myb genes


Summary: Retrovirus-associated DNA sequences (v-myb) originally isolated from the avian myeloblastosis and E26 leukemia viruses. The proto-oncogene c-myb codes for a nuclear protein involved in transcriptional regulation and appears to be essential for hematopoietic cell proliferation. The human myb gene is located at 6q22-23 on the short arm of chromosome 6. This is the point of break in translocations involved in T-cell acute lymphatic leukemia and in some ovarian cancers and melanomas. (From Ibelgaufts, Dictionary of Cytokines, 1995).

Top Publications

  1. Ramsay R. c-Myb a stem-progenitor cell regulator in multiple tissue compartments. Growth Factors. 2005;23:253-61 pubmed
  2. Ramsay N, Glover B. MYB-bHLH-WD40 protein complex and the evolution of cellular diversity. Trends Plant Sci. 2005;10:63-70 pubmed
    ..Here, we review the evolutionary history of the MYB-bHLH-WD40 protein complex and its role in generating plant epidermal cellular diversity. ..
  3. Jiang C, Gu X, Peterson T. Identification of conserved gene structures and carboxy-terminal motifs in the Myb gene family of Arabidopsis and Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica. Genome Biol. 2004;5:R46 pubmed of the largest families of transcription factors in plants, little is known about the functions of most Myb genes. Here we use computational techniques to classify Myb genes on the basis of sequence similarity and gene ..
  4. Davidson C, Tirouvanziam R, Herzenberg L, Lipsick J. Functional evolution of the vertebrate Myb gene family: B-Myb, but neither A-Myb nor c-Myb, complements Drosophila Myb in hemocytes. Genetics. 2005;169:215-29 pubmed
    ..possess a single Myb gene, whereas all vertebrate genomes examined thus far contain three different Myb genes (A-Myb, B-Myb, and c-Myb)...
  5. Yamagishi M, Shimoyamada Y, Nakatsuka T, Masuda K. Two R2R3-MYB genes, homologs of Petunia AN2, regulate anthocyanin biosyntheses in flower Tepals, tepal spots and leaves of asiatic hybrid lily. Plant Cell Physiol. 2010;51:463-74 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate that LhMYB6 and LhMYB12 positively regulate anthocyanin biosynthesis and determine organ- and tissue-specific accumulation of anthocyanin. ..
  6. Yi H, Nam S, Kim J, Kim J, Lee D, Hwang P. Induction of apoptosis in K562 cells by dominant negative c-myb. Exp Hematol. 2002;30:1139-46 pubmed
    ..The results of these studies support the thesis that dominant negative c-myb gene therapy may be useful for treatment of leukemia patients. ..
  7. Manak J, Mitiku N, Lipsick J. Mutation of the Drosophila homologue of the Myb protooncogene causes genomic instability. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002;99:7438-43 pubmed
    Vertebrates have three related Myb genes. The c-Myb protooncogene is required for definitive hematopoiesis in mice and when mutated causes leukemias and lymphomas in birds and mammals...
  8. Yang T, Perasso R, Baroin Tourancheau A. Myb genes in ciliates: a common origin with the myb protooncogene?. Protist. 2003;154:229-38 pubmed
    ..This is the first report of a myb homolog in a ciliated protist, thus, confirming its origin in strict unicellular eukaryotes. ..
  9. Patzlaff A, McInnis S, Courtenay A, Surman C, Newman L, Smith C, et al. Characterisation of a pine MYB that regulates lignification. Plant J. 2003;36:743-54 pubmed
    ..Taken together, these findings are consistent with the hypothesis that PtMYB4 is sufficient to induce lignification, and that it may play this role during wood formation in pine. ..

More Information


  1. Newman L, Perazza D, Juda L, Campbell M. Involvement of the R2R3-MYB, AtMYB61, in the ectopic lignification and dark-photomorphogenic components of the det3 mutant phenotype. Plant J. 2004;37:239-50 pubmed
    ..Taken together, these results suggest that AtMYB61 misexpression was both sufficient and necessary to explain the ectopic lignification and dark-photomorphogenic phenotypes of the det3 mutant. ..
