psychoanalytic interpretation


Summary: Utilization of Freudian theories to explain various psychologic aspects of art, literature, biographical material, etc.

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  1. Evans A, Pereira D, Parker J. Discourses of anxiety in nursing practice: a psychoanalytic case study of the change-of-shift handover ritual. Nurs Inq. 2008;15:40-8 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that the important implicit function of the handover ritual is to keep anxiety at bay, thereby enabling the nurse to commence practice rather than being immobilised by the effect of potentially overwhelming anxiety. ..
  2. Kligman D. The logic of psychoanalytic interpretation. Psychoanal Q. 2010;79:491-522 pubmed
    ..The method is illustrated by applying it to two interpretations, one of which is rejected and the other accepted. Some questions and criticisms are addressed. ..
  3. Reed G. Turning heads: a commentary on 'a man who was tied up'. Int J Psychoanal. 2008;89:497-501 pubmed publisher
  4. Palmeri S. Commentary: the virtual psyche, the self and the other. Psychoanal Rev. 2008;95:515-20 pubmed publisher
  5. Smith H. Vicious circles of punishment: a reading of Melanie Klein's Envy and gratitude. Psychoanal Q. 2008;77:199-218 pubmed
    ..In the sadomasochistic enactments that result, the moral force of Klein's categories fuels the countertransference. A detailed clinical hour is presented. ..
  6. Sirois F. Aesthetic experience. Int J Psychoanal. 2008;89:127-42 pubmed publisher
    ..The initial clinical question requires an elaboration of aesthetic transference, a variant of the narcissistic transference, whereby the analysand invites the analyst to share his/her internal state as a common unspoken object. ..
  7. Balter L. Dead of night. Psychoanal Q. 2010;79:753-83 pubmed
    ..Psychoanalytic insights into this film structure are used here to explain how the film induces horror in the audience. ..
  8. Renonciat C. [Shared feeling of therapeutic deadlock in a psychiatric institution]. Soins Psychiatr. 2016;37:16-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Reasserting the "psychoanalytical work as a group" can be a way of understanding situations of deadlock to find new ways of moving forward. ..
  9. Charles M. Ashes of Remembrance: Reconfiguring the Phoenix. Psychoanal Rev. 2016;103:41-67 pubmed publisher

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  1. Blum H. Picasso's prolonged adolescence, Blue Period, and blind figures. Psychoanal Rev. 2013;100:267-87 pubmed publisher
    ..Picasso's developmental transformation from adolescence to adulthood, marked by his finally settling in Paris, encompassed change in his personal and artistic identity. ..
  2. Vega J. Interpretation domestic and foreign. Psychoanal Q. 2012;81:811-48 pubmed
    ..The author presents a number of clinical examples to further illustrate these ideas. ..
  3. Marion P. Some reflections on the unique time of Nachträglichkeit in theory and clinical practice. Int J Psychoanal. 2012;93:317-40 pubmed publisher
  4. Salande J, Perkins D. An object relations approach to cult membership. Am J Psychother. 2011;65:381-91 pubmed
  5. Attia O. Separation and individuation in Picasso's Guernica. Int J Psychoanal. 2011;92:1561-81 pubmed publisher
    ..The preparatory studies and the painting itself are perceived as transitional objects. ..
  6. Holmes J. Superego: an attachment perspective. Int J Psychoanal. 2011;92:1221-40 pubmed publisher
    ..Theoretical arguments are illustrated with clinical examples. ..
  7. Peräkylä A. Shifting the perspective after the patient's response to an interpretation. Int J Psychoanal. 2010;91:1363-84 pubmed publisher
    b>Psychoanalytic interpretation is normally understood as a sequence of two utterances: the analyst gives an interpretation and the patient responds to it...
