transendothelial and transepithelial migration


Summary: The passage of cells across the layer of ENDOTHELIAL CELLS, i.e., the ENDOTHELIUM; or across the layer of EPITHELIAL CELLS, i.e. the EPITHELIUM.

Top Publications

  1. Ngamsri K, Müller A, Bösmüller H, Gamper Tsigaras J, Reutershan J, Konrad F. The Pivotal Role of CXCR7 in Stabilization of the Pulmonary Epithelial Barrier in Acute Pulmonary Inflammation. J Immunol. 2017;198:2403-2413 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, our data identified the pivotal role of the receptor CXCR7 in pulmonary inflammation with a predominant effect on the pulmonary epithelium and PMNs. ..
  2. Münch V, Trentin L, Herzig J, Demir S, Seyfried F, Kraus J, et al. Central nervous system involvement in acute lymphoblastic leukemia is mediated by vascular endothelial growth factor. Blood. 2017;130:643-654 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, we identified a mechanism of ALL-cell entry into the CNS, which by targeting VEGF signaling may serve as a novel strategy to control CNS leukemia in patients, replacing conventional CNS-toxic treatment. ..
  3. Klarin D, Zhu Q, Emdin C, Chaffin M, Horner S, McMillan B, et al. Genetic analysis in UK Biobank links insulin resistance and transendothelial migration pathways to coronary artery disease. Nat Genet. 2017;49:1392-1397 pubmed publisher
  4. Veenstra M, Williams D, Calderon T, Anastos K, Morgello S, Berman J. Frontline Science: CXCR7 mediates CD14+CD16+ monocyte transmigration across the blood brain barrier: a potential therapeutic target for NeuroAIDS. J Leukoc Biol. 2017;102:1173-1185 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data also suggest that CCX771 may reduce CD14+CD16+ monocyte-mediated inflammation in other disorders. ..
  5. Lyck R, Lécuyer M, Abadier M, Wyss C, Matti C, Rosito M, et al. ALCAM (CD166) is involved in extravasation of monocytes rather than T cells across the blood-brain barrier. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2017;37:2894-2909 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our study highlights the potential differences in the CNS expression of ALCAM in mouse and human and supports a prominent role for ALCAM in the multi-step extravasation of monocytes across the BBB. ..
  6. Al Faruque H, Kang J, Hwang S, Sung S, Alam M, Sa K, et al. Stepwise inhibition of T cell recruitment at post-capillary venules by orally active desulfated heparins in inflammatory arthritis. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0176110 pubmed publisher
  7. Cui L, Nitzsche F, Pryazhnikov E, Tibeykina M, Tolppanen L, Rytkönen J, et al. Integrin α4 Overexpression on Rat Mesenchymal Stem Cells Enhances Transmigration and Reduces Cerebral Embolism After Intracarotid Injection. Stroke. 2017;48:2895-2900 pubmed publisher
    ..ITGA4 overexpression on MSCs enhances transendothelial migration in vitro, but not in vivo, although it improves safety after intracarotid transplantation into stroke rats. ..
  8. Yonker L, Pazos M, Lanter B, Mou H, Chu K, Eaton A, et al. Neutrophil-Derived Cytosolic PLA2α Contributes to Bacterial-Induced Neutrophil Transepithelial Migration. J Immunol. 2017;199:2873-2884 pubmed publisher
  9. Geremia N, Hryciw T, Bao F, Streijger F, Okon E, Lee J, et al. The effectiveness of the anti-CD11d treatment is reduced in rat models of spinal cord injury that produce significant levels of intraspinal hemorrhage. Exp Neurol. 2017;295:125-134 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that the disparate results of the anti-CD11d treatment in contusion and clip-compression models of SCI are due to the different pathophysiological mechanisms that dominate these two types of spinal cord injuries. ..

