cervical cord


Summary: The segment of the spinal cord within the CERVICAL VERTEBRAE.

Top Publications

  1. Lee D, Chang M. Neck-to-shoulder pain as an unusual presentation of pulmonary embolism in a patient with cervical spinal cord injury: A case report. Medicine (Baltimore). 2017;96:e8288 pubmed publisher
    ..Not limited to PE, the evaluation of diseases in the thoracic or abdominal organs is recommended if patients with cervical SCI present refractory pain in the dermatomes innervated by high cervical nerve roots. ..
  2. Yang X, Huang Z, Li Z, Ren D, Tang J. Risk factors and the surgery affection of respiratory complication and its mortality after acute traumatic cervical spinal cord injury. Medicine (Baltimore). 2017;96:e7887 pubmed publisher
    ..In patients suffering from acute TCSCI, those who are old, have long smoking history, complete spinal cord injury, C1-C4, high CPIS, and fat have high incidence of RC and mortality. ..
  3. Vining R, Gosselin D, Thurmond J, Case K, Bruch F. Interdisciplinary rehabilitation for a patient with incomplete cervical spinal cord injury and multimorbidity: A case report. Medicine (Baltimore). 2017;96:e7837 pubmed publisher
    ..Several specialties functioning within an interdisciplinary team fulfilled complementary roles to support rehabilitation for a patient with SCI. ..
  4. Morota N, Ihara S, Ogiwara H, Tamura G. Surgical management of cervical spine deformity in chondrodysplasia punctata. J Neurosurg Pediatr. 2017;20:378-387 pubmed publisher
    ..Nevertheless, the findings indicate that early surgical intervention for CDP with cervical involvement is feasible, suggesting that the role of neurosurgery should be reevaluated. ..
  5. Suzuki H, Ahuja C, Salewski R, Li L, Satkunendrarajah K, Nagoshi N, et al. Neural stem cell mediated recovery is enhanced by Chondroitinase ABC pretreatment in chronic cervical spinal cord injury. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0182339 pubmed publisher
    ..This represents important proof-of-concept data that the chronically injured spinal cord can be 'unlocked' by ChABC pretreatment to produce a microenvironment conducive to regenerative iPS-NSC therapy. ..
  6. Sun Y, Yu K, Wang H, Shen Y, Kong L, Zhang J. Diagnosis and treatment of hidden lesions in "mild" cervical spondylotic myelopathy patients with apparent symptoms. Medicine (Baltimore). 2017;96:e7623 pubmed publisher
    ..The diameter of the cervical cord at the narrowest level in extension was significantly lower than that in the neutral posture (P?<?.01)...
  7. Ide Okochi A, Tadaka E, Fujimura K. The meaning of self-care in persons with cervical spinal cord injury in Japan: a qualitative study. BMC Neurol. 2013;13:115 pubmed publisher
    ..There is a need for further research to better understand sociocultural influences on illness behaviors among persons with CSCI, so that clinical and community practice can develop accordingly. ..
  8. Streeter K, Sunshine M, Patel S, Gonzalez Rothi E, Reier P, Baekey D, et al. Intermittent Hypoxia Enhances Functional Connectivity of Midcervical Spinal Interneurons. J Neurosci. 2017;37:8349-8362 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that C-INs are part of the respiratory, somatic, and/or autonomic response to AIH, and that propriospinal plasticity may contribute to sustained increases in motor output after AIH. ..
  9. Wang X, Liu Y, Li X, Zhang Z, Yang H, Zhang Y, et al. Deconstruction of Corticospinal Circuits for Goal-Directed Motor Skills. Cell. 2017;171:440-455.e14 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our findings suggest that spatially defined groups of CSNs encode different movement modules, providing a logic for parallel-ordered corticospinal circuits to orchestrate multistep motor skills. ..

More Information


  1. Chang K, Lin Y, Lin C, Hong C, Tsai M, Huang W, et al. Leptin is essential for microglial activation and neuropathic pain after preganglionic cervical root avulsion. Life Sci. 2017;187:31-41 pubmed publisher
    ..Blocking the effects of leptin might be a target for the treatment of neuropathic pain after PCRA. ..
  2. Keelan E, Kidney J, Judge E. An unusual case of orthopnea. Clin Med (Lond). 2017;17:245-247 pubmed publisher
    ..Diagnosis can be difficult, particularly in the acute setting. We present the case of a gentleman diagnosed with bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis secondary to phrenic neuropathy in the setting of cervical spondylosis. ..
  3. Sinha S, Mundy C, Bechtold T, Sgariglia F, Ibrahim M, Billings P, et al. Unsuspected osteochondroma-like outgrowths in the cranial base of Hereditary Multiple Exostoses patients and modeling and treatment with a BMP antagonist in mice. PLoS Genet. 2017;13:e1006742 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study is the first to reveal that the cranial base can be affected in patients with HME and that osteochondroma formation is amenable to therapeutic drug intervention. ..
  4. Bezdudnaya T, Marchenko V, Zholudeva L, Spruance V, Lane M. Supraspinal respiratory plasticity following acute cervical spinal cord injury. Exp Neurol. 2017;293:181-189 pubmed publisher
  5. Abdollahi F, Farshchiansadegh A, Pierella C, Seáñez González I, Thorp E, Lee M, et al. Body-Machine Interface Enables People With Cervical Spinal Cord Injury to Control Devices With Available Body Movements: Proof of Concept. Neurorehabil Neural Repair. 2017;31:487-493 pubmed publisher
    ..The results provide proof-of-concept for the customized BoMI as a means for people with absent or severely impaired hand movements to control assistive devices that otherwise would be manually operated. ..
  6. Huber E, Lachappelle P, Sutter R, Curt A, Freund P. Are midsagittal tissue bridges predictive of outcome after cervical spinal cord injury?. Ann Neurol. 2017;81:740-748 pubmed publisher
    ..Neuroimaging biomarkers of lesion size and midsagittal tissue bridges are potential outcome predictors and patient stratifiers in both subacute and chronic clinical trials. Ann Neurol 2017;81:740-748. ..
  7. Korfias S, Alexiou G, Vlachakis E, Sakas D. Cervical epidural abscess of odontogenic origin. Neurol Sci. 2015;36:1017-8 pubmed publisher
  8. Nakamura Y, Nakajima H, Tani H, Hosokawa T, Ishida S, Kimura F, et al. Anti-MOG antibody-positive ADEM following infectious mononucleosis due to a primary EBV infection: a case report. BMC Neurol. 2017;17:76 pubmed publisher
    ..This case suggests that primary EBV infection would trigger anti-MOG antibody-positive ADEM. Adult ADEM patients can be positive for anti-MOG antibody, the titers of which correlate well with the neurological symptoms. ..
  9. Takase H, Kurihara Y, Yokoyama T, Kawahara N, Takei K. LOTUS overexpression accelerates neuronal plasticity after focal brain ischemia in mice. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0184258 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, our data suggest that LOTUS overexpression accelerates neuronal plasticity in the brainstem and cervical spinal cord after stroke and LOTUS administration is useful for future therapeutic strategies. ..