Summary: A blood-filled VAGINA that is obstructed.

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  1. López López J, Murillo Pérez C, Rosa Arias J, Abril Baquero G. [Urinary retention caused by hematocolpos secondary to imperforate hymen]. Arch Esp Urol. 1993;46:732-3 pubmed
    ..In the second case described herein, hydrocolpos could have resulted from the imperforate hymen and might have caused the congenital hydronephrosis incorrectly diagnosed during the neonatal period and childhood as such...
  2. Chircop R. A case of retention of urine and haematocolpometra. Eur J Emerg Med. 2003;10:244-5 pubmed
    ..This is a rare cause of the retention of urine and the emergency physician should consider this condition in women between the ages of 12 and 18 years presenting with abdominal pain and obscure urinary complaints...
  3. Yamamoto M, Haramoto M, Nagayoshi J, Kimura S. [A case of atresia hymenalis in a pubescent girl with complaint of dysuria]. Hinyokika Kiyo. 2004;50:889-91 pubmed
    ..Ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging revealed atresia hymenalis with hematocolpos. Hymenal incision was carried out and clinical symptoms were improved...
  4. Hanzer M, Riccabona M, Kerbl R. [Uterus duplex with hematometrocolpos and ipsilateral agenesis of the kidney]. Klin Padiatr. 2007;219:292-5 pubmed
    ..Unilateral hematometrocolpos should be considered as an important differential diagnosis in female adolescents with relapsing lower abdominal pain, even if normal menstruation occurs. ..
  5. Ambegaonkar G, Mulik R. To pee or not to pee. Arch Dis Child. 2007;92:865 pubmed
  6. Basaran M, Usal D, Aydemir C. Hymen sparing surgery for imperforate hymen: case reports and review of literature. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2009;22:e61-4 pubmed publisher
    ..1% and 0.05%, is the most common obstructive congenital abnormality of the female genital tract. 'Standard' surgical treatment of imperforate hymen involves hymenectomy after a cruciate, plus, or X-shaped hymenotomy incision...
  7. Ballesio L, Andreoli C, De Cicco M, Angeli M, Manganaro L. Hematocolpos in double vagina associated with uterus didelphus: US and MR findings. Eur J Radiol. 2003;45:150-3 pubmed
    ..is accompanied by imperforated obstructed hemivagina, the clinical manifestations depend on the presence of hematocolpos. MRI plays an important role for diagnosis because it allows to characterize the nature of the lesion and to ..
  8. Abu Ghanem S, Novoa R, Kaneti J, Rosenberg E. Recurrent urinary retention due to imperforate hymen after hymenotomy failure: a rare case report and review of the literature. Urology. 2011;78:180-2 pubmed publisher
    ..We report for the first time a case of recurrent urinary retention due to massive hematocolpos resulting from an imperforate hymen in a 14-year-old girl...
  9. Ahmed S, Morris L, Atkinson E. Distal mucocolpos and proximal hematocolpos secondary to concurrent imperforate hymen and transverse vaginal septum. J Pediatr Surg. 1999;34:1555-6 pubmed
    ..This was perforated and dilated under ultrasound (US) guidance draining a large hematocolpos. Results of examination under anesthesia after 3 months was satisfactory, and she has had normal periods in ..

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  1. Mou J, Tang P, Chan K, Tam Y, Lee K. Imperforate hymen: cause of lower abdominal pain in teenage girls. Singapore Med J. 2009;50:e378-9 pubmed
    ..We report an imperforate hymen presenting as abdominal pain in three teenage girls aged 12, 12 and 13 years, respectively, within a six-month period. The presentation was reviewed and the various types of hymenotomy were discussed...
  2. Cicinelli E, Romano F, Didonna T, Schonauer L, Galantino P, Di Naro E. Resectoscopic treatment of uterus didelphys with unilateral imperforate vagina complicated by hematocolpos and hematometra: case report. Fertil Steril. 1999;72:553-5 pubmed
    To describe a technique for treating hematocolpos and hematometra in patients with uterus didelphys and unilateral imperforate vagina involving the use of resectoscopy under ultrasonographic control.
  3. Gyimadu A, Sayal B, Guven S, Gunalp G. Hematocolpos causing severe urinary retention in an adolescent girl with imperforate hymen: an uncommon presentation. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2009;280:461-3 pubmed publisher
    b>Hematocolpos is rarely presented as a pelvic mass which mechanically compresses the bladder and the urethra thereby causing urinary retention.