  2. Qin J, Zhang C, Kamarashev J, Dummer R, Burg G, Dobbeling U. Interleukin-7 and interleukin-15 regulate the expression of the bcl-2 and c-myb genes in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma cells. Blood. 2001;98:2778-83 pubmed
    ..The c-Myb protein was also present in CTCL cells of the skin lesions of all investigated patients. These results indicate that IL-7 and IL-15 may increase bcl-2 expression in CTCL cells by the activation of c-myb and STAT factors. ..
  3. Sandberg M, Sutton S, Pletcher M, Wiltshire T, Tarantino L, Hogenesch J, et al. c-Myb and p300 regulate hematopoietic stem cell proliferation and differentiation. Dev Cell. 2005;8:153-66 pubmed
    ..Cell cycle analyses show that twice as many HSCs from c-Myb(M303V/M303V) animals are actively cycling. Thus c-Myb, through interaction with p300, controls the proliferation and differentiation of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. ..
  4. Lee M, Schiefelbein J. Developmentally distinct MYB genes encode functionally equivalent proteins in Arabidopsis. Development. 2001;128:1539-46 pubmed
    ..These results provide new insights into the evolution of the MYB gene family in Arabidopsis, and, more generally, they demonstrate that novel developmental gene function may arise solely by the modification of cis-regulatory sequences. ..
  5. Yanhui C, Xiaoyuan Y, Kun H, Meihua L, Jigang L, Zhaofeng G, et al. The MYB transcription factor superfamily of Arabidopsis: expression analysis and phylogenetic comparison with the rice MYB family. Plant Mol Biol. 2006;60:107-24 pubmed
    ..Arabidopsis genome sequence, among them, 126 are R2R3-MYB, 5 are R1R2R3-MYB, 64 are MYB-related, and 3 atypical MYB genes. Here we report the expression profiles of 163 genes in the Arabidopsis MYB superfamily whose full-length open ..
  6. Hugo H, Cures A, Suraweera N, Drabsch Y, Purcell D, Mantamadiotis T, et al. Mutations in the MYB intron I regulatory sequence increase transcription in colon cancers. Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 2006;45:1143-54 pubmed
    ..In CRC, these mutations may contribute to MYB overexpression, highlighting the importance of noncoding sequences in the regulation of key cancer genes. ..
  7. Wilkins O, Nahal H, Foong J, Provart N, Campbell M. Expansion and diversification of the Populus R2R3-MYB family of transcription factors. Plant Physiol. 2009;149:981-93 pubmed publisher
  8. Lahortiga I, De Keersmaecker K, Van Vlierberghe P, Graux C, Cauwelier B, Lambert F, et al. Duplication of the MYB oncogene in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Nat Genet. 2007;39:593-5 pubmed
    ..Our results identify duplication of MYB as an oncogenic event and suggest that MYB could be a therapeutic target in human T-ALL...
  9. Tominaga R, Iwata M, Okada K, Wada T. Functional analysis of the epidermal-specific MYB genes CAPRICE and WEREWOLF in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. 2007;19:2264-77 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, we showed by gel mobility shift assays that WER chimera proteins do not bind to the GL2 promoter region. However, a CPC chimera protein, which harbors the WER R3 motif, still binds to the GL2 promoter region. ..
  10. Bedon F, Grima Pettenati J, MacKay J. Conifer R2R3-MYB transcription factors: sequence analyses and gene expression in wood-forming tissues of white spruce (Picea glauca). BMC Plant Biol. 2007;7:17 pubmed
    ..We isolated and characterised full-length cDNAs encoding R2R3-MYB genes from the gymnosperms white spruce, Picea glauca (13 sequences), and loblolly pine, Pinus taeda L...
  11. Vailleau F, Daniel X, Tronchet M, Montillet J, Triantaphylidès C, Roby D. A R2R3-MYB gene, AtMYB30, acts as a positive regulator of the hypersensitive cell death program in plants in response to pathogen attack. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002;99:10179-84 pubmed
    ..Taken together, these results strongly suggest that AtMYB30 is a positive regulator of hypersensitive cell death. ..
