Summary: Organic compounds containing a carbonyl group =C=O bonded to two hydrocarbon groups.

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  1. Yoshida T, Ozawa Y, Kimura T, Sato Y, Kuznetsov G, Xu S, et al. Eribulin mesilate suppresses experimental metastasis of breast cancer cells by reversing phenotype from epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) to mesenchymal-epithelial transition (MET) states. Br J Cancer. 2014;110:1497-505 pubmed publisher
    ..These preclinical findings may provide a plausible scientific basis for clinical observations of prolonged OS by suppression of further spread of metastasis in breast cancer patients treated with eribulin. ..
  2. Fang Z, Wills M. Asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of functionalized acetylenic ketones. J Org Chem. 2013;78:8594-605 pubmed publisher
    A systematic study of the asymmetric transfer hydrogenations of functionalized acetylenic ketones and diketones has been completed, together with a total synthesis of (S,S)-(-)-yashabushidiol B...
  3. Yang Y, Yao J, Zhang Y. Synthesis of polysubstituted furans via copper-mediated annulation of alkyl ketones with ?,?-unsaturated carboxylic acids. Org Lett. 2013;15:3206-9 pubmed publisher
    A novel copper-mediated annulation of alkyl ketones with ?,?-unsaturated carboxylic acids has been accomplished...
  4. Müller J, Maceachran D, Burd H, Sathitsuksanoh N, Bi C, Yeh Y, et al. Engineering of Ralstonia eutropha H16 for autotrophic and heterotrophic production of methyl ketones. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2013;79:4433-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We engineered R. eutropha for the production of fatty acid-derived, diesel-range methyl ketones. Modifications engineered in R...
  5. Bigi M, White M. Terminal olefins to linear ?,?-unsaturated ketones: Pd(II)/hypervalent iodine co-catalyzed Wacker oxidation-dehydrogenation. J Am Chem Soc. 2013;135:7831-4 pubmed publisher
    ..The reaction affords linear aryl and alkyl ?,?-unsaturated ketones directly from readily available terminal olefins in good yields (average 75% per step) with excellent functional ..
  6. Sussman D, van Eede M, Wong M, Adamson S, Henkelman M. Effects of a ketogenic diet during pregnancy on embryonic growth in the mouse. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2013;13:109 pubmed publisher
    ..A ketogenic diet during gestation results in alterations in embryonic organ growth. Such alterations may be associated with organ dysfunction and potentially behavioral changes in postnatal life. ..
  7. Wong K, Wong C, Liu W, Pan H, Fong M, Lam W, et al. Mechanical properties and in vitro response of strontium-containing hydroxyapatite/polyetheretherketone composites. Biomaterials. 2009;30:3810-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Strontium, in the form of strontium-containing hydroxyapatite (Sr-HA), was confirmed to enhance bioactivity in the PEEK composites. ..
  8. Aogi K, Iwata H, Masuda N, Mukai H, Yoshida M, Rai Y, et al. A phase II study of eribulin in Japanese patients with heavily pretreated metastatic breast cancer. Ann Oncol. 2012;23:1441-8 pubmed publisher
    ..1%), leukopenia (74.1%) and febrile neutropenia (13.6%). Grade 3 peripheral neuropathy occurred in 3.7% of patients (no grade 4). Eribulin exhibited efficacy and tolerability in Japanese patients with heavily pretreated MBC. ..
  9. Martinez Outschoorn U, Prisco M, Ertel A, Tsirigos A, Lin Z, Pavlides S, et al. Ketones and lactate increase cancer cell "stemness," driving recurrence, metastasis and poor clinical outcome in breast cancer: achieving personalized medicine via Metabolo-Genomics. Cell Cycle. 2011;10:1271-86 pubmed publisher
    Previously, we showed that high-energy metabolites (lactate and ketones) "fuel" tumor growth and experimental metastasis in an in vivo xenograft model, most likely by driving oxidative mitochondrial metabolism in breast cancer ..

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  1. Kim D, Vallejo J, Rho J. Ketones prevent synaptic dysfunction induced by mitochondrial respiratory complex inhibitors. J Neurochem. 2010;114:130-41 pubmed publisher
    b>Ketones have previously shown beneficial effects in models of neurodegenerative disorders, particularly against associated mitochondrial dysfunction and cognitive impairment...
