Summary: Leisure activities engaged in for pleasure.

Top Publications

  1. Hughes T, Chang C, Vander Bilt J, Ganguli M. Engagement in reading and hobbies and risk of incident dementia: the MoVIES project. Am J Alzheimers Dis Other Demen. 2010;25:432-8 pubmed publisher
    To examine whether there is an association between engagement in reading and hobbies and dementia risk in late life...
  2. Brown J. Going to the dogs. CDS Rev. 2005;98:28 pubmed
  3. Reynolds S, Seem R, Fourtes L, Sprince N, Johnson J, Walkner L, et al. Prevalence of elevated blood leads and exposure to lead in construction trades in Iowa and Illinois. Am J Ind Med. 1999;36:307-16 pubmed
    ..The age of the home in which the worker lived, and hobbies such as casting/smelting lead for bullets or sinkers, were also important risk factors...
  4. Muirhead M. Freight dog. Northwest Dent. 2005;84:23-6, 78 pubmed
  5. Mataix Cols D, Billotti D, Fernández de la Cruz L, Nordsletten A. The London field trial for hoarding disorder. Psychol Med. 2013;43:837-47 pubmed publisher
    ..Crucially, they seem to be sufficiently conservative and unlikely to overpathologize normative behavior. Minor changes in the wording of the criteria are suggested. ..
  6. Pradalier A, Campinos C, Trinh C. [Systemic urticaria induced by hops]. Allerg Immunol (Paris). 2002;34:330-2 pubmed
  7. Clemens N. Psychotherapy. Sublimation and the psychodynamics of birding. J Psychiatr Pract. 2012;18:287-90 pubmed publisher
    ..The author considers whether the characters in the film The Big Year exemplify such success or the lack of it. ..
  8. Marchesini G, Natale S, Tiraferri F, Tartaglia A, Moscatiello S, Marchesini Reggiani L, et al. The burden of obesity on everyday life: a role for osteoarticular and respiratory diseases. Diabetes Nutr Metab. 2003;16:284-90 pubmed
    ..Males reported a high prevalence of problems in Sex life (31%), Holidays (37%) and Hobbies (49%), compared with 14, 14, and 16% in controls, respectively...
  9. Stillman J, Fletcher R, Carr S. Netball team members, but not hobby group members, distinguish team characteristics from group characteristics. J Sport Exerc Psychol. 2007;29:253-66 pubmed
    ..Team and group characteristics were more clearly defined to team members than they were to other participant groups. The research has implications for coaches and practitioners. ..

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  1. Subkowski P. On the psychodynamics of collecting. Int J Psychoanal. 2006;87:383-401 pubmed
    ..The paper concludes with a case study showing how collecting develops from a pre-oedipal to a more integrated oedipal mode during the course of the analysis, which is reflected in changes in the transference. ..
  2. Nisse C, Haguenoer J, Grandbastien B, Preudhomme C, Fontaine B, Brillet J, et al. Occupational and environmental risk factors of the myelodysplastic syndromes in the North of France. Br J Haematol. 2001;112:927-35 pubmed
    ..Medical history, demographic data, lifetime exposure and hobbies were obtained...
  3. Nietert P, Sutherland S, Silver R, Pandey J, Dosemeci M. Solvent oriented hobbies and the risk of systemic sclerosis. J Rheumatol. 1999;26:2369-72 pubmed
    To examine whether those participating in solvent oriented hobbies (SOH) are at greater risk of developing systemic sclerosis (SSc), and if the association is modified by the presence of the anti-Scl70 antibody...
  4. List J. Testing neoclassical competitive market theory in the field. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002;99:15827-30 pubmed
    ..Together, these results suggest that both market experience and market composition play an important role in the equilibrium discovery process. ..
  5. Kelly J. Resiliency and medicine: how to create a positive energy balance. Instr Course Lect. 2011;60:619-25 pubmed
    ..A focus on passions and inspiration helps to maintain energy, while a connection to a "source" and living a morally just, service-oriented life will yield endless energy. ..
  6. Tada T, Hashimoto F, Matsushita Y, Terashima Y, Tanioka T, Nagamine I. Study of life satisfaction and quality of life of patients receiving home oxygen therapy. J Med Invest. 2003;50:55-63 pubmed
    ..4%) answered they were satisfied with life. 3. Life satisfaction was closely related to the patients' roles and hobbies, and their activities in their communities and families. 4...
