Summary: The natural enzymatic dissolution of FIBRIN.

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  1. ncbi Regulation of fibrinolysis by S100A10 in vivo
    Alexi P Surette
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS
    Blood 118:3172-81. 2011
  2. ncbi Coagulation/fibrinolysis and inflammation markers are associated with disease activity in patients with chronic urticaria
    S Takahagi
    Department of Dermatology, Hiroshima University, Japan
    Allergy 65:649-56. 2010
  3. ncbi Coagulation and fibrinolysis in diabetes
    S H Alzahrani
    Division of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research, Leeds Institute of Genetics Health and Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
    Diab Vasc Dis Res 7:260-73. 2010
  4. ncbi Activation of coagulation and fibrinolysis during dengue virus infection
    Y H Huang
    Department of Microbiology and Immunology, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, ROC
    J Med Virol 63:247-51. 2001
  5. ncbi Inflammation and coagulation
    Marcel Levi
    Department of Medicine, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, Meibergdreef, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Crit Care Med 38:S26-34. 2010
  6. ncbi A high admission syndecan-1 level, a marker of endothelial glycocalyx degradation, is associated with inflammation, protein C depletion, fibrinolysis, and increased mortality in trauma patients
    Pär I Johansson
    Section for Transfusion Medicine, Capital Region Blood Bank, Copenhagen University Hospital, Blegdamsvej 9, DK 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
    Ann Surg 254:194-200. 2011
  7. pmc Polyphosphate modulates blood coagulation and fibrinolysis
    Stephanie A Smith
    Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Urbana, IL 61801, USA
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 103:903-8. 2006
  8. ncbi Is clinical outcome of dengue-virus infections influenced by coagulation and fibrinolysis? A critical review of the evidence
    A T A Mairuhu
    Department of Internal Medicine, Slotervaart Hospital, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Lancet Infect Dis 3:33-41. 2003
  9. ncbi A proposed reference method for plasminogen activators that enables calculation of enzyme activities in SI units
    C Longstaff
    Division of Haematology, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, UK
    J Thromb Haemost 2:1416-21. 2004
  10. ncbi The role of the annexin A2 heterotetramer in vascular fibrinolysis
    Patricia A Madureira
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, USA
    Blood 118:4789-97. 2011

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  1. ncbi Regulation of fibrinolysis by S100A10 in vivo
    Alexi P Surette
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS
    Blood 118:3172-81. 2011
    ..networks and maintain blood fluidity by inhibiting blood coagulation and promoting blood clot dissolution (fibrinolysis)...
  2. ncbi Coagulation/fibrinolysis and inflammation markers are associated with disease activity in patients with chronic urticaria
    S Takahagi
    Department of Dermatology, Hiroshima University, Japan
    Allergy 65:649-56. 2010
    ..However, there is no reliable biomarker for such evaluations. Recently, markers of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis have been revealed to be elevated in severe cases of CU...
  3. ncbi Coagulation and fibrinolysis in diabetes
    S H Alzahrani
    Division of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research, Leeds Institute of Genetics Health and Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
    Diab Vasc Dis Res 7:260-73. 2010
    ..The effect of diabetes on fibrin network structure/fibrinolysis is reviewed and potential mechanisms that modify clot properties are discussed...
  4. ncbi Activation of coagulation and fibrinolysis during dengue virus infection
    Y H Huang
    Department of Microbiology and Immunology, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, ROC
    J Med Virol 63:247-51. 2001
    ..Since hemostasis depends on the balance between coagulation and fibrinolysis, alternation of some coagulation parameters (platelet count and activated partial thromoboplastin time, APTT) ..
  5. ncbi Inflammation and coagulation
    Marcel Levi
    Department of Medicine, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, Meibergdreef, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Crit Care Med 38:S26-34. 2010
    ..tissue factor and the simultaneous down-regulation of endothelial-bound anticoagulant mechanisms and endogenous fibrinolysis. Conversely, activated coagulation proteases may affect specific cellular receptors on inflammatory cells and ..
  6. ncbi A high admission syndecan-1 level, a marker of endothelial glycocalyx degradation, is associated with inflammation, protein C depletion, fibrinolysis, and increased mortality in trauma patients
    Pär I Johansson
    Section for Transfusion Medicine, Capital Region Blood Bank, Copenhagen University Hospital, Blegdamsvej 9, DK 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
    Ann Surg 254:194-200. 2011
    ..To investigate the association between markers of acute endothelial glycocalyx degradation, inflammation, coagulopathy, and mortality after trauma...
  7. pmc Polyphosphate modulates blood coagulation and fibrinolysis
    Stephanie A Smith
    Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Urbana, IL 61801, USA
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 103:903-8. 2006
    ..was also found to delay clot lysis by enhancing a natural antifibrinolytic agent, thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor. Polyphosphate is unstable in blood or plasma, owing to the presence of phosphatases...
  8. ncbi Is clinical outcome of dengue-virus infections influenced by coagulation and fibrinolysis? A critical review of the evidence
    A T A Mairuhu
    Department of Internal Medicine, Slotervaart Hospital, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Lancet Infect Dis 3:33-41. 2003
    ..In-vitro findings suggest that coagulopathy and disturbances in fibrinolysis have a pivotal role in the pathophysiology...
  9. ncbi A proposed reference method for plasminogen activators that enables calculation of enzyme activities in SI units
    C Longstaff
    Division of Haematology, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, UK
    J Thromb Haemost 2:1416-21. 2004
    ..The method would make a suitable reference method for PAs and provides a rigorous means of studying and modeling the enzymology of fibrinolysis and will be helpful in the rational design of third generation thrombolytic agents.
  10. ncbi The role of the annexin A2 heterotetramer in vascular fibrinolysis
    Patricia A Madureira
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, USA
    Blood 118:4789-97. 2011
    ..fluidity by producing the protease plasmin that removes blood clots from the vasculature, a process called fibrinolysis. Plasminogen receptors play a central role in the regulation of plasmin activity...
  11. ncbi Primary fibrinolysis is integral in the pathogenesis of the acute coagulopathy of trauma
    Jeffry L Kashuk
    Division of Trauma, Acute Care, and Critical Care Surgery, Department of Surgery, Penn State Hershey Medical Center, College of Medicine, Hershey, PA 17033, USA
    Ann Surg 252:434-42; discussion 443-4. 2010
    The existence of primary fibrinolysis (PF) and a defined mechanistic link to the "Acute Coagulopathy of Trauma" is controversial. Rapid thrombelastography (r-TEG) offers point of care comprehensive assessment of the coagulation system...
  12. pmc Serpins in thrombosis, hemostasis and fibrinolysis
    J C Rau
    Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599 7035, USA
    J Thromb Haemost 5:102-15. 2007
    Hemostasis and fibrinolysis, the biological processes that maintain proper blood flow, are the consequence of a complex series of cascading enzymatic reactions...