  2. Lu Z, Shen M, YOON T. [3+2] cycloadditions of aryl cyclopropyl ketones by visible light photocatalysis. J Am Chem Soc. 2011;133:1162-4 pubmed publisher
    We report a new method for the formal [3+2] reaction of aryl cyclopropyl ketones with olefins to generate highly substituted cyclopentane ring systems...
  3. Wei Y, Perez L, Ng W, Semmelhack M, Bassler B. Mechanism of Vibrio cholerae autoinducer-1 biosynthesis. ACS Chem Biol. 2011;6:356-65 pubmed publisher
    ..SAM is the substrate for the synthesis of at least three different classes of quorum-sensing signal molecules, indicating that bacteria have evolved a strategy to leverage an abundant substrate for multiple signaling purposes. ..
  4. Desai L, Ren D, Rosner T. Mild and general method for the alpha-arylation of heteroaromatic ketones. Org Lett. 2010;12:1032-5 pubmed publisher
    The development of a general and mild method for Pd-catalyzed alpha-arylation of a variety of ketones bearing multiple heteroatoms is described...
  5. Zhang G, Zheng D, Nie J, Wang T, Ma J. Brønsted acid-catalyzed efficient Strecker reaction of ketones, amines and trimethylsilyl cyanide. Org Biomol Chem. 2010;8:1399-405 pubmed publisher
    A general method for the one-pot, three-component Strecker reaction of ketones was developed using Brønsted acids as organocatalysts. A series of alpha-aminonitriles were obtained in good to excellent yields (79-99%)...
  6. O Brien J, Lee K, Hoveyda A. Enantioselective synthesis of boron-substituted quaternary carbons by NHC-Cu-catalyzed boronate conjugate additions to unsaturated carboxylic esters, ketones, or thioesters. J Am Chem Soc. 2010;132:10630-3 pubmed publisher
    ..boronate conjugate additions to trisubstituted alkenes of acyclic alpha,beta-unsaturated carboxylic esters, ketones, and thioesters is disclosed...
  7. Cui X, Zhang Y, Shi F, Deng Y. Organic ligand-free alkylation of amines, carboxamides, sulfonamides, and ketones by using alcohols catalyzed by heterogeneous Ag/Mo oxides. Chemistry. 2011;17:1021-8 pubmed publisher
    ..48 nitrogen- or oxygen-containing compounds, that is, amines, carboxamides, sulfonamides, and ketones, were successfully synthesized through a borrowing-hydrogen mechanism...
  8. Fandrick K, Fandrick D, Gao J, Reeves J, Tan Z, Li W, et al. Mild and general zinc-alkoxide-catalyzed allylations of ketones with allyl pinacol boronates. Org Lett. 2010;12:3748-51 pubmed publisher
    A general and efficient zinc-alkoxide-catalyzed allylation of a diverse array of ketones with allyl boronates is presented. The methodology is effective with 2 mol % of catalyst and with relatively short reaction times...
  9. Goretti M, Ponzoni C, Caselli E, Marchegiani E, Cramarossa M, Turchetti B, et al. Bioreduction of ?,?-unsaturated ketones and aldehydes by non-conventional yeast (NCY) whole-cells. Bioresour Technol. 2011;102:3993-8 pubmed publisher
    The bioreduction of ?,?-unsaturated ketones (ketoisophorone, 2-methyl- and 3-methyl-cyclopentenone) and aldehydes [(S)-(-)-perillaldehyde and ?-methyl-cinnamaldehyde] by 23 "non-conventional" yeasts (NCYs) belonging to 21 ..
  10. Karmee S, Hanefeld U. Ionic liquid catalysed synthesis of ?-hydroxy ketones. ChemSusChem. 2011;4:1118-23 pubmed publisher
    ..This article demonstrates the potential of choline hydroxide, which is a derivative of choline and a naturally occurring water-soluble essential nutrient, as a highly active and selective green catalyst. ..
  11. Muñoz L, Bosch M, Batllori L, Rosell G, Bosch D, Guerrero A, et al. Synthesis of allylic trifluoromethyl ketones and their activity as inhibitors of the sex pheromone of the leopard moth, Zeuzera pyrina L. (Lepidoptera: Cossidae). Pest Manag Sci. 2011;67:956-64 pubmed publisher
    Trifluoromethyl ketones (TFMKs), structurally related to the pheromones, are good inhibitors of pheromone communication in insects. To determine their activity on Zeuzera pyrina L...
