Summary: An alkaloid isolated from Colchicum autumnale L. and used as an antineoplastic.

Top Publications

  1. Yin X, Tani T, Yonemura I, Kawakami M, Miyamoto K, Hasegawa R, et al. Production of cloned pigs from adult somatic cells by chemically assisted removal of maternal chromosomes. Biol Reprod. 2002;67:442-6 pubmed
    The present study demonstrated that brief treatment of in vitro-matured porcine oocytes with demecolcine results in a membrane protrusion that contains a condensed chromosome mass, which can be easily removed by aspiration...
  2. Miyoshi K, Mori H, Yamamoto H, Kishimoto M, Yoshida M. Effects of demecolcine and sucrose on the incidence of cytoplasmic protrusions containing chromosomes in pig oocytes matured in vitro. J Reprod Dev. 2008;54:117-21 pubmed
    The present study was carried out to examine whether demecolcine and sucrose affect the formation of a cytoplasmic protrusion containing chromosomes in pig oocytes independently or in combination...
  3. Alali F, Tawaha K, El Elimat T. Determination of (-)-demecolcine and (-)-colchicine content in selected Jordanian Colchicum species. Pharmazie. 2007;62:739-42 pubmed
    ..and viable source of colchicinoids; the distributions of the most interesting colchicinoid alkaloids (-)-demecolcine and (-)-colchicine in different plant parts of wildly growing C. crocifolium Boiss., C. ritchii R. Br., and C...
  4. Russell D, Ibanez E, Albertini D, Overstrom E. Activated bovine cytoplasts prepared by demecolcine-induced enucleation support development of nuclear transfer embryos in vitro. Mol Reprod Dev. 2005;72:161-70 pubmed
    b>Demecolcine-induced enucleation (IE) of mouse oocytes has been shown to improve development to term of cloned mice...
  5. Costa Borges N, Paramio M, Santaló J, Ibáñez E. Demecolcine- and nocodazole-induced enucleation in mouse and goat oocytes for the preparation of recipient cytoplasts in somatic cell nuclear transfer procedures. Theriogenology. 2011;75:527-41 pubmed publisher
    Treatment of pre-activated oocytes with demecolcine (DEM) has been shown to induce the extrusion of all oocyte chromosomes within the second polar body (PB2)...
  6. Knoblich J, Jan L, Jan Y. Asymmetric segregation of Numb and Prospero during cell division. Nature. 1995;377:624-7 pubmed
    ..We propose that there is an organizer of asymmetric cell division which provides positional information for both the orientation of the mitotic spindle and asymmetric localization of Numb and Prospero. ..
  7. Song K, Hyun S, Shin T, Lee E. Post-activation treatment with demecolcine improves development of somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos in pigs by modifying the remodeling of donor nuclei. Mol Reprod Dev. 2009;76:611-9 pubmed publisher
    The objective of this study was to examine the effect of cytochalasin B (CB) and/or demecolcine (Dc) on the remodeling of donor nuclei, nuclear ploidy, and development of somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) and parthenogenetic (PA) pig ..
  8. Lan G, Wu Y, Han D, Ge L, Liu Y, Wang H, et al. Demecolcine-assisted enucleation of goat oocytes: protocol optimization, mechanism investigation, and application to improve the developmental potential of cloned embryos. Cloning Stem Cells. 2008;10:189-202 pubmed publisher
    Although demecolcine-assisted enucleation has been performed successfully in porcine and cattle, the mechanism and protocol optimization of chemically assisted enucleation need further investigation...
  9. Tani T, Shimada H, Kato Y, Tsunoda Y. Demecolcine-assisted enucleation for bovine cloning. Cloning Stem Cells. 2006;8:61-6 pubmed
    The present study demonstrated that demecolcine treatment for at least 30 min produces a membrane protrusion in metaphase II-stage bovine oocytes...

