inbred buf rats


Summary: An inbred strain of rat that is used for cancer research, particularly the study of CARCINOGENESIS

Top Publications

  1. Mondola P, Santillo M, Tedesco I, Santangelo F, Belfiore A, Bifulco M. Thymus fraction (FIII) effect on cholesterol metabolism: modulation of the low density lipoprotein receptor pathway. Int J Biochem. 1989;21:627-30 pubmed
    ..4. The results obtained show that the protein calf thymus is able to increase human and rat LDL catabolism. ..
  2. Enders A, Meyers S, Vandevoort C, Douglas G. Interactions of macaque blastocysts with epithelial cells in vitro. Hum Reprod. 2005;20:3026-32 pubmed
    ..While in vitro studies with blastocysts cannot completely mimic the intrauterine environment, they can illustrate some of the potential interactions and provide a situation in which parameters may be manipulated. ..
  3. Shen Z, Yang Z, Gao Y, Li J, Chen H, Liu C, et al. The kringle 1 domain of hepatocyte growth factor has antiangiogenic and antitumor cell effects on hepatocellular carcinoma. Cancer Res. 2008;68:404-14 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest for the first time that HGFK1 exerts both antiangiogenic and antitumor cell activities mainly through EGF/EGFR signaling, and may thus be considered as a novel therapeutic strategy for the treatment of HCC. ..
  4. Lu H, Clogston C, Wypych J, Fausset P, Lauren S, Mendiaz E, et al. Amino acid sequence and post-translational modification of stem cell factor isolated from buffalo rat liver cell-conditioned medium. J Biol Chem. 1991;266:8102-7 pubmed
    ..Wen, D., Lin, C. W., Cupples, R. L., and Zsebo, K. M. (1990) Cell 63, 203-211), they could be sites of O-linked carbohydrate attachment. The four cysteines form two intramolecular disulfide bonds, Cys4-Cys89 and Cys43-Cys138. ..
  5. Baum O, Troll S, Hixson D. The long and the short isoform of cell-CAM 105 show variant-specific modifications in adult rat organs. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1996;227:775-81 pubmed
  6. Wróbel J, Skoczynska A. [The activity of angiotensin converting enzyme in vascular mesenteric bed of rats poisoned with lead and cadmium]. Med Pr. 2002;53:131-6 pubmed
    ..It is likely that the effect of ACE inhibitors and blockers of the AII receptors may be slightly stronger in persons with arterial hypertension exposed to cadmium than in non-exposed patients. ..
  7. Skoczynska A, Martynowicz H. The impact of subchronic cadmium poisoning on the vascular effect of nitric oxide in rats. Hum Exp Toxicol. 2005;24:353-61 pubmed
    ..05) in both groups of cadmium-treated rats. These results suggest that cadmium in hypertensive doses modifies the vascular effect of NO in basal conditions and after stimulation by ACh...
  8. Michalak S, Adamczewska Goncerzewicz Z, Szczech J. ATPases and lipid peroxidation in the rat sciatic nerve in the course of experimental neoplastic disease. Exp Mol Pathol. 2006;81:92-9 pubmed
  9. Pieczyńska J, Grajeta H, Weber R, Biernat J. Dietary carbohydrate content influences boron's effect on lipid and protein indices in rats. Biol Trace Elem Res. 2007;115:137-46 pubmed
    ..Boron's influence on the other metabolic indexes (glucose, HDL cholesterol, and triacylglycerol contents in the serum; cholesterol and triacylglycerol contents in the liver) was unaffected by the carbohydrate content in the diet. ..

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  1. Kalloniatis M, Napper G. Retinal neurochemical changes following application of glutamate as a metablolic substrate. Clin Exp Optom. 2002;85:27-36 pubmed
    ..We also show that Müller cells possess more rapid glutamate metabolic capabilities compared to the metabolism of GABA. ..