  4. Ceccaldi P, Ducarme G, Dedecker F, Harika G, Gabriel R, Quereux C, et al. [Hematocolpos due to obstructed hemivagina. About three cases]. Gynecol Obstet Fertil. 2006;34:510-3 pubmed
    ..We present three observations, illustrated with a recent review of the literature, and describe the diagnostic difficulties and their surgical treatments...
  5. Dane C, Dane B, Erginbas M, Cetin A. Imperforate hymen-a rare cause of abdominal pain: two cases and review of the literature. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2007;20:245-7 pubmed
    ..To document an unusual cause of abdominal pain in premenarcheal adolescent girls...
  6. Broseta E, Boronat F, Ruiz J, Alonso M, Osca J, Jimenez Cruz J. Urological complications associated to uterus didelphys with unilateral hematocolpos. A case report and review of the literature. Eur Urol. 1991;20:85-8 pubmed
    ..We report 2 cases of uterus didelphys with unilateral hematocolpos and ipsilateral renal agenesis with urological clinical complications...
  7. Catić D, Lovrincević A, Cengić Huković F, Klancević M. CT diagnosis of hematocolpometra. Comput Med Imaging Graph. 1988;12:315-9 pubmed
    ..The diagnosis was based on computed tomography of the pelvis with contrast given per os, intravenously and per rectum, as well as ultrasound scan of uterus and vagina...
  8. Skondras K, Moutsouris C, Vaos G, Barouchas G, Demetriou L. Uterus didelphys with an obstructed hemivagina and ipsilateral renal agenesis: a rare cause of acute abdomen in pubertal girls. J Pediatr Surg. 1991;26:1200-1 pubmed
    ..Accurate preoperative diagnosis and appropriate treatment will offer relief of symptoms and decrease morbidity and unnecessary procedures. ..
  9. Shibata T, Nonomura K, Kakizaki H, Murayama M, Seki T, Koyanagi T. A case of unique communication between blind-ending ectopic ureter and ipsilateral hemi-hematocolpometra in uterus didelphys. J Urol. 1995;153:1208-10 pubmed
    ..The importance of preoperative meticulous examinations, including cysto-genitography, pelvic magnetic resonance imaging and panendoscopy with the patient under anesthesia, is emphasized. ..
  10. Pons V, Olivera P, García Consuegra R, López Andreoni L, Martín Begué N, García A, et al. Beyond hemostasis: the challenge of treating plasminogen deficiency. A report of three cases. J Thromb Thrombolysis. 2016;41:544-7 pubmed publisher
    ..report we describe two cases with atypical extra-ocular involvement that includes pericarditis and recurrent hematocolpos, and one with paradoxical correlation between ocular lesions and plasminogen levels...
  11. Kansagra A, Miller C, Roberts A. A novel image-guided balloon vaginoplasty method to treat obstructive vaginal anomalies. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2011;22:691-4 pubmed publisher
    Obstructive anomalies of the vagina that impair uterovaginal outflow and lead to hematocolpos have conventionally been corrected with surgery, but emerging nonsurgical therapies may offer an attractive alternative...
  12. Beer W, Carstairs S. Herlyn Werner Wunderlich syndrome: an unusual presentation of acute vaginal pain. J Emerg Med. 2013;45:541-3 pubmed publisher
    ..presented to the Emergency Department with sudden onset of severe vaginal pain that was determined to be due to hematocolpos; imaging confirmed the diagnosis of HWWS...
  13. Mordi A, Scherrer P, Toussaint J. [Hematocolpos due to imperforate hymen]. J Chir (Paris). 2005;142:105-6 pubmed
  14. Fields S, Katz S, Beyth Y. Computed tomography of unilateral hematometrocolpos. J Comput Assist Tomogr. 1988;12:530-1 pubmed
    A 14-year-old girl presented with urinary retention and a pelvic mass. Computed tomography revealed a uterus didelphys with a unilateral right moderate hematometra and a large hematocolpos.
  15. Mattern M, Staab E. I-131 localization in hematocolpos: a differential diagnosis consideration for pelvic I-131 uptake. Clin Nucl Med. 2007;32:659-60 pubmed
    ..hymen possibly trapping radioactive blood, a pelvic ultrasound was performed and was compatible with hematocolpos. After the discovery of a transverse vaginal septum, a large amount of clotted blood was evacuated following ..