  12. Han C, Lee E, Kim H, Koh Y, Kim K, Ha Y, et al. The electron beam deposition of titanium on polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and the resulting enhanced biological properties. Biomaterials. 2010;31:3465-70 pubmed publisher
    ..These in vitro and in vivo results suggested that the e-beam deposited Ti coating significantly improved the potential of PEEK for hard tissue applications. ..
  13. Mo J, Chen X, Chi Y. Oxidative ?-addition of enals to trifluoromethyl ketones: enantioselectivity control via Lewis acid/N-heterocyclic carbene cooperative catalysis. J Am Chem Soc. 2012;134:8810-3 pubmed publisher
    ..Enantioselectivity control involving the relatively remote enal ?-carbon was achieved via Lewis acid [Sc(OTf)(3) or combined Sc(OTf)(3)/Mg(OTf)(2)] and NHC cooperative catalysis. ..
  14. Chen X, Wang X, Lou W, Li Y, Wu H, Zong M, et al. Immobilization of Acetobacter sp. CCTCC M209061 for efficient asymmetric reduction of ketones and biocatalyst recycling. Microb Cell Fact. 2012;11:119 pubmed publisher a promising whole-cell biocatalyst with exclusive anti-Prelog stereoselectivity for the reduction of prochiral ketones that can be used to make valuable chiral alcohols such as (R)-4-(trimethylsilyl)-3-butyn-2-ol...
  15. Jahan N, Potter J, Sheikh M, Botting C, Shirran S, Westwood N, et al. Insights into the biosynthesis of the Vibrio cholerae major autoinducer CAI-1 from the crystal structure of the PLP-dependent enzyme CqsA. J Mol Biol. 2009;392:763-73 pubmed publisher
    ..It is proposed that a region of structure that is disordered in the apo structure is involved in the release of product. While not confirming if CqsA alone is able to synthesize CAI-1, these results suggest possible synthetic routes. ..
  16. Pechlivanis I, Thuring T, Brenke C, Seiz M, Thome C, Barth M, et al. Non-fusion rates in anterior cervical discectomy and implantation of empty polyetheretherketone cages. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2011;36:15-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Implantation of empty PEEK cages after ACD shows an unexpectedly low rate effusion according to radiologic criteria, although no statistically significant difference could be observed clinically. ..
  17. Blangetti M, Rosso H, Prandi C, Deagostino A, Venturello P. Suzuki-miyaura cross-coupling in acylation reactions, scope and recent developments. Molecules. 2013;18:1188-213 pubmed publisher
    ..A final section will be then focused on the acyl SM reaction as key synthetic step in the framework of natural products synthesis...
  18. Xu G, Etzkorn F. Convergent synthesis of alpha-ketoamide inhibitors of Pin1. Org Lett. 2010;12:696-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Two diastereomers of a phospho-Ser-Pro alpha-ketoamide analogue were synthesized. The IC(50) values of 100 and 200 microM were surprisingly weak for Pin1 peptidyl prolyl isomerase. ..
  19. Stastna E, Cerny I, Pouzar V, Chodounska H. Stereoselectivity of sodium borohydride reduction of saturated steroidal ketones utilizing conditions of Luche reduction. Steroids. 2010;75:721-5 pubmed publisher
    ..The Luche reduction of the 20-keto derivative 11 improved the proportion of the (20S)-alcohol in a mixture of (20S)/(20R) alcohols up to 35% from 5% in a standard sodium borohydride reduction. ..
  20. Toh Q, McNally A, Vera S, Erdmann N, Gaunt M. Organocatalytic C-H bond arylation of aldehydes to bis-heteroaryl ketones. J Am Chem Soc. 2013;135:3772-5 pubmed publisher
    An organocatalytic aldehyde C-H bond arylation process for the synthesis of complex heteroaryl ketones has been developed...
  21. Shibata H, Yamakoshi H, Sato A, Ohori H, Kakudo Y, Kudo C, et al. Newly synthesized curcumin analog has improved potential to prevent colorectal carcinogenesis in vivo. Cancer Sci. 2009;100:956-60 pubmed
    ..It was demonstrated that the number of beta-catenin-positive adenoma cells in Apc(580D/+) mice fed GO-Y030 was reduced. ..
