executive function


Summary: A set of cognitive functions that controls complex, goal-directed thought and behavior. Executive function involves multiple domains, such as CONCEPT FORMATION, goal management, cognitive flexibility, INHIBITION control, and WORKING MEMORY. Impaired executive function is seen in a range of disorders, e.g., SCHIZOPHRENIA; and ADHD.

Top Publications

  1. Godefroy O, Leclercq C, Roussel M, Moroni C, Quaglino V, Beaunieux H, et al. French adaptation of the vascular cognitive impairment harmonization standards: the GRECOG-VASC study. Int J Stroke. 2012;7:362-3 pubmed publisher
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  4. Dunsky A, Abu Rukun M, Tsuk S, Dwolatzky T, Carasso R, Netz Y. The effects of a resistance vs. an aerobic single session on attention and executive functioning in adults. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0176092 pubmed publisher
    ..this study was to assess the influence of acute bouts of aerobic versus resistance exercise on attention and executive function in adults. Thirty-nine physically active adults (age = 52±8 yr) served as participants...
  5. Aker M, Harmer C, Landrø N. More rumination and less effective emotion regulation in previously depressed women with preserved executive functions. BMC Psychiatry. 2014;14:334 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Executive function was unrelated to rumination and emotion regulation in this sample...
  6. Martin A, Booth J, Laird Y, Sproule J, Reilly J, Saunders D. Physical activity, diet and other behavioural interventions for improving cognition and school achievement in children and adolescents with obesity or overweight. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2018;3:CD009728 pubmed publisher
    ..analyses of physical activity-only interventions suggested high-quality evidence for improved mean cognitive executive function scores. The mean difference (MD) was 5...
  7. Alexander W, Brown J. Computational models of performance monitoring and cognitive control. Top Cogn Sci. 2010;2:658-77 pubmed
    ..This single construct is consistent with a wide array of performance monitoring effects in mPFC and suggests a unifying account of the cognitive role of medial PFC in performance monitoring. ..
  8. Chong J, Liu S, Loke Y, Hilal S, Ikram M, Xu X, et al. Influence of cerebrovascular disease on brain networks in prodromal and clinical Alzheimer's disease. Brain. 2017;140:3012-3022 pubmed publisher
  9. Bright H, Babata K, Allred E, Erdei C, Kuban K, Joseph R, et al. Neurocognitive Outcomes at 10 Years of Age in Extremely Preterm Newborns with Late-Onset Bacteremia. J Pediatr. 2017;187:43-49.e1 pubmed publisher
    ..bacteremia performed worse on tests of general cognitive ability, language, academic achievement, and executive function, even after adjustment for potential confounders...

More Information


  1. Szucs D, Devine A, Soltész F, Nobes A, Gabriel F. Cognitive components of a mathematical processing network in 9-year-old children. Dev Sci. 2014;17:506-24 pubmed
    ..Mapping a complex processing network requires that studies consider the complex predictor space of mathematics rather than just focusing on a single or a few explanatory factors. ..
  2. Coderre E, van Heuven W. Modulations of the executive control network by stimulus onset asynchrony in a Stroop task. BMC Neurosci. 2013;14:79 pubmed publisher
    ..SOA exerted both trial-specific and block-wide effects on executive processing, providing a unique paradigm for functional investigations of the cognitive control network. ..
  3. van Dongen Boomsma M, Vollebregt M, Slaats Willemse D, Buitelaar J. [Efficacy of frequency-neurofeedback and Cogmed JM-working memory training in children with ADHD]. Tijdschr Psychiatr. 2015;57:508-16 pubmed
  4. Wilcox C, Dekonenko C, Mayer A, Bogenschutz M, Turner J. Cognitive control in alcohol use disorder: deficits and clinical relevance. Rev Neurosci. 2014;25:1-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Future work should clarify which aspects of cognitive control are most important to target during treatment of AUD. ..
  5. Sato D, Yamazaki Y, Takahashi A, Uetake Y, Nakano S, Iguchi K, et al. Water immersion decreases sympathetic skin response during color-word Stroop test. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0180765 pubmed publisher
    ..Water immersion alters the autonomic nervous system (ANS) response in humans. The effect of water immersion on executive function and ANS responses related to executive function tasks was unknown...
  6. Cutuli J, Herbers J, Lafavor T, Ahumada S, Masten A, Oberg C. Asthma and adaptive functioning among homeless kindergarten-aged children in emergency housing. J Health Care Poor Underserved. 2014;25:717-30 pubmed publisher
    ..High rates of asthma remain an important issue for children in emergency family housing, a context with high levels of child risk for toxic stress exposure and developmental problems. ..
