fibrillar collagens


Summary: A family of structurally related collagens that form the characteristic collagen fibril bundles seen in CONNECTIVE TISSUE.

Top Publications

  1. Fang M, Adams J, McMahan B, Brown R, Oxford J. The expression patterns of minor fibrillar collagens during development in zebrafish. Gene Expr Patterns. 2010;10:315-22 pubmed publisher
    Minor fibrillar collagens are recognized as the organizers and nucleators during collagen fibrillogenesis but likely serve additional functions. The minor fibrillar collagens include collagens type V and XI...
  2. Shen Z, Kahn H, Ballarini R, Eppell S. Viscoelastic properties of isolated collagen fibrils. Biophys J. 2011;100:3008-15 pubmed publisher
  3. McCurdy S, Baicu C, Heymans S, Bradshaw A. Cardiac extracellular matrix remodeling: fibrillar collagens and Secreted Protein Acidic and Rich in Cysteine (SPARC). J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2010;48:544-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The composition of the ECM in the heart includes structural proteins such as fibrillar collagens and matricellular proteins that modulate cell:ECM interaction...
  4. Siegmund T, Allen M, Burr D. Failure of mineralized collagen fibrils: modeling the role of collagen cross-linking. J Biomech. 2008;41:1427-35 pubmed publisher
    ..As a consequence the toughness of bone that has more non-enzymatically mediated collagen cross-links will be drastically reduced. ..
  5. Mayo J, Holden D, Barrow J, Bridgewater L. The transcription factor Lc-Maf participates in Col27a1 regulation during chondrocyte maturation. Exp Cell Res. 2009;315:2293-300 pubmed publisher
    ..The work presented here suggests that Lc-Maf may affect the process of endochondral ossification by participating in the regulation of Col27a1 expression. ..
  6. Exposito J, Valcourt U, Cluzel C, Lethias C. The fibrillar collagen family. Int J Mol Sci. 2010;11:407-26 pubmed publisher
    ..Among the collagens, fibrillar collagens are present from sponges to humans, and are involved in the formation of the well-known striated fibrils...
  7. Miron Mendoza M, Seemann J, Grinnell F. Collagen fibril flow and tissue translocation coupled to fibroblast migration in 3D collagen matrices. Mol Biol Cell. 2008;19:2051-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings demonstrate that when fibroblasts interact with collagen matrices, tractional force exerted by the cells can couple to matrix translocation as well as to cell migration. ..
  8. Christiansen H, Lang M, Pace J, Parichy D. Critical early roles for col27a1a and col27a1b in zebrafish notochord morphogenesis, vertebral mineralization and post-embryonic axial growth. PLoS ONE. 2009;4:e8481 pubmed publisher
    b>Fibrillar collagens are well known for their links to human diseases, with which all have been associated except for the two most recently identified fibrillar collagens, type XXIV collagen and type XXVII collagen...
  9. Fessel G, Snedeker J. Evidence against proteoglycan mediated collagen fibril load transmission and dynamic viscoelasticity in tendon. Matrix Biol. 2009;28:503-10 pubmed publisher
    ..035). Thus glycosaminoglycan chains of small leucine-rich proteoglycans do not appear to mediate dynamic elastic behavior nor do they appear to regulate the dynamic viscoelastic properties in rat tail tendon fascicles. ..

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  1. Piechocka I, van Oosten A, Breuls R, Koenderink G. Rheology of heterotypic collagen networks. Biomacromolecules. 2011;12:2797-805 pubmed publisher
    ..In many tissues, these fibrils contain two fibrillar collagens (types I and V) in a ratio that changes during tissue development, regeneration, and various diseases...
  2. Giudici C, Raynal N, Wiedemann H, Cabral W, Marini J, Timpl R, et al. Mapping of SPARC/BM-40/osteonectin-binding sites on fibrillar collagens. J Biol Chem. 2008;283:19551-60 pubmed publisher
    ..This sequence is conserved among alpha chains of collagens I, II, III, and V. In vitro collagen fibrillogenesis was delayed in the presence of SPARC, suggesting that SPARC might modulate collagen fibril assembly in vivo. ..
  3. Exposito J, Larroux C, Cluzel C, Valcourt U, Lethias C, Degnan B. Demosponge and sea anemone fibrillar collagen diversity reveals the early emergence of A/C clades and the maintenance of the modular structure of type V/XI collagens from sponge to human. J Biol Chem. 2008;283:28226-35 pubmed publisher
    Collagens are often considered a metazoan hallmark, with the fibril-forming fibrillar collagens present from sponges to human...