  12. Luger S, O Brien S, Ratajczak J, Ratajczak M, Mick R, Stadtmauer E, et al. Oligodeoxynucleotide-mediated inhibition of c-myb gene expression in autografted bone marrow: a pilot study. Blood. 2002;99:1150-8 pubmed
  13. Simon M, Lee M, Lin Y, Gish L, Schiefelbein J. Distinct and overlapping roles of single-repeat MYB genes in root epidermal patterning. Dev Biol. 2007;311:566-78 pubmed
    ..These results provide new insight into the function of these single-repeat MYBs and suggest that divergence of their regulatory sequences is largely responsible for their distinct roles in epidermal cell patterning. ..
  14. Wilczek C, Chayka O, Plachetka A, Klempnauer K. Myb-induced chromatin remodeling at a dual enhancer/promoter element involves non-coding rna transcription and is disrupted by oncogenic mutations of v-myb. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:35314-24 pubmed publisher
  15. Xu X, You C, Huang S, Zhang S, Yi Z. [Inhibitory effect of antisense c-myb cDNA on the growth of asynchronous glioma cells in vivo]. Hua Xi Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao. 2001;32:562-5 pubmed
    ..The above findings indicate that c-myb gene might be associated with the suppression of carcinogenesis in brain glioma, and oncogene c-myb might be chosen as a target for antisense gene therapy of gliomas. ..
  16. Wahlberg K, Jiang J, Rooks H, Jawaid K, Matsuda F, Yamaguchi M, et al. The HBS1L-MYB intergenic interval associated with elevated HbF levels shows characteristics of a distal regulatory region in erythroid cells. Blood. 2009;114:1254-62 pubmed publisher
    ..The data suggest that GATA-1 regulates numerous genes of various functions on chromosome 6q. ..
  17. Misra S, Beach B, Hurley J. Structure of the VHS domain of human Tom1 (target of myb 1): insights into interactions with proteins and membranes. Biochemistry. 2000;39:11282-90 pubmed
    ..In addition, VHS domain-containing proteins are often localized to membranes. We suggest that the conserved positively charged surface of helix 3 in VHS and ENTH domains plays a role in membrane binding. ..
  18. Boddu J, Jiang C, Sangar V, Olson T, Peterson T, Chopra S. Comparative structural and functional characterization of sorghum and maize duplications containing orthologous myb transcription regulators of 3-deoxyflavonoid biosynthesis. Plant Mol Biol. 2006;60:185-99 pubmed
    ..Phylogenetic analysis indicates that sorghum y1 and y2 sequences may have arisen by gene duplication mechanisms and represent an evolutionarily parallel event to the duplication of maize p2 and p1 genes. ..
  19. McCarthy R, Zhong R, Fowler S, Lyskowski D, Piyasena H, Carleton K, et al. The poplar MYB transcription factors, PtrMYB3 and PtrMYB20, are involved in the regulation of secondary wall biosynthesis. Plant Cell Physiol. 2010;51:1084-90 pubmed publisher
    ..We also show that PtrMYB3 and PtrMYB20 are functional orthologs of Arabidopsis MYB46 and MYB83, and their expression is directly activated by poplar PtrWND2, suggesting their involvement in the regulation of wood formation in poplar. ..
  20. Lee M, Qi M, Yang Y. A novel jasmonic acid-inducible rice myb gene associates with fungal infection and host cell death. Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2001;14:527-35 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that JAmyb is related closely to host cell death and is involved in the JA-mediated, SA-independent signaling pathways in rice. ..
  21. Schlichter U, Kattmann D, Appl H, Miethe J, Brehmer Fastnacht A, Klempnauer K. Identification of the myb-inducible promoter of the chicken Pdcd4 gene. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2001;1520:99-104 pubmed
    ..As a first step to study the regulation of Pdcd4 expression in more detail, we here report the identification and preliminary characterization of the myb-inducible promoter of the Pdcd4 gene. ..
