Summary: Making an incision in the STERNUM.

Top Publications

  1. Schmitto J, Molitoris U, Haverich A, Strueber M. Implantation of a centrifugal pump as a left ventricular assist device through a novel, minimized approach: upper hemisternotomy combined with anterolateral thoracotomy. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2012;143:511-3 pubmed publisher
  2. Wadhawa V, Doshi C, Hinduja M, Garg P, Patel K, Mishra A, et al. Anterior Minithoracotomy: a Safe Approach for Surgical ASD Closure & ASD Device Retrieval. Braz J Cardiovasc Surg. 2017;32:270-275 pubmed publisher
    Midline sternotomy is the preferred approach for device migration following transcatheter device closure of ostium secundum atrial septal defect...
  3. Presnell L, Maeda K, Griffin M, Axelrod D. A child with purulent pericarditis and Streptococcus intermedius in the presence of a pericardial teratoma: an unusual presentation. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2014;147:e23-4 pubmed publisher
  4. Forrester J, Cai L, Zeigler S, Weiser T. Surgical Site Infection after Sternotomy in Low- and Middle-Human Development Index Countries: A Systematic Review. Surg Infect (Larchmt). 2017;18:774-779 pubmed publisher
    ..Little is known about the baseline incidence of surgical site infections (SSIs) among patients undergoing sternotomy in LMHDI countries...
  5. Semsroth S, Matteucci Gothe R, Raith Y, De Brabandere K, Hanspeter E, Kilo J, et al. Comparison of Two Minimally Invasive Techniques and Median Sternotomy in Aortic Valve Replacement. Ann Thorac Surg. 2017;104:877-883 pubmed publisher
    ..score-matched analysis of the anterolateral minithoracotomy and the partial upper hemisternotomy vs the median sternotomy approach has not been reported to date for isolated aortic valve replacement...
  6. Woodward C, Taylor R, Son M, Taeed R, Jacobs M, Kane L, et al. Multicenter Quality Improvement Project to Prevent Sternal Wound Infections in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Patients. World J Pediatr Congenit Heart Surg. 2017;8:453-459 pubmed publisher
    ..1%, P = .007. A multicenter QI project to reduce pediatric SWIs demonstrated an extension of days between infections and a decrease in SWIs. Patients who received preop antibiotics on time had lower SWI rates than those who did not. ..
  7. Risteski P, Monsefi N, Miskovic A, Josic T, Bala S, Salem R, et al. Triple valve surgery through a less invasive approach: early and mid-term results. Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg. 2017;24:677-682 pubmed publisher
    A partial upper sternotomy has become established as a less invasive approach mainly for single and double valve surgery. This report evaluates the clinical outcomes of triple valve surgery performed through a partial upper sternotomy...
  8. Agatsuma H, Yoshida K, Yoshino I, Okumura M, Higashiyama M, Suzuki K, et al. Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery Thymectomy Versus Sternotomy Thymectomy in Patients With Thymoma. Ann Thorac Surg. 2017;104:1047-1053 pubmed publisher
    ..of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) and to compare the oncologic outcomes of VATS with those of sternotomy in patients with thymoma...
  9. Patel K, Rahul K, Tarsaria M, Malhotra A. Left Atrial Myxoma Following Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting with Patient Coronary Arterial Grafts: a Rarity. Braz J Cardiovasc Surg. 2017;32:228-230 pubmed publisher
    ..The patient underwent successful resection of the same through minimally invasive right anterolateral thoracotomy. Histopathology of the atrial mass confirmed the diagnosis of atrial myxoma. ..

