molecular imaging


Summary: The use of molecularly targeted imaging probes to localize and/or monitor biochemical and cellular processes via various imaging modalities that include RADIONUCLIDE IMAGING; ULTRASONOGRAPHY; MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING; FLUORESCENCE IMAGING; and MICROSCOPY.

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    Radiolabeled molecular imaging agents are useful to study drug distribution, target engagement and disease progression in human patients...
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    ..b>Molecular imaging sheds new light on AR diagnosis because it can provide information about gene expression and the location of ..
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    ..This perspective seeks to highlight the most recent advances and remaining challenges for the wide-ranging toolbox of technologies that illuminate RNA's contribution to cellular complexity...
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    ..Here we review advanced microscopy techniques for in vivo functional imaging and offer guidelines for which technologies are best suited for particular applications. ..
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    ..These results suggest that metabolic FLI has potential preclinical application as an additional method for detecting drug-induced metabolic changes in tumors. ..
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    ..This study highlights the potential application of CDs for bioimaging in plant cells and demonstrates the significance of investigating the reuse of algal biomass. ..
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    ..It was found that FITC-MSNs can be applied at low concentrations as a marker in the cells. In addition, AP-FITC-MSNs showed better biocompatibility with Caco-2 cells than FITC-MSNs, because of their positive surface charges. ..
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    ..Future investigations should aim at overcoming such challenges in an attempt to design nanomaterials that will prove to be useful in diagnosing and treating life-threatening diseases while ensuring a high degree of efficacy and safety. ..
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    ..sup>© RSNA, 2017 Online supplemental material is available for this article. ..
  13. Kolodgie F, Yahagi K, Mori H, Romero M, Trout H, Finn A, et al. High-risk carotid plaque: lessons learned from histopathology. Semin Vasc Surg. 2017;30:31-43 pubmed publisher medical imaging modalities to assess carotid atherosclerosis vulnerability particularly involving molecular imaging, which is now positioned at the forefront to provide a more detailed and mechanistic assessment of stroke ..
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    ..This indicates that FMT based on IRL1 can obtain high-quality images and thus has the potential to observe dynamic changes in fluorescence-targeted molecules. ..
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    ..Here, we review the underlying biochemical and biologic basis for a variety of PET tracers and how they may be used to better optimize cancer therapy. ..
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    ..Surprisingly, single molecular imaging analyses in this study using a total internal reflection microscope suggested the heterodimerization of ..
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    b>Molecular imaging has proven to be a powerful tool for investigation of parkinsonian disorders. One current challenge is to identify biomarkers of early changes that may predict the clinical trajectory of parkinsonian disorders...
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    ..CAR-Ts in a dose-dependent manner, allowing either a selective containment of CD19.CAR-T expansion in case of CRS or complete deletion on demand granting normal B cell reconstitution. ..
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    ..Our technique has important applications for imaging axial vesicle dynamics and the mitochondrial energy state or detecting metabolically more active cancer cells. ..
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    ..Optimal settings according to measured relaxation times can significantly improve the sensitivity threshold in ¹?F MRI studies. They were provided in a wide range of (T?, T?) values and experimentally validated showing good agreement. ..
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    ..Our results support the potential use of rituximab labeled either with 99mTc or Cy7 as a molecular imaging tool for staging, restaging, and guiding surgical excision of tumors, which merits further evaluation.
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    ..The population-adjusted method has the potential to reduce the complexity of blood analyses of TSPO tracers. ..
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    ..We evaluate the algorithm on synthetic data and show that it outperforms traditional models. We also illustrate the application of the method on ADNI data. ..
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    ..Our results confirm the functionality of MagIC as a useful tool for the long-awaited possibility of prolonged and organelle-specific monitoring of cellular Mg(2+). ..
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    ..We also discuss methods to monitor the trafficking of ATG9 in mammalian cells under starvation conditions. ..
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    ..We also highlight the protein engineering strategies employed to improve the dynamic range and kinetics of GEVIs and opportunities for future advances. ..
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    ..On a benchmark set of nine proteins, RosettaES was able to identify near-native conformations in 85% of segments. RosettaES was also used to determine models for three challenging macromolecular structures. ..
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    b>Molecular imaging using radiolabeled Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (TKI) is a promising strategy for detection and staging of EGFR-positive cancers...
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    ..During S-phase, dynamic and stable interactions decreased considerably compared to G1-phase, but were resumed in G2-phase, indicating that specific interactions need to be dissolved for replication to proceed. ..
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    ..We expect that the simplicity and scalability of LFM, coupled with the performance of SID, will open up a range of applications including closed-loop experiments. ..
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    ..The findings demonstrate the ability of LEDs in inducing shoot regeneration as well as accumulation of phenolic antioxidants and suggest that the proportion of blue and red LEDs is an important factor in achieving the optimum response. ..
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