  22. Carpinelli M, Hilton D, Metcalf D, Antonchuk J, Hyland C, Mifsud S, et al. Suppressor screen in Mpl-/- mice: c-Myb mutation causes supraphysiological production of platelets in the absence of thrombopoietin signaling. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004;101:6553-8 pubmed
  23. Malaterre J, Mantamadiotis T, Dworkin S, Lightowler S, Yang Q, Ransome M, et al. c-Myb is required for neural progenitor cell proliferation and maintenance of the neural stem cell niche in adult brain. Stem Cells. 2008;26:173-81 pubmed
    ..Neural progenitor cells lacking c-Myb showed a reduced intrinsic proliferative capacity and reduction of Sox-2 and Pax-6 expression. These data point to an important role for c-Myb in the neurogenic niche of the adult brain. ..
  24. Tanikawa J, Ichikawa Iwata E, Kanei Ishii C, Ishii S. Regulation of c-Myb activity by tumor suppressor p53. Blood Cells Mol Dis. 2001;27:479-82 pubmed
    ..In addition, p53 stimulates the degradation of c-Myb, which is, at least partly, mediated by induction of Siah in certain types of cells. Thus, c-Myb and p53 regulate the expression of HSPs via HSF3 in opposite ways. ..
  25. Brignole C, Pastorino F, Marimpietri D, Pagnan G, Pistorio A, Allen T, et al. Immune cell-mediated antitumor activities of GD2-targeted liposomal c-myb antisense oligonucleotides containing CpG motifs. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2004;96:1171-80 pubmed
  26. Gewirtz A. Oligonucleotide therapeutics: clothing the emperor. Curr Opin Mol Ther. 1999;1:297-306 pubmed
    ..These early studies have identified limitations for first generation ON which may be solvable with newer ON chemistries and/or formulations. Although the technology is still nascent it continues to show promise. ..
  27. Poenitz N, Simon Ackermann J, Gratchev A, Qadoumi M, Klemke C, Stadler R, et al. Overexpression of c-myb in leukaemic and non-leukaemic variants of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Dermatology. 2005;211:84-92 pubmed
  28. Steensma D, Pardanani A, Stevenson W, Hoyt R, Kiu H, Grigg A, et al. More on Myb in myelofibrosis: molecular analyses of MYB and EP300 in 55 patients with myeloproliferative disorders. Blood. 2006;107:1733-5; author reply 1735 pubmed
  29. Steffen B, Serve H, Berdel W, Agrawal S, Linggi B, Buchner T, et al. Specific protein redirection as a transcriptional therapy approach for t(8;21) leukemia. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003;100:8448-53 pubmed
    ..Taken together, this study demonstrates that redirection of oncogenic proteins can be used as a strategy to dramatically influence their cellular effects, with the ultimate goal to design highly specific therapies for cancer. ..
  30. Arsura M, Hofmann C, Golay J, Introna M, Sonenshein G. A-myb rescues murine B-cell lymphomas from IgM-receptor-mediated apoptosis through c-myc transcriptional regulation. Blood. 2000;96:1013-20 pubmed
    ..Overall, our observation suggests that A-myb expression may be relevant to the pathology of human B-cell neoplasias. ..
  31. Suzuki K, Nishiuchi T, Nakayama Y, Ito M, Shinshi H. Elicitor-induced down-regulation of cell cycle-related genes in tobacco cells. Plant Cell Environ. 2006;29:183-91 pubmed
    ..Finally, we discuss a negative cross-talk between signal transduction pathways for growth and defence responses, which might be important for adaptation to environmental stress by potential pathogens. ..
  32. Walker A, Lee E, Bogs J, McDavid D, Thomas M, Robinson S. White grapes arose through the mutation of two similar and adjacent regulatory genes. Plant J. 2007;49:772-85 pubmed
    ..We conclude that rare mutational events occurring in two adjacent genes were essential for the genesis of the white grapes used to produce the white wines and white table grapes we enjoy today. ..
  33. Benes P, Macecková V, Zatloukalová J, Kovarova L, Smardova J, Smarda J. Retinoic acid enhances differentiation of v-myb-transformed monoblasts induced by okadaic acid. Leuk Res. 2007;31:1421-31 pubmed
    ..We conclude that RA enhances differentiation of v-myb-transformed monoblasts induced by protein phosphorylation. ..