  7. Lesage E, Aronson S, Sutherland M, Ross T, Salmeron B, Stein E. Neural Signatures of Cognitive Flexibility and Reward Sensitivity Following Nicotinic Receptor Stimulation in Dependent Smokers: A Randomized Trial. JAMA Psychiatry. 2017;74:632-640 pubmed publisher
    ..clinicaltrials.gov Identifier: NCT00830739. ..
  8. Bezdicek O, Michalec J, Vaneckova M, Klempíř J, Lisková I, Seidl Z, et al. Cognitive sequelae of methanol poisoning involve executive dysfunction and memory impairment in cross-sectional and long-term perspective. Alcohol. 2017;59:27-35 pubmed publisher
  9. Chaddock Heyman L, Hillman C, Cohen N, Kramer A. III. The importance of physical activity and aerobic fitness for cognitive control and memory in children. Monogr Soc Res Child Dev. 2014;79:25-50 pubmed publisher
    ..An important goal of this review is to emphasize the importance of physical activity and aerobic fitness for the cognitive and brain health of today's youth. ..
  10. Côté S, Hamadjida A, Quessy S, Dancause N. Contrasting Modulatory Effects from the Dorsal and Ventral Premotor Cortex on Primary Motor Cortex Outputs. J Neurosci. 2017;37:5960-5973 pubmed publisher
    ..These contrasting patterns of modulation provide a substrate that may allow PMd and PMv to carry distinct functions for the preparation and execution of hand movements and for recovery after brain injury. ..
  11. Fuglestad A, Demerath E, Finsaas M, Moore C, Georgieff M, Carlson S. Maternal executive function, infant feeding responsiveness and infant growth during the first 3 months. Pediatr Obes. 2017;12 Suppl 1:102-110 pubmed publisher
    ..To examine associations between maternal executive function (cognitive control over one's own behaviour), maternal feeding decisions and infant weight and adiposity ..
  12. Muñoz Moreno J, Prats A, Molto J, Garolera M, Perez Alvarez N, Diez Quevedo C, et al. Transdermal rivastigmine for HIV-associated cognitive impairment: A randomized pilot study. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0182547 pubmed publisher
    ..44. The cognitive domains with the highest positive trends were information processing speed at week 12 and executive function at week 48 (rivastigmine vs control): information processing speed, 0.35 (0.64) vs -0.13 (0.25), p = 0...
  13. Freyschlag C, Kerschbaumer J, Pinggera D, Bacher G, Mur E, Thome C. Structured Evaluation of Glioma Patients by an Occupational Therapist-Is Our Clinical Examination Enough?. World Neurosurg. 2017;103:493-500 pubmed publisher
    ..Routine clinical examination and neuropsychological evaluation fail to detect mild deficits in sensory function, reactivity, and apraxia, which may have a serious impact on patients' ability to return to their normal lives and work. ..
  14. Ding J, Sigurðsson S, Jonsson P, Eiriksdottir G, Meirelles O, Kjartansson O, et al. Space and location of cerebral microbleeds, cognitive decline, and dementia in the community. Neurology. 2017;88:2089-2097 pubmed publisher
    ..free of prevalent dementia underwent brain MRI and cognitive testing of verbal memory, processing speed, and executive function at baseline and a mean of 5.2 years later...
  15. Garvie P, Brummel S, Allison S, Malee K, Mellins C, Wilkins M, et al. Roles of Medication Responsibility, Executive and Adaptive Functioning in Adherence for Children and Adolescents With Perinatally Acquired HIV. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2017;36:751-757 pubmed publisher
    ..Given that EF and AF develop throughout adolescence, their relationships to adherence should be evaluated longitudinally, especially as youth transition to adulthood and caregiver responsibility diminishes. ..
  16. Tsukamoto H, Suga T, Takenaka S, Takeuchi T, Tanaka D, Hamaoka T, et al. An acute bout of localized resistance exercise can rapidly improve inhibitory control. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0184075 pubmed publisher
    The positive effect of acute resistance exercise on executive function, such as inhibitory control (IC), is poorly understood. Several previous studies have demonstrated this effect using whole-body resistance exercise...
  17. Gawłowska Sawosz M, Pawełczyk A, Gębski P, Pawełczyk T, Strzelecki D, Rabe Jabłońska J. Evaluation of white matter structure changes, as assessed in tractography, and cognitive dysfunctions in patients with early onset schizophrenia and their first-degree relatives. Psychiatr Pol. 2017;51:735-750 pubmed publisher
  18. Karssemeijer E, Bossers W, Aaronson J, Kessels R, Olde Rikkert M. The effect of an interactive cycling training on cognitive functioning in older adults with mild dementia: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. BMC Geriatr. 2017;17:73 pubmed publisher
    ..This study will provide novel information on the effects of an interactive cycling training on executive function in older adults with mild dementia...
