Summary: The ninth planet in order from the sun. It is one of the five outer planets of the solar system. Its only natural satellite is Charon.

Top Publications

  1. Zachar P, Kendler K. The removal of Pluto from the class of planets and homosexuality from the class of psychiatric disorders: a comparison. Philos Ethics Humanit Med. 2012;7:4 pubmed publisher
    We compare astronomers' removal of Pluto from the listing of planets and psychiatrists' removal of homosexuality from the listing of mental disorders...
  2. Simonelli D, Pollack J, McKay C, Reynolds R, Summers A. The carbon budget in the outer solar nebula. Icarus. 1989;82:1-35 pubmed
    Detailed models of the internal structures of Pluto and Charon, assuming rock and water ice as the only constituents, indicate that the mean silicate mass fraction of this two-body system is on the order of 0...
  3. Strazzulla G. Ion irradiation: its relevance to the evolution of complex organics in the outer solar system. Adv Space Res. 1997;19:1077-84 pubmed
    ..Here results from laboratory experiments are summarized. Their relevance for the formation and evolution of simple molecules and complex organic materials on planetary bodies in the external Solar System is outlined. ..
  4. Khanna R. Infrared spectroscopy of organics of planetological interest at low temperatures. Adv Space Res. 1995;16:109-18 pubmed
    ..Of particular interest are Saturn's moon, Titan; Neptune's moon, Triton; and Pluto where extreme cold conditions prevail...
  5. Mervis J. 2003 U.S. budget. NSF gets big lift; Pluto mission backed. Science. 2002;297:755 pubmed
  6. Tryka K, Brown R, Cruikshank D, Owen T, Geballe T, DeBergh C. Temperature of nitrogen ice on Pluto and its implications for flux measurements. Icarus. 1994;112:513-27 pubmed
    ..Here we reevaluate that data and refine the temperature value to 38 +/- 1 K. Applying the same technique to Pluto we determine that the temperature of the N2 ice on that body is 40 +/- 2 K...
  7. Bohn R, Sandford S, Allamandola L, Cruikshank D. Infrared spectroscopy of Triton and Pluto ice analogs: the case for saturated hydrocarbons. Icarus. 1994;111:151-73 pubmed
    ..behavior of various organic compounds isolated in solid N2 ices, appropriate for applications to Triton and Pluto, are presented. It is shown that excess absorption in the surface spectra of Triton and Pluto, i.e...
  8. Kerr R. Lunar and Planetary Science conference.Cold, cold bodies, warm hearts. Science. 2007;315:1789 pubmed