  13. ncbi Fibrin and fibrinolysis in infection and host defense
    J L Degen
    Division of Developmental Biology, Children s Hospital Research Foundation and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH, USA
    J Thromb Haemost 5:24-31. 2007
    ..Detailed studies of the inflammatory response in mice with genetically-imposed modifications in coagulation and fibrinolytic factors underscore the regulatory crosstalk between the hemostatic and immune systems...
  14. ncbi Endothelial dysfunction, impaired endogenous fibrinolysis, and cigarette smoking: a mechanism for arterial thrombosis and myocardial infarction
    D E Newby
    Clinical Pharmacology Unit and Research Centre, University of Edinburgh, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland
    Circulation 99:1411-5. 1999
    Effective endogenous fibrinolysis requires rapid release of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) from the vascular endothelium...
  15. ncbi Pleiotropic functions of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1
    H R Lijnen
    Center for Molecular and Vascular Biology, KU, Leuven, Belgium
    J Thromb Haemost 3:35-45. 2005
    ..It is not always clear if these functions depend on the antiproteolytic activity of PAI-1, on its binding to vitronectin or on its intereference with cellular migration or matrix binding...
  16. ncbi uPA and uPAR in fibrinolysis, immunity and pathology
    Anna Mondino
    Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Cancer Immunotherapy and Gene Therapy Program, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, DIBIT, Via Olgettina 58, 20132 Milan, Italy
    Trends Immunol 25:450-5. 2004
  17. ncbi Effects of a protease inhibitor, ulinastatin, on coagulation and fibrinolysis in abdominal surgery
    Tomoki Nishiyama
    Department of Anesthesiology, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
    J Anesth 20:179-82. 2006
    ..The PMNE concentration correlates with the activities of coagulation and fibrinolysis. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effects of ulinastatin, a protease inhibitor, on ..
  18. pmc Fibrinogen and beta-amyloid association alters thrombosis and fibrinolysis: a possible contributing factor to Alzheimer's disease
    Marta Cortes-Canteli
    Laboratory of Neurobiology and Genetics, The Rockefeller University, New York, NY 10065, USA
    Neuron 66:695-709. 2010
    ..AD samples, and intravital brain imaging of clot formation and dissolution revealed abnormal thrombosis and fibrinolysis in AD mice...
  19. pmc Short-term supplementation with Aronia melanocarpa extract improves platelet aggregation, clotting, and fibrinolysis in patients with metabolic syndrome
    Joanna Sikora
    Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug Analyses, Medical University of Lodz, Muszynskiego 1, 90 151, Lodz, Poland
    Eur J Nutr 51:549-56. 2012
    ..The aim of our study was to investigate the effects of A. melanocarpa extract (AM) supplementation on platelet aggregation, clot formation, and lysis in patients with metabolic syndrome (MS)...
  20. ncbi Impaired fibrinolysis in the pathogenesis of dengue hemorrhagic fever
    Eric C M van Gorp
    Department of Internal Medicine, Slotervaart Hospital, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    J Med Virol 67:549-54. 2002
    ..Thirteen patients (26%) died, and activation of coagulation was most pronounced in the deceased group. Fibrinolysis was also activated, but this activation was relatively weak compared with that of coagulation as a result of ..
  21. ncbi Cross-talk between inflammation,coagulation/fibrinolysis and vascular access in hemodialysis patients
    E Costa
    Instituto de Ciências da Saúde da Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto, Portugal
    J Vasc Access 9:248-53. 2008
    ..The increased levels of Ddimer, tPA and inflammatory markers in CKD patients using a CVC, led us to propose a relationship between the type of VA chosen for HD, and the risk of thrombogenesis...
  22. ncbi Coagulation/fibrinolysis abnormality and vascular endothelial damage in the pathogenesis of thrombocytopenic multiple organ failure
    Hirokazu Ueno
    Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Chiba University School of Medicine, Japan
    Crit Care Med 30:2242-8. 2002
  23. pmc Plasminogen controls inflammation and pathogenesis of influenza virus infections via fibrinolysis
    Fatma Berri
    VirPatH, EA4610 Virologie et Pathologie Humaine, Faculté de médecine RTH Laennec, Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Lyon, France
    PLoS Pathog 9:e1003229. 2013
    ..disease resistance of plasminogen-deficient mice or mice treated with an inhibitor of plasminogen-mediated fibrinolysis. Therefore, plasminogen contributes to the deleterious inflammation of the lungs and local fibrin clot ..
  24. pmc Endothelium--role in regulation of coagulation and inflammation
    Victor W M van Hinsbergh
    Institute for Cardiovascular Research, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Semin Immunopathol 34:93-106. 2012
    ..ADAMTS18 induces disintegration of platelet aggregates while tissue-type plasminogen activator initiates fibrinolysis. Fibrin and products of platelets and inflammatory cells modulate the angiogenic response of endothelial cells ..
  25. pmc Alterations of coagulation and fibrinolysis in patients with angioedema due to C1-inhibitor deficiency
    M van Geffen
    Laboratory of Hematology, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    Clin Exp Immunol 167:472-8. 2012
    ..acute attacks (AA) of localized oedema associated with activation of the contact system, complement and fibrinolysis. To unravel further the role of coagulation and fibrinolysis in the pathophysiology of C1-INH deficiency, we ..
  26. ncbi Visceral fat as a determinant of fibrinolysis and hemostasis
    Ilse Mertens
    Department of Diabetology, Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, Antwerp University Hospital, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium
    Semin Vasc Med 5:48-55. 2005
    ..fat has generally been accepted as an important cardiovascular risk factor, and disturbances in hemostasis and fibrinolysis have been suggested to play a role...
  27. ncbi Fibrinolysis-independent role of plasmin and its activators in the haematopoietic recovery after myeloablation
    Marc Tjwa
    Vesalius Research Center, VIB, Leuven, Belgium
    J Cell Mol Med 13:4587-95. 2009
    ..mice after 5-FU was not rescued by depletion of fibrinogen, indicating that it was not due to defective fibrinolysis. Instead, loss of Plg impaired breakdown of fibronectin, VCAM-1 and laminin-BM matrix proteins involved in ..
  28. ncbi Current view on alveolar coagulation and fibrinolysis in acute inflammatory and chronic interstitial lung diseases
    Malgorzata Wygrecka
    Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Giessen Lung Center, Friedrichstrasse 24, 35392 Giessen, Germany
    Thromb Haemost 99:494-501. 2008
    ..In the current article, the role of the alveolar coagulation and fibrinolysis systems in acute inflammatory and chronic interstitial lung diseases is discussed with regard to ..
  29. pmc Impaired fibrinolysis in the antiphospholipid syndrome
    Katie A Krone
    Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44195, USA
    Curr Rheumatol Rep 12:53-7. 2010
    ..b>Fibrinolysis--the process by which fibrin thrombi are remodeled and degraded--involves the conversion of plasminogen to ..
