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Summary: Animals produced by the mating of progeny over multiple generations. The resultant strain of animals is virtually identical genotypically. Highly inbred animal lines allow the study of certain traits in a relatively pure form. (Segen, Dictionary of Modern Medicine, 1992)

Top Publications

  1. Wang X, Ou J, Huang L, Nishihara M, Li J, Manabe N, et al. Genetic characteristics of inbred Wuzhishan miniature pigs, a native Chinese breed. J Reprod Dev. 2006;52:639-43 pubmed
    ..Therefore, a long-term inbred breeding program should be conducted for Wuzhishan pigs to establish an experimental model...
  2. Hochmann S, Aghaallaei N, Bajoghli B, Soroldoni D, Carl M, Czerny T. Expression of marker genes during early ear development in medaka. Gene Expr Patterns. 2007;7:355-62 pubmed
    ..Whereas the spatial distribution of these genes is largely conserved between medaka and zebrafish, our comparative analysis revealed several differences, in particular for the timing of expression...
  3. Ayyadevara S, Ayyadevara R, Vertino A, Galecki A, Thaden J, Shmookler Reis R. Genetic loci modulating fitness and life span in Caenorhabditis elegans: categorical trait interval mapping in CL2a x Bergerac-BO recombinant-inbred worms. Genetics. 2003;163:557-70 pubmed
    ..Allelic longevity effects for two QTL, on chromosomes IV and V, were confirmed in backcrossed congenic lines and were highly significant in two very different environments-growth on solid agar medium and in liquid suspension culture...
  4. Nambu F, Tanaka S, Nambu Z. Inbred strains of brine shrimp derived from Artemia franciscana: lineage, RAPD analysis, life span, reproductive traits and mode, adaptation, and tolerance to salinity changes. Zoolog Sci. 2007;24:159-71 pubmed
    ..The established inbred strains should provide a wider and deeper scope for Artemia biology in particular, and the life sciences in general. ..
  5. Xie C, Rahman Z, Xie S, Zhu J, Du Y, Qin X, et al. Strain distribution pattern of immune nephritis--a follow-up study. Int Immunol. 2008;20:719-28 pubmed publisher
    ..Studies aimed at elucidating the genetic factors and molecular pathways responsible for the enhanced renal disease in C58 mice are warranted...
  6. Göbel T, Schneider K, Schaerer B, Mejri I, Puehler F, Weigend S, et al. IL-18 stimulates the proliferation and IFN-gamma release of CD4+ T cells in the chicken: conservation of a Th1-like system in a nonmammalian species. J Immunol. 2003;171:1809-15 pubmed
  7. Liu W, Miller M, Lamont S. Association of MHC class I and class II gene polymorphisms with vaccine or challenge response to Salmonella enteritidis in young chicks. Immunogenetics. 2002;54:582-90 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that particular MHC haplotypes may contribute to control of responses to SE, and that particular polymorphisms may serve as markers for genetic resistance to SE in the chicken. ..
  8. Huang X, Chen P, Zeng R, Ma K, Zeng Y, Zhou C. [Quantitative study on copy numbers of porcine endogenous retroviruses in genome of Banna miniature swine inbred line]. Beijing Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban. 2006;38:370-4 pubmed
    ..The copy numbers of pol, envA and envB genes of PERV in porcine genome were significantly different among the inbred herds of Banna miniature swines, and envC and envA/C were absent in genome of Banna Miniature Swines. ..
  9. Hidiroglou N, Madere R, McDowell L, Toutain P. Influence of sources of dietary vitamin E on the maternal transfer of alpha-tocopherol to fetal and neonatal guinea pigs as determined by a stable isotopic technique. Br J Nutr. 2003;89:455-66 pubmed
    ..Vitamin E was highest in colostrum on day 2 then declined through to day 5. Results from this present experiment further question the accepted biological potencies of natural:synthetic alpha-tocopheryl acetate of 1.36:1.00. ..

