Summary: A membrane glycoprotein and ANGIOGENESIS FACTOR that is expressed by cells of the VASCULAR ENDOTHELIUM; VASCULAR SMOOTH MUSCLE; and MONOCYTES. It functions as a co-receptor for TRANSFORMING GROWTH FACTOR BETA and modulates CELL ADHESION. Mutations in the endoglin gene are associated with cases of HEREDITARY HEMORRHAGIC TELANGIECTASIA.

Top Publications

  1. Conley B, Smith J, Guerrero Esteo M, Bernabeu C, Vary C. Endoglin, a TGF-beta receptor-associated protein, is expressed by smooth muscle cells in human atherosclerotic plaques. Atherosclerosis. 2000;153:323-35 pubmed
    b>Endoglin is a transmembrane protein that is found in association with transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) superfamily receptor complexes and has an expression pattern that appears to be restricted primarily to endothelial cells, ..
  2. Kaitu u Lino T, Brownfoot F, Hastie R, Chand A, Cannon P, Deo M, et al. Activating Transcription Factor 3 Is Reduced in Preeclamptic Placentas and Negatively Regulates sFlt-1 (Soluble fms-Like Tyrosine Kinase 1), Soluble Endoglin, and Proinflammatory Cytokines in Placenta. Hypertension. 2017;70:1014-1024 pubmed publisher
    ..placental secretion of the antiangiogenic factors sFlt-1 (soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase 1) and sEng (soluble endoglin) are hallmarks of preeclampsia, causing endothelial dysfunction and multiorgan injury...
  3. Hlushchuk R, Styp Rekowska B, Dzambazi J, Wnuk M, Huynh Do U, Makanya A, et al. Endoglin inhibition leads to intussusceptive angiogenesis via activation of factors related to COUP-TFII signaling pathway. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0182813 pubmed publisher
    ..In the current study two molecules involved in vascular growth and differentiation, namely endoglin (ENG/CD105) and chicken ovalbumin upstream promoter transcription factor II (COUP-TFII) were examined to unravel ..
  4. Zhang X, Weng D, Pan K, Zhou Z, Pan Q, Zhao J, et al. Dendritic-cell-based immunotherapy evokes potent anti-tumor immune responses in CD105+ human renal cancer stem cells. Mol Carcinog. 2017;56:2499-2511 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results could form the basis for a novel strategy to improve the efficacy of DC-based immunotherapy for human RCC. ..
  5. Bautch V. Endoglin moves and shapes endothelial cells. Nat Cell Biol. 2017;19:593-595 pubmed publisher
    ..endothelial cell migration and cell shape changes are perturbed in mutants lacking the TGFβ/BMP co-receptor endoglin, leading to arteriovenous shunts...
  6. Litwiniuk M, Niemczyk K, Niderla Bielinska J, Łukawska Popieluch I, Grzela T. Soluble Endoglin (CD105) Serum Level as a Potential Marker in the Management of Head and Neck Paragangliomas. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. 2017;126:717-721 pubmed publisher
    To assess the expression of endoglin in head and neck paragangliomas and the soluble endoglin level in serum of paraganglioma patients...
  7. Wang Y, Chen Q, Zhao M, Walton K, Harrison C, Nie G. Multiple Soluble TGF-? Receptors in Addition to Soluble Endoglin Are Elevated in Preeclamptic Serum and They Synergistically Inhibit TGF-? Signaling. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2017;102:3065-3074 pubmed publisher
    ..Soluble endoglin, an auxiliary receptor for transforming growth factor (TGF)-? ligands, is increased in PE circulation and ..
  8. Hasby Saad M, Hasby E. Trichinella Spiralis Impact on Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Immunohistochemical Study by Image Analyzer in Murine Model. Exp Mol Pathol. 2017;102:396-407 pubmed publisher
    ..This could be beneficial for cell regeneration and tissue repair in case of presence of a disease induced damage. ..
  9. Forte A, Bancone C, Cobellis G, Buonocore M, Santarpino G, Fischlein T, et al. A Possible Early Biomarker for Bicuspid Aortopathy: Circulating Transforming Growth Factor ?-1 to Soluble Endoglin Ratio. Circ Res. 2017;120:1800-1811 pubmed publisher
    ..growth factor-?1 (TGF-?1), connective tissue growth factor, matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2), MMP-14, endoglin (ENG), and superoxide dismutase 3 in ascending aorta samples from 50 tricuspid and 70 patients with BAV ..

