Summary: The basic cellular units of nervous tissue. Each neuron consists of a body, an axon, and dendrites. Their purpose is to receive, conduct, and transmit impulses in the NERVOUS SYSTEM.

Top Publications

  1. Zhang Z, Almeida S, Lu Y, Nishimura A, Peng L, Sun D, et al. Downregulation of microRNA-9 in iPSC-derived neurons of FTD/ALS patients with TDP-43 mutations. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e76055 pubmed publisher study altered molecular events in FTD and ALS by using induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived patient neurons. We generated multiple iPSC lines from an FTD/ALS patient with the TARDBP A90V mutation and from an unaffected ..
  2. Mizielinska S, Lashley T, Norona F, Clayton E, Ridler C, Fratta P, et al. C9orf72 frontotemporal lobar degeneration is characterised by frequent neuronal sense and antisense RNA foci. Acta Neuropathol. 2013;126:845-57 pubmed publisher
    ..immunostaining to show that both sense and antisense foci were frequent, specific to C9FTLD, and present in neurons of the frontal cortex, hippocampus and cerebellum...
  3. Wu Y, Liu Y, Hou P, Yan Z, Kong W, Liu B, et al. TRPV1 channels are functionally coupled with BK(mSlo1) channels in rat dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e78203 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, we demonstrated that the TRPV1-BK coupling also occurs in dosal root ganglion (DRG) cells, which plays a critical physiological role in regulating the "pain" signal transduction pathway in the peripheral nervous system. ..
  4. Donlea J, Pimentel D, Miesenböck G. Neuronal machinery of sleep homeostasis in Drosophila. Neuron. 2014;81:860-72 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we report that sleep-promoting neurons with projections to the dorsal fan-shaped body (FB) form the output arm of Drosophila's sleep homeostat...
  5. Yam P, Pincus Z, Gupta G, Bashkurov M, Charron F, Pelletier L, et al. N-cadherin relocalizes from the periphery to the center of the synapse after transient synaptic stimulation in hippocampal neurons. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e79679 pubmed publisher
    ..resolution limits of light microscopy, to visualize the localization of N-cadherin within synapses of hippocampal neurons. We found that synaptic N-cadherin exhibits a spectrum of localization patterns, ranging from puncta at the ..
  6. Donnelly C, Zhang P, Pham J, Haeusler A, Heusler A, Mistry N, et al. RNA toxicity from the ALS/FTD C9ORF72 expansion is mitigated by antisense intervention. Neuron. 2013;80:415-28 pubmed publisher
    ..Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-differentiated neurons from C9ORF72 ALS patients revealed disease-specific (1) intranuclear GGGGCCexp RNA foci, (2) dysregulated gene ..
  7. Woodruff G, Young J, Martinez F, Buen F, Gore A, Kinaga J, et al. The presenilin-1 ?E9 mutation results in reduced ?-secretase activity, but not total loss of PS1 function, in isogenic human stem cells. Cell Rep. 2013;5:974-85 pubmed publisher
    ..Rigorous analysis of this allelic series in differentiated, purified neurons allowed us to resolve this controversy and to conclude that FAD PS1 mutations, expressed at normal levels in the ..
  8. Hickey L, Li Y, Fyson S, Watson T, Perrins R, Hewinson J, et al. Optoactivation of locus ceruleus neurons evokes bidirectional changes in thermal nociception in rats. J Neurosci. 2014;34:4148-60 pubmed publisher
    Pontospinal noradrenergic neurons are thought to form part of a descending endogenous analgesic system that exerts inhibitory influences on spinal nociception...
  9. Gruntman E, Turner G. Integration of the olfactory code across dendritic claws of single mushroom body neurons. Nat Neurosci. 2013;16:1821-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We exploited the unique morphology of neurons in the Drosophila mushroom body, which receive input on large dendritic claws...

