Summary: A plant genus in the LAURACEAE family. The tree bark has been used medicinally. Drinks called sarsaparilla and root beer have been prepared from Sassafras and SMILAX ORNATA (Jamaican sarsaparilla).

Top Publications

  1. Kuperman R, Checkai R, Simini M, Sunahara G, Hawari J. Energetic contaminants inhibit plant litter decomposition in soil. Ecotoxicol Environ Saf. 2018;153:32-39 pubmed publisher essential biologically-mediated soil process, were assessed using Orchard grass (Dactylis glomerata) straw in Sassafras sandy loam (SSL) soil, which has physicochemical characteristics that support "very high" qualitative relative ..
  2. Saporito L, Bryant R, Kleinman P. A Protocol for Collecting and Constructing Soil Core Lysimeters. J Vis Exp. 2016;: pubmed publisher
    ..Lysimeters from four different Coastal Plain soils (Bojac, Evesboro, Quindocqua and Sassafras) were collected on the Delmarva Peninsula and moved to an indoor climate controlled facility...
  3. Drobnik J. Chinese vegetative materia medica in a venereological treatise by Jean Astruc from 1740. J Ethnopharmacol. 2016;187:293-301 pubmed publisher
    ..chuanxiong), Piper kadsura, Pterocarpus officinalis, Saposhnikovia divaricata, Sassafras tzumu, Smilax china, S. glabra, Stephania tetrandra, Styphnolobium japonicum, Trichosanthes japonica, T...
  4. Kuperman R, Minyard M, Checkai R, Sunahara G, Rocheleau S, Dodard S, et al. Inhibition of soil microbial activity by nitrogen-based energetic materials. Environ Toxicol Chem. 2017;36:2981-2990 pubmed publisher
    ..2-ADNT); 4-amino-2,6-dinitrotoluene (4-ADNT); and nitroglycerin (NG) on microbial activity in Sassafras sandy loam (SSL) soil, which has physicochemical characteristics that support very high qualitative relative ..
  5. Tsyganov D, Krayushkin M, Konyushkin L, Strelenko Y, Semenova M, Semenov V. Facile Synthesis of Natural Alkoxynaphthalene Analogues from Plant Alkoxybenzenes. J Nat Prod. 2016;79:923-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The starting plant allylalkoxybenzenes (1) are easily available from the plant essential oils of sassafras, dill, and parsley...
  6. Pulivarthi D, Steinberg K, Monzote L, Piñón A, Setzer W. Antileishmanial Activity of Compounds Isolated from Sassafras albidum. Nat Prod Commun. 2015;10:1229-30 pubmed
    ..This work focuses on the antileishmanial potential of Sassafras albidum (Lauraceae) bark extract. The crude bark extract of S...
  7. Lu H, Wu F, Jiang M, Liang W. Tzumin A and B, two new lignan derivatives from the barks of Sassafras tzumu. Nat Prod Res. 2017;31:829-834 pubmed publisher
    ..2), together with four known compounds (3-6), were isolated from the barks of Sassafras tzumu...
  8. Lin Y, Ding Z, Gullan P, Cook L. A newly recognised Australian endemic species of Austrolecanium Gullan & Hodgson 1998 (Hemiptera: Coccidae) from Queensland. Zootaxa. 2017;4272:119-130 pubmed publisher
    ..cryptocaryae is monophyletic and closely related to A. sassafras Gullan & Hodgson, the type species of Austrolecanium Gullan & Hodgson. The adult female of A...
  9. Mazzio E, Soliman K. HTP Nutraceutical Screening for Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors and Effects of HDACis on Tumor-suppressing miRNAs by Trichostatin A and Grapeseed (Vitis vinifera) in HeLa cells. Cancer Genomics Proteomics. 2017;14:17-33 pubmed
    ..arabica), Uva Ursi (Arctostaphylos uva ursi), Green tea (Camellia sinensis), Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria), Sassafras (Sassafras officinale), Turkey rhubarb (Rheum palmatum), epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), gossypol and gallic ..

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  1. Monzote L, Piñón A, Setzer W. Antileishmanial Potential of Tropical Rainforest Plant Extracts. Medicines (Basel). 2014;1:32-55 pubmed publisher
    ..ethanol bark extract, Matelea pseudobarbata ethanol extract, Quercus insignis ethanol bark extract, Sassafras albidum dichloromethane bark extract, and Stemmadenia donnell-smithii acetone bark extract.
  2. Kuperman R, Checkai R, Simini M, Phillips C, Higashi R, Fan T, et al. SELENIUM TOXICITY TO SURVIVAL AND REPRODUCTION OF COLLEMBOLA AND ENCHYTRAEIDS IN A SANDY LOAM SOIL. Environ Toxicol Chem. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..For the present studies, we selected Sassafras sandy loam (SSL), an aerobic upland soil with soil characteristics (low levels of clay and organic matter, soil ..
  3. Chung K, Lin T, Tsai Y, Lin S, Peng C. Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in Sassafras randaiense (Lauraceae). Am J Bot. 2011;98:e326-9 pubmed publisher
    Microsatellite loci were developed in Sassafras randaiense, an endemic tree species in Taiwan, to investigate the conservation genetics of this invaluable plant that is at risk for continuing population decline.
  4. Huhn C, Pütz M, Holthausen I, Pyell U. Separation of very hydrophobic analytes by micellar electrokinetic chromatography. I. Optimization of the composition of the sample solution for the determination of the aromatic ingredients of sassafras and other essential oils of forensic interest. Electrophoresis. 2008;29:526-37 pubmed
    ..The method developed was successfully applied to the determination of minor and major constituents in herbal essential oils, some of them being forensically relevant as sources of precursors for synthetic drugs...
  5. Adams T, McCormack M, Eissenstat D. Foraging strategies in trees of different root morphology: the role of root lifespan. Tree Physiol. 2013;33:940-8 pubmed publisher
    ..lifespan with local N fertilization; no significant responses were observed in the two coarse-root tree species, Sassafras albidum Nutt. and Liriodendron tulipifera L...
  6. Adesanya A, Liu N, Held D. Host suitability and diet mixing influence activities of detoxification enzymes in adult Japanese beetles. J Insect Physiol. 2016;88:55-62 pubmed publisher
    ..of single or mixed plant diets of previously ranked preferred (rose, Virginia creeper, crape myrtle and sassafras) or non-preferred hosts (boxelder, riverbirch and red oak)...
  7. Liu G, Li H. [Bamboo rhizome system of mixed forest of Sassafras tsumu and Phyllostachys pubescens]. Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao. 2002;13:385-9 pubmed
    By the method of fixed plots, the bamboo rhizome system structure and nutrient content in rhizome from mixed Sassafras tsumu and Phyllostachys pubescens, which were established in 1983-1984 by planting S...
  8. Schaffer M, Gröger T, Putz M, Zimmermann R. Forensic profiling of sassafras oils based on comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography. Forensic Sci Int. 2013;229:108-15 pubmed publisher
    ..Authentic sassafras oil samples from police seizures were subjected to comparative analysis based on their chemical profiles ..