  4. Mohan H, Krumbholz M, Sharma R, Eisele S, Junker A, Sixt M, et al. Extracellular matrix in multiple sclerosis lesions: Fibrillar collagens, biglycan and decorin are upregulated and associated with infiltrating immune cells. Brain Pathol. 2010;20:966-75 pubmed publisher
    ..These chains interact to form collagen types I, III and V, which are fibrillar collagens. Biglycan and decorin, which can decorate fibrillar collagens, were also induced strongly...
  5. Ohtani K, Yao T, Kobayashi M, Kusakabe R, Kuratani S, Wada H. Expression of Sox and fibrillar collagen genes in lamprey larval chondrogenesis with implications for the evolution of vertebrate cartilage. J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol. 2008;310:596-607 pubmed publisher
  6. Han S, Makareeva E, Kuznetsova N, DeRidder A, Sutter M, Losert W, et al. Molecular mechanism of type I collagen homotrimer resistance to mammalian collagenases. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:22276-81 pubmed publisher
    ..Comparative analysis of the homo- and heterotrimer cleavage kinetics revealed that MMP-1 binding promotes stochastic helix unwinding, resolving the controversy between different models of collagenase action. ..
  7. Philips N, Conte J, Chen Y, Natrajan P, Taw M, Keller T, et al. Beneficial regulation of matrixmetalloproteinases and their inhibitors, fibrillar collagens and transforming growth factor-beta by Polypodium leucotomos, directly or in dermal fibroblasts, ultraviolet radiated fibroblasts, and melanoma cells. Arch Dermatol Res. 2009;301:487-95 pubmed publisher
    ..leucotomos to (a) directly inhibit MMP-1, 2, 3, and 9 activities, (b) inhibit MMP-2, and stimulate TIMPs, fibrillar collagens and TGF-beta in non-irradiated or ultraviolet (UV) radiated fibroblasts, and (c) inhibit MMPs and TGF-beta, ..
  8. Gautieri A, Vesentini S, Redaelli A, Buehler M. Viscoelastic properties of model segments of collagen molecules. Matrix Biol. 2012;31:141-9 pubmed publisher
  9. Lacomb R, Nadiarnykh O, Campagnola P. Quantitative second harmonic generation imaging of the diseased state osteogenesis imperfecta: experiment and simulation. Biophys J. 2008;94:4504-14 pubmed publisher
  10. Pace J, Corrado M, Missero C, Byers P. Identification, characterization and expression analysis of a new fibrillar collagen gene, COL27A1. Matrix Biol. 2003;22:3-14 pubmed
    The fibrillar collagens provide structural scaffolding and strength to the extracellular matrices of connective tissues...
  11. Gupta H, Wagermaier W, Zickler G, Raz Ben Aroush D, Funari S, Roschger P, et al. Nanoscale deformation mechanisms in bone. Nano Lett. 2005;5:2108-11 pubmed
    ..We find that bone deformation is not homogeneous but distributed between a tensile deformation of the fibrils and a shearing in the interfibrillar matrix between them. ..
  12. Egging D, van Vlijmen I, Starcher B, Gijsen Y, Zweers M, Blankevoort L, et al. Dermal connective tissue development in mice: an essential role for tenascin-X. Cell Tissue Res. 2006;323:465-74 pubmed development, during embryonic days 13-19 (E13-E19), was distinct from tropoelastin and the dermal fibrillar collagens type I, III, and V...
  13. Salchert K, Oswald J, Streller U, Grimmer M, Herold N, Werner C. Fibrillar collagen assembled in the presence of glycosaminoglycans to constitute bioartificial stem cell niches in vitro. J Mater Sci Mater Med. 2005;16:581-5 pubmed
    ..Migration rates on fibrillar structures were significantly lower then on tropocollagen indicating a more intimate contact of HSCs to the fibrillar substrates. ..
  14. Kalmey J, Lovejoy C. Collagen fiber orientation in the femoral necks of apes and humans: do their histological structures reflect differences in locomotor loading?. Bone. 2002;31:327-32 pubmed
    ..These results are consistent with loading patterns suggested from anatomical structure, and provide corroborative evidence of bone's ability to preferentially orient collagen fibers during extracellular matrix deposition. ..
  15. Connon C, Meek K. Organization of corneal collagen fibrils during the healing of trephined wounds in rabbits. Wound Repair Regen. 2003;11:71-8 pubmed
    ..We speculate that collagen is artefactually displaced during trephination, resulting in an abnormal alignment of the fibrils surrounding the wound edge, and that this influences the wound healing process. ..