  30. pmc Association of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 and tissue plasminogen activator with type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome in Malaysian subjects
    Zaid Al-Hamodi
    Department of Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Cardiovasc Diabetol 10:23. 2011
    ..The aim of this study was to investigate the association of tPA and its inhibitor PAI-1 with type 2 diabetes (T2D) and MetS and interrelationship between PAI-1 and tPA activities and antigens in Malaysian T2D and normal subjects...
  31. ncbi Peritoneal response to pneumoperitoneum and laparoscopic surgery
    M Bergstrom
    Department of Surgery, Sahlgrenska University Hospital Ostra, Goteborg University, S 41685 Göteborg, Sweden
    Br J Surg 89:1465-9. 2002
    ..Local peritoneal fibrinolysis is a critical factor in adhesion development...
  32. pmc Pathogenetic and prognostic significance of altered coagulation and fibrinolysis in acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome
    Lorraine B Ware
    Division of Allergy, Pulmonary, and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN, USA
    Crit Care Med 35:1821-8. 2007
    ..However, direct evidence for the contribution of abnormalities in coagulation and fibrinolysis proteins to outcomes in patients with acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome is lacking.
  33. ncbi Molecular mechanisms of fibrinolysis
    Gabriela Cesarman-Maus
    Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY 10021, USA
    Br J Haematol 129:307-21. 2005
    The molecular mechanisms that finely co-ordinate fibrin formation and fibrinolysis are now well defined...
  34. ncbi Evaluation of aprotinin and tranexamic acid in different in vitro and in vivo models of fibrinolysis, coagulation and thrombus formation
    M Sperzel
    Product Related Research, Bayer HealthCare AG, Wuppertal, Germany
    J Thromb Haemost 5:2113-8. 2007
    ..Clinicians may consider these agents as readily substitutable regarding their pharmacological profiles...
  35. ncbi Relative value of inflammatory, hemostatic, and rheological factors for incident myocardial infarction and stroke: the Edinburgh Artery Study
    Ioanna Tzoulaki
    Wolfson Unit for Prevention of Peripheral Vascular Diseases, Public Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh, Teviot Place, Edinburgh EH8 9AG, UK
    Circulation 115:2119-27. 2007
  36. ncbi Fibrinolysis: the key to new pathogenetic mechanisms
    Esther Zorio
    Hospital Universitario La Fe, Centro de Investigacion, Servicio de Cardiología y Servicio de Ginecología Valencia, Spain
    Curr Med Chem 15:923-9. 2008
  37. ncbi Influence of fibrin network conformation and fibrin fiber diameter on fibrinolysis speed: dynamic and structural approaches by confocal microscopy
    J P Collet
    Department of Cardiology, Hemostasis Laboratory, Pitie Salpetriere Hospital, Hotel Dieu Hospital, Paris, France
    Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 20:1354-61. 2000
    ..To elucidate further structural and dynamic changes occurring during fibrinolysis, cross-linked plasma fibrin was labeled with colloidal gold particles, and fibrinolysis was followed by ..
  38. ncbi Infection and inflammation and the coagulation system
    Marcel Levi
    Department of Vascular Medicine and Internal Medicine F 4, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, Meibergdreef 9, 1105 AZ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Cardiovasc Res 60:26-39. 2003
    ..thrombin generation, downregulation of physiological anticoagulant mechanisms, and inhibition of fibrinolysis. Pro-inflammatory cytokines play a central role in the differential effects on the coagulation and fibrinolysis ..
  39. ncbi Reduced clot permeability and susceptibility to lysis in patients with acute coronary syndrome: effects of inflammation and oxidative stress
    Anetta Undas
    Institute of Cardiology, Jagiellonian University School of Medicine, 80 Pradnicka Str 31 202 Cracow, Poland
    Atherosclerosis 196:551-7. 2008
    ..Stable angina is associated with unfavorable fibrin structure/function. It is not known how acute coronary syndromes (ACS) affect fibrin architecture...
  40. ncbi Binding of Candida albicans enolase to plasmin(ogen) results in enhanced invasion of human brain microvascular endothelial cells
    Ambrose Y Jong
    Division of Hematology Oncology, Mailstop 57, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA
    J Med Microbiol 52:615-22. 2003
    ..significance of this result, it was demonstrated that the plasmin(ogen)-bound Candida cells were able to induce fibrinolysis activity in a matrix-gel assay...
  41. pmc Protein composition of microparticles shed from human placenta during placental perfusion: Potential role in angiogenesis and fibrinolysis in preeclampsia
    S Guller
    Department of Obstetrics Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven CT, USA
    Placenta 32:63-9. 2011
    ..The syncytiotrophoblast synthesizes plasminogen activator inhibitors (PAIs) which regulate fibrinolysis, as well as soluble forms of the fms-like tyrosine kinase (sFlt-1) and endoglin, which exert anti-angiogenic ..
  42. ncbi Fibrinolysis and host response in bacterial infections
    Simone Bergmann
    Max von Pettenkofer Institute, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich, Munich, Germany
    Thromb Haemost 98:512-20. 2007
    The plasminogen activation system is part of the fibrinolysis which is tightly regulated and protected against dysfunction by various activators and inhibitors...
  43. ncbi Enhanced thrombin formation and fibrinolysis during acute Puumala hantavirus infection
    Outi Laine
    Department of Internal Medicine, Tampere University Hospital, Tampere, Finland
    Thromb Res 126:154-8. 2010
    Nephropathia epidemica (NE) is a viral hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome associated with thrombocytopenia and mild bleeding. We assessed activation of coagulation and fibrinolysis during the acute phase of NE.
  44. pmc The interplay between tissue plasminogen activator domains and fibrin structures in the regulation of fibrinolysis: kinetic and microscopic studies
    Colin Longstaff
    National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, South Mimms, UK
    Blood 117:661-8. 2011
    ..Kinetics studies were performed to investigate plasminogen activation and fibrinolysis in the 2 types of fibrin, using wild-type tPA (F-G-K1-K2-P, F and K2 binding), K1K1-tPA (F-G-K1-K1-P, F binding)..
  45. ncbi New insights into the molecular mechanisms of the fibrinolytic system
    D C Rijken
    Department of Hematology, Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    J Thromb Haemost 7:4-13. 2009
    b>Fibrinolysis is regulated by specific molecular interactions between its main components. Activation of plasminogen by tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA) is enhanced in the presence of fibrin or at the endothelial cell surface...
  46. ncbi Binding and activation of plasminogen on the platelet surface
    L A Miles
    J Biol Chem 260:4303-11. 1985
    A mechanism by which platelets might participate in fibrinolysis by binding plasminogen and influencing its activation has been examined...
  47. ncbi Relationship of metabolic syndrome and fibrinolytic dysfunction to cardiovascular disease
    Sonia S Anand
    Department of Medicine, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    Circulation 108:420-5. 2003
    ..Individuals with this syndrome suffer an excess of cardiovascular disease (CVD) for reasons that are unclear...
