Summary: Polycyclic compounds consisting of a furan ring fused with coumarin. They commonly occur in PLANTS, especially UMBELLIFERAE and RUTACEAE, as well as PSORALEA.

Top Publications

  1. Elasri M, Miller R. Study of the response of a biofilm bacterial community to UV radiation. Appl Environ Microbiol. 1999;65:2025-31 pubmed
    ..However, in the presence of photosensitizers (i.e., psoralen), UV A was effective in inducing light production and cell death. RM4440 has proved to be a useful tool to study microbial communities in a noninvasive manner. ..
  2. Wangchuk P, Pyne S, Keller P, Taweechotipatr M, Kamchonwongpaisane S. Phenylpropanoids and furanocoumarins as antibacterial and antimalarial constituents of the Bhutanese medicinal plant Pleurospermum amabile. Nat Prod Commun. 2014;9:957-60 pubmed
    ..2 (chloroquine and antifolate sensitive) and K1CB1 (multidrug resistant). None of the test samples showed cytotoxicity. This study generated scientific data that support the traditional medical uses of the plant. ..
  3. Mizuno H, Hatano T, Taketomi A, Kawabata M, Nakabayashi T. Bergamottin Promotes Adipocyte Differentiation and Inhibits Tumor Necrosis Factor-?-induced Inflammatory Cytokines Induction in 3T3-L1 Cells. Yakugaku Zasshi. 2017;137:775-781 pubmed publisher
  4. Santa Maria F, Laughhunn A, Lanteri M, Aubry M, Musso D, Stassinopoulos A. Inactivation of Zika virus in platelet components using amotosalen and ultraviolet A illumination. Transfusion. 2017;57:2016-2025 pubmed publisher
  5. Saadah N, van Hout F, Schipperus M, le Cessie S, Middelburg R, Wiersum Osselton J, et al. Comparing transfusion reaction rates for various plasma types: a systematic review and meta-analysis/regression. Transfusion. 2017;57:2104-2114 pubmed publisher
    ..Reported transfusion reaction rates suffer from high heterogeneity. ..
  6. Bailey D, Dresser G, Arnold J. Grapefruit-medication interactions: forbidden fruit or avoidable consequences?. CMAJ. 2013;185:309-16 pubmed publisher
  7. Melough M, Lee S, Cho E, Kim K, Provatas A, Perkins C, et al. Identification and Quantitation of Furocoumarins in Popularly Consumed Foods in the U.S. Using QuEChERS Extraction Coupled with UPLC-MS/MS Analysis. J Agric Food Chem. 2017;65:5049-5055 pubmed publisher
    b>Furocoumarins are a class of photoactive compounds found in several plant species and may be responsible for the observed association between consumption of citrus products and the risk of skin cancer...
  8. Estcourt L, Malouf R, Hopewell S, Trivella M, Doree C, Stanworth S, et al. Pathogen-reduced platelets for the prevention of bleeding. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2017;7:CD009072 pubmed publisher
    ..There was insufficient evidence for people with other diagnoses.All three ongoing trials are in adults (planned recruitment 1375 participants) with a haematological or oncological diagnosis. ..
  9. Tonnetti L, Laughhunn A, Thorp A, Vasilyeva I, Dupuis K, Stassinopoulos A, et al. Inactivation of Babesia microti in red blood cells and platelet concentrates. Transfusion. 2017;57:2404-2412 pubmed publisher
    ..Complete inactivation of B. microti was achieved in this animal infectivity model, and pathogen reduction treatment inhibited transmission of infection. ..