Summary: Social welfare organizations with programs designed to assist individuals in need.

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  1. Petit Zeman S, Philpots E, Denegri S. "Natural ground" for medical research charities: public and patient involvement in research funding. J Ambul Care Manage. 2010;33:249-56 pubmed publisher
    ..With many medical research charities often representing distinct patient groups as part of their broader charitable role, or having strong patient ..
  2. Barraza J, McCullough M, Ahmadi S, Zak P. Oxytocin infusion increases charitable donations regardless of monetary resources. Horm Behav. 2011;60:148-51 pubmed publisher
    ..This is the first study showing that OT increases generosity in unilateral exchanges directed toward philanthropic social institutions, as opposed to immediate benefits directed at individuals or groups. ..
  3. Wider B, Ernst E. CAM research funding in the UK: surveys of medical charities in 1999 and 2002. Complement Ther Med. 2003;11:165-7 pubmed
    A custom-made questionnaire was sent to all UK medical charities in 1999 and again in 2002. Its primary aim was to assess the commitment of these institutions towards funding research in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)...
  4. Hirst J. Charities and patient groups should declare interests. BMJ. 2003;326:1211 pubmed
  5. Weiss R. Realizing your mission. Health Prog. 2005;86:13-5 pubmed
  6. Becker C. Charitable intentions. CHA, VHA unveil community-benefit guidelines developed to help not-for-profit hospitals justify their tax exemptions. Mod Healthc. 2006;36:6-7, 14, 1 pubmed
    ..While the AHA doesn't agree, some experts do. MedPAC member Nancy Kane, right, says bad debt "is a tough one, but I don't think a lot of bad debt is a community benefit. ..
  7. Hawkes N. Have charities been silenced by government gold?. BMJ. 2007;335:592 pubmed
  8. Taylor M. Not-for-profit anxiety. Illinois bill may deny tax exemptions. Mod Healthc. 2006;36:17 pubmed
  9. Turner H. The perfect Christmas gift. J Miss State Med Assoc. 2005;46:377-8 pubmed

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  1. Lemay J, Bates L. Exploration of charity toward busking (street performance) as a function of religion. Psychol Rep. 2013;112:578-92 pubmed
    ..The best predictive model of giving to buskers consisted of three variables including less experienced irritation toward buskers, prior experience with giving to the homeless, and lower religious fundamentalism. ..
  2. Galarneau C. Health Care Sharing Ministries and Their Exemption From the Individual Mandate of the Affordable Care Act. J Bioeth Inq. 2015;12:269-82 pubmed publisher
    ..A sufficient justification would address at least the five ethical and policy concerns raised here. ..
  3. Dopson L. A big hand for almshouses. Nurs Older People. 2005;17:39 pubmed
  4. Taylor M. Illinois seeks charity regs. Mod Healthc. 2006;36:7, 16 pubmed
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  8. Mayor S. Cancer charity starts research programme with drug "borrowed" from industry. BMJ. 2008;336:1155 pubmed publisher
  9. Jungnitz B. [Paris 1633--a milestone in the development of modern nursing. Vincent de Paul and the sisterhood of the Daughters of charity]. Hist Hosp. 2010;27:223-38 pubmed
    ..Nursing sisterhoods in Germany were modelled for the French Daughters of Charity that had been planted in 1633 by Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac in Paris. Models for this planting are pointed to. ..
  10. McGregor C. The community benefit standard for non-profit hospitals: which community, and for whose benefit?. J Contemp Health Law Policy. 2007;23:302-40 pubmed
  11. Hablas A. Palliative care in Egypt: challenges and opportunities. J Pediatr Hematol Oncol. 2011;33 Suppl 1:S52-3 pubmed publisher
    ..Developing countries face unique spectrum of difficulties including limited resources. In this article I share our experience in establishing palliative care department in a charity hospital located in Egypt. ..
  12. While A. Poetry in practice. Br J Community Nurs. 2010;15:362 pubmed
    ..In the lull before the storm of challenging public service reconfigurations and rethinks, it is worth considering where both health professionals and patients can gain solace at no cost to the services. ..
  13. Moszynski P. Charity names those countries which "squander" resources. BMJ. 2008;336:408 pubmed publisher
  14. Linck P, Tunnage B, Hughes D, Edwards R. NHS and charitable funding for children and young people with cancer in England and Wales. J Child Health Care. 2008;12:156-68 pubmed publisher Children and Young People with Cancer, identified the need to quantify the substantial contribution made by charities to NHS provision to this group of patients. This article quantifies the contribution in England and Wales...