  48. ncbi Enhancement of endogenous fibrinolysis does not reduce local fibrin deposition, but modulates inflammation upon intestinal ischemia and reperfusion
    Ivo G Schoots
    Department of Surgery, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Thromb Haemost 91:497-505. 2004
    This study investigated the contribution of endogenous suppression of fibrinolysis and increased fibrin deposition to intestinal dysfunction and injury in a rat model of intestinal ischemia/reperfusion (I/R), as fibrinolytic inhibition ..
  49. ncbi Thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor in young patients with myocardial infarction and its relationship with the fibrinolytic function and the protein C system
    Esther Zorio
    Service of Cardiology, Research Centre and Department of Clinical Pathology, Hospital Universitario La Fe, Valencia, Spain
    Br J Haematol 122:958-65. 2003
    Thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor (TAFI) is a fibrinolytic inhibitor. Studies in coronary artery disease have reported increased TAFI activity (TAFI Act) and low TAFI antigen (TAFI Ag) levels...
  50. ncbi Blood coagulation and fibrinolysis in patients with hyperthyroidism
    C Erem
    Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Faculty of Medicine, Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey
    J Endocrinol Invest 25:345-50. 2002
    Several papers concerning abnormalities of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis during hyperthyroidism, have been published. Increased von Willebrand Factor (vWF) activity and high fibrinogen levels have been reported...
  51. ncbi Effects of aspirin on clot structure and fibrinolysis using a novel in vitro cellular system
    R A Ajjan
    Division of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research, Leeds Institute for Genetics, Health, and Therapeutics LIGHT, University of Leeds, UK
    Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 29:712-7. 2009
    ..The purpose of this study was to investigate the direct effects of aspirin on fibrin structure/function...
  52. ncbi Reduced plasma fibrinolytic potential is a risk factor for venous thrombosis
    Ton Lisman
    Thrombosis and Haemostasis Laboratory, Department of Haematology G 03 647, University Medical Centre, Heidelberglaan 100, 3584 CX Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Blood 105:1102-5. 2005
    ..6 for 90th percentile). Taken together, these results indicate that plasma hypofibrinolysis constitutes a risk factor for venous thrombosis, with a doubling of the risk at clot lysis times that are present in 10% of the population...
  53. ncbi Impaired fibrinolysis in multiple sclerosis: a role for tissue plasminogen activator inhibitors
    Djordje Gveric
    Department of Neuroinflammation, Institute of Neurology, 1 Wakefield Street, London WC1N 1PJ, UK
    Brain 126:1590-8. 2003
    ..activity in normal-appearing white and grey matter and lesions of multiple sclerosis is reflected in diminished fibrinolysis as measured by a clot lysis assay...
  54. ncbi Thrombin activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor and hemostatic changes in patients with type I diabetes mellitus with and without microvascular complications
    Jovan P Antovic
    Department of Surgical Sciences, Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden Jovan
    Blood Coagul Fibrinolysis 14:551-6. 2003
    We investigated thrombin activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor (TAFI) and its influence on fibrinolysis by measuring pro-TAFI activity and total TAFI antigen in 38 patients with type I diabetes mellitus (18 with and 20 without microvascular ..
  55. pmc Fibrin derived from patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension is resistant to lysis
    Timothy A Morris
    Division of Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Diego, CA 92103 8378, USA
    Am J Respir Crit Care Med 173:1270-5. 2006
  56. ncbi Production of fibrinolytic enzyme from soybean grits fermented by Bacillus firmus NA-1
    Ji Hyun Seo
    Department of Food Science and Technology, Keimyung University, Daegu, Republic of Korea
    J Med Food 7:442-9. 2004
    ..Soybean grits were completely converted into valuable functional ingredients containing fibrinolytic enzyme, peptide, and mucilage by the solid-state fermentation...
  57. ncbi A single bout of walking exercise enhances endogenous fibrinolysis in stroke patients
    Frederick M Ivey
    University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Division of Gerontology, Baltimore VA Medical Center GRECC, Baltimore, MD 21201 1524, USA
    Med Sci Sports Exerc 35:193-8. 2003
    Impaired endogenous fibrinolysis is an important predictor for increased risk of stroke and myocardial infarction...
  58. ncbi Impaired capacity for stimulated fibrinolysis in primary hypertension is restored by antihypertensive therapy
    Wilhelm Ridderstråle
    Clinical Experimental Research Laboratory, Sahlgrenska University Hospital Ostra, Institute of Medicine, Goteborg University, Goteborg, Sweden
    Hypertension 47:686-91. 2006
    ..Similar responses with the 2 regimens suggest that the improvement is related to the blood pressure reduction as such. This effect may contribute to the thromboprotective effect of antihypertensive treatment...
  59. ncbi Chronic relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (CREAE) in plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 knockout mice: the effect of fibrinolysis during neuroinflammation
    E East
    Department of Neuroinflammation, Institute of Neurology, University College London, London, UK
    Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol 34:216-30. 2008
    ..Fibrin deposited on axons is ineffectively removed by tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), a key contributory factor being the upregulation of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1)...
  60. ncbi Fibrin resistance to lysis in patients with pulmonary hypertension other than thromboembolic
    Massimo Miniati
    Dipartimento di Area Critica Medico Chirugica, Universita di Firenze, Viale Morgagni 85, 50134 Florence, Italy
    Am J Respir Crit Care Med 181:992-6. 2010
    ..Persistence of regions within the fibrin beta chain, which mediate cell signaling and migration, could trigger the organization of pulmonary thromboemboli into chronic intravascular scars...
  61. ncbi Preservation of peritoneal fibrinolysis owing to decreased transcription of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in peritoneal mesothelial cells suppresses postoperative adhesion formation in laparoscopic surgery
    Manabu Shimomura
    Department of Gastroenterological and Transplant Surgery, Applied Life Sciences, Institute of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan
    Surgery 153:344-56. 2013
    Postoperative adhesion formation is regulated by peritoneal fibrinolysis, which is determined by tissue-type plasminogen activator (tPA) and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1)...
  62. ncbi Diabetes does not influence activation of coagulation, fibrinolysis or anticoagulant pathways in Gram-negative sepsis (melioidosis)
    Gavin C K W Koh
    Center for Experimental and Molecular Medicine, Department of Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine and AIDS, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Thromb Haemost 106:1139-48. 2011
    ..anti-coagulation (antithrombin, protein C, total and free protein S levels were depressed) and abnormalities of fibrinolysis (D-dimer and plasmin-antiplasmin complex [PAP] were elevated)...
  63. ncbi Hyperglycemia: a prothrombotic factor?
    B A Lemkes
    Department of Internal Medicine, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    J Thromb Haemost 8:1663-9. 2010
    ..condition in diabetes is underpinned by laboratory findings of elevated coagulation factors and impaired fibrinolysis. Hyperglycemia plays an important role in the development of these hemostatic abnormalities, as is illustrated ..
