alcohol withdrawal delirium


Summary: An acute organic mental disorder induced by cessation or reduction in chronic alcohol consumption. Clinical characteristics include CONFUSION; DELUSIONS; vivid HALLUCINATIONS; TREMOR; agitation; insomnia; and signs of autonomic hyperactivity (e.g., elevated blood pressure and heart rate, dilated pupils, and diaphoresis). This condition may occasionally be fatal. It was formerly called delirium tremens. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p1175)

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  1. Mayo Smith M, Beecher L, Fischer T, Gorelick D, Guillaume J, Hill A, et al. Management of alcohol withdrawal delirium. An evidence-based practice guideline. Arch Intern Med. 2004;164:1405-12 pubmed
    b>Alcohol withdrawal delirium is the most serious manifestation of alcohol withdrawal. Evidence suggests that appropriate care improves mortality, but systematic reviews are unavailable.
  2. Khan A, Levy P, DeHorn S, Miller W, Compton S. Predictors of mortality in patients with delirium tremens. Acad Emerg Med. 2008;15:788-90 pubmed publisher
    ..The objectives were to identify factors that may help predict mortality for patients with delirium tremens (DT)...
  3. Blondell R, Dodds H, Blondell M, Looney S, Smoger S, Sexton L, et al. Ethanol in formularies of US teaching hospitals. JAMA. 2003;289:552 pubmed
  4. Rovasalo A, Tohmo H, Aantaa R, Kettunen E, Palojoki R. Dexmedetomidine as an adjuvant in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal delirium: a case report. Gen Hosp Psychiatry. 2006;28:362-3 pubmed
    ..dose of dexmedetomidine, a very selective alpha(2)-adrenergic agent, resulted in a rapid response to alcohol withdrawal delirium after the standard treatment...
  5. DeCarolis D, Rice K, Ho L, Willenbring M, Cassaro S. Symptom-driven lorazepam protocol for treatment of severe alcohol withdrawal delirium in the intensive care unit. Pharmacotherapy. 2007;27:510-8 pubmed
    To compare outcomes of treating alcohol withdrawal delirium (AWD) with a symptom-driven benzodiazepine protocol versus nonprotocol benzodiazepine infusions in the intensive care unit (ICU).
  6. Kahn D, Barnhorst A, Bourgeois J. A case of alcohol withdrawal requiring 1,600 mg of lorazepam in 24 hours. CNS Spectr. 2009;14:385-9 pubmed
    ..The authors present a case of a patient with delirium tremens requiring up to 1,600 mg/day of lorazepam and discuss alternative treatments for alcohol withdrawal...
  7. Smoger S, Looney S, Blondell R, Wieland L, Sexton L, Rhodes S, et al. Hospital Use of Ethanol Survey (HUES): preliminary results. J Addict Dis. 2002;21:65-73 pubmed
    ..Alcohol is widely dispensed with few guidelines in this sample of acute-care hospitals. Additional research on therapeutic efficacy, consequences, and institutional oversight of alcohol in hospitals is needed...
  8. Takeshita J. Use of propofol for alcohol withdrawal delirium: a case report. J Clin Psychiatry. 2004;65:134-5 pubmed
  9. Trendelenburg G, Strohle A. [Gamma-hydroxybutyrate--a neurotransmitter, medicine, and drug]. Nervenarzt. 2005;76:832, 834-8 pubmed
    ..For this reason and because GHB is not easy to detect, it is important to be aware of the symptoms of GHB intoxication. Moreover, some recent case reports document the danger of GHB dependence. ..

