Summary: Knowing or understanding without conscious use of reasoning. (Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, 1994)

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  1. Gobet F, Chassy P. Towards an alternative to Benner's theory of expert intuition in nursing: a discussion paper. Int J Nurs Stud. 2008;45:129-39 pubmed
    Several authors have highlighted the role of intuition in expertise...
  2. Woolley A, Kostopoulou O. Clinical intuition in family medicine: more than first impressions. Ann Fam Med. 2013;11:60-6 pubmed publisher
    The clinical literature advises physicians not to trust their intuition. Studies of clinical intuition, however, equate it to early impressions, the first thing that comes to the physician's mind...
  3. Johansen M, Holtedahl K, Rudebeck C. How does the thought of cancer arise in a general practice consultation? Interviews with GPs. Scand J Prim Health Care. 2012;30:135-40 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Intuition built on the earlier mentioned contexts: basic knowledge, experience, and interpersonal awareness; (4) Fear of ..
  4. Chen Q, Verguts T. Spatial intuition in elementary arithmetic: a neurocomputational account. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e31180 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, they provide us with a framework in which elementary arithmetic is based on evolutionarily more basic spatial transformations, thus providing the first implemented instance of Dehaene and Cohen's recycling hypothesis. ..
  5. Graham J, Nosek B, Haidt J, Iyer R, Koleva S, Ditto P. Mapping the moral domain. J Pers Soc Psychol. 2011;101:366-85 pubmed publisher
    ..These analyses provide evidence for the usefulness of Moral Foundations Theory in simultaneously increasing the scope and sharpening the resolution of psychological views of morality. ..
  6. Stolper E, van de Wiel M, Van Royen P, van Bokhoven M, van der Weijden T, Dinant G. Gut feelings as a third track in general practitioners' diagnostic reasoning. J Gen Intern Med. 2011;26:197-203 pubmed publisher
    ..The implications for health care practice and medical education are discussed. ..
  7. Jordan C, Whitfield M, Zeigler Hill V. Intuition and the correspondence between implicit and explicit self-esteem. J Pers Soc Psychol. 2007;93:1067-79 pubmed
    Four studies tested whether the perceived validity of intuition increases the correspondence between implicit and explicit self-esteem...
  8. Haidt J. The new synthesis in moral psychology. Science. 2007;316:998-1002 pubmed
    ..I propose a fourth principle to guide future research: Morality is about more than harm and fairness. More research is needed on the collective and religious parts of the moral domain, such as loyalty, authority, and spiritual purity. ..
  9. Davis J. Intuition and the junctures of judgment in decision procedures for clinical ethics. Theor Med Bioeth. 2007;28:1-30 pubmed
    Moral decision procedures such as principlism or casuistry require intuition at certain junctures, as when a principle seems indeterminate, or principles conflict, or we wonder which paradigm case is most relevantly similar to the ..

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  1. Hodgkinson G, Langan Fox J, Sadler Smith E. Intuition: a fundamental bridging construct in the behavioural sciences. Br J Psychol. 2008;99:1-27 pubmed
    The concept of intuition has, until recently, received scant scholarly attention within and beyond the psychological sciences, despite its potential to unify a number of lines of inquiry...
  2. Harenski C, Antonenko O, Shane M, Kiehl K. A functional imaging investigation of moral deliberation and moral intuition. Neuroimage. 2010;49:2707-16 pubmed publisher
    ..the victim' and rating the moral appropriateness of the behavior) or 'implicit' moral tasks that involve moral intuition (e.g., reading similar statements and memorizing them for a test but not rating their moral appropriateness)...
  3. Radin D, Borges A. Intuition through time: what does the seer see?. Explore (NY). 2009;5:200-11 pubmed publisher
    ..This implies that developing comprehensive models of anticipatory behavior, from understanding the nature of intuition to the placebo effect, may require consideration of transtemporal and teleological factors.
  4. Pessiglione M, Petrovic P, Daunizeau J, Palminteri S, Dolan R, Frith C. Subliminal instrumental conditioning demonstrated in the human brain. Neuron. 2008;59:561-7 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that, even without conscious processing of contextual cues, our brain can learn their reward value and use them to provide a bias on decision making. ..
  5. Alter A, Oppenheimer D, Epley N, Eyre R. Overcoming intuition: metacognitive difficulty activates analytic reasoning. J Exp Psychol Gen. 2007;136:569-76 pubmed
    ..Metacognitive experiences of difficulty or disfluency appear to serve as an alarm that activates analytic forms of reasoning that assess and sometimes correct the output of more intuitive forms of reasoning. ..
  6. Ferreira M, Garcia Marques L, Sherman S, Sherman J. Automatic and controlled components of judgment and decision making. J Pers Soc Psychol. 2006;91:797-813 pubmed
    ..They conclude that judgment under uncertainty is neither an automatic nor a controlled process but that it reflects both processes, with each making independent contributions. ..