  64. ncbi The Biochemistry, Physiology and Pathological roles of PAI-1 and the requirements for PAI-1 inhibition in vivo
    Britt Van De Craen
    Laboratory for Pharmaceutical Biology, Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
    Thromb Res 130:576-85. 2012
    ..PAI-1 attenuates fibrinolysis and increased levels of active PAI-1 have been associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases...
  65. ncbi Blood coagulation and fibrinolysis after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage
    Carl C Larsen
    Department of Neurosurgery, Glostrup University Hospital, Glostrup, Denmark
    Acta Neurochir (Wien) 152:1577-81; discussion 1581. 2010
    ..Studies have shown that antifibrinolytic therapy with tranexamic acid has a dramatic effect on the rate of rebleeding. Therefore, changes in the fibrinolytic system could be hypothesized...
  66. ncbi Very-low-density lipoprotein response element in the promoter region of the human plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 gene implicated in the impaired fibrinolysis of hypertriglyceridemia
    P Eriksson
    King Gustaf V Research Institute, Department of Medicine, Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
    Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 18:20-6. 1998
    ..Triglyceride-rich lipoproteins may attenuate fibrinolysis by increasing the plasma levels of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1)...
  67. ncbi Pathogenesis of acute traumatic coagulopathy
    Ross Davenport
    Trauma Sciences, Blizard Institute, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary, University of London, London, UK
    Transfusion 53:23S-27S. 2013
    ..Endothelial activation of Protein C is a central mechanism of ATC, which produces rapid anticoagulation and fibrinolysis following severe trauma...
  68. ncbi Factors contributing to the disturbance of coagulation and fibrinolysis in dengue virus infection
    Yung Chun Chuang
    Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Medical College, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
    J Formos Med Assoc 112:12-7. 2013
    ..In this review we focus on the possible factors that may be involved in the disturbance of coagulation and fibrinolysis during dengue virus (DENV) infection...
  69. pmc The effects of age on inflammatory and coagulation-fibrinolysis response in patients hospitalized for pneumonia
    Sachin Kale
    The Clinical Research, Investigation, and Systems Modeling of Acute Illness Laboratory, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America
    PLoS ONE 5:e13852. 2010
    ..To determine whether inflammatory and hemostasis response in patients hospitalized for pneumonia varies by age and whether these differences explain higher mortality in the elderly...
  70. ncbi Matrix metalloproteinase-10 effectively reduces infarct size in experimental stroke by enhancing fibrinolysis via a thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor-mediated mechanism
    J Orbe
    Laboratory of Atherosclerosis, Division of Cardiovascular Science, CIMA, Avenida Pio XII, 55, 31008 Pamplona, Navarra, Spain
    Circulation 124:2909-19. 2011
    ..MMP-10 has been implicated in inflammatory/thrombotic processes and vascular integrity, but whether MMP-10 could have a profibrinolytic effect and represent a promising thrombolytic agent is unknown...
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    N Wohner
    Department of Medical Biochemistry, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary 1088, Puskin u 9, Hungary
    Cardiovasc Hematol Agents Med Chem 6:224-8. 2008
    ..In addition, platelets affect fibrinolysis through their proteins and phospholipids, which modulate plasmin activity...
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    M Nesheim
    Department of Biochemistry, Queen s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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    The thrombin thrombomodulin dependent activation of the plasma protein TAFI (Thrombin Activatable Fibrinolysis Inhibitor) and Subsequent Inhibition of Fibrinolysis by the TAFIa is described...
  73. ncbi Prevalence and impact of abnormal ROTEM(R) assays in severe blunt trauma: results of the 'Diagnosis and Treatment of Trauma-Induced Coagulopathy (DIA-TRE-TIC) study'
    H Tauber
    Clinic of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, Innsbruck Medical University, Anichstrasse 35, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
    Br J Anaesth 107:378-87. 2011
    ..ROTEM(®)/TEG(®) (rotational thromboelastometry) assays appear to be useful for the treatment of bleeding trauma patients. However, data on the prevalence and impact of abnormal ROTEM(®) assays are scarce...
  74. ncbi Primary angioplasty versus fibrinolysis in acute myocardial infarction: long-term follow-up in the Danish acute myocardial infarction 2 trial
    Peter H Nielsen
    Department of Cardiology, Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby, Brendstrupgaardsvej, DK 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark
    Circulation 121:1484-91. 2010 found that primary angioplasty (primary percutaneous coronary intervention [pPCI]) compared with fibrinolysis reduced 30-day adverse events in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction...
  75. ncbi Effects of disruption of the plasminogen gene on thrombosis, growth, and health in mice
    V A Ploplis
    Center for Transgene Technology and Gene Therapy, Vlaams Interuniversitair Instituut voor Biotechnologie, KU Leuven, Belgium
    Circulation 92:2585-93. 1995
    ..Circumstantial evidence suggests that the plasminogen/plasmin system plays a role in many biological processes, including hemostasis, cell migration, and development...
  76. ncbi Pulmonary hypertension is ameliorated in mice deficient in thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor
    L Qin
    Department of Immunology, Mie University School of Medicine, Edobashi 2 174, Tsu City, Mie 514 8507, Japan
    J Thromb Haemost 8:808-16. 2010
    ..Thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor (TAFI) inhibits fibrinolysis and therefore its absence would be expected to increase fibrinolysis and ..
  77. ncbi Pre-eclampsia: relationship between coagulation, fibrinolysis and inflammation
    Luci M Dusse
    Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK
    Clin Chim Acta 412:17-21. 2011
    ..In the present paper we discuss potential causal links between PE, haemostasis and inflammation. The potential implications of such interaction on the pathogenesis of PE are also addressed...
  78. ncbi Effects of oral and transdermal estrogen replacement therapy on markers of coagulation, fibrinolysis, inflammation and serum lipids and lipoproteins in postmenopausal women
    S Vehkavaara
    Department of Medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland
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    ..effects of oral estradiol (2 mg), transdermal estradiol (50 microg), and placebo on measures of coagulation, fibrinolysis, inflammation and serum lipids and lipoproteins in 27 postmenopausal women at baseline and after 2 and 12 weeks ..
  79. ncbi Prognostic value of plasma fibrinolysis activation markers in cardiovascular disease
    Diana A Gorog
    Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
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    The pivotal role of hypoactive endogenous fibrinolysis in the occurrence of thrombotic cardiovascular events is now well-recognized...
  80. ncbi Secreted Bacillus anthracis proteases target the host fibrinolytic system
    Myung Chul Chung
    National Center for Biodefense and Infectious Diseases, George Mason University, Manassas, VA, USA
    FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol 62:173-81. 2011
    The fibrinolytic system is often the target for pathogenic bacteria, resulting in increased fibrinolysis, bacterial dissemination, and inflammation...
  81. ncbi Unique secretory dynamics of tissue plasminogen activator and its modulation by plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in vascular endothelial cells
    Yuko Suzuki
    Department of Physiology, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Hamamatsu, Japan
    Blood 113:470-8. 2009
    ..Our results provide new insights into the relationship between exocytosed, membrane-retained tPA and PAI-1, which would modulate cell surface-associated fibrinolytic potential...