More Information


  1. Bu H, Wang H, Wei Q. [The xenoantigenicity of Chinese inbred-line pigs]. Zhongguo Xiu Fu Chong Jian Wai Ke Za Zhi. 2000;14:115-8 pubmed
    ..Possibly the level and distribution of antigen expression in pig tissues are not the first affair to be considered, and these pigs should be genetically modified in order to eliminate rejection in pig to human xenotransplantation. ..
  2. Tregaskes C, Kong F, Paramithiotis E, Chen C, Ratcliffe M, Davison T, et al. Identification and analysis of the expression of CD8 alpha beta and CD8 alpha alpha isoforms in chickens reveals a major TCR-gamma delta CD8 alpha beta subset of intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes. J Immunol. 1995;154:4485-94 pubmed
    ..This observation is important in interpretation of experiments examining the pathways of development of intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes in chickens. ..
  3. Kim J, Kim H, Lee K, Yu J, Kim S, Park H, et al. Influence of strain and age differences on the yields of porcine islet isolation: extremely high islet yields from SPF CMS miniature pigs. Xenotransplantation. 2007;14:60-6 pubmed
    ..We isolated extremely high yields of well-functioning islets from ACM pigs bred under SPF conditions. SPF CMS miniature pigs should be one of the best porcine islet donors for clinical porcine islet xenotransplantation. ..
  4. Matsuda K, Tabata S, Kawamura Y, Kurosawa T, Yoshie N, Taniyama H. Ectopic ossification with haematopoietic bone marrow in the heart valves of a crossbred heavy horse. J Comp Pathol. 2010;143:213-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Microscopically, there was fibrosis, chondral metaplasia and mature bone, with bone marrow within the left atrioventricular cusps and in the annuli of the aortic and right atrioventricular valves. ..
  5. Mayer M, Liu Y, Freyer G. A simulation study on the accuracy of position and effect estimates of linked QTL and their asymptotic standard deviations using multiple interval mapping in an F(2) scheme. Genet Sel Evol. 2004;36:455-79 pubmed
    ..5. The implications of the above findings are discussed. ..
  6. Downing C, Shen E, Simpson V, Johnson T. Mapping quantitative trait loci mediating sensitivity to etomidate. Mamm Genome. 2003;14:367-75 pubmed
    ..These QTL regions need to be further narrowed before the testing of candidate genes is feasible. ..
  7. Thomas M, Chen C, Jensen Seaman M, Tonellato P, Twigger S. Phylogenetics of rat inbred strains. Mamm Genome. 2003;14:61-4 pubmed
  8. Rajamannan N, Subramaniam M, Caira F, Stock S, Spelsberg T. Atorvastatin inhibits hypercholesterolemia-induced calcification in the aortic valves via the Lrp5 receptor pathway. Circulation. 2005;112:I229-34 pubmed
    ..Hypercholesterolemic AV calcification is attenuated by atorvastatin and is mediated in part by the Lrp5/beta-catenin pathway. This developmental pathway may be important in the signaling pathway of this disease. ..
  9. Quinn G, Wood J, Suling K, Arn S, Sachs D, Schuurman H, et al. Genotyping of porcine endogenous retroviruses from a family of miniature swine. J Virol. 2004;78:314-9 pubmed
  10. Festing M. The choice of animal model and reduction. Altern Lab Anim. 2004;32 Suppl 2:59-64 pubmed
    ..There is really no evidence that this is so, and there is much evidence that the use of inbred strains has been highly successful in many disciplines. ..
  11. Vinogradova I, Bukalev A, Zabezhinski M, Semenchenko A, Khavinson V, Anisimov V. Geroprotective effect of ala-glu-asp-gly peptide in male rats exposed to different illumination regimens. Bull Exp Biol Med. 2008;145:472-7 pubmed
    ..Epithalone injected to rats exposed to any photoregimen significantly inhibited the development of spontaneous tumors, primarily testicular leydigomas and leukemias. ..
