature of case management nursing. J Med Libr Assoc. 2006;94:E99-106 pubmed
    ..Collections that support case management require a relatively small group of core journals. Students and health care professionals will need to search across disciplines to identify appropriate literature. ..
  30. Hedgecoe A, Carvalho F, Lobmayer P, Raka F. Research ethics committees in Europe: implementing the directive, respecting diversity. J Med Ethics. 2006;32:483-6 pubmed
  31. Fountain J. Digital government and public health. Prev Chronic Dis. 2004;1:A2 pubmed