More Information


  1. Reyat J, Chimen M, Noy P, Szyroka J, Rainger G, Tomlinson M. ADAM10-Interacting Tetraspanins Tspan5 and Tspan17 Regulate VE-Cadherin Expression and Promote T Lymphocyte Transmigration. J Immunol. 2017;199:666-676 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore endothelial Tspan5- and Tspan17-ADAM10 complexes may regulate inflammation by maintaining normal VE-cadherin expression and promoting T lymphocyte transmigration. ..
  2. Lee W, Ku S, Bae J. Zingerone reduces HMGB1-mediated septic responses and improves survival in septic mice. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2017;329:202-211 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, treatment with ZGR reduced the CLP-induced release of HMGB1, sepsis-related mortality, and tissue injury in vivo. Our results indicated that ZGR might be useful in the treatment of sepsis by targeting HMGB1. ..
  3. Resheq Y, Menzner A, Bosch J, Tickle J, Li K, Wilhelm A, et al. Impaired Transmigration of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells across Human Sinusoidal Endothelium Is Associated with Decreased Expression of CD13. J Immunol. 2017;199:1672-1681 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings indicate that CD13 significantly contributes to tissue infiltration by MO-MDSCs and monocytes, thereby contributing to the pathogenesis of hepatic inflammation. ..
  4. English W, Siviter R, Hansen M, Murphy G. ADAM9 is present at endothelial cell - cell junctions and regulates monocyte - endothelial transmigration. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2017;493:1057-1062 pubmed publisher
    ..These novel findings point to ADAM9 playing an important role in endothelial cell biology that is distinct from the other ADAMs. ..
  5. Zheng L, Kelly C, Battista K, Schaefer R, Lanis J, Alexeev E, et al. Microbial-Derived Butyrate Promotes Epithelial Barrier Function through IL-10 Receptor-Dependent Repression of Claudin-2. J Immunol. 2017;199:2976-2984 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings provide a novel mechanism by which microbial-derived butyrate promotes barrier through IL-10RA-dependent repression of claudin-2. ..
  6. Bhowmick R, Clark S, Bonventre J, Leong J, McCormick B. Cytosolic Phospholipase A2α Promotes Pulmonary Inflammation and Systemic Disease during Streptococcus pneumoniae Infection. Infect Immun. 2017;85: pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest that cPLA2α plays a crucial role in eliciting pulmonary inflammation during pneumococcal infection and is required for lethal systemic infection following S. pneumoniae lung challenge. ..
  7. Bai M, Grieshaber Bouyer R, Wang J, Schmider A, Wilson Z, Zeng L, et al. CD177 modulates human neutrophil migration through activation-mediated integrin and chemoreceptor regulation. Blood. 2017;130:2092-2100 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that CD177 signals in a β2 integrin-dependent manner to orchestrate a set of activation-mediated mechanisms that impair human neutrophil migration. ..
  8. Pazos M, Lanter B, Yonker L, Eaton A, Pirzai W, Gronert K, et al. Pseudomonas aeruginosa ExoU augments neutrophil transepithelial migration. PLoS Pathog. 2017;13:e1006548 pubmed publisher
    ..This suggests that ExoU expression in P. aeruginosa can circumvent immune regulation at key signaling checkpoints in the neutrophil, resulting in exacerbated neutrophil recruitment. ..
  9. Zhang Z, Yang C, Dai X, Ao Y, Li Y. Inhibitory effect of trans-caryophyllene (TC) on leukocyte-endothelial attachment. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2017;329:326-333 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that TC might have a capacity to suppress the development of atherosclerosis. ..
  10. Brazil J, Sumagin R, Stowell S, Lee G, Louis N, Cummings R, et al. Expression of Lewis-a glycans on polymorphonuclear leukocytes augments function by increasing transmigration. J Leukoc Biol. 2017;102:753-762 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that PMN Lea represents a new target for modulating inflammation and regulating intestinal, innate immunity. ..
  11. Barbazán J, Alonso Alconada L, Elkhatib N, Geraldo S, Gurchenkov V, Glentis A, et al. Liver Metastasis Is Facilitated by the Adherence of Circulating Tumor Cells to Vascular Fibronectin Deposits. Cancer Res. 2017;77:3431-3441 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our findings uncover a new mechanism for liver metastasis formation involving an active contribution of hepatic vascular fibronectin and talin1 in cancer cells. Cancer Res; 77(13); 3431-41. ©2017 AACR. ..
  12. Nitzsche F, Müller C, Lukomska B, Jolkkonen J, Deten A, Boltze J. Concise Review: MSC Adhesion Cascade-Insights into Homing and Transendothelial Migration. Stem Cells. 2017;35:1446-1460 pubmed publisher
    ..Stem Cells 2017;35:1446-1460. ..
  13. Mittal M, Nepal S, Tsukasaki Y, Hecquet C, Soni D, Rehman J, et al. Neutrophil Activation of Endothelial Cell-Expressed TRPM2 Mediates Transendothelial Neutrophil Migration and Vascular Injury. Circ Res. 2017;121:1081-1091 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest blocking TRPM2 activation in ECs is a potentially important means of therapeutically modifying PMN-mediated vascular inflammation. ..
  14. Bhui R, Hayenga H. An agent-based model of leukocyte transendothelial migration during atherogenesis. PLoS Comput Biol. 2017;13:e1005523 pubmed publisher
    ..Overall this multi-scale and multi-physics approach appropriately captures and integrates the spatiotemporal events occurring at the cellular level in order to predict leukocyte transmigration and plaque evolution. ..
  15. Schaefer A, van Duijn T, Majolee J, Burridge K, Hordijk P. Endothelial CD2AP Binds the Receptor ICAM-1 To Control Mechanosignaling, Leukocyte Adhesion, and the Route of Leukocyte Diapedesis In Vitro. J Immunol. 2017;198:4823-4836 pubmed publisher
    ..CD2AP is important in kidney dysfunction that is accompanied by inflammation. Our findings provide a mechanistic basis for the role of CD2AP in inflamed vessels, identifying this adaptor protein as a potential therapeutic target. ..