  16. Sanders R, Nakajima S. An unusual late presentation of imperforate hymen. Obstet Gynecol. 1994;83:896-8 pubmed
    The imperforate hymen is a rare gynecologic abnormality that may not be detected until the onset of menses, when hematocolpos causes symptoms due to an expanding pelvic mass.
  17. Lausten Thomsen M, Mogensen H. [Hymen imperforatus with atypical symptom presentation]. Ugeskr Laeger. 2007;169:523-4 pubmed
    ..A case is presented where the symptoms started after a minor trauma. Diagnosis and treatment are easy. Complications can be infertility, endometriosis and adhesions. ..
  18. Altintas A. Uterus didelphys with unilateral imperforate hemivagina and ipsilateral renal agenesis. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 1998;11:25-7 pubmed
    ..In one patient, the blind vagina with hematocolpos and attending uterus were extirpated by an abdominal approach...
  19. Wang W, Chen M, Yang W, Hwang D. Imperforate hymen presenting with chronic constipation and lumbago: report of one case. Acta Paediatr Taiwan. 2004;45:340-2 pubmed
    ..girl of menarchal age or in an obviously postmenarchal girl should make one consider an imperforate hymen with hematocolpos. This is a particular important differential diagnosis in the work-up of an adolescent who denies ever having ..
  20. Azman W, Halim A, Samad I. The pudendal thigh fasciocutaneous flap for vaginal atresia reconstruction. Med J Malaysia. 2005;60:505-7 pubmed
    ..Although various flaps have been described for vaginal reconstruction, the pudendal thigh flap offers a very attractive alternative. ..
  21. Gonzalez P, Mondion M, Pinto H. [The imperforate hymen. A clinical case]. Rev Chil Obstet Ginecol. 1992;57:440-2 pubmed
    ..A clinical case of imperforate hymen is presented. The echography rule is emphasized...
  22. Balci S, Beksac S, Haliloglu M, Ercis M, Eryilmaz M. Robinow syndrome, vaginal atresia, hematocolpos, and extra middle finger. Am J Med Genet. 1998;79:27-9 pubmed
    ..She had been followed by us since age 2 months and she had not experienced menarche yet; hematocolpos related to vaginal atresia was diagnosed. She underwent vaginoplasty with cervical construction...
  23. Altchek A, Paciuc J. Successful pregnancy following surgery in the obstructed uterus in a uterus didelphys with unilateral distal vaginal agenesis and ipsilateral renal agenesis: case report and literature review. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2009;22:e159-62 pubmed publisher
    ..A girl aged 13 years, 8 months presented with the syndrome of didelphic uterus, upper right hematocolpos, and right renal aplasia. Right vaginal marsupialization was done...
  24. Beaulieu S, Boucher L, Lecompte M, Benard F. Fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography correlated with computed tomographic scan and magnetic resonance imaging in a case of hematometrocolpos. Clin Nucl Med. 2000;25:486-7 pubmed
    ..This rare case involving F-18 FDG positron emission tomographic imaging in hematometrocolpos illustrates that this diagnosis should be considered in the presence of symmetric hypometabolic masses in the pelvis. ..
  25. Opinel P, Le Hors H, Tramier D, Inguimbert M, Audibert M, Cassin D. [Hematocolpometra and local estrogen therapy: an overdose of promestriene?]. J Gynecol Obstet Biol Reprod (Paris). 1991;20:60-2 pubmed
    ..If when it is used in large doses over a prolonged period of time, however, it is necessary to look for generalised hyperestrogenisation. Further studies are needed to confirm these finding. ..
  26. Fliegner J, Pepperell R. Management of vaginal agenesis with a functioning uterus. Is hysterectomy advisable?. Aust N Z J Obstet Gynaecol. 1994;34:467-70 pubmed
    ..Once a uterovaginal tract has been established prolonged use of a mould is necessary to maintain patency of the neovagina. If the cervix is absent or atretic then immediate hysterectomy is required. ..
  27. Adali E, Kurdoglu M, Yildizhan R, Kolusari A. An overlooked cause of acute urinary retention in an adolescent girl: a case report. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2009;279:701-3 pubmed publisher
    Massive hematocolpos resulting from an imperforate hymen is quite a rare cause of acute urinary retention, in an adolescent girl admitted to the emergency department...
  28. Lim Y, Ng S, Jamil M. Imperforate hymen: report of an unusual familial occurrence. J Obstet Gynaecol Res. 2003;29:399-401 pubmed
    ..A detailed menstrual history of other female family members is necessary to enable early detection. ..
