book classification


Summary: A general term covering bibliographical and bibliothecal classifications. It mostly refers to library CLASSIFICATION for arrangement of books and documents on the shelves. (Harrod's Librarians' Glossary, 7th ed, p85)

Top Publications

  1. Sommer R, Clifford J, Norcross J. A bibliography of mental patients' autobiographies: an update and classification system. Am J Psychiatry. 1998;155:1261-4 pubmed
    ..The research potential of these books suggests the value of an electronic database for classifying and retrieving the information they contain. ..
  2. Morris R. Online tables of contents for books: effect on usage. Bull Med Libr Assoc. 2001;89:29-36 pubmed
    ..The study also provides information professionals with some guidance on when enhancement of TOC is likely to be most effective in increasing the use of existing collections. ..
  3. Masic I, Koprivica J, Gerc A. [Cataloging of medical publications today]. Med Arh. 2004;58:135-6 pubmed
  4. Li G. The median age technique for assessing currency of consumer health information monographic collections in public libraries. J Med Libr Assoc. 2007;95:89-90 pubmed
  5. Liu T, Du J. [The catalogue and classification of medical works in ancient comprehensive bibliography]. Zhonghua Yi Shi Za Zhi. 2008;38:239-42 pubmed
    ..Reviewing the previous catalogue and classification methods of medical works can provide references and guides for future collating and research works of TCM books and literature. ..
  6. Amass S. Representations of the veterinary profession in nonfiction children's books. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2011;238:1126-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Veterinarians are encouraged to select books for individual children that portray veterinarians with whom the children can identify. ..