Summary: An organophosphorus cholinesterase inhibitor that is used as an insecticide and an acaricide.

Top Publications

  1. Sismeiro Vivas J, Abrantes N, Pereira J, Castro B, Goncalves F. Short-term effects of Quirlan (chlorfenvinphos) on the behavior and acetylcholinesterase activity of Gambusia holbrooki. Environ Toxicol. 2007;22:194-202 pubmed
    b>Chlorfenvinphos is a widespread organophosphorous (OP) insecticide and it is a reported hazardous chemical for aquatic nontarget organisms...
  2. Rickwood C, Galloway T. Acetylcholinesterase inhibition as a biomarker of adverse effect. A study of Mytilus edulis exposed to the priority pollutant chlorfenvinphos. Aquat Toxicol. 2004;67:45-56 pubmed
    ..and physiological status in order to measure exposure to and the effects of the priority pollutant chlorfenvinphos. Laboratory exposures of the blue mussel Mytilus edulis to commercial grade chlorfenvinphos (Sapecron) were ..
  3. Lukaszewicz Hussain A. Subchronic intoxication with chlorfenvinphos, an organophosphate insecticide, affects rat brain antioxidative enzymes and glutathione level. Food Chem Toxicol. 2008;46:82-6 pubmed
    ..of brain antioxidative enzymes and reduced glutathione level in rats subchronically intoxicated with chlorfenvinphos. In the rat brain the activities of such enzymes as superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase ..
  4. Alix A, Cortesero A, Nenon J, Anger J. Selectivity assessment of chlorfenvinphos reevaluated by including physiological and behavioral effects on an important beneficial insect. Environ Toxicol Chem. 2001;20:2530-6 pubmed
    ..In the present study, we assess the physiological selectivity of the organophosphate chlorfenvinphos, used to protect cruciferous crops against the cabbage root fly, Delia radicum (Diptera: Anthomyiidae), by ..
  5. Okello Onen J, Tukahirwa E, Perry B, Rowlands G, Nagda S, Musisi G, et al. The impact of tick control on the productivity of indigenous cattle under ranch conditions in Uganda. Trop Anim Health Prod. 2003;35:237-47 pubmed
    ..These results provide a basis for assessing the losses under different tick management systems in the various production systems. ..
  6. Wang L, Jiang X, Mao Y, Su Y, Wu J. [Degradation regulation of fenthion and chlorfenvinfos combined pollutants in red soil]. Huan Jing Ke Xue. 2005;26:159-63 pubmed
  7. Lukaszewicz Hussain A, Moniuszko Jakoniuk J. [Glycolytic processes in rat liver during chlorfenvinphos intoxications]. Med Pr. 1997;48:579-83 pubmed
    ..LDH) and the concentration of lactate, pyruvate and glucose in cytosolic fraction of the rat liver in chlorfenvinphos intoxication...
  8. Okello Onen J, Mukhebi A, Tukahirwa E, Musisi G, Bode E, Heinonen R, et al. Financial analysis of dipping strategies for indigenous cattle under ranch conditions in Uganda. Prev Vet Med. 1998;33:241-50 pubmed
    ..The need to conduct further studies in different livestock- production systems and to rationalise future tick control policies is discussed. ..
  9. Konieczny B. [Evaluation of respiratory tract function in workers employed in the production of Enolophos]. Pneumonol Pol. 1990;58:386-91 pubmed
    ..The duration of working in this factory did not affect respiratory function. The results demonstrate a harmful effect of Enolophos to the lungs and airways. ..

More Information


  1. Dekundy A, Blaszczak P, Kaminski R, Turski W. On the interactions between antimuscarinic atropine and NMDA receptor antagonists in anticholinesterase-treated mice. Arch Toxicol. 2001;74:702-8 pubmed
    ..Adult Swiss mice were systemically injected with the OP pesticide, chlorfenvinphos (CVP), or the carbamate pesticide, methomyl (MET)...
  2. Istamboulie G, Cortina Puig M, Marty J, Noguer T. The use of Artificial Neural Networks for the selective detection of two organophosphate insecticides: chlorpyrifos and chlorfenvinfos. Talanta. 2009;79:507-11 pubmed publisher
    ..In both cases, good prediction ability was obtained with correlation coefficients better than 0.986 when the obtained values were compared with those expected for a set of six external test samples not used for training. ..