More Information


  1. Kawakami M, Tani T, Yabuuchi A, Kobayashi T, Murakami H, Fujimura T, et al. Effect of demecolcine and nocodazole on the efficiency of chemically assisted removal of chromosomes and the developmental potential of nuclear transferred porcine oocytes. Cloning Stem Cells. 2003;5:379-87 pubmed
    Brief treatment of metaphase II (MII) stage porcine oocytes with 0.4 microg/mL demecolcine in the presence of 0.05 M sucrose produces a membrane protrusion that contains a condensed chromosome mass...
  2. Rodriguez Arnaiz R, Sortibrán A, Téllez G. Detection of mitotic recombination and sex chromosome loss induced by adriamycin, chlorambucil, demecolcine, paclitaxel and vinblastine in somatic cells of Drosophila melanogaster in vivo. Mutagenesis. 2004;19:121-7 pubmed
    ..the intercalating agent adriamycin (AD), the alkylating compound chlorambucil (CAB) and the spindle poisons demecolcine (DEM), paclitaxel (taxol, TX) and vinblastine (VBL)...
  3. Roberts V, Gorenstein C. The effect of antimitotic agents on the intraneuronal distribution of lysosomes. Brain Res. 1990;521:62-72 pubmed
    ..The results suggest that lysosome redistribution may be dependent upon a relatively slow dissociation rate constant of these drugs from tubulin, and this transport may occur when normal microtubule function is compromised. ..
  4. Hill M, Potocnik S, Martinez Lemus L, Meininger G. Delayed arteriolar relaxation after prolonged agonist exposure: functional remodeling involving tyrosine phosphorylation. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2003;285:H849-56 pubmed
    ..of prolonged NE exposure, studies were performed in the presence of the microtubule depolymerizing agent demecolcine (10 microM) or a series of tyrosine phosphorylation inhibitors...
  5. Mei J, Huang X, Zhang P. Securin is not required for cellular viability, but is required for normal growth of mouse embryonic fibroblasts. Curr Biol. 2001;11:1197-201 pubmed
  6. Serrano García L, Montero Montoya R. Micronuclei and chromatid buds are the result of related genotoxic events. Environ Mol Mutagen. 2001;38:38-45 pubmed
    ..CHB occur in lymphocytes of smokers with frequencies similar to those of MN, and we found that the infection with Taenia solium metacestodes induced a comparable increase of both MN and CHB frequency in lymphocytes from pigs. ..
  7. Wilkie G, Davis I. Drosophila wingless and pair-rule transcripts localize apically by dynein-mediated transport of RNA particles. Cell. 2001;105:209-19 pubmed
    ..We propose that dynein-dependent movement of RNA particles is a widely deployed mechanism for mRNA localization. ..
  8. Jean C, Tollon Y, Raynaud Messina B, Wright M. The mammalian interphase centrosome: two independent units maintained together by the dynamics of the microtubule cytoskeleton. Eur J Cell Biol. 1999;78:549-60 pubmed
  9. Azizi A, Kang S, Freilinger A, Gruber Olipitz M, Chen W, Yang J, et al. Mitosis-dependent protein expression in neuroblastoma cell line N1E-115. J Proteome Res. 2008;7:3412-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Identification of mitosis-dependent proteins is of importance for the interpretation of previous work and for designing future experiments. ..
  10. Montero Montoya R, Serrano L, Ostrosky Wegman P. In vitro induction of micronuclei in lymphocytes: the use of bromodeoxyuridine as a proliferation marker. Mutat Res. 1997;391:135-41 pubmed
    ..It is not clear if these structures are an intermediate stage in the formation of MN, but this methodology provides the possibility of observing and studying them. ..
  11. Collins E, Hornick J, Durcan T, Collins N, Archer W, Karanjeet K, et al. Centrosome biogenesis continues in the absence of microtubules during prolonged S-phase arrest. J Cell Physiol. 2010;225:454-65 pubmed publisher
    ..When triplet microtubule assembly is restored, these cryptic generative events become realized, and multiple centriole-containing centrosomes assemble. ..