  2. Jankowska B, Krasnowska M, Kwaśniewski A, Rabczynski J, Kuryszko J, Ogorzałek A. [Macrophages and the expression of endothelin in sulphur dioxide induced bronchitis in rats]]. Pol Merkur Lekarski. 2002;12:473-7 pubmed
    ..The expression of endothelin was significantly increased in study group in comparison with control group. ..
  3. Ebert O, Shinozaki K, Huang T, Savontaus M, Garcia Sastre A, Woo S. Oncolytic vesicular stomatitis virus for treatment of orthotopic hepatocellular carcinoma in immune-competent rats. Cancer Res. 2003;63:3605-11 pubmed
    ..Our results show that VSV is an effective oncolytic agent against HCC in immune-competent hosts and warrants further development for future therapy in patients with HCC. ..
  4. Kikuchi H, Sagami I, Fujii H, Ohmachi T, Watanabe M. Complementary DNA sequence of 3-methylcholanthrene-inducible P-450 from the rat lung. Tohoku J Exp Med. 1990;160:323-32 pubmed
    ..There was no gross change in nucleotide sequences of cDNA between pulmonary P-450MC and hepatic P-450c. ..
  5. Canzian F, Ushijima T, Toyota M, Sugimura T, Nagao M. Linkage mapping of the rat Tp53 gene on chromosome 10. Mamm Genome. 1996;7:630 pubmed
  6. Kondo T, Horikoshi A, Fujimura S, Matsumura Y, Okada Y, Shimada K. Alpha-adrenergic blockade in preventing posttransplant edema of lung allograft. Tohoku J Exp Med. 1999;189:135-45 pubmed
    ..Consequently, it was demonstrated that pulmonary edema of the graft reached its peak during first 24 to 48 hours after transplantation and was alleviated by the blockade of alpha-adrenergic receptor in the graft vessel. ..
  7. Cho J, Kimura H, Minami T, Ohgane J, Hattori N, Tanaka S, et al. DNA methylation regulates placental lactogen I gene expression. Endocrinology. 2001;142:3389-96 pubmed
    ..These results provide evidence that change in DNA methylation is the fundamental mechanism regulating the tissue-specific expression of the rat placental lactogen I gene. ..
  8. Le Berre L, Hervé C, Buzelin F, Usal C, Soulillou J, Dantal J. Renal macrophage activation and Th2 polarization precedes the development of nephrotic syndrome in Buffalo/Mna rats. Kidney Int. 2005;68:2079-90 pubmed
    ..We hypothesize that this modified environment could result in the production of a factor deleterious to the glomeruli. Thus, this rat strain could provide a new model for the study of human nephrotic syndrome. ..
  9. Michalak S, Wender M, Michalowska Wender G, Kozubski W. Blood-brain barrier breakdown and cerebellar degeneration in the course of experimental neoplastic disease. Are circulating Cytokine-Induced Neutrophil Chemoattractant-1 (CINC-1) and -2alpha(CINC-2alpha) the involved mediators?. Folia Neuropathol. 2010;48:93-103 pubmed
    ..The decreased serum concentration of CINC-1 as neuroprotective agent and increased CINC-2alpha in late stage of MH may be considered for their contribution to cerebellar degeneration...
  10. Sauer L, Dauchy R. The effect of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids on 3H-thymidine incorporation in hepatoma 7288CTC perfused in situ. Br J Cancer. 1992;66:297-303 pubmed
    ..Plasma free omega-3 fatty acids appear to modulate the effect of linoleic acid by competitively inhibiting its uptake. These relationships could explain the actions of dietary linoleic and omega-3 fatty acids on tumour growth in vivo. ..
  11. Fung W, Thomas T, Dickson P, Aldred A, Milland J, Dziadek M, et al. Structure and expression of the rat transthyretin (prealbumin) gene. J Biol Chem. 1988;263:480-8 pubmed
    ..This stimulation also affected transthyretin expression in choroid plexus. ..
  12. Dziegiel P, Surowiak P, Zabel M. Correlation of histopathological and biochemical appraisal of anthracyclin-induced myocardium damage. Folia Histochem Cytobiol. 2002;40:127-8 pubmed
    ..91, r=0.77, respectively). The obtained results have confirmed the free radical mechanism of cardiomyocyte injury induced by anthracyclines and the applied techniques of evaluating the destruction may be used independently of each other. ..
