global health


Summary: A multi- and interdisciplinary field concerned with improving health and achieving equity in health for all people. It transcends national boundaries, promotes cooperation and collaboration within and beyond health science fields, and combines population-based disease prevention with individually-based patient care.

Top Publications

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More Information


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    ..Future research is needed to help determine the best way to identify at-risk children and which treatment is the safest and most efficacious. ..
  4. Thompson K, Duintjer Tebbens R. Lessons From the Polio Endgame: Overcoming the Failure to Vaccinate and the Role of Subpopulations in Maintaining Transmission. J Infect Dis. 2017;216:S176-S182 pubmed publisher
    ..Keywords.?Polio; eradication; transmission; heterogeneity. ..
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    ..Though the number of pollutants increases each year, some neuroscientists are forging partnerships to improve measurement, raise awareness, and promote global health.
  7. Abbeddou S, Yakes Jimenez E, Somé J, Ouédraogo J, Brown K, Hess S. Small-quantity lipid-based nutrient supplements containing different amounts of zinc along with diarrhea and malaria treatment increase iron and vitamin A status and reduce anemia prevalence, but do not affect zinc status in young Burkinabe children:. BMC Pediatr. 2017;17:46 pubmed publisher
    ..034). SQ-LNS regardless of zinc amount and source provided along with illness treatment improved indicators of iron and vitamin A status, but not pZC. NCT00944281 (July 21, 2009). ..
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    ..001 for each). Findings from this study will provide clinically important, new information about associations of cumulative stress, environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors with incident CVD risk in aging women. ..
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  13. Seymour B, Shick E, Chaffee B, Benzian H. Going Global: Toward Competency-Based Best Practices for Global Health in Dental Education. J Dent Educ. 2017;81:707-715 pubmed publisher
    The Global Oral Health Interest Group of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (GOHIG-CUGH) published recommended competencies to support development of competency-based global health education in dental schools...
  14. Nash P, Kirkham B, Okada M, Rahman P, Combe B, Burmester G, et al. Ixekizumab for the treatment of patients with active psoriatic arthritis and an inadequate response to tumour necrosis factor inhibitors: results from the 24-week randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled period of the SPIRIT-P2 phase 3 trial. Lancet. 2017;389:2317-2327 pubmed publisher
    ..Eli Lilly and Company. ..
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    ..These lessons should be harnessed and put into practice to build demand and trust for the last stages of polio eradication, as well as for other life-saving health interventions. ..
  17. He M, Wang W, Huang W. Variations and Trends in Health Burden of Visual Impairment Due to Cataract: A Global Analysis. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2017;58:4299-4306 pubmed publisher
    ..001). The global health burden of vision loss due to cataract increased between 1990 and 2015 despite considerable efforts from the ..
  18. Olsen M, Angell S, Asma S, Boutouyrie P, Burger D, Chirinos J, et al. A call to action and a lifecourse strategy to address the global burden of raised blood pressure on current and future generations: the Lancet Commission on hypertension. Lancet. 2016;388:2665-2712 pubmed publisher
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  21. Thompson K, Duintjer Tebbens R. Lessons From Globally Coordinated Cessation of Serotype 2 Oral Poliovirus Vaccine for the Remaining Serotypes. J Infect Dis. 2017;216:S168-S175 pubmed publisher
    ..This includes maintaining high population immunity to transmission up until OPV13 cessation, meeting all prerequisites for OPV cessation, and ensuring sufficient vaccine supply to prevent and respond to outbreaks. ..
  22. Xu L, Sun X, Ma X. Systematic review and meta-analysis of mortality of patients infected with carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae. Ann Clin Microbiol Antimicrob. 2017;16:18 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results imply that attention should be paid to CRKP infection, and that strict infection control measures and new antibiotics are required to protect against CRKP infection. ..
  23. Denno D, Paul S. Child Health and Survival in a Changing World. Pediatr Clin North Am. 2017;64:735-754 pubmed publisher
    ..Sustainable Development Goal 3.2 presents an even more ambitious target and opportunity to save millions of lives; and requires attention to scaling up interventions, especially among the poorest and most vulnerable children. ..
  24. Tubman V, Makani J. Turf wars: exploring splenomegaly in sickle cell disease in malaria-endemic regions. Br J Haematol. 2017;177:938-946 pubmed publisher