  12. Kanda R. Improvement of accuracy of chromosome aberration analysis for biological radiation dosimetry. J Radiat Res. 2000;41:1-8 pubmed
    ..The practicality of these advanced cytogenetic techniques is shown by examinations of individuals exposed in the radiation accident at Tokaimura in 1999. ..
  13. Wen G, Fisher M, Genovese M, Goldberg E, Jenkins E. Brush-like fibers on the human chromosome periphery. Scanning. 2003;25:316-20 pubmed
    ..The purpose of this study was to establish the occurrence of the brush-like fibers and to determine the effects of colcemid on these fibers. ..
  14. Schultz N, Onfelt A. Spindle positioning in fibroblasts supports an astral microtubule length dependent force generation at the basal membrane. Cell Motil Cytoskeleton. 2001;50:69-88 pubmed
    ..To explain these results, we suggest that astral microtubles transiently anchored at the bottom of the cell are of particular importance for spindle translocation in fibroblasts. ..
  15. Andersen R, Turnbull D, Johnson E, Doe C. Sgt1 acts via an LKB1/AMPK pathway to establish cortical polarity in larval neuroblasts. Dev Biol. 2012;363:258-65 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that an Sgt1/Hsp90-LKB1-AMPK pathway acts redundantly with a microtubule-induced polarity pathway to generate neuroblast cortical polarity, and the absence of neuroblast cortical polarity can produce neuroblast tumors. ..
  16. Yin X, Kato Y, Tsunoda Y. Effect of enucleation procedures and maturation conditions on the development of nuclear-transferred rabbit oocytes receiving male fibroblast cells. Reproduction. 2002;124:41-7 pubmed
    Enucleated oocytes matured in vitro, from which chromosomes were removed by treatment with ionomycin and demecolcine, were used as recipient oocytes for nuclear transfer of fibroblast cells from a mature male rabbit...
  17. Lin R, Chang D, Lee Y. Single-cell electroendocytosis on a micro chip using in situ fluorescence microscopy. Biomed Microdevices. 2011;13:1063-73 pubmed publisher
    ..The EED experiments using cytoskeleton inhibitors illustrate unique mechanisms distinct from EP. This study provides a foundation for further on-chip study of the time-dependent mechanism of EED at the single-cell level. ..
  18. Gualandi G, Giselico L, Carloni M, Palitti F, Mosesso P, Alfonsi A. Enhancement of genetic instability in human B cells by Epstein-Barr virus latent infection. Mutagenesis. 2001;16:203-8 pubmed
    ..These results show for the first time a direct involvement of EBV in the induction of genetic instability, suggesting that it could contribute to tumour progression. ..
  19. Meng Q, Wu X, Bunch T, White K, Sessions B, Davies C, et al. Enucleation of demecolcine-treated bovine oocytes in cytochalasin-free medium: mechanism investigation and practical improvement. Cell Reprogram. 2011;13:411-8 pubmed publisher
    b>Demecolcine-assisted/induced enucleation has been used in nuclear transfer cloning procedures for many species, yet its mechanism of action remains unclear...
  20. Salazar A, Miller H, McNeely S, Sordo M, Ostrosky Wegman P, States J. Suppression of p53 and p21CIP1/WAF1 reduces arsenite-induced aneuploidy. Chem Res Toxicol. 2010;23:357-64 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, our current results support this role for p21(CIP1/WAF1) since suppression of p21(CIP1/WAF1) caused a decrease in aneuploidy induced by arsenite, suggesting that p21(CIP1/WAF1) plays a role in mitotic exit. ..
  21. Kuehner S, Holzmann K, Speit G. Characterization of formaldehyde's genotoxic mode of action by gene expression analysis in TK6 cells. Arch Toxicol. 2013;87:1999-2012 pubmed publisher
    ..Exposure of TK6 cells to FA led to a discrete gene expression pattern, and all toxicogenomics analyses revealed a closer relationship of FA with clastogens than with aneugens. ..
