Summary: A family of mammalian membrane glycoproteins characterized by extracellular IMMUNOGLOBULIN DOMAINS. Some members also have an intracellular B30.2-SPRY DOMAIN or SPRY DOMAIN. The butyrophilin protein (BTN) is expressed by MAMMARY GLAND EPITHELIUM during LACTATION; whereas other members are widely expressed in other tissues, including skeletal muscle, intestine, ERYTHROID CELLS (ERMAP protein); and nerve tissue (MYELIN-OLIGODENDROCYTE GLYCOPROTEIN).

Top Publications

  1. Starick L, Riaño F, Karunakaran M, Kunzmann V, Li J, Kreiss M, et al. Butyrophilin 3A (BTN3A, CD277)-specific antibody 20.1 differentially activates V?9V?2 TCR clonotypes and interferes with phosphoantigen activation. Eur J Immunol. 2017;47:982-992 pubmed publisher
    ..This study provides novel perspectives on the physiological mechanism of V?9V?2 T-cell activation, and highlights the complex mode of action of BTN3A-specific antibodies as agents in cancer immunotherapy. ..
  2. Peigné C, Léger A, Gesnel M, Konczak F, Olive D, Bonneville M, et al. The Juxtamembrane Domain of Butyrophilin BTN3A1 Controls Phosphoantigen-Mediated Activation of Human V?9V?2 T Cells. J Immunol. 2017;198:4228-4234 pubmed publisher
    ..This work identified, as being of particular importance, a juxtamembrane domain region of BTN3A molecules identified as a possible dimerization interface and that is located close to the start of the B30.2 domain. ..
  3. Moulin M, Alguacil J, Gu S, Mehtougui A, Adams E, Peyrottes S, et al. V?9V?2 T cell activation by strongly agonistic nucleotidic phosphoantigens. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2017;74:4353-4367 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, nucleotide phosphoantigens are precursors of pyrophosphate antigens which can deliver strong agonists intracellularly resulting in prolonged and strengthened activity. ..
  4. Afrache H, Pontarotti P, Abi Rached L, Olive D. Evolutionary and polymorphism analyses reveal the central role of BTN3A2 in the concerted evolution of the BTN3 gene family. Immunogenetics. 2017;69:379-390 pubmed publisher
    ..This study shows that BTN3 receptors are marked by extreme concerted evolution at the IgV domain and that BTN3A2 plays a central role in this evolution. ..
  5. Djaoud Z, Guethlein L, Horowitz A, Azzi T, Nemat Gorgani N, Olive D, et al. Two alternate strategies for innate immunity to Epstein-Barr virus: One using NK cells and the other NK cells and ?? T cells. J Exp Med. 2017;214:1827-1841 pubmed publisher
    ..Correlating these distinctive responses with the progress of EBV infection might facilitate the management of EBV-mediated disease. ..