  13. Doolabh V, Tung T, Wayne Flye M, Mackinnon S. Effect of nondepleting anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody (Rib 5/2) plus donor antigen pretreatment in peripheral nerve allotransplantation. Microsurgery. 2002;22:329-34 pubmed
    ..Histologic evaluation demonstrated better regeneration in the allograft recipients receiving both donor antigen and antibody, compared to recipients of untreated allografts or treatment with antigen or antibody alone. ..
  14. Laplante A, Liu D, Demeule M, Annabi B, Murphy G, Daloze P, et al. Modulation of matrix gelatinases and metalloproteinase-activating process in acute kidney rejection. Transpl Int. 2003;16:262-9 pubmed
    ..In the urine the overall gelatinolytic activity decreased considerably, although activity associated with an as yet unidentified 78-kDa protein appeared 6 days after transplantation. ..
  15. Siviy S, Baliko C, Bowers K. Rough-and-tumble play behavior in Fischer-344 and buffalo rats: effects of social isolation. Physiol Behav. 1997;61:597-602 pubmed
    ..These data also suggest that the F344 strain could be useful in better understanding the neural and genetic bases of mammalian playfulness. ..
  16. Skolimowski J, Kochman A, Gebicka L, Metodiewa D. Synthesis and antioxidant activity evaluation of novel antiparkinsonian agents, aminoadamantane derivatives of nitroxyl free radical. Bioorg Med Chem. 2003;11:3529-39 pubmed
    ..The new synthesized analogues may find application in treatment of parkinsonian syndromes, either to block or to reduce the ROS-mediated neuronal damage and death. ..
  17. Theoharides T, Conti P. Mast cells: the Jekyll and Hyde of tumor growth. Trends Immunol. 2004;25:235-41 pubmed
  18. Akiyama K, Morita H, Suetsugu S, Kuraba S, Numata Y, Yamamoto Y, et al. Actin -related protein 3 (Arp3) is mutated in proteinuric BUF/Mna rats. Mamm Genome. 2008;19:41-50 pubmed
    ..Taken together, these data suggest that Arp3 is a candidate for the Pur1 gene. This observation is consistent with our growing recognition that abnormal signaling-induced assembly of actin in podocytes leads to the development of FSGS. ..
  19. Morrice N, Gabrielli B, Kemp B, Wettenhall R. A cardiolipin-activated protein kinase from rat liver structurally distinct from the protein kinases C. J Biol Chem. 1994;269:20040-6 pubmed
    ..It was concluded that PAK-1 is a phospholipid-regulated protein kinase with a primary structure, substrate specificity, and mechanism of regulation in vitro distinct from those of any known member of the protein kinase C superfamily. ..
  20. Lau C, Yang Z, Ho D, Ng M, Yeoh G, Poon R, et al. An Akt/hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha/platelet-derived growth factor-BB autocrine loop mediates hypoxia-induced chemoresistance in liver cancer cells and tumorigenic hepatic progenitor cells. Clin Cancer Res. 2009;15:3462-71 pubmed publisher
  21. Hasler J. In vitro culture of bovine embryos in Ménézo's B2 medium with or without coculture and serum: the normalcy of pregnancies and calves resulting from transferred embryos. Anim Reprod Sci. 2000;60-61:81-91 pubmed
    ..Embryos produced in B2-BRL coculture with serum restriction resulted in pregnancy rates, percentage of male fetuses, abortions, and congenital problems similar to those from B2 or TCM 199-BRL coculture with no serum restriction. ..
  22. Sauer L, Dauchy R, Blask D. Mechanism for the antitumor and anticachectic effects of n-3 fatty acids. Cancer Res. 2000;60:5289-95 pubmed
    ..A specific decrease in LA uptake and its conversion to the mitogen 13-HODE causes the tumor growth inhibition. ..