  8. Blackwell C. Nursing implications in the application of conversion therapies on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender clients. Issues Ment Health Nurs. 2008;29:651-65 pubmed publisher
  9. Shengold L. Competition and postural confrontation in life, sports, and psychoanalytic treatment--illustrated clinically and in relation to Vladimir Nabokov. Psychoanal Q. 2008;77:403-31 pubmed
    ..The latter features aspects of the life and works of the writer Vladimir Nabokov. ..
  10. Aguayo J. The role of the patient's remembered history and unconscious past in the evolution of Betty Joseph's 'Here and now' clinical technique (1959-1989). Int J Psychoanal. 2011;92:1117-36 pubmed publisher
  11. Zanasi M, Pecorella M, Chiaramonte C, Niolu C, Siracusano A. Dreams by persons with mood disorders. Psychol Rep. 2008;103:381-94 pubmed
    ..With regard to sensory field, there were fewer lemmas referring to sight for depressed patients than for healthy participants. This work seems to confirm the value of textual analysis in the study of oneiric material ..
  12. Carsky M. Supportive psychoanalytic therapy for personality disorders. Psychotherapy (Chic). 2013;50:443-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Awareness of transference is used by the therapist to avoid injury to the patient's self esteem and to maximize tact in addressing the patient's defenses and maladaptive behaviors. ..
  13. Rudden M, Twemlow S, Ackerman S. Leadership and regressive group processes: a pilot study. Int J Psychoanal. 2008;89:993-1010 pubmed
    ..007) and ability to sustain the goals (p = 0.04), when the score of the person who met criteria for group leadership was used. ..
  14. Harper G, Becker D, Copans S, Flaherty L, Ghalib K, Gharib K, et al. Being with the patient: the use of "clinical evidence," reconsidered. J Nerv Ment Dis. 2013;201:813-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Data from interactions with patients are increasingly marginalized in psychiatry, even as interactional data have an increasing role elsewhere in healthcare. Recommendations for training, clinical care, and administration are made. ..
  15. Sklar J, Sabbadini A. David Cronenberg's Spider: between confusion and fragmentation. Int J Psychoanal. 2008;89:427-32 pubmed publisher
  16. Kantrowitz J. Privacy and disclosure in psychoanalysis. J Am Psychoanal Assoc. 2009;57:787-806 pubmed publisher
    ..The special problems of privacy and disclosure in psychoanalytic training are addressed, as are the ways the analyst's belief in maintaining privacy may affect the analytic process and therapeutic relationship. ..
  17. Sugarman A. Child versus adult psychoanalysis: two processes or one?. Int J Psychoanal. 2009;90:1255-76 pubmed publisher
    ..It is hoped that stressing the essential commonality of both techniques will promote the development of an overarching theory of psychoanalytic technique. ..
  18. Faimberg H. A plea for a broader concept of Nachträglichkeit. Psychoanal Q. 2007;76:1221-40 pubmed
    ..A clinical example is presented (Kardiner 1977) to illustrate why the author believes that her proposal remains true to Freud's (1937) conception of psychic temporality and construction. ..
  19. Bergmann M. The woman I love and the woman I cannot live without. Psychoanal Rev. 2013;100:769-74 pubmed publisher
    ..quot; Love requires dependency, but it can also lead to giving up independent existence; then it becomes inimical to the relationship. ..
  20. Newman G. Pregnancy, thirdness, and the aesthetics of catastrophe in Heinrich von Kleist. Psychoanal Q. 2012;81:127-56 pubmed
  21. Donnelly D. The function of suffering as portrayed in the Scarlet Letter and reflected in clinical work. J Am Psychoanal Assoc. 2012;60:1139-59 pubmed publisher
    ..Hawthorne, it is argued, intuitively grasped this function of suffering in his novel. ..
  22. Pierri M. Coincidences in analysis: Sigmund Freud and the strange case of Dr Forsyth and Herr von Vorsicht. Int J Psychoanal. 2010;91:745-72 pubmed publisher outlined in order to understand Freud's heroic self-analysis at the time when he was treating his daughter Anna and grieving the death of his beloved Sophie. ..
