Summary: The recording of images in three-dimensional form on a photographic film by exposing it to a laser beam reflected from the object under study.

Top Publications

  1. Marquet P, Rappaz B, Magistretti P, Cuche E, Emery Y, Colomb T, et al. Digital holographic microscopy: a noninvasive contrast imaging technique allowing quantitative visualization of living cells with subwavelength axial accuracy. Opt Lett. 2005;30:468-70 pubmed
    ..These DHM images are compared with those obtained by use of the widely used phase contrast and Nomarski differential interference contrast techniques. ..
  2. Luo Y, Russo J, Kostuk R, Barbastathis G. Silicon oxide nanoparticles doped PQ-PMMA for volume holographic imaging filters. Opt Lett. 2010;35:1269-71 pubmed publisher
    ..We present experimental results and data analysis demonstrating this technique in use for holographic spatial-spectral imaging filters. ..
  3. Wei Q, McLeod E, Qi H, Wan Z, Sun R, Ozcan A. On-chip cytometry using plasmonic nanoparticle enhanced lensfree holography. Sci Rep. 2013;3:1699 pubmed publisher
    ..g., ~24?mm². ..
  4. Hahn J, Lim S, Choi K, Horisaki R, Brady D. Video-rate compressive holographic microscopic tomography. Opt Express. 2011;19:7289-98 pubmed publisher
    Compressive holography enables 3D reconstruction from a single 2D holographic snapshot for objects that can be sparsely represented in some basis. The snapshot mode enables tomographic imaging of microscopic moving objects...
  5. Heine R, Gorniak T, Nisius T, Christophis C, Pettitt M, Staier F, et al. Digital in-line X-ray holography with zone plates. Ultramicroscopy. 2011;111:1131-6 pubmed publisher
    ..One fully coherent imaging technique for this purpose is digital in-line holography. Key to its successful application is the creation of X-ray point sources with high photon flux...
  6. Isikman S, Sencan I, Mudanyali O, Bishara W, Oztoprak C, Ozcan A. Color and monochrome lensless on-chip imaging of Caenorhabditis elegans over a wide field-of-view. Lab Chip. 2010;10:1109-12 pubmed publisher
    ..on-chip imaging of Caenorhabditis elegans samples over a wide field-of-view using incoherent lensless in-line holography. Digital reconstruction of the recorded lensless holograms rapidly creates the C...
  7. Tseng D, Mudanyali O, Oztoprak C, Isikman S, Sencan I, Yaglidere O, et al. Lensfree microscopy on a cellphone. Lab Chip. 2010;10:1787-92 pubmed publisher
    ..We report the performance of this lensfree cellphone microscope by imaging various sized micro-particles, as well as red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and a waterborne parasite (Giardia lamblia). ..
  8. Su T, Isikman S, Bishara W, Tseng D, Erlinger A, Ozcan A. Multi-angle lensless digital holography for depth resolved imaging on a chip. Opt Express. 2010;18:9690-711 pubmed publisher
  9. Wang Z, Millet L, Mir M, Ding H, Unarunotai S, Rogers J, et al. Spatial light interference microscopy (SLIM). Opt Express. 2011;19:1016-26 pubmed publisher
    ..phase contrast microscopy, which renders high contrast intensity images of transparent specimens, and Gabor's holography, where the phase information from the object is recorded...

More Information


  1. Isikman S, Bishara W, Ozcan A. Partially coherent lensfree tomographic microscopy [Invited]. Appl Opt. 2011;50:H253-64 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, lensfree optical tomography might be particularly useful for lab-on-a-chip applications as well as for microscopy needs in resource-limited settings. ..
  2. Greenbaum A, Ozcan A. Maskless imaging of dense samples using pixel super-resolution based multi-height lensfree on-chip microscopy. Opt Express. 2012;20:3129-43 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrate the success of this multi-height in-line holographic approach by imaging dense Papanicolaou smears (i.e., Pap smears) and blood samples. ..
  3. Su T, Xue L, Ozcan A. High-throughput lensfree 3D tracking of human sperms reveals rare statistics of helical trajectories. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012;109:16018-22 pubmed publisher
    ..This high-throughput 3D imaging platform could in general be quite valuable for observing the statistical swimming patterns of various other microorganisms, leading to new insights in their 3D motion and the underlying biophysics...
