rna transport


Summary: The process of moving specific RNA molecules from one cellular compartment or region to another by various sorting and transport mechanisms.

Top Publications

  1. Schumann S, Jackson B, Baquero Perez B, Whitehouse A. Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus ORF57 protein: exploiting all stages of viral mRNA processing. Viruses. 2013;5:1901-23 pubmed publisher
    ..Using the example of ORF57, we will describe cellular bulk mRNA export pathways and highlight their distinct features, before exploring how the virus has evolved to exploit these mechanisms. ..
  2. Karicheva O, Kolesnikova O, Schirtz T, Vysokikh M, Mager Heckel A, Lombes A, et al. Correction of the consequences of mitochondrial 3243A>G mutation in the MT-TL1 gene causing the MELAS syndrome by tRNA import into mitochondria. Nucleic Acids Res. 2011;39:8173-86 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings prove the possibility to direct tRNAs with changed aminoacylation specificities into mitochondria, thus extending the potential therapeutic strategy of allotopic expression to address mitochondrial disorders...
  3. Bandiera S, Rüberg S, Girard M, Cagnard N, Hanein S, Chretien D, et al. Nuclear outsourcing of RNA interference components to human mitochondria. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e20746 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data outline the molecular bases for a novel layer of crosstalk between nucleus and mitochondria through a specific subset of human miRNAs that we termed 'mitomiRs'. ..
  4. Gagnon J, Mowry K. Visualization of mRNA localization in Xenopus oocytes. Methods Mol Biol. 2011;714:71-82 pubmed publisher
    ..This technique overcomes a significant hurdle of imaging RNA in the frog oocyte while providing a rapid method of visualizing mRNA localization in high resolution. ..
  5. Dossani Z, Weirich C, Erzberger J, Berger J, Weis K. Structure of the C-terminus of the mRNA export factor Dbp5 reveals the interaction surface for the ATPase activator Gle1. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009;106:16251-6 pubmed publisher
  6. Luna R, Rondon A, Aguilera A. New clues to understand the role of THO and other functionally related factors in mRNP biogenesis. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2012;1819:514-20 pubmed publisher
    ..This article is part of a Special Issue entitled: Nuclear Transport and RNA Processing. ..
  7. Becalska A, Gavis E. Lighting up mRNA localization in Drosophila oogenesis. Development. 2009;136:2493-503 pubmed publisher
  8. Rougemaille M, Dieppois G, Kisseleva Romanova E, Gudipati R, Lemoine S, Blugeon C, et al. THO/Sub2p functions to coordinate 3'-end processing with gene-nuclear pore association. Cell. 2008;135:308-21 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data strongly suggests that the THO complex/Sub2p function is required to coordinate events leading to the acquisition of export competence at a step that follows commitment to 3'-processing. ..
  9. Köhler A, Schneider M, Cabal G, Nehrbass U, Hurt E. Yeast Ataxin-7 links histone deubiquitination with gene gating and mRNA export. Nat Cell Biol. 2008;10:707-15 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, Sgf73 provides a molecular scaffold to integrate the regulation of H2B ubiquitin levels, tethering of a gene to the NPC and export of mRNA. ..

More Information


  1. Jansen R, Niessing D. Assembly of mRNA-protein complexes for directional mRNA transport in eukaryotes--an overview. Curr Protein Pept Sci. 2012;13:284-93 pubmed
    ..We will highlight general themes and differences, point to similarities in other model systems, and raise open questions that might be answered in the coming years. ..
  2. Donnelly C, Willis D, Xu M, Tep C, Jiang C, Yoo S, et al. Limited availability of ZBP1 restricts axonal mRNA localization and nerve regeneration capacity. EMBO J. 2011;30:4665-77 pubmed publisher
    ..Exogenous ZBP1 can rescue the RNA transport deficits, but the axonal growth deficit is only rescued if the transported mRNAs are locally translated...
  3. Chiaruttini C, Vicario A, Li Z, Baj G, Braiuca P, Wu Y, et al. Dendritic trafficking of BDNF mRNA is mediated by translin and blocked by the G196A (Val66Met) mutation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009;106:16481-6 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings implicate abnormal dendritic trafficking of BDNF mRNA in the pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disorders linked to the G196A mutation. ..