  23. Heenen Wolff S. 'A man who was tied up'. Int J Psychoanal. 2008;89:481-9 pubmed publisher
  24. Mashour G. Toward a general theory of unconscious processes in psychoanalysis and anesthesiology. J Am Psychoanal Assoc. 2008;56:203-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Based on the common structure and function of unconscious processes in psychoanalysis and anesthesiology, the foundation of a general theory is established. ..
  25. Rosegrant J. The deathly hallows: Harry Potter and adolescent development. J Am Psychoanal Assoc. 2009;57:1401-23 pubmed publisher
    ..These developmental themes are explored in order to better understand the Harry Potter books, as, conversely, the books are explored in order to better understand these themes. ..
  26. Levy J. Studying the interpretation of dreams in the company of analytic candidates. J Am Psychoanal Assoc. 2009;57:847-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Through the teaching and study within the seminar framework of the fundamentals of Freud's dream theory, a shared growth experience results for both teacher and candidates. ..
  27. Miller J. Loewald's "binocular vision" and the art of analysis. J Am Psychoanal Assoc. 2008;56:1139-59 pubmed publisher
    ..It emerges as a useful model with which to conceptualize and integrate the ambiguous reality of analytic experience. ..
  28. Khaleelee O. Succession and survival in psychotherapy organizations. J Anal Psychol. 2008;53:633-52 pubmed publisher
  29. Buie D. Core issues in the treatment of personality-disordered patients. J Am Psychoanal Assoc. 2013;61:10-23 pubmed publisher
    ..I have also described the difficulties presented to patients when they are making progress. They can become significantly unfamiliar with themselves, and this may induce temporary regressions. ..
  30. Golinelli P, Rossi N. An entire life in one glance: a psychoanalytic reading of Revolutionary Road. Int J Psychoanal. 2012;93:1491-503 pubmed publisher
    ..The presence of this neediness impedes a more adequate working through of the conflicts and the transition to more satisfying ways of relating. ..
  31. Shapiro D. Theoretical value of psychological testing. J Pers Assess. 2012;94:558-62 pubmed publisher
    ..This rests on 2 advantages of tests over the usual psychiatric and psychoanalytic interviews: Tests are ahistorical and they present information primarily of a formal kind. ..
  32. Watermeyer B. Disability and countertransference in group psychotherapy: connecting social oppression with the clinical frame. Int J Group Psychother. 2012;62:392-417 pubmed publisher
    ..Key issues include challenges to the traditional frame, the crossing of psychic boundaries, anxieties relating to not knowing, and the role of unconscious factors in marginalizing disabled experience. ..
  33. Lachter B. On the crisis of conscience. Australas Psychiatry. 2012;20:148-52 pubmed publisher
    ..The perspective of allegory allows intense emotion to be contained, and placed in a socio-cultural context, which may work against bloodshed. ..
  34. Spero M. Touched by Grace during the psychoanalytic hour: the transformation of a religious resistance. Psychoanal Q. 2008;77:283-325 pubmed
  35. Zalusky S. Commentary on Arnold Goldberg's "Some limits of the boundary concept". Psychoanal Q. 2008;77:897-905; discussion 915-9 pubmed
  36. Danckwardt J. ["For me, painting is a continuation of dreaming by different means" (Neo Rauch 2006). Contributions of art to psychoanalytic dream interpretation]. Luzif Amor. 2008;21:42-62 pubmed
    ..Freud's dream of the "castle by the sea" is a "specimen dream" for interpretation via retranslation of picture/dream-work. ..
  37. Busch F. 'Can you push a camel through the eye of a needle?' Reflections on how the unconscious speaks to us and its clinical implications. Int J Psychoanal. 2009;90:53-68 pubmed publisher
    ..A clinical example is presented to demonstrate these perspectives. ..