  16. Heck N, Garwood J, Dobbertin A, Calco V, Sirko S, Mittmann T, et al. Evidence for distinct leptomeningeal cell-dependent paracrine and EGF-linked autocrine regulatory pathways for suppression of fibrillar collagens in astrocytes. Mol Cell Neurosci. 2007;36:71-85 pubmed
    ..In the present report, we show that astrocytes secrete triple helices of fibrillar collagens type I, III and V in culture, while no astroglial collagen expression could be detected in vivo...
  17. Wada H, Okuyama M, Satoh N, Zhang S. Molecular evolution of fibrillar collagen in chordates, with implications for the evolution of vertebrate skeletons and chordate phylogeny. Evol Dev. 2006;8:370-7 pubmed
    Vertebrates have seven types of fibrillar collagens that are encoded by 11 genes. Types I, V, and XXIV collagens are components of mineralized bone, whereas types II, XI, and XXVII collagens are components of cartilage...
  18. Brown E, McKee T, diTomaso E, Pluen A, Seed B, Boucher Y, et al. Dynamic imaging of collagen and its modulation in tumors in vivo using second-harmonic generation. Nat Med. 2003;9:796-800 pubmed
    ..This technology could offer basic scientists and clinicians an enhanced ability to estimate the relative penetrabilities of molecular therapeutics. ..
  19. Gasser T, Ogden R, Holzapfel G. Hyperelastic modelling of arterial layers with distributed collagen fibre orientations. J R Soc Interface. 2006;3:15-35 pubmed
  20. Ramasamy J, Akkus O. Local variations in the micromechanical properties of mouse femur: the involvement of collagen fiber orientation and mineralization. J Biomech. 2007;40:910-8 pubmed
    ..It will be a matter of further research to reveal the role of local variations in the mode of stress on this material level dichotomy in tissue organization and mechanical function. ..
  21. Suhonen H, Fernandez M, Serimaa R, Suortti P. Simulation of small-angle x-ray scattering from collagen fibrils and comparison with experimental patterns. Phys Med Biol. 2005;50:5401-16 pubmed
    ..Comparisons with observed scattering indicate that the model is basically correct at the supra-molecular level. ..
  22. Boot Handford R, Tuckwell D, Plumb D, Rock C, Poulsom R. A novel and highly conserved collagen (pro(alpha)1(XXVII)) with a unique expression pattern and unusual molecular characteristics establishes a new clade within the vertebrate fibrillar collagen family. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:31067-77 pubmed
    ..However, compared with other vertebrate fibrillar collagens (types I, II, III, V, and XI), type XXVII collagen has unusual molecular features such as no minor helical ..
  23. Aghamohammadzadeh H, Newton R, Meek K. X-ray scattering used to map the preferred collagen orientation in the human cornea and limbus. Structure. 2004;12:249-56 pubmed
    ..The detailed structural information provided is an important step toward understanding the shape and the mechanical properties of the tissue. ..
  24. Pornprasertsuk S, Duarte W, Mochida Y, Yamauchi M. Overexpression of lysyl hydroxylase-2b leads to defective collagen fibrillogenesis and matrix mineralization. J Bone Miner Res. 2005;20:81-7 pubmed
    ..These results indicate a critical role of LH2b catalyzed post-translational modification of collagen (i.e., telopeptidyl lysine hydroxylation and subsequent cross-linking) in collagen matrix formation and mineralization in bone. ..
  25. Driessen N, Bouten C, Baaijens F. Improved prediction of the collagen fiber architecture in the aortic heart valve. J Biomech Eng. 2005;127:329-36 pubmed
    ..The results of the present model might be used to gain further insight into the response of tissue engineered constructs during mechanical conditioning. ..
  26. Zhang X, Boot Handford R, Huxley Jones J, Forse L, Mould A, Robertson D, et al. The collagens of hydra provide insight into the evolution of metazoan extracellular matrices. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:6792-802 pubmed publisher
    ..collagen genes form a distinct clade that appears related to the protostome/deuterostome A clade of fibrillar collagens. Data base searches reveal Hcol2, -5, and -6 are highly conserved in Hydra magnipapillata, which also ..
  27. Boote C, Hayes S, Abahussin M, Meek K. Mapping collagen organization in the human cornea: left and right eyes are structurally distinct. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2006;47:901-8 pubmed
    ..Midline symmetry in the distribution of aligned, mechanically reinforcing collagen fibrils between left and right eyes may relate to the biomechanical and topographical enantiomorphism reported in the literature. ..
  28. Hjorten R, Hansen U, Underwood R, Telfer H, Fernandes R, Krakow D, et al. Type XXVII collagen at the transition of cartilage to bone during skeletogenesis. Bone. 2007;41:535-42 pubmed
    ..The timing and location of synthesis suggest that type XXVII collagen plays a role during the calcification of cartilage and the transition of cartilage to bone...