  29. Kimble R, Khoo S, Baartz D, Kimble R. The obstructed hemivagina, ipsilateral renal anomaly, uterus didelphys triad. Aust N Z J Obstet Gynaecol. 2009;49:554-7 pubmed publisher
    ..We present a case series of four patients with the triad of uterus didelphys, obstructed hemivagina and ipsilateral renal agenesis managed between 2005-2009 at a tertiary centre for paediatric and adolescent gynaecology. ..
  30. Ben A, Battar S, Gara M. [Complete utero-vaginal duplication with hematocolpos and homolateral renal agenesis]. Tunis Med. 2002;80:356-8 pubmed
    ..The diagnostic was suspected upon the association with a progressive dysmenorrhe and vaginal mass. II was confirmed by ethnographie and IRM. The treatment has been conservative and consisted only in the section of the vaginal partition. ..
  31. Ugur M, Balat O, Ozturk E, Bekerecioglu M, Dikensoy E. Pitfalls in diagnosis and management of distal vaginal agenesis: 10-year experience at a single centre. Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol. 2012;163:85-90 pubmed publisher
  32. Vaccaro C, Herfel C, Karram M, Pauls R. Sexual function in a woman with congenital bladder exstrophy and multiple pelvic reconstructive surgeries: a case report. J Sex Med. 2011;8:617-21 pubmed publisher
    ..Due to the superficial location of her clitoris and separation of the pubic rami associated with this anatomic variant, sexual function may be enhanced. ..
  33. Joshi M, Singh S, Vyas T, Chourishi V, Jain A. Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome and anal canal stenosis: case report and review of literature. J Pediatr Surg. 2010;45:e29-31 pubmed publisher
    ..The patient underwent corrective surgery for the anomalies and removal of renal calculi. She has been under regular follow-up for the last few months and is doing well. ..
  34. Alumbreros Andújar M, Aguilar Galán E, Pérez Parra C, Céspedes Casas C, Ramírez Gómez M, González López A. [Pelvic inflammatory disease due to Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome]. Cir Cir. 2014;82:448-52 pubmed
    ..It was microperforated, causing intermittent genital bleeding. This hematocolpos was colonized by microorganisms that ascended to the pelvic cavity, causing right tuboovarian abscess...
  35. Taghizadeh A, Wilcox D. A posterior sagittal approach for revision vaginoplasty. BJU Int. 2005;96:1115-7 pubmed
    ..Combined with total urogenital mobilization, vaginoplasty can be successful despite long common channels. However, there were still several complications. ..
  36. Hsu K, Chen C, Chien S, Hsu C. Hematocolpometra associated with an imperforate hymen and acute urinary retention mimicking a pelvic mass. Taiwan J Obstet Gynecol. 2008;47:222-3 pubmed publisher
  37. Lopez Rasines G, Abascal F, Calabia A, Rico M, Cavero A. Transrectal sonography in the assessment of vaginal pathology: a preliminary study. J Clin Ultrasound. 1998;26:353-6 pubmed
    ..Sonographic findings were compared with those from surgery. TRUS showed hematocolpos in 3 patients and cysts in 3 patients. Surgery confirmed the findings...
  38. Sak M, Evsen M, Soydinc H, Sak S, Yalinkaya A. Imperforate hymen with elevated serum CA 125 and CA 19-9 levels. J Reprod Med. 2013;58:47-50 pubmed
    ..To report the clinical characteristics of 14 patients with imperforate hymen and their levels of tumor markers (CA 19-9 and CA 125)...
  39. Tauchmanova L, Selleri C, Di Carlo C, De Rosa G, Bifulco G, Sammartino A, et al. Estrogen-progestogen induced hematocolpometra following allogeneic stem cell transplant. Gynecol Oncol. 2004;93:112-5 pubmed
    ..Gynecological manifestation of chronic graft-versus-host disease (cGVHD) has been invariably described in association with its extensive form. We have also observed it in a patient with the limited cGVHD form...
  40. Krafft C, Hartin C, Ozgediz D. Magnetic resonance as an aid in the diagnosis of a transverse vaginal septum. J Pediatr Surg. 2012;47:422-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Magnetic resonance is an excellent diagnostic tool to delineate the specific anatomy before surgery. The effects of delayed diagnosis and the utility of magnetic resonance in diagnosis will be discussed...