  22. Yin S, Bhattacharya R, Cabral F. Human mutations that confer paclitaxel resistance. Mol Cancer Ther. 2010;9:327-35 pubmed publisher
  23. Jiang M, Yang C, Zhang L, Zheng Y, Liu S, Sun Q, et al. The effects of chemical enucleation combined with whole cell intracytoplasmic injection on panda-rabbit interspecies nuclear transfer. Zygote. 2004;12:315-20 pubmed
    ..Therefore the present study suggests that WCICI combined with chemical enucleation can provide an efficient and less labor-intensive protocol of interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer for producing giant panda cloned embryos. ..
  24. Speit G, Kühner S, Linsenmeyer R, Schütz P. Does formaldehyde induce aneuploidy?. Mutagenesis. 2011;26:805-11 pubmed publisher
    ..Altogether, our results confirm the clastogenicity of FA in cultured mammalian cells but exclude a significant aneugenic activity. ..
  25. Lee H, Hawkins E, Zand M, Mosmann T, Wu H, Hodgkin P, et al. Interpreting CFSE obtained division histories of B cells in vitro with Smith-Martin and cyton type models. Bull Math Biol. 2009;71:1649-70 pubmed publisher
    ..The most profound effect of the presence of IL-4 was decreased death rates for smaller division classes, which supports a role of IL-4 in the protection of B cells from apoptosis. ..
  26. Li Z, Chen X, Sun X, Zhou Q, Chen J, Leno G, et al. Nuclear transfer of M-phase ferret fibroblasts synchronized with the microtubule inhibitor demecolcine. J Exp Zool A Comp Exp Biol. 2005;303:1126-34 pubmed
    ..Here we use the microtubule inhibitor, demecolcine, to synchronize ferret fibroblasts in metaphase (M-phase) in order to match their cell cycle position with that ..
  27. Ochi T, Nakajima F, Nasui M. Distribution of gamma-tubulin in multipolar spindles and multinucleated cells induced by dimethylarsinic acid, a methylated derivative of inorganic arsenics, in Chinese hamster V79 cells. Toxicology. 1999;136:79-88 pubmed
  28. Singh B, Gogineni S, Goberdhan A, Sacks P, Shaha A, Shah J, et al. Spectral karyotyping analysis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Laryngoscope. 2001;111:1545-50 pubmed
    ..The use of SKY, in combination with other techniques, may allow for a more complete assessment of the genetic abnormalities of head and neck cancers and serve as a starting point for gene identification. ..
  29. Alieva I, Vorobjev I. Vertebrate primary cilia: a sensory part of centrosomal complex in tissue cells, but a "sleeping beauty" in cultured cells?. Cell Biol Int. 2004;28:139-50 pubmed
    ..We also conclude that functioning primary cilium does not necessarily operate in culture cells, which might explain some of the contradictory data on cell ciliation in vitro reported in the literature. ..
  30. Nishiyama I, Fujii T. Laminin-induced process outgrowth from isolated fetal rat C-cells. Exp Cell Res. 1992;198:214-20 pubmed
    ..Thus it was demonstrated that fetal rat C-cells are still responsive to environmental signals, such as laminin, and extend neuritic processes. ..
  31. Rovensky YuA -, Domnina L, Ivanova OYu -, Vasiliev J. Responses of epithelial and fibroblast-like cells to discontinuous configuration of the culture substrate. Membr Cell Biol. 2001;14:617-27 pubmed
  32. Ibáñez E, Albertini D, Overstrom E. Demecolcine-induced oocyte enucleation for somatic cell cloning: coordination between cell-cycle egress, kinetics of cortical cytoskeletal interactions, and second polar body extrusion. Biol Reprod. 2003;68:1249-58 pubmed
    ..Metaphase II oocytes from CF-1 and B6D2F1 strains were activated with ethanol and subsequently exposed to demecolcine at various times postactivation...