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  1. Garg P, Bishnoi A, Lakhia K, Surti J, Siddiqui S, Solanki P, et al. Transverse Sternal Split: a Safe Mini-invasive Approach for Perventricular Device Closure of Ventricular Septal Defect. Braz J Cardiovasc Surg. 2017;32:184-190 pubmed publisher
    Perventricular device closure of ventricular septal defect through midline sternotomy avoids the cardiopulmonary bypass, however, lacks the cosmetic advantage...
  2. Kudo S, Tanaka K, Okada K, Takemura T. Extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation for blunt cardiac rupture. Am J Emerg Med. 2017;35:1789.e1-1789.e2 pubmed publisher
    Extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ECPR) followed by operating room sternotomy, rather than resuscitative thoracotomy, might be life-saving for patients with blunt cardiac rupture and cardiac arrest who do not have multiple ..
  3. Wang Y, Zheng X, Liu K. Surgical Repair of Bland-White-Garland Syndrome With Giant Right Coronary Artery Aneurysm. Ann Thorac Surg. 2017;104:e375-e377 pubmed publisher
    ..He underwent a thorough anatomic correction to excise the aneurysm and reconstruct a coronary system of two vessels. The postoperative period of this patient was uneventful...
  4. Kneuertz P, Kamel M, Stiles B, Lee B, Rahouma M, Nasar A, et al. Robotic Thymectomy Is Feasible for Large Thymomas: A Propensity-Matched Comparison. Ann Thorac Surg. 2017;104:1673-1678 pubmed publisher
    ..45). No difference was seen in R0 resection rates (90% versus 85%, p = 0.62). RAT can be performed safely and effectively in a radical fashion for large thymomas. Future studies are necessary to determine long-term oncologic outcomes. ..
  5. Olland A, Reeb J, Guinard S, Seitlinger J, Santelmo N, Kessler R, et al. Clamshell Closure With Absorbable Sternal Pins in Lung Transplant Recipients. Ann Thorac Surg. 2017;104:e207-e209 pubmed publisher
    Clamshell (bilateral anterolateral thoracotomy combined to transverse sternotomy) is an invasive surgical approach that is helpful in particular situations, especially bilateral lung transplantation...
  6. Chan J, Diaconescu A, Horvath K. Routine Use of Topical Bacitracin to Prevent Sternal Wound Infections After Cardiac Surgery. Ann Thorac Surg. 2017;104:1496-1500 pubmed publisher
    ..We evaluated the routine use of bacitracin ointment applied over the sternotomy skin incision as a prophylactic measure against sternal wound infections...
  7. Gaffey A, Chen C, Chung J, Phillips E, Wald J, Williams M, et al. Improved Approach With Subcostal Exchange of the HeartMate II Left Ventricular Assist Device: Difference in On and Off Pump?. Ann Thorac Surg. 2017;104:1540-1546 pubmed publisher
    ..Paul, MN [previously Thoratec]) left ventricular assist device (LVAD) exchange has traditionally involved a redo sternotomy. Alternate minimally invasive subcostal approaches have the advantage of avoiding sternal reentry, excessive ..
  8. Makani S, Mitchell J, Metton O, Di Filippo S, Henaine R, Ninet J. Surgical repair of a pseudocoarctation with cervical aortic arch complicated by multiple aneurysms of the aorta: a case report. Pan Afr Med J. 2017;26:236 pubmed publisher
    ..The intervention, performed by sternotomy, has consisted of the resection of the aneurysmal area and the interposition of a Dacron tube to repair the ..
  9. Doenst T, Lamelas J. Do we have enough evidence for minimally-invasive cardiac surgery? A critical review of scientific and non-scientific information. J Cardiovasc Surg (Torino). 2017;58:613-623 pubmed publisher
    ..Nevertheless, outcomes have been equivalent to matched sternotomy cases and there is no doubt that the number of patients undergoing minimally-invasive mitral or aortic ..
  10. Kirmani B, Jones S, Malaisrie S, Chung D, Williams R. Limited versus full sternotomy for aortic valve replacement. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2017;4:CD011793 pubmed publisher
    ..This is conventionally performed by opening the sternum longitudinally down the centre ("median sternotomy") and replacing the valve under cardiopulmonary bypass...
  11. Massetti M, Gaudino M, Saplacan V, Farina P. From extracorporeal membrane oxygenation to ventricular assist device oxygenation without sternotomy. J Heart Lung Transplant. 2013;32:138-9 pubmed publisher
  12. Cohn W. Advances in surgical treatment of acute and chronic coronary artery disease. Tex Heart Inst J. 2010;37:328-30 pubmed
  13. Kurihara C, Kawabori M, Ono M, Hussain S, Parulekar A, Morgan J, et al. Lung Procurement After Cardiac Death in a Donor With Previous Median Sternotomy. Ann Thorac Surg. 2017;104:e371-e373 pubmed publisher
    ..However, procuring lungs from donors with a previous median sternotomy is technically difficult and is usually avoided...