  4. Bishara W, Isikman S, Ozcan A. Lensfree optofluidic microscopy and tomography. Ann Biomed Eng. 2012;40:251-62 pubmed publisher
    ..This lensfree optofluidic imaging platform utilizes partially coherent digital in-line holography to allow phase and amplitude imaging of specimens flowing through micro-channels, and takes advantage of the ..
  5. Pan F, Liu S, Wang Z, Shang P, Xiao W. Digital holographic microscopy long-term and real-time monitoring of cell division and changes under simulated zero gravity. Opt Express. 2012;20:11496-505 pubmed publisher
    ..The experiments demonstrated that the SM-compatible DHM setup could provide a highly efficient and versatile method for research on the effects of microgravity on biological samples. ..
  6. Das B, Yelleswarapu C. Dual plane in-line digital holographic microscopy. Opt Lett. 2010;35:3426-8 pubmed publisher
    ..This enhanced acquisition rate, together with the improved reconstruction capability of the proposed method, may find applications in biomedical research for visualization of rapid dynamic processes at the cellular level. ..
  7. Shaked N, Newpher T, Ehlers M, Wax A. Parallel on-axis holographic phase microscopy of biological cells and unicellular microorganism dynamics. Appl Opt. 2010;49:2872-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The method is demonstrated experimentally through phase microscopy of neurons and unicellular microorganisms. ..
  8. Seo S, Isikman S, Sencan I, Mudanyali O, Su T, Bishara W, et al. High-throughput lens-free blood analysis on a chip. Anal Chem. 2010;82:4621-7 pubmed publisher
    ..These results uncover the prospects of lens-free holographic on-chip imaging to provide a useful tool for global health problems, especially by facilitating whole blood analysis in resource-poor environments. ..
  9. Merola F, Miccio L, Memmolo P, Di Caprio G, Galli A, Puglisi R, et al. Digital holography as a method for 3D imaging and estimating the biovolume of motile cells. Lab Chip. 2013;13:4512-6 pubmed publisher
    ..estimate simply and quickly the biovolume of sperm cells, combining the optical tweezers technique with digital holography, in a single and integrated set-up for a biotechnology assay process on the lab-on-a-chip scale...
  10. Jourdain P, Pavillon N, Moratal C, Boss D, Rappaz B, Depeursinge C, et al. Determination of transmembrane water fluxes in neurons elicited by glutamate ionotropic receptors and by the cotransporters KCC2 and NKCC1: a digital holographic microscopy study. J Neurosci. 2011;31:11846-54 pubmed publisher
    ..This observation is of particular interest since it shows that DHM is the first imaging technique able to monitor dynamically and in situ the activity of these cotransporters during physiological and/or pathological neuronal conditions. ..
  11. Pache C, Kuhn J, Westphal K, Toy M, Parent J, Büchi O, et al. Digital holographic microscopy real-time monitoring of cytoarchitectural alterations during simulated microgravity. J Biomed Opt. 2010;15:026021 pubmed publisher
    ..Such results were previously only obtainable with the use of labeled probes in conjunction with conventional fluorescence microscopy, with all the classically described limitations in terms of bias, bleaching, and temporal resolution. ..
  12. Moon I, Javidi B, Yi F, Boss D, Marquet P. Automated statistical quantification of three-dimensional morphology and mean corpuscular hemoglobin of multiple red blood cells. Opt Express. 2012;20:10295-309 pubmed publisher
  13. Su T, Erlinger A, Tseng D, Ozcan A. Compact and light-weight automated semen analysis platform using lensfree on-chip microscopy. Anal Chem. 2010;82:8307-12 pubmed publisher
  14. de Souza S, de Souza A, de Sousa A, Sodero A, Cabral L, Albuquerque M, et al. Hologram QSAR models of 4-[(diethylamino)methyl]-phenol inhibitors of acetyl/butyrylcholinesterase enzymes as potential anti-Alzheimer agents. Molecules. 2012;17:9529-39 pubmed publisher
    ..Both the HQSAR models and the contribution maps should be useful for the further design of novel, structurally related cholinesterase inhibitors. ..
  15. Malm E, Monserud N, Brown C, Wachulak P, Xu H, Balakrishnan G, et al. Tabletop single-shot extreme ultraviolet Fourier transform holography of an extended object. Opt Express. 2013;21:9959-66 pubmed publisher
    We demonstrate single and multi-shot Fourier transform holography with the use of a tabletop extreme ultraviolet laser...