  33. Galigniana M, Harrell J, Murphy P, Chinkers M, Radanyi C, Renoir J, et al. Binding of hsp90-associated immunophilins to cytoplasmic dynein: direct binding and in vivo evidence that the peptidylprolyl isomerase domain is a dynein interaction domain. Biochemistry. 2002;41:13602-10 pubmed
    ..We conclude that the PPIase domains of the hsp90-binding immunophilins interact directly with cytoplasmic dynein and that this interaction with the motor protein is responsible for the microtubular localization of PP5 in vivo. ..
  34. Fujikawa Yamamoto K, Luo X, Miyagoshi M, Yamagishi H. DNA stable pentaploid H1 (ES) cells obtained from an octaploid cell induced from tetraploid cells polyploidized using demecolcine. J Cell Physiol. 2010;223:369-75 pubmed publisher
    ..H1 (ES) cells (8H1 cells) that were established from tetraploid H1 (ES) cells (4H1 cells) polyploidized using demecolcine. The number of chromosomes of 5H1 cells was 100, unlike the 40 of diploid H1 (ES) cells (2H1 cells), 80 of 4H1, ..
  35. Nakaya K, Ooishi R, Funaba M, Murakami M. A JNK inhibitor SP600125 induces defective cytokinesis and enlargement in P19 embryonal carcinoma cells. Cell Biochem Funct. 2009;27:468-72 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study suggests that treatment with SP600125 progresses the cell cycle, skipping cytokinesis in P19 cells. ..
  36. Hashimoto K, Todo T. Mitotic slippage underlies the relationship between p53 dysfunction and the induction of large micronuclei by colcemid. Mutagenesis. 2013;28:457-64 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, these findings indicate that mitotic slippage and perturbed apoptosis contribute to the induction of large MN in p53-compromised cells following treatment with colcemid. ..
  37. Champlin D, Truman J. Ecdysteroid control of cell proliferation during optic lobe neurogenesis in the moth Manduca sexta. Development. 1998;125:269-77 pubmed
    ..Initially, moderate levels of ecdysteroid stimulate proliferation. Later, high levels of 20-hydroxyecdysone trigger a wave of apoptosis within the anlage that marks completion of its proliferative phase. ..
  38. Krutetskaia Z, Lebedev O, Krutetskaia N, Kurilova L. [The role of cytoskeleton structures in regulation of Ca2+ responses in macrophages]. Tsitologiia. 2001;43:61-71 pubmed
    ..The results suggested that an intact cytoskeleton is required for capacitative Ca2+ entry but not for agonist-induced Ca2+ mobilization. ..
  39. Soukhomlinova M, Fais D, Kireev I, Gianguzza F, Morici G, Giudice G, et al. Division and motility of mitochondria in sea urchin embryogenesis. J Submicrosc Cytol Pathol. 2001;33:433-42 pubmed
  40. Nürnberger J, Kribben A, Opazo Saez A, Heusch G, Philipp T, Phillips C. The Invs gene encodes a microtubule-associated protein. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2004;15:1700-10 pubmed
    ..Hence, altered inversin-tubulin interaction may impair ciliary function and thereby contribute to cyst development in nephronophthisis. ..
  41. Hagiwara H, Tajika Y, Matsuzaki T, Suzuki T, Aoki T, Takata K. Localization of Golgi 58K protein (formiminotransferase cyclodeaminase) to the centrosome. Histochem Cell Biol. 2006;126:251-9 pubmed
    ..FTCD in the centrosome may be associated with polyglutamylated residues of centriole microtubules and may play a role in providing centrioles with glutamate produced by cyclodeaminase domains of FTCD. ..
  42. Nayab S, Jones F, Olsen I. Modulation of the human bone cell cycle by calcium ion-implantation of titanium. Biomaterials. 2007;28:38-44 pubmed
  43. Fujikawa Yamamoto K, Miyagoshi M, Yamagishi H. Establishment of a tetraploid cell line from mouse H-1 (ES) cells highly polyploidized with demecolcine. Cell Prolif. 2007;40:327-37 pubmed
    Establishment of tetraploid ES cells. Mouse H-1 (ES) cells were polyploidized by demecolcine and released from the drug...