More Information


  1. Ostojic S. Two types of asynchronous activity in networks of excitatory and inhibitory spiking neurons. Nat Neurosci. 2014;17:594-600 pubmed publisher
    Asynchronous activity in balanced networks of excitatory and inhibitory neurons is believed to constitute the primary medium for the propagation and transformation of information in the neocortex...
  2. Liu D, Zhang H, Gu W, Liu Y, Zhang M. Neuroprotective effects of ginsenoside Rb1 on high glucose-induced neurotoxicity in primary cultured rat hippocampal neurons. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e79399 pubmed publisher observe the effects of ginsenoside Rb1 on ER stress signaling pathways in high glucose-treated hippocampal neurons. The results from MTT, TUNEL labeling and Annexin V-FITC/PI/Hoechst assays showed that incubating neurons with 50 ..
  3. Mante V, Sussillo D, Shenoy K, Newsome W. Context-dependent computation by recurrent dynamics in prefrontal cortex. Nature. 2013;503:78-84 pubmed publisher
    ..In particular, individual prefrontal neurons often generate remarkably complex responses that defy deep understanding of their contribution to behaviour...
  4. Brette R. Sharpness of spike initiation in neurons explained by compartmentalization. PLoS Comput Biol. 2013;9:e1003338 pubmed publisher
    In cortical neurons, spikes are initiated in the axon initial segment. Seen at the soma, they appear surprisingly sharp...
  5. Rishal I, Fainzilber M. Axon-soma communication in neuronal injury. Nat Rev Neurosci. 2014;15:32-42 pubmed publisher
    ..These recent findings provide a coherent mechanistic framework for axon-soma communication in the injured nerve and shed light on the integration of cytoplasmic and nuclear transport in all eukaryotic cells. ..
  6. Suzuki N, Maroof A, Merkle F, Koszka K, Intoh A, Armstrong I, et al. The mouse C9ORF72 ortholog is enriched in neurons known to degenerate in ALS and FTD. Nat Neurosci. 2013;16:1725-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, our results provide a potential explanation for the cell type specificity of neuronal degeneration caused by C9ORF72 mutations. ..
  7. Vaidya S, Johnston D. Temporal synchrony and gamma-to-theta power conversion in the dendrites of CA1 pyramidal neurons. Nat Neurosci. 2013;16:1812-20 pubmed publisher
    Timing is a crucial aspect of synaptic integration. For pyramidal neurons that integrate thousands of synaptic inputs spread across hundreds of microns, it is thus a challenge to maintain the timing of incoming inputs at the axo-somatic ..
  8. Kaplan J, Mohr C, Rossi D. Opposite actions of alcohol on tonic GABA(A) receptor currents mediated by nNOS and PKC activity. Nat Neurosci. 2013;16:1783-93 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings identify opposing molecular processes that differentially control the magnitude and polarity of GABA(A)R responses to alcohol across rodent genotypes. ..
  9. Muñoz F, Godoy J, Cerpa W, Poblete I, Huidobro Toro J, Inestrosa N. Wnt-5a increases NO and modulates NMDA receptor in rat hippocampal neurons. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2014;444:189-94 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we evaluate whether Wnts affect nitric oxide (NO) generation in hippocampal neurons. We found that non-canonical Wnt-5a triggers NO production; however, Wnt-3a a canonical ligand did not exert the ..
  10. Sakamoto K, Wakabayashi Y, Yamamura T, Tanaka T, Takeuchi Y, Mori Y, et al. A population of kisspeptin/neurokinin B neurons in the arcuate nucleus may be the central target of the male effect phenomenon in goats. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e81017 pubmed publisher
    ..Recent evidence has suggested that neurons in the arcuate nucleus (ARC) containing kisspeptin and neurokinin B (NKB) play a pivotal role in the control of ..
  11. Hasegawa Y, Suzuki H, Altay O, Rolland W, Zhang J. Role of the sphingosine metabolism pathway on neurons against experimental cerebral ischemia in rats. Transl Stroke Res. 2013;4:524-32 pubmed publisher
    ..Fifty-eight male Sprague-Dawley rats were used to asses temporal profiles of S1P1, SphK1 and 2 on neurons in infarct and periinfarct cortices at pre-infarct state, 6, and 24 hours after MCAO...