  22. Zhou X, Zhang Q, Hui Y, Chen W, Jiang J, Lin L, et al. Catalytic asymmetric synthesis of quaternary ?-hydroxy trifluoromethyl phosphonate via chiral aluminum(III) catalyzed hydrophosphonylation of trifluoromethyl ketones. Org Lett. 2010;12:4296-9 pubmed publisher
    ..complex has been first applied in the catalytic enantioselective hydrophosphonylation of trifluoromethyl ketones. The side reactions related to phospha-Brook rearrangement were completely avoided, and the corresponding ..
  23. Samala R, Klein J, Borges K. The ketogenic diet changes metabolite levels in hippocampal extracellular fluid. Neurochem Int. 2011;58:5-8 pubmed publisher
    ..This work will now enable other researchers to mimic the hippocampal extracellular environment in experiments aimed at deciphering the mechanisms of the KD...
  24. Chintareddy V, Ellern A, Verkade J. P[N(i-Bu)CH(2)CH(2)](3)N: nonionic Lewis base for promoting the room-temperature synthesis of ?,?-unsaturated esters, fluorides, ketones, and nitriles using Wadsworth-Emmons phosphonates. J Org Chem. 2010;75:7166-74 pubmed publisher
    ..esters, fluorides, and nitriles from a wide array of aromatic, aliphatic, heterocyclic, and cyclic aldehydes and ketones, using a range of Wadsworth-Emmons (WE) phosphonates...
  25. White H, Venkatesh B. Clinical review: ketones and brain injury. Crit Care. 2011;15:219 pubmed publisher
    Although much feared by clinicians, the ability to produce ketones has allowed humans to withstand prolonged periods of starvation. At such times, ketones can supply up to 50% of basal energy requirements...
  26. Li H, He A, Falck J, Liebeskind L. Stereocontrolled synthesis of ?-amino-?'-alkoxy ketones by a copper-catalyzed cross-coupling of peptidic thiol esters and ?-alkoxyalkylstannanes. Org Lett. 2011;13:3682-5 pubmed publisher
    A stereocontrolled synthesis of ?-amino-?'-alkoxy ketones is described...
  27. Abbas A, Josefson M, Nylund G, Pavia H, Abrahamsson K. Chemical images of marine bio-active compounds by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and transposed orthogonal partial least squares (T-OPLS). Anal Chim Acta. 2012;737:37-44 pubmed publisher
    ..In this paper we show the possibility to retrieve specific spectral information with a low magnitude in a complex matrix. ..
  28. Bechara W, Pelletier G, Charette A. Chemoselective synthesis of ketones and ketimines by addition of organometallic reagents to secondary amides. Nat Chem. 2012;4:228-34 pubmed publisher
    ..Applying such reactions to the synthesis of ketones is of great importance, as this motif serves as a synthetic handle for the elaboration of numerous organic ..
  29. Goto H, Terao Y, Akai S. Synthesis of various kinds of isoflavones, isoflavanes, and biphenyl-ketones and their 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl radical-scavenging activities. Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo). 2009;57:346-60 pubmed
    Forty-eight kinds of isoflavones (8), thirty-one isoflavanes (9), and forty-seven biphenyl-ketones (10, 10') were synthesized from eleven kinds of substituted phenols (11) and six phenylacetic acids (12)...
  30. Dubbelman A, Rosing H, Jansen R, Mergui Roelvink M, Huitema A, Koetz B, et al. Mass balance study of [¹?C]eribulin in patients with advanced solid tumors. Drug Metab Dispos. 2012;40:313-21 pubmed publisher
    ..4% in urine and feces. Overall, no major metabolites of eribulin were detected in plasma. Eribulin is eliminated primarily unchanged in feces, whereas urine constitutes a minor route of elimination...
  31. Li J, Luo S, Cheng J. Chiral primary-tertiary diamine catalysts derived from natural amino acids for syn-aldol reactions of hydroxy ketones. J Org Chem. 2009;74:1747-50 pubmed publisher
    ..Application of these new chiral catalysts in direct aldol reactions of alpha-hydroxyketones showed very good catalytic activity (up to 97% yield) and high syn selectivity (up to syn/ anti = 30:1, 99% ee). ..
  32. Morris P. Advances in therapy: eribulin improves survival for metastatic breast cancer. Anticancer Drugs. 2010;21:885-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Future studies will investigate the potential role of eribulin in other settings, including for early breast cancer, to ascertain how to optimally incorporate this new agent into current treatment paradigms. ..