  41. Deligeoroglou E, Iavazzo C, Sofoudis C, Kalampokas T, Creatsas G. Management of hematocolpos in adolescents with transverse vaginal septum. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2012;285:1083-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The aim of this study was to underline the significance of premenarcheal gynecological examination in patients with transverse vaginal septum that could possibly be complicated with endometriosis...
  42. Saks E, Vakili B, Steinberg A. Primary amenorrhea with an abdominal mass at the umbilicus. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2009;22:e1-3 pubmed publisher
    ..Transverse vaginal septum is a rare cause of primary amenorrhea. It has a reported incidence of 1:2,100-1:72,000 and a variety of clinical presentations...
  43. Randriana B, Irles M, Albert B, Casenave C, Baron J, Nottin P, et al. [Unilateral hematocolpos, blind vagina and agenesis of the homolateral urinary tract]. Rev Fr Gynecol Obstet. 1994;89:401-5 pubmed
    b>Hematocolpos with homolateral renal agenesis is a rare condition. Dysmenorrhea and paroxysmal abdominal pain are common symptoms in adolescent girls...
  44. Yu T, Lin M. Acute urinary retention in two patients with imperforate hymen. Scand J Urol Nephrol. 1993;27:543-4 pubmed
    ..Hymenotomy created individually by CO2 laser and cruciate incision was performed. The two patients were discharged on the same day after operation and made an uneventful recovery...
  45. Steele J. Urinary retention in an adolescent with a history of urethral transection. J Emerg Med. 2012;43:461-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Urinary retention is rare in adolescence. Here I describe such a case in a patient who had transected her urethra in a motor vehicle accident at 3 years of age. The presumptive diagnosis of urethral stricture was proven incorrect...
  46. Gezginc K, Yazici F, Karatayli R, Acar A. A new technique for the treatment of transverse vaginal septum by Foley catheter. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2011;24:322-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Imaging techniques yielded hematocolpos. The patient and her family refused vaginal surgery in order to preserve hymenal integrity for sociocultural ..
  47. Oguzkurt P, Tanyel F, Hicsonmez A. Vaginal atresia and Bardet-Biedl syndrome association: a component or a distinct entity?. J Pediatr Surg. 1999;34:504-6 pubmed
    ..Vaginal atresia may either form a component of the syndrome, or girls who present with vaginal atresia in addition to other components of Bardet-Biedl syndrome might form a distinct entity...
  48. DeLord C, Treleaven J, Shepherd J, Saso R, Powles R. Vaginal stenosis following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation for acute myeloid leukaemia. Bone Marrow Transplant. 1999;23:523-5 pubmed
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    ..This case reports the coexistence of Müllerian abnormality with vaginal agenesis in an 18 years old girl which was managed by dissecting the lower half of vagina and pull-through vaginoplasty...
  50. Tzialidou Palermo I, Von Kaisenberg C, Garcia Rocha G, Schloesser H, Baehr I, Schippert C. Diagnostic challenges of hemihematocolpos and dysmenorrhea in adolescents: obstructed hemivagina, didelphys or bicornuate uterus and renal aplasia is a rare female genital malformation. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2012;286:785-91 pubmed publisher
  51. Ozturk H, Yazici B, Kucuk A, Senses D. Congenital imperforate hymen with bilateral hydronephrosis, polydactyly and laryngocele: A rare neonatal presentation. Fetal Pediatr Pathol. 2010;29:89-94 pubmed publisher
    ..Hymenectomy is the mainstay of management to prevent the development of hematocolpos, pain, and possible retrograde menstruation.
  52. Ben Temime R, Najar I, Chachia A, Attia L, Makhlouf T, Koubaa A. [Imperforate hymen: a series of 13 cases]. Tunis Med. 2010;88:168-71 pubmed
    ..Early diagnosis and treatment must be performed in order to prevent morbidity. THE AIM of this study was to asses management of this disease...
  53. Gupta P, Gupta S, Jindal S, Chopra K, Sinha M, Arora A. Cervical dysgenesis with transverse vaginal septum with imperforate hymen in an 11 year old girl presenting with acute abdomen. JNMA J Nepal Med Assoc. 2013;52:281-4 pubmed
    ..Cervical dysgenesis associated with vaginal septum and imperforate hymen has not been reported in literature so far. Present case highlights the simple mode of management with a successful outcome...