  23. Purzyc L, Całkosińiski I, Polak Jonkisz D. Influence of diethyldithiocarbamate on the activity of ecto-ATPase in lymphocytes of rats: ex vivo studies. Pol J Pharmacol. 2002;54:455-67 pubmed
  24. Wang M, Stepkowski S, Ferraresso M, Kahan B. Evidence that rapamycin rescue therapy delays rejection of major (MHC) plus minor (non-MHC) histoincompatible heart allografts in rats. Transplantation. 1992;54:704-9 pubmed
    ..6/10(6), or alternatively on days 4 or 6 to 37.3 +/- 20.0/10(6) and 58.6 +/- 21.8/10(6), respectively. Thus, both in vivo and in vitro data demonstrate that delayed RAPA therapy may interrupt alloimmune reactions. ..
  25. Cole T, Dickson P, Esnard F, Averill S, Risbridger G, Gauthier F, et al. The cDNA structure and expression analysis of the genes for the cysteine proteinase inhibitor cystatin C and for beta 2-microglobulin in rat brain. Eur J Biochem. 1989;186:35-42 pubmed
    ..The highest levels of beta 2-microglobulin mRNA were observed in liver and choroid plexus. Other parts of the brain and testis contained lower levels of beta 2-microglobulin mRNA. ..
  26. Schmitz V, Barajas M, Wang L, Peng D, Duarte M, Prieto J, et al. Adenovirus-mediated CD40 ligand gene therapy in a rat model of orthotopic hepatocellular carcinoma. Hepatology. 2001;34:72-81 pubmed
    ..These data demonstrate that intratumoral administration of AdCMVmCD40L may provide an efficient and safe treatment for HCC. ..
  27. Guryev V, Berezikov E, Malik R, Plasterk R, Cuppen E. Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with rat expressed sequences. Genome Res. 2004;14:1438-43 pubmed
    ..Two of these "in silico-identified knockouts" reside in interesting QTL regions. Data are publicly available via a Web interface (, allowing simple and advanced search queries. ..
  28. Meier U. Comparison of the rat nucleolar protein nopp140 with its yeast homolog SRP40. Differential phosphorylation in vertebrates and yeast. J Biol Chem. 1996;271:19376-84 pubmed
  29. Chueh S, Lai M, Liu I, Teng F, Chen J. Curcumin enhances the immunosuppressive activity of cyclosporine in rat cardiac allografts and in mixed lymphocyte reactions. Transplant Proc. 2003;35:1603-5 pubmed
    ..22 to 0.81). This study for the first time demonstrates the effectiveness of CCM as a novel adjuvant immunosuppressant with cyclosporine both in vivo and in vitro. ..
  30. Swerdlow N, Shoemaker J, Crain S, Goins J, Onozuka K, Auerbach P. Sensitivity to drug effects on prepulse inhibition in inbred and outbred rat strains. Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 2004;77:291-302 pubmed
    ..These findings identify strains suitable for comparisons of PPI neural circuitry and others for whom such comparisons would be complex and perhaps less informative. ..
  31. Kaczmarek Wdowiak B, Andrzejak R, Skoczynska A, Mlynek V. [The effect of chronic exposure to lead and cadmium on lipid peroxidation in the rat brain]. Med Pr. 2004;55:403-10 pubmed
    ..Single and combined exposures to small doses of lead and cadmium in rats results in the changed parameters showing the stimulation of lipid peroxidation and antioxidative system along with interactions in their influence. ..
  32. Otis J, Lees S, Williams J. Functional overload attenuates plantaris atrophy in tumor-bearing rats. BMC Cancer. 2007;7:146 pubmed
    ..Therefore, resistance training paradigms should provide relative morphological and functional benefits to cancer patients suffering from muscle wasting. ..
  33. Marinkovic S, Baumann H. Structure, hormonal regulation, and identification of the interleukin-6- and dexamethasone-responsive element of the rat haptoglobin gene. Mol Cell Biol. 1990;10:1573-83 pubmed
    ..The IL-6 response of the rat Hp element was improved severalfold by substituting that base with the human nucleotide. ..
