qc snare proteins


Summary: A subfamily of Q-SNARE PROTEINS which occupy the same position in the SNARE complex as the C-terminal SNARE domain of SNAP-25 and which also are most similar to the C-terminal region of SNAP-25 in their AMINO ACID SEQUENCE.

Top Publications

  1. Hatsuzawa K, Hashimoto H, Hashimoto H, Arai S, Tamura T, Higa Nishiyama A, et al. Sec22b is a negative regulator of phagocytosis in macrophages. Mol Biol Cell. 2009;20:4435-43 pubmed publisher
  2. Schardt A, Brinkmann B, Mitkovski M, Sereda M, Werner H, Nave K. The SNARE protein SNAP-29 interacts with the GTPase Rab3A: Implications for membrane trafficking in myelinating glia. J Neurosci Res. 2009;87:3465-79 pubmed publisher
    ..We suggest that Rab3A may regulate SNAP-29-mediated membrane fusion during myelination. ..
  3. Zhang J, Fu Y, Zhao Y, Li F, Qian A, Wu B, et al. [Genetic analysis of genitourinary malformations]. Zhonghua Yi Xue Yi Chuan Xue Za Zhi. 2009;26:134-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Neither of the mutations was found in the normal controls. The results suggested that mutation(s) of gene(s) from chromosomal region 22q11.2 may play an important role in the genesis of genitourinary malformations. ..
  4. Williams D, Novick P. Analysis of SEC9 suppression reveals a relationship of SNARE function to cell physiology. PLoS ONE. 2009;4:e5449 pubmed publisher
    ..Second, Sro7p acts to promote SNARE complex formation. Finally, Sec9p function and SNARE complex formation are tightly coupled to the physiological state of the cell. ..
  5. Kean M, Williams K, Skalski M, Myers D, Burtnik A, Foster D, et al. VAMP3, syntaxin-13 and SNAP23 are involved in secretion of matrix metalloproteinases, degradation of the extracellular matrix and cell invasion. J Cell Sci. 2009;122:4089-98 pubmed publisher
    ..The results reveal the importance of VAMP3, syntaxin-13 and SNAP23 in the trafficking of MMP during degradation of ECM substrates and subsequent cellular invasion. ..
  6. Suh Y, Terashima A, Petralia R, Wenthold R, Isaac J, Roche K, et al. A neuronal role for SNAP-23 in postsynaptic glutamate receptor trafficking. Nat Neurosci. 2010;13:338-43 pubmed publisher
    ..SNAP-23 is therefore important for the functional regulation of postsynaptic glutamate receptors. ..
  7. Rao S, Huynh C, Proux Gillardeaux V, Galli T, Andrews N. Identification of SNAREs involved in synaptotagmin VII-regulated lysosomal exocytosis. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:20471-9 pubmed
  8. Meyer D, Pajonk S, Micali C, O Connell R, Schulze Lefert P. Extracellular transport and integration of plant secretory proteins into pathogen-induced cell wall compartments. Plant J. 2009;57:986-99 pubmed publisher
  9. Feldmann A, Winterstein C, White R, Trotter J, Krämer Albers E. Comprehensive analysis of expression, subcellular localization, and cognate pairing of SNARE proteins in oligodendrocytes. J Neurosci Res. 2009;87:1760-72 pubmed publisher

More Information


  1. Chen S, Barbieri J. Engineering botulinum neurotoxin to extend therapeutic intervention. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009;106:9180-4 pubmed publisher
    ..These studies show the feasibility of genetically modifying LCs to target a nonneuronal SNARE protein that extends therapeutic potential for treatment of human hypersecretion diseases. ..
  2. Jägerström S, Polesie S, Wickström Y, Johansson B, Schroder H, Højlund K, et al. Lipid droplets interact with mitochondria using SNAP23. Cell Biol Int. 2009;33:934-40 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, ablation of SNAP23 using siRNA reduced complex formation and beta oxidation, which suggests that the LD-mitochondria complex is functional in the cell. ..
  3. Boström P, Andersson L, Li L, Perkins R, Højlund K, Boren J, et al. The assembly of lipid droplets and its relation to cellular insulin sensitivity. Biochem Soc Trans. 2009;37:981-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus both SNAP-23 and syntaxin-5 are highly involved in the development of insulin resistance. ..
  4. Mima J, Wickner W. Phosphoinositides and SNARE chaperones synergistically assemble and remodel SNARE complexes for membrane fusion. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009;106:16191-6 pubmed publisher
    ..This ternary synergy of phosphoinositides and 2 SNARE chaperone systems is required for rapid fusion. ..
  5. Kawaguchi T, Tamori Y, Kanda H, Yoshikawa M, Tateya S, Nishino N, et al. The t-SNAREs syntaxin4 and SNAP23 but not v-SNARE VAMP2 are indispensable to tether GLUT4 vesicles at the plasma membrane in adipocyte. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2010;391:1336-41 pubmed publisher
  6. Greaves J, Gorleku O, Salaun C, Chamberlain L. Palmitoylation of the SNAP25 protein family: specificity and regulation by DHHC palmitoyl transferases. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:24629-38 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, we demonstrate that overexpression of specific Golgi-localized DHHC proteins active against SNAP25/23 proteins perturbs the normal secretion of human growth hormone from PC12 cells. ..