  4. Boyne J, Whitehouse A. Nucleolar disruption impairs Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus ORF57-mediated nuclear export of intronless viral mRNAs. FEBS Lett. 2009;583:3549-56 pubmed publisher
    ..We show that rapid disorganisation of the nucleolus was accompanied by a reduction in intronless virus mRNA export, suggesting that an intact nucleolus is essential for efficient KSHV ORF57-mediated intronless mRNA export. ..
  5. Eliyahu E, Pnueli L, Melamed D, Scherrer T, Gerber A, Pines O, et al. Tom20 mediates localization of mRNAs to mitochondria in a translation-dependent manner. Mol Cell Biol. 2010;30:284-94 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our data reveal a large-scale mRNA association mode that involves interaction of Tom20p with the translated mitochondrial targeting sequence and may be assisted by Puf3p. ..
  6. Boyne J, Jackson B, Taylor A, Macnab S, Whitehouse A. Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus ORF57 protein interacts with PYM to enhance translation of viral intronless mRNAs. EMBO J. 2010;29:1851-64 pubmed publisher
    ..We, therefore, propose a model whereby ORF57 interacts directly with PYM to enhance translation of intronless KSHV transcripts. ..
  7. Mager Heckel A, Entelis N, Brandina I, Kamenski P, Krasheninnikov I, Martin R, et al. The analysis of tRNA import into mammalian mitochondria. Methods Mol Biol. 2007;372:235-53 pubmed publisher
  8. Park H, Buxbaum A, Singer R. Single mRNA tracking in live cells. Methods Enzymol. 2010;472:387-406 pubmed publisher
    ..Studies analyzing the motion of individual mRNAs have shed light on the complex RNA transport system...
  9. Wang W, Cui Z, Han H, Zhang Z, Wei H, Zhou Y, et al. Imaging and characterizing influenza A virus mRNA transport in living cells. Nucleic Acids Res. 2008;36:4913-28 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings characterize influenza A virus mRNA transport in living cells and suggest that influenza A virus mRNA may be exported from the nucleus by the cellular TAP/p15 pathway with NS1 protein and RNAP-II participation. ..
  10. Shen Z, St Denis A, Chartrand P. Cotranscriptional recruitment of She2p by RNA pol II elongation factor Spt4-Spt5/DSIF promotes mRNA localization to the yeast bud. Genes Dev. 2010;24:1914-26 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, a She2p mutant defective in RNA binding still associates with RNA pol II transcribed genes. This study uncovers a novel mechanism for the cotranscriptional assembly of mRNP complexes primed for localization in the cytoplasm. ..
  11. GRUNWALD D, Singer R. In vivo imaging of labelled endogenous ?-actin mRNA during nucleocytoplasmic transport. Nature. 2010;467:604-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Notably, the translocation through the channel was not the rate-limiting step, mRNAs can move bi-directionally in the pore complex and not all pores are equally active...
  12. Donnelly C, Fainzilber M, Twiss J. Subcellular communication through RNA transport and localized protein synthesis. Traffic. 2010;11:1498-505 pubmed publisher
  13. Rodriguez Navarro S, Hurt E. Linking gene regulation to mRNA production and export. Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2011;23:302-9 pubmed publisher
    ..These include gene activation, transcription, mRNA processing and mRNP assembly and disassembly. In this review, we summarise recent insights into the links between these steps in the gene expression cascade...
  14. Melnyk C, Molnar A, Baulcombe D. Intercellular and systemic movement of RNA silencing signals. EMBO J. 2011;30:3553-63 pubmed publisher
    ..This review discusses the advances in systemic RNAi and presents the current challenges and questions in this rapidly evolving field. ..
  15. Guria A, Tran D, Ramachandran S, Koch A, El Bounkari O, Dutta P, et al. Identification of mRNAs that are spliced but not exported to the cytoplasm in the absence of THOC5 in mouse embryo fibroblasts. RNA. 2011;17:1048-56 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, Hsp70 mRNA was exported in the absence of THOC5 at 37°C, but not under heat shock condition (42°C), suggesting that THOC5 may be required for mRNA export under stress and/or upon signaling-induced conditions. ..
  16. Müller M, Heym R, Mayer A, Kramer K, Schmid M, Cramer P, et al. A cytoplasmic complex mediates specific mRNA recognition and localization in yeast. PLoS Biol. 2011;9:e1000611 pubmed publisher
  17. Salinas T, Duchene A, Maréchal Drouard L. Recent advances in tRNA mitochondrial import. Trends Biochem Sci. 2008;33:320-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, our increased understanding of the tRNA-import pathway has been exploited recently to rescue dysfunctions associated with mitochondrial tRNA mutations. ..