  12. Kile B, Mason Garrison C, Justice M. Sex and strain-related differences in the peripheral blood cell values of inbred mouse strains. Mamm Genome. 2003;14:81-5 pubmed
  13. Ghanayem B, Witt K, El Hadri L, Hoffler U, Kissling G, Shelby M, et al. Comparison of germ cell mutagenicity in male CYP2E1-null and wild-type mice treated with acrylamide: evidence supporting a glycidamide-mediated effect. Biol Reprod. 2005;72:157-63 pubmed
    ..Thus, CYP2E1 polymorphisms in human populations, resulting in variable enzyme metabolic activities, may produce differential susceptibilities to acrylamide toxicities. ..
  14. Owen K, Beck S, Damment S. The preclinical toxicology of salmeterol hydroxynaphthoate. Hum Exp Toxicol. 2010;29:393-407 pubmed publisher
    ..Results of the extensive toxicology programme provide good assurance of the safety for the inhaled use of salmeterol in patients; this has ben confirmed by many years of clinical experience during its development and marketing. ..
  15. Miller M. Genome news highlights loss of chicken strains. Nature. 2004;432:799 pubmed
  16. Pennisi E. Behavioral genetics. Abuzz about behavior. Science. 2008;320:1581 pubmed publisher
  17. Aoyama H, Kikuta M, Shirasaka N, Hojo H, Takahashi K, Shimizu N, et al. Historical control data on reproductive abilities and incidences of spontaneous fetal malformations in Wistar Hannover GALAS rats. Congenit Anom (Kyoto). 2002;42:194-201 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that this strain of rat can be used in reproductive and developmental toxicity studies, although the sensitivity to toxicants remains to be elucidated. ..
  18. Harizi H, Homo Delarche F, Amrani A, Coulaud J, Mormede P. Marked genetic differences in the regulation of blood glucose under immune and restraint stress in mice reveals a wide range of corticosensitivity. J Neuroimmunol. 2007;189:59-68 pubmed
  19. Acarturk T, Azari K, Mooney M, Chang T, Losken H, Bradley J. Correction of unilateral coronal synostosis leads to resolution of mandibular asymmetry in rabbits. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2005;115:172-82 pubmed
    ..The data showed that mandibular asymmetries in nonsyndromic, familial rabbits with unilateral coronal synostosis are progressive with growth but improve after correction of synostosis. ..
  20. Dennis R, Zhang H, Bacon L, Estevez I, Cheng H. Behavioral and physiological features of chickens diversely selected for resistance to Avian Disease. 1. Selected inbred lines differ in behavioral and physical responses to social stress. Poult Sci. 2004;83:1489-96 pubmed
    ..The present chicken lines may be used as animal models for investigation of the cellular mechanisms of genetic-environmental interactions on disease resistance and stress responses. ..
  21. Matsuda M, Kawato N, Asakawa S, Shimizu N, Nagahama Y, Hamaguchi S, et al. Construction of a BAC library derived from the inbred Hd-rR strain of the teleost fish, Oryzias latipes. Genes Genet Syst. 2001;76:61-3 pubmed
    ..This first large insert genomic library of the medaka should increase the speed of genomic analyses for this fish species. ..
  22. Zhang L, Bu H, Li S, Yu P, Li Y, Cheng J. [Analysis of subtype of porcine endogenous retrovirus in two species of Chinese pigs]. Sichuan Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban. 2003;34:197-9 pubmed
    ..9% pigs, double positive envAB were found; in 22.1% pigs, only A or B was found. In the genome of peripheral leukocytes from Wuzhishan pig and Banna minipig inbred, only subtypes A and B exist, and envAB predominate. ..
  23. Crabbe J. Review. Neurogenetic studies of alcohol addiction. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2008;363:3201-11 pubmed publisher
    ..In a few instances, interesting parallels have been revealed between genetic risk in humans and studies in non-human animal models. Future approaches are likely to be increasingly complex. ..