  7. Frank M, O Reilly R, Curran T. When memory fails, intuition reigns: midazolam enhances implicit inference in humans. Psychol Sci. 2006;17:700-7 pubmed
    ..using explicit reasoning strategies, but sometimes it pays to rely on more implicit "gut-level" intuition. The transitive inference paradigm has been widely used as a test of explicit logical reasoning in animals and ..
  8. Wan X, Takano D, Asamizuya T, Suzuki C, Ueno K, Cheng K, et al. Developing intuition: neural correlates of cognitive-skill learning in caudate nucleus. J Neurosci. 2012;32:17492-501 pubmed publisher
    ..of cognitive experts largely depends on automatic, quick information processing, which is often referred to as intuition. Intuition develops following extensive long-term training...
  9. Lyneham J, Parkinson C, Denholm C. Explicating Benner's concept of expert practice: intuition in emergency nursing. J Adv Nurs. 2008;64:380-7 pubmed publisher
    This paper is a report of a study exploring the experience of intuition in emergency nursing in relation to Benner's fifth stage of practice development, 'the expert practitioner...
  10. Bolte A, Goschke T. Intuition in the context of object perception: intuitive gestalt judgments rest on the unconscious activation of semantic representations. Cognition. 2008;108:608-16 pubmed publisher
    b>Intuition denotes the ability to judge stimulus properties on the basis of information that is activated in memory, but not consciously retrieved...
  11. Dehaene S, Izard V, Spelke E, Pica P. Log or linear? Distinct intuitions of the number scale in Western and Amazonian indigene cultures. Science. 2008;320:1217-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Is this mapping a cultural invention or a universal intuition shared by all humans regardless of culture and education? We probed number-space mappings in the Mundurucu, an ..
  12. Lyneham J, Parkinson C, Denholm C. Intuition in emergency nursing: a phenomenological study. Int J Nurs Pract. 2008;14:101-8 pubmed publisher
    ..process and a Gadamerian analysis, six themes associated with the ways in which the participants experienced intuition in clinical practice, were identified...
  13. Woodward J, Allman J. Moral intuition: its neural substrates and normative significance. J Physiol Paris. 2007;101:179-202 pubmed publisher
    Philosophers use the phrase "moral intuition" to describe the appearance in consciousness of moral judgments or assessments without any awareness of having gone through a conscious reasoning process that produces this ..
  14. Cantlon J, Cordes S, Libertus M, Brannon E. Comment on "Log or linear? Distinct intuitions of the number scale in Western and Amazonian indigene cultures". Science. 2009;323:38; author reply 38 pubmed publisher
    ..However, their data do not rule out the alternative conclusion that Mundurucu speakers encode numbers linearly with scalar variability and psychologically construct space-number mappings by analogy. ..
  15. Kuo W, Sjöström T, Chen Y, Wang Y, Huang C. Intuition and deliberation: two systems for strategizing in the brain. Science. 2009;324:519-22 pubmed publisher
    Dual-process theories distinguish between intuition (fast and emotional) and reasoning (slow and controlled) as a basis for human decision-making...
  16. Koehler D, James G. Probability matching in choice under uncertainty: intuition versus deliberation. Cognition. 2009;113:123-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Probability matching appears to reflect a mistaken intuition that can be, but often is not, overridden by deliberate consideration of alternative choice strategies.
  17. Rew L, Barrow E. State of the science: intuition in nursing, a generation of studying the phenomenon. ANS Adv Nurs Sci. 2007;30:E15-25 pubmed of nursing literature was conducted to determine the state of the science with respect to the use of intuition in nursing practice and nursing education...
  18. Volz K, von Cramon D. What neuroscience can tell about intuitive processes in the context of perceptual discovery. J Cogn Neurosci. 2006;18:2077-87 pubmed
    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, intuition is "the ability to understand or know something immediately, without conscious reasoning...
  19. Fu Q, Dienes Z, Fu X. The distinction between intuition and guessing in the SRT task generation: a reply to Norman and Price. Conscious Cogn. 2010;19:478-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Reaction Time task, depending on whether it felt subjectively like the response was based on pure guessing, intuition, conscious rules or memories...
  20. Thompson V, Prowse Turner J, Pennycook G. Intuition, reason, and metacognition. Cogn Psychol. 2011;63:107-40 pubmed publisher
    ..These data support a model in which a metacognitive judgment about a first, initial model determines the extent of analytic engagement. ..
  21. Cushman F, Young L, Hauser M. The role of conscious reasoning and intuition in moral judgment: testing three principles of harm. Psychol Sci. 2006;17:1082-9 pubmed
    Is moral judgment accomplished by intuition or conscious reasoning? An answer demands a detailed account of the moral principles in question...