  16. Mudanyali O, Tseng D, Oh C, Isikman S, Sencan I, Bishara W, et al. Compact, light-weight and cost-effective microscope based on lensless incoherent holography for telemedicine applications. Lab Chip. 2010;10:1417-28 pubmed publisher
    ..This compact and light-weight microscope is based on digital in-line holography and does not need any lenses, bulky optical/mechanical components or coherent sources such as lasers...
  17. Warnasooriya N, Joud F, Bun P, Tessier G, Coppey Moisan M, Desbiolles P, et al. Imaging gold nanoparticles in living cell environments using heterodyne digital holographic microscopy. Opt Express. 2010;18:3264-73 pubmed publisher
    This paper describes an imaging microscopic technique based on heterodyne digital holography where subwavelength-sized gold colloids can be imaged in cell environments...
  18. Memmolo P, Finizio A, Paturzo M, Miccio L, Ferraro P. Twin-beams digital holography for 3D tracking and quantitative phase-contrast microscopy in microfluidics. Opt Express. 2011;19:25833-42 pubmed publisher
    ..Experimental demonstration is given on for in vitro cells in a microfluidic environment. ..
  19. Isikman S, Bishara W, Mavandadi S, Yu F, Feng S, Lau R, et al. Lens-free optical tomographic microscope with a large imaging volume on a chip. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011;108:7296-301 pubmed publisher
    ..Probing a large volume with a decent 3D spatial resolution, this lens-free optical tomography platform on a chip could provide a powerful tool for high-throughput imaging applications in, e.g., cell and developmental biology. ..
  20. Bishara W, Sikora U, Mudanyali O, Su T, Yaglidere O, Luckhart S, et al. Holographic pixel super-resolution in portable lensless on-chip microscopy using a fiber-optic array. Lab Chip. 2011;11:1276-9 pubmed publisher
    ..This compact on-chip microscope weighs ? 95 g and is based on partially coherent digital in-line holography. Multiple fiber-optic waveguides are butt-coupled to light emitting diodes, which are controlled by a low-cost ..
  21. Li L, Smith D, Dailey E, Madras P, Drucker J, McCartney M. Observation of hole accumulation in Ge/Si core/shell nanowires using off-axis electron holography. Nano Lett. 2011;11:493-7 pubmed publisher
    Hole accumulation in Ge/Si core/shell nanowires (NWs) has been observed and quantified using off-axis electron holography and other electron microscopy techniques...
  22. Mudanyali O, Oztoprak C, Tseng D, Erlinger A, Ozcan A. Detection of waterborne parasites using field-portable and cost-effective lensfree microscopy. Lab Chip. 2010;10:2419-23 pubmed publisher
  23. Maiden A, Rodenburg J, Humphry M. Optical ptychography: a practical implementation with useful resolution. Opt Lett. 2010;35:2585-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The microscope uses the recently reported coherent diffractive imaging technique of ptychography to generate images from recorded diffraction patterns. ..
  24. Fu D, Oh S, Choi W, Yamauchi T, Dorn A, Yaqoob Z, et al. Quantitative DIC microscopy using an off-axis self-interference approach. Opt Lett. 2010;35:2370-2 pubmed publisher
    ..The digital holography algorithm is applied to obtain quantitative phase gradients in orthogonal directions, which leads to a ..
  25. Bishara W, Su T, Coskun A, Ozcan A. Lensfree on-chip microscopy over a wide field-of-view using pixel super-resolution. Opt Express. 2010;18:11181-91 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrate the success of this pixel super-resolution approach by imaging patterned transparent substrates, blood smear samples, as well as Caenoharbditis Elegans. ..
  26. Khare K, Ali P, Joseph J. Single shot high resolution digital holography. Opt Express. 2013;21:2581-91 pubmed publisher
    ..Excellent image recovery is observed without the presence of dc or twin image terms and with minimal speckle noise. ..
  27. Waller L, Luo Y, Yang S, Barbastathis G. Transport of intensity phase imaging in a volume holographic microscope. Opt Lett. 2010;35:2961-3 pubmed publisher
    ..This axial intensity information is then used to solve the TIE and recover object phase quantitatively. Further, we show improved phase recovery by using five multiplexed gratings in one hologram. ..
  28. Mudanyali O, Bishara W, Ozcan A. Lensfree super-resolution holographic microscopy using wetting films on a chip. Opt Express. 2011;19:17378-89 pubmed publisher
    ..These results are especially important for the development of highly sensitive field-portable microscopic analysis tools for resource limited settings. ..