  15. Smith F. In Florence's footsteps. Nurs Stand. 2009;24:22-3 pubmed
    ..The charity Teams4U recently arranged for a small team of nurses and doctors to carry out an education and training programme in Crimea. ..
  16. Bandy R, Ottoni Wilhelm M. Family structure and income during the stages of childhood and subsequent prosocial behavior in young adulthood. J Adolesc. 2012;35:1023-34 pubmed publisher
    ..The results did not seem to describe African-American young adults. Keeping this qualification in mind, the results suggest that adolescence is a sensitive stage in the development of charitable giving and volunteering. ..
  17. Dondelinger R. Vietnam: an inside look with ORBIS. Biomed Instrum Technol. 2007;41:13-5 pubmed
  18. McPherson B. A transparency guide. The things not-for-profits need to do to keep their tax exemptions. Mod Healthc. 2006;36:22 pubmed
  19. Showers V, Showers L, Beggs J, Cox J. Charitable giving expenditures and the faith factor. Am J Econ Sociol. 2011;70:152-86 pubmed
    ..Specifically, these findings point to an enduring, internal motivation for giving rather than an external, “What do I get for what I give,” motive. ..
  20. Miller S. Steven T. miller: the IRS perspective on charity care. Healthc Financ Manage. 2007;61:28-30 pubmed
  21. Layward L, Holmes P. Research to combat urinary incontinence. Br J Community Nurs. 2006;11:433-6 pubmed
    ..In this article, brought to you in association with Help the Aged, the authors discuss current research into the causes and management of urinary incontinence. ..
  22. Sawicki N. Without consent: moral imperatives, special abilities, and the duty to treat. Am J Bioeth. 2008;8:33-5 pubmed publisher
  23. Stuckler D, McKee M. Five metaphors about global-health policy. Lancet. 2008;372:95-7 pubmed publisher
  24. Haugh R. The new union strategy. Turning the community against you. Hosp Health Netw. 2006;80:32-7, 2 pubmed
    ..The campaigns can be brutal and relentless, and as hospital executives from Connecticut to California will attest, they can even get personal. ..
  25. Chambers D. The person who wears the white coat. J Am Coll Dent. 2012;79:33-6 pubmed
    ..Patients and others assume the first three from the title "doctor." What they want to know is what kind of person is wearing the white coat. ..
  26. Lynne P. Power to the people. Nurs Stand. 2008;22:22-3 pubmed
    ..ICROSS is a small but effective organisation tackling issues by working with the resources and capacities of poor communities. ..
  27. Evans M. Scheduling challenges. With overhauled Form 990, hospitals are being asked for more specifics on governance, pay, perks, subsidized care. Mod Healthc. 2008;38:6-7, 16, 1 pubmed
    ..quot;We look at this as the first step," says the IRS' Theresa Pattara, left, who was project manager for the form's retooling. ..
  28. Helm E. Rebuild Charity Hospital as a new entity. J Natl Med Assoc. 2007;99:588-9 pubmed
  29. Raff M. SAMA Benevolent Fund survival threatened. S Afr Med J. 2007;97:308 pubmed
  30. Bègue L, Charmoillaux M, Cochet J, Cury C, De Suremain F. Altruistic behavior and the bidimensional just world belief. Am J Psychol. 2008;121:47-56 pubmed
    ..No effects were observed for age or gender. ..
  31. Haikal Mukhtar H, Wareham S. Weapons of war--humanitarian and medical impact. Aust Fam Physician. 2007;36:1054 pubmed
    ..Most of us have patients who have loved ones living far away, sometimes in conflict zones or in other dangerous locations, and we share in the anxiety and distress that such situations bring to relatives. ..
  32. Midkiff A. Planned giving: charitable lead trusts. Dent Assist. 2007;76:46-7 pubmed
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  34. Hirschberger G, Ein Dor T, Almakias S. The self-protective altruist: terror management and the ambivalent nature of prosocial behavior. Pers Soc Psychol Bull. 2008;34:666-78 pubmed publisher
    ..However, MS significantly decreased organ donation card signings and decreased help to a wheelchair-bound confederate. The discussion examines the tension between personal fear and worldview validation. ..