  3. Gralewicz S, Kowalczyk W, Gorny R, Socko R. Brain electrical activity (EEG) after repetitive exposure to chlorphenvinphos an organophosphate anticholinesterase: I. Rabbit. Pol J Occup Med. 1990;3:51-67 pubmed
    ..The obtained data suggest that exposure to CVP may lead to functional changes in the brain outlasting the period of ChE depression. ..
  4. Pawłowska D, Koćmierska Grodzka D, Moniuszko Jakoniuk J. The effect of methylbromophenvinfos (Polfos) on some enzymes in vivo and in vitro. I. In vivo studies. Pol J Pharmacol Pharm. 1987;39:361-70 pubmed
    ..During the acute poisoning a sharp increase in the activity of beta-glu in the blood serum, 1 and 2 h after the pesticide administration, was observed. Polfos inhibited lipase and amylase both after acute and chronic treatment. ..
  5. Kossmann S, Cierpka E, Szwed Z. Biochemical evaluation of the liver function in workers employed at the production of chlorfenvinphos. Przegl Lek. 1997;54:712-5 pubmed
    In order to assess the liver damage caused by chlorfenvinphos, all the workers employed at the production of this compound were examined twice, 9 years apart...
  6. Wiaderna D, Tomas T, Luczak C, Gralewicz S. [Evaluation of the functional observational battery of tests used for neurotoxicity detection based on the effects of exposure to chlorfenvinphos]. Med Pr. 1993;44:141-52 pubmed
    ..In previous experiments an organophosphorous pesticide, chlorfenvinphos (CVP), was used...
  7. Kowalczyk Bronisz S, Giełdanowski J, Bubak B, Kotz J. Studies on effect of pesticide Chlorfenwinfos on mouse immune system. Arch Immunol Ther Exp (Warsz). 1992;40:283-9 pubmed
    ..It seems that immunotropic effect of this pesticide is reversible. Three weeks after the exposure to this compound had been stopped, PFC, IgG and IgM level came back to the normal value. ..
  8. Acero J, Real F, Javier Benitez F, Gonzalez A. Oxidation of chlorfenvinphos in ultrapure and natural waters by ozonation and photochemical processes. Water Res. 2008;42:3198-206 pubmed publisher
    The chemical oxidation of the organophosphorus insecticide chlorfenvinphos, a priority pollutant in aquatic environments, has been conducted in ultrapure water, by means of single degradation agents (ozone and UV radiation), and by the ..
  9. Tarhoni M, Lister T, Ray D, Carter W. Albumin binding as a potential biomarker of exposure to moderately low levels of organophosphorus pesticides. Biomarkers. 2008;13:343-63 pubmed
    ..producing approximately 30% inhibition of AChE, rat plasma albumin binding in vitro by azamethiphos (oxon), chlorfenvinphos (oxon), chlorpyrifos-oxon, diazinon-oxon and malaoxon was reduced from controls by 9+/-1%, 67+/-2%, 56+/-2%, ..
  10. Barba A, Navarro S, Camara M. Persistence of the mixture of chlorfenvinphos and cypermethrin (Survan) in citrus fruits. J Environ Sci Health B. 1988;23:331-41 pubmed
    The Survan (a mixture of the insecticides chlorfenvinphos and cypermethrin) persistence in lemon citrus fruits, verna variety, is studied...
  11. Gralewicz S, Tomas T, Socko R. Interaction of chlorphenvinphos with cholinergic receptors in the rabbit hypothalamus. Neurotoxicol Teratol. 1995;17:289-95 pubmed
    ..This suggests that CVP is neither an agonist nor antagonist of the muscarinic receptors in the rabbit hypothalamus. ..
  12. Lawrence J, Musisi F, Mfitilodze M, Tjornehoj K, Whiteland A, Kafuwa P, et al. Integrated tick and tick-borne disease control trials in crossbred dairy cattle in Malawi. Trop Anim Health Prod. 1996;28:280-8 pubmed
    ..Babesia bigemina, Babesia bovis and Cowdria ruminantium. They were treated at infrequent intervals with chlorfenvinphos to limit infestation with adult ticks, without providing complete tick control...
  13. Gralewicz S, Swiercz R, Lutz P, Wiaderna D, Wasowicz W. Effects of stress pretreatment on the dynamics of blood cholinesterase activity after exposure to an organophosphorus pesticide in the rat. Ann Agric Environ Med. 2010;17:65-71 pubmed
    ..It has been hypothesized that the changes consist in an increase of the antioxidant potential in blood and possibly other tissues. ..