  24. Fujii T, Tanaka N, Yokoyama T, Ninaki O, Oshiki T, Ohnuma A, et al. The female-killing chromosome of the silkworm, Bombyx mori, was generated by translocation between the Z and W chromosomes. Genetica. 2006;127:253-65 pubmed
  25. Calderon L, Williams R, Martinez M, Clemons K, Stevens D. Genetic susceptibility to vaginal candidiasis. Med Mycol. 2003;41:143-7 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest this estrogen insensitivity may have broad-ranging effects on processes other than gametogenesis, including vaginal susceptibility to candidiasis. ..
  26. Mollnau H, Schulz E, Daiber A, Baldus S, Oelze M, August M, et al. Nebivolol prevents vascular NOS III uncoupling in experimental hyperlipidemia and inhibits NADPH oxidase activity in inflammatory cells. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2003;23:615-21 pubmed
    ..These novel antioxidative stress actions of this compound may explain partly the beneficial effects on endothelial function in patients with enhanced vascular oxidative stress. ..
  27. Oldmixon B, Wood J, Ericsson T, Wilson C, White Scharf M, Andersson G, et al. Porcine endogenous retrovirus transmission characteristics of an inbred herd of miniature swine. J Virol. 2002;76:3045-8 pubmed
    ..When HTRC PERVs were isolated from transmitting animals, all were recombinant viruses, with the receptor-binding domain of PERV-A combining with PERV-C-related sequences. ..
  28. Mezrich J, Haller G, Arn J, Houser S, Madsen J, Sachs D. Histocompatible miniature swine: an inbred large-animal model. Transplantation. 2003;75:904-7 pubmed
    ..We conclude that G7 animals are sufficiently inbred to accept first set skin and heart grafts indefinitely. ..
  29. Hu J, Peng X, Cladel N, Pickel M, Christensen N. Large cutaneous rabbit papillomas that persist during cyclosporin A treatment can regress spontaneously after cessation of immunosuppression. J Gen Virol. 2005;86:55-63 pubmed
    ..However, returning immunity can lead to regression and clearance of large papillomas (with increased antigenicity) in an outbred population, whilst these same antigenic papillomas persist in inbred rabbits...
  30. Korstanje R, den Bieman M, Campos R, Esteves P, Lankhorst A, van der Loo W, et al. Genetic analysis and mapping of biochemical markers in an F2 intercross of two inbred strains of the rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus). Biochem Genet. 2001;39:169-78 pubmed
    ..Linkage was found for Est-5 and C on chromosome 1 and for Es-1, Est-2, Est-4, Est-6 and HP on linkage group VI. Two polymorphic markers, Es-3 and Mhr-1 could not be linked to any of the other markers...
  31. Deeb N, Lamont S. Use of a novel outbred by inbred F1 cross to detect genetic markers for growth. Anim Genet. 2003;34:205-12 pubmed
  32. Li S, Yu P, Zhang L, Bu H, Li Y, Zeng Y. [The quantity analysis of reverse transcriptase in porcine endogenous retrovirus expressed in Banna minipig inbred]. Sheng Wu Yi Xue Gong Cheng Xue Za Zhi. 2003;20:594-6 pubmed
    ..The results show that positive reverse transcriptase reaction can be detected in the plasma of the pigs, but the levels are much lower than that of HIV-1 and lower than that of PERV in supernatant of PK-15...
  33. Zhu C, Ying D, Zhang W, Sun J, Mi J. [Antigen expression and the biomechanical characteristics of the biologic blood vessel matrix]. Sheng Wu Yi Xue Gong Cheng Xue Za Zhi. 2002;19:602-5 pubmed
    ..We suppose that pig vessels treated by trypsin can be used as the substrate material for vascular tissue engineering...
  34. Kamino K, Tillmann T, Boschmann E, Mohr U. Age-related incidence of spontaneous non-neoplastic lesions in a colony of Han:AURA hamsters. Exp Toxicol Pathol. 2001;53:157-64 pubmed
    ..Such spontaneous lesions were discussed in connection with the same alterations which can also be induced by chemical or hormonal agents...
