blood physiological phenomena


Summary: Physiological processes and properties of the BLOOD.

Top Publications

  1. Schrier R, Berl T, Anderson R. Osmotic and nonosmotic control of vasopressin release. Am J Physiol. 1979;236:F321-32 pubmed
    ..A model of osmotic and nonosmotic interactions, based on available electrophysiologic studies, is presented and its clinical implications are discussed. ..
  2. Brock M. Chronobiology and aging. J Am Geriatr Soc. 1991;39:74-91 pubmed
  3. De Greef C, Imberechts H, Matthyssens G, Van Meirvenne N, Hamers R. A gene expressed only in serum-resistant variants of Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense. Mol Biochem Parasitol. 1989;36:169-76 pubmed
    ..b. rhodesiense. As expected, Southern blot analyses have demonstrated that both serum-resistant and serum-sensitive forms of T. b. rhodesiense contain the gene coding for this transcript. ..
  4. Armstrong L, Maresh C, Castellani J, Bergeron M, Kenefick R, LaGasse K, et al. Urinary indices of hydration status. Int J Sport Nutr. 1994;4:265-79 pubmed
  5. Aradachi H, Honda K, Negoro H, Kubota T. Median preoptic neurones projecting to the supraoptic nucleus are sensitive to haemodynamic changes as well as to rise in plasma osmolality in rats. J Neuroendocrinol. 1996;8:35-43 pubmed
  6. Toschi V, Gallo R, Lettino M, Fallon J, Gertz S, Fernandez Ortiz A, et al. Tissue factor modulates the thrombogenicity of human atherosclerotic plaques. Circulation. 1997;95:594-9 pubmed
  7. Shelton D, Chang E, Whittier P, Choi D, Funk W. Microarray analysis of replicative senescence. Curr Biol. 1999;9:939-45 pubmed
    ..In fibroblasts, the senescent state mimics inflammatory wound repair processes and, as such, senescent cells may contribute to chronic wound pathologies. ..
  8. HUTTON K. Blood volume, corpuscular constants, and shell weight in turtles. Am J Physiol. 1961;200:1004-6 pubmed
  9. Szymonowicz M, Kucharska M, Wiśniewska Wrona M, Dobrzynski M, Kołodziejczyk K, Rybak Z. The evaluation of resorbable haemostatic wound dressings in contact with blood in vitro. Acta Bioeng Biomech. 2017;19:151-165 pubmed
    ..The model of multi-resorbable wound dressings has haemostatic properties. The materials activate the clotting process more quickly than a single-dressing model. Increased activity was found for dressings prepared by spray-drying. ..

More Information


  1. Leblanc A. Increased production of 4 kDa amyloid beta peptide in serum deprived human primary neuron cultures: possible involvement of apoptosis. J Neurosci. 1995;15:7837-46 pubmed
    ..The results suggest that human neurons undergoing apoptosis generate excess A beta and indicates a possible mechanism for increased A beta in the absence of APP mutations. ..