  7. Causero A, Screm C, Beltrame A, Mastidoro L. Mycobacterium marinum: a case of skin granuloma complicated by tenosynovitis of the extensors. Chir Organi Mov. 2003;88:93-7 pubmed
    ..The clinical findings and microbiological features of the case are described, as are the difficulty in providing a prompt diagnosis, and the need for surgical treatment and the use of antibiotics to treat the infection. ..
  8. AlKhodair R, Al Khenaizan S. Fish tank granuloma: misdiagnosed as cutaneous leishmaniasis. Int J Dermatol. 2010;49:53-5 pubmed publisher
    ..After establishing the correct diagnosis, treatment with minocycline and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole resulted in rapid healing. ..
  9. Maa S. [A brief introduction to life energy cultivation strategies in traditional Chinese medicine]. Hu Li Za Zhi. 2010;57:5-9 pubmed
    ..Cultivating life energies in order to prevent and treat disease lies at the heart of TCM. This paper provides a brief introduction to TCM life energy cultivation strategies for nurse reference. ..
  10. Borrell B. Linnaeus at 300: the big name hunters. Nature. 2007;446:253-5 pubmed
  11. Iftene F. Internet use in adolescents: hobby or avoidance. Can J Psychiatry. 2004;49:789-90 pubmed
  12. Barchino Ortiz L, Cabeza Martinez R, Leis Dosil V, Suárez Fernández R, Lazaro Ochaita P. Allergic contact hobby dermatitis from turpentine. Allergol Immunopathol (Madr). 2008;36:117-9 pubmed
    ..Contact allergy to oil of turpentine was reported to have become rare in Europe but over the last few years, increased rates of turpentine sensitization have been reported. ..
  13. Simonsen S, Branch D, Rose N. The complexity of fetal imaging: reconciling clinical care with patient entertainment. Obstet Gynecol. 2008;112:1351-4 pubmed publisher
  14. Schmid Tatzreiter E, Schmid R. Interdisciplinary voice examination (screening) for (choir) singers at the 'Salzburger Sänger Service-Tag 2003'. Logoped Phoniatr Vocol. 2004;29:92-6 pubmed
  15. Kariniemi A, Stubb S. [Wrong diagnosis in the case of skin nodules in a musician?]. Duodecim. 2003;119:1174; author reply 1175 pubmed
  16. Apostoli P, Mangili A, Alessio L. [Significance of biological indicators of mercury exposure]. Med Lav. 2003;94:231-41 pubmed
    ..amalgam fillings, commercial gamma-globulin preparations, vaccines, topical remedies, environmental pollution and hobbies, occupational exposure and, partly, fish consumption...
  17. Nahinsky I, Harbison J. The interaction between specific and general information in category learning and representation: unitization and parallel interactive processing. Am J Psychol. 2011;124:1-22 pubmed
    ..Results suggested that unitization produced interference through connections between irrelevant attribute values. ..
  18. Mapp A, Ono H, Khokhotva M. Hitting the target: relatively easy, yet absolutely difficult. Perception. 2007;36:1139-51 pubmed
    ..Moreover, they show that binocular eye-position information is crucial when judging the absolute direction of both monocular and binocular targets. ..
  19. Takeda T, Kondo K, Hirai H. [Psychosocial risk factors involved in progressive dementia-associated senility among the elderly residing at home. AGES project--three year cohort longitudinal study]. Nihon Koshu Eisei Zasshi. 2010;57:1054-65 pubmed
    ..Thus the study suggests the importance of focusing on these factors, more so than health behavior, in terms of progressive dementia prevention. ..
  20. Burt E, Atkinson J. The relationship between quilting and wellbeing. J Public Health (Oxf). 2012;34:54-9 pubmed publisher
    ..In particular, little is known about the relationship between creative craft hobbies and wellbeing in the general population...
  21. Nordsletten A, Mataix Cols D. Hoarding versus collecting: where does pathology diverge from play?. Clin Psychol Rev. 2012;32:165-76 pubmed publisher
    ..For a minority of 'extreme' collectors, a diagnosis may potentially be adequate. This review highlights the similarities and differences between hoarding and collecting and offers suggestions for further research in this group. ..
  22. Mitchell J. County maps of the West Country. Bristol Med Chir J. 1971;86:51-7 pubmed
  23. Psoinos C, Emhoff T, Sweeney W, Tseng J, Santry H. The dangers of being a "weekend warrior": a new call for injury prevention efforts. J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2012;73:469-73; discussion 473 pubmed publisher
    ..Injury prevention efforts should educate the public about the hazards of high-risk home maintenance, possibly encouraging Occupational Health and Safety Administration-regulated protective measures or deferral to trained professionals. ..