  12. Molokanova E, Akhtar M, Sanz Blasco S, Tu S, Piña Crespo J, McKercher S, et al. Differential effects of synaptic and extrasynaptic NMDA receptors on A?-induced nitric oxide production in cerebrocortical neurons. J Neurosci. 2014;34:5023-8 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that pharmacological intervention specifically aimed at eNMDARs may decrease A?-induced nitrosative stress and thus ameliorate neurotoxic damage to synapses. ..
  13. Chung C, Khurana V, Auluck P, Tardiff D, Mazzulli J, Soldner F, et al. Identification and rescue of ?-synuclein toxicity in Parkinson patient-derived neurons. Science. 2013;342:983-7 pubmed publisher
    ..We generated cortical neurons from iPS cells of patients harboring ?syn mutations, who are at high risk of developing PD dementia...
  14. Li Y, Guo F, Shen J, Rosbash M. PDF and cAMP enhance PER stability in Drosophila clock neurons. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014;111:E1284-90 pubmed publisher
    ..PDF contributes to the amplitude, synchrony, as well as the pace of circadian rhythms within clock neurons. PDF is known to increase cAMP levels in PDR receptor (PDFR)-containing neurons...
  15. Evans J, Leise T, Castanon Cervantes O, Davidson A. Dynamic interactions mediated by nonredundant signaling mechanisms couple circadian clock neurons. Neuron. 2013;80:973-83 pubmed publisher
    Interactions among suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) neurons are required for robust circadian rhythms entrained to local time...
  16. Chen R, Zhang J, Fan N, Teng Z, Wu Y, Yang H, et al. ?9-THC-caused synaptic and memory impairments are mediated through COX-2 signaling. Cell. 2013;155:1154-1165 pubmed publisher
    ..and internalization of glutamate receptor subunits and alterations of the dendritic spine density of hippocampal neurons induced by repeated ?(9)-THC exposures...
  17. Ekberg J, Boase N, Rychkov G, Manning J, Poronnik P, Kumar S. Nedd4-2 (NEDD4L) controls intracellular Na(+)-mediated activity of voltage-gated sodium channels in primary cortical neurons. Biochem J. 2014;457:27-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Using Nedd4-2-deficient mice, we demonstrate in the present study that in foetal cortical neurons Nedd4-2 regulates Navs specifically in response to elevated intracellular Na(+), but does not affect steady-state ..
  18. Moraes D, da Silva M, Bonagamba L, Mecawi A, Zoccal D, Antunes Rodrigues J, et al. Electrophysiological properties of rostral ventrolateral medulla presympathetic neurons modulated by the respiratory network in rats. J Neurosci. 2013;33:19223-37 pubmed publisher
    ..This coupling is due to the respiratory-modulated presympathetic neurons in the rostral ventrolateral medulla (RVLM), but the underlining electrophysiological mechanisms remain unclear...
  19. Aprea J, Prenninger S, Dori M, Ghosh T, Monasor L, Wessendorf E, et al. Transcriptome sequencing during mouse brain development identifies long non-coding RNAs functionally involved in neurogenic commitment. EMBO J. 2013;32:3145-60 pubmed publisher
    ..reporter mouse line to isolate proliferating neural stem cells, differentiating progenitors and newborn neurons that coexist as intermingled cell populations during brain development...
  20. Wapinski O, Vierbuchen T, Qu K, Lee Q, Chanda S, Fuentes D, et al. Hierarchical mechanisms for direct reprogramming of fibroblasts to neurons. Cell. 2013;155:621-35 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, a precise match between pioneer factors and the chromatin context at key target genes is determinative for transdifferentiation to neurons and likely other cell types.
  21. KUCHIBHOTLA K, Wegmann S, Kopeikina K, Hawkes J, Rudinskiy N, Andermann M, et al. Neurofibrillary tangle-bearing neurons are functionally integrated in cortical circuits in vivo. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014;111:510-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Unexpectedly, NFT-bearing neurons in the visual cortex appeared to be completely functionally intact, to be capable of integrating dendritic inputs ..