  22. Kahneman D, Klein G. Conditions for intuitive expertise: a failure to disagree. Am Psychol. 2009;64:515-26 pubmed publisher
    This article reports on an effort to explore the differences between two approaches to intuition and expertise that are often viewed as conflicting: heuristics and biases (HB) and naturalistic decision making (NDM)...
  23. Braude H. Clinical intuition versus statistics: different modes of tacit knowledge in clinical epidemiology and evidence-based medicine. Theor Med Bioeth. 2009;30:181-98 pubmed publisher
    ..This is demonstrated through analyzing the dichotomy between clinical and statistical intuition in evidence-based medicine's epistemology of clinical reasoning...
  24. Smith A. Measuring the use of intuition by registered nurses in clinical practice. Nurs Stand. 2007;21:35-41 pubmed
    To administer the Smith Intuition Instrument to a sample of registered nurses to clarify its factors and test convergent validity...
  25. Cleeremans A, Timmermans B, Pasquali A. Consciousness and metarepresentation: a computational sketch. Neural Netw. 2007;20:1032-9 pubmed
    ..Here, we ask what the computational mechanisms may be that implement this intuition. Our starting point is Clark and Karmiloff-Smith's [Clark, A., & Karmiloff-Smith, A. (1993)...
  26. Topolinski S, Strack F. The architecture of intuition: Fluency and affect determine intuitive judgments of semantic and visual coherence and judgments of grammaticality in artificial grammar learning. J Exp Psychol Gen. 2009;138:39-63 pubmed publisher
    ..The impact of fluency and affect was also generalized to intuitions of visual coherence and intuitions of grammaticality in an artificial grammar learning paradigm. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA, all rights reserved). ..
  27. Mikels J, Maglio S, Reed A, Kaplowitz L. Should I go with my gut? Investigating the benefits of emotion-focused decision making. Emotion. 2011;11:743-53 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that affective decision strategies may be more effective relative to deliberative strategies for certain complex decisions. ..
  28. Lee J, Chan A, Phillips D. Diagnostic practise in nursing: a critical review of the literature. Nurs Health Sci. 2006;8:57-65 pubmed
    ..Based on the literature reviewed, a conceptual framework is suggested to help articulate the underlying structures and processes of diagnostic practise in nursing. ..
  29. Green C. Nursing intuition: a valid form of knowledge. Nurs Philos. 2012;13:98-111 pubmed publisher
    An understanding of the nature and development of nursing intuition can help nurse educators foster it in young nurses and give clinicians more confidence in this aspect of their knowledge, allowing them to respond with greater assurance ..
  30. Shenhav A, Rand D, Greene J. Divine intuition: cognitive style influences belief in God. J Exp Psychol Gen. 2012;141:423-8 pubmed publisher true, the extent to which one believes in God may be influenced by one's more general tendency to rely on intuition versus reflection. Three studies support this hypothesis, linking intuitive cognitive style to belief in God...
  31. Effken J. Informational basis for expert intuition. J Adv Nurs. 2001;34:246-55 pubmed
    b>Intuition has been cited as an integral part of nursing clinical expertise...
  32. Smith A, Thurkettle M, dela Cruz F. Use of intuition by nursing students: instrument development and testing. J Adv Nurs. 2004;47:614-22 pubmed
    b>Intuition has been described as an important type of nursing knowledge and has gained acceptance as a valid way of knowing in clinical nursing. Use of intuition has become one way of explaining professional expertise...
  33. Wikström B. Intuition and visual art: student nurses' projection into experiences of elderly women. Aust J Holist Nurs. 2002;9:24-31 pubmed
    ..It could be concluded that nurse educators concerned with finding new directions to develop intuition skills might consider visual art of considerable value.
  34. Kahneman D. A perspective on judgment and choice: mapping bounded rationality. Am Psychol. 2003;58:697-720 pubmed analysis of accessibility, the ease with which thoughts come to mind; a distinction between effortless intuition and deliberate reasoning. Intuitive thoughts, like percepts, are highly accessible...
  35. Greenhalgh T. Intuition and evidence--uneasy bedfellows?. Br J Gen Pract. 2002;52:395-400 pubmed
    b>Intuition is a decision-making method that is used unconsciously by experienced practitioners but is inaccessible to the novice. It is rapid, subtle, contextual, and does not follow simple, cause-and-effect logic...
  36. Bailey P, Colella T, Mossey S. COPD-intuition or template: nurses' stories of acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. J Clin Nurs. 2004;13:756-64 pubmed
    ..told a number of caregiving stories that illustrated a common care template that appears to be based on intuition or pattern recognition focusing on anxiety sometimes to the exclusion of dyspnoea...