  34. Le Berre L, Godfrin Y, Günther E, Buzelin F, Perretto S, Smit H, et al. Extrarenal effects on the pathogenesis and relapse of idiopathic nephrotic syndrome in Buffalo/Mna rats. J Clin Invest. 2002;109:491-8 pubmed
  35. Semiletova N, Shen X, Baibakov B, Andakyan A. Intensity of transplant chronic rejection correlates with level of graft-infiltrating regulatory cells. J Heart Lung Transplant. 2010;29:335-41 pubmed publisher
    ..Donor MHC Class I peptides can specifically prolong transplant survival and generate T-regs. The level of intragraft T-regs correlates with severity of TVS and IL-2/IL-4 down-regulation. ..
  36. Aznar S, Valerón P, del Rincon S, Perez L, Perona R, Lacal J. Simultaneous tyrosine and serine phosphorylation of STAT3 transcription factor is involved in Rho A GTPase oncogenic transformation. Mol Biol Cell. 2001;12:3282-94 pubmed
  37. Shen Z, Wong O, Yao R, Liang J, Kung H, Lin M. A novel and effective hepatocyte growth factor kringle 1 domain and p53 cocktail viral gene therapy for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma. Cancer Lett. 2008;272:268-76 pubmed publisher
    ..Significantly, tumor metastasis was completely prevented. AAV-HGFK1+Adv-p53 viral cocktail may be a promising cancer therapy for the treatment of HCC. ..
  38. Duan W, Cole T, Schreiber G. Cloning and nucleotide sequencing of transthyretin (prealbumin) cDNA from rat choroid plexus and liver. Nucleic Acids Res. 1989;17:3979 pubmed
  39. Koch L, Britton S. Genetic component of sensorimotor capacity in rats. Physiol Genomics. 2003;13:241-7 pubmed
    ..39 in females and 0.48 in males. These results demonstrate a heritable component to sensorimotor capacity sufficient for success in developing contrasting genetic models by divergent artificial selection in rats...
  40. Pfab T, Stoltenburg Didinger G, Trautner C, Godes M, Bauer C, Hocher B. The endothelin system in Morris hepatoma-7777: an endothelin receptor antagonist inhibits growth in vitro and in vivo. Br J Pharmacol. 2004;141:215-22 pubmed
    ..Since endothelin receptor antagonists are well-tolerated upcoming clinically used drugs without major side effects, our data might provide a new pharmacological approach to reduce hepatoma growth in vivo...
  41. Iida T, Shiba H, Misawa T, Ohashi T, Eto Y, Yanaga K. Adenovirus-mediated CD40L gene therapy induced both humoral and cellular immunity against rat model of hepatocellular carcinoma. Cancer Sci. 2008;99:2097-103 pubmed publisher
    ..These observations suggested that CD40L-mediated immune gene therapy for HCC was very effective treatment by activation of both cellular and humoral immune system...
  42. Stubbs M, Robinson S, Rodrigues L, Parkins C, Collingridge D, Griffiths J. The effects of host carbogen (95% oxygen/5% carbon dioxide) breathing on metabolic characteristics of Morris hepatoma 9618a. Br J Cancer. 1998;78:1449-56 pubmed
  43. Hylkema M, van der Deen M, Pater J, Kampinga J, Nieuwenhuis P, Groen H. Single expression of CD45RC and RT6 in correlation with T-helper 1 and T-helper 2 cytokine patterns in the rat. Cell Immunol. 2000;199:89-96 pubmed
    ..Finally, rat strains susceptible to induction of a Th1-mediated autoimmune disease showed the highest CD45RC/RT6 ratio, whereas the reverse was true for strains susceptible to a Th2-mediated autoimmune disease...
  44. Ignacak J, Stachurska M. The dual activity of pyruvate kinase type M2 from chromatin extracts of neoplastic cells. Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol. 2003;134:425-33 pubmed
    ..This, L-cysteine which is known to inhibit the activity of pyruvate kinase type M(2) from neoplastic cells transfering a phosphate from PEP to ADP, can act as a control factor champing the direction of enzymatic reaction in cancer cells...