  38. Tobin R. Fixing Freud: the Oedipus complex in early twenty-first century US American novels. Psychoanal Hist. 2011;13:245-64 pubmed
    ..All three novels seek to celebrate Freud's understanding of the human psyche, while shifting the focus of the oedipal structure away from the murderous and lustful child toward the adult. ..
  39. Gerson S. When the third is dead: memory, mourning, and witnessing in the aftermath of the holocaust. Int J Psychoanal. 2009;90:1341-57 pubmed publisher
  40. Burton J, Gilmore K. "This strange disease": adolescent transference and the analyst's sexual orientation. J Am Psychoanal Assoc. 2010;58:715-35 pubmed publisher
  41. Bichi E. A case history: from traumatic repetition towards psychic representability. Int J Psychoanal. 2008;89:541-60 pubmed publisher
  42. Nissen B. On the determination of autistoid organizations in non-autistic adults. Int J Psychoanal. 2008;89:261-77 pubmed publisher
    ..Intolerance accompanying projective identification and damage to primal fantasies/preconceptions are discussed. In conclusion, a clinical illustration with autistoid and hypochondriacal retreats clarifies some of the aspects discussed. ..
  43. Smith H. Leaps of faith: is forgiveness a useful concept?. Int J Psychoanal. 2008;89:919-36 pubmed
    ..In a final vignette, the author illustrates an analytic outcome that has the appearance of forgiveness, but is best understood as the complex result of the everyday work of analysis. ..
  44. Glassgold E. When theory paints a picture: a clinician reflects on Piera Aulagnier's metapsychology. Psychoanal Q. 2010;79:717-30 pubmed
    ..The metapsychology of French analyst Piera Aulagnier was particularly useful to the analyst in conceptualizing the patient's experience an understanding his reactions to interventions. ..
  45. Amouroux R. Marie Bonaparte, her first two patients and the literary world. Int J Psychoanal. 2010;91:879-94 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition to Italo Svevo, we come across the acerbic writer, Maurice Sachs, as well as the famous novelist, Stefan Zweig. ..
  46. Friedman H. Scientific meeting of the American Institute for Psychoanalysis. When interpretations derail the patient: examples from contemporary conflict theory. Am J Psychoanal. 2008;68:66-8 pubmed publisher
  47. Endo A. [The relationship between state anxiety and the impression of sandplay productions in terms of factors of the makers and raters]. Shinrigaku Kenkyu. 2012;82:540-6 pubmed
    ..Higher S-Anxiety raters rated the Integration of L-works lower than did the lower S-Anxiety raters. This indicates that higher S-Anxiety raters observed the free expression of lower S-anxiety makers from a partial perspective. ..
  48. Teitelbaum S. Allergic to people: building bridges in a ripped psychic-soma. Am J Psychoanal. 2008;68:177-88 pubmed publisher
    ..As she reclaims lost development mastery, she displays a symbolized sphincter. As her capacity to form symbols grows, she rages and mourns for the loss of her fantasized ideal parents and her ideal body. ..
  49. Young Bruehl E. Little Hans in the history of child analysis. Psychoanal Study Child. 2007;62:28-43 pubmed
  50. Tutter A. Metamorphosis and the aesthetics of loss: II. Lady of the woods--the transformative lens of Francesca Woodman. Int J Psychoanal. 2011;92:1517-39 pubmed publisher
    ..Over the millennia, classical myth is infused and enriched with personal meaning by the reanimating, clarifying and transformative lens of art. ..
  51. Levy R. From symbolizing to non-symbolizing within the scope of a link: from dreams to shouts of terror caused by an absent presence. Int J Psychoanal. 2012;93:837-62 pubmed publisher
    ..This contribution aims to describe that structure from the metapsychological point of view - contained. I end by synthesizing the possible widening of what could be a Bionian negative grid. ..
  52. Levine H. The colourless canvas: representation, therapeutic action and the creation of mind. Int J Psychoanal. 2012;93:607-47 pubmed publisher
  53. Smith H. When the patient is a work of art. Psychoanal Q. 2008;77:399-401 pubmed