  37. Lieberman M. Intuition: a social cognitive neuroscience approach. Psychol Bull. 2000;126:109-37 pubmed
    This review proposes that implicit learning processes are the cognitive substrate of social intuition. This hypothesis is supported by (a) the conceptual correspondence between implicit learning and social intuition (nonverbal ..
  38. Truman P. Intuition and practice. Nurs Stand. 2003;18:42-3 pubmed
    b>Intuition is a quality that nurses have traditionally valued, but one that in today's evidence-based research climate is often denigrated...
  39. Lieberman M, Jarcho J, Satpute A. Evidence-based and intuition-based self-knowledge: an FMRI study. J Pers Soc Psychol. 2004;87:421-35 pubmed
    ..e., evidence-based and intuition-based self-knowledge); however, little is known about the nature of intuition-based self-knowledge...
  40. Brent R. Intuition and innumeracy. Cell Biol Educ. 2004;3:88-90 pubmed
  41. Hams S. A gut feeling? Intuition and critical care nursing. Intensive Crit Care Nurs. 2000;16:310-8 pubmed
    ..The strength of our intuition often urges us to do something more for the patient...
  42. Brien S, Prescott P, Owen D, Lewith G. How do homeopaths make decisions? An exploratory study of inter-rater reliability and intuition in the decision making process. Homeopathy. 2004;93:125-31 pubmed
    ..a questionnaire based re-proving of Belladonna 30c, the extent to which decisions are based on clinical facts or intuition and how reliable decisions are...
  43. Turnbull O, Evans C, Bunce A, Carzolio B, O Connor J. Emotion-based learning and central executive resources: an investigation of intuition and the Iowa Gambling Task. Brain Cogn. 2005;57:244-7 pubmed
    ..are good or bad, often described in relation to IGT performance, seems reminiscent of decision-making based on intuition-linked to a long history of research in decision-making contrasting the 'intuition' versus 'reasoning' styles of ..
  44. Allman J, Watson K, Tetreault N, Hakeem A. Intuition and autism: a possible role for Von Economo neurons. Trends Cogn Sci. 2005;9:367-73 pubmed
    ..We propose that in autism spectrum disorders the VENs fail to develop normally, and that this failure might be partially responsible for the associated social disabilities that result from faulty intuition.
  45. Turnbull J. Intuition in nursing relationships: the result of 'skills' or 'qualities'?. Br J Nurs. 1999;8:302-6 pubmed
    ..Consequently, confusion exists as to whether intuition in nursing is the result of acquired skills, or is dependent upon the inherent qualities of the individual...
  46. Meadow W, Frain L, Ren Y, Lee G, Soneji S, Lantos J. Serial assessment of mortality in the neonatal intensive care unit by algorithm and intuition: certainty, uncertainty, and informed consent. Pediatrics. 2002;109:878-86 pubmed
    ..We think that they can-and that they must. ..
  47. Lamond D, Thompson C. Intuition and analysis in decision making and choice. J Nurs Scholarsh. 2000;32:411-4 pubmed
    ..A systematic approach to decision making in health care is needed, so that both health professionals and patients have a means for knowing the basis of decisions about treatment. ..
  48. McCutcheon H, Pincombe J. Intuition: an important tool in the practice of nursing. J Adv Nurs. 2001;35:342-8 pubmed
    The aim of the study reported here was to evaluate the role of intuition, to examine nurses' understanding of intuition and their perceptions of their use of intuition, and to assess the impact of intuition on nursing practice...
  49. King L, Clark J. Intuition and the development of expertise in surgical ward and intensive care nurses. J Adv Nurs. 2002;37:322-9 pubmed
    ..of the study and the focus of this paper was the exploration of these nurses' understanding and use of intuition in the context of their practice...
  50. Bolte A, Goschke T, Kuhl J. Emotion and intuition. Psychol Sci. 2003;14:416-21 pubmed
    ..By contrast, negative mood appears to restrict spread of activation to close associates and dominant word meanings, thus impairing intuitive coherence judgments. ..
  51. Dehaene S, Spelke E, Pinel P, Stanescu R, Tsivkin S. Sources of mathematical thinking: behavioral and brain-imaging evidence. Science. 1999;284:970-4 pubmed
    Does the human capacity for mathematical intuition depend on linguistic competence or on visuo-spatial representations? A series of behavioral and brain-imaging experiments provides evidence for both sources...
  52. Crowther S. Listen to your inner voice. Pract Midwife. 2006;9:4-5 pubmed
  53. Kish Gephart J, Harrison D, Treviño L. Bad apples, bad cases, and bad barrels: meta-analytic evidence about sources of unethical decisions at work. J Appl Psychol. 2010;95:1-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Results serve as a data-based foundation and guide for future theoretical and empirical development in the domain of behavioral ethics. ..