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    H R Lijnen
    Center for Molecular and Vascular Biology, University of Leuven, Belgium
    Ann N Y Acad Sci 936:226-36. 2001
    ..Thereby, MMP-3 may downregulate cell associated plasmin activity by decreasing the amount of activatable plasminogen, without affecting cell bound u-PA activity...
  83. ncbi Physiological responses to protein aggregates: fibrinolysis, coagulation and inflammation (new roles for old factors)
    Martijn F B G Gebbink
    Crossbeta Biosciences BV, Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht, The Netherlands
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    ..We here review these discoveries that have uncovered new roles for the fibrinolytic system and the contact activation system beyond haemostasis...
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    E Angles-Cano
    Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale, U460, Faculte de Medecine Xavier Bichat, France
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    ..This mechanism ensures fibrinolysis and pericellular proteolysis...
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    ..Prohemostatic treatment may be beneficial in case of severe bleeding, whereas restoring physiological anticoagulant pathways may be helpful in patients with sepsis and disseminated intravascular coagulation...
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    Lorraine B Ware
    Division of Allergy, Pulmonary, and Critical Care, Department of Medicine Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN 37232 2650, USA
    Keio J Med 54:142-9. 2005
    ..for new specific therapies has led a number of investigators to examine the role of altered coagulation and fibrinolysis in the pathogenesis of ALI/ARDS...
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    A Davenport
    Department of Renal Medicine and Transplantation, The Royal Free Hospital, London, United Kingdom
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    ..This review examines both patient and extracorporeal factors that may lead to premature clotting within the CRRT circuit, and approaches that may reduce extracorporeal clotting...
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    Yin Cheng Teng
    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Shanghai Sixth People s Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
    J Perinat Med 37:343-8. 2009
    ..Our objective was to determine the relationship of blood coagulation related factors in placental tissue and peripheral blood in preeclamptic and normal pregnancies...
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    Rohana J Wright
    Department of Diabetes, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, UK
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    ..The concept that acute hypoglycaemia could aggravate vascular complications associated with diabetes is discussed in relation to evolving comprehension of the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and blood vessel disease...
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    Jeremy P Langrish
    Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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    ..It is unclear whether these effects are mediated through combustion-derived particulate matter or gaseous components, such as nitrogen dioxide...
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    Paul Ziprin
    Department of Surgical Oncology and Technology, Imperial College School of Medicine, 10th Floor QEQM Building, St Mary s Hospital, Praed Street, London W2 1NY, United Kingdom
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    ..The aim of this study is to assess the effect of the pneumoperitoneum on mesothelial cell fibrinolytic activity by use of an in vitro model...
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    Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Erasmus University Medical School, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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    ..of coagulability, fibrinogen, prothrombin fragments 1+2, thrombin-antithrombin complex (TAT), and indicators of fibrinolysis, plasmin-inhibitor complex, D-dimer and tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA) with dementia...
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    Plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 (PAI-1) is a serpin that has a key role in the control of fibrinolysis through proteinase inhibition...
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    ..Prophylactic treatment is used up to 12 h before or after surgery, and recent clinical trials suggest that the timing of initiating prophylaxis significantly influences antithrombotic effectiveness...
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    Chirurgie générale et digestive, Hopital de la Pitie Salpetriere, 83 Boulevard de l hopital, Paris, France
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    Int J Colorectal Dis 17:426-9. 2002
    ..This prospective randomized trial compared the peritoneal fibrinolytic activity between laparoscopic and conventional colorectal resection...
  98. pmc The single substitution I259T, conserved in the plasminogen activator Pla of pandemic Yersinia pestis branches, enhances fibrinolytic activity
    Johanna Haiko
    General Microbiology, Faculty of Biosciences, FI 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
    J Bacteriol 191:4758-66. 2009
    ..Recombinant Y. pestis KIM D34 or Escherichia coli XL1 expressing Pla T259I was impaired in fibrinolysis and in plasminogen activation...
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    Martin Schumacher
    Clinic of Neuroradiology, University of Freiburg, Germany
    Ophthalmology 117:1367-75.e1. 2010
    ..Although local intra-arterial fibrinolysis (LIF) using recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA) is a promising treatment, outcomes have not been ..
  100. ncbi Common variation in the C-terminal region of the fibrinogen beta-chain: effects on fibrin structure, fibrinolysis and clot rigidity
    Ramzi Ajjan
    Academic Unit of Molecular Vascular Medicine, Leeds Institute for Genetics, Health and Therapeutics, University of Leeds, UK
    Blood 111:643-50. 2008
    ..had similar lysis rates outside the plasma environment, but when added to fibrinogen-depleted plasma, the fibrinolysis rates for Lys448 were significantly slower compared with Arg448...
  101. ncbi Loss of fibrinogen rescues mice from the pleiotropic effects of plasminogen deficiency
    T H Bugge
    Division of Developmental Biology, Children s Hospital Research Foundation, Cincinnati, Ohio 45229, USA
    Cell 87:709-19. 1996
    ..Mice deficient in Plg and Fib are phenotypically indistinguishable from Fib-deficient mice. These data suggest that the fundamental and possibly only essential physiological role of Plg is fibrinolysis.

Research Grants62

  1. Triggers of Abruptio Placentae - A Case Crossover Study of an Ischemic Placental
    Michelle A Williams; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..We plan to focus on specific gene pathways, including coagulation, fibrinolysis, platelet function, infection and inflammation, angiogenesis, folate metabolism, and the renin-angiotensin ..
    J Evan Sadler; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Mentors and include: pathogenesis of hemorrhagic and thrombotic disorders;regulation of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis;gene therapy of hemophilia and lysosomal storage diseases;phosphoinositide metabolism and cell signaling ..
  3. Adjunctive Use of Apyrase to Fibrinolytic Therapy
    Ridong Chen; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..With the Phase I award, we demonstrated that in the r-tPA induced fibrinolysis model in dogs, treatment of APT102 completely prevented re-occlusion, maintained normal blood flow, and ..
  4. Renin-angiotensin and fibrinolysis interaction in humans
    NANCY JOAN BROWN; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..measures of glucose homeostasis in patients with impaired glucose tolerance, while improving biomarkers of fibrinolysis. With a number of new pharmacological strategies to increase cGMP emerging, these studies could have a major ..
  5. Immunology, Inflammation, and Endometriosis
    STACEY ANN MISSMER; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..Abnormalities in fibrinolysis associated with endometriosis may increase the risk of arterial plaque formation and consequent ischemic ..
  6. Autologous EPC lining to improve biocompatibility of circulatory assist devices
    Jeffrey H Lawson; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..determine the differential expression levels of a large number of known proteins associated with coagulation, fibrinolysis, inflammation and complement activation...
  7. Proteolytic Pathways in Thrombus Resolution
    Toni M Antalis; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..outcome of these studies will be to define a novel molecular pathway that links inflammation, coagulation and fibrinolysis to modulate venous thrombus resolution...
