leishmaniasis vaccines


Summary: Vaccines or candidate vaccines used to prevent infection with LEISHMANIA.

Top Publications

  1. Kumar A, Misra P, Sisodia B, Shasany A, Sundar S, Dube A. Mass spectrometry-based proteomic analysis of Leishmania donovani soluble proteins in Indian clinical isolate. Pathog Dis. 2014;70:84-7 pubmed
    ..Proteomic results identified several proteins as drug targets, Th1 stimulatory, novel, and hypothetical proteins which could have crucial biological functions in Leishmania pathogenesis. ..
  2. Pirdel L, Farajnia S. A Non-pathogenic Recombinant Leishmania Expressing Lipophosphoglycan 3 Against Experimental Infection with Leishmania infantum. Scand J Immunol. 2017;86:15-22 pubmed publisher
    ..However, immune responses elicited by this live vaccine conferred partial protection against infectious challenge. Therefore, further studies are required to increase its protective efficacy. ..
  3. Osman M, Mistry A, Keding A, Gabe R, Cook E, Forrester S, et al. A third generation vaccine for human visceral leishmaniasis and post kala azar dermal leishmaniasis: First-in-human trial of ChAd63-KH. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2017;11:e0005527 pubmed publisher
    ..The results of this study support the further development of ChAd63-KH as a novel third generation vaccine for VL and PKDL. This clinical trial (LEISH1) was registered at EudraCT (2012-005596-14) and ISRCTN (07766359). ..
  4. Grimaldi G, Teva A, dos Santos C, Santos F, Pinto I, Fux B, et al. Field trial of efficacy of the Leish-tec® vaccine against canine leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania infantum in an endemic area with high transmission rates. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0185438 pubmed publisher
    ..infantum in areas of high transmission rates. Leish-tec® as a prophylactic vaccine showed promise but needs to be further optimized to be effective in dogs under field conditions, and thereby positively impacts human incidence. ..
  5. Rostamian M, Niknam H. Evaluation of the adjuvant effect of agonists of toll-like receptor 4 and 7/8 in a vaccine against leishmaniasis in BALB/c mice. Mol Immunol. 2017;91:202-208 pubmed publisher
  6. Sanya R, Tumwesige E, Elliott A, Seeley J. Perceptions about interventions to control schistosomiasis among the Lake Victoria island communities of Koome, Uganda. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2017;11:e0005982 pubmed publisher
    ..However, any interventions deployed need to be acceptable to, and sustainable by, the target communities...
  7. Dias D, Ribeiro P, Martins V, Lage D, Portela Á, Costa L, et al. Recombinant small glutamine-rich tetratricopeptide repeat-containing protein of Leishmania infantum: Potential vaccine and diagnostic application against visceral leishmaniasis. Mol Immunol. 2017;91:272-281 pubmed publisher
    ..Although further studies are necessary to validate these findings, data showed here suggest immunogenicity of rSGT and its protective effect against murine VL, as well as its potential for the serodiagnosis of human and canine VL...
  8. Solano Gallego L, Cardoso L, Pennisi M, Petersen C, Bourdeau P, Oliva G, et al. Diagnostic Challenges in the Era of Canine Leishmania infantum Vaccines. Trends Parasitol. 2017;33:706-717 pubmed publisher
    ..Important gaps in knowledge regarding the diagnosis of CanL are underscored to highlight the need for novel diagnostic test development. ..