  19. Shelton A, Cornish K, Godler D, Bui Q, Kolbe S, Fielding J. White matter microstructure, cognition, and molecular markers in fragile X premutation females. Neurology. 2017;88:2080-2088 pubmed publisher
    ..mRNA and the FMR1 exon 1/intron 1 boundary methylation, white matter microstructure, and executive function, in women with a FMR1 premutation expansion (PM; 55-199 CGG repeats) and controls (CGG < 44)...
  20. Klaasen N, Kos C, Aleman A, Opmeer E. Apathy is related to reduced activation in cognitive control regions during set-shifting. Hum Brain Mapp. 2017;38:2722-2733 pubmed publisher
    ..These results support the idea that alterations in the neural basis of cognitive control, especially cognitive set-shifting, may contribute to apathy. Hum Brain Mapp 38:2722-2733, 2017. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. ..
  21. Brieant A, Holmes C, Deater Deckard K, King Casas B, Kim Spoon J. Household chaos as a context for intergenerational transmission of executive functioning. J Adolesc. 2017;58:40-48 pubmed publisher
    ..Findings suggest that household chaos may be a risk factor that compounds influences of poor parent EF and compromises adolescent EF development. ..
  22. Zelazo P, Anderson J, Richler J, Wallner Allen K, Beaumont J, Weintraub S. II. NIH Toolbox Cognition Battery (CB): measuring executive function and attention. Monogr Soc Res Child Dev. 2013;78:16-33 pubmed publisher
    In this chapter, we discuss two measures designed to assess executive function (EF) as part of the NIH Toolbox Cognition Battery (CB) and report pediatric data from the validation study...
  23. Begemann M, Daalman K, Heringa S, Schutte M, Sommer I. Letter to the Editor: Childhood trauma as a risk factor for psychosis: the confounding role of cognitive functioning. Psychol Med. 2016;46:1115-8 pubmed publisher
  24. Fabes J, Matthews L, Filippini N, Talbot K, Jenkinson M, Turner M. Quantitative FLAIR MRI in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Acad Radiol. 2017;24:1187-1194 pubmed publisher
    ..The rate of change of FLAIR within CST correlated with rate of decline in executive function and ALS functional rating score...
  25. Niemann C, Godde B, Staudinger U, Voelcker Rehage C. Exercise-induced changes in basal ganglia volume and cognition in older adults. Neuroscience. 2014;281:147-63 pubmed publisher
    ..a whole, but also separately for putamen and globus pallidus) on the relationship between motor fitness and executive function was revealed. Coordination training increased caudate and globus pallidus volume...
  26. Beydoun M, Tajuddin S, Dore G, Canas J, Beydoun H, Evans M, et al. Vitamin D Receptor and Megalin Gene Polymorphisms Are Associated with Longitudinal Cognitive Change among African-American Urban Adults. J Nutr. 2017;147:1048-1062 pubmed publisher
    ..gene variations can alter age-related cognitive trajectories differentially between men and women among AA urban adults, specifically in global mental status and domains of verbal fluency, visual/working memory, and executive function.
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    ..the individual and synergistic effects of type 2 diabetes and elevated depressive symptoms on memory and executive function trajectories over 10 and eight years of follow-up, respectively...
  30. Koopmann T, Steggemann Weinrich Y, Baumeister J, Krause D. Mental Rotation of Tactical Instruction Displays Affects Information Processing Demand and Execution Accuracy in Basketball. Res Q Exerc Sport. 2017;88:365-370 pubmed publisher
    ..According to these results, coaches should align their tactic boards to their players' on-court viewing perspective. ..
  31. Henriksson P, Cuenca Garcia M, Labayen I, Esteban Cornejo I, Henriksson H, Kersting M, et al. Diet quality and attention capacity in European adolescents: the Healthy Lifestyle in Europe by Nutrition in Adolescence (HELENA) study. Br J Nutr. 2017;117:1587-1595 pubmed publisher
    ..Intervention studies investigating a causal relationship between diet quality and attention are warranted. ..
  32. Torres I, Kozicky J, Popuri S, Bond D, Honer W, Lam R, et al. 12-month longitudinal cognitive functioning in patients recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Bipolar Disord. 2014;16:159-71 pubmed
    ..of multiple domains including processing speed, attention, verbal and nonverbal memory, working memory, and executive function. Patients also received clinical assessments, including mood ratings...
  33. Lal B, Dux M, Sikdar S, Goldstein C, Khan A, Yokemick J, et al. Asymptomatic carotid stenosis is associated with cognitive impairment. J Vasc Surg. 2017;66:1083-1092 pubmed publisher
    ..02; d = 0.42) and motor/processing speed (P = .01; d = 0.65), whereas scores for executive function were numerically lower (P = .08). Approximately 49...
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    ..These results support the recent reduction in alcohol guidance in the UK and question the current limits recommended in the US. ..