  29. Canty E, Kadler K. Procollagen trafficking, processing and fibrillogenesis. J Cell Sci. 2005;118:1341-53 pubmed
    ..Fibril-associated molecules are targeted to the surface of collagen fibrils, and these molecules play an important role in regulating the diameter and interactions between the fibrils. ..
  30. Jenkins E, Moss J, Pace J, Bridgewater L. The new collagen gene COL27A1 contains SOX9-responsive enhancer elements. Matrix Biol. 2005;24:177-84 pubmed
    ..In summary, these results suggest that SOX9 may play an important role in the transcriptional activation of the newest collagen gene, COL27A1. ..
  31. Driessen N, Bouten C, Baaijens F. A structural constitutive model for collagenous cardiovascular tissues incorporating the angular fiber distribution. J Biomech Eng. 2005;127:494-503 pubmed
    ..We expect that the current model offers strong possibilities to further investigate the complex mechanical behavior of cardiovascular tissues, including their response to mechanical stimuli. ..
  32. Egging D, van den Berkmortel F, Taylor G, Bristow J, Schalkwijk J. Interactions of human tenascin-X domains with dermal extracellular matrix molecules. Arch Dermatol Res. 2007;298:389-96 pubmed
    ..Here we report that C-terminal domains of human TNX bind to major dermal fibrillar collagens and tropoelastin...
  33. Williams R, Zipfel W, Webb W. Interpreting second-harmonic generation images of collagen I fibrils. Biophys J. 2005;88:1377-86 pubmed
    ..Fibrillogenesis can be resolved in immature tissue by directly imaging backward-propagating SHG. Such findings are crucial to the design and development of forthcoming diagnostic and research tools. ..
  34. Bozec L, van der Heijden G, Horton M. Collagen fibrils: nanoscale ropes. Biophys J. 2007;92:70-5 pubmed
  35. Hayes S, Boote C, Lewis J, Sheppard J, Abahussin M, Quantock A, et al. Comparative study of fibrillar collagen arrangement in the corneas of primates and other mammals. Anat Rec (Hoboken). 2007;290:1542-50 pubmed
    ..This finding may be related to differences in the frequency of action and the forces generated by the various extraocular muscles during eye movement and image fixation. ..
  36. Aouacheria A, Cluzel C, Lethias C, Gouy M, Garrone R, Exposito J. Invertebrate data predict an early emergence of vertebrate fibrillar collagen clades and an anti-incest model. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:47711-9 pubmed
    b>Fibrillar collagens are involved in the formation of striated fibrils and are present from the first multicellular animals, sponges, to humans...
  37. Rychel A, Swalla B. Development and evolution of chordate cartilage. J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol. 2007;308:325-35 pubmed
    ..Later the evolutionary origin of neural crest allowed co-option of the gene network for the secretion of pharyngeal cartilage matrix in the new migratory neural crest cell populations found in vertebrates...
  38. Gabasa M, Duch P, Jorba I, Giménez A, Lugo R, Pavelescu I, et al. Epithelial contribution to the profibrotic stiff microenvironment and myofibroblast population in lung fibrosis. Mol Biol Cell. 2017;28:3741-3755 pubmed publisher
    ..TGF-β1, and analyzed in terms of morphology, stiffness, and expression of EMT/myofibroblast markers and fibrillar collagens. All fibroblasts acquired a robust myofibroblast phenotype on TGF-β1 stimulation...
  39. Balguid A, Driessen N, Mol A, Schmitz J, Verheyen F, Bouten C, et al. Stress related collagen ultrastructure in human aortic valves--implications for tissue engineering. J Biomech. 2008;41:2612-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The findings here provide insight in the effect of mechanical loading on the collagen ultrastructure, and are valuable to improve conditioning protocols for tissue engineering. ..
  40. Saunders C, van der Merwe L, Posthumus M, Cook J, Handley C, Collins M, et al. Investigation of variants within the COL27A1 and TNC genes and Achilles tendinopathy in two populations. J Orthop Res. 2013;31:632-7 pubmed publisher
    ..This region may have functional effects on the transcription, structure and properties of tenascin-C and the alpha-1 chain of type XXVII collagen. ..
  41. Beyazyildiz Ã, TirhiÅŸ M, HekimoÄŸlu E, Beyazyildiz E, Kaymaz F, YilmazbaÅŸ P, et al. Histopathological Analysis of Internal Limiting Membrane Surgically Peeled From Eyes with Epiretinal Membrane. Curr Eye Res. 2016;41:258-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Most of the ILM's had residual ERM tissue and contained cells and cellular fragments at retinal side of ILM's. ILM peeling might have a role in decreasing ERM recurrence by removal of residual ERM tissues. ..