  18. Rubio M, Rinehart J, Krett B, Duvezin Caubet S, Reichert A, Soll D, et al. Mammalian mitochondria have the innate ability to import tRNAs by a mechanism distinct from protein import. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008;105:9186-91 pubmed publisher
    ..Mutations in mitochondrial tRNA genes have been associated with human disease; the tRNA import system described here could possibly be exploited for the manipulation of defective mitochondria...
  19. Pitchiaya S, Androsavich J, Walter N. Intracellular single molecule microscopy reveals two kinetically distinct pathways for microRNA assembly. EMBO Rep. 2012;13:709-15 pubmed publisher
    ..iSHiRLOC achieves an unprecedented resolution in the visualization of functional miRNAs, paving the way to understanding RNA silencing through single-molecule systems biology. ..
  20. Skog J, Wurdinger T, van Rijn S, Meijer D, Gainche L, Sena Esteves M, et al. Glioblastoma microvesicles transport RNA and proteins that promote tumour growth and provide diagnostic biomarkers. Nat Cell Biol. 2008;10:1470-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, tumour-derived microvesicles may provide diagnostic information and aid in therapeutic decisions for cancer patients through a blood test. ..
  21. Cambray S, Pedraza N, Rafel M, Garí E, Aldea M, Gallego C. Protein kinase KIS localizes to RNA granules and enhances local translation. Mol Cell Biol. 2009;29:726-35 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that KIS is a component of the molecular device that modulates translation in RNA-transporting granules as a result of local signals. ..
  22. Amrute Nayak M, Bullock S. Single-molecule assays reveal that RNA localization signals regulate dynein-dynactin copy number on individual transcript cargoes. Nat Cell Biol. 2012;14:416-23 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings lead to a model in which RNA localization signals produce highly polarized distributions of transcript populations through modest changes in motor copy number on single mRNA molecules. ..
  23. Jani D, Lutz S, Marshall N, Fischer T, Köhler A, Ellisdon A, et al. Sus1, Cdc31, and the Sac3 CID region form a conserved interaction platform that promotes nuclear pore association and mRNA export. Mol Cell. 2009;33:727-37 pubmed publisher
    ..These data indicate Sac3(CID) provides a scaffold within TREX-2 to integrate interactions between protein complexes to facilitate the coupling of transcription and mRNA export during gene expression...
  24. Hurt J, Obar R, Zhai B, Farny N, Gygi S, Silver P. A conserved CCCH-type zinc finger protein regulates mRNA nuclear adenylation and export. J Cell Biol. 2009;185:265-77 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest a model wherein ZC3H3 interfaces between the polyadenylation machinery, newly poly(A) mRNAs, and factors for transcript export. ..
  25. Landers S, Gallas M, Little J, Long R. She3p possesses a novel activity required for ASH1 mRNA localization in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Eukaryot Cell. 2009;8:1072-83 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study reveals that the current accepted model for ASH1 mRNA localization does not fully account for the function of She3p in ASH1 mRNA localization. ..
  26. Dienstbier M, Boehl F, Li X, Bullock S. Egalitarian is a selective RNA-binding protein linking mRNA localization signals to the dynein motor. Genes Dev. 2009;23:1546-58 pubmed publisher
  27. Elson S, Noble S, Solis N, Filler S, Johnson A. An RNA transport system in Candida albicans regulates hyphal morphology and invasive growth. PLoS Genet. 2009;5:e1000664 pubmed publisher
    ..Based on a framework established in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, we describe a She3-dependent RNA transport system in Candida albicans, a fungal pathogen of humans that grows as both budding (yeast) and filamentous (..
  28. Stubbs S, Hunter O, Hoover A, Conrad N. Viral factors reveal a role for REF/Aly in nuclear RNA stability. Mol Cell Biol. 2012;32:1260-70 pubmed publisher
    ..These studies show that REF/Aly can stabilize nuclear RNAs independently of their export and support a broader conservation of RNA quality control mechanisms from yeast to humans. ..
  29. Takemura R, Takeiwa T, Taniguchi I, McCloskey A, Ohno M. Multiple factors in the early splicing complex are involved in the nuclear retention of pre-mRNAs in mammalian cells. Genes Cells. 2011;16:1035-49 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings provide new information regarding the pre-mRNA nuclear retention factors in mammalian cells. ..