  34. Lacoste V, Nicot C, Gessain A, Valensi F, Gabarre J, Matta H, et al. In primary effusion lymphoma cells, MYB transcriptional repression is associated with v-FLIP expression during latent KSHV infection while both v-FLIP and v-GPCR become involved during the lytic cycle. Br J Haematol. 2007;138:487-501 pubmed
    ..Repressing MYB expression also helps in maintaining the virus in latency. ..
  35. Gonda T, Leo P, Ramsay R. Estrogen and MYB in breast cancer: potential for new therapies. Expert Opin Biol Ther. 2008;8:713-7 pubmed
    ..Here we discuss the rationale for therapeutic targeting of MYB in breast cancer and consider a number of approaches to developing an anti-MYB therapeutic. ..
  36. Lieu Y, Kumar A, Pajerowski A, Rogers T, Reddy E. Requirement of c-myb in T cell development and in mature T cell function. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004;101:14853-8 pubmed
    ..In addition, our data show that c-myb is directly involved in the formation of double-positive CD4+CD8+CD25+, CD4+CD25+, and CD8+CD25+ T cells, developmental processes that may imply a role for c-myb in autoimmune dysfunction. ..
  37. Jeong J, Kim S, Park T. Novel intracellular delivery system of antisense oligonucleotide by self-assembled hybrid micelles composed of DNA/PEG conjugate and cationic fusogenic peptide. Bioconjug Chem. 2003;14:473-9 pubmed
    ..They also exhibited higher antiproliferative activity against smooth muscle cells. This study demonstrates that the DNA/PEG hybrid micelles system can be applied for the delivery of antisense oligonucleotide. ..
  38. Li H, Li Y, Yan C, Li L, Chen X. Inhibition of tumor growth by S-3-1, a synthetic intermediate of salvianolic acid A. J Asian Nat Prod Res. 2002;4:271-80 pubmed
  39. Stokrova J, Korb J, Pliss A, Raska I, Stulik J, Dvorakova M. Overexpression of v-myb oncogene or c-myb proto-oncogene in insect cells: characterization of newly induced nucleolus-like structures accumulating Myb protein. Int J Mol Med. 2002;9:547-54 pubmed
    ..They rather reflected progressive changes, induced by the virus infection and high expression of v-myb genes, accompanied by the formation of these prominent nucleolus-like structures highly enriched in Myb protein...
  40. Kirik V, Schnittger A, Radchuk V, Adler K, Hulskamp M, Bäumlein H. Ectopic expression of the Arabidopsis AtMYB23 gene induces differentiation of trichome cells. Dev Biol. 2001;235:366-77 pubmed
    ..Together, the presented data indicate that the AtMYB23 gene has partially overlapping functions with GLABRA1 in controlling the initiation of trichome development. ..
  41. Mukouyama Y, Chiba N, Mucenski M, Satake M, Miyajima A, Hara T, et al. Hematopoietic cells in cultures of the murine embryonic aorta-gonad-mesonephros region are induced by c-Myb. Curr Biol. 1999;9:833-6 pubmed
    ..2 (Iymphoid markers), and Ter119 (an erythroid marker). Thus, c-Myb plays a role in the generation of hematopoietic cells in the embryonic P-Sp and AGM regions. ..
  42. Gonzalez Mariscal L, Tapia R, Huerta M, Lopez Bayghen E. The tight junction protein ZO-2 blocks cell cycle progression and inhibits cyclin D1 expression. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2009;1165:121-5 pubmed publisher
    ..We have further found that ZO-2 transfection into epithelial MDCK cells triggers a diminished expression of CD1 protein and decreases the rate of cell proliferation in a wound-healing assay. ..
  43. Peel G, Pang Y, Modolo L, Dixon R. The LAP1 MYB transcription factor orchestrates anthocyanidin biosynthesis and glycosylation in Medicago. Plant J. 2009;59:136-49 pubmed publisher
    ..Over-expression of UGT78G1 in transgenic alfalfa resulted in increased anthocyanin accumulation when plants were exposed to abiotic stress...