  42. Shen Y, Shen R, Ge L, Zhu Q, Li F. Fibrillar type I collagen matrices enhance metastasis/invasion of ovarian epithelial cancer via β1 integrin and PTEN signals. Int J Gynecol Cancer. 2012;22:1316-24 pubmed
    ..Moreover, these data provide direct evidence for pathological ECM remodeling and cell signaling networks involved in the invasion of ovarian cancer cells. ..
  43. Logan C, Cossins J, Rodríguez Cruz P, Parry D, Maxwell S, Martínez Martínez P, et al. Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome Type 19 Is Caused by Mutations in COL13A1, Encoding the Atypical Non-fibrillar Collagen Type XIII α1 Chain. Am J Hum Genet. 2015;97:878-85 pubmed publisher
  44. Hong J, Chu M, Qian L, Wang J, Guo Y, Xu D. Fibrillar Type I Collagen Enhances the Differentiation and Proliferation of Myofibroblasts by Lowering ?2?1 Integrin Expression in Cardiac Fibrosis. Biomed Res Int. 2017;2017:1790808 pubmed publisher
  45. Kapacee Z, Yeung C, Lu Y, Crabtree D, Holmes D, Kadler K. Synthesis of embryonic tendon-like tissue by human marrow stromal/mesenchymal stem cells requires a three-dimensional environment and transforming growth factor ?3. Matrix Biol. 2010;29:668-77 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, MSCs that self-generate TGF? signaling or the addition of TGF?3 protein to BM-MNCs in fixed-length fibrin gels spontaneously make embryonic tendon-like tissue in vitro within 7days. ..
  46. Lammers G, Tjabringa G, Schalkwijk J, Daamen W, van Kuppevelt T. A molecularly defined array based on native fibrillar collagen for the assessment of skin tissue engineering biomaterials. Biomaterials. 2009;30:6213-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Such films may be the biomaterials of choice for in vivo evaluation for skin tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. ..
  47. Shen Y, Wei A, Kou Q, Zhu Q, Zhang L. Histone deacetylase 4 increases progressive epithelial ovarian cancer cells via repression of p21 on fibrillar collagen matrices. Oncol Rep. 2016;35:948-54 pubmed publisher
  48. Goto N. [Tissue regeneration induced by a transgene for bone morphogenetic protein-12 (BMP-12) in a bone defect]. Kokubyo Gakkai Zasshi. 2008;75:29-37 pubmed
    ..Maintaining such generation of tissue on bone could be useful for modifying periodontal tissue engineering. ..
  49. Pozzolini M, Scarfì S, Ghignone S, Mussino F, Vezzulli L, Cerrano C, et al. Molecular characterization and expression analysis of the first Porifera tumor necrosis factor superfamily member and of its putative receptor in the marine sponge Chondrosia reniformis. Dev Comp Immunol. 2016;57:88-98 pubmed publisher
  50. Iwaisako K, Brenner D, Kisseleva T. What's new in liver fibrosis? The origin of myofibroblasts in liver fibrosis. J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2012;27 Suppl 2:65-8 pubmed publisher
    ..It is suggested that hepatic injury of different etiology triggers the transdifferentiation to myofibroblasts from distinct cell populations. Here we discuss the origin and fate of myofibroblast in liver fibrosis. ..
  51. Quan B, Sone E. Cryo-TEM analysis of collagen fibrillar structure. Methods Enzymol. 2013;532:189-205 pubmed publisher
    b>Fibrillar collagens are important structural proteins and are known to be closely associated with mineral in the case of mineralized tissues...
  52. Chen Y, Guo H, Terajima M, Banerjee P, Liu X, Yu J, et al. Lysyl Hydroxylase 2 Is Secreted by Tumor Cells and Can Modify Collagen in the Extracellular Space. J Biol Chem. 2016;291:25799-25808 pubmed
    Lysyl hydroxylase 2 (LH2) catalyzes the hydroxylation of lysine residues in the telopeptides of fibrillar collagens, which leads to the formation of stable collagen cross-links...
  53. Barkaoui A, Hambli R. Nanomechanical properties of mineralised collagen microfibrils based on finite elements method: biomechanical role of cross-links. Comput Methods Biomech Biomed Engin. 2014;17:1590-601 pubmed publisher
    ..4 to 1.16 GPa and a Poisson's ratio ranging from 0.26 to 0.3. These results are in excellent agreement with experimental data (X-ray, AFM and MEMS) and molecular simulations. ..