More Information


  1. Redgrave R, Tual Chalot S, Davison B, Singh E, Hall D, Amirrasouli M, et al. Cardiosphere-Derived Cells Require Endoglin for Paracrine-Mediated Angiogenesis. Stem Cell Reports. 2017;8:1287-1298 pubmed publisher
    ..CDCs express endoglin, a co-receptor that binds specific transforming growth factor β (TGFβ) family ligands, including bone ..
  2. Jin Y, Muhl L, Burmakin M, Wang Y, Duchez A, Betsholtz C, et al. Endoglin prevents vascular malformation by regulating flow-induced cell migration and specification through VEGFR2 signalling. Nat Cell Biol. 2017;19:639-652 pubmed publisher
    Loss-of-function (LOF) mutations in the endothelial cell (EC)-enriched gene endoglin (ENG) cause the human disease hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia-1, characterized by vascular malformations promoted by vascular endothelial growth ..
  3. Ivan M, Kaelin W. The EGLN-HIF O2-Sensing System: Multiple Inputs and Feedbacks. Mol Cell. 2017;66:772-779 pubmed publisher
    ..Based on novel interactions identified upstream and downstream of EGLNs, an integrated network connecting oxygen-sensing functions to metabolic and signaling pathways is gradually emerging with broad therapeutic implications. ..
  4. Soh M, Nelson Piercy C. Biomarkers for Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Rheumatic Diseases. Rheum Dis Clin North Am. 2017;43:201-214 pubmed publisher
    ..It is likely that these changes persist, and additional "insults" from ongoing inflammation, medications, and disease damage contribute to the development of accelerated cardiovascular disease seen in young women with rheumatic disease. ..
  5. Saleh L, Samantar R, Garrelds I, van den Meiracker A, Visser W, Danser A. Low Soluble Fms-Like Tyrosine Kinase-1, Endoglin, and Endothelin-1 Levels in Women With Confirmed or Suspected Preeclampsia Using Proton Pump Inhibitors. Hypertension. 2017;70:594-600 pubmed publisher
    Patients with preeclampsia display elevated placenta-derived sFlt-1 (soluble Fms-like tyrosine kinase-1) and endoglin levels and decreased placental growth factor levels...
  6. Sugden W, Meissner R, Aegerter Wilmsen T, Tsaryk R, Leonard E, Bussmann J, et al. Endoglin controls blood vessel diameter through endothelial cell shape changes in response to haemodynamic cues. Nat Cell Biol. 2017;19:653-665 pubmed publisher
    ..This is mediated via endothelial cell shape changes. We identify the transforming growth factor beta co-receptor endoglin as an important player in this process...
  7. Tian H, Ketova T, Hardy D, Xu X, Gao X, Zijlstra A, et al. Endoglin Mediates Vascular Maturation by Promoting Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Migration and Spreading. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2017;37:1115-1126 pubmed publisher
    b>Endoglin, a transforming growth factor-? superfamily coreceptor, is predominantly expressed in endothelial cells and has essential roles in vascular development...
  8. Falero Perez J, Park S, Sorenson C, Sheibani N. PEDF expression affects retinal endothelial cell proangiogenic properties through alterations in cell adhesive mechanisms. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2017;313:C405-C420 pubmed publisher
    ..Retinal EC also expressed VEGF receptor 1 and endoglin, as well as ICAM-1, ICAM-2, and VCAM-1...
  9. Albiñana V, Zafra M, Colau J, Zarrabeitia R, Recio Poveda L, Olavarrieta L, et al. Mutation affecting the proximal promoter of Endoglin as the origin of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia type 1. BMC Med Genet. 2017;18:20 pubmed publisher
    ..HHT is transmitted as an autosomal dominant condition, caused in 85% of cases by mutations in either Endoglin (ENG) or Activin receptor-like kinase (ACVRL1/ACVRL1/ALK1) genes...
  10. Sliwa K, Mebazaa A. Possible joint pathways of early pre-eclampsia and congenital heart defects via angiogenic imbalance and potential evidence for cardio-placental syndrome. Eur Heart J. 2014;35:680-2 pubmed publisher
  11. Somashekar S, Sammour I, Huang J, Dominguez Bendala J, Pastori R, Alvarez Cubela S, et al. Intra-Amniotic Soluble Endoglin Impairs Lung Development in Neonatal Rats. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2017;57:468-476 pubmed publisher
    Soluble endoglin (sENG) is increased in the amniotic fluid of women with preeclampsia and chorioamnionitis. Preterm infants born to women with these disorders have an increased risk of aberrant lung development...
  12. Franco C, Gerhardt H. Morph or Move? How Distinct Endothelial Cell Responses to Blood Flow Shape Vascular Networks. Dev Cell. 2017;41:574-576 pubmed publisher
    ..In two recent papers in Nature Cell Biology, Jin et al. (2017) and Sugden et al. (2017) show that endoglin alters endothelial cell shape or behavior in response to blood flow, thus regulating vessel structure.
  13. Ruiz Llorente L, Gallardo Vara E, Rossi E, Smadja D, Botella L, Bernabeu C. Endoglin and alk1 as therapeutic targets for hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia. Expert Opin Ther Targets. 2017;21:933-947 pubmed publisher
    ..Areas covered: Pathogenic mutations in genes coding for the TGF-β receptors endoglin (ENG) (HHT1) or the activin receptor-like kinase-1 (ACVRL1 or ALK1) (HHT2), are responsible for more than 80% of ..