cone opsins


Summary: Photosensitive proteins expressed in the CONE PHOTORECEPTOR CELLS. They are the protein components of cone photopigments. Cone opsins are classified by their peak absorption wavelengths.

Top Publications

  1. Nandamuri S, Dalton B, Carleton K. Determination of the Genetic Architecture Underlying Short Wavelength Sensitivity in Lake Malawi Cichlids. J Hered. 2017;108:379-390 pubmed publisher
    ..This knowledge will help answer long-standing questions about the evolutionary processes fundamental to opsin expression variation and how this contributes to adaptive cichlid divergence. ..
  2. Tsai T, Joachimsthaler A, Kremers J. Mesopic and Photopic Rod and Cone Photoreceptor-Driven Visual Processes in Mice With Long-Wavelength-Shifted Cone Pigments. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2017;58:5177-5187 pubmed publisher