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  3. DeBellis R, Smith B, Choi S, Malloy M. Management of delirium tremens. J Intensive Care Med. 2005;20:164-73 pubmed
    ..Delirium tremens is recognized as a potentially fatal and debilitating complication of ethanol withdrawal. Research thus far has primarily focused on the prevention of delirium tremens. ..
  4. Szubert S, Bobinska K, Florkowski A, Zboralski K, Kuśmierek M, Wierzbiński P. [Diagnostic and stating problems in delirium tremens cases]. Pol Merkur Lekarski. 2008;25 Suppl 1:16-9 pubmed
    ..In all of the cases chronic alcoholism with delirium tremens accompanying as the one however indirect cause of death was revealed. The direct cause of death in all the cases was acute circulatory or circulatory and respiratory failure. ..
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    ..and 7.5% described persons in special jobs was worked (policemen, physician i.e.). The authors were suggested that mentioned factors due health services cost in Poland and propose integration of treatment of alcohol-addicted patients. ..
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    ..g. higher taxation of alcohol), early intervention and appropriate treatment of alcohol dependence are important. The self-help manual for problem drinkers can be downloaded free of charge from. ..
  9. Jaeger T, Lohr R, Pankratz V. Symptom-triggered therapy for alcohol withdrawal syndrome in medical inpatients. Mayo Clin Proc. 2001;76:695-701 pubmed
    ..This result was most apparent in patients with no history of delirium tremens. ..
  10. Gold J, Rimal B, Nolan A, Nelson L. A strategy of escalating doses of benzodiazepines and phenobarbital administration reduces the need for mechanical ventilation in delirium tremens. Crit Care Med. 2007;35:724-30 pubmed
    ..Guidelines emphasizing escalating bolus doses of diazepam, and barbiturates if necessary, significantly reduced the need for mechanical ventilation and showed trends toward reductions in ICU length of stay and nosocomial infections. ..
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    ..252, P = 0.008). Increase of VEGF-A serum levels is closely associated to alcohol intoxication and severity of alcohol dependence. ..
  14. Gómez Méndez R, Monte Secades R, Ventura Valcárcel P, Rabuñal Rey R, Guerrero Sande H, Chamorro Fernández A, et al. Incidence rates of admissions associated with alcohol withdrawal syndrome in Spain: Analysis of minimum basic data set 1999-2010. Med Clin (Barc). 2018;151:103-108 pubmed publisher
    ..81), alcohol withdrawal delirium (CIE9-MC 291.0) and alcohol withdrawal hallucinosis (CIE9-MC 291.3), since 1999 to 2010...
  15. Anders S, Stein S, Reinhardt A, Tsokos M. [Suspicious circumstances on discovery of the cadaver]. Arch Kriminol. 2002;209:102-9 pubmed
    ..External force was ruled out in all three fatalities by cooperative work of police investigators and forensic medicine. ..
  16. Galankin L, Livanov G. [The disorders of blood circulation and consciousness in non-psychotic and delirious alcohol withdrawal syndrome]. Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 2004;104:15-9 pubmed
    ..The authors suggest that the complex of disorders observed is similar to shock process, and hemodynamic disturbances may be involved in the development of consciousness disorders. ..
  17. Cuculi F, Kobza R, Ehmann T, Erne P. ECG changes amongst patients with alcohol withdrawal seizures and delirium tremens. Swiss Med Wkly. 2006;136:223-7 pubmed
    ..Alcohol withdrawal seizures and delirium tremens (DT) are serious complications of alcohol dependence. The prevalence of arrhythmias and other electrocardiographic (ECG) changes occurring in these clinical situations is not well studied...
  18. Hemmingsen R, Vorstrup S, Clemmesen L, Holm S, Tfelt Hansen P, Sørensen A, et al. Cerebral blood flow during delirium tremens and related clinical states studied with xenon-133 inhalation tomography. Am J Psychiatry. 1988;145:1384-90 pubmed
    ..The results suggest that delirium tremens and related clinical states represent a type of acute brain syndrome mainly characterized by CNS hyperexcitability. ..
  19. Ahveninen J, Jääskeläinen I, Pekkonen E, Hallberg A, Hietanen M, Naatanen R, et al. Increased distractibility by task-irrelevant sound changes in abstinent alcoholics. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2000;24:1850-4 pubmed
    ..The MMN enhancement suggested that this reflects impaired neural inhibition of involuntary attention shifting, being most pronounced in early-onset alcoholics. ..
  20. Kalmar S. [Adjuvant therapy with parenteral piracetam in alcohol withdrawal delirium]. Orv Hetil. 2003;144:927-30 pubmed
    ..piracetam treatment in 193 patients admitted to the Psychiatric Department of Semmelweis Hospital with alcohol withdrawal delirium. Alcohol withdrawal delirium is a complex metabolic disorder, the disturbance of the highest cerebral ..
  21. Preuss U, Zill P, Koller G, Bondy B, Hesselbrock V, Soyka M. Ionotropic glutamate receptor gene GRIK3 SER310ALA functional polymorphism is related to delirium tremens in alcoholics. Pharmacogenomics J. 2006;6:34-41 pubmed
    ..Although this result is suggestive for a significant role of this polymorphism in the pathogenesis of delirium tremens in alcohol-dependent individuals, further investigation and confirmation are warranted...
  22. Burapakajornpong N, Maneeton B, Srisurapanont M. Pattern and risk factors of alcohol withdrawal delirium. J Med Assoc Thai. 2011;94:991-7 pubmed
    To determine the incidence, prescribing risk factors of alcohol withdrawal delirium (AWD), and factors complicating AWD, in alcohol dependent patients hospitalized for alcohol detoxification...
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    ..Thus, these chronic daily ethanol-induced persistent changes in the HPA axis may have significant roles in alcohol abstinence syndrome and may increase vulnerability to relapse. ..
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    ..However the unexpectedly low alcohol intake may have prevented any effects of nimodipine being seen. ..
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    ..This article describes the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal that are likely to be encountered in a general hospital setting, and offers evidence-based guidance on monitoring the process and providing nursing care. ..
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    ..While not reaching statistical significance, there were differences in reason for admission and relapse rate upon follow-up between the groups. ..
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    ..22 to 0.30). No clinically important changes in adverse events were reported. There is insufficient evidence to determine whether magnesium is beneficial or harmful for the treatment or prevention of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. ..
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    ..These results suggest that the NET gene polymorphism in exon 9 accession number: mRNA: NM_001043, genomic contig.: NT_019610, is unlikely to be involved in the susceptibility to alcoholism and severe alcohol withdrawal. ..
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    ..In part, these changes might be related to increased cardiac sympathetic activity or low potassium, thus suggesting the latter as possible targets for adjuvant pharmacological therapy during withdrawal. ..
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    The symptom profile of alcohol withdrawal delirium (AWD), relative to deliriums of other etiology, remains uncertain...
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    ..Although AWS may be complex, careful evaluation and available treatments should ensure safe detoxification for most patients...
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    ..The patient was severely distressed by the delusion that his penis had been amputated. The acute anxiety involving this delusion appears to be conceptually and phenomenologically similar to koro...
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    ..A comprehensive and aggressive clinical management plan that incorporates appropriate pharmacological agents will result in less morbidity and improved long-term outcomes...
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    ..Many of the medications utilized for the treatment of agitated delirium and terminal restlessness in the palliative care setting are effective therapies for alcohol withdrawal...
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    ..In addition, cognitive function was recovered to the normal level as he scored 28/30 on the Mini Mental State Examination. We propose that hyperthyroidism contributed to the occurrence of psychotic symptoms and cognitive dysfunction...
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