  14. Salas J, González M, Noa M, Pérez N, Diaz G, Gutierrez R, et al. Organophosphorus pesticide residues in Mexican commercial pasteurized milk. J Agric Food Chem. 2003;51:4468-71 pubmed
    ..and the OP pesticides present in these samples were dichlorvos (five samples), phorate, chlorpyrifos, and chlorfenvinphos (one sample, respectively)...
  15. Łukaszewicz Hussain A. [Paraoxonase activity and lipid peroxides concentration in serum of rats subchronically intoxicated with chlorpyrifos--organophosphate insecticide]. Med Pr. 2012;63:559-64 pubmed
    ..It also suggests the need to take into consideration a possible development of arteriosclerosis, hypercholesterolemia and diabetes mellitus in people exposed to these compounds. ..
  16. Collier W, Clear M, Hart A. Convenient and rapid detection of pesticides in extracts of sheep wool. Biosens Bioelectron. 2002;17:815-9 pubmed
    ..The presence of pesticides in the extracts could be detected with any of three commonly available cholinesterases but the most sensitive enzyme was butyryl cholinesterase from horse serum...
  17. Raszewski G, Filip R. Correlation of therapeutic effect of obidoxime and dosing time in the acute intoxication by chlorfenvinphos in rats. Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. 2009;105:37-45 pubmed publisher
    ..atropine and diazepam mixture to reactivate acetylcholinesterase inhibited by the organophosphorus compound chlorfenvinphos was compared in the central nervous system and peripheral tissues of rats...
  18. Jackson C, Weir K, Herlt A, Khurana J, Sutherland T, Horne I, et al. Structure-based rational design of a phosphotriesterase. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2009;75:5153-6 pubmed publisher
    In silico substrate docking of both stereoisomers of the pesticide chlorfenvinphos (CVP) in the phosphotriesterase from Agrobacterium radiobacter identified two residues (F131 and W132) that prevent productive substrate binding and cause ..
  19. Portolés T, Pitarch E, Lopez F, Hernandez F. Development and validation of a rapid and wide-scope qualitative screening method for detection and identification of organic pollutants in natural water and wastewater by gas chromatography time-of-flight mass spectrometry. J Chromatogr A. 2011;1218:303-15 pubmed publisher
  20. Gralewicz S, Lutz P, Swiercz R, Grzelińska Z, Wiaderna D. Neuroendocrine and behavioral response to amphetamine challenge after exposure to an organophosphorus pesticide. Int J Occup Med Environ Health. 2011;24:283-91 pubmed publisher
    ..e. augmented locomotion, was significantly reduced compared to the control. The results confirm that CVP exposure causes behavioral hyposensitivity to AMPH. This effect, however, could not be ascribed to a diminished CORT response. ..
  21. Łukaszewicz Hussain A, Moniuszko Jakoniuk J. [Evaluation of gamma-glutamyltransferase activity and reduced glutathione concentration in liver of rats with acute chlorfenvinphos poisoning ]. Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig. 2002;53:119-24 pubmed
    ..aim of this paper was estimation the GGT activity and GSH concentration in the liver of rats intoxicated with chlorfenvinphos. The experiment was conducted on male Wistar rats divided into three groups: control--which received oil and ..
  22. Gralewicz S, Lutz P, Tomas T. Behavioural responsiveness to amphetamine or scopolamine following repeated exposure to chlorphenvinphos in rats. Acta Neurobiol Exp (Wars). 2002;62:75-83 pubmed
    ..The results suggest that, depending on the exposure level, contrasting alterations in some neurotransmitter systems may be induced by repeated exposure to CVP. ..
  23. Konieczny B, Kossmann S, Makuch M. Impaired respiratory muscle function in chemical plant workers producing chlorfenvinphos. Ann Agric Environ Med. 1999;6:21-5 pubmed
    All employees of a chemical plant division producing chlorfenvinphos were studied, i.e. 35 males aged 25-57 years (mean 42.1); their employment period ranged from 1-15 years (mean 9.0). Chronic bronchitis was diagnosed in 13 workers (37...