  35. Lyons C, Lovchik J, Hutt J, Lipscomb M, Wang E, Heninger S, et al. Murine model of pulmonary anthrax: kinetics of dissemination, histopathology, and mouse strain susceptibility. Infect Immun. 2004;72:4801-9 pubmed
    ..The 50% lethal doses differed among inbred strains of mice, but within a given mouse strain, neither the age nor the sex of the mice influenced susceptibility to B. anthracis...
  36. Zarbl H. Toxicogenomic analyses of genetic susceptibility to mammary gland carcinogenesis in rodents: implications for human breast cancer. Breast Dis. 2007;28:87-105 pubmed
    ..In the present review, we explore how the combination of toxicogenomic approaches with rodent models can accelerate the discovery of human breast cancer susceptibility genes...
  37. Doube M, Firth E, Boyde A. Registration of confocal scanning laser microscopy and quantitative backscattered electron images for the temporospatial quantification of mineralization density in 18-month old thoroughbred racehorse articular calcified cartilage. Scanning. 2005;27:219-26 pubmed
    ..No relationship was identified between Dm and time in the 11-day interlabel interval. Registration of CSLM to qBSE images is sufficiently repeatable for quantitative studies of equine ACC...
  38. Leips J, Gilligan P, Mackay T. Quantitative trait loci with age-specific effects on fecundity in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics. 2006;172:1595-605 pubmed
    ..Comparing the results from this study with our previous work on life-span QTL, we also find evidence that antagonistic pleiotropy may contribute to the genetic basis of senescence in these lines as well...
  39. Von Herrath M, Nepom G. Lost in translation: barriers to implementing clinical immunotherapeutics for autoimmunity. J Exp Med. 2005;202:1159-62 pubmed
  40. Gernert M, Bennay M, Fedrowitz M, Rehders J, Richter A. Altered discharge pattern of basal ganglia output neurons in an animal model of idiopathic dystonia. J Neurosci. 2002;22:7244-53 pubmed
  41. Mackiewicz M, Tatarenkov A, Perry A, Martin J, Elder J, Bechler D, et al. Microsatellite documentation of male-mediated outcrossing between inbred laboratory strains of the self-fertilizing mangrove killifish (Kryptolebias Marmoratus). J Hered. 2006;97:508-13 pubmed
  42. Zhang W, Ying D, Sun J. [Anatomy of heart in banna mini-pig inbred-lines]. Zhongguo Xiu Fu Chong Jian Wai Ke Za Zhi. 2003;17:69-72 pubmed
    ..To observe the heart anatomic and histological structure of the Banna mini-pig inbred-lined and to provide the morphological data for heart xenotransplantation and breeding transgens pig...
  43. Rader K. The origins of mouse genetics: beyond the Bussey Institution.II. Defining the problem of mouse supply: the 1928 National Research Council Committee on Experimental Plants and Animals. Mamm Genome. 2002;13:2-4 pubmed
  44. Pravenec M, Wallace C, Aitman T, Kurtz T. Gene expression profiling in hypertension research: a critical perspective. Hypertension. 2003;41:3-8 pubmed
    ..In this review, we offer a critical perspective on the use of gene expression profiling in hypertension research and discuss some emerging strategies for taking this technology beyond the limits of correlational and descriptive studies...
  45. Wang Y, Chang P, Liou E. Opening of circumaxillary sutures by alternate rapid maxillary expansions and constrictions. Angle Orthod. 2009;79:230-4 pubmed publisher
    ..To analyze quantitatively the circumaxillary suture opening after alternate rapid maxillary expansions and constrictions (Alt-RAMEC)...
