Summary: An antilipemic agent which reduces both CHOLESTEROL and TRIGLYCERIDES in the blood.

Top Publications

  1. Ginsberg H, Elam M, Lovato L, Crouse J, Leiter L, Linz P, et al. Effects of combination lipid therapy in type 2 diabetes mellitus. N Engl J Med. 2010;362:1563-74 pubmed publisher
    ..5518 patients with type 2 diabetes who were being treated with open-label simvastatin to receive either masked fenofibrate or placebo...
  2. Qiu F, Matlock G, Chen Q, Zhou K, Du Y, Wang X, et al. Therapeutic Effects of PPARα Agonist on Ocular Neovascularization in Models Recapitulating Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2017;58:5065-5075 pubmed publisher
    ..Feno-FA has therapeutic effects on ocular NV in models recapitulating neovascular AMD through a PPARα-dependent mechanism. ..
  3. Ju H, Zhang F, Wang S, Song J, Cui T, Li L, et al. Effects of fenofibrate on inflammatory cytokines in diabetic retinopathy patients. Medicine (Baltimore). 2017;96:e7671 pubmed publisher
    The role of cytokines in diabetic retinopathy (DR) and effects of fenofibrate on cytokines were explored by observing changes in serum IL-1?, TNF-?, VEGF, and Lp-PLA2 in different stages of DR and the intervention effect of oral ..
  4. You W, Fan Y, Xu Y, Wu K, Tan X. Molecular characterization and functional analysis of PPAR? promoter in yellow catfish Pelteobagrus fulvidraco. Gene. 2017;627:106-113 pubmed publisher
    ..the transcription activity of the PPAR? promoter was increased and PPAR? mRNA expression was up-regulated after fenofibrate treatment...
  5. Ong K, O Connell R, Januszewski A, Jenkins A, Xu A, Sullivan D, et al. Baseline Circulating FGF21 Concentrations and Increase after Fenofibrate Treatment Predict More Rapid Glycemic Progression in Type 2 Diabetes: Results from the FIELD Study. Clin Chem. 2017;63:1261-1270 pubmed publisher
    ..This study reports this relationship in type 2 diabetes patients participating in the Fenofibrate Intervention and Event Lowering in Diabetes (FIELD) trial...
  6. Skolnik N, Jaffa F, Kalyani R, Johnson E, Shubrook J. Reducing CV risk in diabetes: An ADA update. J Fam Pract. 2017;66:300-308 pubmed
    ..This Q&A highlights changes to the ADA's 2017 Standards of Care to help you fine-tune your approach to patients who have, or are at risk for, atherosclerotic CV disease. ..
  7. Ginsberg H. The ACCORD (Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes) Lipid trial: what we learn from subgroup analyses. Diabetes Care. 2011;34 Suppl 2:S107-8 pubmed publisher
  8. Simo R, Hernandez C. Advances in the medical treatment of diabetic retinopathy. Diabetes Care. 2009;32:1556-62 pubmed publisher
  9. Chew E, Ambrosius W, Davis M, Danis R, Gangaputra S, Greven C, et al. Effects of medical therapies on retinopathy progression in type 2 diabetes. N Engl J Med. 2010;363:233-44 pubmed publisher
    ..0% or 7.0 to 7.9%, respectively) and also for dyslipidemia (160 mg daily of fenofibrate plus simvastatin or placebo plus simvastatin) or for systolic blood-pressure control (target, <120 or <..