  8. Coagulation and Fibrinolysis in Pediatric Insulin Titration Trial
    Anil Sapru; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Hyperglycemia is known to result in a pro-thrombotic state via activation of coagulation and impairment of fibrinolysis. This pro-thrombotic, anti-fibrinolytic state, may lead to intravascular fibrin deposition and micro thrombi, ..
  9. Effects of Macronutrients on Regulation of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Human
    Guenther Boden; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia and disorders of coagulation and fibrinolysis, all of which are independent risk factors for heart attacks, strokes and peripheral arterial disease...
  10. Role of Fibrinolytic System in Vein Graft Remodeling
    William P Fay; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) is a serine protease inhibitor and a major regulator of fibrinolysis and cell migration. PAI-1 function is highly dependent on its cofactor, vitronectin (VN)...
  11. Interactions of Lipoproteins and Cells in Diabetes Mellitus
    RICHARD LOUIS KLEIN; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..PAI-1 is the negative modulator of fibrinolysis and elevated circulating PAI-1 levels are associated with several risk factors for cardiovascular disease...
  12. Contribution of the LDL receptor-related protein (LRP) to inflammation and sepsis
    Eric A Williams; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..The diverse biologic role of LRP includes regulation of proteolytic activity, lipid metabolism, fibrinolysis, and cellular migration...
  13. Thrombomodulin Receptors on Immune Cells
    John Morser; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..enzyme by activation of Protein C (PC) and procarboxypeptidase2 (pCPB2 aka Thrombin Activatable Fibrinolysis Inhibitor)...
  14. Deranged Coagulation and Fibrinolytic Cascades in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
    MITCHELL ALAN OLMAN; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Despite this conceptual knowledge, there is much to be learned regarding whether factors in the coagulation/fibrinolysis pathways predict prognosis, or anticoagulant treatment response in IPF...
  15. Late cardiovascular consequences of septic shock
    Sachin Yende; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Although many pathways are activated in sepsis, we will focus on 4 pathways (inflammation, coagulation-fibrinolysis, endothelial dysfunction, and oxidative stress) that are important in cardiovascular disease...
    Mias Pretorius; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..will test the hypothesis that ACE inhibition and angiotensin AT1 receptor blockade differ in their effects on fibrinolysis, oxidative stress, and inflammation during hemodialysis...
  17. Role of the Plasminogen Activator Protease during Pneumonic Plague
    Wyndham W Lathem; Fiscal Year: 2013
    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The balance between coagulation and fibrinolysis is essential not only to maintain homeostasis but also to enable an appropriate response to trauma and infection...
    EDWARD FRANKLIN PLOW; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Taken together, these studies will define how plasminogen and its receptors function in biologically important responses. ..
    Paul E Bock; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Streptokinase (SK), a major streptococcal virulence factor, targets human fibrinolysis by activating plasminogen (Pg) to the proteinase, plasmin (Pm)...
  20. Urokinase, Neutrophil Activation and Acute Lung Injury.
    Gang Liu; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..activator inhibitor 1 (PAI-1), and vitronectin have well described roles in modulating coagulation and fibrinolysis. However, our recent results suggest two novel mechanisms through which urokinase, PAI-1, and vitronectin can ..
  21. Continuous monitoring of anti-fibrinolytic therapy in cardiovascular surgery
    Francis G Spinale; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..bleeding post- operatively, which is commonly managed by pharmacologically modifying clot degradation (fibrinolysis), through inhibition of plasmin activity (PLact)...
  22. Deep Vein Thrombosis and Chronic Thrombotic Venous Disease
    Timothy A Morris; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..characterize structural variants in fibrinogen from patients with CTVD;and (4) determine if resistance to fibrinolysis or variant fibrinogen structure is an important determinant of incomplete recovery after acute DVT...
  23. The Activation of Prothrombin
    Kenneth G Mann; Fiscal Year: 2011
    ..grant providing both intellectual material and physical support in the collaborative studies of coagulation and fibrinolysis in human biology...
  24. The Molecular Basis of Serpin Function and Disfunction
    Patrick L Wintrode; Fiscal Year: 2011
    ..Serpins are involved in the regulation of many physiological processes including fibrinolysis, complement activation, angiogenesis and inflammation...
  25. Prevention and management of perioperative pulmonary embolism
    Vladimir R Muzykantov; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..pulmonary arterial EC barrier function and deregulates vascular tone, offsetting the salutary benefits of fibrinolysis. We hypothesize that uPA signals through LRP1 to induce vasoconstriction in partially occluded hypoxic vessels, ..
  26. A novel mechanism of coagulation in sickle cell disease
    JULIA BRITTAIN; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..thrombin generation;2) decreased levels of natural anticoagulant proteins;and 3) abnormal activation of fibrinolysis. There also may be increased incidence of pulmonary embolism in SCD and histopathologic studies have suggested ..
  27. Cardiovascular Disease Mechanisms in HIV Infected and Uninfected Veterans
    AMY CAROLINE JUSTICE; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..changes, subclinical atherosclerosis, cardiac fitness, and alterations associated with thrombogenesis and fibrinolysis. With these enriched data we will be uniquely positioned to determine whether: 1) HIV infection is an ..
  28. Novel Targets in Thrombosis and Atherosclerosis
    Daniel A Lawrence; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ..These systems are;thrombosis/fibrinolysis, inflammation, and lipid metabolism, and each has been independently linked with the development of vascular ..
  29. Effects of Hibernation on Hemostasis in 13-lined Ground Squirrels
    Scott T Cooper; Fiscal Year: 2012 the effects of hibernation on platelet activity, formation of deep vein thrombi (DVT), and activation of fibrinolysis. By implanting ground squirrels with telemetry sensors, we will be able to determine when animals are in the ..
  30. SCCOR in Hemostatic and Thrombotic Diseases
    John A Oates; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..The combined skills of the investigators in fibrinolysis, the coupling of G-proteins to receptors, eicosanoid metabolism, platelet collagen receptors, and diabetes have ..
  31. Coagulation Abnormalities and Post-Traumatic Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
    Jean Francois Pittet; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..of a procoagulant activity associated with (a) low plasma levels of aPC and (b) an inhibition of the fibrinolysis caused by elevated plasma levels of PAI-1...
  32. South Carolina Collaborative Alliance for Stroke Trials (SC-CoAST)
    Edward C Jauch; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The development of fibrinolysis for stroke dramatically changed the paradigm for acute stroke treatment - for the first time acute ischemic ..
  33. Non Viral Gene Therapy for Lung Injury
    Song Li; Fiscal Year: 2012
    ABSTRACT: The normal balance between coagulation and fibrinolysis, both intravascularly and extravascularly, is significantly altered during pulmonary injuries...
  34. Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Platelets as Cellular Therapeutics
    Mortimer Poncz; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..the resulting human platelets allow targeted delivery of this agent to growing thrombi without causing systemic fibrinolysis. These studies will be done in close collaboration with the Seattle Cluster and will involve 3 species: mice, ..