  24. Norval R, Yunker C, Duncan I, Peter T. Pheromone/acaricide mixtures in the control of the tick Amblyomma hebraeum: effects of acaricides on attraction and attachment. Exp Appl Acarol. 1991;11:233-40 pubmed
    ..investigated the effects of three acaricides, amitraz (an amidine), flumethrin (a synthetic pyrethroid) and chlorfenvinphos (an organophosphate), combined with AAP, on the attraction and attachment of the unfed adults...
  25. Ikeda T, Kojima T, Yoshida M, Takahashi H, Tsuda S, Shirasu Y. Pretreatment of rats with an organophosphorus insecticide, chlorfenvinphos, protects against subsequent challenge with the same compound. Fundam Appl Toxicol. 1990;14:560-7 pubmed
    A single oral pretreatment of rats with chlorfenvinphos (CVP) reduced toxicity of the same compound subsequently administered...
  26. Dudka J, Szczepaniak S. [Investigation of chlorfenvinphos influence on levels of free tryptophan in blood plasma of the rat]. Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig. 1993;44:199-203 pubmed
    The authors studied the effect of chlorfenvinphos on the free tryptophan level in the plasma of blood of male Wistar rats. The animals were intoxicated with pesticide in a single oral dose of 2.6 mg/kg (0.2 LD50)...
  27. Maldonado M, Malato S, Pérez Estrada L, Gernjak W, Oller I, Domènech X, et al. Partial degradation of five pesticides and an industrial pollutant by ozonation in a pilot-plant scale reactor. J Hazard Mater. 2006;138:363-9 pubmed
    Aqueous solutions of a mixture of several pesticides (alachlor, atrazine, chlorfenvinphos, diuron and isoproturon), considered PS (priority substances) by the European Commission, and an intermediate product of the pharmaceutical ..
  28. Sedrowicz L, Witkowska D, Oledzka R. Effect of chlorfenvinphos, cypermethrin and their mixture on the intestinal transport of leucine and methionine. J Appl Toxicol. 1996;16:483-9 pubmed
    We assessed the effect of 2-week oral treatment with chlorfenvinphos, cypermethrin and their mixture in a dose of 5% LD50 on the intestinal transport of L-leucine (Leu) and L-methionine (Met) in male Wistar rats...
  29. Chishti M, Rotkiewicz T. Hepatic and renal ultrastructural changes in cockerels exposed to cadmium chloride and subsequent interaction with organophosphate insecticide. J Environ Pathol Toxicol Oncol. 1993;12:35-45 pubmed
    ..These observations suggest that treatment with CdCl2 and then subsequent interaction with IPO 63 compound causes hepatic and renal damage that appears to be additive. ..
  30. Tomas T, Gralewicz S. A comparison of changes in spontaneous (EEG) and evoked brain activity induced by chlorphenvinphos and physostigmine in rats and rabbits. Pol J Occup Med Environ Health. 1992;5:55-69 pubmed
    ..The data do not confirm the suggestion that brain electrical activity is the most sensitive index of neurotoxicity resulting from exposure to organophosphate ChE inhibitors. ..
  31. Szczepaniak S, Nowiński H, Jeleniewicz K, Maciejewska Kozak H. [Pyruvic acid in the rat liver and myocardium after acute chlorfenvinphos poisoning]. Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig. 1991;42:205-8 pubmed
    The authors studied the effect of chlorfenvinphos on the pyruvic acid level in the liver and cardiac muscle of male Wistar rats. The animals were intoxicated with chlorfenvinphos in a single oral dose of 5 mg/kg (0.5 LD50)...
  32. Ikeda T, Tsuda S, Shirasu Y. Metabolic induction of the hepatic cytochrome P450 system by chlorfenvinphos in rats. Fundam Appl Toxicol. 1991;17:361-7 pubmed
    ..of rats with the organophosphorus insecticide 2-chloro-1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)vinyl diethyl phosphate (chlorfenvinphos, CVP) afforded protection against the toxicity of a subsequent challenge with the same compound within 24 hr...
  33. Jena S, Acharya S, Mohapatra P. Variation in effects of four OP insecticides on photosynthetic pigment fluorescence of Chlorella vulgaris Beij. Ecotoxicol Environ Saf. 2012;80:111-7 pubmed publisher
    Effects of the insecticides quinalphos, chlorfenvinphos, dimethoate and phorate on photosystem activity of Chlorella vulgaris were investigated by different chlorophyll fluorescence measurements...
