Summary: Integral membrane proteins and essential components of the gamma-secretase complex that catalyzes the cleavage of membrane proteins such as NOTCH RECEPTORS and AMYLOID BETA-PEPTIDES precursors. Mutations of presenilins lead to presenile ALZHEIMER DISEASE with onset before age 65 years.

Top Publications

  1. . Colombia at the centre of preclinical AD research. Lancet Neurol. 2012;11:567 pubmed publisher
  2. Gunawardena S, Yang G, Goldstein L. Presenilin controls kinesin-1 and dynein function during APP-vesicle transport in vivo. Hum Mol Genet. 2013;22:3828-43 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, perturbations of APP/PS transport could contribute to early neuropathology observed in AD, and highlight a potential novel therapeutic pathway for early intervention, prior to neuronal loss and clinical manifestation of disease. ..
  3. Fabian C, Naaldijk Y, Leovsky C, Johnson A, Rudolph L, Jaeger C, et al. Distribution pattern following systemic mesenchymal stem cell injection depends on the age of the recipient and neuronal health. Stem Cell Res Ther. 2017;8:85 pubmed publisher
    ..Clinically, our data would suggest that aged MSCs should not be used for transplantation and that transplantation of MSCs into aged patients will be less efficacious. ..
  4. Kang J, Shin S, Perrimon N, Shen J. An Evolutionarily Conserved Role of Presenilin in Neuronal Protection in the Aging Drosophila Brain. Genetics. 2017;206:1479-1493 pubmed publisher
  5. Qin X, Wang Y, Paudel H. Inhibition of Early Growth Response 1 in the Hippocampus Alleviates Neuropathology and Improves Cognition in an Alzheimer Model with Plaques and Tangles. Am J Pathol. 2017;187:1828-1847 pubmed publisher
    ..Egr-1 regulates tau phosphorylation and A? synthesis in the brain by respectively controlling activities of Cdk5 and BACE-1, suggesting that Egr-1 is a potential therapeutic candidate for the treatment of AD. ..