  35. Expansion of intracranial hemorrhage by tPA after traumatic brain injury
    ABD ALROOF HIGAZI; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..We postulate that marked release of the fibrinolysis initiators, tissue type plasminogen activator (tPA) and urokinase plasminogen activator, from the injured brain ..
  36. Midcareer Investigator Award in Patient-Oriented Research in Acute Lung Injury
    Lorraine B Ware; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..lung transplantation, as well as ongoing studies of the mechanistic role of alterations in coagulation and fibrinolysis in ALI. PGD has a major impact on morbidity, mortality and cost of lung transplantation...
  37. TLR2 in Sepsis-Induced Coagulopathy, Endothelial Leak, and Pulmonary Dysfunction
    Judith Hellman; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..the hypotheses that TLR2 agonists alter expression of factors involved in coagulation, anticoagulation, and fibrinolysis: 1) through NF-B, and 2) through additional mediators, including TGF-, TNF, and/or NO...
  38. Embolus extravasation: an alternative mechanism of microvascular recanalization
    Jaime Grutzendler; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..the cerebral microvasculature emboli composed of virtually any substance including those not susceptible to fibrinolysis such as atheromatous cholesterol fragments...
  39. Microvascular Permeability and Matrix Fibrinogen Degradation in Trauma
    Mack H Wu; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..The central hypothesis states that burn-elicited matrix degradation and fibrinolysis elevate 3C which targets the endothelial barrier and promotes plasma leak...
  40. Fibrin Structures and Lung Injury
    Harry Ischiropoulos; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..Therefore we propose that abnormal fibrin structures that are resistant to fibrinolysis induce pulmonary vascular abnormalities confer a high risk for VTE and acute lung injury...
    Karen Hamilton; Fiscal Year: 1991
    Endothelium plays a major role in the regulation of primary hemostasis, fibrinolysis, and vasomotor tone...
  42. Genome-wide Association Study for Gamma' Fibrinogen Expression
    DAVID HENRY FARRELL; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..Second, purified 'fibrinogen forms fibrin clots that are resistant to fibrinolysis. Third, decreased ?'fibrinogen levels are correlated with venous thrombosis and thrombotic microangiopathy...
    STEVEN GONIAS; Fiscal Year: 1993
    The function of the fibrinolysis system is to gradually eliminate existing blood clots and protect the fluidity of normal blood vessels...
  44. The Prothrombinase Complex: A Model of an Enzyme-Cofactor Complex
    MARIA CRISTINA BRAVO; Fiscal Year: 2010
    ..maintained through a delicate balance of two cascades leading to the formation (coagulation) and dissolution (fibrinolysis) of a clot...
  45. The role of coagulation cascade proteases in pleural fibrosis
    TORRY ALLE TUCKER; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..has previously been shown to promote fibrotic repair by promoting local procoagulant activity and suppressing fibrinolysis in the pleural compartment...
  46. Cellular Determinants of Fibrin Structure and Stability
    Alisa S Wolberg; Fiscal Year: 2013 examine how vascular cells modulate fibrin network permeability, mechanical strength, and resistance to fibrinolysis. Finally, we will use transmission electron microscopy to compare fibrin structure in clots formed under ..
  47. Mechanisms of Clotting Factor Assembly
    James H Morrissey; Fiscal Year: 2013
    ..V activation and enhances fibrin clot structure, leading to thicker fibrin fibrils that are more resistant to fibrinolysis. Because the ability of polyphosphate to modulate blood clotting has only recently been discovered, we still do ..
    STEVEN GONIAS; Fiscal Year: 1992
    b>Fibrinolysis is the enzyme system that eliminates existing fibrin blood clots and inhibits the deposition of new fibrin in normal blood vessels. Plasmin is the primary proteinase responsible for fibrin digestion in vivo...
    James Eckman; Fiscal Year: 2001
    ..studies show that sickle cell disease (SCD) patients have platelet activation, increased thrombin formation and fibrinolysis, in vivo, and that activation of thrombosis increases significantly during pain episodes...
    Guy Reed; Fiscal Year: 1993
    ..In this application, we propose to study the functions of alpha2AP in fibrinolysis and to use the understanding acquired to develop and test a safer, more effective thrombolytic strategy...
    S Husain; Fiscal Year: 1990
    Frank Isik; Fiscal Year: 2002
    ..tPA), balanced by plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1), which limits plasmin generation and excessive fibrinolysis. Mechanisms that regulate plasminogen activators in vivo and the requirement for the plasminogen activator ..
    Raymond Schleef; Fiscal Year: 1990
    ..g., urokinase-like plasminogen activator), and that EC- mediated fibrinolysis must therefore be precisely regulated...
  54. Defining the Role of TREM-Like Transcript-1 in Platelet Aggregation
    A Washington; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..Although there are several causes, platelet thrombus formation and fibrinolysis play a central role in the initiation and progression of various facets of these CVDs...
  55. Alpha2-antiplasmin polymorphism and a new plasma enzyme
    Patrick McKee; Fiscal Year: 2006
    DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The serpin alpha2-antiplasmin (a2AP) has a major role in regulating fibrinolysis. This proposal's goal is to (1) define interactions that determine how much a2AP becomes clot-bound for inhibiting ..
    Daniel Walz; Fiscal Year: 1993
    ..variety of biological processes, including cell proliferation, cell adhesion, immunoregulation, thrombosis and fibrinolysis; many of these events are directly influenced by proteins secreted from the platelet alpha-granule...
  57. Defining the Role of TREM-Like Transcript-1 in Platelet Aggregation
    A Washington; Fiscal Year: 2009
    ..Although there are several causes, platelet thrombus formation and fibrinolysis play a central role in the initiation and progression of various facets of these CVDs...
  58. Carboxypeptidases in Thrombosis and Inflammation
    Laszlo Bajzar; Fiscal Year: 2007
    ..TAFla inhibits fibrinolysis and could exacerbate thrombosis whereas CPN may not...
    MICHAEL AIKENS; Fiscal Year: 2001
    ..departmental awards for his research cardioprotective effects of alcohol on endothelial cell(EC)-mediated fibrinolysis and has presented his research at several national meetings...
    Karol Lacroix; Fiscal Year: 1991
    ..there is any abnormality which can be detected with selected clinical assays in the activation or inhibition of fibrinolysis within this group...
    BRADFORD SCHWARTZ; Fiscal Year: 1991
    ..Monocytes secrete an inhibitor of urokinase (UK-I) which would serve to impede fibrinolysis. Monocyte secretion of UK-1 is augmented by exposure to inflammatory stimuli...
    David Loskutoff; Fiscal Year: 2003
    Plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 (PAI-1) is the primary inhibitor of plasminogen activation and vascular fibrinolysis in vivo, and elevations in PAI-1 appear to compromise normal fibrin clearance mechanisms and promote pathological ..