freudian theory


Summary: Philosophic formulations which are basic to psychoanalysis. Some of the conceptual theories developed were of the libido, repression, regression, transference, id, ego, superego, Oedipus Complex, etc.

Top Publications

  1. Arminjon M, Ansermet F, Magistretti P. The homeostatic psyche: Freudian theory and somatic markers. J Physiol Paris. 2010;104:272-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, the Freudian theory of drives is discussed in the light of current neurobiological evidences of neural plasticity and trace ..
  2. Clarke J. Religion and spirituality: a discussion paper about negativity, reductionism and differentiation in nursing texts. Int J Nurs Stud. 2006;43:775-85 pubmed
    ..This is particularly salient in a society where religious practice is increasing both in the indigenous population and as a result of immigration. ..
  3. Combres L, Askofaré S. Function(s) of religion in the contemporary world: psychoanalytic perspectives : about new types of religious conversions. J Relig Health. 2013;52:1369-81 pubmed publisher
  4. Rendon M. Psychoanalysis, a bridge between attachment research and neurobiology. Am J Psychoanal. 2008;68:148-55 pubmed publisher
    ..The American Journal of Psychoanalysis (2008) 68, 148-155. doi:10.1057/ajp.2008.4. ..
  5. Kancyper L. The role of pre-oedipal and oedipal factors in psychic life. Int J Psychoanal. 2006;87:219-36 pubmed
    The Oedipus complex, a basic concept in Freudian theory, is an essential factor in the constitution of the human subject. It plays a key role in the structuring of the personality and in the orientation of desire...
  6. Fulmer R. 'Don't save her'- Sigmund Freud meets Project Pat: the rescue motif in hip-hop. Int J Psychoanal. 2008;89:727-42 pubmed publisher
    ..Three additional rap songs by other artists are briefly analyzed to show the extensive occurrence of the wish to rescue and its psychic and interpersonal dangers. ..
  7. Schomerus G, Heitmann S, Riedel Heller S, Angermeyer M. [Social psychiatry and psychoanalysis - "immature, jostling and rivaling siblings"?]. Psychiatr Prax. 2006;33:233-9 pubmed
    ..The social-scientific claims of psychoanalysis often heard in the 1970 s play no role in current social psychiatry. Psychoanalysis is also losing significance as a method of social psychiatric patient care. ..
  8. Schafer R. The reality principle, tragic knots, and the analytic process. J Am Psychoanal Assoc. 2007;55:1151-68 pubmed
    ..Finally, implications are drawn for the clinical assessment of working through unconscious conflicts. ..
  9. Pipolo T. Pasolini's Edipo Re: myth, play, and autobiography. Psychoanal Rev. 2013;100:589-608 pubmed publisher
    ..This analysis is followed by speculations on the implications of the film's structure and techniques and on what they reveal about Pasolini's character, his sexual profile, and the ignominious murder that ended his life. ..

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  1. Bierman J. The psychoanalytic process in the treatment of Little Hans. Psychoanal Study Child. 2007;62:92-110 pubmed
    ..The father did not promote his son's development when he withheld knowledge of how babies are born, neither did Freud when he withheld any contrary suggestions from the father. ..
  2. Blum H. Little Hans: a contemporary overview. Psychoanal Study Child. 2007;62:44-60 pubmed
  3. Michael M. On the validity of Freud's dream interpretations. Stud Hist Philos Biol Biomed Sci. 2008;39:52-64 pubmed publisher
    ..However, in defending Freud's method of dream interpretation, I do not thereby defend his theory of dreams, which cannot be justified by his interpretations alone. ..
  4. Pribram K. Freud through the centuries. Cortex. 2007;43:1108-10; discussion 1116-21 pubmed
  5. Covitz H. The possibility of multiple models for Oedipal development. Am J Psychoanal. 2007;67:162-80 pubmed
  6. Hartke R. The basic traumatic situation in the analytical relationship. Int J Psychoanal. 2005;86:267-90 pubmed
    ..He presents three clinical examples to illustrate the concept and the relevant theoretical formulations. ..
  7. Webber A. Pan-Dora's box. Fetishism, hysteria, and the gift of death in Die Büchse der Pandora (1929). Int J Psychoanal. 2006;87:273-86 pubmed
  8. Chodorow N. Reflections on Loewald's "Internalization, separation, mourning, and the superego". Psychoanal Q. 2007;76:1135-51 pubmed
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  10. Shengold L. As August approaches. Psychoanal Q. 2006;75:879-86 pubmed
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  12. Verhaeghe P, Vanheule S, De Rick A. Actual neurosis as the underlying psychic structure of panic disorder, somatization, and somatoform disorder: an integration of Freudian and attachment perspectives. Psychoanal Q. 2007;76:1317-50 pubmed
    ..An etiological hypothesis is put forward based on contemporary psychoanalytic attachment theory, highlighting mentalization. Concrete implications for a psychoanalytically based treatment are proposed. ..