  30. Tarnawsky S, Palazzo A. Positional requirements for the stimulation of mRNA nuclear export by ALREX-promoting elements. Mol Biosyst. 2012;8:2527-30 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we demonstrate that these elements promote efficient export and proper cytoplasmic localization only when they are found at the 5' end of the transcript. ..
  31. Heym R, Niessing D. Principles of mRNA transport in yeast. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2012;69:1843-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Because of our advanced mechanistic understanding of mRNA localization in yeast, the present review may also be informative for scientists working, for example, on mRNA localization in embryogenesis or in neurons. ..
  32. García Oliver E, García Molinero V, Rodriguez Navarro S. mRNA export and gene expression: the SAGA-TREX-2 connection. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2012;1819:555-65 pubmed publisher
    ..This article is part of a Special Issue entitled: Nuclear Transport and RNA Processing. ..
  33. Chi B, Wang Q, Wu G, Tan M, Wang L, Shi M, et al. Aly and THO are required for assembly of the human TREX complex and association of TREX components with the spliced mRNA. Nucleic Acids Res. 2013;41:1294-306 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, we propose that Aly, THO and UAP56 form a highly integrated unit to associate with the spliced mRNA and function in mRNA export. ..
  34. Wang G, Shimada E, Zhang J, Hong J, Smith G, Teitell M, et al. Correcting human mitochondrial mutations with targeted RNA import. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012;109:4840-5 pubmed publisher
  35. Doyle M, Kiebler M. Mechanisms of dendritic mRNA transport and its role in synaptic tagging. EMBO J. 2011;30:3540-52 pubmed publisher
    ..This new model integrates our current understanding of synaptic function ranging from synaptic tagging and capture to functional and structural reorganization of the synapse upon learning and memory. ..
  36. Lei H, Zhai B, Yin S, Gygi S, Reed R. Evidence that a consensus element found in naturally intronless mRNAs promotes mRNA export. Nucleic Acids Res. 2013;41:2517-25 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, knockdown of these factors results in nuclear retention of the intronless mRNAs. Together, these data suggest that the CAR-E promotes export of intronless mRNA by sequence-dependent recruitment of the mRNA export machinery. ..
  37. Liao J, Ma L, Guo Y, Zhang Y, Zhou H, Shao P, et al. Deep sequencing of human nuclear and cytoplasmic small RNAs reveals an unexpectedly complex subcellular distribution of miRNAs and tRNA 3' trailers. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e10563 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results provide the first comprehensive view of the subcellular distribution of diverse sRNAs and new insights into the roles of miRNAs and tRNA 3' trailers in the cell. ..
  38. Cenik C, Chua H, Zhang H, Tarnawsky S, Akef A, Derti A, et al. Genome analysis reveals interplay between 5'UTR introns and nuclear mRNA export for secretory and mitochondrial genes. PLoS Genet. 2011;7:e1001366 pubmed publisher
    ..They also suggest that genes encoding secretory and mitochondrial proteins share a common regulatory mechanism at the level of mRNA export. ..
  39. Gagnon J, Mowry K. Molecular motors: directing traffic during RNA localization. Crit Rev Biochem Mol Biol. 2011;46:229-39 pubmed publisher
    ..In this review, we discuss recent findings from several different systems in an effort to clarify pathways and mechanisms that control the directed movement of RNA. ..
  40. Yelina N, Smith L, Jones A, Patel K, Kelly K, Baulcombe D. Putative Arabidopsis THO/TREX mRNA export complex is involved in transgene and endogenous siRNA biosynthesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:13948-53 pubmed publisher
    ..To reconcile the effect of these mutations on transgene and endogenous gene siRNA, we propose a mechanism in which THO/TREX processes or transports a long RNA molecule so that it can be a template for secondary siRNA production. ..
  41. Rondon A, Jimeno S, Aguilera A. The interface between transcription and mRNP export: from THO to THSC/TREX-2. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2010;1799:533-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we review our actual knowledge of the role that these factors play at the interface between transcription and mRNA export in the model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae. ..
  42. Martel C, Dugré Brisson S, Boulay K, Breton B, Lapointe G, Armando S, et al. Multimerization of Staufen1 in live cells. RNA. 2010;16:585-97 pubmed publisher
    ..Altogether, these results indicate that Stau1 self-associates in mRNPs via its multiple functional domains that can select mRNAs to be transported and establish protein-protein interaction. ..