  44. Isshiki M, Ando J, Korenaga R, Kogo H, Fujimoto T, Fujita T, et al. Endothelial Ca2+ waves preferentially originate at specific loci in caveolin-rich cell edges. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1998;95:5009-14 pubmed
    ..Thus, caveolae may be involved in the initiation of ATP-induced Ca2+ waves in ECs. ..
  45. Lopez I, McKay D. Effects of antimitotic agents on secretion and detergent extractibility of adrenal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. Cell Mol Neurobiol. 1997;17:447-54 pubmed
    ..2. Functional studies demonstrated that vincristine, tubulozole, podophyllotoxin, and demecolcine inhibited nAChR-stimulated catecholamine release noncompetitively and in a concentration-dependent manner, with ..
  46. Shkumatov A, Kuznyetsov V, Cieslak J, Ilkevitch Y, Verlinsky Y. Obtaining metaphase spreads from single blastomeres for PGD of chromosomal rearrangements. Reprod Biomed Online. 2007;14:498-503 pubmed
    ..The method is simple for obtaining metaphases from single blastomeres, and may be implemented in clinical practice of PGD for structural rearrangements. ..
  47. Rubin K, Starodubov S, Onishchenko G. Effect of colcemid on the centrosome and microtubules in dermal melanophores of Xenopus laevis larvae in vivo. Cell Mol Biol (Noisy-le-grand). 1999;45:1099-117 pubmed
    ..The results raise the intriguing questions about the mechanism of the hormone and colcemid action on the centrosome structure and microtubule network in melanophores with dispersed and aggregated pigment. ..
  48. Fujikawa Yamamoto K, Miyagoshi M, Luo X, Yamagishi H. DNA-unstable decaploid mouse H1 (ES) cells established from DNA-stable pentaploid H1 (ES) cells polyploidized using demecolcine. Cell Prolif. 2011;44:111-9 pubmed publisher
    ..5H1 cells were polyploidized using demecolcine (DC) and 10H1 cells were obtained by one-cell cloning...
  49. Wang H, Chang Z, Li K, Lian H, Han D, Cui W, et al. Caffeine can be used for oocyte enucleation. Cell Reprogram. 2011;13:225-32 pubmed publisher
    ..ooplasmic protrusions in about 85% of the oocytes, a percentage similar to that achieved with optimal demecolcine treatment...
  50. Deplanque G, Vincent F, Mah Becherel M, Cazenave J, Bergerat J, Klein Soyer C. Caffeine does not cause override of the G2/M block induced by UVc or gamma radiation in normal human skin fibroblasts. Br J Cancer. 2000;83:346-53 pubmed
  51. Leismann O, Herzig A, Heidmann S, Lehner C. Degradation of Drosophila PIM regulates sister chromatid separation during mitosis. Genes Dev. 2000;14:2192-205 pubmed
    ..Whereas these securins are known to form a complex with separins, we show that PIM associates in vivo with THR, which does not contain the conserved separin domain. ..
  52. Jullien D, Vagnarelli P, Earnshaw W, Adachi Y. Kinetochore localisation of the DNA damage response component 53BP1 during mitosis. J Cell Sci. 2002;115:71-9 pubmed
    ..Our data suggest that 53BP1 may have a role in checkpoint signalling during mitosis and provide the evidence that DNA damage response machinery and mitotic checkpoint may share common molecular components. ..
  53. Chong S, Zhang M, Lin Y, Coffman F, Garcia Z, Ponzio N, et al. The growth-regulatory role of B-cell-specific activator protein in NZB malignant B-1 cells. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2001;50:41-50 pubmed
    ..Treatment with demecolcine (Colcemid), a known mitotic blocker, resulted in a decrease in the level of BSAP gene expression in malignant B-..