  13. Heenen Wolff S. Infantile bisexuality and the 'complete oedipal complex': Freudian views on heterosexuality and homosexuality. Int J Psychoanal. 2011;92:1209-20 pubmed publisher
    ..As Freud puts it, genital heterosexuality occurs out of necessity for procreation. In order to enrich the present psychoanalytical discussion about homosexuality and bisexuality the author returns to Freud's theories in this context. ..
  14. Merchant J. A reappraisal of classical archetype theory and its implications for theory and practice. J Anal Psychol. 2009;54:339-58 pubmed publisher
    ..The implications of these models for theory, clinical practice and analyst training are then offered for discussion. ..
  15. Ellman P. Trial identifications in the formation of the teaching alliance. Psychiatry. 2007;70:238-41 pubmed
  16. Osman M. Freud's Rat Man from the perspective of an early-life variant of the Oedipus complex. Psychoanal Q. 2009;78:765-90 pubmed
    ..While accomplishing this, constricting bonds to his late sister Katherine and to his mother were loosened as well. ..
  17. Oliner M. The externalizing function of memorials. Psychoanal Rev. 2006;93:883-902 pubmed
  18. Simek N. Postcolonial Freud: psychoanalysis in the French Antilles. Psychoanal Hist. 2011;13:227-43 pubmed
    ..Speaking of "postcolonial Freud" in this context is tantamount to asking: which postcolony for the French Antillean future, and which Freud for the thought emerging from this space? ..
  19. Früh F. ["... Otherwise we should get, not neurotics, but scoundrels". Karl Abraham's reception of Freud's theory of sexuality]. Luzif Amor. 2010;23:44-57 pubmed
  20. Mahony P. The clash of irrationalities in Sophocles' Antigone. Psychoanal Q. 2009;78:469-89 pubmed
    ..As death becomes more imminent, Antigone's complex, evolving reaction includes a verbally marked spatial disorientation. ..
  21. Werbos P. Neural networks and the experience and cultivation of mind. Neural Netw. 2012;32:86-95 pubmed publisher
  22. Wahl W. Pathologies of desire and duty: freud, ricoeur, and castoriadis on transforming religious culture. J Relig Health. 2008;47:398-414 pubmed publisher
    ..Ricoeur and Castoriadis critique Freud's accentuation of neurosis while extending his thinking into personal-philosophical and social-political contexts. ..
  23. Pizarro Obaid F. Sigmund Freud and Otto Rank: debates and confrontations about anxiety and birth. Int J Psychoanal. 2012;93:693-715 pubmed publisher
  24. Fischbein J. Psychosomatics: a current overview. Int J Psychoanal. 2011;92:197-219 pubmed publisher
    ..He also offers some reflections on temporality and on changes in psychoanalytic technique with these patients. A clinical case illustrates his ideas. ..
  25. Abella A. PSYCHOANALYSIS AND THE ARTS: THE SLIPPERY GROUND OF APPLIED ANALYSIS. Psychoanal Q. 2016;85:89-119 pubmed publisher
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  27. Kandel E. Biology of the mind. Newsweek. 2006;147:47 pubmed
  28. Gee H. Ethics and the sexual countertransference. J Anal Psychol. 2007;52:71-88 pubmed
    ..I use examples of ethical problems, including a personal experience, to illustrate the kinds that occur and lastly I discuss how mourning plays an important part in the resolution and avoidance of these problems. ..
  29. Barnett A. Transformations in treatment: sublimatory implications of an interdisciplinary hypothesis on the metaphoric processing of emotional experience. Psychoanal Rev. 2008;95:79-106 pubmed publisher
  30. Seidler G. Shame and guilt: self-reflexive affects from the perspective of relationship and reciprocity. Am J Psychother. 2007;61:37-49 pubmed
    ..First, it precipitates a disruption between subject and object. Second, it is used to restore oneness by regression. ..
  31. Brickman H. Living within the cellular envelope: subjectivity and self from an evolutionary neuropsychoanalytic perspective. J Am Acad Psychoanal Dyn Psychiatry. 2008;36:317-41 pubmed publisher
    ..Accordingly, dynamically unconscious functioning and psychoanalytically-informed therapeutic process are considered as crucial adaptations that warrant natural selection. ..
  32. Schlüssel A. Making a political statement or refusing to grow up--reflections on the situation of the academic youth in postwar British literature. Am J Psychoanal. 2005;65:381-403 pubmed
    ..Essential papers by Sigmund Freud and his daughter Anna, as well as a very early paper on the topic by Siegfried Bernfeld, are, among others, taken into account, as is the profound research done by Peter Blos on the subject in question. ..