  29. Verpillat F, Joud F, Desbiolles P, Gross M. Dark-field digital holographic microscopy for 3D-tracking of gold nanoparticles. Opt Express. 2011;19:26044-55 pubmed publisher
    We present a new technique that combines off-axis Digital Holography and Dark Field Microscopy to track 100nm gold particles diffusing in water...
  30. Shimobaba T, Sato Y, Miura J, Takenouchi M, Ito T. Real-time digital holographic microscopy using the graphic processing unit. Opt Express. 2008;16:11776-81 pubmed
    ..The computational speed of the Fresnel diffraction using the GPU is faster than that of recent CPUs. The real-time DHM system can obtain reconstructed images from holograms whose size is 512 x 512 grids in 24 frames per second. ..
  31. Lehmann M, Lichte H. Tutorial on off-axis electron holography. Microsc Microanal. 2002;8:447-66 pubmed
    Through recent years, off-axis electron holography has helped us to understand and to overcome some experimental restrictions in transmission electron microscopy...
  32. Langehanenberg P, Kemper B, Dirksen D, von Bally G. Autofocusing in digital holographic phase contrast microscopy on pure phase objects for live cell imaging. Appl Opt. 2008;47:D176-82 pubmed
    Digital holography enables a multifocus quantitative phase microscopy for the investigation of reflective surfaces and for marker-free live cell imaging...
  33. Jeong K, Peng L, Nolte D, Melloch M. Fourier-domain holography in photorefractive quantum-well films. Appl Opt. 2004;43:3802-11 pubmed
    Fourier-domain holography (FDH) is investigated as a candidate for holographic optical coherence imaging to produce real-time images of structure inside living tissue and turbid media...
  34. Wissmann P, Oh S, Barbastathis G. Simulation and optimization of volume holographic imaging systems in Zemax. Opt Express. 2008;16:7516-24 pubmed
    ..We conclude with examples of simulation and optimization results and show proof of consistency and usefulness of the proposed model. ..
  35. Absil E, Tessier G, Gross M, Atlan M, Warnasooriya N, Suck S, et al. Photothermal heterodyne holography of gold nanoparticles. Opt Express. 2010;18:780-6 pubmed publisher
    We report a method based on heterodyne numerical holography associated to photothermal excitation for full field and three-dimensional localisation of metallic nanoparticles...
  36. Kemper B, von Bally G. Digital holographic microscopy for live cell applications and technical inspection. Appl Opt. 2008;47:A52-61 pubmed
    ..An overview of digital holographic microscopy methods is described. Applications of digital holographic microscopy are demonstrated by results obtained from livings cells and engineered surfaces. ..
  37. Luo Y, Oh S, Barbastathis G. Wavelength-coded multifocal microscopy. Opt Lett. 2010;35:781-3 pubmed
    ..We present the design, implementation, and experimental image data demonstrating this microscope's ability to obtain biological tissue structures simultaneously at different focal planes using broadband illumination by LEDs. ..
  38. Xu W, Jericho M, Meinertzhagen I, Kreuzer H. Digital in-line holography of microspheres. Appl Opt. 2002;41:5367-75 pubmed
    We have used digital in-line holography (DIH) with numerical reconstruction to image micrometer-sized latex spheres as well as ferrimagnetic beads suspended in gelatin...
  39. Martínez León L, Pedrini G, Osten W. Applications of short-coherence digital holography in microscopy. Appl Opt. 2005;44:3977-84 pubmed
    We present an optical system based on short-coherence digital holography suitable for the imaging of three-dimensional microscopic objects. The short temporal coherence properties of the light source allow optical sectioning of the sample...
  40. Javidi B, Ferraro P, Hong S, De Nicola S, Finizio A, Alfieri D, et al. Three-dimensional image fusion by use of multiwavelength digital holography. Opt Lett. 2005;30:144-6 pubmed
    We present three-dimensional (3D) image fusion by use of digital holography. We demonstrate experimentally that, through the image fusion technique with multiresolution wavelet decomposition, it is possible to increase the details and ..
  41. Dunin Borkowski R, Kasama T, Wei A, Tripp S, Hÿtch M, Snoeck E, et al. Off-axis electron holography of magnetic nanowires and chains, rings, and planar arrays of magnetic nanoparticles. Microsc Res Tech. 2004;64:390-402 pubmed
    A selection of recent results illustrating the application of off-axis electron holography to the study of magnetic microstructure in closely-spaced nanoparticles and nanowires is reviewed...