  35. Corrêa C, Bonadio I, Tsunechiro M. [Normative prenatal evaluation at a philanthropic maternity hospital in São Paulo]. Rev Esc Enferm USP. 2011;45:1293-300 pubmed
    ..Appropriate prenatal care showed a statistically significant difference for mother's age, steady partner, employment, place of residence, having a companion during the appointment and place where prenatal care was initiated. ..
  36. Baroody J. A resurrection appearance at Applebee's. J Pastoral Care Counsel. 2007;61:271-3 pubmed
  37. Barber S. The Akhonya Dental Project: a new charity aiming to provide oral health education and preventative care in Kenya. Br Dent J. 2010;208:39-40 pubmed publisher
    ..This article describes the ethos of the charity and long-term aim to increase oral health awareness in the region. ..
  38. Ugá M, Lima S, Portela M, Vasconcellos M, Barbosa P, Gerschman S. [An analysis of managed care provided by charitable hospitals in Brazil]. Cad Saude Publica. 2008;24:157-68 pubmed
    ..Individual plans were more common than collective products, unlike the rest of the market, which may also result from the limited management capacity of these arrangements. ..
  39. Maio G. [From service of charity to profit center? An ethical critique of commodification of medicine]. Med Klin (Munich). 2008;103:455-9 pubmed publisher
  40. Flatto O. The case of philanthropy: bringing scientists and philanthropic donors together, for good. Dis Model Mech. 2015;8:1011-2 pubmed publisher
  41. Fong T. IRS turns up the heat. Agency may seek data on compensation, benefits. Mod Healthc. 2005;35:8-9 pubmed
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  43. Harries R, Williams A, Ferguson H, Mohan H, Beamish A, Gokani V. The future of surgical training in the context of the 'Shape of Training' Review: Consensus recommendations by the Association of Surgeons in Training. Int J Surg. 2016;36 Suppl 1:S5-S9 pubmed publisher
    ..This consensus statement outlines ASIT's position regarding recommendations for improving surgical training and aims to help guide discussions with regard to future proposed changes to surgical training. ..
  44. Becker C. Stable outlook, for now. Fitch sees calm prospects for 2006, uncertain for 2007. Mod Healthc. 2006;36:14 pubmed
  45. Kendall Raynor P. Diana children's nurses deserve recognition for their vital work. Nurs Stand. 2007;21:12-4 pubmed
  46. Boezeman E, Ellemers N. Volunteering for charity: pride, respect, and the commitment of volunteers. J Appl Psychol. 2007;92:771-85 pubmed
    ..Overall, the results suggest that volunteer organizations may do well to implement pride and respect in their volunteer policy, for instance to address the reliability problem (J. L. Pearce, 1993). ..
  47. Crear J. What is the difference between a Charity Hospital system and a university hospital system?. J Natl Med Assoc. 2007;99:582-4 pubmed
  48. Ingleton C, Payne S, Sargeant A, Seymour J. Barriers to achieving care at home at the end of life: transferring patients between care settings using patient transport services. Palliat Med. 2009;23:723-30 pubmed publisher
    ..Commissioning of services should be responsive to the complexities of patients' needs and those of their families. ..
  49. Chevreul K, McDaid D, Farmer C, Prigent A, Park A, Leboyer M, et al. Public and nonprofit funding for research on mental disorders in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. J Clin Psychiatry. 2012;73:e906-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Funding for research on mental disorders accounts for low proportions of research budgets compared with funding levels for research on other major health problems, whereas the expected return on investment is potentially high. ..
  50. Deloche A, Babatasi G, Baron O, Roux D, Chauvaud S, Sidi D, et al. [Pediatric heart surgery in developing countries. Twenty years experience of La Chaine de L'espoir (Chain of Hope)]. Bull Acad Natl Med. 2011;195:305-7; discussion 307-8 pubmed
    ..After 20 years of practice we have found that regional hospitals are the smallest structures that can offer acceptable results in terms of patient care and professional training ..
  51. Hsee C, Zhang J, Lu Z, Xu F. Unit asking: a method to boost donations and beyond. Psychol Sci. 2013;24:1801-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Our research suggests that a subtle manipulation based on psychological science can generate a substantial effect in real life. ..
  52. Smith C. Parsimony, power, and prescriptive legislation: the politics of pauper lunacy in Northamptonshire, 1845-1876. Bull Hist Med. 2007;81:359-85 pubmed
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