  45. Namiecinski M, Pulaski L, Kochman A, Skolimowski J, Bartosz G, Metodiewa D. Cytotoxicity, cytoprotection and neurotoxicity of novel deprenyl-related propargylamines, stable nitroxide free radicals, in vitro and in vivo. In Vivo. 2004;18:171-80 pubmed
    ..Taken together, it can be concluded with great certainty that novel deprenyl-related JSAKs might be especially good candidates for further anticancer investigations in vitro and in vivo and future pharmacological applications...
  46. Yang Z, Ho D, Lau C, Tam K, Lam C, Poon R, et al. Platelet activation during tumor development, the potential role of BDNF-TrkB autocrine loop. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2006;346:981-5 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, this study suggested the presence of BDNF-TrkB autocrine loop in platelets and its importance in regulating platelet activation during tumor development...
  47. Man K, Ng K, Lo C, Ho J, Sun B, Sun C, et al. Ischemia-reperfusion of small liver remnant promotes liver tumor growth and metastases--activation of cell invasion and migration pathways. Liver Transpl. 2007;13:1669-77 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, hepatic I/R injury of a small liver remnant exacerbated liver tumor growth and metastasis by marked activation of cell adhesion, invasion, and angiogenesis pathways...
  48. Koshikawa N, Mizushima H, Minegishi T, Iwamoto R, Mekada E, Seiki M. Membrane type 1-matrix metalloproteinase cleaves off the NH2-terminal portion of heparin-binding epidermal growth factor and converts it into a heparin-independent growth factor. Cancer Res. 2010;70:6093-103 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, we shed light on a new mechanism whereby HB-EGF activity is regulated that should be considered when designing HB-EGF-targeted cancer therapy...
  49. Kubisch H, Larson M, Ealy A, Murphy C, Roberts R. Genetic and environmental determinants of interferon-tau secretion by in vivo- and in vitro-derived bovine blastocysts. Anim Reprod Sci. 2001;66:1-13 pubmed
    ..Overall, secretion of interferon-tau by in vivo-produced blastocysts did not differ from that of age-matched blastocysts produced in vitro...
  50. Koch C, Oprysko P, Shuman A, Jenkins W, Brandt G, Evans S. Radiosensitization of hypoxic tumor cells by dodecafluoropentane: a gas-phase perfluorochemical emulsion. Cancer Res. 2002;62:3626-9 pubmed
    ..DDFP plus carbogen appears to completely reverse the hypoxic cell radioresistance in this tumor model...
  51. Graichen R, Sandstedt J, Goh E, Isaksson O, Tornell J, Lobie P. The growth hormone-binding protein is a location-dependent cytokine receptor transcriptional enhancer. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:6346-54 pubmed
  52. Zimecki M, Dawiskiba J, Zawirska B, Krawczyk Z, Kruzel M. Bovine lactoferrin decreases histopathological changes in the liver and regulates cytokine production by splenocytes of obstructive jaundiced rats. Inflamm Res. 2003;52:305-10 pubmed
  53. Altomonte J, Wu L, Chen L, Meseck M, Ebert O, Garcia Sastre A, et al. Exponential enhancement of oncolytic vesicular stomatitis virus potency by vector-mediated suppression of inflammatory responses in vivo. Mol Ther. 2008;16:146-53 pubmed
  54. Perry K, Enestvedt C, Hosack L, Pham T, Diggs B, Teh S, et al. Increased vascular endothelial growth factor transcription in residual hepatocellular carcinoma after open versus laparoscopic hepatectomy in a small animal model. Surg Endosc. 2010;24:1151-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The authors hypothesized that compared with open liver resection, laparoscopic hepatectomy would result in a decreased local angiogenic response in residual tumor cells...
  55. Blejer J, Remesar M, Nejamkis M. Macrophages are involved in age-dependent resistance of rats to Junin virus infection. Intervirology. 1987;27:117-20 pubmed
    ..The ability of peritoneal macrophages to support viral replication, therefore, seems to determine rat susceptibility to intraperitoneal infection with Junin virus...
