Summary: The common precursor polypeptide of pancreatic GLUCAGON and intestinal GLUCAGON-LIKE PEPTIDES. Proglucagon is the 158-amino acid segment of preproglucagon without the N-terminal signal sequence. Proglucagon is expressed in the PANCREAS; INTESTINES; and the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. Posttranslational processing of proglucagon is tissue-specific yielding numerous bioactive peptides.

Top Publications

  1. Da Silva Xavier G, Mondragon A, Mourougavelou V, Cruciani Guglielmacci C, Denom J, Herrera P, et al. Pancreatic alpha cell-selective deletion of Tcf7l2 impairs glucagon secretion and counter-regulatory responses to hypoglycaemia in mice. Diabetologia. 2017;60:1043-1050 pubmed publisher
    ..05; n = 7) in Tcf7l2AKO mice compared with wild-type mice. The present findings demonstrate an alpha cell-autonomous role for Tcf7l2 in the control of pancreatic glucagon secretion and the maintenance of alpha cell mass and function. ..
  2. Raffort J, Lareyre F, Massalou D, Fenichel P, Panaia Ferrari P, Chinetti G. Insights on glicentin, a promising peptide of the proglucagon family. Biochem Med (Zagreb). 2017;27:308-324 pubmed publisher
    Glicentin is a proglucagon-derived peptide mainly produced in the L-intestinal cells...