  54. Hummel L, Meyer M, Starker W. [A problematic case of dysfibrinogenemia in gynecology]. Zentralbl Gynakol. 1992;114:92-3 pubmed
    ..Only a rapid examination of all attainable family members was able to secure the diagnosis: Dysfibrinogenaemie. Dysfibrinogenaemia is not a to rare case, that such a diagnostic problem may arise in every department...
  55. Dwivedee K, Banfield P. A case report of inadvertent hysteroscopy and laparoscopy in a patient of uterus didelphys with early pregnancy. J Obstet Gynaecol. 2007;27:638-9 pubmed
  56. Hurst B, Rock J. Preoperative dilatation to facilitate repair of the high transverse vaginal septum. Fertil Steril. 1992;57:1351-3 pubmed
    ..the following: (1) US-directed needle aspiration with broad spectrum antibiotic prophylaxis to decompress the hematocolpos and relieve the acute pain; (2) continuous suppression of ovulation to prevent acute recurrence of the ..
  57. Hugosson C, Jorulf H, Bakri Y. MRI in distal vaginal atresia. Pediatr Radiol. 1991;21:281-3 pubmed
    Magnetric resonance imaging in two young females with abdominal pain revealed vaginal atresia with massive hematocolpos but a normal cervix and uterine body...
  58. Herrera Puerto J, Castaño Casaseca J, Soler Fernández J, Domínguez Bravo C, Laguna Alvarez G, Sánchez Nebreda J, et al. [Imperforated hymen with hematocolpos diagnosed by urinary symptoms]. Actas Urol Esp. 1990;14:50-1 pubmed
    ..origin which, through the occurrence of the menarche and the accumulation of successive menstruations, causes a hematocolpos. This gives rise to a clinical pattern of urinary discomfort as a mechanical effect due to space commitment.
  59. Ogawa O, Hashimoto K, Taniguchi T, Nakagawa T, Nishimura Y. [A case of Mayer-Rokitansky syndrome]. Hinyokika Kiyo. 1988;34:1461-7 pubmed
    ..We experienced a 14-year-old girl who had uterus didelphys, left hematocolpos due to ipsilateral vaginal agenesis and agenesis of the left kidney, and herein report this case as Mayer-..
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    ..The association of renal agenesis with Müllerian abnormalities is well recognised and in this case the ultrasound findings ensured that the correct surgical management was undertaken...
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    ..more frequently, the present case is unique in that the genital anomaly (imperforate vagina with the subsequent hematocolpos and hematometra) was associated with contralateral renal agenesis, whereas the cases reported in the literature ..
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    ..signs, ultrasound scans, urographies and CAT, confirmed the existence of an uterovaginal duplicity with right hematocolpos due to imperforate septum and pool of menstrual blood, as well as ipsilateral renal agenesis...
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    To document the means of diagnosis and treatment of the exceptional malformation hematocolpos with imperforate hemi-vagina and duplicated uterus
  67. Nikolaev V, Bizhanova D. Perineal reconstruction in girls with high vaginal atresia. J Urol. 1998;159:2140-2 pubmed
    We present a novel surgical treatment for secondary hematocolpos in adolescent girls with high vaginal atresia.
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    ..obstructed hemivagina and ipsilateral renal agenesis usually presents after menarche with progressive abdominal pain during menses secondary to hematocolpos. We describe a case with the unique presentation of rectal pain and constipation.
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    ..of vaginal biopsies of ulcerative lesions in a 9-year-old which led to severe vaginal adhesions, stenosis, and hematocolpos. A vaginoscopy and resection from below were not successful and an exploratory laparotomy with uterine ..
  72. Chen F, Ng K. Term pregnancy at the site of atresia following vaginal canalization in a case of uterus didelphys with hemivaginal atresia and ipsilateral renal agenesis. Taiwan J Obstet Gynecol. 2006;45:366-8 pubmed
    ..Uterus didelphys with hemivaginal atresia and ipsilateral renal agenesis is a rare syndrome of müllerian anomalies. Term pregnancy at the site of atresia is even rarer...
  73. Hollander M, Verdonk P, Trap K. Unilateral renal agenesis and associated Müllerian anomalies: a case report and recommendations for pre-adolescent screening. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. 2008;21:151-3 pubmed publisher
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    Two girls with unilateral hematocolpos are reported...
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    ..We report on a 14-year-old white girl with hematocolpometra and imperforate hymen. The symptoms, operative findings and postoperative involution of internal genitalia are described...
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    b>Hematocolpos should be considered in adolescent girls who present with lower abdominal pain, a pelvic mass, and primary amenorrhea...
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