  22. Coffey E. Nuclear and cytosolic JNK signalling in neurons. Nat Rev Neurosci. 2014;15:285-99 pubmed publisher
    ..This Review examines the evidence that the spatial segregation of JNKs in neurons underlies their distinct functions and that compartment-specific targeting of JNKs may offer promising new ..
  23. Huttner H, Bergmann O, Salehpour M, Rácz A, Tatarishvili J, Lindgren E, et al. The age and genomic integrity of neurons after cortical stroke in humans. Nat Neurosci. 2014;17:801-3 pubmed publisher
    ..A large proportion of cortical neurons displayed DNA fragmentation and DNA repair a short time after stroke, whereas neurons at chronic stages after ..
  24. Congdon E, Gu J, Sait H, Sigurdsson E. Antibody uptake into neurons occurs primarily via clathrin-dependent Fc? receptor endocytosis and is a prerequisite for acute tau protein clearance. J Biol Chem. 2013;288:35452-65 pubmed publisher
    ..To this end, Tau antibody uptake was analyzed in brain slice cultures and primary neurons. Internalization was rapid (<1 h), saturable, and substantial compared with control mouse IgG...
  25. Liu Z, Zhou J, Li Y, Hu F, Lu Y, Ma M, et al. Dorsal raphe neurons signal reward through 5-HT and glutamate. Neuron. 2014;81:1360-1374 pubmed publisher
    ..The dorsal raphe nucleus (DRN) in the midbrain is a key center for serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine; 5-HT)-expressing neurons. Serotonergic neurons in the DRN have been theorized to encode punishment by opposing the reward signaling of ..
  26. Blanco Suarez E, Hanley J. Distinct subunit-specific ?-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid (AMPA) receptor trafficking mechanisms in cultured cortical and hippocampal neurons in response to oxygen and glucose deprivation. J Biol Chem. 2014;289:4644-51 pubmed publisher
    ..Excessive activation of glutamate receptors results in excitotoxicity and delayed cell death in vulnerable neurons. Following global cerebral ischemia, hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons are more vulnerable to injury than their ..
  27. Wójtowicz A, Dvorzhak A, Semtner M, Grantyn R. Reduced tonic inhibition in striatal output neurons from Huntington mice due to loss of astrocytic GABA release through GAT-3. Front Neural Circuits. 2013;7:188 pubmed publisher
    ..Whole cell patch clamp recordings from striatal output neurons (SONs) in slices from adult wild type mice and two mouse models of HD (Z_Q175_KI homozygotes or R6/2 ..
  28. Saez I, Duran J, Sinadinos C, Beltran A, Yanes O, Tevy M, et al. Neurons have an active glycogen metabolism that contributes to tolerance to hypoxia. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2014;34:945-55 pubmed publisher
    Glycogen is present in the brain, where it has been found mainly in glial cells but not in neurons. Therefore, all physiologic roles of brain glycogen have been attributed exclusively to astrocytic glycogen...
  29. Haeusler A, Donnelly C, Periz G, Simko E, Shaw P, Kim M, et al. C9orf72 nucleotide repeat structures initiate molecular cascades of disease. Nature. 2014;507:195-200 pubmed publisher
  30. Florio M, Huttner W. Neural progenitors, neurogenesis and the evolution of the neocortex. Development. 2014;141:2182-94 pubmed publisher
    ..This expansion reflects an increase in the number of neocortical neurons, which is determined during development and primarily reflects the number of neurogenic divisions of distinct ..
  31. Holt C, Schuman E. The central dogma decentralized: new perspectives on RNA function and local translation in neurons. Neuron. 2013;80:648-57 pubmed publisher
    The elaborate morphology of neurons together with the information processing that occurs in remote dendritic and axonal compartments makes the use of decentralized cell biological machines necessary...