  34. Mekonnen S, Bryson N, Fourie L, Peter R, Spickett A, Taylor R, et al. Acaricide resistance profiles of single- and multi-host ticks from communal and commercial farming areas in the Eastern Cape and North-West Provinces of South Africa. Onderstepoort J Vet Res. 2002;69:99-105 pubmed
    ..Amblyomma hebraeum and Rhipicephalus appendiculatus were tested against various concentrations of amitraz, chlorfenvinphos and cypermethrin using the Shaw Larval Immersion Test method...
  35. Mekonnen S, Bryson N, Fourie L, Peter R, Spickett A, Taylor R, et al. Comparison of 3 tests to detect acaricide resistance in Boophilus decoloratus on dairy farms in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. J S Afr Vet Assoc. 2003;74:41-4 pubmed
    ..Grove and Welgevind in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, was tested against the acaricides amitraz, chlorfenvinphos and cypermethrin...
  36. Hartnik T, Styrishave B. Impact of biotransformation and bioavailability on the toxicity of the insecticides alpha-cypermethrin and chlorfenvinphos in earthworm. J Agric Food Chem. 2008;56:11057-64 pubmed publisher
    ..and metabolism of two insecticides, the pyrethroid alpha-cypermethrin (alpha-CYP) and the organophosphate chlorfenvinphos (CFVP), in the earthworm Eisenia fetida to their lethal and sublethal toxicity...
  37. Rouchaud J, Gustin F, Benoit F, Ceustermans N, Gillet J, Van de Steene F, et al. Influence of cow manure and composts on the effects of chlorfenvinphos on field crops. Arch Environ Contam Toxicol. 1992;22:122-9 pubmed
    ..the plants were treated against the root fly by pouring onto soil around the plant stem an emulsion of chlorfenvinphos [2-chloro-1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl) ethenyl diethyl phosphate] in water. The fields were divided into plots...
  38. Gralewicz S, Lutz P, Szymczak W. Hyposensitivity to amphetamine following exposure to chlorphenvinphos--protection by amphetamine preexposure. Acta Neurobiol Exp (Wars). 2000;60:203-8 pubmed
    ..The results suggest that a single CVP exposure may result in persistent dopaminergic hyposensitivity, and that an amphetamine pretreatment may protect the rat against this effect. ..
  39. Łukaszewicz Hussain A. [Liver and serum glutathione concentration and liver hydrogen peroxide in rats subchronically intoxicated with chlorfenvinphos--organophosphate insecticide]. Med Pr. 2011;62:23-9 pubmed
    ..the liver, as well as the concentration of total glutathione in serum of rats in subchronic intoxication with chlorfenvinphos. The animals received chlorfenvinphos, intragastrically with use of a stomach tube, at a one daily dose of 0...
  40. Mahdy F, El Maghraby S. Effect of processing on 14C-chlorfenvinphos residues in maize oil and bioavailability of its cake residues on rats. Bull Environ Contam Toxicol. 2010;84:582-6 pubmed publisher
    Maize seeds obtained from 14C-chlorfenvinphos treated plants contained 0.12% of the applied dose. The insecticide residues in crude oil, methanol and cake amounted to 10%, 6% and 69%, respectively of original residues inside the seeds...
  41. Istamboulie G, Fournier D, Marty J, Noguer T. Phosphotriesterase: a complementary tool for the selective detection of two organophosphate insecticides: chlorpyrifos and chlorfenvinfos. Talanta. 2009;77:1627-31 pubmed publisher
    ..A bi-enzymatic sensor was designed by immobilizing both B394 and PTE in a polyvinylalcohol matrix. The sensor was shown to be able to discriminate between chlorpyrifos and chlorfenvinfos inhibitions. ..
  42. Vudriko P, Okwee Acai J, Tayebwa D, Byaruhanga J, Kakooza S, Wampande E, et al. Emergence of multi-acaricide resistant Rhipicephalus ticks and its implication on chemical tick control in Uganda. Parasit Vectors. 2016;9:4 pubmed publisher
    ..Resistance was also detected against COF (43.3%), OP chlorfenvinphos (13.3%) and amitraz (12.9%). In two years, 74...
  43. Officioso A, Manna C, Alzoubi K, Lang F. Bromfenvinphos induced suicidal death of human erythrocytes. Pestic Biochem Physiol. 2016;126:58-63 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, bromfenvinphos triggers cell shrinkage and phospholipid scrambling of the erythrocyte cell membrane, an effect in part due to stimulation of ROS formation and Ca(2+) entry. ..