  46. Harbison S, Carbone M, Ayroles J, Stone E, Lyman R, Mackay T. Co-regulated transcriptional networks contribute to natural genetic variation in Drosophila sleep. Nat Genet. 2009;41:371-5 pubmed publisher
    ..We confirmed co-regulated gene expression using P-element mutants. Quantitative genetic analysis of natural phenotypic variation is an efficient method for revealing candidate genes and pathways...
  47. Sen S, Satagopan J, Broman K, Churchill G. R/qtlDesign: inbred line cross experimental design. Mamm Genome. 2007;18:87-93 pubmed
    ..We give examples of software usage in real-life settings. The software is available at ...
  48. Fadool J, Hartl D, Dowling J. Transposition of the mariner element from Drosophila mauritiana in zebrafish. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1998;95:5182-6 pubmed
    ..We suggest this system could be used for insertional mutagenesis or for identifying active regions of the genome in the zebrafish...
  49. Ikeshima Kataoka H, Wada A, Ishiwata K, Watanabe N, Saito S. Cloning and expression of cDNA for interleukin 4 from the MSKR inbred strain of Mus musculus molossinus. In Vivo. 2009;23:277-80 pubmed
    ..In MSKR, IL-4 was expressed at high levels in thymus and spleen as revealed by reverse transcriptase PCR method and Northern hybridization. The tissue-specific expression profile was quite similar to that of laboratory mice...
  50. Nuzhdin S, Pasyukova E, Morozova E, Flavell A. Quantitative genetic analysis of copia retrotransposon activity in inbred Drosophila melanogaster lines. Genetics. 1998;150:755-66 pubmed
    ..Segregation of modifying genes, rather than mutations, might explain the variability in copia retrotransposon activity between lines...
  51. Ignjatovic J, Ashton D, Reece R, Scott P, Hooper P. Pathogenicity of Australian strains of avian infectious bronchitis virus. J Comp Pathol. 2002;126:115-23 pubmed
  52. Flint J. Analysis of quantitative trait loci that influence animal behavior. J Neurobiol. 2003;54:46-77 pubmed
    ..With advances in multivariate analyses, mapping can also test hypotheses about the psychological processes that give rise to behavioral variation...
  53. Wotjak C. C57BLack/BOX? The importance of exact mouse strain nomenclature. Trends Genet. 2003;19:183-4 pubmed
  54. Rehfeldt C, Renne U, Wittstock M, Mix E, Zettl U. Long-term growth selection of mice changes the intrinsic susceptibility of myogenic cells to apoptosis. J Muscle Res Cell Motil. 2004;25:177-85 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, the apoptotic response to growth factor withdrawal seems to be largely independent of the stage of myogenic development...
  55. Racine J, Behn D, Simard E, Lachapelle P. Spontaneous occurrence of a potentially night blinding disorder in guinea pigs. Doc Ophthalmol. 2003;107:59-69 pubmed
    ..We believe that our pedigree possibly represents a new animal model of a night blinding disorder, and that this condition is inherited as anautosomal recessive trait in the guinea pig population...
  56. Yezerski A, Stevens L, Ametrano J. A genetic linkage map for Tribolium confusum based on random amplified polymorphic DNAs and recombinant inbred lines. Insect Mol Biol. 2003;12:517-26 pubmed
    ..We present the first molecular genetic linkage map for Tribolium confusum using random amplified polymorphic DNA markers. The linkage map contains 137 loci mapped on to eight linkage groups totaling 968.5 cM...
  57. Oliverius M, Kudla M, Balaz P, Valsamis A, Honsova E, Lodererova A, et al. [Experimental small intestine transplantation]. Rozhl Chir. 2009;88:662-8 pubmed
    ..The aim of this study was to master the surgical technique, optimalize immunosuppression regimes, diagnose acute cellular graft rejection based on cellular and humoral indicators...
  58. Yeom S, Park C, Lee B, Lee W. SLA typing using the PCR-SSP method and establishment of the SLA homozygote line in pedigreed SNU miniature pigs. Anim Sci J. 2010;81:158-64 pubmed publisher
    ..0 and class II Hp-0.3, and SLA class I Hp-2.0 and class II Hp-0.2. We thought that our PCR-SSP SLA typing method could be applicable for new SLA homozygote line establishment by assignment and scheduled breeding...