  32. Ohkawa T, Satake S, Yokoi N, Miyazaki Y, Ohshita T, Sobue G, et al. Identification and characterization of GABA(A) receptor autoantibodies in autoimmune encephalitis. J Neurosci. 2014;34:8151-63 pubmed publisher
    ..3-subunit-containing GABA(A) receptor was a major target of the patients' serum antibodies in rat hippocampal neurons because the serum reactivity to the neuronal surface was greatly decreased by 80% when the ?3 subunit was knocked ..
  33. Ekstrand M, Nectow A, Knight Z, Latcha K, Pomeranz L, Friedman J. Molecular profiling of neurons based on connectivity. Cell. 2014;157:1230-42 pubmed publisher
    ..high-resolution mapping of neural circuitry, these approaches do not allow systematic molecular profiling of neurons based on their connectivity...
  34. Bremen P, Joris P. Axonal recordings from medial superior olive neurons obtained from the lateral lemniscus of the chinchilla (Chinchilla laniger). J Neurosci. 2013;33:17506-18 pubmed publisher MSO data, and even in these studies data are limited in the variety of stimuli used, in the number of neurons studied, and in spike isolation...
  35. Freeze B, Kravitz A, Hammack N, Berke J, Kreitzer A. Control of basal ganglia output by direct and indirect pathway projection neurons. J Neurosci. 2013;33:18531-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Optogenetic activation of striatal direct and indirect pathway projection neurons produced diverse cellular responses in SNr neurons, with stimulation of each pathway eliciting both excitations ..
  36. Riyadh M, Shinmyo Y, Ohta K, Tanaka H. Inhibitory effects of draxin on axonal outgrowth and migration of precerebellar neurons. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2014;449:169-74 pubmed publisher
    ..stripe of the neuroepithelium lining the edge of the fourth ventricle, is the site of origin of precerebellar neurons (PCN), which migrate tangentially towards the floor plate...
  37. Poea Guyon S, Ammar M, Erard M, Amar M, Moreau A, Fossier P, et al. The V-ATPase membrane domain is a sensor of granular pH that controls the exocytotic machinery. J Cell Biol. 2013;203:283-98 pubmed publisher
    ..Hence, the V-ATPase membrane domain would allow the exocytotic machinery to discriminate fully loaded and acidified vesicles from vesicles undergoing neurotransmitter reloading. ..
  38. Van Le Q, Isbell L, Matsumoto J, Nguyen M, Hori E, Maior R, et al. Pulvinar neurons reveal neurobiological evidence of past selection for rapid detection of snakes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110:19000-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we report the existence of neurons in the primate medial and dorsolateral pulvinar that respond selectively to visual images of snakes...
  39. Blanchard T, Hayden B. Neurons in dorsal anterior cingulate cortex signal postdecisional variables in a foraging task. J Neurosci. 2014;34:646-55 pubmed publisher
    ..Some theories suggest that dACC neurons track decision variables (e.g., option values) that feed into choice processes and is thus "predecisional...
  40. Arens J, Duong T, Dehmelt L. A morphometric screen identifies specific roles for microtubule-regulating genes in neuronal development of P19 stem cells. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e79796 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose a model that explains how microtubule regulators can mediate cellular morphogenesis during the early steps of neuronal development by controlling microtubule stabilization and organizing dynein-generated forces. ..
  41. Seidl A, Rubel E, Barria A. Differential conduction velocity regulation in ipsilateral and contralateral collaterals innervating brainstem coincidence detector neurons. J Neurosci. 2014;34:4914-9 pubmed publisher
    ..cochlear nucleus (CN; nucleus magnocellularis in birds) projecting to binaurally innervated coincidence detection neurons in the medial superior olivary nucleus (MSO) in mammals or nucleus laminaris (NL) in birds...
  42. Zhang J, Zhu Y, Zhan G, Fenik P, Panossian L, Wang M, et al. Extended wakefulness: compromised metabolics in and degeneration of locus ceruleus neurons. J Neurosci. 2014;34:4418-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Essential for optimal alertness, locus ceruleus neurons (LCns) are metabolically active neurons that fire at increased rates across sustained wakefulness...