  24. Pope C. Flower power. MGMA Connex. 2004;4:60 pubmed
  25. Testud F, Voegtle R, Nordmann J, Descotes J. [Severe ocular burns by calcium carbide in a speleologist: a case report]. J Fr Ophtalmol. 2002;25:308-11 pubmed
    ..He slowly recovered in several months. The pathophysiology of the burns, linked to the in situ production of lime, and their management are discussed. ..
  26. Thomas A. [Travel counseling: enrolling, organization, accounting. Why does colleague Anderten permit to bring along sand]. MMW Fortschr Med. 2004;146:45-6 pubmed
  27. Crawford D, Tompkins B, Baird G, Caskey P. The long-term function of the knee in patients with fibular hemimelia and anterior cruciate ligament deficiency. J Bone Joint Surg Br. 2012;94:328-33 pubmed publisher
    ..Four had occasional instability with sporting activities. These results suggest that patients with fibular hemimelia and ACL deficiency can live active lives with a similar health status to age-matched controls. ..
  28. Larson R, Hansen D, Moneta G. Differing profiles of developmental experiences across types of organized youth activities. Dev Psychol. 2006;42:849-63 pubmed
    ..Youth reported all of these positive developmental experiences to occur significantly more often in youth programs than during school classes. ..
  29. Puriene A, Aleksejuniene J, Petrauskiene J, Balciuniene I, Janulyte V. Occupational effects on the family well-being of dentists in Lithuania: a survey of dentists. Medicina (Kaunas). 2011;47:399-404 pubmed
    ..with a family, necessity to reduce family leisure activities, neglected duties to the family, limited time for hobbies, and work-related anxiety and nervousness at home...
  30. Yoshida M, Sato Y, Akagawa Y, Hiasa K. Correlation between quality of life and denture satisfaction in elderly complete denture wearers. Int J Prosthodont. 2001;14:77-80 pubmed
    ..daily exercise, fatigue, sleep quality, smooth communication, physical comfort, aging, loneliness, job and hobbies, meaningfulness, social life, and economic problems) to overall daily life satisfaction by a multiple regression ..
  31. Simon J. Mineralogy and mineral collections in 18th-century France. Endeavour. 2002;26:132-6 pubmed
    ..I also show how the interests of private collectors diverged from those of the curators of public collections, particularly following the French Revolution. ..
  32. Bruvik F, Ulstein I, Ranhoff A, Engedal K. The quality of life of people with dementia and their family carers. Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord. 2012;34:7-14 pubmed publisher
    ..60, p < 0.001). Depression and impaired ADL were associated with the self- and proxy-rated QoL of the PWDs, whereas depression in the carers negatively affected their QoL. ..
  33. Saihara K, Hamasaki S, Ishida S, Kataoka T, Yoshikawa A, Orihara K, et al. Enjoying hobbies is related to desirable cardiovascular effects. Heart Vessels. 2010;25:113-20 pubmed publisher
    ..is a predictor of cardiovascular prognosis, the goal of this study was to characterize the effect of enjoying hobbies on coronary endothelial function and cardiovascular outcomes...
  34. Lawrence A, Blackwell A, Barker R, Spagnolo F, Clark L, Aitken M, et al. Predictors of punding in Parkinson's disease: results from a questionnaire survey. Mov Disord. 2007;22:2339-45 pubmed
    ..The PD group reported hobbies and activities, which scored significantly higher on the Punding Scale than controls...
  35. Meiners P, Coert J, Robinson P, Meek M. Impairment and employment issues after nerve repair in the hand and forearm. Disabil Rehabil. 2005;27:617-23 pubmed
    ..To evaluate retrospectively subjective impairments, experienced disabilities, job and leisure restrictions and job changes in patients at least 2 years after repair of a peripheral nerve injury in the forearm, wrist or hand...
  36. Fekecs T, Kádár Z, Battyáni Z, Kalmar Nagy K, Szakaly P, Weber G, et al. [Clinical study of non-melanoma skin cancer following human organ transplantation]. Magy Seb. 2010;63:84-90 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results reflect the international data, except for the BCC : SCC ratio. Further studies needed to elucidate this difference. ..
  37. Nondahl D, Shi X, Cruickshanks K, Dalton D, Tweed T, Wiley T, et al. Notched audiograms and noise exposure history in older adults. Ear Hear. 2009;30:696-703 pubmed publisher
    ..An extensive history of occupational noise exposure, participation in noisy hobbies, and firearm usage was used to evaluate consistency of the notch classifications with the history of noise ..