  59. Yu Y, Zhang H, Byerly M, Bacon L, Porter T, Liu G, et al. Alternative splicing variants and DNA methylation status of BDNF in inbred chicken lines. Brain Res. 2009;1269:1-10 pubmed publisher
    ..We also discussed a potential role of variant cBDNF1 in MD tumor resistance and susceptibility...
  60. Delany M, Daniels L. The chicken telomerase RNA gene: conservation of sequence, regulatory elements and synteny among viral, avian and mammalian genomes. Cytogenet Genome Res. 2003;102:309-17 pubmed
  61. Westenberger S, Cerqueira G, El Sayed N, Zingales B, Campbell D, Sturm N. Trypanosoma cruzi mitochondrial maxicircles display species- and strain-specific variation and a conserved element in the non-coding region. BMC Genomics. 2006;7:60 pubmed
    ..Many maxicircle-encoded mRNAs cannot be translated without this post-transcriptional sequence modification...
  62. Ito T, Ohwada K, Tomoike H. [A hereditary postprandial hypertriglyceridemic (PHT) rabbit model]. Nihon Yakurigaku Zasshi. 2005;125:301-6 pubmed
  63. Roff D, Sokolovska N. Extra-nuclear effects on growth and development in the sand cricket Gryllus firmus. J Evol Biol. 2004;17:663-71 pubmed
    ..This study demonstrates that extra-nuclear effects are important contributors to the phenotypic variation in life history traits of G. firmus...
  64. Paredes J, Szeto A, Levine J, Zaias J, Gonzales J, Mendez A, et al. Social experience influences hypothalamic oxytocin in the WHHL rabbit. Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2006;31:1062-75 pubmed
    ..Data from the present study suggest that the type of social experience WHHL rabbits are exposed influences PVN OT, social behavior and the progression of atherosclerosis in the WHHL rabbit model of disease...
  65. Fuji J, Fukuda R, Imoto F, Ooshima Y. New behavioral mutant rat exhibiting circling behavior (clx) controlled by a sex-linked recessive gene. Congenit Anom (Kyoto). 2002;42:187-93 pubmed
    ..Sib-mating is continuing to produce an inbred strain with this newly discovered circling behavior mutant gene...
  66. Wang Y, Pot D, Kachman S, Nuzhdin S, Harshman L. A quantitative trait locus analysis of natural genetic variation for Drosophila melanogaster oxidative stress survival. J Hered. 2006;97:355-66 pubmed
    ..We also determined early-age egg production and found QTLs for this trait, but there was no support for an association between oxidative stress survival and egg production...
  67. Da Costa e Silva L, Zeng Z. Current progress on statistical methods for mapping quantitative trait loci from inbred line crosses. J Biopharm Stat. 2010;20:454-81 pubmed publisher
    ..We review the progress of research in this area on one trait and multiple traits by maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods...
  68. Bertoli M, Andó M, De Ornelas Toledo M, de Araujo S, Gomes M. Infectivity for mice of Trypanosoma cruzi I and II strains isolated from different hosts. Parasitol Res. 2006;99:7-13 pubmed
    ..We also conclude that the majority of the strains studied have low and medium infectivity for mice, and that PCR is an important tool to detect T. cruzi in strains with this biological characteristic...
  69. Festing M. Improving the design and analysis of animal experiments: a personal odyssey. Altern Lab Anim. 2009;37 Suppl 2:75-81 pubmed
    ..The establishment of the FRAME Reduction Committee has helped me to pursue both of these, although toxicologists continue to ignore basic design principles, by using outbred stocks...
  70. Ishikawa Y, Yamamoto N, Yoshimoto M, Yasuda T, Maruyama K, Kage T, et al. Developmental origin of diencephalic sensory relay nuclei in teleosts. Brain Behav Evol. 2007;69:87-95 pubmed
    ..The organization and origin of the diencephalic sensory relay system might have been conserved across vertebrates...