  43. Apponi L, Leung S, Williams K, Valentini S, Corbett A, Pavlath G. Loss of nuclear poly(A)-binding protein 1 causes defects in myogenesis and mRNA biogenesis. Hum Mol Genet. 2010;19:1058-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these experiments demonstrate that PABPN1 plays an essential role in myoblast proliferation and differentiation, suggesting that it is required for muscle regeneration and maintenance in vivo. ..
  44. Cook A, Fukuhara N, Jinek M, Conti E. Structures of the tRNA export factor in the nuclear and cytosolic states. Nature. 2009;461:60-5 pubmed publisher
    ..The binding mode explains how Xpot can recognize all mature tRNAs in the cell and yet distinguish them from those that have not been properly processed, thus coupling tRNA export to quality control. ..
  45. Johnson L, Li L, Sandri Goldin R. The cellular RNA export receptor TAP/NXF1 is required for ICP27-mediated export of herpes simplex virus 1 RNA, but the TREX complex adaptor protein Aly/REF appears to be dispensable. J Virol. 2009;83:6335-46 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, a decrease in TAP/NXF1 levels severely impaired export of ICP27 and poly(A)(+) RNA. We conclude that TAP/NXF1 is essential for ICP27-mediated export of RNA during HSV-1 infection, whereas Aly/REF may be dispensable. ..
  46. Faza M, Kemmler S, Jimeno S, González Aguilera C, Aguilera A, Hurt E, et al. Sem1 is a functional component of the nuclear pore complex-associated messenger RNA export machinery. J Cell Biol. 2009;184:833-46 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, Sem1 is a versatile protein that might stabilize multiple protein complexes involved in diverse pathways. ..
  47. Shen Z, Paquin N, Forget A, Chartrand P. Nuclear shuttling of She2p couples ASH1 mRNA localization to its translational repression by recruiting Loc1p and Puf6p. Mol Biol Cell. 2009;20:2265-75 pubmed publisher
    ..This study reveals that a direct coupling between localization and translation regulation factors in the nucleus is required for proper cytoplasmic localization of mRNAs. ..
  48. Dictenberg J, Swanger S, Antar L, Singer R, Bassell G. A direct role for FMRP in activity-dependent dendritic mRNA transport links filopodial-spine morphogenesis to fragile X syndrome. Dev Cell. 2008;14:926-39 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings highlight a mechanism for stimulus-induced dendritic mRNA transport and link its impairment in a mouse model of FXS to altered developmental morphologic plasticity. ..
  49. White R, Gonsior C, Krämer Albers E, Stöhr N, Huttelmaier S, Trotter J. Activation of oligodendroglial Fyn kinase enhances translation of mRNAs transported in hnRNP A2-dependent RNA granules. J Cell Biol. 2008;181:579-86 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that Fyn kinase activation results in the localized translation of MBP mRNA at sites of axon-glia contact and myelin deposition. ..
  50. Mili S, Moissoglu K, Macara I. Genome-wide screen reveals APC-associated RNAs enriched in cell protrusions. Nature. 2008;453:115-9 pubmed publisher
    ..APC is required for the accumulation of transcripts in protrusions. Our results suggest a new type of RNA anchoring mechanism as well as a new, unanticipated function for APC in localizing RNAs. ..
  51. Kota K, Wagner S, Huerta E, Underwood J, Nickerson J. Binding of ATP to UAP56 is necessary for mRNA export. J Cell Sci. 2008;121:1526-37 pubmed publisher
    ..This was confirmed using a point mutant of UAP56 that did not bind ATP. Point mutation of UAP56 to eliminate ATP binding did not affect RNA splicing, but strongly inhibited the export of mRNA to the cytoplasm. ..
  52. Wang C, Washida H, Crofts A, Hamada S, Katsube Tanaka T, Kim D, et al. The cytoplasmic-localized, cytoskeletal-associated RNA binding protein OsTudor-SN: evidence for an essential role in storage protein RNA transport and localization. Plant J. 2008;55:443-54 pubmed publisher
    ..study, we examined the potential role of OsTudor-SN, a major cytoskeletal-associated RNA binding protein, in RNA transport and localization...
  53. Boyne J, Colgan K, Whitehouse A. Recruitment of the complete hTREX complex is required for Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus intronless mRNA nuclear export and virus replication. PLoS Pathog. 2008;4:e1000194 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these data provide the first direct evidence that the complete hTREX complex is essential for the export of KSHV intronless mRNAs and infectious virus production. ..