  44. Rahaie M, Xue G, Naghavi M, Alizadeh H, Schenk P. A MYB gene from wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is up-regulated during salt and drought stresses and differentially regulated between salt-tolerant and sensitive genotypes. Plant Cell Rep. 2010;29:835-44 pubmed publisher
    ..Quantitative RT-PCR analysis revealed that four MYB genes were consistently up-regulated in the seedling roots of both genotypes under short-term salt treatment...
  45. Soliera A, Lidonnici M, Ferrari Amorotti G, Prisco M, Zhang Y, Martinez R, et al. Transcriptional repression of c-Myb and GATA-2 is involved in the biologic effects of C/EBPalpha in p210BCR/ABL-expressing cells. Blood. 2008;112:1942-50 pubmed publisher
    ..Since perturbation of c-Myb and GATA-2 expression has nonidentical consequences for proliferation and differentiation of K562 cells, the effects of C/EBPalpha appear to involve dif-ferent transcription-regulated targets. ..
  46. Palumbo S, Memmott R, Uribe D, Krotova Khan Y, Hurley L, Ebbinghaus S. A novel G-quadruplex-forming GGA repeat region in the c-myb promoter is a critical regulator of promoter activity. Nucleic Acids Res. 2008;36:1755-69 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings show that the T:H:H:T G-quadruplex-forming region in the c-myb promoter is a critical cis-acting element and may repress c-myb promoter activity through MAZ interaction with G-quadruplexes in the c-myb promoter. ..
  47. Schipf A, Mayr D, Kirchner T, Diebold J. Molecular genetic aberrations of ovarian and uterine carcinosarcomas--a CGH and FISH study. Virchows Arch. 2008;452:259-68 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, the observed patterns of genetic aberrations are highly similar to those of serous carcinomas. This is compatible with the current opinion that these neoplasms should be considered as metaplastic carcinomas...
  48. Kopecki Z, Luchetti M, Adams D, Strudwick X, Mantamadiotis T, Stoppacciaro A, et al. Collagen loss and impaired wound healing is associated with c-Myb deficiency. J Pathol. 2007;211:351-61 pubmed
    ..Manipulation of c-Myb may therefore provide new therapeutic opportunities for improving wound repair while uncontrolled expression may underpin some fibrotic disorders. ..
  49. Jeon G, Shin D, Cho S. Induction of transcription factor c-myb expression in reactive astrocytes following intracerebroventricular kainic acid injection in mouse hippocampus. Neurosci Lett. 2004;360:13-6 pubmed
    ..A few c-myb IR astrocytes were continuously persisted in the CA3 region 14 days after KA treatment. These findings suggest a role of c-myb signal pathway in reactive gliosis in mice with KA induced seizure. ..
  50. Jackson J, Ramsay G, Sharkov N, Lium E, Katzen A. The role of transcriptional activation in the function of the Drosophila myb gene. Blood Cells Mol Dis. 2001;27:446-55 pubmed
    Vertebrate myb genes encode DNA-binding proteins that regulate transcription and have been implicated in regulation of cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis...
  51. Lipsick J, Manak J, Mitiku N, Chen C, Fogarty P, Guthrie E. Functional evolution of the Myb oncogene family. Blood Cells Mol Dis. 2001;27:456-8 pubmed
    ..We have also reintroduced the three different vertebrate Myb genes into Drosophila in order to begin to understand how their different functions may have arisen following gene ..
  52. Smarda J, Zemanová K, Bryja J, Smardova J, Kozubik A, Hofmanova J, et al. Retinoid X receptor suppresses transformation by the v-myb oncogene. J Leukoc Biol. 1999;66:1039-48 pubmed
    ..The retinoid X receptor-induced inhibition of transactivation by v-Myb seems to be enhanced by a cell type-specific factor(s), which is not required by retinoic acid receptor. ..
  53. Fung S, Ramsay G, Katzen A. Mutations in Drosophila myb lead to centrosome amplification and genomic instability. Development. 2002;129:347-59 pubmed
    ..These data demonstrate that in abdominal epidermal cells, Dm myb is required to sustain the appropriate rate of proliferation, to suppress formation of supernumerary centrosomes, and to maintain genomic integrity. ..