  71. San Miguel B, Alvarez M, Culebras J, Gonzalez Gallego J, Tuñón M. N-acetyl-cysteine protects liver from apoptotic death in an animal model of fulminant hepatic failure. Apoptosis. 2006;11:1945-57 pubmed
    ..This work was undertaken to investigate whether treatment with N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) prevents oxidative stress and inhibits the apoptotic pathways in an animal model of fulminant hepatic failure...
  72. de Wolf I, Fielmich Bouman X, Lankhorst A, den Bieman M, van Oost B, Beynen A, et al. Cholesterol and copper in the liver of rabbit inbred strains with differences in dietary cholesterol response. J Nutr Biochem. 2003;14:459-65 pubmed
    ..The cholesterol effect on the hepatic copper content in the reactive strain might be caused by an increased bilirubin secretion...
  73. Carroll M, Anderson M, Morgan A. Regulation of intravenous cocaine self-administration in rats selectively bred for high (HiS) and low (LoS) saccharin intake. Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2007;190:331-41 pubmed
    ..v.) cocaine self-administration more rapidly than their low saccharin (LoS)-consuming counterparts. The present experiment was designed to determine whether HiS and LoS rats differed in other aspects of drug abuse...
  74. Burlakova E, Erokhin V, Semenov V. [Effect of low-level irradiation on incidence rate and development of malignant neoplasms]. Radiats Biol Radioecol. 2006;46:527-30 pubmed
  75. Schauff A, Kim E, Leppert J, Nadrowitz R, Wuestenberg R, Brockmann M, et al. Inhibition of invasion-associated thromboxane synthase sensitizes experimental gliomas to gamma-radiation. J Neurooncol. 2009;91:241-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, the specific thromboxane synthase inhibitor furegrelate increases death response induced by gamma-radiation in glioma cells in vitro and sensitizes experimental gliomas to radiation treatment in vivo...
  76. Dorman S, Hatem C, Tyagi S, Aird K, Lopez Molina J, Pitt M, et al. Susceptibility to tuberculosis: clues from studies with inbred and outbred New Zealand White rabbits. Infect Immun. 2004;72:1700-5 pubmed
    ..Preliminary evidence is presented for a cell-mediated immune defect with lower DTH responses and macrophages that have a decreased ability to respond to in vitro stimulation with LPS or M. tuberculosis infection...
  77. Terzibasi E, Valenzano D, Benedetti M, Roncaglia P, Cattaneo A, Domenici L, et al. Large differences in aging phenotype between strains of the short-lived annual fish Nothobranchius furzeri. PLoS ONE. 2008;3:e3866 pubmed publisher
    ..A laboratory inbred strain of the annual fish Nothobranchius furzeri shows exceptionally short life expectancy and accelerated expression of age markers. In this study, we analyze new wild-derived lines of this short-lived species...
  78. Bajoghli B, Aghaallaei N, Jung G, Czerny T. Induction of otic structures by canonical Wnt signalling in medaka. Dev Genes Evol. 2009;219:391-8 pubmed publisher
    ..However, signals different from Fgf3 and Fgf8 are necessary to explain the formation of the ectopic ear structures, suggesting that Wnt signalling is involved in the otic induction process in medaka...
  79. Tanchev S, Gadjeva V, Stanilova S. Influence of antigen stimulation on the oxidative stress parameters in outbred and inbred rabbits. Arch Physiol Biochem. 2003;111:437-42 pubmed
    ..30 days after immunization, the plasma levels of MDA and the activities of SOD and CAT in erythrocytes decreased and reached values close to the controls...
  80. Akita K, Arai S, Ohta T, Hanaya T, Fukuda S. Suppressed Nna1 gene expression in the brain of ataxic Syrian hamsters. J Neurogenet. 2007;21:19-29 pubmed
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