  43. Zenke F, Hennequin G, Gerstner W. Synaptic plasticity in neural networks needs homeostasis with a fast rate detector. PLoS Comput Biol. 2013;9:e1003330 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results strongly suggest the existence of a homeostatic regulatory mechanism that reacts to firing rate changes on the order of seconds to minutes. ..
  44. Baudot P, Levy M, Marre O, Monier C, Pananceau M, Fregnac Y. Animation of natural scene by virtual eye-movements evokes high precision and low noise in V1 neurons. Front Neural Circuits. 2013;7:206 pubmed publisher
    ..We recorded V1 neurons intracellularly in the anaesthetized and paralyzed cat and compared their spiking and synaptic responses to full ..
  45. Zuure W, Roberts A, Quennell J, Anderson G. Leptin signaling in GABA neurons, but not glutamate neurons, is required for reproductive function. J Neurosci. 2013;33:17874-83 pubmed publisher
    ..This effect is indirect, as GnRH neurons do not express leptin receptors (LEPRs)...
  46. Skibinski G, Nakamura K, Cookson M, Finkbeiner S. Mutant LRRK2 toxicity in neurons depends on LRRK2 levels and synuclein but not kinase activity or inclusion bodies. J Neurosci. 2014;34:418-33 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Neurons ectopically expressing mutant LRRK2 formed inclusion bodies (IBs), retracted neurites, accumulated synuclein, and ..
  47. Pivetta C, Esposito M, Sigrist M, Arber S. Motor-circuit communication matrix from spinal cord to brainstem neurons revealed by developmental origin. Cell. 2014;156:537-48 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we focus on motor collateral organization between spinal cord and upstream neurons in the brainstem...
  48. Hengen K, Lambo M, Van Hooser S, Katz D, Turrigiano G. Firing rate homeostasis in visual cortex of freely behaving rodents. Neuron. 2013;80:335-42 pubmed publisher firing was independent of sleep-wake state but was cell type specific, as putative FS and regular spiking neurons responded to MD with different time courses...
  49. Tasdemir Yilmaz O, Freeman M. Astrocytes engage unique molecular programs to engulf pruned neuronal debris from distinct subsets of neurons. Genes Dev. 2014;28:20-33 pubmed publisher
    Precise neural circuit assembly is achieved by initial overproduction of neurons and synapses, followed by refinement through elimination of exuberant neurons and synapses...
  50. Noam Y, Ehrengruber M, Koh A, Feyen P, Manders E, Abbott G, et al. Filamin A promotes dynamin-dependent internalization of hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated type 1 (HCN1) channels and restricts Ih in hippocampal neurons. J Biol Chem. 2014;289:5889-903 pubmed publisher
    ..In hippocampal neurons, expression of a truncated dominant-negative FLNa enhances the expression of native HCN1...
  51. Heilbronner S, Platt M. Causal evidence of performance monitoring by neurons in posterior cingulate cortex during learning. Neuron. 2013;80:1384-91 pubmed publisher
    ..To test this idea, we recorded activity of CGp neurons in monkeys performing a learning task while varying reward size and novelty...
  52. Krashes M, Shah B, Madara J, Olson D, Strochlic D, Garfield A, et al. An excitatory paraventricular nucleus to AgRP neuron circuit that drives hunger. Nature. 2014;507:238-42 pubmed publisher
    Hunger is a hard-wired motivational state essential for survival. Agouti-related peptide (AgRP)-expressing neurons in the arcuate nucleus (ARC) at the base of the hypothalamus are crucial to the control of hunger...
  53. Sheng Z. Mitochondrial trafficking and anchoring in neurons: New insight and implications. J Cell Biol. 2014;204:1087-98 pubmed publisher
    Mitochondria are essential organelles for neuronal growth, survival, and function. Neurons use specialized mechanisms to drive mitochondria transport and to anchor them in axons and at synapses...