  33. Ben Israel I, Yu G, Austin M, Bhuiyan N, Auldridge M, Nguyen T, et al. Multiple biochemical and morphological factors underlie the production of methylketones in tomato trichomes. Plant Physiol. 2009;151:1952-64 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, heterologous expression of MKS2 in Escherichia coli resulted in the production of methylketones in this host. ..
  34. Cometto Muniz J, Abraham M. Olfactory psychometric functions for homologous 2-ketones. Behav Brain Res. 2009;201:207-15 pubmed publisher
    We measured concentration-detection (i.e., psychometric) odor functions for the homologous ketones propanone (acetone), 2-pentanone, 2-heptanone, and 2-nonanone...
  35. Yoshino T, Morimoto H, Lu G, Matsunaga S, Shibasaki M. Construction of contiguous tetrasubstituted chiral carbon stereocenters via direct catalytic asymmetric aldol reaction of alpha-isothiocyanato esters with ketones. J Am Chem Soc. 2009;131:17082-3 pubmed publisher
    ..catalytic asymmetric aldol reaction of alpha-substituted alpha-isothiocyanato esters with unactivated simple ketones is described...
  36. Zheng L, Ju J, Bin Y, Hua R. Synthesis of isoquinolines and heterocycle-fused pyridines via three-component cascade reaction of aryl ketones, hydroxylamine, and alkynes. J Org Chem. 2012;77:5794-800 pubmed publisher
    ..An efficient one-pot synthesis of isoquinolines and heterocycle-fused pyridines by three-component reaction of aryl ketones, hydroxylamine, and alkynes is developed...
  37. Tannous F, Steiner M, Shahin R, Kern M. Retentive forces and fatigue resistance of thermoplastic resin clasps. Dent Mater. 2012;28:273-8 pubmed publisher
    ..970). Thermoplastic resin clasps maintained retention over 15,000 joining and separating cycles with lower retention than CoCr clasps. However, the retention of adequately designed resin clasps might be sufficient for clinical use. ..
  38. Too P, Chua S, Wong S, Chiba S. Synthesis of azaheterocycles from aryl ketone O-acetyl oximes and internal alkynes by Cu-Rh bimetallic relay catalysts. J Org Chem. 2011;76:6159-68 pubmed publisher
    ..The Cu-Rh bimetallic system could be applied for the synthesis of isoquinolines as well as ?-carboline, furo[2.3-c]pyridine, pyrrolo[2,3-c]pyridine, and thieno[2,3-c]pyridine derivatives...
  39. LaLone C, Rizshsky L, Hammer K, Wu L, Solco A, Yum M, et al. Endogenous levels of Echinacea alkylamides and ketones are important contributors to the inhibition of prostaglandin E2 and nitric oxide production in cultured macrophages. J Agric Food Chem. 2009;57:8820-30 pubmed publisher
    ..angustifolia, Echinacea pallida, and Echinacea tennesseensis, identified fractions containing alkylamides and ketones as key anti-inflammatory contributors using lipopolysaccharide-induced PGE(2) production in RAW264...
  40. Yang J, Yu C, Chang B, Yeom J, Lee J, Lee C. Subsidence and nonunion after anterior cervical interbody fusion using a stand-alone polyetheretherketone (PEEK) cage. Clin Orthop Surg. 2011;3:16-23 pubmed publisher
    ..The purposes of the present study are to evaluate the subsidence and nonunion that occurred after anterior cervical discectomy and fusion using a stand-alone intervertebral cage and to analyze the risk factors for the complications...
  41. Shi S, Xu L, Oisaki K, Kanai M, Shibasaki M. Identification of modular chiral bisphosphines effective for Cu(i)-catalyzed asymmetric allylation and propargylation of ketones. J Am Chem Soc. 2010;132:6638-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Cu(I)-catalyzed asymmetric tetrasubstituted-carbon-forming reactions, namely, allylation and propargylation of ketones, were identified...
  42. Pellicena M, Krämer K, Romea P, Urpí F. Total synthesis of (+)-herboxidiene from two chiral lactate-derived ketones. Org Lett. 2011;13:5350-3 pubmed publisher
    A substrate-controlled synthesis of (+)-herboxidiene from two lactate-derived chiral ketones is described...
  43. Ng W, Perez L, Wei Y, Kraml C, Semmelhack M, Bassler B. Signal production and detection specificity in Vibrio CqsA/CqsS quorum-sensing systems. Mol Microbiol. 2011;79:1407-17 pubmed publisher
    ..We isolated CqsS mutants in each species that display reversed specificity for ligands. Our analysis provides insight into how fidelity is maintained in signal transduction systems. ..