  56. Yu W, Liu J, Morrice N, Wettenhall R. Isolation and characterization of a structural homologue of human PRK2 from rat liver. Distinguishing substrate and lipid activator specificities. J Biol Chem. 1997;272:10030-4 pubmed
    ..It was concluded that PAK-2 is the rat homologue of human PRK2, with biochemical properties distinct from although overlapping those of the PAK-1/PKN/PRK1 isoform...
  57. Larkin A, Moran E, Alexander D, Doherty G, Connolly L, Kennedy S, et al. A new monoclonal antibody that specifically recognises the MDR-3-encoded gene product. Int J Cancer. 1999;80:265-71 pubmed
    ..Antibody 6/1G may be useful in defining a role for MDR-3 in malignancy and drug resistance, as well as in certain liver diseases such as progressive familial intracholeostasis...
  58. Robinson S, Rodrigues L, Griffiths J, Stubbs M. Response of hepatoma 9618a and normal liver to host carbogen and carbon monoxide breathing. Neoplasia. 1999;1:537-43 pubmed
    ..This tumor type and the liver are unaffected by CO breathing at 660 ppm, which implies an adequate oxygen supply...
  59. Iesalnieks I, Tange S, Scherer M, Graeb C, Frank E, Jauch K, et al. Paclitaxel promotes liver graft survival in rats and inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma growth in vitro and is a potentially useful drug for transplant patients with liver cancer. Transplant Proc. 2002;34:2316-7 pubmed
  60. Margenthaler J, Yu S, Otomo N, Lehmann M, Flye M. Donor-specific renal, but not cardiac, allograft tolerance promotes engraftment of the normally rejected rat skin graft. Transpl Int. 2003;16:713-20 pubmed
    ..While RIB 5/2 plus Lewis splenocytes do not prolong the survival of skin grafts, Lewis skin grafted simultaneously with a kidney, but not heart, is accepted indefinitely and provides donor-specific protection for a subsequent skin graft...
  61. Isordia Salas I, Sainz I, Pixley R, Martinez Murillo C, Colman R. [High molecular weight kininogen in inflammation and angiogenesis: a review of its properties and therapeutic applications]. Rev Invest Clin. 2005;57:802-13 pubmed
    ..In summary, these results indicate that the plasma KKS plays a central role in the pathogenesis of chronic intestinal inflammation, arthritis and angiogenesis...
  62. Stephenson G. A comparative study of the microsomal S6 phosphatase and phosphorylase phosphatase activities in rat liver. Arch Biochem Biophys. 1991;289:324-8 pubmed
    ..Taken together, these results suggest that the microsomal S6 phosphatase and phosphorylase phosphatase activities are due to two distinct enzyme populations...
  63. Uchida K. cDNA encoding type B subunit of rat phosphoglycerate mutase: its isolation and nucleotide sequence. Arch Biochem Biophys. 1991;288:558-61 pubmed
    ..7 kilobases in rat liver cell. The deduced amino acid sequence of rat PGAM-B was identical to that of human PGAM-B except for only one substitution at position 251 near the carboxyl terminus (valine for the rat and alanine for the human)...
  64. Moroianu J, Blobel G, Radu A. Nuclear protein import: Ran-GTP dissociates the karyopherin alphabeta heterodimer by displacing alpha from an overlapping binding site on beta. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1996;93:7059-62 pubmed
    ..We also mapped Ran's binding site for karyopherin beta to a cluster of basic residues analogous to those previously shown to constitute karyopherin alpha's binding site to karyopherin beta...
  65. Sharma N, Ohyabu A, Murakumo Y, Takahashi M, Saito M, Amo H, et al. Genetic mapping of genes regulating the thymus size in back-cross rats between the laboratory BUF/Mna strain and the MITE strain derived from the wild rat, Rattus norvegicus. Pathol Int. 1997;47:436-41 pubmed
    ..By analyses of MAPMAKER/EXP and MAPMAKER/QTL, Ten-1 was mapped at 4.6 cM proximal from IGF2 locus on chromosome 1 and Tsu-1 at 4.0 cM proximal from CAT locus on chromosome 3, respectively...