    ..In this review, we explore the interactions between SCD, malaria and the spleen to better understand how splenomegaly and splenic (dys)function may co-exist in patients with SCD living in malaria-endemic areas. ..
  25. Cao B, Bray F, Beltrán Sánchez H, Ginsburg O, Soneji S, Soerjomataram I. Benchmarking life expectancy and cancer mortality: global comparison with cardiovascular disease 1981-2010. BMJ. 2017;357:j2765 pubmed publisher
    ..Global actions are needed to revitalize efforts for cancer control, with a specific focus on less resourced countries. ..
  26. González Herrada C, Rodríguez Martín S, Cachafeiro L, Lerma V, Gonzalez O, Lorente J, et al. Cyclosporine Use in Epidermal Necrolysis Is Associated with an Important Mortality Reduction: Evidence from Three Different Approaches. J Invest Dermatol. 2017;137:2092-2100 pubmed publisher
    ..The pooled MRROE (including from this study) was 0.41 (95% confidence interval = 0.21-0.80). All three approaches consistently show that CsA reduces the mortality in epidermal necrolysis patients. ..
  27. Harel Z, Chertow G, Shah P, Harel S, Dorian P, Yan A, et al. Warfarin and the Risk of Stroke and Bleeding in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation Receiving Dialysis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Can J Cardiol. 2017;33:737-746 pubmed publisher
    ..Because of the high prevalence of atrial fibrillation, stroke, and bleeding complications in this population, well designed clinical trials of warfarin and other anticoagulants are urgently needed. ..
  28. Wainberg M, Scorza P, Shultz J, Helpman L, Mootz J, Johnson K, et al. Challenges and Opportunities in Global Mental Health: a Research-to-Practice Perspective. Curr Psychiatry Rep. 2017;19:28 pubmed publisher
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  32. Shekar M, Kakietek J, D Alimonte M, Rogers H, Eberwein J, Akuoku J, et al. Reaching the global target to reduce stunting: an investment framework. Health Policy Plan. 2017;32:657-668 pubmed publisher
    ..The example of HIV scale-up over 2001-11 is instructive in identifying the factors that could drive such a global response to childhood stunting. ..
  33. Cheng T, Bogue C, Dover G. The Next 7 Great Achievements in Pediatric Research. Pediatrics. 2017;139: pubmed publisher
    ..This article further discusses the challenges and opportunities to accelerate these exciting pediatric research discoveries to improve the lives of children and the adults they will become. ..
  34. Decina D, Fournier Caruana J, Takane M, Ostad Ali Dehaghi R, Sutter R. Regulatory Aspects of Sabin Type 2 Withdrawal From Trivalent Oral Poliovirus Vaccine: Process and Lessons Learned. J Infect Dis. 2017;216:S46-S51 pubmed publisher
    ..Understanding of the regulatory environment gained through the OPV switch can be helpful in supporting further stages of the polio end game and other time-sensitive vaccine introduction programs. ..
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    ..Therapeutic supports and endeavors to reduce stigma for people of all abilities strengthen communities and allow for human thriving. ..
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    ..Andrew Seale and colleagues discuss the development of a global strategy to counter sexually transmitted infections. ..
  39. Durski K, Singaravelu S, Teo J, Naidoo D, Bawo L, Jambai A, et al. Development, Use, and Impact of a Global Laboratory Database During the 2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa. J Infect Dis. 2017;215:1799-1806 pubmed publisher
    ..The usefulness and value of a multifunctional global laboratory database is far reaching, with uses including virtual biobanking, disease forecasting, and adaption to other disease outbreaks. ..
  40. Porsbjerg C, Menzies Gow A. Co-morbidities in severe asthma: Clinical impact and management. Respirology. 2017;22:651-661 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, the review links co-morbid conditions to specific phenotypes of severe asthma, in order to guide the clinician on which co-morbidities to look for in specific patients...
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    The study sought to determine Canadian radiology resident perception of and interest in global health imaging (GHI) and the barriers they encounter in pursuing GHI experiences during residency training...
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    ..Findings suggest that sustainable decreases in negative attitudes toward gender and sexual minorities are achievable with a one-day training. ..
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    ..This type of work, increasingly popular in an age of global health, can present a number of challenges...
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    ..Vaccines are not available to prevent human infection, whereas several vaccines are available to reduce transmission and the clinical manifestations of infection in dogs. ..
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    ..This paper is primarily concerned with dengue, which has become the pre-eminent arbovirosis in terms of public health. ..