  44. Kocsis B, Kustos I, Kilar F, Nyul A, Jakus P, Kerekes S, et al. Antifungal unsaturated cyclic Mannich ketones and amino alcohols: study of mechanism of action. Eur J Med Chem. 2009;44:1823-9 pubmed publisher
    The antifungal activity of some known unsaturated Mannich ketones and their amino alcohols has been reported and the mechanism of antifungal action has been studied...
  45. Towle M, Nomoto K, Asano M, Kishi Y, Yu M, Littlefield B. Broad spectrum preclinical antitumor activity of eribulin (Halaven(R)): optimal effectiveness under intermittent dosing conditions. Anticancer Res. 2012;32:1611-9 pubmed
  46. Kwiatkowski P, Beeson T, Conrad J, MacMillan D. Enantioselective organocatalytic ?-fluorination of cyclic ketones. J Am Chem Soc. 2011;133:1738-41 pubmed publisher
    The first highly enantioselective ?-fluorination of ketones using organocatalysis has been accomplished...
  47. Jahng T, Kim Y, Moon K. Comparison of the biomechanical effect of pedicle-based dynamic stabilization: a study using finite element analysis. Spine J. 2013;13:85-94 pubmed publisher
    ..Little biomechanical information exists for providing biomechanical characteristics of pedicle-based dynamic stabilization according to the PBDS design before clinical implementation...
  48. Donohoe T, Pilgrim B, Jones G, Bassuto J. Synthesis of substituted isoquinolines utilizing palladium-catalyzed ?-arylation of ketones. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012;109:11605-8 pubmed publisher
    ..This powerful route to polysubstituted isoquinolines, which is not limited to electron rich moieties, also allows rapid access to analogues of biologically active compounds...
  49. Frost J, Dart M, Tietje K, Garrison T, Grayson G, Daza A, et al. Indol-3-ylcycloalkyl ketones: effects of N1 substituted indole side chain variations on CB(2) cannabinoid receptor activity. J Med Chem. 2010;53:295-315 pubmed publisher
    ..N1 aromatic side chains also afforded several high affinity CB(2) receptor agonists (61, 63, 65, and 69) but were generally less potent in an in vitro CB(2) functional assay than were nonaromatic side chain analogues. ..
  50. Wozniak K, Nomoto K, Lapidus R, Wu Y, Carozzi V, Cavaletti G, et al. Comparison of neuropathy-inducing effects of eribulin mesylate, paclitaxel, and ixabepilone in mice. Cancer Res. 2011;71:3952-62 pubmed publisher
    ..Overall, our findings indicate that eribulin mesylate induces less neuropathy in mice than paclitaxel or ixabepilone at equivalent MTD-based doses. ..
  51. Li X, Li L, Tang Y, Zhong L, Cun L, Zhu J, et al. Chemoselective conjugate reduction of alpha,beta-unsaturated ketones catalyzed by rhodium amido complexes in aqueous media. J Org Chem. 2010;75:2981-8 pubmed publisher
    ..could be switched from C=O to C=C bonds in the transfer hydrogenation of activated alpha,beta-unsaturated ketones. Now we have found that a variety of alpha,beta-unsaturated ketones, even without other electron-withdrawing ..
  52. Dalle Donne I, Carini M, Orioli M, Vistoli G, Regazzoni L, Colombo G, et al. Protein carbonylation: 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine reacts with both aldehydes/ketones and sulfenic acids. Free Radic Biol Med. 2009;46:1411-9 pubmed publisher
    ..beta-Mercaptoethanol prevents the formation of the DNPH derivative because it reacts with the oxidized Cys residue, forming the corresponding disulfide. ..
  53. Vahdat L, Pruitt B, Fabian C, Rivera R, Smith D, Tan Chiu E, et al. Phase II study of eribulin mesylate, a halichondrin B analog, in patients with metastatic breast cancer previously treated with an anthracycline and a taxane. J Clin Oncol. 2009;27:2954-61 pubmed publisher
    ..Eribulin demonstrated activity with manageable tolerability (including infrequent grade 3 and no grade 4 neuropathy) in heavily pretreated patients with MBC when dosed as a short IV infusion on days 1 and 8 of a 21-day cycle. ..