More Information


  1. Wang Y, Yu M, Ma Y, Wang R, Liu W, Xia W, et al. Fenofibrate Increases Heme Oxygenase 1 Expression and Astrocyte Proliferation While Limits Neuronal Injury During Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Curr Neurovasc Res. 2017;14:11-18 pubmed publisher
    ..We investigated the anti-inflammatory effects of fenofibrate, a ligand of PPAR?, in ICH rat model...
  2. Goldfine A, Kaul S, Hiatt W. Fibrates in the treatment of dyslipidemias--time for a reassessment. N Engl J Med. 2011;365:481-4 pubmed publisher
  3. Saely C, Rein P, Drexel H. Combination lipid therapy in type 2 diabetes. N Engl J Med. 2010;363:692; author reply 694-5 pubmed publisher
  4. Sporková A, ÄŒertíková Chábová V, Doleželová Å, Jíchová Å, Kopkan L, Vaňourková Z, et al. Fenofibrate Attenuates Hypertension in Goldblatt Hypertensive Rats: Role of 20-Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic Acid in the Nonclipped Kidney. Am J Med Sci. 2017;353:568-579 pubmed publisher
    ..We examined if 14 days׳ administration of fenofibrate, a lipid-lowering drug, would increase CYP4A1 gene expression and renal 20-HETE formation, and if increased 20-..
  5. Schmeel L, Schmeel F, Schmidt Wolf I. In Vitro Apoptosis Induction by Fenofibrate in Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma. Anticancer Res. 2017;37:3513-3520 pubmed
    ..b>Fenofibrate, an extensively scrutinized and widely used drug for primary hypercholesterolemia or mixed dyslipidemia, has ..
  6. . Persistent Effects of Intensive Glycemic Control on Retinopathy in Type 2 Diabetes in the Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes (ACCORD) Follow-On Study. Diabetes Care. 2016;39:1089-100 pubmed publisher
    This study investigated whether the beneficial effects of intensive glycemic control and fenofibrate treatment of dyslipidemia in reducing retinopathy progression demonstrated in the Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes (..
  7. Sacks F, Carey V, Fruchart J. Combination lipid therapy in type 2 diabetes. N Engl J Med. 2010;363:692-4; author reply 694-5 pubmed publisher
  8. Kato M, Ohtake H, Sato H, Seto Y, Onoue S. Enzymatic reactive oxygen species assay to evaluate phototoxic risk of metabolites. Toxicol Lett. 2017;278:59-65 pubmed publisher
    ..The incubation time of compounds with human hepatic S9 fractions was optimized with the use of fenofibrate (FF), a typical phototoxicant with metabolite-related phototoxicity, and the reproducibility and robustness of ..
  9. Puligheddu M, Melis M, Pillolla G, Milioli G, Parrino L, Terzano G, et al. Rationale for an adjunctive therapy with fenofibrate in pharmacoresistant nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy. Epilepsia. 2017;58:1762-1770 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Fenofibrate, a common lipid-regulating drug, is an agonist at peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPAR?) that ..
  10. Karahanian E, Rivera Meza M, Quintanilla M, Munoz D, Fernandez K, Israel Y. PPAR? Agonists Reduce Alcohol Drinking: Do They Act in the Brain or in the Liver?. Alcohol Alcohol. 2015;50:717-8 pubmed publisher
  11. Karska Basta I, Kubicka Trzaska A, Romanowska Dixon B, Undas A. Altered fibrin clot properties in patients with retinal vein occlusion. J Thromb Haemost. 2011;9:2513-5 pubmed publisher
  12. Nguyen C, Huttary N, Atanasov A, Chatuphonprasert W, Brenner S, Fristiohady A, et al. Fenofibrate inhibits tumour intravasation by several independent mechanisms in a 3-dimensional co-culture model. Int J Oncol. 2017;50:1879-1888 pubmed publisher
    ..Herein we report on an effect of the antidyslipidemic drug fenofibrate with vasoprotective activity, which attenuates breast cancer intravasation in vitro, and describe the ..
  13. Jo E, Li S, Liang Q, Zhang X, Wang H, Herbert T, et al. Chronic activation of PPAR? with fenofibrate reduces autophagic proteins in the liver of mice independent of FGF21. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0173676 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we report a reduced autophagic capacity in the liver following chronic activation of PPAR? with fenofibrate (FB) in mice...
  14. Kast R, Hill Q, Wion D, Mellstedt H, Focosi D, Karpel Massler G, et al. Glioblastoma-synthesized G-CSF and GM-CSF contribute to growth and immunosuppression: Potential therapeutic benefit from dapsone, fenofibrate, and ribavirin. Tumour Biol. 2017;39:1010428317699797 pubmed publisher
    ..The antibiotic dapsone, the lipid-lowering agent fenofibrate, and the antiviral drug ribavirin are Food and Drug Administration- and European Medicines Agency-approved ..