  38. Gridley M. Myers-Briggs personality types of art collectors. Psychol Rep. 2004;94:736-8 pubmed
  39. Vanacore N, Bonifati V, Fabbrini G, Colosimo C, De Michele G, Marconi R, et al. Case-control study of multiple system atrophy. Mov Disord. 2005;20:158-63 pubmed
    ..following variables were investigated: family history of neurodegenerative diseases, education, smoking habits, hobbies, and occupational history...
  40. Fornal Urban A, Keska A, Dobosz J, Nowacka Dobosz S. [Nutritional habits of young chess players]. Pediatr Endocrinol Diabetes Metab. 2008;14:187-91 pubmed
    ..Due to numerous nutritional mistakes in studied population it is compulsory to conduct nutritional education among athletes and among their parents and coaches as well. ..
  41. McMullan S, Chin R, Froude E, Imms C. Prospective study of the participation patterns of Grade 6 and Year 8 students in Victoria, Australia in activities outside of school. Aust Occup Ther J. 2012;59:197-208 pubmed publisher
    ..The findings suggested that gender was a more important influence on participation patterns than a 2-year age gap, with participation patterns being relatively stable between Grade 6 and Year 8. ..
  42. Morris Jones R, Robertson S, Ross J, White I, McFadden J, Rycroft R. Dermatitis caused by physical irritants. Br J Dermatol. 2002;147:270-5 pubmed
    ..Diverse occupations and materials were implicated. The most common cause of PICD was low humidity due to air-conditioning, which caused dermatitis of the face and neck in office workers due to drying out of the skin. ..
  43. Jones G, Dwyer T, Hynes K, Parameswaran V, Greenaway T. Vitamin D insufficiency in adolescent males in Southern Tasmania: prevalence, determinants, and relationship to bone turnover markers. Osteoporos Int. 2005;16:636-41 pubmed
    ..These data suggest that a 25(OH)D3 level of at least 43-55 nmol/l is required for optimal bone health in children. ..
  44. Brown C, McGuire F, VOELKL J. The link between successful aging and serious leisure. Int J Aging Hum Dev. 2008;66:73-95 pubmed
  45. Fushiki Y, Ohnishi H, Sakauchi F, Oura A, Mori M. Relationship of hobby activities with mortality and frailty among community-dwelling elderly adults: results of a follow-up study in Japan. J Epidemiol. 2012;22:340-7 pubmed
    ..41; 0.19, 0.87). These findings may be important for programs that seek to promote good health among elderly adults. ..
  46. Gura T. Citizen science: amateur experts. Nature. 2013;496:259-61 pubmed
  47. Wood C, Sullivan B, Iliff M, Fink D, Kelling S. eBird: engaging birders in science and conservation. PLoS Biol. 2011;9:e1001220 pubmed publisher
    ..How do you successfully engage an audience in a citizen-science project? The processes developed by eBird (www.ebird.org), a fast-growing web-based tool that now gathers millions of bird observations per month, offers a model. ..
  48. Podjasek J, Cook Norris R, Richardson D, Drage L, Davis M. Allergic contact dermatitis from exotic woods: importance of patch-testing with patient-provided samples. Dermatitis. 2011;22:E1-6 pubmed
    ..Patch testing should be performed with suspected woods for diagnostic confirmation and allowance of subsequent avoidance of the allergens. ..
  49. Rosso A, Hovinga M, Rorke Adams L, Spector L, Bunin G. A case-control study of childhood brain tumors and fathers' hobbies: a Children's Oncology Group study. Cancer Causes Control. 2008;19:1201-7 pubmed publisher
    ..This analysis was conducted to evaluate associations between fathers' hobbies and risk of their children developing MB/PNET...
  50. Ozdemir C, Schneider L, Hinrichs R, Staib G, Weber L, Weiss J, et al. [Allergic contact dermatitis to common ivy (Hedera helix L.)]. Hautarzt. 2003;54:966-9 pubmed
    ..Gardeners and landscape architects with frequent exposure to common ivy and thus a high risk of sensitization should wear appropriate protective clothing. ..
  51. Ryan J, Bryant G. Fish tank granuloma--a frequently misdiagnosed infection of the upper limb. J Accid Emerg Med. 1997;14:398-400 pubmed
    ..A&E doctors need to be aware of the possible diagnosis of fish tank granuloma especially when treating forearm infections which have been resistant to antibiotics. ..
  52. Haahtela T, Saarinen K, Hublin C, Mäkinen Kiljunen S, Karvonen J, Mikkola K. [Lepidopterism. allergies and other reactions caused by butterflies]. Duodecim. 2005;121:303-10 pubmed
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