  33. Eitingon M. [Freud's 83 birthday. Geburtstag, May 6, 1939]. Luzif Amor. 2006;19:136-9 pubmed
  34. Carpenter A. Towards a history of operatic psychoanalysis. Psychoanal Hist. 2010;12:173-94 pubmed
  35. Horne M. Evil acts not evil people: their characteristics and contexts. J Anal Psychol. 2008;53:669-90 pubmed publisher
    ..To demonstrate these ideas I will use examples from my personal experience, from analytic theory and from the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland. ..
  36. Meissner W. Narcissism and the self: psychoanalytic considerations. J Am Acad Psychoanal Dyn Psychiatry. 2008;36:461-94 pubmed publisher
    ..As such the self cannot be reduced to or defined in terms of narcissistic derivation. Implications for the understanding of self-esteem are explored and clinical implications suggested. ..
  37. Sirois F. Transference symptom. Int J Psychoanal. 2008;89:759-71 pubmed publisher
    ..Three different analytic situations give rise to transference symptoms according to the relative balance between frame and process in the analytic encounter. The concept is compared with enactment. ..
  38. Rubin J. Deepening psychoanalytic listening: the marriage of Buddha and Freud. Am J Psychoanal. 2009;69:93-105 pubmed publisher
  39. Stolorow R, Atwood G. The tragic and the metaphysical in philosophy and psychoanalysis. Psychoanal Rev. 2013;100:405-21 pubmed publisher
    ..It is contended that the best safeguard against the pitfalls of metaphysical illusion lies in a shared commitment to reflection on the constitutive contexts of all our theoretical ideas. ..
  40. Turnbull O, Solms M. Awareness, desire, and false beliefs: Freud in the light of modern neuropsychology. Cortex. 2007;43:1083-90 pubmed
  41. Hinton L. Teaching 'origins of depth psychology': overview and candidate-members' experience. J Anal Psychol. 2008;53:91-100 pubmed publisher
    ..This paper describes the structure, and some of the rationale and process of the seminar. It includes firsthand expressions of the candidate-members' experiences. ..
  42. Hinshelwood R. Repression and splitting: towards a method of conceptual comparison. Int J Psychoanal. 2008;89:503-21 pubmed publisher
    ..It represents a general method for clarifying and maybe reconciling the differing points of view of competing psychoanalytic schools. ..
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  46. Kirshner L. Toward an ethics of psychoanalysis: a critical reading of Lacan's ethics. J Am Psychoanal Assoc. 2012;60:1223-42 pubmed publisher
    ..Analysis may not be a discipline that can be limited to a dyadic treatment relationship. ..
  47. Burke J. [Conversations with the Sphinx. Images of Greek myth in Freud's collection]. Luzif Amor. 2006;19:30-42 pubmed
    ..By describing these works of art and some of their mythological ramifications, the author suggests that they represented aspects of feminity not really covered by Freud's theories. ..
  48. Fichtner G. Freud and the Hammerschlag family: a formative relationship. Int J Psychoanal. 2010;91:1137-56 pubmed publisher
    ..All the known extant letters from Freud to members of the Hammerschlag family are published here for the first time in English translation. ..
  49. Akhtar S. Happiness: origins, forms, and technical relevance. Am J Psychoanal. 2010;70:219-44 pubmed publisher
    ..After entering some caveats and drawing from his clinical experience, the author then demonstrates the relevance of these ideas to the conduct of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. ..
  50. Fisher J. The emotional experience of K. Int J Psychoanal. 2006;87:1222-37 pubmed
    ..It concludes that one important aspect of what Bion called -K is an attack on a K-state-of-mind by an intrusion of L/H which has the effect of contaminating and dominating the urge to know. ..
  51. Golinelli P. Brodeuses [Sequins] (2005): the sparkle in a mother's eyes. Int J Psychoanal. 2007;88:242-52 pubmed
  52. May U. [The relation between political orientation and analytical work, discussed on the basis of Edith Jacobson Berlin's papers (1930-1937)]. Luzif Amor. 2005;18:7-45 pubmed
    ..The author highlights the fact that, and explains the reasons why, we no longer perceive the hidden political dimension in the papers of Jacobson (or in those of Fenichel, Gero and others). ..
  53. Robinson K. Psychoanalytic identity: Charles Rycroft and the British Freudian tradition. Am J Psychoanal. 2010;70:119-27 pubmed publisher
    ..Rycroft defined himself in creative dialogue with Freud and his own contemporaries within the British Freudian tradition. ..