  44. Kadar A, De Sousa G, Peyre L, Wortham H, Doumenq P, Rahmani R. Evidence of in vitro metabolic interaction effects of a chlorfenvinphos, ethion and linuron mixture on human hepatic detoxification rates. Chemosphere. 2017;181:666-674 pubmed publisher
    ..first time, the present work evaluated on human microsomes and liver cells the combined metabolic effects of, chlorfenvinphos, ethion and linuron, three pesticides usually found in vegetables of the European Union...
  45. Kakoi N, Kinoshita M, Kawasaki N, Yamaguchi T, Hayakawa T, Kakehi K. [Capillary electrophoresis analysis of contaminants in heparin sodium for the Japanese pharmacopoeia purity test]. Yakugaku Zasshi. 2009;129:1255-64 pubmed
    ..S.D.=1.99), linearity (R(2)=0.9998), detection limit (0.25% DS) and specificity. In conclusion, CE will be an alternative to the NMR method which is being adopted for purification test of heparin sodium in the present version of JP. ..
  46. Konopelko M, Malinowska B, Chabielska E, Buczko W. [Effect of Polfos on the bleeding time. III. Changes in various parameters of the circulatory system]. Med Pr. 1989;40:147-52 pubmed
    ..The results show that prolonged bleeding time in the initial phase of the intoxication might depend on its influence on the cardiovascular system in rats. ..
  47. Sargison N, Scott P, Clarke C, Penny C, Pirie R. Severe post-dipping dermatitis and subcutaneous fluid swellings associated with two outbreaks of sheep scab (Psoroptes ovis infestation). Vet Rec. 1995;136:217-20 pubmed
    ..05). In most cases secondary bacterial infections of the exudate occurred and these necessitated intensive antibiotic therapy. The severity of the skin lesions posed a serious welfare problem. ..
  48. Mohapatra P, Schiewer U. Effect of dimethoate and chlorfenvinphos on plasma membrane integrity of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. Ecotoxicol Environ Saf. 1998;41:269-74 pubmed
    The organophosphorus (OP) insecticides dimethoate and chlorfenvinphos, at all selected concentrations (0-500 micromol liter-1), reduced the rate of accumulation of uranine and enhanced fluorescence quenching of 9-amino-6-chloro-2-..
  49. Lutz P, Tomas T, Gralewicz S, Nowakowska E. Long-term effects of acute exposure to chlorphenvinphos on behavioural responsiveness to amphetamine and scopolamine in rats. Int J Occup Med Environ Health. 2000;13:215-22 pubmed
    ..This suggests that acute exposure to CVP produced an increase in cholinergic activity which persisted long after ChE activity had returned to normal. ..
  50. Gralewicz S, Socko R. Effects of a single exposure to chlorphenvinphos, an organophosphate insecticide, on hot-plate behaviour in rats. Pol J Occup Med. 1990;3:215-20 pubmed
    ..An opposite effect was observed in the rats exposed to 3.0 mg/kg of CVP. The data suggest that some alterations in the brain functional state may outlast the CVP induced depression of cholinesterase activity. ..
  51. Ragas A, Brouwer F, Buchner F, Hendriks H, Huijbregts M. Separation of uncertainty and interindividual variability in human exposure modeling. J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol. 2009;19:201-12 pubmed publisher
    ..The method is illustrated in a case study for chlorfenvinphos, mercury and nitrate. First, ANOVA was used to calculate interindividual variability in input parameters...
  52. Lukaszewicz Hussain A, Moniuszko Jakoniuk J. [The impact of acute poisoning by chlorfenvinphos on the activity of antioxidant enzymes and concentration of malondialdehyde in rats]. Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig. 1999;50:307-11 pubmed
    The aim of this paper was examination of the influence of chlorfenvinphos on the activity of an antioxidant enzymes in the blood and concentration of the serum malonondialdehyd in rats...
  53. Kadar A, Peyre L, de Souza G, Wortham H, Doumenq P, Rahmani R. An accurate and robust LC-MS/MS method for the quantification of chlorfenvinphos, ethion and linuron in liver samples. Chemosphere. 2017;184:20-26 pubmed publisher
    A method for the determination of chlorfenvinphos, ethion and linuron in liver samples by LC-MS/MS is described. Sample treatment was performed by using Sola™ polymeric reverse phase SPE cartridges after protein precipitation...