  54. McConnell M, Lindberg M, Brennand K, Piper J, Voet T, Cowing Zitron C, et al. Mosaic copy number variation in human neurons. Science. 2013;342:632-7 pubmed publisher
    We used single-cell genomic approaches to map DNA copy number variation (CNV) in neurons obtained from human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) lines and postmortem human brains...
  55. Lee J, Song K, Lee K, Hong J, Lee H, Chae S, et al. Sleep spindles are generated in the absence of T-type calcium channel-mediated low-threshold burst firing of thalamocortical neurons. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110:20266-71 pubmed publisher
    T-type Ca(2+) channels in thalamocortical (TC) neurons have long been considered to play a critical role in the genesis of sleep spindles, one of several TC oscillations...
  56. Betley J, Cao Z, RITOLA K, Sternson S. Parallel, redundant circuit organization for homeostatic control of feeding behavior. Cell. 2013;155:1337-50 pubmed publisher
    ..This is exemplified by AGRP neurons, which are a molecularly defined population that is sufficient to rapidly coordinate voracious food seeking and ..
  57. Kaneko N, Hwang J, Gertner M, Pontarelli F, Zukin R. Casein kinase 1 suppresses activation of REST in insulted hippocampal neurons and halts ischemia-induced neuronal death. J Neurosci. 2014;34:6030-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Recent studies indicate that REST can be activated in differentiated neurons during a critical window of time in postnatal development and in adult neurons in response to neuronal insults ..
  58. Rattay F, Potrusil T, Wenger C, Wise A, Glueckert R, Schrott Fischer A. Impact of morphometry, myelinization and synaptic current strength on spike conduction in human and cat spiral ganglion neurons. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e79256 pubmed publisher
    ..Several anatomical differences between auditory neurons in human and cat are expected to lead to functional differences in speed and safety of spike conduction...
  59. Chen J, Marks E, Lai B, Zhang Z, Duce J, Lam L, et al. Iron accumulates in Huntington's disease neurons: protection by deferoxamine. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e77023 pubmed publisher
    ..fluorescence analysis revealed iron accumulation as discrete puncta in the perinuclear cytoplasm of striatal neurons. Further, perfusion Turnbull's staining for ferrous iron (II) combined with transmission electron microscope ..
  60. Land B, Narayanan N, Liu R, Gianessi C, Brayton C, Grimaldi D, et al. Medial prefrontal D1 dopamine neurons control food intake. Nat Neurosci. 2014;17:248-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we demonstrate a role for D1-type dopamine receptor-expressing neurons in the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) in the regulation of feeding...
  61. Bortone D, Olsen S, Scanziani M. Translaminar inhibitory cells recruited by layer 6 corticothalamic neurons suppress visual cortex. Neuron. 2014;82:474-85 pubmed publisher
    In layer 6 (L6), a principal output layer of the mammalian cerebral cortex, a population of excitatory neurons defined by the NTSR1-Cre mouse line inhibit cortical responses to visual stimuli...
  62. Chadderton P, Schaefer A, Williams S, Margrie T. Sensory-evoked synaptic integration in cerebellar and cerebral cortical neurons. Nat Rev Neurosci. 2014;15:71-83 pubmed publisher
    b>Neurons integrate synaptic inputs across time and space, a process that determines the transformation of input signals into action potential output...
  63. Tardiff D, Jui N, Khurana V, Tambe M, Thompson M, Chung C, et al. Yeast reveal a "druggable" Rsp5/Nedd4 network that ameliorates ?-synuclein toxicity in neurons. Science. 2013;342:979-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, NAB identifies a druggable node in the biology of ?-syn that can correct multiple aspects of its underlying pathology, including dysfunctional endosomal and endoplasmic reticulum-to-Golgi vesicle trafficking. ..