  42. Paturzo M, Merola F, Grilli S, De Nicola S, Finizio A, Ferraro P. Super-resolution in digital holography by a two-dimensional dynamic phase grating. Opt Express. 2008;16:17107-18 pubmed
    ..The proposed approach can improve the capabilities of digital holography in three-dimensional imaging and microscopy.
  43. Kemmler M, Fratz M, Giel D, Saum N, Brandenburg A, Hoffmann C. Noninvasive time-dependent cytometry monitoring by digital holography. J Biomed Opt. 2007;12:064002 pubmed publisher
    ..Trypsinization, cell swelling and shrinking induced by osmolarity changes, and apoptosis served as model processes to elucidate the potential of the digital holographic microscopy (DHM). ..
  44. Atlan M, Gross M, Desbiolles P, Absil E, Tessier G, Coppey Moisan M. Heterodyne holographic microscopy of gold particles. Opt Lett. 2008;33:500-2 pubmed
    ..Detection of the scattered light at the illumination wavelength on a charge-coupled-device array detector enables 3D localization of brownian particles in water. ..
  45. Lam E, Zhang X, Vo H, Poon T, Indebetouw G. Three-dimensional microscopy and sectional image reconstruction using optical scanning holography. Appl Opt. 2009;48:H113-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Optical scanning holography (OSH) promises to deliver a good trade-off between these two goals...
  46. Ash W, Kim M. Digital holography of total internal reflection. Opt Express. 2008;16:9811-20 pubmed
    ..Quantitative phase microscopy by digital holography is used to image the phase profile of light in total internal reflection, which is modulated by the materials ..
  47. Gross M, Lesaffre M, Ramaz F, Delaye P, Roosen G, Boccara A. Detection of the tagged or untagged photons in acousto-optic imaging of thick highly scattering media by photorefractive adaptive holography. Eur Phys J E Soft Matter. 2009;28:173-82 pubmed publisher
    ..We describe here our present state of the art and understanding on the problem of breast imaging with PR detection of the acousto-optic signal. ..
  48. Shekhawat G, Dravid V. Nanoscale imaging of buried structures via scanning near-field ultrasound holography. Science. 2005;310:89-92 pubmed
    A nondestructive imaging method, scanning near-field ultrasound holography (SNFUH), has been developed that provides depth information as well as spatial resolution at the 10- to 100-nanometer scale...
  49. Dubois F, Yourassowsky C, Monnom O, Legros J, Debeir O, Van Ham P, et al. Digital holographic microscopy for the three-dimensional dynamic analysis of in vitro cancer cell migration. J Biomed Opt. 2006;11:054032 pubmed
    ..The software driving our DHM system is equipped with a time-lapse ability that enables the 3-D trajectories of living cells to be reconstituted and quantitatively analyzed. ..
  50. Brady D, Choi K, Marks D, Horisaki R, Lim S. Compressive holography. Opt Express. 2009;17:13040-9 pubmed
    ..Compressive measurement is particularly useful in generating multidimensional images from lower dimensional data. We demonstrate single frame 3D tomography from 2D holographic data. ..
  51. Malkiel E, Sheng J, Katz J, Strickler J. The three-dimensional flow field generated by a feeding calanoid copepod measured using digital holography. J Exp Biol. 2003;206:3657-66 pubmed
    Digital in-line holography is used for measuring the three-dimensional (3-D) trajectory of a free-swimming freshwater copepod Diaptomus minutus, and simultaneously the instantaneous 3-D velocity field around this copepod...
  52. Mölder A, Sebesta M, Gustafsson M, Gisselson L, Wingren A, Alm K. Non-invasive, label-free cell counting and quantitative analysis of adherent cells using digital holography. J Microsc. 2008;232:240-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we use a technique that utilizes digital holography, allowing label-free and completely non-invasive cell counting directly in cell culture vessels with adherent ..
  53. Lauer V. New approach to optical diffraction tomography yielding a vector equation of diffraction tomography and a novel tomographic microscope. J Microsc. 2002;205:165-76 pubmed
    ..The experimentally obtained representations show index and absorptivity with a resolution limit of about a quarter of a wavelength, and have a depth of field of about 40 microm. ..