  66. Cheng J, Zhou X, Gao Z, Huo Y, Xu Q, Li D. [Influence of TGF beta(1) on expression of Smad7 mRNA and protein in rat liver cells]. Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi. 2002;82:111-3 pubmed
    ..To investigate the influence of exogenous transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGFbeta1) on growth and signal inhibitor Smad7 protein and its mRNA in BRL cells (rat liver cell line)...
  67. Niwa T, Yamashita S, Tsukamoto T, Kuramoto T, Nomoto T, Wakazono K, et al. Whole-genome analyses of loss of heterozygosity and methylation analysis of four tumor-suppressor genes in N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine-induced rat stomach carcinomas. Cancer Sci. 2005;96:409-13 pubmed
    ..The search for other genes involved in these carcinomas needs to be continued...
  68. Smith L, Dauchy E, Dauchy R, Sauer L, Blask D, Davidson L, et al. Dietary fish oil deactivates a growth-promoting signaling pathway in hepatoma 7288CTC in Buffalo rats. Nutr Cancer. 2006;56:204-13 pubmed
    ..These results provide in vivo evidence that dietary fish oil suppressed a specific linoleic acid-dependent, inhibitory G protein-coupled, growth-promoting signaling pathway in rat hepatoma 7288CTC...
  69. Moroianu J, Blobel G, Radu A. Previously identified protein of uncertain function is karyopherin alpha and together with karyopherin beta docks import substrate at nuclear pore complexes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1995;92:2008-11 pubmed
  70. Tate A, Crabb S, Griffiths J, Howells S, Mazucco R, Rodrigues L, et al. Lipid metabolite peaks in pattern recognition analysis of tumour in vivo MR spectra. Anticancer Res. 1996;16:1575-9 pubmed
    ..Discrimination could be achieved either using features from the whole spectrum, or from a selected region containing the peaks from the phospholipid precursors in the phosphomonoester region...
  71. Ngo E, LePage G, Thanassi J, Meisler N, Nutter L. Absence of pyridoxine-5'-phosphate oxidase (PNPO) activity in neoplastic cells: isolation, characterization, and expression of PNPO cDNA. Biochemistry. 1998;37:7741-8 pubmed
  72. Gasiorowski K, Steciwko A, Grata Borkowska U, Drobnik J. The impact of neuraminidase on apoptosis in cultures of blood lymphocytes isolated from rats bearing morris hepatoma. Cell Mol Biol Lett. 2004;9:389-99 pubmed
    ..The possible mechanism of neuraminidase preventing the apoptosis of blood-circulating lymphocytes in tumour hosts is discussed herein...
  73. Cardinal J, Klune J, Chory E, Jeyabalan G, Kanzius J, Nalesnik M, et al. Noninvasive radiofrequency ablation of cancer targeted by gold nanoparticles. Surgery. 2008;144:125-32 pubmed publisher
    ..The purpose of this study was to test a novel non invasive radiowave machine that uses RF energy to thermally destroy tissue. Gold nanoparticles were designed and produced to facilitate tissue heating by the radiowaves...
  74. Altomonte J, Braren R, Schulz S, Marozin S, Rummeny E, Schmid R, et al. Synergistic antitumor effects of transarterial viroembolization for multifocal hepatocellular carcinoma in rats. Hepatology. 2008;48:1864-73 pubmed publisher
    ..VSV, when administered in combination with DSM, results in enhanced tumor necrosis and synergistically prolongs survival when compared with VSV or DSM monotherapy...
  75. Seigers R, Pourtau L, Schagen S, van Dam F, Koolhaas J, Konsman J, et al. Inhibition of hippocampal cell proliferation by methotrexate in rats is not potentiated by the presence of a tumor. Brain Res Bull. 2010;81:472-6 pubmed publisher
    ..This study further indicates that the effects of methotrexate on brain and behavior can be studied in healthy animals...
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