  64. Willsey A, Sanders S, Li M, Dong S, Tebbenkamp A, Muhle R, et al. Coexpression networks implicate human midfetal deep cortical projection neurons in the pathogenesis of autism. Cell. 2013;155:997-1007 pubmed publisher
    ..the same sequencing studies, we demonstrate a key point of convergence in midfetal layer 5/6 cortical projection neurons. This approach informs when, where, and in what cell types mutations in these specific genes may be productively ..
  65. Liu P, Bean B. Kv2 channel regulation of action potential repolarization and firing patterns in superior cervical ganglion neurons and hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons. J Neurosci. 2014;34:4991-5002 pubmed publisher
    Kv2 family "delayed-rectifier" potassium channels are widely expressed in mammalian neurons. Kv2 channels activate relatively slowly and their contribution to action potential repolarization under physiological conditions has ..
  66. Buxbaum A, Wu B, Singer R. Single ?-actin mRNA detection in neurons reveals a mechanism for regulating its translatability. Science. 2014;343:419-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Further, our work demonstrates that ?-actin mRNA and ribosomes are in a masked state that is alleviated by stimulation. ..
  67. Rockenstein E, Nuber S, Overk C, Ubhi K, Mante M, Patrick C, et al. Accumulation of oligomer-prone ?-synuclein exacerbates synaptic and neuronal degeneration in vivo. Brain. 2014;137:1496-513 pubmed publisher
    ..We have shown that acute lentiviral expression of ?-synuclein E57K leads to the degeneration of dopaminergic neurons; however, the effects of chronic expression of oligomer-prone ?-synuclein in synapses throughout the brain have ..
  68. Graber M, Helmchen F, Hahnloser R. Activity in a premotor cortical nucleus of zebra finches is locally organized and exhibits auditory selectivity in neurons but not in glia. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e81177 pubmed publisher
    ..We study sensory responses in large populations of neurons and neuron-assistive cells in the songbird motor area HVC, an auditory-vocal brain area involved in sensory ..
  69. Cowles M, Brown D, Nisperos S, Stanley B, Pearson B, Zayas R. Genome-wide analysis of the bHLH gene family in planarians identifies factors required for adult neurogenesis and neuronal regeneration. Development. 2013;140:4691-702 pubmed publisher
    ..We found nine bHLHs expressed in stem cells and neurons that are required for CNS regeneration...
  70. Thestrup T, Litzlbauer J, Bartholomäus I, Mues M, Russo L, Dana H, et al. Optimized ratiometric calcium sensors for functional in vivo imaging of neurons and T lymphocytes. Nat Methods. 2014;11:175-82 pubmed publisher
    ..sensors matched that of synthetic calcium dyes and allowed visualization of tonic action potential firing in neurons and high resolution functional tracking of T lymphocytes...
  71. Zhang D, Pekkanen Mattila M, Shahsavani M, Falk A, Teixeira A, Herland A. A 3D Alzheimer's disease culture model and the induction of P21-activated kinase mediated sensing in iPSC derived neurons. Biomaterials. 2014;35:1420-8 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrate how a three dimensional (3D) culture of stem cell derived neurons can induce in vivo like responses related to Alzheimer's disease, not recapitulated with conventional 2D cultures...
  72. Berger C, Meyer E, Ammer J, Felmy F. Large somatic synapses on neurons in the ventral lateral lemniscus work in pairs. J Neurosci. 2014;34:3237-46 pubmed publisher
    ..In the monaural system, another large somatic synapse targets neurons in the ventral nucleus of the lateral lemniscus (VNLL)...
  73. Formentini L, Pereira M, Sánchez Cenizo L, Santacatterina F, Lucas J, Navarro C, et al. In vivo inhibition of the mitochondrial H+-ATP synthase in neurons promotes metabolic preconditioning. EMBO J. 2014;33:762-78 pubmed publisher
    ..We have generated a mouse model expressing a mutant of human IF1 in brain neurons to assess the role of the H(+)-ATP synthase in cell death in vivo...
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    ..from juvenile stages to adulthood and depends upon the activity of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) neurons. GnRH neurons are initially activated in utero but remain quiescent throughout the juvenile period...
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