  36. Bharmal A, Kent B, Bussey T, Saksida L. Performance of transgenic TgTau-P301L mice in a 5-choice serial reaction time task (5-CSRTT) as a model of Alzheimer's disease. Psychiatr Danub. 2015;27 Suppl 1:S515-25 pubmed
    ..is to observe if tau pathology in the TgTauP301L mice causes a cognitive impairment in attention and executive function and at what stage this can be identified by the 5-CSRTT task...
  37. Powell D, McMinn D, Allan J. Does real time variability in inhibitory control drive snacking behavior? An intensive longitudinal study. Health Psychol. 2017;36:356-364 pubmed publisher
    Laboratory eating studies and cross-sectional surveys indicate individuals with inefficient executive function (EF) consume more unhealthy snacks than others...
  38. Costa D, Miranda D, Burnett A, Doyle L, Cheong J, Anderson P. Executive Function and Academic Outcomes in Children Who Were Extremely Preterm. Pediatrics. 2017;140: pubmed publisher
    ..We assessed the individual stability of behavioral executive function (EF) from 8 to 18 years of age in children born EP or ELBW and their academic outcomes...
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    ..Screening for apathy should be considered in SVD, and further work is required to develop and evaluate effective apathy treatment or management in SVD. ..
  42. Wagner K, Wethe J, Schulze Bonhage A, Trippel M, Rekate H, Prigatano G, et al. Cognition in epilepsy patients with hypothalamic hamartomas. Epilepsia. 2017;58 Suppl 2:85-93 pubmed publisher
    ..Higher levels of presurgical performance were significant predictors of cognitive decline after surgery. These results are highly relevant for patient consultation and may help with therapeutic decisions. ..
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    ..High sedentary behavior levels at primary school age were related negatively to working memory in adolescent boys. ..
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    ..This pattern of findings suggests that MCI is associated with specific inhibition problems.ty. ..
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    This present study investigated the link between speech-in-speech perception capacities and four executive function components: response suppression, inhibitory control, switching and working memory...
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    ..Finally, these results are the first to evidence that oscillatory brain activity may be a sensitive indicator of underlying brain anomalies in young BDs, which could complement standard event-related potential measures. ..
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    ..Practitioners should consider these factors when screening people for occupational performance difficulties. ..
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    ..Awareness of this profile by professionals and caregivers can promote early detection and support cognitive and behavioral development. ..
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    ..This article focuses on measures in the areas of cognition and behavior. ..
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    ..Survivors performed worse than population norms on executive function and processing speed and reported more behavioral problems (P < .05 adjusted for multiple comparison)...
  55. Sebastian A, Rössler K, Wibral M, Mobascher A, Lieb K, Jung P, et al. Neural Architecture of Selective Stopping Strategies: Distinct Brain Activity Patterns Are Associated with Attentional Capture But Not with Outright Stopping. J Neurosci. 2017;37:9785-9794 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, when studying attentional processing of salient stop signals, strategic differences should be considered. In contrast, the neural networks implementing outright stopping seem less or not at all affected by strategic differences. ..
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    ..Current performance-based assessments for mild stroke can detect mild impairments in executive function but lack alternate forms to be used as outcome measures...
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    ..Performance on the CET was significantly related to performance on a global measure of executive function, processing speed and arithmetic...
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    ..These results suggest that, although alexithymia does not influence executive control in WM for nonemotional items, alexithymic people demonstrate an idiosyncratic response to positive stimuli that might indicate blunted reactivity. ..
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    ..AD risk, carriage of the BDNF Met allele was associated with steeper decline in episodic memory and executive function. This decline was exacerbated by greater A? burden...
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    ..a commercial web-based cognitive training program or web-based video games that do not specifically target executive function or adapt the level of difficulty throughout training...
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    ..typically suffer a range of cognitive deficits, including prominent deficits in working memory and executive function. These difficulties are strongly predictive of functional outcomes, but there is a paucity of effective ..
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    ..No effects of valence were found. Findings suggest the need to consider co-occurring SUD when investigating the effects of PTSD on attentional control...
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    ..Long-term therapeutic interventions should target relapse prevention with special consideration given to depressive episodes and cognitive rehabilitation. ..
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    ..However, within this context, sex needs to be taken into account. ..
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    ..Our study provides a novel paradigm to investigate distinct WM brain systems with reliable results across a wide age range in developmental populations, and suitable for participants with different WM capacities. ..
  75. Malee K, Chernoff M, Sirois P, Williams P, Garvie P, Kammerer B, et al. Impact of Perinatally Acquired HIV Disease Upon Longitudinal Changes in Memory and Executive Functioning. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2017;75:455-464 pubmed publisher
    ..Youth with PHIV demonstrated stable memory and EF during a 2-year period of adolescence, allowing cautious optimism regarding long-term outcomes. ..
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    ..As reaction time variability is a predictor of well-being, rs17268988 genotype may represent a biomarker for long-term health. ..
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